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fgan gabz jgtws > I THE NICARAGUA CANAL
JSebely because a Sew York foot
baA layer drove his head into the
Cr od wRi such force as to kill
tm so reason why the great game
botrfu set still command tbe pub I
lieb tlauilion if decently conducted
cdeUcta will happen in any field of
prt Tuerr Is fcly one menace of i
test balfa pojrtlarity and U t is the
Just j a prisoner came Into court
la Sas Francisco to lave s > date set
for trial a Jawjer woj citlur the rcc
trat efa WshigM murder case in
hict tnv defendant had been tbe
erjr prisoner in question Some j
people call this a coincidence In
tie mind of the prisoner however
M b rackod as beastly bad lock It
paaSUA bis aneltc posa
Paarrxson Causes Is cow back
trom Africa bringing bis monkey
fMCeiagt with him We can now
learn the tongue that our ancestors
aetvecdiog to DarwInUm talked
Jbosaaitds perhaps millions of years
Vaferolbsy tilked Sanscrit Phllol
gt44 have long been seeking in
rain to find the earliest tongue of ths
vacs Frfifeaaer Garnet Has found It
it Darwin was right
Ix rt i V thciast that Monday is
Jbe Greek < tn ay Tuesday tbe day
tt i l among tbe Persians Wednes
fif fmevg the Assyrians Thursday
amosg fc Egyptians Friday among
the Tarfcs and aUirday among tbe
Jeore ft is plain that tbe man who
liu ooasdeaUous teruples against
rerkn oaousdaj ast io anything
sice than join the aobie order of the
toMOf ett
I st cummer ths St Mrfiolai
sotel at Laka Mobegan X Y was
t jrCi a lots of fMt00a The
Aoi nee started lebuildlng
ut cod it filrty unier way when an
figsttyfoet brick chimney that had
tc left eUDdtfeg fell and crushed
Asa work Undaunted he resumed
mi bad live stories well vpwbena
tiB came along and blew down
121 fcef ef tbe tru ure
aHP tor gobattery as a motot for
strentaW It gradually proving its
ieiaBttf Tbe practicability of
fete nstfes power was long in doubt
> t it teeeM stow to be oply a ques
ii e at Use her all electric street
un trili t mn without trolley It
i onneed tbat in New York an
SEfwatneoi wWb six storage battery
tatw rMwieg en the Second avenue
to su been oamptetely successful
ttat otber cars are to be added
Tac aad sews mes from Fnglaod
dial oew wblstl is liing brought
tat capable of on thousand varia
jiass daA audibia at a distance of
ira cailea Tbe effect is produced
y placing Inside ol ni metal bulb a
orforated revolving disc What
> itb siren whistles handorgans
flreet baaids tectrio car gongs and
Au sew irreatloa the devii some
1 to wilt iegio to envy tbe inmstev
Jl tbe l and dob asylums beforo
ery Jong
Tar afsatcfo readergasl bas a
Barrel vrtb bis attorney in that ha
Ueoamttix object to a plea of In
iattjr being entered in bis behalf
He aloes sot talk about this incober
jntif bat iot Hi eoUy and witb as
cues casf froid as an ordinary man
areald ie Lj thesmerits of a dinner
3e j aads justification and wants
ihat plea entered Tbe mayor had
pneesised Jd an appointment as
Aorperalion coecseL and because the
tsesiae was sot kept he killed him
At a recent meeting of tbo Quill
b in 2Cew York Charles Emory
nitfc exUnited Stales minister to I
Hutein takl that a represcnta i
titeaSz great European power in
Et Petersburg remarked to him that
esBaldered tbe three great coming
ta eo to be China Jtussia and tbo
ptiHttd States which has tbe whole
> V etern hemisphere in its grasp In
extant of territory and population
tbey xire already tbe greatest Great
irUaiss conglomerate races scat
r d ovei tbo globe do sot count in
ibt estimate
The Chicago Beeord urges as one
powerful argument why thero should
te an uninterrupted waterway be
twees the West and the Atlantic ses
uard that it wonld afford tho West
eiief from the extortion of tbe hard
Soul combine which now controls tbe
sricai everywhere in that it controls
the railroads it is estimated that if
tbe ship canal were constructed it
wootd give tbo Western metropolis
bituminous coal at say 2 a ton
7iiieh would necessarily break tbe
price of anthracite not only in tho
East but in the West
JAI4AN immigrants is vast num I
Dcr are leaving Kew York to spend l
winter in Italy The poverty of I
tins class of Immigrants should no >
longer be discussed Poverty has
but little to do with a man who can I
iake ayearly trip acroBS tbe Atlantic j
a sew Eastern fad for women is
eid to be tbe setting of diamonds
and other precious stones in the
teeth This Is perhaps a little nicer
than the custom of the barbaric i
Drlental trlbos who stain their teeth
Vltsk tsd Sit t ± M ts jifcTO oiat
The Joint Retolution Providing or i Commit
i ion Reported Favorably
Indians In ome partB of Ore the ARIZONA STATEHOOD BILL PASSES
sare offering ponies for sale at
from < 260 to f 7 apiece The high
water prevented the usual run of
calzaoa in the big rivers and this has
meant a great Jots to the Indians
Bny being practically ruined
Tea Moors at Melllla fled like
frighJjewd rabbits when tho Span
tarned search them
f t lards a light on
Xoio issmsehtees expensive method
lb no dynamite sons and as it is I
much more harmless it is far prefer
able When tbe search light ceases I
to hars as 3yt the Spaniards should
tent the hose on them I
That bumptious justice beck in
Hartford who sent to jail a poor man
ignorant of court etiquette merely
because he did sot remain uncovered
when within a step or two of tbe
outer door ought to be made to hear
e ery time he walks the street a
rboras of gamins whistling Every
boe teke their hat off to ma
Avebicak women are yearly grow
ing more Independent The statis
tics show that over 3000000 women
are earning Independent incomes in
tnifc oawintry There are some 2509
practicing medicine 6000 managing
poalofileas 275 preaching the gospel
tod ia Jfew York city alone 27000 of
them epx > orltng their husbands
