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San Saba County news. (San Saba, Tex.) 1874-19??, May 12, 1893, Image 3

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He ApoIoEhed j n CAT LI
It wm et a swell hop ud every i A I H
sdy wa in full dress but ona modeV
ttla fellow and ho seemed to think
lat he was being guyed on that
count So during an intermission
i stood up in the center of the fiooi
id addressed tho company as follows
Ladies and gentlemen I l > og you
111 pardon m > not appearing in full
ess this evening but tho fact of tho
alter is Ihaie no dress suit of my
vn and at ex cry storo in town I was
id that their suits wore all rented
r bu > ev nt H V Tress
arteil bj ral socii ty ladies of
ow lprk b < a < lrd bi Sirs C Van
tten Mar1 Tho intention is that
o stau shall t < and at the Eighth
enue n > raneo to Central park
cing tli Salute of Columbus >
5tolh > r llolliera1
Si < > TiTir Si ii r ha 1 con
confession of
ur enemies ara
eJ for er nnY YIUIS l > v M1L
ONa i 1 < 11 H I US for tlu i < HUlDItKN
llle Tin HIM with lJRFEfT SIC
SS ItKlllUHfsihcflllLlI S0FTEK8
e 01 Sis 1A < VYS all r UN CUKKS
LND f l i omt ip tfae tct remedyJur
a fault mates half
r atic nrtllcisir 3Ioirs the Boit
iacli Hay In order to be healthy
is Is pecessary fares constipation
dache tidney and lirer troubles ana
palates tho stomarb and bowels Price
and 1 00 at all dealers
our outward ccn
I am a farmer at Edom Texas I
e used German Svrup for six
ars successfully for Sore Throat
mghs Colds Hoarseness Pains in
iest = aii Lung = and Spittingup of
ood I have tried many kinds of
mgh Syrups in iny time but let
sajr to anyone wanting such a
slicine German Syrup is the best
e are subject to so many sudden
anges from cold to hot damp
ather here but in families where
rman Syrup is used there is little
mble from colds John F Jones s
TTdoctorMtf lt ftippntlTonthstAoiichliTir
1 kldoejn and 1 pleauu t UxirtT Th
ak If nuad from hertm nti is prtrpared Tor tu
MsllXBStra Itlacaiied
3tlnirtrlstj nLitJe acd II mctare If
1 cuist7t c9t it end Tour iddfef for a Xrc
aplm I aorVi Fnmllr llfdiclnc m Tr
MVeUftrh AAi
OtUT r JJfflAtD trRYyY
A Pure Norwegian
1 is the kind used
the production
Scott s Ernul
on Hypophos
litesof Lime and
da are added
ir their vital ef
ct upnn nerve
id brain No
lystery surrounds this formula
le only rojstery is how quickly
builds up flesh and brings back
rength to the weak of all ages
Scotts Emulsion
ill check Consumption and is
ldispensable in ait wasting dis
Pr p redByE > > t CoTrM f T Atdrwrt
TUe Best
I TiSflSa BKA3tT > STJCKE3 U Winn < l w t
roofaod w fc < pr o < IrTialli birtirrMvTa
fcrwPOMUEj6L1 kEIili a perfect rid c uat ui
r rith entirem < Irwirvfjiuuuocj 11
tjTacMtif jt Brand uotc Vit
if CaUtovc ftrp A J T jWCli Itml o Mm
For over two years my little girl Iiu
The discharge from the nose was Urge
constant ana vry offensive Her cw
became inflamed tu lidi swollen jrl
very painful After trying various rer i
dies I gave hergarafaa The first hot
Ue seemed togy jg aggravate fi
o > fes hut the s > mptons soon abatd
na in a short time hr was cared
Dr L U Ritchey Mackej Iii
Oar book on Blood and fiitn Disease mjdtd
Owm Sriano CO Atlanta < la
r > ar i b 4btj Vt
ncirru > n oh
i j > noe tiM In SO to
J dsr at hlra wrrtofer
I p rUcnlsr And tnre4t
f rlttonrttlUb my Our
d arUl I Wlr ij
1M WLr < iaMtrar
3i4spotASa1anitm arilAo r Ifrtagk ts t b
siruuoocaro ad ortfa i 1 th i b
lasHit will evra i rei nr ivfifoaft i
Al 4rrs coot Bistur tj 111
Tfcwedrmi fsO fcto UoifH lii
Oyr r SNTOEn Ml > Mall Dept 17
toyidtmrM Theater CtUtenso 111
Swept Aw r by c Cyclone the Most
Terrific Evc Known
And TentSix Seriously Injured With TfnlyMne
Wounded Whose Condition is Not Known
Assistance Needed
Ci co Tex May 1
ribic cj clone that ever visited Texas
devastated Ciscb in Katttanci
I Core r
Constipation ana
> > t lii 1
Fhop nen it serre rut ini fre Indujnight it 010 Iayingwaste
T BTVKS MS tJSm erjihjngin its vjakc lie streak
was a viOjjtthreofoiirthtiof amilo wide
To Honor urn Isabella and spaied nothfng in its path The
< ta Aaymhau Ch < o
toM > if
A mrv o erect a statue mfS
except rhaps as as bfty hot
ueen lab U of Spam has been many
Hut one business housiiJs intact The
following is the lirstitipial list of the
an < Lwounded Killed Will
4 f ctioniband Q cxas and rucifio
railway Jim liibbs conductor Texps
Central railway Wade Bledsoe
brakeman Texas CeqtraV j rail
way live children of W
