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farmers last week whipped out heir
revolvers and put a sudde n quietus
upon a dospcrato gang of train rob
bers This jury of twelve good men
and true ought to bo hired by tho
frontier railroad lines to glvo np
farming and travel for a living
Somebodv proposes to adorn tomb
stones with tho picturos of tho de
ceased persons whose last rosling
piaco they mark There does not
seem to bo much reason for doing
this Tho average epitaph is llo
enough without backing and abetting
it with tho flattery of the artist
Valteb Besant said a year ago
that it seemed almost safe to
prophesy an outburst of genius in
tho United States such as has not
boen seen since tho days of Elizabeth
Iii ordcE o keep hlmr 1 ° countenance
Offa prophet let us have that out
buiibtof genius while he Is visiting
Tnc prevalence of crimson colors
In certain fishes found off tho Now
England coast Is said by Professor
J Browno Goode to be duo to the
red pigment in seaweeds eaten by
the crustaceans which in turn are
eaten by the fish Proximity to Har
vard college has nothing to do
with it
TnE latest flying machine Is tho
invention of an Uregonlan While
not on the lines of any of its prede
cessors in tho field it is believed to
have one trait in common with all of
them This trait is unconquerable
and irritating deference to the law
that whacked Philosopher Newton on
tho head with an apple
According to tho figures compiled
by Carroll D Wright superintendent
of the United States department of
labor there aro now In this country
5800 building associations with
1GM56 shareholders and with net
assets of f89G92S405 In the list of
states encouraging such associations
Pennsylvania stands first and Ohio is
A Poget Sound official suspected
of unduo friendliness to tho Chincso
has been dismissed He complains
that ho should have been given a
chance to retire his plaint illustrat
ing tho difference twlxt twccdlodum
Ocd twecdlodce lie is as effectual
ly retired as though ho himself had
had the trouble of performing tho
There is no doubt a growing ten
dency to postpone murdor trials too
Jong A murderer is not a man to be
handled with kid gloves but a man
under suspicion of murder Is pre
sumably innocent nntil his guilt is
prqvcn and should bo treated with
the consideration of an Innocent man
under suspicion It Is on outrage
upon bis personal rights to unneces
sarily delay his trial
It Is stated by a prominent Texas
cowman that the number of cattlo on
tho ranges has greatly decreased of
late the government report to the
contrary notwithstanding but tho
number of farmers has also increased
on the lands formerly nsed as cattlo
ranges in the Southwest and they
all raise cattle bo that the number
in existence is pretty apt to bo as
the government figures it after alL
William Astor Ciiaxler has
pushed into hitherto unexplored
regions of Africa and made somo im
portant discoveries It Is scmething
anomalous that In this Columbian
year tho infant continent of America
the old continent o Africa whlth
liad a flourishing civilization in its
Kile valley in the time of Abraham
bas regions still that have never been
penetrated by civilized man
Tub farmer of all men should
take pains to encourage hU boys if
ho wishes them to adopt the busi
ness of farming as they grow to man
hood Ho better than one engaged
in other business can do this What
is tho loss if a small piece of land
rentod to the boy does not produce
quite so much as if the better divided
skill of the father were used to di
rect its cultivation What Is lost in
money is more than made up by the
value of the experience gained Let
there be competition between an
> cre worked by father and another
worked by tho son and the boy who
can excel his father In growing a
crop will In so doing acquire more
love of farming than he con get in
any other way
tramped the route and the scroll of
fume Is scanned vainly for their names
An Idaho man has been sentenced
4o death for arson People prone to
sot Incendiary fires for the purpose
of collecting insurance on the furni
ture If operating in that state will
be simply prudent In having their life
insurance policies also in good repair
An American riding through China
on a bicycle was thought by the intel
ligent natives to bo the devil a very
unfair estimate An American on a
good wheel and level reads who could
not beat the devil would be unworthy
of membership In a firstclass club
It Is announced semlofficially from
the high jointers who have been in
session In Paris that the seals will be
protected Many thanks Alter tbo
horse is stolen the knowledge is
always reassuring that a big brass
lock is put on the barn
The lords Intend to knock tiro
home rule measure out of the house
and the good people of England inti
mate a willingness sooner or later to
knock the lords out However In