TN Hom Vnitr whip and Spur Tha Ctftteit
Over the Kaniaa 3cnatersnlp UrBtnCf
Dtfclencr Bill Reported
Washington Dec 16 Tho house
committee on Interstate and foreign
commerce after listening to argu
ments by Mr Morgan of Alabama and
Mr Frye of Maine reported favorably
the Joint resolution of Representative
Doolittle of Washington for the ap
pointment of a joint commission of
three senators and six members to in
vestigate the present states of the
Nicaragua canal project Senator
Morgan recited at length the past his
tory of the enterprise and its struggle
to obtain government recognition
Ho thought the time had come when
it should be decided whether the
United States would aid the project
or abandon it altogether lie declared
the world was determined to have the
canal and if the United States should
not build it some other nation would
He pointed out the advantages of the
control of tho canal by the United
States and earnestly hoped tbe reso
lution would be adopted Mr Frye
also spoko in favor of the resolution
He stated that tho government which
controls the Nicaragua canal would
also control tho Hawaiian islands and
it would be useless for this country to
annex thoso islands unless the control
of the canal was assumed
Rathed It Thraacli
Washington Doc 16 In tho
lower houso yesterday the bill for
the admission of Arizona was put
through under whip and spur and
the bill for tho admission of New
Mexico was well under way when a
debate was precipitated that lasted
until adjournment The bulk of the
eastern opposition to the territories
as expressed by Mr Bingham is
predicated on the theory that whilo
tbe eastern states rich in wealth and
strong in population aro able to hold
their own in tbe house where the
basis of representation is the popula
tion the influence of the great states
of the union will bo overbalanced by
the increased state representation in
the senate
Clih BUI
WAsnisoTON Dec 13 The house
resolved itself into a committee of tho
whole for consideration of the bill for
the admission of Utah Mr Kllgore
opened the debate in advocacy ex
plaining the provisions of the bilL
i He reriwed the resources of the state
the character of the population the
political declarations of both parties
in the national platforms favoring tho
admission of Utah Mr Hnwllns said
he was willing to accept the amend
ment proposed by Mr Towers of Ver
mont providing that polygamous
marriages shall forever be prohib
ted Adjourned
Il lljr IUnkruptcj miL
Washington Dec 13 Congress
man Bailey yesterday favorably re
ported from the judiciary committee
< his voluntary bankruptcy bill A vote
was taken on the bill in the commit
tee and it was defeated by one vote
but one of the members changed his
vote so that the bill could be brought
beforo tbo house There was no an
tagonism to the Bailey bill because of
any particular characteristic of it
but there seems to be a decided oppo
sition to any and all kinds of bank
ruptcy bills
Wanttid Information
Washington Dec 13 The house
committee on foreign relations has
agreed to favorably report the reso
lution of Congressman Hltt calling
on the president to furnish all the
instructions etc given to Messrs
Willis and Blount Tho resolution
was amended so as to include such
instructions as may have been given
to Stevens minister to Hawaii by
Blaine or other officers during the
days of the last administration
M sa on IlywalL
I Washington Dec M The Ha
i wailan question was again tho subject
of an animated and interesting dis
cussion in tho senate Mr
Blounts report was characterized as
containing not one line of unvar
nished truth by Senator Frye while
Senator Vest of Missouri declared he
opposed the annexation of the Islands
and the restoration of the queen by
Kaaaaa Sanatorehlp
Washington Dec 15 The senate
committee on privileges and elections
have begun an investigation of tho
election of John Martin of Kansas as
a member of tbe United States senate
in accordance with tbo petition of
Joseph W Ady who claims to have
been elected in tho place of Martin to
All the unexpired term of the lato Sen
ator Plumb
Dar Waited
Washington Dec 15 The house
was dead locked for two hours yester
day by the refusal of the Republicans
to vote on the motion to go into com
mittee of tbe whole for the considera
tion of tho Arizona statehood bill
Mr Wheeler made a statement to the
effect that as the ltepublicans were
filibustering he would move an ad
journment Accordingly the house
Ilonaa Programme
Washington Dec 15 Tho house
committee on rules met yesterday
morning and decided to give the com
mittee on territories time to dispose
of the bills for tbo admission of Ari
zona and Kew Mexico Holiday ad
journment was discussed but no date
was flxed It is believed however
that adjournment will be taken next
Ad re Martin
Washington Dec 16 The order
passed by the senate committee on
privileges and elections gives Mr Ady
thirty days after the 1st of January
in which file to his testimony and
briefs and Mr Martin thirty days
more for filing briefs on his side and
rebuttal testimony when the com
mittee will take the question
Washington Dec 14 Represen
tative Hatch will introduce his anti
option bilL The bill will be practically
the same measure as passed tho senate
of the Fiftysecond congress except
some rates of taxation may be re
duced in order that it will not be a
prohibitive measure but plainly a
revenue bill
To Caocne oa Tarln
Washington Dec 13 Although
forty members of the house have re
quested a caucus on the tariff bill it
Is not sure the bill will receive such
consideration Chairman Holman of
the caucus to whom the request was
presented Immediately held a confer
ence with Chairman Wilson of the
ways and means committee but noth
ing was definitely agreed upon Hol
man was taken sick beforo tho con
