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My niece Etneline Hawley wis
taken with spitting blood and she
became very much alarmed fearing
that dreaded disease Consumption
She tried nearly all kinds of medi
encbaJ nothing did her any good
Finally ei took pfennan Syrup and
sh told j e it did her more good
tian anything she ever tried It
gapped the blrod gave her strength
ana ease vd a good appetite I
had it < rpu her own lips Mrs
MaT K Stacey Trumbull Conn
Honor to German Syrup
Wr eaetorw tt sets ctSr on ttte atamicfeclrwv
n < I kldBy ao4 U fAcMCt lusUve This
urtnk ta autfe taw bereft and Is prepared for Us
euU tea XC U called
AtlQr xt sseUllattandnap ctie < II
VO iVMJMlt get rt Hbi roar 4 < re for a fres
MM lare trmllr Medicine hsth
It ib very difficult
t o convince
children thai
a medicine is
nice to take
this trouble
as not experi
enced in ad
Scotts Emulsion
sf Cod Liver Oil It is
almtut as palatable as milk
No preparation so rapidly
builds up good flesh
strength and nerve force
Mothers the world over rely
upen it in all wasting diseases
thai children are heir to
Tnptnlbrtml t Bon It V A3dnrr t
Body Type
For Sale Cheap
T >
TVe tare one tboinind pounds of brerier
brdv tvp mecodroDditlonniiae of extra
ixei l by Brchart JJros A Spindler
fntouNc ur r of the famous noperior
Cfppr nvieil tTje Xe will sell It la
frrt nf 100 poi ntljormore to ba delti
tren seoo iu we get osour newattfcf
25 Gents a Pound
Place Your Order fgow
i fsi to
Miss Delia Stevens
cf Boston Mass
writes I have al
wan suffered fr ra hei eduary Scrofula
lot hich I tried vanou Ttnedies and
mar reliable phyiciansbut none
me After taking six botfies cf KjK j14
rea I am very grateST fT ft ft
ri that it saved ha from
thaS take pleasure in
for the wonderf > 1 medicine and
in recotnmmdir0 it t < j a1
1 TrcatHCcr Sjei as OtKUC KlScd fre
Jia tools required Only a humaer n eded
to drlrc o4 ciittdx them a ty and qcieklr
fearing tw flinch abeolnt foa eijturinf
tta hole < n b Ta 1 gSaiiatr DtT borr lor the
Mollis axHr hi lot All Uxflht naUonn or
tsfS 4 jntf ap In boxes
Aak y u dealer for f liern or seaa C
bsUBjKfcratwxofJOO a eortd ito
Ksri rr so at
Vlte Jn all
Ujl t
t re jrt aoranlAVSaOfl
jl ac loSesJiaiiborttadlOTSrtaaafltra
Life rules I Death Is
seem to be
l Hymn > f tha New Year
Kew life and llgtic ntv rapture and new
joys I
1 New hopes though all these fall to light
my days
Ob talis my hearts dsllght in these thy
My thanks and praise O Lordl my
thanks and praise I
Dusty th way has been and long and
1 dark
Even now I scarce can hope for hope be
O faithless heart to him who cares for
Glre now tby thanks and pralsel thy
thanks and pralsel
Surely Che sue will shine throughout the
> Surely her miracles will work the spring
Life stands revealed where all seemed
drear and dead
O heart my heart thou mayst glre
toanks and sing
Elngand rejoice 1
Erer jtve thanks and
not though it
Lore sleeps not I God Is an eternal king
His thought shall reach erec to my
heartland me 1
VVHu Santa Glaus Beard Is
A Leoesd Br JI A Bird
babyhood of Santa
Claus long long
ago Tyhile t still
many good and
worthy folk be
lieved woodsprites
lived in the holes of
trees witches in
caves and dwarfs
deep down under
earth there lived in
Germany on one of
lesser mountains of
Ilarz a miner with
his wife and seven children
Deep down in the bosom
of the mountains was the
mine Here the father had worked
each day from morn to night to feed
even scantily his wife and children
t last came a season of great dearth
The miner fell sick Sadly his wife
hung out of sight his leather work
suit The cold winter with its cruel grasp
still the miner lay sick still the dearth
VAJ fe of food throughout the little town no
= H y t where a mouthfulto spare The birds
in the trees lived and were merry
Must the little children starve Who
had done it I tell you its the
Gubich king of dwarfs who spoiled
the crops last year I know his pranks
surso him said the oldest of the min
ers Who in summer steals all
tho raspberries and strawberries
He never cats aught else and
has lived liko a prince in his rocky
cavern up there among the holy firs
ever sinco the old giant threw these
mountains out of his shoe because the
bit of sand hurt him I tell you the
Gubich can make us sick with a
SecondHand Brevier gr L 1 ST
say the cones off his trees are good to
eat and can bo made into wondrous
pretty things which sell well in the
town below us Starve or touch then
Starve I say
Dear husband said the penitent
wife thou knowest the holy firs I go
to gather their cones I will sell them
and buy thee food which will make
thee well Children care for thy
father while I am gone
Quickly throwing a shawl over her
head and taking a basket on her arm
out into the gathering coldness of the
coming night stepped the mother The
wind shook the alders at the cottage
door until they nodded and peeped at
