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Ir A Gregg M D
Physician and Surgeon
Jfllce on DiRh Strwr
irk rock tiuilduu
11 HE juE
ist Di itli of Joe
Kector Kelley
iSuceeason to Allison Sector
Special Attention given to Lund and
il rrauiee
Own a eompli tc Abstract of the IabS
cord of ihe County
J BT Blartin
Ileal Estate Agent
YiniiB orMll lauds in IWo or Couuty pay
r for mm resident end do all bunco con
Lted Vtlhacenerajlaiiil ageuoy Correspond
eaollcli d
n II TrJpl Looord Dou Iitjr
tttorneys at Law
OA erlhi r Services to tu Public Any
isiness intrusted to tbim mil rcieiv
onipi Attcntiou
1 S JONES j s roTAW
Vil pracure m tho Courts u San Sal and
olninst innUi AUoIo Ui S ipi emu Court
irtof Apptaliiaod FoderJil mil ofthisSuttt
xtdooi to Batik
Ceaielerr Lawn Pcfllfrj and Rabbit Fencing
aorsixra of sites rx cse catilogte
feu Fsncirr iuro
11J Us 11J tzi ISO S Xufcat Et Chicago HI
Some < > f our Populist brethren
are very pleased with the Demo
cratic administration so far The
management of the financial affairs
seems ti meet their appprotal
But they claim that none of tho
credit fur this is duo the Demo
crats They say the department
officials are doing these things be
cause f tho force and weight
bro aght to bear on them by tho
tPopnhst TueAvoij iit of that par
ty and thu racket they kick up re
minds us of the old Latin phrase
peculiarly suitable for just such
doing I rigitum peditam in igneo
The Texas State Editor s asso
ciation met in Dallas this week
Immediately after they adjourn
they will go on an excursion to
the Worlds Fair We regret that
we could uot bo with them
Carlisle refused to bo forced or
scared and so fai lias piloted a
bankrupt treasury through the
financial storm to safe landing
There will bo many persons who
will go to the Worlds Fair and go
back homo not much wiser but
lots sadder and poorer
Cleveland and Carlisle h vo
joined haudfa in the fi it against
Wall Street
IlacUIcns Arnica Sslrc
Tin Best Sahe iu the world fin Cuts
Brumes Sores Ulcers Salt Khium letcr
Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Corns and all Skin Eruptions and post
tiveiy cur s Piles or no pay required It
is guaranteed 10 give p rfeet atiafaction
or money r tmnled Price 25 cts per bo
For sale b Mnt < inier > A Cuunuighun
Subscribe for tho News SL50
Lib < l Agent
ittomeys at Law
lumu of fm rr < liar eter tutnMted to o ul I
tiro frompl anil Carefnl attention
Dr Jos Greer
f3 0nioe > 81 tidcnce on Wallace Stmt
janclLiro Stock and Col
lectins Agent
Tho progressive euobro casus
wore called for trial Tuesday
morning The defendants were
charged with playing curds in a
public place towit a private reel
deuce The state utterly failed to
prove a single allegation charged
in tho indictmentB tho cases were
therefore dismissed by the court j
Now it rathor appears to ns
before tho law attempts to invade
a private residence or before an
attompt is mado to declare a pri
vate residence a public place there
should bo some established statu
tory law tnen there should be
somo offense against that law and
abovo nil sulUcient evidence to
sustain tho charges alleged A
mans residenco is his castle and
in that residence above all other
ho does not violate any of tho es
tablished or statute laws of tho
state It is a glorious privilege of
our government so embodied into
our laws that no man nor men can
so stretch tholaws as to allow them
to force their idoas of morality in
to privato homes and compel the
occupants who mav see morality
from a different standpoint to sub
mit o their ideas of right Law
is ouo thing and morality is anoth
er All men cannot see questions
of morality on tho same side Then
it is useless try to force such mor
al questions as are not provided for
in tho statutes upon people who
aro uot disposed to accept tho
idoas of others as a standard of
right Wo have regretted this af
fair from tho beginning and pa
tiently await tho decision of tho
courts as to whethor we had vio
lated tho law or not In tho mean
time those who participated havo
been denounced as gambler us
indulging in sin and high life
their residences declared public
places their homes gambling
dens Now will those so eager