ference ended and went home If
Holman should not recover before the
bill is reported it is not likely that he
will issue a call for a caucus They
believe that forty or fifty Democrats
can bo found who will voto with the
Republicans and thereby the bill will
be amended in the house
Heelied Tariff Mil
Washington Dec 12 The re
vised tariff bill was laid before the
ways and means committee yesterday
morning tho changes most important
being the pearl button and tin plate
schedules Members of the majority
of the committee say the changes
were mostly from ad valorem to spe
cific duties where such changes were
necessary from a business sta Jpoint
The bill was taken up by the full
committee by sections and the
republican members offered amend
ments and discussed the bill
from time to time It is tho inten
tion of tbe majority members to vote
down all amendments offered by tho
Republicans and roport the bill as
soon as possible in its present revised
condition Tbo committee reached
the sugar schedule before adjourn
ment but no vote was taftcn neither
was there any amendment offered
It is likely an amsndmont will be
offered this morning but no change
will bo mado The majority members
say that the bill as it now stands will
be reported to the house It is expect
ed the committee will be able to get
through with tho consideration of the
bill today and it will bo reported to
tho house Wednesday or Thursday
During the discussion of tho bill Mr
Reed offered a resolution that as it
was shown that under the proposed
bill the revenue would be 72000000
short it was desirable that the com
mittee be informed in what way the
deficiency was to be met Mr Wilson
replied that the dcSiency was to bo
mot by internal revenue taxation but
tbe schedules were not completed
To Stand Unchanged
Washington Dec 14 The ways
and means committee has about com
pleted Its customs bilL Yesterday it
agreed to the bill aa it now stands
thus announcing that it would make
no more changes It had good reason
to do this as every change made since
the bill first made its appearance has
been greeted with the loudest kind of
disapproving expression It is said
that the committee agreed at tho last
moment to depart from its determina
tion to separate by two bills all arti
cles subject to internal duties and ar
ticles subject to custom duties This
departure is In putting In the customs
bill the tax on cigarettes This tax
is said to be raised from 50 cents per
100J on cigarettes to T150 Although
tho bill Is agreed to by the committee
there will not lw a report on It for
several days time being given to the
chairman to write his report
rensloo Rullnge
Washington Dec 14 Assistant
Secretary of the Interior Reynolds has
decided that the act prohibiting the
payment of pensions to nonresidents
of the United States except for actual
service disabilities applies to widows
who are nonresident aliens that
where a 30ldier dies leaving a legally
divorced wife and minor children over
16 years old his mother occupies a
pensionable status that where an in
valid pensioner dies leaving no in
crease or rcrating claim pending his
widow cannot file an original claim
for rerating her dead husbands pen
sion also that the commissioner of
pensions has no authority to change
the terms of a contract for a pension
attorneys fees where the contract is
in accordance with the law
Ontllne or the Week
Washington Dec 11 TheEudden
collapse of the bankruptcy bill in the
house Friday has somewhat disorgan
ized the programme for the coming
week which It was supposed would
be almost entirely devoted to that
subject As it is the house will begin
today with no definite work in view
Tho tariff bill will not come up for de
bate until today week The bill for
the admission of Utah which con
sumed the morning hour Friday will
again come up during the morning
hour today Hrjpublicans will proba
bly continue their filibustering pro
gramme and at the conclusion of tho
morning hour the privilege of the bill
will end and it will return to its place
on tbe calendar
Federal Election BUI
Washington Dec 15 Yesterday
In the senate Senator Vance reported
from the committee on privileges and
elections the house bill to repeal the
federal election laws with recommen
dation that it bo passed without
amendment Senator Chandler said
the report was not unanimous and
secured unanimous consent to submit
the views of the minority adverse to
the passage of the bilL The bill was j
placed on tbe calendar i
iVorheee Hill
Washington Dec 15 In the sen
ate yesterday much business of a mis
cellaneous character was transacted
Among the bills introduced the
most important was one by Senator
Vorhccs chairman of the committee
on finance providing for the coinage
of the silver seignorage in the treas
ury at the rote of 2000000 per
month and when that is exhaused for
the purchase and coinage of a similar
amount of silver monthly
Senatora Scared
Washington Dec 11 Officials of
the United States senate are taking
every precaution to prevent an attack
from tho galleries similar to that In
the French chamber on last Saturday
No person will be permitted to enter
tho galleries carrying any sort of ex
tra package and suspicious looking
characters will be closely scrutinized
when about the senate chamber or In
the corridors
The Cotton Tax
Washington Dec 11 A favorable
report on tho bill to refund the cotton
tax collected during tho period be
tween 1861 and 1868 amounting to
63072388 has been ordered by the
judiciary commlttco and it is tho ar
dent desire of southern members that
It reccivo consideration this week
Moaer for fialeeMon
Washington Dec 15 Mr Sayers
has secured from the treasurer of the
United States the transmission of
97118 to Galveston for harbor work
Vrfnvj Deficiency Bill
Washington Dec 16 Tho house