the windows It roughly rattled the
dried foliage of the stately oaks whose
sacredness to the gods the elements
were thought to respect and then died
away among the pines in a soft sad
music that brought tears to the
mothers eves It was like the moan
the bairns made for bread The
tears broke into a sob halfblinded
with a bent head she reached the edge
of the holv forest
Pityingly out from his bed of clouds
the setting sun glanced warm and ten
der He shot his parting rays among
the firs and filled their deep shadows
with a cheerful glow Suddenly into
the marked pathway of its light
stepped a little man with snowy beard
who gravely doffed his leathern cap and
waited for the sad mother to reach him
Good woman what ailst thou
Why 60 sad broke upon her startled
ear Oh sir I mean no harm Mv chil
dren starve my husband never again
will be well I cannot see them ask
ach day for bread and give them none
1 go to gather cones Do let me pass
nd fill my basket
I would harm thee not my friend
said the little man And knowest
thou where the best cones can be
found Follow this path a hundred
feet and there they can be gathered
ivilh but the mother was on her way
A knowing look a caress of his white
beard a sniff ot the perfumed forest
j air and the little man had vanished
W th glad feet the mother hurried on
Xot > < jnnd but the dropping of cones
broke theStiUncss of the forest Faster
and thicker thcyhecncd to fall at each
1 s T S f le 5S5 ward step A perfect storm of cones
cm itfoidJMrOTre be ojaasj g jropp j UporMicr head they fell
saSedTr REPE ATEK t her fcct th < y lilted her shoulders
filled her basket Frightened the
TK = VARLlNFiPE > RMSCO fcErtstta
woman turned and fled
EST u Sae Sea r rp dia
gjj EJS rikXajaTOiJaooMo
Patents TradeMarks
i wW > jl wk + aMettMlUL tMPJPr
poor glancing
neither to the right or left Heavier
and heavier the basket grew Breath
less and exhausted she reached her cot
tage door
The mother entered and quickly
barred the door Husband husband
think what has happenca On the
edge of tho holy forest I met u little
man with snowy beard who told me
where to gather the best cones I went
to find them but the farther I went
the faster the cones fell from the firs
They came about my head as thick as
snow flakes in midwinter yet the trees
lafBfaa < ie bd SSelca w t r tatablatr ol shook not I was afraid ana did not
l Te j neater l ralorr1G W orlI > tO
mat mss STASgU TMSBrear a s top to pick up one but some fell in my
Look look thou They
are pure silver It the Gubich thou
halt mat
Down the basket dropped Around
it grouped the mother and children
True there lay tho cones silver every
one gleaming in the firelight as had
the beard of the little man in the gold
en glow of the sun
Tho morrows sun had tipped the
graceful firs with gold when again
tho mother stood at the edge of the
forest In a moment the Gubich was
before her Goodmorrow good soul
Foundst thou not beautiful cones
yestereve And a laugh rang through
the forest The mother struggled to
speak Keep thy thanksI wish them
not continued the Gubich Be thou
only faithful to thy husbands words
and each cold December give to me
and my dear firs a loving thuught to
keep our hearts warm Xow hie thee
Not more quickly speeds the wind
than the mother home again not more
happy are the birds than were the
hearts in the miners home that day
By night nowhejo a hungry soul on
the beautiful Hirchbichcnstein
Dear Santa Claus ever since thy
beards been white as snow
Dear Christmas joy ever sincemadly
tha Harz maidens dance round tho
graceful firs
Christmas In Naples
The most interesting and curious
sight of the holiday season in Naples is
the Pnesepia A Pnesepium is a life
sized representation of the Nativity or
Christ in the manger at Bethlehem
The one in the church called Santa
Maria in Porto is the finest in the city
and occupies nearly half one side of
the church In this representation
there are several houses or rather
arches wih doors at which people are
standing The manger is always
placed near the center of the scene
The blessed Virgin Jlother is generally
robed in blue satin with crimson scarf
and white head dress Joseph is never
very conspicuous though he btands be
hind the Virgin attired in a handsome
dress of the period
The IMy Christchild il Santo Bam
bino lies in a rich cradle with linen
The Magi borne by their black
slaves are very prominent in their
grand clothes jewelled turbans and
satin tunics covered with jewelry rep
resenting handsome royalties in the
prime of life and strength One of
them is always black in complexion
and the others a rich brown much
darker than the average Italian They
all kneel reverently to do homage and
make their costly offerings
More attendants and sometimes
horses and mules are beheld in the
distance with raiment and various ac
cessories of wealth and position also