this instance the lords come first to
the bat
nzrw enu Sou ono ol tho big
jnns of tho Chinese six companies
lias arrived In this country with s
mission of somo sort on his hands
lie has vast wealth and untold povrsji
at his hack among tho Chinose and
nothing will bo lost by keeping th
sharpest kind of an cyo on him
Twelve innocentlooking Texas
should bo thoroughly esplored whila of Aarnst
One of the Most Momentous Sessions in the
History of This Country
Finance Tarrift State Bsnks AntiOption Pensions
and Aliens Are Among the Many Sub
jects Demanding Attention
Special Washington Correspondence
The most momomous work that bos con
fronted Congress him e the war of the re
bellion is now awaiting the special session
President Cleveland has fully appreciated
the work to ho done ami lias therofore
called Congress together in extra session
fonr months before the time of its usual
ablins in Liecenter
The importance of ILe session is due to
the fact that for the first time in thirty
years the Democratic party will htTe con
trol of every branch of the national rovern
rnent including the Presidency the United
States Senate and the House of Represent
stives For this reason there will be no
Senate toembarrass or confuse the work of
the House or of the President The policy
to be adopted can readily pass through tho
two ifgislative bodle without fear of a
Presidential veto if the leaders of the
party can only be reconciled in adopting
some uniform and comprehensive policy as
to the various great questions to be con
At the oatset however there are pros
pects of a wide diversity of opinion be
tween the Executive and the leaders of the
Benate and the Boose To what extent
this will affect the solution of the great
questions of tariff finance bankinc for
eign tufatrs etc remalnrtab i en There
Is an ominous raabUng however which
indicates that it will require herculean
efforts to bring complete harmony between
the House Senate and President and thus
secure the enactment of the many impor
tant policies of the party now in control of
the branches of the Federal government
There is every evidencathat one of two
conditions will control the coming Con
gress Either Mr Cleveland will be abso
lute master of the situation and his policy
win be carried into effect by the two
branches of Congress or eue if the
IcUwilled leaders of Congress de
pine to execute Mr Clevelands
will there will be a deadlock be
tween the Executive and the legislative
branches vthioh will result in a complete
standstill and a failure to take any effect
ive action on the tariff finance or any
thing else Mr Cleveiand is certain to have
the support both in the Senate and the
House of a very largo number of Demo
cratic Senators and Representatives bat
there is a small body of irreconciiable3 who
are personally hostile to him and who are
not counted upon to gUo him any assist
ance in a crusade against the McKinley act
or in changing the present silver laws It
is the same element which led by Samuel
J ItandU eight years ago when Mr Cleve
land was first President defeated tho old
Mills Liil end gave Mr Cleveland no end of
trouble Now the leaders of this opposi
tion have changed but it is as Intense in
its hostility as ever Whether the great
power of the administration the influence
of patronage and the dictates of King
Caucus can bring this unruly faction into
line is a serious problem Mr Cleveland
and his advisers are hopeful however of
securing a working majority among their
friends In both branches of Congress and
in that event the laws which will be passed
will be of more consequence to the people
of the United States than any legislation
since the war
Tho session is so near at hand that it is
easy to look forward and take a general
view of the great measaros to be brought
before Congress Foremost of these is the
tariff or more properly the repeal of the
SlaKintey act in whole or in part Next
comos the financial question which Mr
Cleveland regards as even more pressing
than the tariff question He has stated
officially that the financial question will
receive first attention at the hands of Con
gress as he f eels that the present panicky
condition of business throughout the
country the failure of banks the excite
ment among depositors and the stagna
tion in many branches of trade is due
largely to the uncertain and unsatisfactory
condition of the national finances After
these two main questions of tariff and
finance come a score or more of lesser
questions of ranch importance They in
clude the question of restoring to State
hanks the right to issue money the repeal
of all laws which give Federal control to
elections the renewal of the fight for anti
option a crusade against aliens and the
alien ownership of land the annexation of
Hawaii and a possible protectorate over
the Nicaragua Canal the purging of the
