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HospiTALiTr which Includes the
whole human race Is not desirable
says the great American snob Ward
McAllister What is hospitality
pray Mr McAllister Get tlico to
the Bedouins and learn tho definition
of a word whoso significance is as
unknown In thy New York as is that
ol charity
There is said to bo a conspiracy
under way having for its object tho
prevention of tho sale at tho worlds
fair of peanuts in tho ehelL It will
bo disastrous The chances are that
the plain people who now eat peanuts
audibly and loavo behind tbem a trail
of debris will reject tho now idea a
tho fad of some gastronomic dude
A howxino lunatic happened to
board a train upon which Helen
Gould and Mrs Kusscll Sago were
passengers and as ho refrained from
molesting them thoy did not faint
The two are now spoken of as hero
ines showing how greatness is oc
casionally thrust upon people who
must in modesty bo surprised at tho
Suicides llko fires seem to have
their cycles Every despondent man
and womanshould pasto in his or her
hat the words which Napoleon spoke
to a person who jald ho would avoid
p certain situation by blowing out his
brains Yes I can do that said
the emporor but those who wish
mo well could not profit bj it and
thoso who wish mo harm would be
EvEitr Unit producers of any arti
cle combine and eliminate the cle
ment of competition their first assur
anco is that they liavo not formed a
trust Just as ctnsumers are feeling
glad to know this prices go up Of
courso this is no sign that tho men in
the combination intend to deceive
but tho unfailing regularity of the co
incidence is apt to shako popular
Now is the time when tho farmer
might bo expected to givo second
thought to an argument for better
country roads With tho wheels of
his wagon up to their hubs in mud
tho beauties of tho antiquated poll
tax system of roadmaking whereby
the man who can tell ttie most and
largest stories and do tho least work
is reckoned the best man on the job
must appear beautifully less
The story is told that explorers
along the Nile have unearthed a plow
of modern shape a telcscopo and a
photograph camera the evidence
being indisputable that the articles
oro at least 6000 years old This is
a fairly good story It might havo
been advantageously rounded out by
adding Ic tho collection a nickclin
theslot machine a typo writer and a
talantograph but then it will do as
it is
Cottos seed is becoming as Impor
tant a commercial article as cotton
itself with fair prospects of exceed
ing in value the older staple Cotton
seed oil is a wholesomo article of
diet the meal is a superior stock
food tha hull is a very valuable fer
tilizer and as though this were not
garment rubber boots and all that
tort of thing
Ecles governing race courses are
beyond the ken of ordinary mortals
A jockey at the Bay District track
and with what seemed an unreason
able spirit requested a cessation of
lashing The rosult was that he
was ruled off altogether along with
such relatives as had dared to
strengthen his protest Tho ttrte
was supplied with a neTT whi
Tiie misguided Cuban filibusters aro
arranging for another rA 03 the
gem of the Antilles with headquar
ters at Key West As a means ol
working off superfluous energy and
getting killed if captured these fili
bustering enterprises are great but
as an assistance to Cuba thoy are
doleful failures Some time the
fjnited States may send an official ex
pedition down there composed of men
In blue uniforms but until that time
Cuba Is better oil without these cut
throat gangs of patriots
The London Lancet advises visi
tors to the worlds fair to drink no
water that has not been boiled The
advice ought to be universal in its
application Water to drink is never
absolutely safe until It has been
boiled This truth has been known
even to Celestial John for centuries
and this is ono of tho reasons why ho
can sleep in a nailedup dry goods
box and not be smothered If he poi
sons his blood with impure air he
takes good care that no poison enters
that blood through his stomach
A Tzsxstlyxsia lawyer has found In
Year Book tho oldest book of refer
ence known to law that it It libelous
to call a lawyer a fool because it Is
injurious to him in his profession
The same authority says it is not libel
ous to so characterize a clergyman
Because ono may be a good clergy
man and yet a fool No authority
would hold in those days that it would
be injurious to a lawyers professional
reputation to call him a knave for to
deny that ho was a knave would be to
assume that he held himself better
than a majority of his clients
New York society pcoplo who aro
sending expeditions to Chicago to
ascertain whether thoy can attend
tho Columbian exposition without
contamination are far more different
kinds of Jackasses than the mind of tho
average Westerner has conceived of
TnE English language has not been
appreciably enriched by any new swear
words slnco tho hegira to Washington
began but many inflections and orna