committee on appropriations reported
the urgent deficiency bill yesterday
The bill carries 1651896
I Missouri Ksnsss and Tins Railway Mulcted
For 45000 by a Kansas Jury
Ireiiury aeent MuH j It Pals 38001 Man Ac
cidenUlly Sheet Hlmiell Bumed bf
Natural Gaa at Andenon Ind
KMroniA Kan Dec 16 The jury
in the Texas fever cattle case re
turned a verdict of 15000 against
tho Missouri Kansas and Texas road
for having last May carried for Hosier
Bros 2300 head of Texas cattle from
Midland Tex to Hartford Kan
from tho importation of which Texas
fever was communicated to Kansas
cattle with disastrous results The
question of law at Issue in the case is
a vital one to transportation lines and
stockmen and is one which has never
besn decided by tbe United States su
preme court The supreme court bas
held that tho Missouri law prohibit
ing transportation lines from carrying
Texas cattle is void and that the Iowa
law making the owners of cattle com
municating disease responsible is
valid In this case however
the Kansas live stock sanitary
commission had issued a pernit
for tho cattlo and tho road had
complied with all the state and na
tional quarantine laws so that mtk
ing ho road liable under the circum
stances is a new departure aA
A Fierce Encounter
1 Poteau I T Dec 16 Wednes
day night a robber enterod the store
of Mrs Phebo Welch at Brazil a
small village twelve miles west of
here and purchased 30 worth of
goods among the articles eight feet
of small rope When tho clerk How
ard Martin demanded the money for
tho goods the robber covered him
with a sixshooter and commanded
him to lay face downward on the floor
when he proceeded to tie his hands
behind him with the rope The clerk
being helpless the robber broko open
the money drawer securing 25 and
then proceeded to rob the postoffico
which is in the same house He broke
three registered letters Failing to
I obtain any money he attempted to
break open the safe but did not suc
ceed Four different times he carried
his arms full of goods tohU wagon 400
yards away each time compelling the
clerk to march In front of him at tbe
front of his revolver Tho clerk
fearing that he would bo murdered
when tho robbery was completed
made a desperate effort to free his
hands as tho robber was packing the
goods in the wagon and this he suc
ceeded in doing Immediately he
sprang on the robber grabbing him
by the throat and threw him to tbe
ground calling the whilo for help and
a tierce struggle for the pistol ensued
Parson Hunter stepped from his cabin
and came to Martin s rescue The
rope that bound Martins hands was
now used to bind the hands of the
robber The robber was brought here
yestorday by Mr Martin and an as
sistant and turned over to a deputy
marshal who took him to Fort Smith
jaiL Tho accused gave tbe name of
Patty and said his home is near
Skullyvllle I T
The Frenrh Bomb Thrower
Paris France Dec 11 After a
day of great excitement following tho
explosion of the bomb in tho chamber
of deputies the authorities have an
nounced that they have the bomb
thrower in custody Tho mUcreant
is named Marchal alias Valliant Ho
has made a full confession News to
the effect that the bomb thrower is in
the hands of the police was circulated
at noon yesterday but tho roport was
not confirmed until tho official an
nouncement was made yesterday
evening Marchal so it ap
pears was among tho injured
persons taken to the Hotel Dieu
a large hospital on the north of the
place du Parvis Notre Dame Marchal
soon fell under suspicion of the au
thorities and pressed by the prefoct of
police decided to mode a full confes
sion and did so glorying in the das
tardly crime Whon questioned as to
his reasons for attempting to take the
lives of so many people he replied I
wished to deal a thoroughly dramatic
blow at institutions and causo a great
senstation I endeavored to aim tbe
bomb at Dupuy president of tho
chamber I glory in tho act and only
regret my hand swerved and tho bomb
did not explode near tho mark
Chinese Conaplraejr Trial
Portland Ore Dec 16 In the
Chinese conspiracy trial yesterday
Blum testified that about March 1
1893 he paid Collector Lotan and
Special Agent of the Treasury Mulkey
3800 He said about July 1 last lo
tan Thompson himself and others
met in a saloon several times and de
termined to try and prevent any in
dictments being found by the grand
jury We even went so far said
he as to pick out certain members
of the grand jury that each man should
fee and trj o handle All these par
ties asked me to stand pat and I agreed
to do it
Itnmora of Bribery m
Spuinofield Mo Dec 14 Ru
mors have been flying thick and fast
the past few days of bribery in > ho
city council over tho award of a con
tract for 125000 for city electric
lighting Tho rumors were confirmed
i last night by the arrest of Itecd M
Duvall representing the Ozark and
Fort Wayne Electric Light company
for giving a bribe and Councilman
1 Wilburn for accepting tho same
I Both men were arraigned and pleaded
I not guilty and were released on bond
Mother and Son Indicted
Minneapolis Minn Dec 15 Mrs
Elanor II Floyd and sons Lon and
Frank have been jointly indicted on
tho chargo ot complicity with Phil
Scheig in robbing the bank of Minne
apolis of 25000 Mrs Floyd was
arrested yesterday It Is believed
that tho Floyds mother and sons be
came possessed of knowledge of
Scheies peculations three years ego
and used their knowledge to extort
money from him m
Horned le Natural Ga
Andekson Ind Dec 16 A crowd
of men drilling for gas for the Indian
apolis Water and Manufacturing Gas
company were seriously burned ono
fatally John Shievely was burned
to death Frank Heaver and Henry
McCarty of Inilanapolis James Da
vis William jlilllgoss John Closer
S Weber and Goodwin were pain
fully burned Hilligoss and Closer
will dlo