penaion rolls of such names as are unworthy
of government help the admission of Ter
ritories to new States and numerous
minor measures
The first work of Congress on its assem
bling in An iit w ill 1 c to select its offi
cers VicePresident Stevenson will pre
side ever the Senate by virtue of his elec
tion last November Speaker Crisps term
is at an end but it is well understood that
there will be no speakership fight usual on
the reasf embimg of Congress but that Mr
Crisp will again be honored with the oGce
of Speaker The next work will be the ap
pointment of committees Usually this
takes a month and is interrupted by the
Christmas holidays but as Mr Cleveland
has had the foresight to assemble Congress
in Au nat there will be no holiday inter
ruption and the committees will be in
working order by the middle or latter part
The tariff questionwas ncxer so difficult
of solution as it is at present Mr Cleve
land and his party are conscientiously de
sirous of wipicg oat the McKinley act
Yet they recognize that the government is
hard prewted for funds and teat the repeal
of the McKinley tariff act means the sud
den disappearance of thotse vast stuns
gathered from customs and internal rev
enue which carry on the government
When there was a surplus in the Treasury
as there wa during the previous Cleveland
administration it was easy enough to re
duce the tariff Hut now with the surplus
exhausted and with the United States
Treasury actually m need of more revenue
to carry on the government it Is extremely
difficult to reduce the McKinley act in any
part and apparently out of the question to
wipe the McKinley act out of ex
istence TJie President and Secretary
Carlisle are giving most anxious attention
to some bcheme which will carry out the
promises of the party to annihilate the Mc
Kinley act and nill jet leave the govern
ment enough money to carry on business
Many plans are l mg suggested One plan
is toscal down al dutie fixed by the Mc
Kinley act and yet to raite more revenue
by restoring part of the duty upon sugar
Anotherplan is to scale down the duties
and to offset this reduction by increasing
thererenue tax on whisky It is still too
early to gtre any outline of what the tariff
legislation will eventually be But it is
TwoyouBg men have set out from e y to foresee that the IfcKinley act can
dnced below the livinj
be modi division in i
cO rithtbe intention of walk1 l SS 8vJ h
4 anlranclsco cTru is i to tfcrattBtarnports m order that the
Inffj glory
rerefflwaof the government mar not be re
they want they have taken the wronff
tack Several people have already
c point There will
the majority of the
Senate and the House as it is well known
that the old Randall spirit is still there and
that many prominent Democrats have such
a leaning toward protection that they will
resist all efforts to change the McKinley
The finanf ial ctxnpgle promises to be nn
exciting oue Pre ident Cleveland has set
bis heart on the repeal of tho present Sher
man silver act l y which the government
buys 4VKI000 ounces of sliver each month
and coins it into silver dollars These
silver doller4 cannot be circulated and
they remain in the treasury vaults a dead
weight on the government and no use to
the people Thus the government is com
pelled to spend an enormous turn each
month for stiver and yet the people of the
oountrv receive no added circulation Mr
Cleveland charges up the pretent bad con
dition of i he banks and of business to the
existing Sherman act He feels that if tho
act Is repealed there will be no further
hazard to bushies It ia by no means cer
tain however that Mr Cleveland will be
able to secure a majority In both the
House and the Benate for the repeal of
this Sherman act The free silver men are
very numerous in bjih branches and they
even claim a majority They are ot
course opposed t > any stoppage in the
purchaie of iver Tbsy want the
government to purchase not only
4600000 oun es per month but all the sil
ver mined in tlm country The clash be
tween the silver and the anti silver m n
will te very bittar Mr Cleveland will Le
arrayed with the latter and it will be an
Interesting spectacle to see whether the
fidminiMration will be able to enforce its
policy on thfs fitnl question and secure the
repeal of the Sherman act with Its conse
oent ret < r fon of eaM and teturltj
irougboat tvfctnet circles
Another err important question to comi
before Congress Is that as to restoring Statl
Tub suggestion that government tanks to their old privileges Frier to tht
cruisers patrol the seas with a view
to turning back tramp steamers
loaded with undesirable immigrants
lb a rather severe one but the traffic
In this sort of people must be pre
war all the paper money of the country wai
UiUed by State banks But when the war
time the go eminent had to crtati
ome market for ft bonds ana
t accordingly created the national