mental shades of meaning have been
added to the old stock by thoso who
failed to realize on their fondest hopes
TnE arrest of a woman of Cheney
Wtsh on a charge of shoplifting
was quickly found to bo a mistake
She was guilty simply of kleptomania
The shopkeeper felt much chagrined
at his error but how was he to know
that she was rich and respectable
An exchange In speaking of the
marriage of a popular citizen gives
ago of tho groom as seventytwo and
says that for everyone of those years
he was a bachelor A truly remark
able man Comparativelyiew are bora
In the full bloom of bachelorhood
The Gold Bullon Is Pressed and the Machinery
Begins to Whirl
Three Hundred Thousand Persons Pri Jnt to Wit
ness the Opening Ceremonies of Oil ol the
Greatest Eihibillons Erer Htd
Worlds Faiu Grounds t hicago
HI May 1 Jupiter Pluviut held an
uplifted fist over Chicago t is morn
teemed not to havo yielded 1 Cleve
lands luck The bunting in the city
throughout was damp and lirtless and
a general tono of gloom pen ided the
air and streets But to Chicago
presence of the oldest nations of the escorting him and faced
world and point to the great achieve tude which ho could no
ments hero exhibitedasking no allow whoso presence was felt by the very
ance on tho score of youth Tho en
thusiasm with which wo contemplate
our work intensifies the warmth of
tho greeting we extend to thoso who
havo come from foreign lands to illus
trate with us the growth and progress
of human endeavor in the direction of
higher civilization We who believe
that popular education and the stimu
lation of those impulses of our citizens
lead the way to the realization of the
proud national destiny which our faith
promises gladly welcome the oppor
tunity here afforded us to see tho re
sults accompanied by efforts which
ing Tho skies wero sodtfen and a j have been exerted longer than ours In
bleak and chilly mist filled tlo atmos the field of mans improvement while
phcre The weather auditions in appreciative return we exhibit the
unparalleled advancement and won
derful accomplishments of a young
nation and the present triumphs of a
vigorous selfreliant and independent
people Wo have built these special
whoso day of history this tas the edifices but se have also built a mag
condition of tho weather counted for j nificent fabric of popular government
naught and early tho people wero
astir At 845 the exact time sched
uled the duke of Veragua and his
party entered thoir carriages at the
Auditorium to proceed to the Lexing
ton hotel whero tho parade to the
Worlds fair grounds was to tn formed
Thoy reached tho hotel in tet minutes
seemed bending toward thl white
city by the lake Kvery means of
transit to Jackson park was crowded
Soon after 9 o clock Presidr nt Cleve
land and his associates left their
rooms at the Lexington hotel and
wero conducted to their carriages
tho Spanish guests also joining tho
notable campany embarking for tho
tide to tho great fair Standing like
sufficient it has been found to yield i mounted figures in bronze a platoon
a substance which canr bo used to fof m0Untod police waited between the
manufacture a superior waterproof curba to lead tho processoD Behind
them were companies B and K of the
Seventh United States cavalr Next
were the Chicago huzzars with a
troop of Illinois national guard
Then followed twentythree carriages
containing the national state cityand
that he had been truck
Columbian fair notables and dignita
by the starters whip showing tho ries Arriving at the groundt the pro
to substantiate
bruises his
story ccssion pr0CCeded to the administra
tion building where the cetmonics
were to take place and dlbanded
Entering tho building tho notables
including President Cleveland passed
out upon the great platform erected
for the event where a throng of peo
ple covering every atom of spaco was
gathered Tho president was re
ceived with a tumult of cheers that
shook tho air and made tho buildings
tremblo At 10 o clock for the first
time In days a ray of sunlight hung
over the lake and the Worlds Colum
bian oxposition was in a blaze of
glory From this time on there were
rays of sunshine but the weather
whoso grand proportions are seen
throughout tle world Wo have made
and here gabered together objects of
use and beauty the products of Amer
ican skill and invention We have
also made men who rulo themselves
It is an exalted mission in which ve
and our guests from other lands are
and during a brief season of waiting j engaged as wo cooperate in the ii
for tho president tho du te held a auguration of an interprise devoted
somswhat informal reception In to human enlightenment and in the
tho meantime tho city at large undertaking we here enter upon we
exempiij j tne noblest sense the
brotherhood of nations Let us hold
fast to the meaning that underlies
this ceremony anl let us not lose thi
impressiveness of this moment as bj
a touch the machinery that gives lifJ
to this vast exposition is now set in
motion At tho same time let orr