Hawaiian Hpeak Oat
Honolulu Dec 4 via Victoria
Dec 13 The steamer Warimo ar
rived on Nov 24 Within twenty
fours after the news brought by the
Warlmo was received 1600 determined
annexationists assembled at the drill
shed of the barracks behind the
executive building The moeting was
short but wildly enthusiastic The
spirit of 76 prevailed and tho = o
who heard tho ringing cheers whicu
welcomed tho speech of President
Hatch of the annexation club and the
presentation of the following resolu
tions knew that tho monarchy oven
though restored by superior force of
the United States would be short
lived Since this mass meeting the
6plrit of enthusiasm which first pro
vailed among the royalists has been
in a state of fluctuation and some of
tho clearest headed leaders admit
that the success of restoration in the
present or futuro depends on tho
armed protection of the monarchy by
the United Stat03 Following aro the
resolutions adopted by the mass meet
ing November 25
Resolved 1 That we have read
with surprise and regret the recom
mendation of tho secretary of stato of
tbe United States to tho president to
restore tho monarchy lately existing
in Hawaii
2 That wo condemn the assump
tion of the secretary that tho right ol
the provisional government to exist
terminated by his refusal to resubmit
to the senate the treaty of union
pending between tho two countries
and also his assumption that the pro
visional government had at that very
tlmo submitted tho question of its
continued existence to the arbitration
of tho president or any other power
3 That we supporttothobestof our
ability tho provisional government In
resisting any attack upon it which
may be contrary to tho usage of na
tions There are over 2000 men ready
for service Orders have been issued
that no nation would bo allowed to
land troops without consent of tbe
provisional government Active prep
arations both tor defense and aggres
sion if necessary began on the arrival
of the China Two hundred and fifty
men were put to work fortifying tho
executive building Tho verandas
were fortified with three tiers of
sandbags Theroof will be similiarly
treated Companies of sharpshooters
all trained men will occupy the four
corner towers from tho basement to
tho roof Tho preparations thus far
male will allow the government to
handle with great resistance forces of
750 to 810 troops in the executive
buildings and ammunition and stores
have been provided to withstand a
continuous attack for a month or more
should hostilities break out The
water supply cannot bo cut off as tho
executive building is supplied by an
artesian well on tho grounds
Irealdent Ielaotoa Armj
Washington Doc 14 loan inter
view yesterday Minister Mendonca ol
Brazil said Instead of having only
6000 men as a London cable says
President Peixoto bas 16000 men at
Rio well armed drilled and equipped
The contemptuous reference to their
being untrained mulattoes and negroes
might bo applied to tbe heroic garri
son which defended Nictheroy three
months That garrison was mado up
of about eighty mulattoes and yet
they drove off the rebel ironclad and
held the town If eighty mulattoes
did this for Nitchcrov it can be judged
what sort of defense President Peix
oto can make with 16090 of the same
class of fighters
Telegram to Clsveland
Denver Col Dec 12 The edi
tor of tho Denver Times yesterday
morning sent the following telegram
to President Cleveland To Grover
Cleveland president of the United
States Washington D V Dear sir
For information of tho people of
Colorado will you kindly make public
a statement as to the effect in the
east of the repeal of tho ocallod
Sherman act Many thousands who
have been thrown out of employment
in this state by the repeal of this act aro
ready to hear that it has resulted in
tho restoration of prosperity else
Almoit a Lynchtne
Little Rock Ark Dec 12 Tod
Horner a negro who murderously
assaulted Miss Kelly near Harrisburg
last Friday narrowly escaped lynch
ing at Jonesboro Sunday night Sher
iffs Broadway of Craighead county
and Gant of Poinsett county yesterday
morning brought him hero and placed
him in the penitentiary for safe keep
ing A mob began to form at 8 oclock
growing in half an hour to 400 men
and marched to tho jail determined to
hang Horner The sheriffs with re
volvers drawn drovo the mob back
reaching a train with the negro
boarded it and came here
Shot Himself
Texarkana Ark Dec 16 Thurs
day night a passenger on the Iron
Mountain train northbound while
at a point six miles east of here acci
dentally discharged his pistol the
charge entering his Tight log and
severing an artery Before a physi
cian could be secured he lost a quan
tity of blood and he is in a precari
ous condition though his recovery is
looked for His namo Is Charles Mc
Knlght and h s residence la Lewis
ville Ark
Committed Snlclde
Rochesteie N 1 Dec 14 Alfred
II Bruman receiving cashier of the
Rochester savings bank committed
suicide by shooting himself at his
home at 8 oclock Tuesday morning
He had been ill for threo weeks suf
fering from a severe attack of grip
and it is supposed that despondency
prompted his act
KxHanker In Tronbte
Baubolrsville Ky Dec 15 Tho
grand jury investigating tho Cumber
land Valley bank cases have indicted
exCashier C F Davidson and Wil
liam Locko former clerk in tho bank
The indictment are tho outgrowth ot
the looso and rockless manner In
which the bank was operated tho past
five years
Miner Secret Convention
FrrTsBUiMi Kan Dec 12 Infor
mation concerning tho miners con
vention held Saturday night behind
closed doors Is leaking out It has
been ascertained that President Wal
ters tendered his resignation as presi
dent of tho United Iron Workers as
sociation and it was accepted
MUoed the Mali
Council IlLtir la Dec 14
The oflicors of tho perpetual maturity