to do justice and to do rigLt tender
thoir apologies If not we h jpe
they will take down their hats
they so joyously throw up and
wear thorn in peace and may the
good Lord abido with them
inanmtccd Cure
Wo authorize onr advertised druggist to
sell Dr Ulnas Now Discoi cry for Con
sumption coughs and clblds upon thin con
ditlou If you are afflicted with a cough
cold or any lung throat or cheat trouble
and will use this remedy as directed giv
ing it a fair trial and experience no beuee
fir you may return tho bottlo and havo
your manor refunded We could notlnab
this oner did wo cot incur that Or Kitrfjls
New Discovery ctralitbe relied on It nev
er disappoints Trial bottle free at
Montgomery Cunninghams drug store
arge size 50 cents and SI00 2
Those bankers that offered to
loan Uncle Sam sufficient gold to
protect his credit wero indeed
kind But Uncle Sams noble
watch dog did not get scared or
even show hi3 teeth He sweetly
declined saying No thank you wo
dont need your gold we havo
plenty of coin
The Worlds fair was closed last
Sunday except to a select few who
had free passes these numbered
about 1000 The thousands of
working men together with their
families could notgetiu The Sun
day closing question will be tested
in court this week
That euchre well Parturiunt
monteset nasceturridiculus mus
Tho new mar bio field disco ved
by B It Russell is a new feature
among tho natural advantages pf
this county This county already
has tho reputation of containing
within it3 bounds the finest mar
ble fields in the state and now
this new field has been opened up
and bids fair to excel all others ia
quality quantity and variety Wre
are told that the ledges of marble
vary from one foot to twenty threo
and still goes on
While Mr T J Eicbey of Altona Mo
was traveling in Kansas ho was taken vio
lently ill with cholera morbus He called
at a drag store to get some medicine and
I be druggist recomended Chamber Iains
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy eo
jighly he ebneJadBd to try it TJte result
aaiingualiatttnliptyanfla fftTCihia < > Kenr
a rnr Bra Pgre
shoaldrinvaqpme from individual
S ldonah oie people lost their
complaint afidSarSn ML
Tor ale I > y AUDrnggisls
With reference to securing a
railroad for this town do not wait
until all other roads go by us but
get to work and secure a road then
we will stand a better cnance to
get more roads It is only 17 miles
to the Santa Feo
Carlislo is still holding tho Wall
Street gold bugs at bay He says
ho is not uneasy about the finan
cial situation
The panic and distress in finan
cial circles predicted by some of
our Iteform exchange didnt
materialize worth a cent
1rom an Exchange
Some sweetscented stnnp sis Sct
Saray Sawers Biclly Butau ant niuging
swiftly Squirse amsou hewerd s son Sam
atrolicd smoViug sorrow fullv hceking
sneet Susan Spying sad Huaii dittmg
singing Sam sloucbeil slol btealmg
sunllowcrs scaring sweet Sarah Susan
starting screeched Sain step stealing
winfiowers seek 101110 stale Baidiviches
Sra seized sccral swallowed even sank
slowly singing awe t Sarah sauntered
toly Seeing Sam sea Hicksster Susan
faidVSprinUe some salts she spnuh i
property and their homes in an
unfortunate accident But how
many people in this state have 110
homes and aro in just as p ior < ir
cumstaucon as those at Cisco Why
need tte legislature make an ippio
priatu 11 for lh ° s and not otln
Tho CibCo people need 1 i d
they got it tho noble heart of
Texas responded to tlie r I 11 ami
that was tho proper iwiy toooiitii
bute assistance Bit the = Ue ap
propriation w as out of phi e j
McGaughoy v as oijintted on
the impeachment trial an 1 horn 1
ably discharged Not one of the j
aiticles with which ho was chtrged
was sustained Ho has now as
sumed tho dutn s of land 0 11 ni
siouer again
1 1 sSmesalts ingswt song Sam sur I The23rillegUliittiie did aw
vi cdViuera d Snsan b sollied silently Ju tl10 state poloKK il ilopa t
Sam saul Siifan stop sobbing She
stopncdhivoring snt 7 < l snddenly so
suddenly Sam shuddered somewhat
start led saiiuan Sweet Sam sing some
sadSauhcv tnnday school songs Sam
sang snceesilly
W C Eraliuof the Sill > o
Express delivered a lectin o on