hopes and asperations awaken force
which in all time to come shall influ
ence the welfare dignity and freedom
of mankind
tVltneitpd br 300000
The multitudes which thronged th i
worlds fair grounds today were
greater in number than were antici
pated considering the inauspicious
weather Probably 300OJ0 people l
bad assembled when at 11 oclock
the aivance of the
guard cortege slg
nalcd tho approach of President I j
Cleveland and the dignitaries of the
day to the grounds After entering
the grounds the journey to the ad
ministration building was made with
all possible dispatch not stopping tc
acknowledge any of tho popular ova
tions extended to the chief exexutivc
Of course the cheering was tremcr
dous when President Cleveland facoC
tho great multitude assembled tho
largest audience ever faced by an
American citizen Following the
president and direitor general were
the members of the presidential cabi
net under escort of the world s fai
officials Duke de Veragua and family
continued threatening Tho opening
ceremonies were begun after 10
oclock with tho performance of John
K Painos Columbian March fol
lowed by an Invocation by Chaplain
Milburn of tho United States congress
Prophecy a poem written for tho
occasion by W A CrofTut of Wash
ington was then read After an or
chestral overture Director General
Davis as master of ceremonies faced
the multitude and made the opening
the applause should subsido alter
which he with bared head began
Irrtldent Clevelands Address
I am here to join my fellow citi
ona in congratulations which lieflt
thin occasion Surrounded by the
stupendous results of American enter
prise and activity and in view of tho
magnificent evidences of American
skill and intelligcno we neel not
fear that these congratulations wil be
exaggerated We stand today ic the
members of tho diplomatic corps
members of congress senators and
other prominent dignitaries who had
seats on the grand stand Tho 2090
Columbian guards who surrounded
tho administration building made a
futilo effort to keep back the crowd
but wero swept forward by tho re
sistless wave and jammed against the
railing until they themselves becami
an unrecognizable part of that inco
herent struggling but goodnatured
speech which closed with tho pre and cheering area of humanity At
fentation of President Cleveland 1130 to the minute tho programmu
Mr Cleveland having arisen was opened with a blast from the or
kept several minutes waiting until chestra which rendered the mar
tial air of the Columbian March
of John K Paine Tho music lasted
fifteen minutes und at its conclusion
Director General Davis stepped to th
front of the platform waved his hand
supplicatingly two or three times tt
tho v st audience und then announced
in a tone lost in the hum of voices tha
Rev W II Milburn would pronouueo
the invocation Tho blind chaplain
of the United States house of repre
sentatives stepped to tho front
guided by a womans hand his
adopted daughter Miss Louis Gemley
animation that permeated tho atmos
phere Ho Is one of tho historic
characters of American politics first
receiving his appointment as chap
lain of tho house somo years ago and
lately being selected chaplain of the
senate During his long residence in
Washington Mr Milburn has been tho
Cleveland Touches the Button nuent bursts of applause Mrs H H
The overture of Rienzi by Wag A Beach of Boston sangaccompanied
ner was next rendered by the orches by the chorus and orchestra which
tra Then Director General Davis in vas followed by the presentation of a
behalf of tho exposition delivered his large silk American flag by Goorge S
address As tho director general Knapp and son G N Knapp of Chi
steppod back the president of the cago to tho ladios This flag is made
United States stepped forward and of American silk and will bo tho stand
the climax of tho ovations of tho day ard flag of tho oxposition At the
was reached For three or four min close of tho fair it will be presented
utes ho was cheered over and over to tho national government and be
a ain and men 500 feet away tossed come tho national standard Brief
their hats in the air waved umbrellas addresses were made by several rop
and otherwise disported themselves resenting the ladies commissions of
in frantic exhibitions of enthusiasm foreign countries explanatory of tho
The president bowed onco or twice nature of the foreign exhibits and the
and thin began his speech At the manner in which they havo been col
conclusion of his address tho prosi locted The Countess of Aberdeen
dent touched the electric button and who has visited Chicago on soveral
tho Worlds Columbian exposition oi occasions was given close attention
1893 wai ushed into official existence throughout The representatives of
Hugo fountains 300 feet away from other nations who made addresses
the grand stand throw a volumo of were Madame Mariuctti Italian Mrs
water seventy feet into tho air and Bedford Fenwiek England Fran Fro
fessorina and
> I the roaring of tho engines in machin