bond association a conccrndoing bus
iness in this city have l > eon placud
under arrest by tho federal au
thorities for tho improper uso oT the
mails the business being conductoJ
on the lottery plan
Fatal Accident I
ParkCitt Utah Dec 12 A wagon
containing twentyfive people on the
way to a cemetery Sunday morning
capsized and fifteen of its occupants
wero injured John S Fargo Stan
ton Rolley and John Sprague fatally i
Lee Lang and Manuel Padrot Have a Fuss and
Lang is Shot
K Pull Hit Gun and Commence Shooting and
Eicipei An Unknown lriihmn Found
Hanging Near Fort Work
Floresville Tox Dec 16 Yes
terday morning at tt oclock Leo
Lang a well known citizen and
deputy sheriff in the Stockdale pre
cinct was shot by a barber named
Manuel Padron The two men with
others had been drinking heavily
and Lang says some one assaulted
him When tho attempt was mado
Lang struck tho man with a six
shooter not knowing in the dark who
he was It was Padron Lang says
and mutual recognition and apologies
followed and Lang started to bed in
tho camp yard Padron went part of
tho way drew his pistol and shot
Lang in the arm breaking the bone
near the shoulder He 3hot again
and missed Lang was taken in
charge by his friends and his wounds
dressed He is very badly hurt and
may loso his arm and possibly bis
lifo Padron went to bod and was ar
rested and jailed yesterday Ho
claims to know nothing of tho affair
Mo t Darlne Kobbery
Plano ToxJec 11 Saturday
morning between 1 and 2 oclock the
Dalton gang or some other gang
came and went and the Piano na
tional bank mourns tho loss of 19
44230 of its good and lawful money
The first intimation of the robbery
was when Bookkeeper Wallace Hugh
ston and Cashier T C Jasper arrived
about 7 35 a m for tho purpose of
opening up for tho days business
They were surprised to find
the door of tho vault open
the combination broken off and
lying on tho floor An inspec
tion of the insido of tho vault
revealed the fact that the safo had
been blown to pieces with dynamite
A pioce of the fuse eighteen inches
long with a cap on tho end was found
on tbe floor Papers and money were
scattered pell mell all over the floor
of the vault A dark lantern was
placed on a shelf and ono of tho bank
lamps was found on what was left of
tho safe The safe bad been over
turned by tho uso of a jaekscrew
which was afterward found in a lum
ber yard about 200 yards from tho
scene of the robbery and tho floor
was literally covered with tools taken
for the purpose from the blacksmith
shoo of W T Richardson The rob
bers were ovidontly artists in
their peculiar lice Kntranco was
effected at the rear door Sev
eral panes of glass lying upon
the iron rafters of tho vault
had been removed and laid where they
would not add to tho noise of the ox
plosion The capital of the bank is
500 Mi with HOMi surplus and ac
cording to Cashier Joper there was
on hand at the close of business Fri
day in round numbers 2400 > There
was visible from outsida tho railing
Saturday morning about 1500 in gold
and 2500 to 300J in silver Thero
was also some currency overlooked
but just how much cannot bo said as
tho bank officials decline to give exact
information beyond tbe statement that
the robbery in no way affects the sol
vency of the bank and its ability to
meet promptly all demands It is
thought that thero wore six of the
robbors but there is no clow
Found llnncjnc
Fort Worth Tex Dec 16 Yes
terday evening the body of an Irish
man about 35 blonde 5 feet 10J
inches high weighing 175 pounds
was found dead in Evans pasture
west of town in the Trinity bottom
There was a rcpo about his nock at
tached to the limb of a partly fallen
tree and his fert resting nearly or
wholly on the ground He bad not
been long dead Ho was roughly at
tired and bore the appearance of a
laboring man Thursday ho bought a
stone mason s hammer but stone
masons says ho is not a stone cutter
On his p3rson wero found 1 Noth
ing to indicate his identity was found
IteMtted Arret
LtMrASAS Tox Dec 16 Thurs
day night about 11 oclock a man camo
into town and Inqurjd for a place to
get something to cat From his ac
tions and description the officers sus
pected him to be the man who killed
Tom Deaton deputy sheriff of Hamil
ton county When tho officers told
him to go to jail he said he would be
d d if he would and pulled his gun
and commenced shooting and the
officers returned tho shots They shot
his horse He rode about a mile
Yesterday morning tho horso was
found but no man Officers are still
hunting for him
Staulied In the Hack
Orange Tex Dec 14 At 8
oclock Tuesday night Silas Depew was
married to Miss Ella Fuller at tbe
residence of the brides mothor about
a miio from tou n and three of the
Clark boys attended tho wedding
Tho boys left tho place about 10 p m
and started back io town While
riding along the street some ono rode
up behind Bernard Clark and drove a
knifo into his back and galloped away
saying as ho din so I have got you
Coie Attack I Ijdy
Deni on Tex Dec 15 Mrs
Stee Wilson was in tho barnyard
whon a young cow with a young calf
becamo infuriated and made a vicious
attack on tho lady She fought the
animal off but before assistance ar
rived Mrs Wilson bad been gored
Tho wound extends into the cavity of
the abdomen and is several inches
Kilted at III Gate
Colmesneil Tex Dec 13 At
Warren in this Tyler county Mon
day night Constable J K P Phillips
whilo going home was shot and killed
by unknown parties as ho entered his
gate A negro with whom ho had
trouble a fow days ago is suspected of
doing tho killing and he is now under
arrest togethor with othors
Miootinc at llenlnon
Denison Tox Dec 13 Lastnight
at a negro dance in southwost Deni
son Henry Thompson and Frank Potts
engaged in a row Tho difficulty was
settled and the belligerents started to