any number of bright picturesque
peasants carrying presents of vegeta
bles fruit sheep of all ages and even
All these figures are lifesize and of
brownpainted wood extremely well
carved full of expression feeling and
action There are foot paths trees
and flowers in all directions making
the scene wonderfully realistic A
goodly number of flying angels sus
pended by invisible wires are hovering
above the holy group
Last year in the Pnesepium of Santa
Maria in Porto there w ere thirtysix
figures tw hich represented the
artist and wife the latter as a
shepherdess surrounded by large
woolly sheep
She was quite handsome and wore a
modern Roman festa costume
The Magi were carefully studied
from the pictures and were dressed in
the oriental costume of the unchang
ing cast
These Pnesepia are most character
istic in the churches frequented chiefly
by the poor who save their little hoards
of chestnuts apples tomatoes etc to
put in the hands of their beloved
Santa Maria c Santo Bambino as
offerings The poor people revel in it
all and mothers are seen holding up
their little ragged and dirty children
to show them these wonders
A Leap Year Christmas
Frederick Charles Bunting had been
Amanda Dusenberrys shadow for three
years to the exclusion of other young
men who would have been attracted by
the maidens charms had Frederick
Charles unremitting attentions left
them any opportunity lie was at the
Dusenberry home two or three even
ings a week and all of Sunday aftei
noon This being the case it was no
wonder that he had the field to him
self audlhat other young men thought
it useless to look in that direction
But tho two were not engaged
There was nothing in the way of it ex
cept Frederick Chirles inability to ask
Amanda to marry him He was not a
coward in other respects but he
dreaded to put the question and
Amanda showed no indication of help
ing him Her idea was that if a girl
was not worth proposing to she was
not worth havinjr i
When the pros n jKar of grace ar
rived being leap ir tho diflldent
young man cherished the hope that his
charmer would exercise a womans
prerogative which comes every quad
renium and propose to him But up
to the date of the incident about to be
narrated the hopes of Frederick
Charles had been disappointed
The two were sitting before the fire
in the Dusenberry parlor one Thurs
day night in tho middle of December
when the girl remarked flow rapidly
time is flyingl It will soon be Christ
Yes he replied and it will be
leap year Christmas too By the way
leap year will soon be gone
So it wiU replied the girl de
What would you like me to give
you this leap j car Christmas asked
the young man
Why Tred Id like you to give
Speak out Amanda Dont be
afraid replied Bunting who began
to get courageous with the idea that
at last he had about brought her to
the point of asking that he give him
self as a Christmas gift
I I I hardly like to
And the girl hung her head
Dont be afraid Ill give yon any
thing you ask for he declared in a
great burst of generosity
WeU then Fred I wish you would
give me
Out with It Dont be backward
ho said Impatiently Giveyon what
my dear
Giveme a chance to see somethipg
The New Year Book 7
Now I the time to be glad and bright
And kind as we can from morn till nl
Be quick to smile and to frown be slow
And try to learn what k good to know
For oh let us think how the days will
While we write them down In our New
Tear book
If all would be good and kind and true
And do the work that Is theirs to do
If from hate and pride oar hearts wers
What a glad New Tear the world would
And then I know we should love to look
On each bright page of the New Yesi
J il in pi ii 0 a Claim
the line
were being
dispensed over tht
counter and in the
Xmt Antnmn and Lonelj TTlater Dvjs
East of the Rock lei Tho Statclr
Conntrr Hornet of tha ITeatthlar
i i house party to be a
drawpoker ert u
flourishing must weI1 M
Pete was in his high humor H lected They must
had bucked the tiger successfuUy to be people with
night and had quite enough ahead U nicely trimmed
work his claim in Corkscrew Gulch
True he had not done his assessment
work this year and by law anybodj
could jump the Lone Star thai
very day at midnight But Pete wai
not the man to be fooled with as h <
edges and rounded
corners bright
are quite an inno
vation in this coun
try brought over
like tennis and
golf from the old
f country Until a
few years ago
adaptable not an
assorted job lot tatrict
of different mental attainments
Lone htar himsclfbut sickness came the most social time A wellcooked
and he could not work his assessment dinner with a great variety of food is
and when he had returned to the pros of course expected
and found Pete armed I country houses In
pect ou > iuuuv viv m tc
lishments where the partyislargeit
the teeth in possession he had is a delightful fashion to split up the