Humbugs before the legislatuie
last Friday evening May itli
ment Thank
Tho administration seems antag
onistic to the sugar bouuly law
Devoed 10 the Interests auty Slniiaiiig of San Saba County
iTftrpTitrg iortriBigreat fight
The democrats must meet drilled
forces with drilled forces They
must be piepnre3 to ofSct any and
all kinds of attacks All tho nul
administrations since th1 war vill
be heaped up > n the dt iiioeiitic
party and all the gooddoiif by the
present administration ili bo 11
tributed rot to tho demutiAt but
to tho fore btnught to 1 ar by the
populist But tho old i nte cmi
spare a fi moie millioni fn in
thoir rmks then have i > ough h ft
to carry tloiu to riclory pioui > d
they don t sleep their tunc tvnij
The 2ird Legislature or in is
has mado some useless lnjmprip
tiout The 20000 appiopnnta
for tho militia Wboisowr Tiw
needs military nsti tnice i > e
giralotl adoil militia drdi ill
be useless 1 ho 10000 appioj ti
nted to tho ClCO fjdoLi Mllfl kit
was ciiarituble but out of pluoo as
a state appropriation Tho 10
000 per > rar drrn by the cein
missiontrs is a waste of public
money Tho nppiopiiatious for
I uiersity ami also for norii1
schools weio wanton extrnxagai
cies These aro needless and use
less appropriations of the public
money all of ulnch combined mr = t
be raised by general taxation thus
forcing each citizen to suppoit
things that should be selfsappoi t
We are nil interested in a good
school provided the state will put
up the necessary spoudulix Bat
tlie state does not furnish enough
money to educate the children of
this district Four months ftoe
school is not enough In order to
have a school to me t the demand
of this district a spec ial tax is need
ed to supplement the state fund
and thereby give an eight months
free school yon will then see the
diiect benefits of a special tax
When it conies to uuadult > iiatd
cussedces and perj etual uuieli
ability the chronic otfico hum r
can give the devil point3 ni ti
woods aro Already full ofehinnu
lookiug for the plums to drop fiom
the next Texas election tioe
Texas Farmer
A veritable tiuth thou spakeih
May Cth a terrific c > clone passed
near Gainsville leaving death and
destruction in its path A freight
train consisting of an engine and
seventeen cars were lifted from the
track and carried twenty feet
Sentiment is a peculiar thing
No ono can foretell its trend The
Houso of tho Texas Legislature
passed a bill appropriating 10000
to the Cisco cyclone sufferers
Just think of it Those people in
deed needed help but the help
The only Pure Creata of Tartar Poi3 fiNo Ammonia No Alum
Used iu Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
If the democrats think they will
have a walkover at the nest elec
tion they may expect to be sur
prised Tlie populist aw grudual
rand Jury Report U
Tuibe lion WM Allison JodKe3Jtdfcftt
fcffla the Grand Jnry in owl
San Saba eountyfT siB < a
officers ind bailiffs for their offi
cient services during the sitting of
In tlit countries ruled
veiarciis ujiJioavals outbr
11 nnolutions are frequent audi
The days of the monarchical
f ini of go 01 ument are fast fading
and will soon bo lost ill tho sand
hill of memory
Now that the Legislature has
adjourned and Congress hasqnit
and there is no political campaign
and tho commission is defunct an
tho Worlds Fair is opened and
5f cGaughey is acquited what wilt
us little country editors fill up on
now poor things
Well cuss and discuss
Jmd sweet nud swoar
We ll rack our brains
And pull our hair
We ll walk and talk
And read and write
No ro t by day
No sleep at night
The worst of woes
O dear its a sin
As d iy by day
Our pants grow thin
V > l 11 stnud alithis
1 And much more too
And hope the same blessings
I Dear reader to you
j What is the capital of the Uni
ted States Gold silver and poli
What in the capital of lliOaBo
publican paity High tariff class
h gislation and busted treasury
What is the capital of the Dem
ocratic party Just legislation
tiii for revenue only aud equal
rights to 11
Wh it i tho capital of tho Popa
litpntj J Songs of Democratic
oppression tales of ruin and hard
ships and the woes of down troden
It is yet only 17 miles to tho