tho city On tho way Potts was shot
through the body and will probably
Jealomy the Cane
Dallas Tox Deo 15 E J
Beeves i9 in the county jail charged
with the murdor of Tom James
James was killed at a dance at 778
Elm street last night about lioclocV iti nUCP TUF QTATF
Shortly after that hour a boybhlook ALL UVLll lilt OlnlU
ing fellow surrendered to OfficsrShlp
perly and said he had killed a man on
upper Elm Btreet The boy slid his
name was Reevos Ho was at once
taken to the police station There it
A llijlclan Killed
Clebuilve Tex Dec 14 Train
No 2 on the main line of tbe Gulf
Colorado and Santa i e railroad ran
over and killed Dr John Wagley at
Cleburne Tuesday evening at 7 oclock
Dr John Wagley is a brother of Dr
T J Wagley the railway company s
resident physician at Cleburne and
brotherinlaw to Col J A Styson ol
the state militia also an old settler o
Johnson county His sons Roy and
Moss were present at the time of the
accident There are conflicting re
I > orts of how it occurred but the most
plausible is that in crossing from the
freight to the passenger depot at the
time of an incoming train he was
blinded by tho headlight on the en
gine His daughter now Mrs I C
Sherwood was married on the 11th
instant and is now on a bridal tour in
Followed br a Panther
V s Alstvne Tex Dec 14
Messrs J II Howell Rex Moore and
K J Gibon returned from a country
dance about four miles north of town
last night and report a startling ex
perience with a panther which has
inhabited this section for some time
Tho young men having just hitched
up their team preparatory to return
ing to town were alarmed by the
bloodcurdling cries of a wild beast
coming from a thicket in a few feet
of the convoyance They scrambled
into tho buggy and drovo rapidly
homeward but were followed over a
mile by the animal which made their
way and night hideous by its continu
ous cries A party of hunters spent
tho day in searching for the animal
but could not find it
Fatallr Itaroed
Greenville Tex Dec 13 J C
Richardson one of tho oldest settlers
of this county living two miles west
of Floyd fell in the tiro Monday after
noon and was so badly burned beforo
he was discovered that he died alter
being taken out of tbe fire Tho famj
ily had left tho house for awhile leav
ing the old gentleman aone He bad
evidently tried to pass in front of the
fireplace when ho tottered and fell on
the burning coals His face and
breast wero horribly burned
Had No Lteenae
Sx Difro Tex Dec 12 A tall
well dressed Mexican who claims his
namo to be Pablo Ramirez is now in
jail here He was arrested for ped
dling without license and failing
to pay his fine he was com
mitted Tho sheriff learned from Dr
Gonzales that Ramirez is not the pris
oners name that it is Ruie A man
of that namo is wanted In Moxlco for
murder Gonzalos has returned tq
Mexico with the nows of this arrest
Robbed at Norona
Nocoxa Tex Dec 12 A bank
clerk was held up on tho street by a
stranger and relieved of 150 The
deputy marshal started In pursuit
Tho robber fired on him and he re
turned tho shot but tho robber es
llldnlcht Robbery
Sin Antonio Tex Dec II A
street car was hold up by three mask
cd men at midnight Tuesday near tho
cemetery Tho conductor A S
Brooks was robbed of 15 No ar
rc its j et
Fatallj Cruahed
BASThOP Tex Dec 13 The south
bound train on the Missouri Kansas
and Texas ran over a colored man
while crossing I cdar croek bridge
yesterday evening crushing him
Crisp and Choice CuKlnjs Condensed Inn
A Daily Preis
was discovered that he was himseli
wounded In tho left hand from which RACY ROUNDUPS RENDERED READABLE
the blood had flowed profusely
Reeves says that James had been
writing lcttors to his wife acd I C Pet 8 1 < Infrertlmj Gu1
that his wife had been writing I A rt tm n ibif rt
to Jamos Reeves was running1 Tem Carrfull Selertl
a restaurant Nobody could be found
who had witnessed the shooting or while loading a barge with shells
knew any of thedetaIs The body of few 0 on the bank
the dead man was removed to P W
h Sabina riverf som9 abore un
Linskies undertaker s establishment
thed human 8keIeton
After bows shot James ran acros jua j b theIz0 of he bones they
the street and without
dropped saying
0 e ienH men f giant stature
a word James was shot twice once Vnes
f 0 tho orearm
m the right side just above the line of
th roan 8 en
the heart and once through the toft ol
u arm A 8maI1 ot and pieces
Ine remains were placed in a
casket and taken
broken werJ als0 unearthed
to the home
The ab claim thttt there ars
of tbo deceased 142 Liberty street
He was about 20 years of age
lie Know oil Ahoot It
Plaso Tex Dec 12 A postal
card addressed to the Piano National
bank was received yesterday morning
dated Dallas Tex Dec 11th
mailed at 1030 a ra stating that the
report sent out by the bank through
tho newspapers in regard to the
amount stolen in tho late robbery was
false Tho card reads as follows
Dallas Tex 121193 Piano
Natl Rank Gents you know the re
port you sont is false there is one man
in Texas knows about this business
and you can see him on tho square
Yours in
F C B and A F A M B
It seems from the writing of this card
that tho parties that did the robbery
arc safely concealed in Dallas Mr
numbers of skeletons to be found in
this shell bank These bones were
found about four feet below the sur
Nash Clay and Blake Miller two
boys under 13 years of age both sons
of respectable parents lought a des
perate duel at Waco recently in a
wagoayard Their weapons were
Barlow knives Both received ghastly
flesh wounds Nash Clay has a cut
entirely across the back and Blake
Millers chief wound is along the back
parallel with the spinal column They
fought face to face but reached over
each others shoulders in cutting The
wounds are not dangerous
The case of the state of Texas s