Mtniv 1 iuur banks wer < giveu
Bi Q ra t
J ff ° A V I i J rJ L Vk Aiy4 Zrr i
lU = r
< ht
2Ia v rw fa
ri i
a monopoly or Issuing paper money
in the form of national bank notes and the
Stats banks were restrained from issuing
paper money by a 10 per cent tax on thel
This tax was practically rro
Libltory for no State bank would pay 1C
cents for the privilege of issuing 100
The State bonk men are now anxious to go
back to the old system They point out
that the national banks have fulfilled theli
mission of buying bonds to carry on the
war and are no longer necessary On thi
other hand the opponents of State bank
raise the cry of wildcat current y and
say that if the old svitem were ret to red
there would be no uniformity in the paper
money of the country The State baufc
men have a very powerful following and
In the last Congress they showed 4 vote
In a Email house They have tho ad
vantage of an absolute endorsement ol
State banks In tho national Demorratfc
platform which gave a positive promist
that State bants should be restored
There will be no Force Billcry in tha
next Congress as the socalled Torci
Bill has been urged by Republicans when
they happened to be in the majority of
Congress There are however several
laws on the statute books which saor ol
try extensive one and its leaders will un
> ubt
II w
bill seeks to stop all Board of Trade specu
lation in grain cotton etc by placing a
heavy tax on futures and options
The bill attracted more attention In the
last Congress than any other measure It
passed the House and nearly pasi > d thi
Senate Sluce then however the new
Secretary of Agriculture Mr Morton has
assumed office and has expreited the
strongest opposition to the bill This may
prove a fatal discouragement to antiop
The crusade against adens and the alien
ownership of lands is likely to be taken up
with vigor There Is much disiatifaction j
at tho large area of farming land in the Kai
Weit and in the South owned or controlled
by foreigners or foreign syndicates Tab
has raised a cry of alien landlordi < m aud
several Democratic leaders are anxious tc
put a stop to all alien ownership of large
tracts Bills for this purpose have been
pending for several years but they have
been put off for one reason or another
Those who have them in charge however
intend to push the measures before the next
Several foreign questions of extreme
moment will come before the new Con
gress The annexation of Hawaii is prob
ably the most Important hen the last
l < Ji
T < tH >
thins more than a military protectorate
over Hawaii Whatever is done however
will have to be done at once as Hawaii U
in such a state of uncertainty as to its
future that Congress will have to quickly
settle the question of admitting it to tbi
Union Then will come the question as to
whether It bhould be a State or Territory
In either case Congress will be called upon
to appropriate funds for equipping the new
possessions with forts military stations
defenses as well as with custom houses
courts and all the other federal machinery
usual to a part of our country
i Another foreign affair of much conse
quence is the acquisition or protection ol
the Nicaragua Canal This canal is tb
ihort cat by water from the Atlantic to thi
1acific oceans and is of vast importance to
i our bhlppmg interests and to commerce
It is now run by private capitalists who
have not had the vast means necessary to
complete it Moreover during the recent
j revolution in Nicaragua the work already
done was threatened with destruction
rre ident Cle eland looks upon this canal
a of such importance to the American
i people that the governmentshould extend
it financial assistance This could be done
by subsidizing it or by the government as
sumlng to complete the work
the Force BIU and an effort will bi This sub
made to wipe them out One of theee laws i 3 ° promUes to excite much controversy
provides for Federal Election Inspectors at attho coming session
such places as New
other large cities
York Chicago and
In New York Mr John
Davenport has long been the Federal Qeo
tion Inspector and has been a target foz
the Democratic leaders of that State
They will now endeavor to legislate him
out of office and to repeal all the Uwt
which authorize the employment of such
The agricultural ulexnent of Congress is a
doubtedly bring forward the antioption
bill which failed to i
pass last Msslon This
The Bearing sea question will also come
in for a share of attention If the court ol
arbitration now In session at Paris de
cides against the United States In that
event Congress will have
> Con
nu1 nio t patriotic statesmanship to guide
the national lawmakers to conclusions
2SZSX JlrfTJtJXl b9 ° < totaSSS
aboat concluded bis policy of annexing thi
islands and he even sent to the Senate a
formal treaty of annexation liut hen th
Cleveland Administration took b > d ol