j ery hall a quarter of a mile away told Princess Schahovsky Russia At
the multitude that the electric spark tho close of tho addresses
had done its duty As soon as the by the ladios of foreign
ceremonies attendant upon tho formal nation Mrs Ii < hards of Montana
opening of tho exposition wero ovet presented Mrs Palmer with a nail
from ono end ol
fico to tho other
From here thoy drovo to tho north
end of tho grounds and thenco to the
stato buildings at the south end of
intimate acquaintance of presidents j ew Km
cabinet officials senators and con Tho eectric wa ushered into
gressmen until today although blind w n hig h = agt < SecaAo of tho
he probably recognizes by their voices j century today when Pros
moro men prominent in American C
life than it has teen the lot of most
men ever V > know After a brief
pauso when Uio murmur of voices
ceased the Hind chaplain uttered tho
opening priycr Tho Prophecy
an ode written by W A Croilutt in
honor of tho exposition was next on
button started tho mighty machinery
and rushing waters and rovolving
wheels in tho Worlds Columbian ex
position No exhibit of this fair that
It was read by Miss
Courthous a delicate young woman
whoe tnunciation was perfect but
whose voice of course was lost to all
except the immediate circle
The ITophecy
Fadly Colnmbns watched tne nascent moon
rr jwn in Ibe ff ° nir oceans western de pa
StranRe birds that dav had Buttered In the
And strane Bowers floated ronnd the wander
lnc keel
And yet no land And now when through the
The Santa Maria leaped before the pala
And angry billows tos ed the earavrl
As to destruction Uomez Rascon canie
tvithfapt llnion ihroictt the trearled teas
And to the admiral brought a parchment
Saying Good master read this writing here
An e men prayer H is from all on board
The crew would fain turn bark to utter f > ar
No longer to the poll the compass points
Into the zenith rrops the northern star
V u saw but yetereve an abat08
Drop dead on derk beoenth the flytnz scud
The devils wind blowa madly troai the east
t Into the land of nowhere i nd the sea
ICeeps nt k w us down the maelstroms maw
Frandsciars the dpeof earth linear
And off to Krebus we lldeunhclmed
Last Sunday nljrht Dirgn san a witch
DrsRemtrthe Nina by her forechalns west
And wildly diuclngot a dolphins back
And as she aancrd the brightest star In heaven
Slpp d from It leash and sprans Into the sea
Like Luler and left atrall of blood
I pi av thee master turn again to Spain
Obedient to the omen or perchane
The terror trlcben crew to escape thelrdoom
May mutiny andS
Gomez Rascon peace
S Exclaimed enough the admiral Thou hast eaid
Now prltnee leave me I would be alons
i Then eagetly folumbns sought a sign
Insea and sky
and in his lonely heart
Finding li tpad of of
presages hop
I Ihe black and ominous portents of despair
As thus he mused he paced the after deck
And gazed upon the luminous wa es astern
S ranse life was in the phosphorescent foam
And through the goblin slow there came and
like elfin shadows on an opal sea
I Prophetic pictures of the Ian I he sought
I Ilesawthe end of his victorious quest
He saw a Maze on sabellas hreist
I A Brinz of Ant lleau jewels rest
The Mands of the west
II e saw Invading plenty disposes
Old poverty the land llh bounty bless
Andtjron h the wretched carerna of distress
Walk star eyed Aplne
1 He flan the Uourbon and lirlganza prone
For ancient error lady to atone
1 jiving l he plundered people back their own
i tnd flying from the throne
fie saw an empire radlent a the day
Harnessed to law but under freedoms sway
Iroudly arl e resplendent in array
I To show the w orld i he w ay
He saw celestial peace in mortal guise
J And filled with hope and thtlUed with hlgU
emprt e
Lifting Its tranquU forehead to the skies
A vast republic rlie
He saw beyond the hills of golden corn
Ileyond the eorve o sutunm opulent horn
teres and Flora laughingly adorn
The bosom of the morn
He saw a cloth ofgolil across the gloom
An arabesque from evolutions loom
And from the bared prairies driven sputne
Imperial cities bloom
He saw an Iron dragon dashing forth
Along an lronthorougafaro south north
Kast west untlngln beneficlent girth
Remotest ends of earth
He saw lightning run a dolphin race
Where trade lore grief and pleasure Interlace
And absent ouen annihilate time and apace
Coming face to fac
He saw relief through deadly dungeons grope
Foes turned to brother Mark despair to hope
And rannonrust upon the grass grown slope
And rot the gallows rojie
Heaw the babes on labors cottage floors
The bright walls hung with luxury more and
And comforts radiant with abounding store
Ware welcome at the door
He saw the myriad spindles utter round
The myrald mill wheels shake the solid ground
The myrald homes where Jocund Joy Is found
And lorn In throned and crowned
He saw exalted Ignorance under bank
Tnongh panoplied In force since time began
And rclrnce oouxuiralrd lead the van
The provldeuce of man
The picture came and paled and passed away