accepted his hard luck with z tables as thev do in England to havo
good grace but had laid for Pete one large center table with smaller
ver since But now at last his oppor ones grouped around it Each
tunity had come and he determined tc I table may be decorated in a
regain his property and defend it at the different scheme ni color one
1 of of red white
risk of his life if necesscry
The tunnel was soon reached and the
moonlight streaming agains its blacl
mouth easily disclosed to his eycr
Petes location stake
He looked at his watch It marked
exactly midnight
Reaching down he fiercely wrenched
tho stake from the ground and flung ii
far from him down the mountain
lie then lit a candle and finding a
board quickly sharpened one end of it
and smoothing off the broad endwrote
his location notice on it rechristcning
the claim the Bright Hopes and
planted the stake firmly in the ground
Thinking he would go into the tun
nel and see how she looked he toou
up his candle and pick and started in
I hope it snows Christmas eve
said Harry because if jt dont Santa
of some other young men besides youi > I I Claus may have to come in a balloon
I would
cream one green
purple and so on with candle shades
and menus to match The loveliest ef
fects can be had with some small field
asters and Michaelmas daisies and
greenery from the hedges and au
tumnal leaves suggest endless possi
Just as he did so he thought he invited can return on whatever date
heard a whistle He stopped and lis the hostess desires only let it be
tened some one was coming up the mentioned definitely not in the
trail whistling softly Quickly dousing i comprehensive a week or two The
day before the expiration of the visit
the light he crouched behind a big
a i if she desire to have lWextended she
i ii i I
boulder just at the mouth of the tun
shouia M if not > it perfectlr
nel and drew his revolver proper to ask the friend if he or she
A few minutes later Pete stepped in j prefers returning the following darby
view with a w eeks supplies in a saci the morning or afternoon train
slung over his shoulder
Before he could put his burden down
Hank suddenly rose up before hjm witl
the muzzle of his pistol almost touch
ing the others face
Hands up he cried Ive got the
drop on ycr now
Pete seeing the other feUow had a
full hand promptly threw up his
while Hank deftly relieved him of his
Taint worth fighting about any
how said Pete carelessly
aint a pound of ore in the hull claim
Oh come off said Hank How
about all that ore you shipped last
That was out of a pocket I struck
which petered out mighty quick but if
you dont believe me Ill go in the hole
and show you and taking a candle
Pete started in the tunnel Hank fol
lowing but keeping his hand within
easy reach of his gun
The breast of the tunnel was soon
reached and Pete holding his candle
up before it said There now what
did I tell yer Its nuthin but dead
Hank took his candle and carcfullj
examined the breast roof and sides
but not a trace of mineral could be
Youre welcome to her said Tete
Ive blown in all the money I want
to you can have a blast at her now if
you want to
Hank did not reply but appeared to
be lost in thought Finally ho said
Hold my candle a minute Pete and
taking up his pick in both hands he
struck the breast a heavy blow and
the rock and mud with w hich Pete had
plastered it to fool curious and unwel
come visitors fell aw ay exposing a
vein of glittering white metal
Almost at the same instant there
was a deafening report and Hank fell
to the ground with a bullet through
his heart
Pete with a smoking revohcr in his
hand which he had snatched from
Hanks belt as he struck the blow
stood o7cr him with a grim smile as
he muttered Another accident
But retribution was close at hand
The reverberations of the shot had
hardly died away among the neighbor
ing peaks when a rock which had long
been loose started by the sudden
shock fell
tons of earth
third victim were crushed into a shape1
less mass
is reaUy the truest kindness
can show her guest and one she owes
not only to the departing but the oom
ing visitor
6 S f
Ther I ft Tlielr Tales Ilehlod
Some lizards have a convenient tail
Grasp it like a man of mettle and it
will remain in hand Does tho
rf liracd spend the rest of its life in a
taiUess condition and go about like
the fox in the proverb preaching the
uselessness of tails By no means
Liko goods sold in a shop the lizard
is retailed for a new appendage grows
again in due course In fact it is
I stated that if a lizard only crack its
tail a fresh one wiU sprout out of the
crack and the animal will then wear
two tails at a time
There is a spot in Maderia where the
lizards once went to and fro without
tails On inquiry it turned out that
i middies nshore for the day from
ships of war that touched at the island
used to frequent this place and amuse
