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Fort Worth weekly gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, May 21, 1886, Image 10

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J ii
W 41
l 3X
Hliiwis Indlna Ohio and Virginia
Visited by a Storm of Wind
Ran and Hall
TfrditrVlYO IVopIo Killed nt Xcnln
Ohio Tlio Henlrncllon of
Tropcrly ImmenBO
Hundreds o IVipln Him l MWlr nod
UnllroHit lliminuinlcHtliiii Out
OHAttl Solicited
Oivuimnati Ohio Mayl3 Tliccltyof
Xenla Green cou ty la this mate In re
ported lnaecesslblo l > y railroads from any
direction liecauao of waahpuU by tho
storm last nlfiht Archer crceU whlca
lions from tho Luot under u culvert near
the depot lias dammid tha culvert with
drift and formed a Brent reservoir which
broKo tho railway embankment swept
through tho town carrying houses away
and tanning loss of life besides sweep
ing away six hundred feet of railway
track MlOflOa in thcro Is still no
teUgraphlo communication with Xetua or
D yton > but from railroad olllulals It Is
ascertained that twenty persons are re
ported killed and a lar o number Injured
Tho wind lilow down trees and telegraph
poles until thero aro no comnninl
cation with Cincinnati whatever
Only tho merest outlines of the treat
dUafiteratXonla nro obtainable irom
thtsult nH rn that tho rainfall last
nlttht wus tho luavlut ever known In
that part of tho stuto It was u lunpth >
enett cloutMiimt beginning at 8 oclock
and continuing till niter 10
Khivvneo river which runs through a
portion of tho town with colleges nullt
on IIh bank roco to an tiu > rceceloiitotl
hcltcht sftcptaway fifty to one hundred
nulldlutis und the Inmates suddenly
found themselves helpless In an angry
JIow many live were lost Is not yet
known hut at 1JiSO oclock thu rescuing
farty had recovered twentyluur bodies
twas intimated that a number moru
wotidjit bo found Tim storm Is de
scribed as thu most IImihiiouh over
known On tho Ilttlo Miami railroad
tho nearest approach any train could
malm to tho city was threo miles The
bridges weio all washid away ami lit
plncei tho track slo ines wore blown
down fence stleMreij eel and crops ruined
Xi nu May 111 Tho principal stream
flowluK thr lull Xenla Is Arehor creek
which Is generally a small stream with po
destructive powirs Thu cnek Hows
through a culvert under tlio Panhandle
railway eletnt riht nl ht a frlithifnl
slorm rajinl from 0 oclock until after 12
Tho stream becanio so tnoitly sw lien on
account of tho heavy rains till
the culvert was taxed to Its 111111011 to
Rlvo tho water lindane way When drift
wood commuietd coining down the
swollen stream It was cuiiKht at tho cul
vert until a perfect dam was formed
Tho oltlaieiis potcuhlng dancer worked
earnestly to dMadito the limbers and
driftwood which kept Incrcaciiiu but
tho lorco of tho current wedge d them In
so tight that their efturtH vioriifitttlti Tho
water backed up noon overilowed tho
banks and erohtugforiiifd an ixiohhIvo
reservoir Thu pi oplo all over tho city
began to grow alarmed but biforo any
dellnlto action wus talent tho water broke
Its ouibaukinent and rushed through thu
town tearing down tieis and wa hlng
nutty homers Moro than ouo huudreil
houses were enopt away Many resl
deneos wer swept down tho current with
their imitates Tho house of Aaron JtVrgu
son thus washed away contained nluo
peisoim of hit own family and Ihreo of
John Uurtchns who Heel thero for safety
Cincinnati Ohio May 18 Tho storm
last eiyuulug vvhlilt did siteh fearful work
at Xenla was far reaching It Is heard of
lu llllnoH throuch Indiana ami Ohio and
at Winchester Va Hero there has buon
unusual electrical disturbances for tho
past thrcu nights On Monday night
thuro was almost unlnturrupted lightning
from It n in to 0 a in Tuesday evening
a similar condition existed accompaule d
by heay rain and hall List night thero
Was another electrical storm with wind
heavy ruin and hall Tho Xenla storm
wa much moro furious The coun
ties of Montgomery Clark llutlor
Warren and Greene lie aljacont
tho Ohio and form an elevated plateau
In thcho counties aro tho towns of lay
tou Hprlngfleld Hamilton Lebanon and
Aenla In iho eastern oouaty of Imll
ana adjolnlug this district is Connors
vlllo At these places tho rain of last
night was of thu healest volume over
known At Daytonlt measured 41 Inches
in about threo hour Xenla was
so situated as to meet with tho worst re
sults MaUmeo river traverses thit por
tlonol tho city nellacciit to the Mttlo
Miami railroad which lies lower than tho
main portion of tho city The railway
embankment rises above tho Reoural
level hud tho stream lions through It
in n largo culvert Last nlntitN
rainfall was too much tor tho cat aclty of
tho culvert Tho waters rose auel swept
away tho ombaukinent and with great
forco rushed ou tho cottages located In
thu low banks nud without warning boru
them from thai r foundations
At Springfield tho flood was of
nearly the samo volume but tho
draluago was hotter Iatt High
street brldgo was undermined and It a
miss of rules In tho eastern aud south
eastern portions of tho city many families
wore driven from their houses by tho
oucroachlng flood nutans of bridges
over streams wore waihed away Iho