alTairs this annexation policy irai entirely
set aside for tbe time at least Mr Cleve
land withdrew tbe treaty and sent Mr
Blount to Hawaii es a comsuislr ner te
look over the ground and report whether it
was really worth whilsto annex the slaul
Mr lllount has been there all the summer
so that by tbe time Congress conveue
there will be foil information from bim af
to what ought to be done It Is believed
that the administration is iaclined against
annexation and that It will sot urea an
TrKKT MD Thoittsos
A Chinese IMHHporC
In China a traveler wishing for a
paiport is compelled to have tho
palm of his hand brushed over with
ln oil paint ho then prestes hia
lind im thin damp paper which re
tim an impression of the lines
This is used to prevent tranferencoof
the passport as the Hues of no two1
hands are alike
rKrfS >
PR 7
What Kind and How Many Dresses Are
Needed Tor Trip to Karope b
We have received a letter from
Country Girl says tho Philadel
phia Times asking what to wear on
a steamer in going across the ocean
and also to give any other details
that may be of service to her
To begin with sho hhould have at
least two traveling dresses one
somewhat heavier than the other
One of these she will wear on going
on board the steamer and after the
first meal it is advisable to hang up
that ono and don another which she
will only wear during the actual
voyage as clothing becomes very
wrinkled and unpleasantly sugj > s
tlve of tar which effectively spoils
it for wear on laud
As a trip on the water oven in
summer is generally cool an ulster
Is an actual necessity and in such a
wrap a3 this it will not matter if her
gown undernoath it is not qulto ns
modish as the ono which she will
wear when going off the steamer
es these dresses which per
largo sums of money to indemnify thosei tain more erpecially to the voyage
British vessels
which have been seized In
Bearing sea and their cargoes of sealskins
The revision of the pension laws is sure
to bring about a hot contest The South
ern element which largely predominates
In the majorities of House and Senate
favors such in the
changes penIon laws at
will reduce the vast amount now spent for
pensions There will probably be changes
restricting those who can apply for pen
sions ana also somo general system by
which fraudulent pensioners can be struck
from the rolls and future frauds pre
The immigration question win also re
ceive attention Senator Chandler made
a vain effort in the last Congrow to put a
complete itop to immigration for a definite
period There are many who still believe
in tnia plan and who will Insist upon It to
Congress but it is not likely that any com
lete barrier to immigration win be passed
he present Immigration laws are fairly
good in keeping out paupers anarchists
and other undesirable immigrants bat the
law will probably be perfected in numer
ous detaiLs
The foregoing gives the eesenttalqnev
titms which are to come before tbesftxtCfeu
There are many others of conrte imt
affect particular localities and are < if
e general interest Thegreat questions
above enumerated bhow that the Uongress
has a business before it of vast economic
importance and that it will need the wisest
she should have a pretty silk to wear
at dinners in hotels in Kngland and
on tho continent and several simple
costumes to alternate with those
which sho wears for travel and shop
ping as ono gets very dusty and
feels the need of such a change
Two hats will be tmtlieUnt On
tho steamer she wears ayarntingrap
and veil There is no plaro where
good shoes aro appreciated more
than on shiplward for with the rol
ling of tho vessel the climbing in
and out of steamer chairs and the
sundry diversions that are so dilTer
ont from those on land the feet be
come very much en e idenee and
pretty shoes end stoeKings should be
worn if possible
A steamer wrapper is geneiaih in
cluded in a 0ager s outlit ami a
rug and chair fitted ith cushions
aro comforts that cannot bo dis
pensed with Tho plainer the gown
and wrap to be worn on deck the
hetter ns a trim and neat little ligiirc
is tatjpore attracthe than one with
eVnnuRss libbons flung to the breeze
and ruffles an i trimmings that eateh
on every projecting hook
rtlrthplace r St latrlck
The most recent Investigators hold
that St Patrick was bnrn in Scotland
at what is now Ktlpatriek in
Kirkcudbrightshire The story of
his capture by pirats goes better
with the histmv of Western Scotland
< =
Making scs < ors
Though no complexities are in
volved in tho making of scissors
yet the process is very interesting
They aro forged from good bar
bteel heated to redness each blade
being cut off with sufficient metal to
form the shank or that destined to
become the cutting part and bow or
that er on is fashioned into
th portion For the bow a
si le is punched and this is
afterward expanded to tho proper