themselves by knocking the tails from
off the lizards Its a pity these mis
guided lads had no better notion of fun
than to play the tailer
When Dr Drummond was at Palo
Bay in Sardinia he spied a large liz
ard making for the shelter of a heai
of rocks
just as it was disappearing from view
and was astonished to find the crea
tures resistance cease Then he was
suddenly alarmed to discover a young
snake fas he thought jumping about
his legs He backed to a respectful
distance and then he saw that it was
the severed tail of the liiard that pre
sented these strange serpentlike
Carnrabera lor Winter
I use a cider keg and do
not put any water in the pickle
at all but put a thick layer of
alt on the bottom of the keg Then I
wash the cucumbers and lay them
close together covering each layer
with salt in a few days there will be
plenty of bine and if you keep them
weighted and dip off the scum that
rises I think you will not fail to keep
them Put up this way the vessel
will hold more cucumbers as they
shrink so much but when soaked to
put in the vinegar will regain their
Elump appearance To flavoring a
alf gallon I use one race of ginger
one tablespoonf ul each ot sugar black
and cloves also few
uuu spice uikirca a
from the roof bringing f pecs of horseradish I use cold
with it and Pete and his vinegar though some orefer to scald
them Mrs
and Farm
F A Doyle in Home
Margie The stales are fastened on
fish just like the shingles on a boose
arent they Mamma Yes Mantle
dear Margie I suppose they are put
and if it busted all Uww gat V 1 the hJ
Tj atherTV1ag d Hats
Most curious In origin of all noc
i turnal insect hunters are the leather
winged bats which may bo regarded
practically speaking as very tiny
monkeys highly specialized for the
task of catching nocturnal flies and
midgets Few people know how nearly
they are related to us They belong
to the selfsame division of the higher
mammals as man and the apes their
skeleton answers to ours bone for
PARTIES bone and joint for joint In an ordi
nary manner only the unessential
fact that they have very long fingers
with a web between as an organ of
flight prevents us from instantly and
instinctively recognizing them as re
mote cousins once removed from the
gorilla The female bat in particular
fashionables went is absurdly human Most of them feed
to England and 0 T Insects alone but a few like the
famous vampire bats of South Ame
tun e of th
8weekV iCa take a mean advantaSe ot sleeP
fora few weekV
hunting and fishing soiae like the inJ aalmaIs and suck their blood after
BradleyMartins and ths Carnegie no fashion of mosquitoes as
hiring shooting boxes in tie Highlands they lio defenceless in the forests
for this purpose and takia j a party of orontheopen pampas Others like
friends with them i the flying foxes of the Malay archi
Of course this was very nice but pelago make a frugal meal of fruit3
SrSll tTT58 i COuM and vegetables but even these are
think of doing things m this stvle so
the less rich had to bestir therrWvesra < > nght lljers They hang
and do the next best paraphrasing the head donoward from the boughs of
old saying about Mahomet coming to trces durinir the hot tropical daytime
the mountain by bringing the country i hut sally forth at night to rob the
house season over here i bana patches and Invade the plantain
T WAS N E Y I It is now at its height in the hills grounas of tho industrious native
Years ove in I Everybody who has an apology for a The bat is lemur compelled by dire
the and the house in the Berkshire and the Litch
Gold Nugget saloon I AeH hills and nearer home hi the Or
> iiJlnffe mountains and along the High
was doing a heavrfc of the Illldson < ha s it fuUL of
business all along gnestsall bent on one thing that of en
joying the most
enjoyable time of
the year in the
Of course for
necessity to become
a flying night
A IMr Schema
A Greek engineer who received his
professional education in America has
just elaborated the great project of
lighting by means of the electric
light the whole of the town of Con
stantinople all tho Bosphorus from
Cavak as far as the historical village
of San Stefano upon the Sea of Mar
mora by means of three very power
ful machines to be erected upon the
three points of tho Bosphorus where
the current has an extraordinary force
that is to say at ArnaoutKeui Can
T j dilly at SeraiBournou at tho entry of
less they are all these the hostess has
indeed a vexatious time but when her
already had two graves to his credit ir visitors are up to visiting standard she
Doc Turners ranch the name applied has it comparatively easy
to the cemetery in honor of a local doo
tor which contained the bodies of tw
tenderfcet who had differed witl
him and were accidentally shot S <
the inhabitants of Galensville con
One thing she must learn before all
else to respect her guests personality