And then he said to rtnzou lu the gloom
Now Martin to thv waiting helm again
Haste to th lint ve < vard keen her prowl
F07I have had a vision mil of I ht
Ke p her prow westward In the sunsets wake
Frim this hour hence ad let no man loolt
marked the solemn opening of the fair
at 1200 today Of the multitude ol
visitors some estimate the number as
high as 300000 probably not one
building of tho workLs fair The first
and final element of its cohesivo archi
tecture ts a nail It is wrought in the
precious metals of the state we lovo
typical of purity and enduranco of
tiding which was intrinsic merit and permanent worth
hed tho presidenrrotected byfishiold emblematic of oar
at tho main en universal sisterhood it is presented
as a last golden link in the chain of
happy circumstances and made possi
ble the movement of progress to
women and with a fervent prayer
that it mav add momentum tothenew
will attract thousands to this city for road which was in wasting
held ifl
tho next six months can be more mar ing rwption
velous than tho magic effect which
Lf Second
rigan of
A part
was the car and
for ten minutes the exposition officials
shook hanU amiaid pleasant things
to the chief cocmi < while ho in turn
thanked tlum for the warm reception
and assured tlum the exposition was a
grand succes1 Whil the reception
was in a wagontte with six
station They alighted and hast
ened to President Cleveland s
car Without ado the young
fully realized the full import of the ferred to the attorney general of the
ofloct that was to come from the ar state and after duo consideration he
rangement cleverly devised in tho has in a long opinion pronounced the i
opening of the exposition It was action of tho city entirely within the
any other time of danger from It At
recent conferences by the boards
of health of tho various states
there was pretty good evidence
that the officers of all these boards
aro ready for service at any time in
which it may be announced thai
cholera has spread in any locality
These facts are encouraging
Cholera Disinfectant
Pine oil and pino cones aro now be
ing imported from Norway to bo sold
as disinfectants against a possible
cholera scare this summer The cono
is placed in tho mouth of a sort of
lamp and tho latter contains tho oil
A wick communicates with the cone
and this is sufficiently porous to per
mit tho odor of th o oil to escape
Pino oil is much used in Italy as a dis
infectant in cases of Roman fever Its
penetrating odor is unpleasant to
most persons though some learn to
liko it
A Step In the Right Direction
Tho Russkia Novosti says that tho
the imperial council has issued a de
cree that hereafter women exiles are
President Clovcland Gov Aitgold which that state had chosen as a symj to bo wholly exempt from corporeal
Mayor Harrison Duke do Veragua bolical gift to tho president of the punishment Tho death penaltyhow
and other notables were conducted To board of lady managers She said ever remains in fullforco as a last re
the dinin hall on tho third floor of I beg to present Montanas contri1 sort This action of tho council is
the administration building where bution to Mrs Potter Palmer the taken by tho liborals of Rnssia to
they wero cntortained at dinner by honored president of this grand sym mean that their long agitation against
the Worlds fair officials When the bol of progressive ages the womans tho heartless barbarities of the Rus
dinner was over the party with Pres
ident Cleveland and Director Gonoral
aras conducted from
> n building and
grounds At the
The people often fall into dobt through
paying exhorbant marriage fees asked
the grounds After having thor era that is dawning for the sisterhood by the ieit fnd anothor larpe fee
1 the honor to
sian penal system has not beon with
out its offect and they aro according
ly rojoieed
put of 100 men whom you will
meet in Tolasco Muxtco acarcoly ten
are able to read and two out of every
three are held by their creditors as
slaves for debt There are about 500
000 Mexicans in this form of slavery
oughlv inspected the whole city Fres of the world now have s xacte1 at the baptism of each
Ident Cleveland and party wero driven present this nail J he committee thiM cacIl baptism requiring the en
to Grand crossing where thoy took on federal relations of the board pre Ure wagea of at least two weeks
nted Mrs Palmer with a immature j
their train for Washington
ident Cleveland by tho pressing of a
s lvcr wreath as a token of their ap
1 A sm TMt of MMk
p eeiation of her work This con
The following test for milk Is siiut
eluded the exorcises and tho doors of i h f >
i plicitv itself A well polished knlt
the building were thrown open J
ting needle is dipped into a deep
vteie 1 of miIk aD < 1 Immediately
orr for Washington
withdrawn in an upright position
After leavmg thexposUon grounds f the s 0 s fomo of the
tho prcutent went tnt theprivate car fluid wiH hang to the needle but U
We resident I ar1
waer hag j added tJ hJ mUk
the Illinois Central
in small the fllld