A Hickman Davis Cameron
ltuby Owens Mrs Tlorton
Mrs J I Thomas Capt It M
UTiitesides merchant Mrs Si r K
KnightmUUncr irs
ARItHa i m ly Dru ists in every and cWEUjEbey lolIowingY areVfecri
rt of he nnlil lie sure and oV for JflJfTri tii < r v t h
rhe tetorle of onr
n removfts
Irs T w low Soothing srup and
kb no other kind IwentynVe cents a
present thought is
tivr persons arr liroten down from
erwork or
in Bitters rsbi
Jsria A splendid tonic forewomen ih
1 raJn et prudence is worth a pound cf
Lleadarhe are not triflca but some people
> k at them thai tin Mhy suffer when
a can get relief id fifteen minutes by us
i Preston s tied Al < theffswraneerf cure
ously fnjurod Mart Owens Jr will
die V > A Hickman and wife Miss
and Mrs Swaijtz M iowons G
Van ilevo antl fa milyl Mrs Fr
Vernon Ir Moeller and family Mrs
Hill Mrs M V Mitthell Mrs Vera
Charles Jones W J VJSIkc r Tom
Jones and Wife Mrs Will Walker
Mrs J M Williamson Mrs
Tho following are wounded
condition unknown
son Miss Batcn
o Sol IpjJ r jJw children of Mat
Matlock two children of UJrs Chas
Jones Mrs Moore Mrs It W Jones
J M Williamson Jim Hayes
Will Walker W Vj Steele rftrhe
following 4d a list of bthfYkificUjSnd
injured fif th surroundjngcuntry
W 11 J Becm nJiyingj Jguc Tnlles
southwest o f lTere dcadt Mrs 1L D
Ladd living live miles north of East
land reported killed cannot bo verri
fied or disproved Mack Ferguson
soninlaw of ISceman badly injured
Charlie Jenkins living at Lewis
switch four miles east of here on tho
Texas and Pacific seriously hurt in
thebrcast Miss Jpfinnic Tqv nsend
living wlthlicr fatfier fivc mile s cast
of Eastland seriously cqt in tho head
Elbert Townserid seriously injured
about tho head and chest Bill
Doolan In the same neighborhood is
said to bo badly hurt T J Davis 1
living four miles west of Eastland
had his ankle badly brplccn I
and is otherwise seriously hurt I
L D Ladd live miles north o East
land had his broken and
fr rr
i FalatedUnd Tell
BnEXiiAM Tex May 4 Tuesday
at her home near Whitman Mr J A
Jackson while engaged in her house
hold duties was seized with dizziness
and fell to the floor in a fainting con
dition Her head struck in the first
place and but for tho presence of a
little boy she would have been seri
ously injured Tho little fellow
dragged ilxsv Jackson from tho fire
and in a short tTmersho recovered con
sciousness She Is rcsting casy and
except for a iCT ii oHTthfjf6roheaC
where she struck the andirons she is
not seriously injured J
Two llos Drowned
Cowes CuitisTf Tear May 4
Three boys were in a boat fishing in
Corpus Christ bay A north wind
carried the craft somo distance from
shore In some way they lost their
oars and became excited and jumped
overboard Tha f older one name
unknown reachedtho shore In safety
but the two younger ones named
Arden and Grimes were drowned
All lived at Gregory thirteen
miles from Corpus Christi Ono of
the bodies has just been washed
ashore two miles abovo town
1 Hound Over
Iano Tux May 5 Yesterday
morning tho police wcro notified of a
robbery at Uelle Hlooms establish
ment in Boardtown On arriving
there Officer Sandifcr was told that
i Miss liloom had robbed aguest of 80
in cash and valuable papers She
was arrested and jailed An examin
ing trial was had and sho was held to
the grand jury iu tho sum of fSOJ
ws from CI4CO
Cisco Tex May 4 Enough cloth
ing has been received The injured
are being given tho best attention
There are 200 carpenters at work
putting up houses for the homeless
Contributions are being received from
all over Texas
The Kevolatlonlsts
Sak Antomo T x May 5 In the
United States court the following par
cjpanta in She late border trouble
pleaded guilty to violation of the neu
trality lawr Rosalio Garcia Lucie
Cantu Pablo Gomez Francisco Gon
zales Bias YbanezMario Lota Ester
dan Benovides Avastacio Mendoza
Santos Cadina Fernando Salinez Pru
dencio Gonzales Santos Rosa Espiri
dion Benevides Americano Sais Lo
berado Gutierrez and Jesus Chicon
All of these confessed in court that
thcy held commissions ranging from
Tho most ter Colonel flpwn to corporals Sentence
wag deferred by Judge Maxcy Caye
tnv6Bcnevidcs pleadcd not guilty and
will be tried tomorrow Jesus Floret
was dismissed as ho is wanted in
Slarr county for murder Captain
Joseph Shely arrived yesterday from
the border with sixteen more revolu
tionists and the grand jury reported
indictments against twentyseven
others for violation of tho neutrality
