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r A Gregg 1 = 15
11 rt < iaj and Surjuon
i I ti J StW C 1 < lilt Of JOC
in inn
itUt AgCDt
Sector < Keiiey
Sac Mr > Alhs i Rector
ie a Animon givon to Land and
il Prai i ici
wo a compute Abstract of tbe Land
on tt tuo County
F H Martin
Real Estate Agent
f it indii in Town or County pay
fir n r 311 um ond do all bowneM con
a < raj land agoney Cormpona
a it d
niwo Leonard Doughty
Lttorneys at Law
Tw > > c r SerMcesti lut Public Any
i nrn Ud to li in tm1 rojeiv
lnj > 11 ntiou
11 ptav o in the Co n ni San Saba and
uizn i Also in til
Ktipioaio tonrt
rt 1 an al ml Fodani Court of thisState
t il r o Hank
its i P M FATTR
attorneys at Law
Character fattrotad to ua nil
u1 ian fal AtfaaHSoH
Ur Jes Greer
U ibnre on Wallace fctrctit
and Live Stock and Col
lecting Agent
ismeterj Lasa Poultry art RabSit Fencisg
feu naucnrwiD
111 IIS IM and la It Hatitt EU Ciicajo U3
Mora peaking poor San An
tjnb one into the hands of
recover A selfconstituted com
m it o 2T acting as custodians
of jil iL < rrility have been try
ing iy tke care of San Antonios
morals They have struck a tough
job and so far thoy have succeed
ed in stirring up strife engerder
mg Littr feelings creating dis
c l I iJ placing eternal enmity
between citizens vjio should rijvell
togrthtr in peace nnd love
K newspapers men says on
pwhaogr are terrillo prevarica
t trs One of them wrote about
a jy e1 i raying that it turned a
w 11 < T > > g side up iu Mississippi
tr 1 a cellar upsiJu down in
N v Mew all tho staves out
of i Uy barrell in Iowa and
f i i thing but the Iuughole
t j 1 the day of the week in
O Liihd an honest Indian
oj it ii the west blew the hair off
ali L aiWiaan in Texas killed
a truthful lawyer in Illinois blew
tt tcortgnge off a farm in Kansas
scar r redheaded woman in
Mi niaD blew the cracks out of
a f Le j in Dakota and took nil the
wind out of a politician in Mis
Tho Ifrte legislature is to be con
graialated not so much for what it
did Jo as for what it did not do
Uncklcns Arnica Scire
Tnf lk t Salve io the world for Cats
BroicesSuni Cicrs Salt EJienm Fever
Sor later Chapped Hands Chilblains
Coros and all Skiu Ertiplions and post
tittiv una Piss or no par required It
Is uaraDteid to pvn perfect satisfaction
or mom r fmded Price 25 eta per bo
Forsa Montgonfty Cunningham
Subscribe for the News SL50
Tho South complains of legisla
tion favoring tho North Tis Inn
therenre some just treids firi
these complaints Thi
Ir ishitioivthcse just ground nnd
those complaints nil exist o lorg
as the South continue to produce
raw material und ship it to north
ern factories nud then buy the
same back again as manufactured
goods and by this operation the
south paying freights both ways
sufficient profits to cover the ex
penses of manufacturing and inad
ditou giving the manufacturers a
handsome profit besides Texas
does tnis with her cotton and wool
luToias to supply the TJnited
States with these articles Texas
buys corn from tho north yet sho
can raise as much corn to the aero
as any state in tho Union Texas
buys flour from the north yet her
wheat Inads equal tho finest
Whonii child is born it is wrap
ped in fianol made in the north
from wool shipped from tho south
it is placed in a cradle the cotton
clothing of which was made in the
north from cotton shipped from
tho south Tho child eats meat
brought from tho north from hogs
raised in tbe south that meat is
fried in northern lard taken from
southern hogs That meat is cook
ed on a stove made in the north
when there is onongh iron in tho
south to make stoves for tbe world
All the tools and implements the
child works with were made in the
north All tho toys articles of
amusement buggies musical in
struments were made in the north
When that child has lived to old
age he sees that the food ho bus
eaten the clothes he has worn the
tools implements and machinery
be has used through life have all
been the products of northern fac
tories the raw material being pro
duced in the south he feels some
what ashamed perhaps and gives
up the ghost then he is carried to
the grave in a carriage made in tho
northJiis grave is dqg ith tools
mads in the north and his tomb
stone came from the north Any
and all of these things exist abun
dantly in tho south So long as
the south leaves her industries un
developed and in their primitive
state so long as the south remains
dependent upon the north for man
ufactured articles sho will have