even proportions
will not adhere to the needlo
They Are Artltt
Tho attempt to keep the German
band which is to perform at the
I Worlds Fair out of the country on
t the ground that they were contract
laborers has fallen through Tho band
whitecapped and white aproned performed atunoforthe immigratloii
Dr Senner and he de
young ladies drove up to the
commissioner decided
cided that they wero artists one and
all and did not fall under the contract
labor law
women stood before the president and i
soon the sweet notes of Let Her Re Explained
member tho Di s of Old floated out About the year 1767 the beats and
The singers were three dairy maids tall < of the arum then used in the
and three sales from the Irish
girls v WCre put into a permanent
village in Midway plaisance Presi > nape The tattoo or beat of the
dent Cleveland listened attenta drum Lams soldiers to their quar
tiely to the music and when ters at night was once calledtap
it was finished showed his o0 from the Dtiteh word signifying
nis appreciation by thankingeach one f ao more drink t0 be tapped or sold
of the singers Lord and Lady Aber
ilcen presented the president and Sec
Good Reaiton
ntary resham each with a genuine
black thorn cane and a little gilded A candidate for a county clerkship in
Columbian badge and sent Mrs Cleve Oregon frankly gives as his reason for
land a delicate lace handkerchief j appealing to voters that he has spent
made hy the girls in the Irish village j a lifetime hustling for other candl
dates and thinks it time that others
liojroitlnB the Chinese j should now do the same for him
At Butte City Mont the citv coun especially as he is qualified for the
cil passed a resolution requesting the office and in need of the salary
employes of the city to refrain from j
patronizing Chinamen in any manner < Naiat rower
A lawyer of Uutto acting as agent for i Ag a naval j g initoa states
the Mx companies wrote to the gov ha3 rccentiv passed Germany and
crnor of the state asking him to con j Spain Perhaps we will overhaul
sider whether this action of tho city jussia anj jtauy jnsfcj or eight years
did not militate against the treaty ob j lanj anj Franco will still be
ligations between the United States aneaj 0f u5l however and the former
and China The question was re
known in a vagtio way that tho presi limits or the law ltoycotts will now psat < j have j270i00o in legacies
dent was to press a gold key and that be the order of the day in Chinese in tt s
electric communication with tho ma tested districts
chincry was to start the fair but nc
ono realized how Intricate was thit
machinery how Infinite tho ramifica
tions of the oleetric spark until the
great fountains threw up geysers eov
past eighteen monthsand In a mo
ment all that had been apathetic and
inert and inactive through the long
hours of tho morning sprung Into ani
mated existence thrilled tho multi
tude and crowned tho triumph of tho
exposition In previous expositions
tho possibilities ol electricity have
been limited to mere starting of the
engine in machinery hall but in this
it made a thousand servants do its bid
ding and from the great Corliss en
gine and mammoth fountains down to
the minutest acts whero power and
touch wore requisite the magio ol
oloctricity did the duty of the hour
Dedication of the Womans Itnlldlng
As a result of the persistent zeal of
tho board of lady managers of tho
Worlds fair tho womans building
was dedicated today with appropri
ate exercises It was a grand triumph
and was attended by thoso who havo
been tho leading spirits in tho enter
prise Tho event was international
in character tho representatives of
many nations contributing their part
to tho programme On an olvated
platform erected in tho west vestibule
of the attractive building tho guests
of tho lady managers sat surrounded
by an elaborate display of tropical
Once a Cook
Wee Hun Penk who was cook in a
mining camp only throe years ago is
no longer wee in the financial sense
enty feet into the air and tho rumble He owns the whole of on > and half
and hum of the wheels in the manu
facturers building and tho clatter of
machinery In all that vast area told
tho story of tho final consummation of
scientific thought Lifelessness start
ed into being on every hand draped
of another important mine in Arizoma
and is reputed to be worth at least
DM > ot ee the > oor
Mr Edward Siemans of New
statuary shed its veil and revealed to leans accomplished
tho world the artistic labors of tho
feat at thTlteat Northern hotel in
Chicago the other day He walked j shoes
from tho balcony tho American flag inch class fell around
was unfurled and around tho cntiro crash that quickly assembled a crowd
balcony flagettos of tho different na but Mr Siemans was unhurt save
tions were displayed in profusion At that ho had to procure a now hat
tho north end of tho rotunda on an
elevated platform stood Thcodoro spring > out Vcrgini
Thomas the veteran orchestral Frogs havo commenced their sere