laws It is now estimated that the
revolutionist comprised as many at
000 active men about half of which
number has been arrested
Died It Ills Otrn Hand
Pakis Tox May 6 A sensational
suicide occurred here Thursday night
Some time ago in a railroad accident
Dan McDonald lost an arm and was
put on as flagman at the FriscoBon
Chatlf f Jjmes J ham street crossing He fell in love
with a Mrs Green a jQung widow
with two children and his courtship
ended in an accoptanco and tho wed
ding was to come off on the Hth in
stant Yesterday morning Dan Mc
Donald died by his own hand On
Wednesday he asked a friond to sub
worried about his future though he
had told his fiance and others that he
owned two nice lots and had a consid
erable sum at interest Last evening
Mis J T Wil I ho called to tee her at Mr Payne s
Mrs Olden and j about a mile north of tho city where
children Mrs Iiice little boy of Mr she stayed and remained until about
Urogdon Minnie Leads Laura Ellis I 9 oclock Ho told her he would have
F rank Owens Frank Vernons infant j to break off the marriage owing to
Sirs 61I CHasTJollyfMrs M E the loss of his place and owing to his
Powers and daughtcrjtlircc children crippled condition he was not able to
care for her and her children In the
next breath ho claimed to have about
I 500 in his purse and as he loft he
said that wh n she heard a pistol
shot ho would bo dead bure enough
he had only been gone a few minutes
when a shot was heard and on Mrs
Green telling Mr Payne McDonalds
words ho and another man went to
hunt him but found nothing l estcr
day morning they went again and
found him near tho racetrack shot
through tho temple A 82 pistol lay
by him The coroners jury returned
a verdict of suicide
In Ills Sock
Texakkaxa Tex May 4 X T
Bain a young man whoso home is at
Decatur Ga was arraigned before
Justice of tho Peace Haywood on a
charge of theft on complaint filed by
Dr J II Hammond of LaFayctte
Ala The two were passengers on an
eastbound Cotton Belt train Bain
being on his return trip from a visit
j to his brother at Alvarado Tex
arm was
Hammond missed his watch and
I gold
badly cut over both eyes Mrs Lath
lnf ° rmed Deputy bheriff John fcabine
am living west of Eastland seriously i
hurtabouVtho GlM wh ° a8 ° 0nh6 ° his ° ss
h < id Davidson af
in the nd the latter after laying the situa
same neighborhood had one
lon fo re e Passengers m tbe car
thigh broken ard was otherwise badlv
injured Mr Fenn and wife two mile s invltcd all who were willing to assist
the to stand
west of here both pretty dangerously
crushed by falling timbers It is be
lieved there will be two or three more
deaths Little Mart Owens whose
skull is fraqturedj will cer
tainly dte T and the chances aro
good for ono or two more
They ncedjelothing very badly Es
pecially childrens clothing Every
article of household furpiture > and all
of the clothing of the people
havobeen swept away The mayor
appeals to the people of Texas to
send to J F Patterson chairman ot
the relief committee any and all ar
ticles oLwcaring apparelmiuidak food
Our people have been subsisting fo
two days on canned articles
cooked food as has been brought by
visitors Assistance is being ren
dered from many points
The Masons Aet
Austin Tex Ilay 3 T B Coch
ran Master of the Masons of Texas
has = dssned o shortaddressfd the
Masons regarding tho late disaster at
Cisco Coicludinghe saysv Through
tho prop9boardjof trustees ijempor
aryfreliefliakbeen granted 3 > uttho
disaster is so appalling as to demand
more than temporary assistanoe
mor a n I fcsLiHStifedJn taking
from the permanent grand charity
fund However relying upon your
liberality while awaiting a response
to this appeal needed relief shall not
be withheld Meanwhile I direct that
the principal officers of all subordinate
lodges shall take tho subject in hand
and forward all contributions to our
graridsecrctary who will distribute
the same by direction of our regular
board of trustees
in recovering property up
and permit themselves to be searched
All stood up and it is alleged the
watch was found concealed in Bains
sock When arraigned tho accused
waived examination and was allowed
bail in the sum of 250 which was
furnished by his brother who came
on from Alvarado in response to a
telegram informing him of the
Miseola Tex May 5 City Mar
shal It L Terrell arrested hero yes
terday morning a young man by the
namo of YT F Faulk who escaped
from an officer that was carrying him