grounds to complain The south
should develop her resources es
tablish her factories Manufacture
her raw materials produce the nec
essaries of life and thus be inde
pendent of tho north By doing
this tho north would not get so
much raw material The pride of
the south should prompt her ac
tions in these matters
While Mr T J Kichey of Altona Mo
was traveling in Kansas ho was taken vio
lently ill with cholera morbns He called
at a drag storo to get some medicine and
the drnggist recomended Chainberlfiins
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Krmedy so
highly he concluded to try it The result
was immediate relief and a few di ea cur
ed him completely It u made for bowel
complaint and nothing else It never fails
For sale by All Druggists
Had you ever thought of tho
lovely situation of San Saba in
the heart of one of the finest agri
cultural and stockraising counties
in tho west abundance of fresh
pure water a world of the finest
marble of all grades and varieties
just hemmed in by all tho natur
al advantages that the heart of the
you over looked nt the town as it
is now and then tried to imagine
what it would be if we could get a
railroad And then just think it
is only 17 miles to the Santa Fe
If the several churches would
pnt competent ministers in their
pulpits and if these ministers
would preach morality and relig
ion from a christian standpoint
and in an attractive way thoy
would not have so much trouble
wrestling with the Sundnr laws
But when ministers get up from a
plaintive prayer nnd pout forth
spleen and bile from a poiooned
heart and make frantic jestures
and bellow and blato like a steam
boat whistle in an hours effort to
preach an audience into hall then
close with a the minutes prayer
praying them out again they will
need stronger backing than tho
high hand of the law to force tho
people to adopt thair views
John Buskin has been appointed
pootlauroato of England to fill tho
vacancy caused by the death of
Tennyson Poetically ne wonder
where they found Euskiu and who
first suggested him for the place
S i > SABA TEXAS MAY 19 Ia13
The only Pare Cream of Tartar Po7ci2r No Ammonia No Alum
Used ill Millions of Homes 40 Years tbe Standard
Say young man there is one
thing you cannot do You cant
make success in life unlets ou
work Better men than you have
turn rick anl O
a hill a11 rt f
nrounU trtwtTXrnreWwid saloons
smoke cigars tell foul stories
drink whiskey and sponge on some
olse without making a failure in
life Yon must learn a trade or
get into some honest business If
you dont you will be n chronic
loafer despised bv all producing
nothing simply inakiug youriolf
a burdon on your parents and the
state There h no place in the
world for loafers The ripe fruit
is all nt the top of the tree lot
must climb to got it SwMter
men vill jump up and get it
Moe Do something no matter
how small It will be a starter
Help yourself and others will help
you There is no royal roal to
success Toil giit pnd nuiif
theiP Me the requisites Wake
up and e hat on dan do iv
li ht
And inai0 t
Ao Tunin liic K
When that er e va put on pa
per the muse had ntonud tin ml
of a man who was breaking hit
heart over a misspent life Is
there any of oar biherhaired
mothers and fathers in this broad
hind who have lived stainless lives
that would wish for a turning back
ward of their lives to boyhoods
and girlhoods days If tho men
whose hair are streaked with gray
haveJw ii life of uusiIC r
poses and holy motives the soul is
as light and gay as when they frol
icked on tho green grass or stole
kisses from their sweetheart when
nobody but the man iu the liooii
was looking Old ago is honora
ble and it is consoling too when
it rests on a head that has gron
white over a soul that was tin ere
and honest and true To achieve
greatness does not biin happi
ness in old age bat the kno ledgf
of a life well spent in the golden
sunshine that casts its berm otcu
to tho Pearly gates and li htj iih
a golden radiance the pithv of
declining yeajs still the Stygian
rir is crossed and ha > t y et t
nity is assured E
Gov Hogg exercised his r
natorial prerogative in hopping
off 350000 from the geneml np
propiation bill
PI pronipttitsfi anl f il <
cures bae made Clli tubeli iiiS Om li
Remedy famous It is inttm < il >
for coughs colds troup ami v iuopiig
coughs and is the most ell i t ual r tuidj
known for these dista < Mr Ii Main
of Luioit City Pa says I n < a giat