and not to feel that she is obliged to
be at their heels or they at hers from
the moment they cross her threshold
In this fine weather everybody pre
cluded that he was a safe man to lei fers being out of doors but when rainy
alone and he laughed at the idea that
anybody would be so foolish as to com
mit suicide as he termed it by at
tempting to jump his claim
The old year had but a few minuter
to live when Hank tied up his horse
among the tall snowladen pine treei
near the Lone Star and loosening
the thongs which fastened a pick tc
his horses saddle and transferring a
couple of sticks of dynamite anc
days come the hostess resources are
apt to be taxed Given plenty of horses
carts books newspapers the life of a
visitor in a country house is bound to
be pleasant and he should remember
that it is expected of him to do his b < st
to help his hostess not only by amus
ing himself but by entertaining his fel
Picnic parties luncheon with the
hunters and such things are usually
great successes and barn dances and
the coast port of the > ea of Marmora
The project has appeared to be so prac
tical and realizable that a company of
capitalists has been formed the nec
essary funds subscribed and a demand
for a concession has been addressed to
the Turkish government The latter
on the other band has taken the pro
ject into serious consideration and
without losing time has nominated a
commission ad hoc to examine the de
tail and draw up an official detailed
Illi ChlrUrna Mine Gold
A report from Butte Mont says
that when Mr McConille of that
place killed a chicken for dinner re
cently he found its crop and gbzard
full of gold nuggets Ho immediately
killed all his other chickens and found
some candles from his lad dTe bag tc oldtime straw rides will be thoroughly in the thirtyone crops and gizzards
enjoyed by most town folks
his pockets shouldered the pick ann
slowly mounted the tortuous trail
He had long awaited this moment
Tonr years arro he had owned thi
i Tea is another landmark of the day
a time for the general exchange of con
fidences in the lamplight in the draw
ingroom but evening is w ithout doubt
38755 worth of gold 18 karats fine
an average of 1250i per chicken
Mr McConville is not willing to abate
even the sixth of a cfent from the
story as it amounts to a good deal
from a number of chickens He at
even in smaller once bought fifty more chickens and
extensive estab put them in his gold pasture and in
bilitics in artistic fingers One word
more Do not let your invitation
be vague Much worry and annoy
ance will be saved if you will fol
1 low the English fashion of stating
I when your guests are to arrive and
wherfahey are expected to leave This
sounuL dreadfully inhospitable but in
reality it is not and is done by the
most popular hostesses on the other
sAle The information can be con
veyed delicately in the note of invlta
i tion which should saj that a carriage
wiU await the arrival of a certain train
on a certain day and that the person
four days time one of them showed
an accumulation of 280 worth of
gold or 70 ecnts a day Mr McCon
ille proposes to buy all the chickens
he can find and set them to work ex
pecting soon to accumulate a large
An Explanation
A lawyer explaining the phrase
If I can manage to hang on to my
diamonds I guess I can pull through
said If a man is in the habit of
wearing this sort of ornament his as
sociates are bound to notice it In a
time when men are goin r to pieces all
sorts of signs are looked for by busi
men that will indicate tho financial
standing of a customer If they notice
that a man who has been In the habit
of wearing expensive jewelry suddenly
appears without any of his jewels they
are apt to conclude that he is being
pushed so hard that ho had to realize
on personal property and his credit
goes down
Had to Stop
Some smart storekeepers at Taco
ma Wash hit on the happy idea of
advertising their business by sticking
little wafer pasters on coins like
labels on boxes Thsy secured a sure
Tins and hie circulaijn for their adver
hostess tiscments and tne scheme worked
well until a few days ago when tho
treasury department notified the
local authorities that thepiactice was
illegal and it was stopped
A later Alltsfttor
An exchange announces that an al
ligator 8 feet 2 inches in length and
weighing 220 pounds was caught in
the Mississippi off the levee at St
Iorisafew days ago Some of its
teeth were said to be more than two
inches long and like the teeth of a
shark This alligator was probably
an alligator gar
Cheaper to Ituj
It costs more to fertilize an acre of
land in England so that it will grow
good wheat than it does to send the
product of an acre in Dakota over
Female Doctors
Austria has recently allowed women
to practice medicine in Bosnia In
other parts of the empire the profes
sion is closed to them
A Tonio That Qnlett the Nerve