R B Rentfro II L McCabc Dr
Headley Charles Schunter Jesse
Benett Andres Cavazos and Julian
Guzman charged with murder in Hl
Jasper cashier of the bank on beingdalgo county has just been tried in
interviewed last night stated the Corpus Christi and tho defendants ac
amount of losses as published i cor
rect at least the bank was short that
much and if the man who signed tho
card F C B and A F 4 A M
I did not get that amount he would
confer a favor upon the bank by giv
ing the amount he did get as some
one clQe might have made a haul
after he got what he wanted and he
certainly got enough to make the
cashier a Christmas present
Tayedj Near Trier
TiLFit Tex Dec 13 A doublo
tragedy occurred ten miles cast ol
this citj yesterday The participants
were a black man named John Harts
field and Dr Keller a white man from
Henderson Rusk county The doc
tor it seems had a hallucination that
some imaginary person was chasing
him with the intention of taking bis
life and while under this impression
he would run his horse in high speed
in offorts to pursue or escape his im
aginary foo While thus running he
discovered tho son of the man whom
he shot and fired on him inflicting a
alight wound in the knee While the
doctor was trying to kill the father
the negro shot him with a shotgun
and then struck him on the head
with the butt of it Latest reports
are that tho negro is dead and
that the doctor cannot survive
hen he fell mortally wounded he
had two largo navy pistols one in
each hand and both mostly dis
charged Officers went to the sccno
of the shooting
quitted The cost amounted to 15
000 which the state pays
Petitions along the line of the Mis
souri Kansas and Texas road aro re
ported as being signed by business
men asking the attorney general to
take action probably by intervention
in the case between the Katy and the
International and Great Northern over
tho Galveston Houston and Ileuler
son lease
Charles Peeper of Weber Gohad
county was assassinated recenty
while on his way home from aero
He was found about three mites from
Meyersville in his wagon with three
bullets in his body and his head
smashed His horses had run iway
with the wagon and injured it some
William Coltatt a young business
man of Carmine Washington co tit
was calling on Miss Weyland near
Burton recently when he b < a e
jealous of the attentions ot a riva
and walking out on the gallery
stabbed himself three times in fhe
let breast His recovery is doubtf a
Railroad Commissioner McLean
tendered his resignation when Jdge
McCormick decided the commissoo
law unconstitutional Gov Hogg did
not and has not so far accepted it
however Commissioner McLean has
refused to receive any paj s n e h
tendered his resignation
The committee reprenting ia
citizens of Hillsboro in the rord
house and shop matters has replied c
the demand of the Katy officials for
103 acres of ground by submittng a
counter proposition proposing to do
nate the company serentyfi e a eei
of the desired ground
I G Randle stands charged w b
tho murder of Ed S Randall at Daas
His widow sued him for M The
suit has just been compromised L
G Randle paying her 100 mi cash
The case was taken to Rockwai on
change of venue but will nut isata
R P Woodson of Denison was mar
ried a few days ago at Natrs e
Tenn to his wife from whom he se a
ratod thirty years ago During ttat
period Mr Woodson has been wu a
married and his wife once
Twentyfour hundred dollars ha e
been subscribed toward the organ a
tion of tho South Llano irrigation and
ditch company in Llano count Be
tween 10W and 1500 acres heresire
valueless will be tillable
Capt Clark of the United St i
revenue marine service who ha been
assigned to duty as captain o the
revenue cutler Galveston at Ia es
ton arrived a few days since and a
sumed his duties
Twenty machinists travehn er
the country hunting jobs am eI a
Marshall recently They were g en
their breakfast and left for New Or
leans They were treated as f phi
and not as tramps
Near Cooper Delta county a a me
named Baker together with h 3 w e
died from poisoning caused b c ic
ing whisky which they found in a v
rel ihey had purchased to use as
water barrel
Thomas Deaton deputy r < r < r o
Hamilton county was shot au rt
stantly killed by a desperado wh s
wanted in Missouri He escape L t
bloodhounds and 203 men ar after
A recent fire caused by the care
lessness of children destroyed a hay
stack 700 bushels of corn and 4 >
bushels of oats belonging to Mar a
Scott a farmer li ing near Si an
Tho state treasurer a few days ago
reported having 50000 on hand t
general revenue and on that da lie
comptroller received 1S067 > mak
ing the total for the month 751 87
A Rawlins was struck by a a ng
scantling at a recent fire at Mar a 1
that catno near scalping him I re
quired several stitches to repai c
portion of his scalp that lay
The Tyler lawyers protest 9rV t
the removal of the state law
from that place to Dallas Th ba
gone so far as to lock the hbrar p
and refuse to turn over the k j
The Drlskill hotel at Aus1 was
practicall purchased by M V r s
the famous actor a few da s Sijo
though he does not assume owr Th p
until the first of next month
C Hennlng has purchased
of land near Velasco and w
1000 oranije trees 1000 pear
20000 strawberry plants an a
eral variety of other fruits
Tho attorney goneral wi s an
Gen Mabry in his demand f Ha
guns now forcibly held by th J
ton artillery company The ia 7
boys will not obey orders
Two safes were cracked ce
night recently at Winona s3 h
county There were three of hotur
glars who made their escape nicg
only 40 in both safes
E T Lamphen of North Ia
three acres planted in tomat < c
which he expects to gather at
oushels His sales alresd atr
eight wagon loads
a ra I
p at

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