sale on Chamberlains Couji Rtmcily I
warrant every bottle ardha onterlnard
of one failing to gie entire sailsfaction
50 cent bottles for sale bj All Druggist s
A large number of bank failures
have occurred in this month Vn
riousreasons are given for tho Hu
morous bank failures but most
most nmWtiouscjmld de8ire Haveigenrgi gtlie < tepre6Sions caused
by the Sherman silver act This
however does not satisfy the con
ditions as the London money mat
ters seem in about as had condi
tion as in this counti
The late legishituie passed an
act acthoiizing the p nitwitiarj
board to borrow oil
I lie
State school f i i > j < I < o
able in 20 > nta in ii >
Tho said amount t b I
the purchase ol S ui i
which to oi si t
secnio to be u i it i i 1
is n good way to lis ne
convict lease question
Gov Hogg has commuted i <
death sentence pnsd up i oie
Isaac Bruce color to life iii
prisonment Binf >
with rape tried fo u 1 iuilt fid
sentenced to htiig at Ilillsh i to
day But from the facts in tho
case the governor was not satihfied
of the negros guilt
Tho legislature pvsfd an act to
the effect that new counties fonn
od from old counties should pay
thoir prorata part of th indebted
ness of their mother counties
This will partially top the demand
for new counties
Through the efforts of organiz
ed labor the ragged aud hungry
iu the country have learned that
the ragged and hungry in the city
aiui hedebtriddcniman every
where is being robbed by the same
men The retail merchant in the
country and tho retail merchant in
city alike has learned that success
and prosperity depends solely up
on the prosperity of tho fnrmer
artisan aud mechanic The slav
ery enforced by usuers rapidly en
forcing industrialists everywhere
to combine to throttle a common
enemy Southern Mercury
Carlisle has refused to issue any
bonds unless oidered to do so by
Congress Ho wont back worth a
There is enough marble in San
Saba county to supply tho United
Sti > Us for ten years
If eeiy subscriber to the News
would < rel his neighbor to take tho
paper our list would grow right
along nud the paper would improve
Sow Try This
It n ill root you nothing and will surely
lu uu good if you have a cold cough or
an iriMtlde with tbroit elicit orlutigs
Ii KiugsXcv Discotcry for consump
tion cough and colds is guaranteed to
giif reliif or money will be paid back
Satierers from La Grippe found it just the
thing and under its use had a speedy and
iMrfeol recovery Try a sample bottle at
our cxjHnse and learn for yourself just how
go wl a thing it ia Trial bottle free at
Alunigouicry CunningbamsDrug Store
Large size 5Uo and SlW 3
Say Brother Collard while in
San Saba it would bo best not to
say too much about Progressive
euchre and that grand jury I pull
< d off ray hat to Do you hear
San Antonio A ns
And why speoketh thou thus O
Argus The News will see that
Bro Collard hath fair play and
freedom of speech But we would
suggest that tho Reverend deal
with the evils he knows of rather
than with those he KXOWS XOT of
Our dear tax paying sovereign
Pleas sir but how do you like the
way yoer bosses down at Austin
jour legislators failed to meet
froui day to day and instead of
v carving their cerebellums over
your welfare got together in so
cial groups o half a dozen in the
legislative chairs and played cards
id dominoes and checkers on
legislative tables Maybo if you
vill give them another chance two
j ears from now theyll fix it
Who has more of the longeared
animal in him tho people or their
bosses Liveng Issues
There can be no bettor evidence
of the agricultural progress of the
State of Texas than tho annual in
creasing number of fairs and stock
shows Tho people everywhere
are looking around for better
methods and they are finding
them Farm nnd Eanch
There is uotbing I have ever used for
muscular rheumatism that gives mo as
much reloif as Chamberlains Pain Halm
does I have been using it for about two
years fonr bottles iu all as occasion re
quired anil alw J keep a bottle of it in
my home I beieve I know a good thing
when I get held of it and Pain Balm is the
best liniment I have ever met with W
15 Denny dairyman Now Lexington
Ohio > 0 cent liottlcs for sale by All
I iruggmls
11 is reported that if tho Chinese
xclusion act is carried into effect
and the Chinese are shipped from
this country to China that China
ill retaliate by sending all Unit
e States citizens in Cuiua
i k to this country Now tho
only question is can Ucclo Sara af