or 8Ucn1 back Columbus Ga
to he
said to stand charged with burglary
Marshal Terrell happened to bo on
the Texas and Pacific train a few days
ago and saw the officer in charge of
young Faulk When he met Faulk
on the btreet here ho recognized him
and placed him under arrest Faulk
denied being tho man wanted Tho
marshal wired to Columbus Ga and
received a message from the sheriff
to hold Faulk Faulk now admits
that ho is tho man and says when tho
officer was asleep ho stepped off tho
train at a small station near New Or
leans La
An Attempted Assault
Fjjxis Tex May 6 An attempted
assault was made at 2 oclock yester
day morning upon Mrs J Wallwork
a defenseless widow residing in the
southwest portion of the city Mrs
Wallwork had sat up late retiring at
12 oclock Sho was awakened at
about 2 oclock by a smothering sen
sation To her horror she noticed a
big negro standing near tho bed with
his right hand over her mouth who
commanded her to be stilL With a
convulsive effort she uttered a scream
and with superhuman force rose from
the bed to battle with tho intruder
and foiled him in his attempt The
noiso and confusion caused a neighbor
to run over to the house This
alarmed the negro and he fled Offi
cers were at once put on the trail
t 4t u KMedrii Xegro
TfXABKANA Tex May 6 At
Buchanan fourteen miles south of
hore Thursday night Walter Odom
a 17yearold white boy shot and
killed a negro named Sam Owen
Odom was bartender in L It Bal
throps saloon and tho negro it was
shown in evidence mado an attempt
to striko him with a piece of iron
Odom was brought hero and tried be
fore Justice Haywood who placed his
bond at 500 which was furnished
Found Dead
Gainesviixe Tex May 6 Mrs
Lizzie Johnson a white woman 43
years of age was found dead in bed
at the Santa Jfesectionhoiise in north
Gainesville yesterday morning Jus
tice Hill held an inquest deciding
that she camo to her death from un
known causes She has a sister in
Missouri and a cousin who is a nun in
trie convent at Galveston
Malicious Mlsfhler
MesQUIte Tex May 2 Some
malicious person went over to Mr
injures the sale Diligent efforts to
locate the guilty party Is being made
Ieure Cutting
BASTiior Tex May 3 A pasture
fence near town was cut in thirty or
more places Saturday night The
Whit Is Being Done at he Stale Capilal
Our LawMakers
Eitert State Printer Report Land Commission
McGauBher Acquitted Corporation Tax
Bill Cots to the Gsvernor
Adstis Tex May 6 The com
mittce investigating the stato printin
export has about completed their re
port It will fully vindicate tho ei
pert and condemn tho custom of circu
fating false charges againgt officials >
entailing tedious and expensive inves
ligations Tho evidence taken by th
committee will bo submitted with the
report The committee will possiblv
recommend legislation with respect
to tho style or class of typo to bo used
in official reports
Acstin Tex May J Tho senate
hill prohibiting the employment of
Pinkcrtons and like nnrccn tries in
Texas on second reading was taken
up in V10 houso on yesterday
Amendments not materially changing
the bill as it cams from th senate
were adopted and tho bill pasol
Hill Iost
AtvriN Tox May I Yesterday
in h bouse tho house bill providing
for county attorneys fees in eases of
lunacy occupied considerable time
over amendments to provide leas in t
such cases for sheriffs and also feos
for jurors and the bill aft > r loss of
time and eloquence wai killed
The llrldenee Will lie Taken
Austin Tex May I Tho im
peachment case against Commissioner
McGaughey will go to trial on the
facts and tho people will have an op
portunity of seeing tho evidence
high court will begin to hoar the
Jcnce today
To Translate Krrords
Aistiv Tox May 3 Yesterday in
the house Mr Calhoun called up tho
bill providing for th3 translation of
the Spanish records of titles on Hie in
the various county clerks offices
The bill passed under a suspension of
the rules
Mctiaagliey Acqutted
Austin Tex
jeachment trial is
Commissioner McGaughey is acquit
ted It required 16 yeas to convict
and the highest number of yeas on
any one of the articles was i
Liquor Tat Hill
Austin Tex May 1 In tho sen
ate Saturday tho conference commit
tees report on tho liquor tax bill was
1 tailed up and a call of the senate was
ordered Tho bill went to tho table
pending the call
More Taj
Austin Tex May 4 Yesterday
Mr Henderson of Lamar called up
the house bills appropriating 00 U