the Santa Fo road and tho natural
lay of the route is as fiuo for a
mad bo 1 as can bo found in Texas
A cheap road into the heart of a
fine country is what this road
jJTho following wits clipped from Now that the B ml of school
speech of Jam B Weacr idTrustees is duly ehcted we will
iladelphia Ap II fiti 1SPJ oifer the follow iug suggestion
hero ara three things essential Not that wo are disposed to ts
iI3SSk oc tms t ol ° same dictat > rsliip nor to place our
itth the atmosphere and
ij5repsv three institutions nec
fotho felicity
human family
is tho family the sec
church and the third is
rjQireo fundamental di
inmau effort
a prodncer tho manufacturer
lh distributor
is another trinity the
om rlp orflMMrai f Taltr SSSESo sBry
1 We we beg to report that wajiivjlft transaction of business in
have made diligent inQujVyinto
qae i civilisiation
the criminal affairs of thor c nF
and us far as the graver crimestfra
concerned lind tho same to be
moie fiMialile to law and ordorj
than usual but this cannot bosoid
t is money the second
is iacjlities for transportation and
thotliirtl is facilities for the trans
migBTonof intelligence And now
of the mailer offenses such a thtefcia another earthly trinity
cairyiiig pistols and giving or S8U
lugnhikey to minors This par
ticultii oiloise ne believe to bede
cidedi on the increase and would
lecouiiiitnd that our officers and
all good citi ons use all diligence
to Mippie s this seemingly
Ilowmj mime as much of the
bieinc bi ought before this body
cm be ti < 1 dn ectly or indirectly
to the abote violation of law
J We considered over ona liuii
dred charges and found fortysev
en bills A huge proportion of
this number aro misdemeanor
enr a iecoid of which can bo
found on Grand Jury journal pag
i > to fcJ inclusive
A o ihitod the jail and found
into to bo in fair condition gnd
properly managed The inmates
sptuk kindly ut tho sheriff and
hi insilnnts
4 InasutiKh a the fiunncesof
ti county have recently under
e ie a thoitiugb investigation by
j ir liuancial committee appoint
ed at the last term at the District
court which loport wo have be
foie up and suggest that same be
Milmilted to the ConjiniBeioners
couitWe do uot deem it necessary that
another finance committob should
bo appointed for tho ensueingsiX
5 Before bringing ihrai i rt
Tvffioltt re must by no means lose
sjtfhfeol which relates to the rights
That which nature provides is
th common property of all Gods
chiLdreil that which the individual
iletbelongs to tho coiimnnity
Wjf to the fact that tho in
jurfbtTOn against the railroad com
missuJELwas deferred that board of
nffllloy iriots are again rendered
iira6tivjJXor a period of six mouths
YaKfJSifealary aggiagatiug some
thi glle850000 per year ill go
on y S H they continue to draw
thairjaries for being commis
sx4 ilm name only They lune
been doing so since about last
September and it is more than
probable tboy will continue to do
so 25s true they make a noble
sacrifice for their state in serving
on a defunct board yet it might be
well for them to cease drawing
theirealaries until they are again
restored to activity
The Texas Iconoclast hits the
unilsquaro on the head in the fol
lowing paragraph which should
me < Bi with the unanimous endorse
ment ofevery lover of right ttnd
to a close we desire to flttink tliejusfefei No one expects theTes
railipadcommissioners to resign
at everybody does expect that
thisbody Respectfully submittedJlbey willrefuse to draw their sal
Grand jury
Sim AVhitUd
1 linen tioihing I have ever used for
mi i < Milar rheumatism that gives loe
ninth r < ieif an Chamberlains Pain Balm
dot < I ha1 e been using it for about two
cars four bottles in all as occasion re
iinn 1 and ilnajt keep a bottle of it in
iuj home I belli vc I know a good thing
v In n I 511 hold of it and Paiu Balm is the
beit Inuimiit I bale erer met with AV
I L < an dairi man Xew LesingUin
ai > 0 ci nt bottles for sale by All
aries until the supremo court de
cides tba pending suit and that all
of the clerks and expertsexcept
one will be discharged This
railroad commission law is costing
the people about 50000 annually
and they have a right to expect that