f il to swap an Americau for a
liukveed Chinese
Some of the old party organs
ire tr iug to mako thoir rcadors
believe that the populist aro on
tleir lntt legs that tho party is
almost dead and other liko rot
Tin y know however that such
assertions are entirely destitute of
truth Thoy aro oven now quak
ing in their boots at tho prospect
of tho complete overthrow of their
party in Toxns next yenr Liko
Belskazzar of old they read the
hand writing on tho wnll Mcnc
Mew Tried Upharsiii Thou art
weighed in tho balance and found
h antin Peoples Yoice
Commissioners Conrt
yProceedings of Commissioners
JJourr Hay term
Tbe following were present
j Brown Preciuct No 1
fFL Bogers 2
GSGrny 3
flUVSelf 5
CF Henry Deputy sheriff
A Duggan County Clerk
Quarterly report of Count treas
i rer W H Estep was examined
ind approved The said report
Shows balances for the quarter
ending March 311893 as follows
Jury fund
To balance SG599
v Boad Bridge fund
Tobalanco S2SS1G2
General County fund
To balance 213259
Court House fund
To bnl S7150S
Estray fund
To balance 517225
Beportof County Judge J M
Pool of convict labor read and ap
Petition of School Teachers as
sociation for the creation of the
office of county superintendent
presented by B Beagau and W W
Higgins committee was read nd
Potitiou of John P Greenlee et
al was examined nud rejected not
having tho required number of le
gal petitioners
The following were appointed
to hold election on Saturday June
31893 for the purpose of electing
school trustees in the several dis
tricts throughout the county
Dist No 1 Milburu Henry
Chamberlain B B McCartv nnd
W T Post
Dist No 2 Bowser W C Patrick
It M Hanna and M L Bice
Dist No 3 Cottonwood It C
Shell W P Smith and William
Dist No 4 McMillan Hugh
Miller sr J M Ivoy and S T J
Jist No 5 Shaw Bend James
Taff James Landers nnd Jacob
Dist No C Harmony Bidge
Polk Oliver A J Howard aud
James Sonterfitt
Dist No 7 Mt Plensaut E D
Whitehurst A J Crawford and A
W Mackie
Dist No 8 Live Oak John Ter
ry Joe Eiler aud Tom Lind
Dist No 9 China Creek E S
Brown S G Boberds and J E Sul
Dist No 10 Algerita J T Mc
Natt J B Graham and Jim Tur
Dist No 11 Bichland Springs
P N Johnson M B StClair and W
S Adams
Dist No 12 Antelope Warron
Hudson J L Stouer and J L Mat
Dist No 13 Long Valley J E
Sorrel J W Foster aud J F Mil
Dist No 14 Baker Volley JL
Baker B E Wood and T A Sloan
Dist No 10 Wallace crook Tom
Thaxton John Darnell and A J
Dist No 18 Simpson Creek J
B Carroll E A Maultsby and D
Dist No 19 Colony Jack Tower
ton L E Hicks nud Ynncy Tate
Dist No 20 Bend James Mats
ler W L Turner nud J W Harrell
Dist No 21 Salt Branch Henry
Gregg J O Johnson nud W L
Dist No 22 Cherokee MII Kuy
kendall W B Jefferson and Dr
Dist No 21 Cole creek J L Kuy
kendall Will Wright aud Albert
Dist Mo 25 Latham A A Lath
am S P Hays and W M Latham
Dist No 2G Pecan Grove John
Faver wiloy Taff and willinm Zu
Dist No 27 HorseShoe Bend
J A weems E N Cubb and will
Dist No 28 Bob Polks Bob
Polk T FPrnther and A J Haw
Quarterly report of S E W Hud
son of taxes collected was examin
ed approved
Petition of W B Kiug ot al for
stocklaw election was read and ro
Quarterly report of Geo Harris
J P Pre No 1 approved
Quarterly report of G S Gray
J P Pro No 3 approved
Quarterly report of SE W Hud
son sheriff of fines aud forfeit
ures approved
Beport of S E W Iluhon tax
collector on accounts of delinquent
approved as follows
On report of sales of land to the
State in former years and not re
deemed County tax Slollli
On report of errors in asi s
ment county tax tGj37
On report of land and liitn lots
to the state S14573
On delinquents Siiti 10
With which amount said bheiitl
is entitled to credit
In the matter of the report of
the jury of view upon the Dowsou
crossiug road The court referred
tho report back to the said jury
with instructions to notify the land
owners along the route over which
the proposed roak is to run and
to report their actions at next term
of court
Beport of J U Brow n on the
matter of George Campbell
change in Wallace creek road ap
Beportof B w Self J P for
quarter ending May 8th approved
Quarterly report of P M Faver
county attorney appioved
Beport of A Duggan of monies
collected by him for past quarter
Beport of A Duggan district
clerk of fines imposed in district
court at its April tei ru approved
Quarterly report of James Dof
flemyre hide and animal inppector
Quarterly rei > oi t of John Seiaers
butcher approved