for legislative per diem and ilO01J
for contingent expense which pa sd
under suspension of the rules
w renaltj
Austin Tox May 3 Mr Talbot
in the houso yesterday called up the
bill fixing a penalty of imprisonment
for signing a bill of sale or deed con
taining a fictitious consideration
Corporation Tax I1I1L
Austin Tex May 6 In tho house
yesterday the conferenco report on
tho insurance telephone and corpora
tion tax bill without discussion was
Hallway Commissioners
Austin Tex May 5 The consti
tutional amendment providing for the
election of railway commissioners was
Humphreys place of business and cut defeated in tho houso yesterday
the spokes of two wagons and defaced
the beds to an oxtcnt that greatly
Tailng Kilt
Austin Tex May C The senate
yesterday by a vote of 14 to 7 adopted
tho free conferenco committee rei > ort
on the taxing bill
Dallas Criminal Court
Austin Tex May 5 Yesterday
offlcers and citizens are making every ne governor signed tho Dallas criml
cflort to discover the offenders a court bill
issue of bank notes
specie Mr Mooro o
tuto for both jirovidir
stato banks of issue I
upon municipal stat
SUtcs bonds Mr Mo
was rejected Mr Cu
state banks was adopted and the resi
olution passed to tho third reading 1
Appropriation Itlll J
Austin Tex May 3 Thejiouso
yesterday completed the appropriation
bill leaving tho aggregate about as
presented by the tinanee committee
It may be said of tho bill that its
items were predicated upon absolute
ly complete and thorough information
of tho necessities of tho government
Hy subcommittee work and work of
various other committees a most sys
tematic investigation was secured and
tho bill by the committeo and by
amendments restricts the expendi
tures of th appropriations within
their specified purpose inaugurating
thereby 1 much needed reform
Ytantft to lusrstlfiAte
AtsTiN Tex May Yesterday
Mr Floyd called up the motion to re
consider the vote indefinitely postpon
the government departments anl in
stitutions during vacation Ho con
tended that it had cropped out that
such an investigation was necessary
A motion was made to table but lost
by a vote of 7 nays to 35 yea The
motion as postponed till the appro
priation bill is out of tho way
Will Not ln < ettljtr
Aistix Tex May i In the houso
jesterday the r solution of Mr Greer
looking to legislative intestgition by
committcos of the various depart
ments and institutions was taken up
and a motion to reconsider the vote
by which it had been killed wai
briefly discussed 0n reaching a ote
the investigation failed by a > ote of
32 to 06
Why not Meed
When the Royal Baking Powder makes
finer and more wholesome food at a less cost
which every housekeeper familiar with it will
affirm why not discard altogether the old
fashioned methods of soda and sour milk or
homemade mixture of cream of tartar and
soda or the cheaper and inferior baking pow
ders and use it exclusively
To Suppress Fortune Telling
Tho mediums astrologists for
raTorins stato Hanks ftuno tellers mind readers and people
0tha 1 1bs3 in state
n noU are a
Austix Tex May SYcstsrday
tho joint resolution amending tnef1 ln about the Meyers Dill now
constitution so as to permit the char4Pdlnf J e Illinois legislature
deposit11 j1 3 en favorably reported by the
ter of banks for exchange and
thof committee and seems likely
was up on second reading ini udlfarv
bccomB It declares that
amend0 a
house Mr Gossctt offered an
P60 who haU f < hlr0 ° r r0
ment substituting tho entire section WVCU
i of for
engage tho practice
by a repeal of the constitutional pro
hibition against chartering banks Mr Jun telling tho forecasting of future
furry offered a substitute providing for Pf tho diseovery of lost property
state banks of exchar nown titles to prop
tnce of any facts or
tended to bo used in
in of any sijits at aw
ler litigation begun or
jmplated by any per
il assume for like con
orm another of their
was rejected Mr Gossetts substi77ufnre4fIalrs in thls Ilfe in respect of
birth death marriage divorce or
tute which simply repeals theconstll
tutional prohibition against charter o other matter or thing by
means of astrology clairvoyance
TJndalatlnc romps
A now stylo of pump has been set
ing the resolution providing for a upat the Bridgeport pumping station
legislative committee to investigate of Chicago
which takes the water
from tho Chicago river called an
undulating pump which deserves
the attention of drainage engineers in