this useless expense be stopped un
til the commission machinery is
repaired aud put to work again
Thftiiromutucss and certaiuti of iti
eluearhave made Cliauibcrhuirs Cough
Ifameifty famous It is nitt ndtd especially
Jnt coasts coldd eroup and u hooping
vaagjbr id is the most ineclual remedy
0O n tbr these diseusts Mr C li Main
fllHUmCity Po eiji I hae a great
IteeiChamberlains Cougli lUmid I
bottle andhaici ocrluard
< a > tevery
i lomeulalion qj > lalling to cie entile badsiaciifiu
SOeeatbottles for sale bj AH Druggists
Jliss Maude Brown of Lampas
as Tex is the owner of tho old
cottage where the first alliance was
organised in the United States
and proposes to have it carried to
haWorlds Fair and placed on
hibition at our National Alliance
headquarters if money can be
raised to trausjiort it It would bo
a great honor to the Lone State
the mother of tho alliance Nat
ional Economist
If the people wouh1 be free they
mngt strike the blow to loosen their
qtfji shackles Eternal vigilance
isiho price of Liberty How long
do you suppose your freedom will
last when your official servants be
oSflo your masters Havnt your
governments state and national
become official oligarchies What
sort of democracy de wo have
tntae latter days who do not deign
to give a respectful hearing to con
siderable bodies of respectable
law abiding citizens How long
do you suppose that it will take
the people to believe that a money
ed oligarchy is perhaps already es
tablished upon the ruins of a once
happy republic Surely the times
have changed and the democracy
is not what is once was Pooples
Adv0c < te
A Leader
Staeeits first introduction Llcetm lilt
terfbasgained rapulh in popilar faor
until now it isebarl in tin Itad among
pure niedicinnl tonics and alteritiesCon
talnjny nothing Which permits itx u c as
11 beverage or intoxicant it is reeogrned
as tho best and purest medicine for allail
montBof Stomneh Iiver or Kidnejs It
will enre sick hernial lies imi gestion con
stipation anil duve 111il in 1 ftoil the sys
tem Satisfation guaiintii d witlitaib
bottle or the moiie will o r < nitim d
Price onlj 50 e per botte old by Mont
gonicry A Cnuinn h 1111 Uj
The silver dollar is still good
and will buy just ns much flour
meat coffee sugar and clothing as
tho gold dollar The only one
who refuses to accept tho silver
at 100 routs is tho gold bug and ho
had silver demonetized to suit him
self Peoples Voice
selves in the position of public ad
visor but simply to puhjicly call
attention to the necessities rrquir
an d welfare led to establish and majutidn r
school that will be tho pride of our
town and of lasting benefits to our
people The trustees are elected
they are elected to exeroibe their
judgement and discretion as toj
what is best for our school they
aro elected by the district to rep
resent tho district in all matters
pertaining to the school affairs
TJy vTrfuo of the fact that thoynre
the trustees they are duly empow
ered to act as they may think for
tho best interest of the wholo dis
trict then lot them have the free
oxerciso of all those rights and
prerogatives that the district has
bestowed upon them If you had
not the confidence in them to be1
lievo they would consider the
terest of tho district iu preference
to the interest of an indiidimlu if
yon believe they would no < ct
honestly tothemsehes and justly
to tho entire district you hould
have openly opposed their 1 lection
But no one can doubt that they
will act iu all
things justly nud 1
fairly Ton must remember howj
ever that in iew of conducting the 1
school affuirs to tho best intereti
of the entire district whih in
justice they are bound to u they
cannot so shape each nd < eiy
particular affair as to pacify tin
whims and caprice of the single
individual You hae placed your
pait of the school affaiis m tho
hands of the trustees nni lot
the tiustecs manage it If tho
district has ever been diwded on
school questions it will bo uttetly
impossible for the trnt s to
please all so long as the sentiment
of devisiou exists Such has bean I
tho case and there is no iifo deny 1
ing it Thereforo if you are inter
ested in having a school that will
benefit you as well as all others