leader surrounded by 120 musicians nades tho mellow bugs arc describing
and at thoir feet was seated a grand circles hyperbolas and ellipses upon
chorus of 300 voices Everything tho surface of the crystal ponds the
was In readiness for tho oxercisos at trees are budding tho whole town is
3 oclock und tho big orchestra ren playing marbles liastcr cravats have
dered an inspiring march Mrs Pot mado thoir appearance Uncle Smith
ter Palmer president of tho board of has planted his tatcrs Tom has writ
lady managers motioned tho audi ten some poetry to his calico ttsk
ence to its feet and Miss Ida Hullin ing her if she hasn t a few affei tions
offered prayer Miss Flowrence for him in the right cnlrile of ht
Wilkh son daughter of Prof Wilkin heart the < > fried chickn
ton ol the University of Chicago re is nlrendj ratching hi the grass
cited an original ode which included uud spring is l > Miming to l gin
the story of the part Queen Isabella
lined in iho discovery of America
Mrs Palmer then delivered her ad
dress which was punctuatedby fre
Well Flseil
We are fai tx tt r prepaied to doai
urith cholera than wu ijver were at
is likely to remain ahead for a century
to come
Valuable Kstate
The executors of tho P T Uarnum
during tho past year of which Mrs
ltarnum received over 49000 The
dividend from the Barntim Bailey
circus was 155000 This represents
onehalf the earnings of the show Mr
IJailey receiving the remainder
Xo XatlTes
There are no native kangaroos ex
cept on the continent of Australia
The country contains 11000000 of
them Over 1000003 skins are ship
lied to the United States for use in
hootmaking Each skin will make
about four pairs of ordinarysized
LA S = 4fi
through a closed door Tho door was
madeof plateglass brilliantly clear
and Mr siemans who was in a great
did not see it
plants profusely arranged about tho hurry to catch a train
stage Directly opposite hanging at all When ho strnck it tho quarter
him with a
Lair and Order In rittshurg
Pittsburg has a law and order
socioty which has beon making the
lives of poor mon miserable by prose
cuting under tho blue Sunday luws of
that commonwealth the unfortunate
pcoplo whose daily bread depended on
their doing more or less work on Sun
day Another society has beun or
ganized for the purjMise ot bringing
thoso laws into illfavor by pushing
them against tho capitalist for whoe
behoof and benotit the Sunday lnlxiris
performed It is hard at work gath
ering evidence and information against
stockholders In tollbridges furnace
funeral directors street car com
panies beginning in short just where
tho old law and order society loft oft
Iteer < oisil ptloi
Thitttono million four
and sevenIi
tfiou > aml lite httiul
1 mid nineteen barrels of doinsti
Im ir wt re onsutned in thw Unit 1
States last j car ibout half u ban
for each inhabitat i if had N
niuilly dMll dld al dd u
Arrangements for Completing and TOT
nlthlng the St Louts City Halt
Storage Batteries
St Lodis April 29 City officials
havo been in conference this week
over tho final details for completing
tho croction of the new city hall
Tho only question involved is o ne of
expense It has been about decided
that 1500000 will bo sufficient to
complete tho remaining stories of tho
hall and havo it ready for occupation
The furnishings will cost a consider
able sum in addition but the result
will be eminently satisfactory It is
probable that some of the offices on
the ground floor will bo occupied al
most immediately One of these will
bo used by tho Recorder of Deeds
whose office is now in the court house
and by the time the building is com
pleted and occupied throughout there
will be a great deal of change in tho
arrangement of municipal apartments
Thero is a good deal of rejoicing in
the city over tho early prospect of
getting rid of tho trolley wires used
by the electric roads Electric cars
are very popular and provide an ex
cellent service but it has always been
regarded as a temporary expedient to
use the trolley wire Experiments
made this week seem to demonstrate
the j > ossibility of using a storage bat
tery under conditions which will
prove even more profitable to the
railroads than the trolley wire be
sides doing away with the inconven
ience and danger slight as the latter
has proved to be
Thero has been a very efficient sys
tem ot milk inapectinmn operation in
St Louis for a long time but the city
is now going into the business of pro
tecting its people from all kinds of
food adulterations Two city chem
ists have just been appointed and
their duty is to inspect any sort
of food that is brought to
them by suspicious purchasers
If they find that the food is
adulterated they must prosecute the
seller and the law puts it into their
power to punish him severely If
thoy will accomplish what the milk
bureau has for St Louis the people
ought to be satisfied Tins bureau
began active work five years ago
when complaint of the quality of
tho milk sold in the city was general
Every large city in the country has
troublo with its street signs New