allfsections of tho country The prin
ciple on which it works is that by
which a snake makes progress on the
surface of tho water but reversedthe
water moving Instead of the snake
The pumps are built on an incline and
aro to raise tho water eight feet
The face of the incline is covered with
projecting points which aro made to
A Complete surrender
In tho memorable adentures of
Tom Sawyer as related by Mark
Twain his troubles began with a
swimming scrape Of course he was
caught in what he regarded as an
underhand way but ho was not more
completely cornered than tho boy in
the following little story
Tommy how did jou get the
back of your neck all sunburnt
Pullin weeds in the garden
But your hair is all wet my son
Thats perspration
Your vest is on wrong side out
Put it on that waya purpose
And how does it happen Tommy
dear that you have got Jakey Du
Bois trousers on
After a long pause Mother I
cannot tell a lie Ive been a swim
min Progressive Farmer
The Bolsteroni Attantte
Is a terror to timid royagersscarcely less ea ae
divination spiritualism palmistry ountoI the perils of the deep than the almost
trancemediumship tho black art certainty of seaeickness The best cnratlTeot
r aial demer is llostetter s Stomach Hitters
magic or by means Of any Otner al hichetUesthestomaehatonceandpreTenU
Iced or riretended supernatural or its distnrhance Toall travelers and touists
0 in u whether by sea or land it presents a happr
occult arts or powers etc sbail be meainnl between the nauseous or lnelectual
deemed a common swindle and be resources ot the medicine che t and the
i problematicalbeneMs derivable from an un
punished by a fine OI from f io to J1UU 1 atitnja alcoholic stimulant no matter how
for each offense The same penalty pure Thmarrlnr of a railroad car often pro
decea stomachic disorders akin to that causd
1 3 1 j r 4U 1
is to bo inflicted for advertising tne B7 the roIing at a Wp For this the bitters is
possession of such powers and pub prompt and certain remedy The nse ot a
J i brackish water particularly on lonr voyages
Ushers of books newspapers and I ln h tropics inevitably breeds disorders of
pamphlets containing the advertise1 ho stomich and bowels listeners stomach
r i Bittera mixed with Impure water nullifies its
T r j T >
ments are also to be fined Itepre iBuriues similarly it countsracts malarial
sentative Meyer was described orig
inally as an eccentric who was trying
tot savo his fellow men from the in
fluence of tho black art whereas
it v appears ho is simply waging war
upon a breed of swindlers who infest
our largo cities and aro constantly on
the increase
10 other prejudicial Influences of climate or
atmosphere as well as the effects of exposure
aad fatlgae Use it for kidney complalnla
rheuaatisni and debility
The fellow who marries the
belle1 often has a stormy life
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week an Extra Worlds Fair dumber of St
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This is the largest and mo t elaliorate
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beauty of a lovely woman is lite
Tho Spirit li Vfllllnf Dot the Flesh Is
Causes Advancing age mental
imitate as nearly as possible the mo WOrk and worry excesses of various
tion of the water snake One pump kindsshrinkage or lack ot development
is now ready for operation said As j of the organs all of which proceed in 1
sislant City Epgineer Feind On the an increasing ratio if measures are not I
tests it has worked admirably There 1 tak < to store the parti to a normal
atrfobo eight of the pumps and it is eo5
> rt A Our v acunra treatment is new eim
expected they will lift 100000 cubic
pleiSafeiupplied produces a healthy
fejtof a water a minute The pres reaction immediately and never fails to
cntcapacity of the pumping station is rejuvenate and enlarge the organs I
ifJOOO cubic feet per minute If the SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL COMPANY
new pumps do work equal to our ex Dallas Texas
Rotations thero will be no difficulty 3 employ an Eminent Specialist as
in keeping a current flowing away
from the river and there will be no
Director who may be consulted confi
dentially in person or by mail
ca uso for alarm regarding contami Deeds are males and words are fe
nating wafer at tbe cribs Ex 1 niale
Why the Men Dont Go to Church Do It Tollajr
A Philadelphia aper in a recent Le Creole Female Tonic and joa mil
i t two on of short won free vour disturbed anatomy from