It is ordered by the court that
county convict C H Dougherty
be worked on 1 he public streets
and roads for thirty days after he
has served his term of imprison
ment unless he pays his fines and
costs acciued in his case
The question of fixing the tax
ofl8f3 was then taken up aud
fixed as follows
County advalorem tax 25 cents
on the S100 property valuation
Court house and jail tax 5 cents
on the S100 property valuation
Boad and bridge tax 12V cents
ou the 100 property valuation
One half of the state occupation
tax is levied for the county
The following school districts
havo also n special school tax viz
Bowser Valley 10c ou tho S100 vaJ
China creek 20c
Bichland S
Bough creek
OJc tt <
The following amount were al
lowed for the support of the follow
ing persons for the ensuing quar
Malinda Robbns 30
Three cbildi en ot Mrs W J Wilwm 45
U 11 Russell 30
Afflicted ward ol Vrs Hardy 15
Dave Cow iu 30
The following amounts were al
lowed as exofficio pay for the sev
eral officers of San Saba county
named in their offices as follows
County J ude 100 per annum
Sheriff 300
County clerk 150
District clerk 300
It is ordered that tho clerk is
sue draft in faver of A J Oliver for
S8SG0 iu full payment of judgment
iu district court
It is ordered that tho court be
convened upon the 12th day of
June 1S93 as a bonnl of equaiizaj
It is oidered by the court that
the sum of 70 bo appropriated
from the B B fund to bo spent
by Commissioner Bogers on the
Brownwood road No 1 Kt70
to bo spent by Commissioner Rog
ers on the Bichland and Brady
road Also 20 to bo spent by
Commissioner Bogers on Brown
wood roati No 2
The ippi opriotioiis fj > claims
allowed S13W78
Suetiiiifii Case
S 11 Clifford Ntv Cael Wis was
troubled with iiiml ui ti rbcimiatism
his olotnacb was iliordiird Iis lhrrwi
affected to an alarming di ite i > ilin
fell awnjand he nai terrbH nhuid in
Heidi and strengtb Tbree boitlei ot Elec
tric Hitters euted bim
Edward Shepherd llanelnr 111 hnd
a rnnniiis Mre ou hi le t > i lit iur
standing Tsed Ihrie boilbs > Kbi trie
Hitters and aevrn boxew tf iliiekh n h Ar i
niea Salve and In < i h fonid and well
John Sie < iker l un ba < > bnl m latgei
rt iirrTYT
D vojo1 U the Interests anil UitBuildiiigolSaii Saba County
XU3IBE11 25
Sewing Machines
V > indow Shades
Hardware Oncensware Tinware Glassware and
and Crockery
Mitchel Moliue and Standard Wagons
3nggica ECaclcs Suxrnys Phaetons and Road Carta
McCormiek Kcapers Mow crs and Binder Twine
Glidden Wire
Corner lioik Building Ipposite Dofflemyre Hotel
1L 3o GEAY <
Furnishing Goods
Our oim s to keep a fall line of first class groceries sell at a legitimate profit for
eahhau < ile country prodnce wlien it can be done without loes We holicit a liberjl
share of public pHnmage believing bat wc can cive satisfaction
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
Conveyances furnished to any point Special accom
modations for Commercial travelers
James Doiiicniyre Proprietor
Headquarters for Commercial Travelers and Stock
men and a comlbrtaljle place for all
Here yon will Gnd good meals comfortable beds fine cigars and polite attention
T buv an io tnlniwit noon for yonrflf for th CntTKCH or
t WlHIOLMtlierontheltttalbEwitpIaiior for CASIlT then nur
to u for pries anil tenua
To oxefaanst vour old llano or Orjtaa in part itay lovanla i
l aft ou Buy of its for
VI a i T lt VJ PI Pi IT Tram unr line of al diirreot main aa iiutmnirnt fully
KFL tll nEiLlFAI tltbat cannot faU to satisfy you
for Our
Catalongo andPrices
Prices of
Pianos Organs
Y1D TT G23C Iiiu frumlffctitn wlio rH > iirUueiiiii irj eierv to uauIrtlviolVA
JJEb rtlir TV iVnin tTlnlhTTnl i i AV II > uui HaW travel
in men and eycciI 1 < < kont tor XEWSlWlEtt FKAVDS Xorlh who L ve no auU T l brpdh
acu tt > tuwll to faniilit ilimt for all LsnotguM tlut glitters
fever diren in his 1 1 e it lie was Of eoiupaniea who do notta ie note > onmav lose rooelpta and Lai o to pay tnico thereby Alt
incurable One bottle Klitiir liittere Slve to yonbnyforuhpaymeniaidaro trouble
Write fur Book
H our of Information for Ciutomers
c j
and Hue bo ltiiiUltli s Airnci h ilvi cured
gomeryrCiii ininphaiirb Driig Store
Fort Worth Texas
An oschnngo says A man by
tho namo of Com was mrrried in
Crcston Ln church to a lady
nnmed Wheat The choir sang
What shall the Harvest bo
A gamin in the gallory yelled
out mibbins and thoy cast him
out of tho synagogue

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