size by hammering it on a conical
anvil after which both shank and
bow aro filed into a more perfect
shape and the hole bored in the mid
dle for tho rivet Tho blades aro
next ground and the handles filed
smooth and burnished with oil and
emery after which the pairs aro
fitted together and tested as to their
easy working They are not finished
however They have to undergo
hardening and tempering and bo
again adjusted after which thoy are
finally put together again and pol
ished for tho third time In com
paring tho ejjges pf knives and seis
sb rs it wili be noticed of course that
tho Iattor aro not in any way so
sharply ground as tho former and in
cutting scissors crush and bruiso
more than knives
A ll rkhire ClirLtenln
The late Pean Burgeon when a
curate in Herbhire writ James
Pajn in the Independent wa re
quested bv a village ouple t > chi ist
en their b y Venus er a they called
it Vanus Aie eu aware lie aid
that ou arc akineom tiiin rilic
ulous a well as exceedingly wicked J
Io you uppose I am going to give a
Christian child a male child the
name of an infamous and abandoned
woman3 Please sir aid the
newly made father we wanted him
to lie called after his grandfather
And do you mean to uy that hi
graniifathel wi named Venus
Yes sir there he is ir A pnir
old man looking exceedingly unlike
Venus hobbled out of tho crowd
lo ou dare say that you were
christened Venus exclaimed the
irate clergyman Well no sir I
was christened SWvanus but they
always calls me Vanus
Til MolinHn Would t I lllm
liardolph Im very full blooded
doctor and would like to have it re
duced somewhat what would you
Doctor Spend the summer in
It Was 11 Man Vt I Said ThU
It was a woman who took the
in tho sixth century thuii with that j prize in the missing word contest
of Boulogne in France at the same I am not surprised at it A
time i woman is never at a loss for words
hk f
Rhode Islimmo
no electiom
W 5
> k
< i
i ir4 f T
President Vice President Cabinet and Fiftythird Congress of the United States
A Captain With Mroor Objections to
tlie Fumlllar Matntatlon
One of the wellknown men about
New York is J C Mealus He 13
conspicuous In several clubs and on
The Ilialto where ho may be seen
almost dally on promenade between
the hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon
Friends call him Captain because
he was a drummer boy on tho con
federate side in the late civil war
Captain Mealus is proud of his
personal appearance and is sensitive
to comment concerning himself Tho
other day he struck an attitude in
front of the Morton house to watch
the slowly moving parade of people
Hello old man exclaimed an
acquaintance stepping up and slap
ping him on tho back with easy
familiarity Howaroyou Haven t
seen you for five or six moons Howdy
do old man
Pretty well 1 replied tho cap
tain faintly with an apprehensivo
glanco at his offusive friend But
by tho way colonel I
Whats the matter old man yon
Xov see here colonel you know
me intimntel and have for years
You know I m 46 but I m not oldand
I object to being called old man
particularly in the presence of ladies
who might overhear the words
itnt my dear fellow don t iou
know that it s only an affectionate
term Why its as common as gojd
Yes I do know but for heavens
sake don t call mo old man It
makes mo shiver way down in my
j shoes
A Clever Invention
One of the cleverest inventions
ever passed on by the patent orth e is
the machine for stick1 common
pins in tho papers in wh they aro
sold The eentrivanco 1 s up tho
Dim in row draw paper into
position crimps it into two Hues
then at u single push passes the
pins through the papcrandsets them
in position Tho machine almost
seem to think as it works and to
examine the paper to tee if it is
properly folded boforo pushing tho
pins into place
A < irnmidle B Rumor
Lincoln I hear that Miss Melpo
mene Gilbertus has becomo nn ac
Hamilton Oh no thats a mis
Lincoln Why I wai told pos
itively that she had gone on tha
Hamilton Oh yest that part of It
is true enough but the story of har
being an actress b absurd
St Louis July 21 A daily paper
which has already made itself a repir
tatlon for the wholesale interviewing
turned loose a corps of reportcrs the
other day with a view to getting tbo
opinions of the business mt ri of Si
Louis as to tho oause of tho fi nancial
depression In only one detail was
there much unanlmty of opinion
Most of thoso interviewed said that
there was very much less stringency
than generally reported and that there
was no falling off in the bisiness
returns at all eommenurate with the
pessimistic utterances of public men
Several representative business houses
reported a slight increase in receipts
for June over June of isas and very
few spoke of any falhn off Tho
general opinion va3 that the worst
had been seen and that money would
oon becomo plentiful in t e market
Tho views on tho silver ijaestion are