issue prints some pages
iunil R he < u currx
Ietters presumably from prominent male wealnc and irregularities It U a
men who were asked to tell why in I splendid tonic
their opinion the men dont go j
to church Judging from tho an
swers given there are a great variety
oTreasons but the most of them seem
to agree that it is tho churchs fault
in tho longcjlin It is unprogrcsaivc
or It Is tiresome or the preachers
are not up to the times or something
or other else is the matter with the
church Ono writer sajs however
that the trouble is with the Sunday
Tho newspaper and thinks that men
uvj yPould go to church if they did not
have that to read Another shak
ing strictly for himself says that he
Stays at home to play with tho baby
i as it 13 tho only time in the week he
can find for that amusement
A llardililp to the > egroe
When the federal forces took pos
session of Newbcrne N C in 1861
they hustled nearly all tho negroes
out of the city locating them on a
tract of land opposite the town bc
May 6 The im longing to one James A Bryan Hero
ended and Land the negroes have remained and built
up a town known as James City
which now has a population cxclu
sjvely negro of sorao 3000 souls
Bryan has often attempted in vain to
legain possession of his land or col
lect rent for it and at last after long
litigation has obtained a decree from
the supremo court putting him in
po sion He has snorn cratsomc
writs of ejectment but the people of
James City rose en masse and pre
vented their execution He now ap
peals to the governor
Oldest Married Couple
Coles county Illinois lavs claim to
being the homo of two of the oldest
people husband and wife in the
United States Their names are John
and Matilda Balllngcr snd thoir ages
ate 10 and 101 jears respectively
They recently celebrated tho soventy
litth anniversary of their wedding
The couplo enjoy good health and are
apparently good for many more years
of life Mr Ballingcr is mentally and
physically better than many men at
tho ago of GO
J > or 111 Wifes Serrlres
A Mr Snashall of Washington lJ
C has recovered from tho Metropoli
tan Stteet Baiiu ay company of that
city 443 as a iccompense for tho loss
of tho services of his wife thiough an
Injury that she received in 1SSS on
tho cars of that company He is said
to Im a wealthy gentleman from Wis
consin and his wifo did the family
washing Of course her service were
very valuable
Jteclpe for Comfort
Utile boy I wish mammas went
lilt to business every day and papas
rayed homo and kep house Aunty
You do Why Little boy Cause
aiammas always buys candies wen
hey goes out and papas nev er tries
> keop things clean wen they stays
a Good Xews
The man wholooLs at everything through
money never ees far
vvoitii > i coirjmivN Ero > iTiov
Will be ot value to the world by illustrating
the improvement in the m chanical arts
and eminent physirians will tell you that i
tha progres In medicinal agents has l > een
of eqnal Importnnte and as a strengthen
ing laxative the Syrup of Figs is far in aj
vance of all others
It is the struggle and not the attainment
that measures charatter
L nirs needing a tonic or children who
want building up should tate Prawns Iron
Bitters It is pleasant to take cure Mala
ria Indigestion Biliousness and LiverCom
plaints mate the Blood rich and pure
The hello girl at the telephone eichange
has much to nnswer for
Flts ai flu tepri frw 17 Or Klines Creal
Nr Restorer > fit ttltrrnridjj s u SUr
ST T il nl St 00trlJ Dotu > Irre 10 ti >
scndloDr klln S31 SrrhSt rhtlstltphlara
The farmer considers his fields well car
peted when theyre ingrain
Coaching Leads to Consumption
Kemps Balsam will stop the cough at
once Go to your druggist tr > day and get
a sample bottle free Large bottles 50
cents and 100
Very few men are as attentive to their
wives as they are to their whi ters
irtfete llnhf1 ratllarTeeta
B pnrc sort cse that oil sort > rlHrld r m dr Mfj
WiriwWs Soomna Srsrr Tor Children Tttthicr
Wit without wisdom i llie a tong with
out sen < e it dont pleaso long
IIansons Maglr Corn alse
WsrrsnlM li rorr or money retoodeJ A k yoor
sraglst fortt PrlrotSceBH
Call no man happy until he shall gam the
end of life t ond the verge of pain
It mpotecl Wiils SclciliSc Ihfcil fa foh
Dr Tierces Golden Medical
Discovery purifies the blood
By this means it reaches
builds up and invigorates
every part of the system
For every blood taint and
disorder and for every lis