Xot all the sedatives and nerve foods and
narcotics in which this age of medical dli
corery is so prolific can restore quiet to trie
Ho grabbed it bv its tafi nerves permanently so long as the traa
qullity of tboae sensitive organs Are dis
turbed by irregular digestion hen the
food Is cot adequately digested and asalmi
lated tonio or Invigorating effect is not
exerted ipon them they remain weak and
unstrung and nightly repose Is disturbed and
fitful Beginning at the fountain bead Ho
tetter Stomach Blttera reforms a disordered
condition of ths stomach and promotes gen
eralTlgor In ihtch the nerves share In com
raon with the rest of thesj m A regular
action of the bowels and liver resulting irom
the use of the medicine alo conduce to this
good effect Malaria rheumatism and kidney
complaint all nerve disturbing complaints
are remoTcd bT the lUttera
Tell people their Tirtues experience will
teach them their faults
There Is more Catarrh la this section of
tho country than all other dieases put to
gether and until the last few years was
supposed to be Incurable For a great
many years doctors pronounced It a local
disease and prescribed local remedies aud
by constantly fading to cure with local
treatment pronounced it Incurable
Science has proven catarrh to be a consti
tutlonal disease and therefore requires con
btitutlonal treatment Halls Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney Co
Toledo Ohio Is the only constitutional
cure on the market It Is tali en internally
in doses from 10 drops to a tea > poonfuL
It acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the ayBtem They offer one
hundred dollars for any case It fails to
cure Send for circulars and testimonials
Address F J CHENEY CO Toledo O
2T6old by Druggists 75c
Talk a you please about rabid dogs
every boy vranU a dog
Take no Substitute foi
Royal Baking Powder
It is Absolutely Pure
All others contain alum or ammonia
A Mralnwd Theory
Specialist on throat diseases are
beginning to take unusual interest in
cuhlnary methods They advise a
kitchen quarantine on uah da and
boiled dinner days giving as a reason
that tho steam from boiling clothes
and pickled meats that require much
heat produces many illnesses of tho
respiratory organs and aggravates
slight or chronic diseases of the nose
throat and lungs Patients are ad
vised to vacate apartments having
dark or ill entilated kitchens ind to
keep all babies and ailing children out
of the kitchen when conking is going
Xjtrcet Diamond
The entiro product of tho diamond
mines at New Jagersfontein bouth
Africa was taken during tho first half
of this ear by a syndicate whose con
tract expired at midnight Juno 30
Just before sundown on tho last day
of tho contract the largest white dia
mond in tho world was founJ It is 3
inches long from 14 to 2 inches thick
and weighos 971J carats or 1 ounces
avoirdupois It is perfect in color
except for a black spot in tho middle
which will probably make it advisable
to cut it in two
Stop When Fall
It is not always easy to see or de
cide just when to stop pouring liquid
into a funnel while filling a lot of bot
tles Hence there Is a liability of the
liquid slopping over and going to
waste A Texas man has therefore
devised a way to stop tho flow auto
matically at the right moment He
has a float small enough to blip down
in the neck of tho bottle a little way
It hangs there Iooely until tho rising
levefof the contents forces it upward
and along w ith it a wire which then
closes a valve in the funnel
A childs education Is never completed so
long as ha feels that he knows more than
his parents
Every one happens to be listening when
the man you dibhke tajs something raol
Has found that her little on s are improved
more by the pleasant laxative Syrup of
Figs when in need of the laxative effect of
a gentle remedy than by any other and
that It is more acceptable to them Chil
dren enjoy It and It t < enefits them The
true remedy Syrup of Figs is manufac
tured by the California Fig Syrup Co only
Almost every woman marries her first
chance they say
Start a Peoples Party Paper
Does your county need a straightout
Populist local paperf Then write for cir
cular samples and full particulars of a
new and successful plan to J T W Loe
box 377 Dallas Tex
A man likes to meet people who have the
same grievances
Dr T A ntinter Spclsljk >
In disease of the Throat Lung and
Heart Catarrh and Deafne 315 i > am
streeet Dallas Tex Send fo pamphlets
A cat only has one life if a bulldog
catches it
If Ike Da > y l Cutting Teeth
B tore and use that old and well tried remedy M u
Tf itsLowj Soothing Stitr for Children TeelMnff
Every younj
man has tome foolish ai
Ilrifioi s Maglr Corn alve
Warranted tocursor mtstieV refuodetl Aak jour
dru cit for it rr e lS < ats
A man buys a cow his neighbor gets the
cream his wife the money
Malaria cured and eradicated from the