very diverse although of fe gentle
men Interviewed quite a may ri y ridi
culed free silver as a panacea for finan
cial ills
Right on the heels of these sanguine
Harness Men TTUh Tarring Opinions as to
the Causes or the Scarcity of Money
city continues rapidly and neither the
building nor tho real estate int r JF
aro depressed as tlit3 ohoiidbeif i
financial experts aro correct m their J
summaries of the situation generally
There was a great seniaion on Sat
urday when it was report d that the
secretary of five large bululng asso
ciations and a real estate operator on
a largo scale had been d > te cd in em
bezzlement if not forgery anu that he
had skipped the town The latter por
tion of tho report was pretaat re as
he spent the following oa a fcis own
homo What the iinal cu me will
be of the numerous in 1 i atior3now
being had into his aoo > ns and busi
ness methods is not known but it has
transpired that he lias b < 1 n borrowing
money for some time a a high
rate of Interest from thsjmr s Uock
whose exorbitant raVs of nter
estoxpedited the ruin and i le of
the late assistant rit tn as rc Tho
scandal in question lias c ie good
rather than otherwie In Las led
to a series of inquii h ng made
which has result J in prtving the
solidity and strength of the inerous
building assciations of tUe r j
The street 1 ar retipn1for ho sec
ond quarter of 189t sl < > v tie great
popularity of olectrie roas The to
tal number of passen i rs itud in
the city during the tine r rj s was
26180715 with re tijts i exess of
1000000 The quarter y t als are
increasing raindly an ar r w amost
as large a were the ann a returns
in the old days of hi rs ra The
Missouri or Olive strte4 a1 earried
more than 4 i0tMM > pasi re and
every roai with a d ct wn tor
minus cair J more than a 1 ion
It is anno ed nii i a y that
tho new unl n dept b finally
finished this coming nil r About
400 men are now u b on the
structure which appears to te nearly
completed The bulk of the work
now to be done is in tho approaches
and the track and switch lading
together with inside finj5I of the
depot buildings propef IVnt on
roof of tho Bheds wit h th lr enormous
span is very difficult in th hot sun
but fortunately great progress was
made on this during tl B rng and
the immense area ani n a cage
of glass is w nih
TrteaulCu Women in Io a
It issaid tlir main < omer
of India are y b at Tccialiy
in Cashmir t that r vey har
to get a sight f th m a1 a st im
possible to obt 1 in a i < oic o
them EitJi t the or i t sband
appearto loih nth a t oc
the photographer a e a vhef
their photogiaphs ai JJ n thev
rarely give pe misinn t ops to be
sold In a topical Hud bta ty the
skin is just dai k en gh to give
rich soft aiea ance to th taplex
ion the fe < itin s are re la hc eyes
mild and 1 > a k and shaij y long
silken lashe tie hamia1 f are
small and elejanth for lur de
meanor is noi t the 11 a
the voio low an 1 sw
lar boundary fi noitlie a
unaodatle an the fa3
forth explain a eeograph a
that has pulled man st 11
c s gentle
A CeoEr iphlral C urlosltr
Tho north in boumlar ii c of DelaI
waro is circular beeaue 1 charters
given to Pnn states tna
nia was to be 1 ounded 1
the IMaware er fror t
distant north of New a
til toe tin e 11 1 fom
north lati and tl t
t ounia wt r l > e a
at tweie mil istait r
of New jt e 1 orthwi 1
ward until tl fo t
north latiti tie ald tin n h
line wetuad Jhlsej
I rsy
e ast byj
n un
c of
s h
1 own
ani west
u ree of
a straight
ksa ctrc
abo seta
The Doj Saved Them
A tire occurred in a snia ntm
cottage npiM vr tirn
Jersey City a few night ac and it
occupants hae y v h the r
live Th u < > ild al j 1 have
boen burnt t > > e ath bit v a p < dog
The auima d oer il 1 1 r < and
raiel a trcm nioubaik untthe
succeeded in arouing is owners
He then ran 0 the c a 11 ti a e slept
the hale nf wl ch he wa v y fond
upset it and taking the n one by
the clothe ai ied i o t to tho
hail to the Ian ng ot the sar where
he laid it 111111 and tood bandog
vocif loush tint som m jrKd up
the thild auu boro it to a pace of
The Ounker the Itetter
John L u un la in his aatlvo
Boston and is ooom d 1
mistic iew nf the
lie maintains tha afur
Oirbett ght tie pr 1
the dog Th 1M1 1
ing intcret in
and Sanpuu 1
he term de
are 1111111 el
should L > U
a a posse
s u future
Wil go to
says is los
1 igtlm anu bandow
i sti ong n whom
lea ylTin mags 1
the a tio that
ed < n p Jtjiora ot
the man art uf elfUeteise
1 lzcaril Me t
There is found on the d e of Death
lalhi 111 < a tornia a lu ard somo
wnatuiiar Vo the tiiia uouste al
tl ou no mi re agile It is strietiy
eitaiian rhj fellow is caled tha
nu kawaln 1 the C oahulla Indians
whoaie un te be very toud of hs
h Jh a 0 this oun o the
ir ai very white astes
like chicken anu Amen aus 1 a
eaten it are not r port I to hamj
turned up their noieo ai it

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