ease that comes from an inac
tive liver or Impure blood it
Is the only remedy so sure
and effective that it can be
If it fails to benefit or cure
you have your mony back
Thes discuses are many
Theyre different in form but
theyre lite in treatment
Ronseup the torpid liver into
healthful action thoroughlv
punfy and enrich tbe blood
and theres a positivo curs
The Discoveryw does this
as nothing elsA can Dyspepsia Indigestion
Biliousness all Bronchial Throat and LuDg
AtTortions every form of Scrofula even
Consumption or Lungscrofula In its ear
Iier stages and the most stubborn Htin
and Scalp Dioeass aro completely cured
by it
It A HIT ITCItlKJ yit ia koowD Dr taoiirar
tin VI vbraVrm Ttaii hm d BLIND
UU TirLniTOttr to
nnY 0 < T 6 ° SAV K0 S FILE REME0T
y wftlch et dtreetlx en p rtsj aff
w ati rfc tiia3rtaUi lBia effasna
Off rP apsriaaasntur P l itSo OnxtCtS
riUu O cr buO Ir Sd ia9 fiiltdficii ft
usr arxxas wobXiD
S3 SHOE noWp
Do you wear theirf When next In need try a pair t > es
till give yen more comfort and service for tta mora
than any other make Best In the world
250 i
roR boys
YY L Douglas Shoes are made In all IU
Latest Stiles
If you ant a line DRESS SHOE dont pay 8 fa IS
fawiiTiffioororaa fflra
F VANSVILLE IND economize in your fooNrear yoa can do so by porchasirft
ABE TOR IB3 EVEST PAIS WAKRAKTZD W I Dmglu Sheet My namt and price Is stampel
3n tha bottom look for It when yoo boy Take no sob
Df1 2 nromaiiBjssni pero r t heme itituts I send shoes by mail spon receipt sf erics
new 1 smtlr bolder
srUlsir my
rsteat tppliert tor I feenrt 23c for fsmi I Bex to
postage free when Shoe Poalers cannot sapply yoot
TT L DOUGLAS Brockton Mats
Rev H P Carson Scotland Dak saysi
Two bottles of Hall s Catarrh Cure completo
Iy cured my little girl
W H Griffin Jackson Michigan writes
Suffered with Catarrh for fifteen years Halls
Catarrh Cure cured me
Albert Burch West Toledo Ohio say
Hall s Catarrh Cure saved my life
Conductor E D Loomis Detroit Mich
eays The effect of Hall s Catarrh Cure is
E A Rood Toledo Ohio says Hairs
Catarrh Cure cured my wife of catarrh fifteen
years ago and she has had no return of it It3
a sure cure
E B Walthall Co Druggists Hors
Cave Ky say Hall s Catarrh Cure cures
every one that takes it
J A Johnson Medina N Y saysj
Hall s Catarrh Cure cured me
Testimonials sent free Sold by Druggisti
75 cents per bottle
Ij old mnjj ole tfe njerry old soul
Had lived itj ti isjreairqoeoJoUrs
Hetfould Recalled jor BULL DURHAM
To snoKe 17 his pipe = = = = =
And been nerner Under its poWerSs
Thousands of Smokers
The Millionaire in his palace
The Laborer in his cottage
The Swell on the street
The Sailor on his ship
Comfortlovers everywhere
Prefer Bull Darham
Blackwells Durham Tobacco Cor
ott Aiwld
are ti ed in rhs
jTpparation of
irhtrh if ah tltttft
pure ami mliiflr
It h more than three time
the ttrenyth ot i cu 04 tiaiae
twih Starch rrowront or
Sugar and i far more er >
oomtcal cortfnj Ir than viie cut a < u >
t 1 ilellfioti tiuitri Itinc and E iLr
i oJ bydueer cierjnhvr
7 BAKER CO Dorchester Mais
Patents TradeMarks
Eximlntuoo ard
aratcss PATJ i
a o Parettblat > f
r tjjidr m u
I taka pleasure in nnnouneing that I
have mado arrangements on behalfof
the National Reform Press associa
tion wherety pla te and readyprint
containing Populist matter official
wpproved ttt re < nm me tided by the
Nations Me form Pre i > ocatifmand I
Chairman Taubeneck m any ciuantitj
desired w ill be furnished by
Write to the Western New3papei
Union for ampies and price Nn
Other house Curmheauthorized mat
ter W S MORGAN Secretary Na
tional Reform Pres > association
Unlike the Dutch Process
Xo Alkalies
Other Chemicals
So tool wyiirwl Only a hammer nwied
to drire a tut elmrh tln > m eutlT nd quickly
iraTiuff the clinih tholutelr jsnooth Requiring
no hole to he made in th leather nor burr for thi
ilillions now m u All lengths uatforn of
ai orted put up in boxes
Ak jour tlcnlcr for tliem or tnd 40a
kn uraps for a box of Qt i prted izea
MANrraitratn bt
Wnlihsitn Itnsa
sf I OBnjt Iff t < Br H t
VI < > aimi rm t isf CiJ4
nw ivtnerty t > > r tVarrh Is tb
Pr < Karffit to Vt andTheK st
< Siagi5Q FrRitl
> olil h tliiicjti t or pent by mall B
50c t T UaiclUneWairrora
r W rfc MM iS
ri 4 11 IUU HIiLilMilElllrrril
1 VPl llll M 1 l NtatbetJgandEo
1 JiHtndPlt ni tBiuped n < FBI10W
i ifr lna Mj Tenti 9tts Europe lf
uiglva N Thompsons Eye Water

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