York Philadelphia Chicago and Bos
ton havo signs that do very well in
the day time but are of no use what
ever at night St Louis is now spend
ing thousands of dollars in putting a
most excellent system into operation
The city used to have the names of
the streets painted on th r glass of tho
gaslamps at the corners but when
electric lights wero substituted for the
gas the lamps were removed Then
black tin signs painted with white
letters wero put on tho houses at the
corners They were as good as those
of other big cities but they couldnt
be read at night Illuminated signs
are being put up now and the crowds
who come here next fall for the sea
son of the festivities will be able to
find their way about the streets od
the darkest night Each sign has the
name of the street painted In white
letters on a dark background the
whole enclosed with glass The let
tcrs shine brightly in tho dark and
the blacker the night is the brighter
they are
Free Trip to Chicago
Separte World s Fa1 r and use the lettef
to spell as many words as you caa by nsinc tti
letters aa many times as yon wish eilhsl
backwards or forwards but not using the sarst
letterin making any one word more times than
tt appears in Worlds Fair
It Is said seventyfive small EsgUsn woro
can ce spelled correctly from the ten letters
contained In Worlds Fair example Ws < 5
waif soar Idol etc If you are good at word
mating yon can secure a Free trip to tht
Worlds Fair and return as The Scott Seed
Company will pay all expenses Including rail
road fare hotel bills admissionstothe C olum
btan Exposition and tO00 in cash forlr < l
dental ezpensesto the first person able to nmhe
seventy words from the letters ontalnad to
Worlds Fair as aboTe They wilt also gle
a free trip to the Worlds Fair anu returnwits
t2i00 for Incidental expenses to the firs per
son sending sixty words as above They wn
also give a tree trip to the Worlds Fair and
return without cash for incidental expenses
to the first person sending fifty five wold Tc
the first person sending fifty words wul be
given KXOOln cash towards paring expenses t
the Worlda Fair to the first person sndlnu
forty words wUl bo given < in c si Ut
wards paying expenses to the W rlde
Fair to each of tho first five persons
sending thirtyfire words will be givett
tiaco In cash and to each of the first tec
sending thirty words wUI be given J5UJ In
cash Only one prize will be awarded to the
same person Write your name on list p
words numbered and enclose the same post
laid with fifteen U S two cant stamps for >
argo package of our choice English iottagi
Garden Flower Seeds This combination ra
dndes tho latest and most popular End h
flowers of endless varieties same as wUi he
contained in the elaborate exhibit of Ecgtltb
flowers at the Worlda Fair
This Worlds Fair contest wlU be iarefully
and conscientiously conducted solely rir thi
purpose of Introducing our business in the
United States Yon will receive the biggest
value la flower seeds ever offered and If yon
aro able to make a good lilt of words and an
swer promptly you will hare a first clas op
portunlty to procure a free trip from youx
home to Chicago and return
Wo are spending a large amount of nymey 1
to start our trade In the United States anu
want your trial order You will be more than
graUfied with the result Send to day and
addresa Tax scoor Sxto Company Toronto
How sweetly sounds the voice of a good
woman 1 It Is so seldom heard tliat when
it speaks it ravishes all senses
Experienced people dont tcotble when
they try to get in a batomocL because
they know the ropes
Letter Stamper
A cleverly constructed little machine
has been designed for the purpose of
affixing stamps to letters and ctrrn
lars and by its means the process can
be carried on with extraordinary
rapidity The motions of detaching
dampening and fixing are jwrformed
by one revolution of a small wheel at
tached to the machine From pini
to 5000 letters an hour can be stamped
and ono of the most important advan
tages of the machine is that it wi
register the number of letters thu3
How the Tarole Works
William Looker is a convict who
was serving a term in tho Ohio peni
tentiary at Columbus for assault with
Intent to kilL Ho behaved so we
while in prison that he was paroled
and one of the first uses he made of
his liberty was to assault and nearly
he found with
kill a young man whom
a woman with whom he used to con
sort Ho would hae killed the young
fellow but help arrived The con
vict and tho woman have run awa
and cannot be found
Grat Undertaking
A bill b3 been introduced in the
French chamber which proposes t
out a sM canal from tho Bay of Bs
cay acoss tho Mediterranean a i
tancf of 323 miles all through Fen
territory It will reduce Knglatui s
prcud rock ot Gibraltar to a far
Important position than it now hiua
lnco the canal w mi ntirely ol a
the necessity of b around Sim
and Porfuga and n tng the M
terranean though > > e Jtraiu

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