system by Brown s Iron Bitters which
enriches the blood tou the nerves ails
digestion A ts like a < hanu on persons in
general ill health giiug new eceigy and
People iwmllr find out that the best ad
vice was not followed
lhe meanest man In every town wm
raided a pet
16 Worlds I air Photos for One Dime
The Chicago Milwaukee t St Fau Rail
way has made an arrangement with a first
class publiihinjt house to furuuh a series
of beautiful AVorlds Fair picture cfo
large sue at the nominal cost to the pur
chaser of only ten centa for a portfolio ef
sixteen Illustrations Nothing ao hand
somo in reference to the Worlds Fair hai
before been published The series won J
bo worth at least twelve dollars if the pi <
tures were not published in suth large
quantities ami we are therefore able t j
furnish these work ofartforonlvten entfl
Remit your money to Ueorge II Hear
ford General Passenger Agent hicago
Milwaukee St Paul Hallway at Cbira o
111 and the pictures will be tent prompi y
to any specified address They will make
a handsome holiday gift
Some men are always having a territ le
For Djipepsia Indigestion and Stomarb
disorders use Browns Iron Bitters tne
Best Tonic It rebuilds the t > ystem cleans
the Blood and strengthens the muscles A
splendid medicine for w eak and debilitated
People take medicine for languor whea
they should take exercise
Shi lot a Contnmptlon Cur
I add on a iruanuiftr it cures Inciplf nt i on umt
Uuo IttalhoU UMifhCure SctJa30ctaUi
If flirting is proper why dont men flirt
with their wives
Lane Itlrdlclno Uotea lhe Doff
ela lncl > Da In order to be healthy
this is necersfcary Cures constipation
headache kidney and liver troubles and
regulates the btomach and bowels Price
50c and J 100 at all dealers
Did you ever remark that only thevblff
fellows want to fight youf
VTno wot ld te free from earthly Ills miSt
buy a box of Beetham s Pills 25 cents a
box Worth a guinea
Vheo n man marries he halves his rights
and doubles his duties
Cough and Col tin Tho e who are
auttVnng from Cough Colds Sore Throat
etc Eboold try Browns Bronchial
Troches W < i only h boze
The sky Is not like people It Is always
pleasanteit when it is blue
For over a quarter of a ccnturr Dr Pierce
Golden Medical Discovery has been effecting
cures of Bronchial Throat and Lcnx affec
tions The makers have such confidence la
the Discovery for curing Asthma Bron
chitis and Incipient Consumption that they
can afford to guarantee it
Mrs Isaac Lotmay of ThufUrx Dclavtn
Co Pii writes as follows
H 01 Teocp
Dr RV Fiercx Buf
fal N V DrarSIrw
I wish to write you of
my Lrotber Harry O
Troup who has been
slct for ten years with
asthma Ho has bpa
treated by ten different
pbvsiclans who have
said be could not bo
cured He bad to sit
up at night bo cot so
oort ot breath hesuf
fered with xeamu beaa
aches and had a bad
cough After taklny
Doctor Pierces Golden
Medical Disooverr and
Pleasant Pellets he did
not get short of breath and can sleep all night
Electrical Supplies
En n < < ins l > mps Presses
Dallaf Texas
NPPni CC For lSlngavrMnrfc
tEW Wf gTlfDiRP Gods Only
CU1ITT1 CC jTiii Taioi strruxD
OiiU I I LCg Send for wholesale prlt a
DCnAIOC Iut Blzuxtk ltro Co
lEL rAlKOa tlSLocmtstStXoalOfo
VTfttrlrs HsBnH Hlnm
At i Price Si
Orf aMBle fe
fcfr wit Ust IRIK
scale cu ninr in
Married LadiesSiJsT wS
cm la cr d it LlfiltS ZamXtrXSt Uelt x
IfaflllftPdw b
or y ea ut
Thompsons Eye WaUr
TOte W
mimajMil mii
rtt Aw HATwrawmM the TJa ii1 Passages
Allays Pain and Inflammation Heals the Sores Ees
re3 Taste and Smell The B4X1I is applied into the Ifc
la quickly absorbed 13 aKTeeable to use Gives relief at once
J Drusslsta or by mail ELY EKOTUEKS OG Warren St Now York
With blnrtlna pot connections connected la cir
cuit with 1 e < lnr > ie batttMr Iron box bell and
a wood ha Bone pctnt witch Tho bell e n
placed antttitrcil dUtance rrom clock ini for
imvemonce ha twitch should b placed ctar
th tl ai the beil will coatlnoa to rlnf t o
hours onleo the clrt ult Is broken Tne cock tj
act In the mual manner to rtn t t a certain hoar
and tb m > Tmcnt o the clock tbrowt into cir
ca It the Electric ball which will eontlnna t
no untli awttcb 6 off Th clock ar
And are fnllr pnaraatccd The cost of entr
outfit compere boind read for thtpmert
to 00 SentC O D object to examination ti
Eanre charges are guaranteed both wat
We Aiant Itrspontlblo Men to repreacal
oa la each count aor termi address
17 Husk Street
Father op Mother
Sister op Brother
Sweetheart or L > ovcr
Would be plcastd to
recclv as a
Christmas or New Year s Present
Somtihing thsy could alaays ketp is x reminder of the Co
lumbian year What more appropriate than a
Sent Postpaid to an aJdress fr SO cents In t or 2cent itimpi
Onlj a limited number lstL Order qulelf ir n K Q BROWN 8802 W l Jacluaa
Street Chicago 1U

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