tho proper steps to take is to Jny
down and bury forever the little
personol spites whimsical ti ivial
ities aud bittQr feelings that may
have arisen from the little squalls
and catfights heretofore enacted
this district Leave tLe whole af
fair with the trustees elected by
the district Eemember that when
they net it is for the district aud
not to suit an individual and in
case they should do something
that did not exactly meet your ap
proval abido by it a3 best you can
aud remember that there aio oth
ers in the district than yourself
Now to make a long stoiy liort
the only and best ay to make the
school a success is for eici one
iu the district to deteimino to
abide by the actions of the trus
tees Iu other words leave the en
tire management of the district
school affairs entirely with the
board of trustees Dear leader
of this district dout think this is
meant for the other person it is
meant directly for you and if you
will heed it and act accordingly
tho school will in all probability
bo a success
The Dublin Telephone is after
its busiuess men and remarks as
follows Several of the largest
firms in Dublin do not patronize
our columns at all or if at all on
very rare occasions and as spar
ingly as possible then Working as
we aro for tho building up of o
town from the accomplishments of
which you will derive infinitely
more benefit than vye it is as littlo
as you could do gentlemen to pa
tronize us to some extent Tho
business man who wonld boycott
with his patronnge an institution
that has never done him an injury
but which is doing him good cou
tiuuallyris to say tho least both
short sighted and ungrateful
Tho Bulletin scratches its edito
rial head and wonders just a little
if tho Telephone was thinking ot
Brownwood when it talked tho
Portland Oro May 3 Tho fol
lowing telegraphic corrospondeuco
today passed between Secretary
of State Gresham and Governor
Washington May 3 To io
ernor Penuoyer Apparently relia
ble reports indicate danger if ir
lonco to the Chinose when I he e
clusion act takes effect ad tho
prcsidont earnestly hopes yon will
employ all lawful means for their
protection W Q Gresham
Governor Ponnoyor immcdiitoly
sent tho following reply
To W Q Groslmm Washintou
I will attend to my business Let
tho prcsidont attend to his
Sylvester Penuoyer
S > Mat hint
nulnv Shalt
< locks
Hardware Qnceiisuarp Tinware Glassware and
and Crockery
Mitchel Molino awl Standard Wagons
Buggies Hacks Smrayi JPhrioton3 and Honrl Cnrts
McCorimck Kcaiirrs Slow crs and Binder Twine
lidden Wire
IJuiMiii Oiiposite Doiileiiiyre Hotel
3 J >
Household Fnrnishins Goods
1 1 KI luV < iElt JCGREEX
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Onr aim is to keep a full line of iirat olanfgroeenas sell at a legitimateptvStfor
cinliliniiiie country produce when t ran lw done ti ithout loss We solicit a liberal
share of nnbiie patronage belio ia that we can gie satisfaction
liveiy Feed and Sale Stable
ohm yaiis furnished to any point Special accom
modation for t Ilirti i > tl ti nolers
lames DofHeinj re Proprietor
Headquarters or Commercial Travelers and Stock
men and a cun oitaijle place for all
Here ou will ieul good meals comfori Jib beiK line cigars and polite attention
111 11 1 1 xi1u Aaji aw
littlo paragraph Brownwood Bui YOU C iN SELECT
Send for Oil
s of
an introment soon for yotm4ir for the CnUItCU or
11 1 ills r oil the iuatallnieiit plan or for CASIIf then writer
r iirii o antl tenua
li mn vo r old Piano or Or aa in part pay
l ii of iw for
mour bin ot I liiiirrn in iVes an instrument fully warrant
that casiot 1n 1 au ou
Pianos Organs
rfliTC SFY SiTF u fnni eiBK wlio l ii I t im 1 1
VLr JUL UJ3 > JJ < > l titnmizt nIinUe bontr r on ukun
in uttn antl 1
and tr t < > m 11 1
ui kntrir NEW lAPEJt tiiVlDS North
f iunu thn > ctt for all H not jold that sltt M
1 f ven t no ami citr In Txa
md AVOll anrrliabte travel
v 1h > hsio no uthorupl s mf
> tnte vbo Ha not take note yon may Ios receipts and hae t iv twice iberebjr
jf w t011 > m tn fur roca paynwn and na troublt
nrVrilfrforwr K < mk < f Information ft > r Ctiastomcn
Fort Worth Texas

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