Iosscb cannot ho estimated tonight but
will bo tomorrow They aro exceedingly
At Lubanmi Ohio tho Methodist Kpls
ropal church tho Lobnuou house a grist
mill warehouse and several resiliences
wero uuroofud 8hado trees were ruined
Nearly every tullrosd across tho statu
wss crippled Homo will require several
dsyn lo repair
ijUytoN Oolo May 13 n8tou Is
Isolated Tiicruato no trains In or out
Thu telegraph and lull phono wires aro
all down A storm at wind rain mm
hull as big us hens tgas struck Dayton
and vicinity at S oclock last evening
Tho slnnll streams became rushing tor
runt and tha Miami a mighty Hood
rlslug ntno feet In three hours Inuu
dating filly acrns of houses lit tho Fourth
Wl of Psyion drpnnlng hemes nud
CAWS and torrefying thu cltlsens whero
tho streets turned Into tho riverbeds
The merchtmfloo In tho collars waR
tUlpld Tho HtnlgvM in nil dlMCtldni
wew swept away ifurm bulldiugs and
dwelling wen demolished All kinds of
crops mxo totally rained The dostruc
Moo by the cyclone is lu ft track east
from tho Big MI irUo tho Little Miami
ontt ZsdqjUHo ZIonvlllo brick Iteform
church fonr miles south ofDljtcm Is a
Wtal ivrccli Tho ch ircli at Beavortawn
wh re pr yer nvotlnf was In progress
WM deiuollshvd but nonet of tlio paulc
Ktrlokem worshlpfiw wj seriously hurt
The diwilfms her vrtrei twisted from i
ttwlr tomiMhttkms aivl t destruction
Was Krongbt Kttakw YUI So three
miles oast was terribly shaken
many buildings being unroofed
barns blown down and rattlo Injured
A special train with Superintendent
Tntkcr was wrecked near Ocborne and
Tucker aud six others were injured A
nnrjh bound freight on tho Cincinnati
JUmlltnn Dajtun dashed Into a wash
iat 1ossum run Uvo miles south of
IJayton and n thirty ton locomotive was
carried 160 foot down tho mighty torrent
before sinking nod then rolled over and
over At daylight a farmer a mile across
tho waters noticed a stgnit of distress
and rescued the freights crow from tho
tree topj Engineer John McCutcheon
and tho fireman were seriously Injured
Tho rainfall was four and n half inelits
In threo hours There was much de
struction In tha Dig and Little Miami
valleys from tho source to tho Onlo
rhcr aud additional dla tcrs icportcd
by tho country people are constantly
coming lu
imroN Ohio May 18 The storm of
taut night resulted In considerable dam
age Tho rainfall lltlcd both tho Miami
rivers banksfnll Tho dratnauo of thu
city led tho water to Main street where
business blocks occupy ail tho ground
Tho thoroughfare became a river ami
flooded all tho store cellars deNtroylng
goods Arnold Hon claim a lOss of
10000 Wolf creek Jevco bioke
flooding tho West side under
mlnliiK structures and turulog families
out of smill tenements Tho patrol
syntem carried voimrn and children out
of danger Tho Ulg Miami roso nine
feel between 0 oclock and midnight
which Indicates great loss to farmers anil
gtrrieui rs of tho valleys Itillway bridges
find eulverts aro Haulm 1 out and telegraph
coniimfolonilonfl nie shut off from fay
ton Trnlns aro alt behind and several
huudreil people are detained In the city
Die washout on tho llee Ltuo four miles
south of Diyton took awuy LOOfcet of
embankment Llku washouts nro re
ported on every road nut of Dayton
All kinds of extravagant rumors aro
Senator Kemp left for Dayton 011 re
ci Ipt of tho news that his humu had been
utiMnil away and his family could not be
found This Is unconfirmed
It ports from Hpilu fteld nunounco a
similar destruction by lightning and
flood Iorllons of two trains weio de
railed but no loss of llfo oectirtcd Thu
foundations of scleral buildings woru
washed out allowing them to tumble
don 11 Several houses In tho city ami
surrounding country wero burned down
from being struck by lightning
Iniiianaioiis Im > May 18 The Wa
bash Kt Louis I ielllo ctistbound pas
senger struek u washout slv miles below
Li Juyetto nt M iDO this morning throw
ing the whole train of sevon coaches from
tho trnek Tho curs wero piled upon
each other promiscuously but no one
was hurt except tho biiggagemati whonu
Injiiiles wetu not serious
inn innWAYS ClliriIltll
iNiitANAieiiiH Im > May 13 Tho
railways leading east from Indianapolis
aro severely crlppleel Ou thu latihatidlu
It Is paid iho amount of track washed out
between here mid llradlord will aggre
gate Uvo miles Iho elainago on thu llee
llnu Is also very heavy Tho Hasteru
division of thu ludhui nioomln lon
Western li so crippled that tho compan >
will not uttempt to move trains before
Oiikii In May 13 Yesterday alt
omoon a terrible cjulono ttrtick this
village It dcmeilMn el ouo brick block
wrtokcel threo warehouses untouted tin
hotel Mnsonlo hall four shoo building
uiitl also the upper story of the Angell
block Hcarcely a store In town es
caped Injury Tho loss will amount to
9D0000 lloutO barns mid sheds were
twisted oft their foundations ami com
pletely elestioyed Tieus ono loot In
ellaineter wero tw Isted up Tho storm
1II1I not last over ilvo minutes The
fatally Injured nrot
LetiTiK Zwiitic a tonearold girl
carried over LOOfeot In the air and fell
ou the ratltoad track smashing Iter skull
aitoiuiK aud CiieniKH Hokk liver
memS fi Coik hardware merchant and
Two children of Charles Miller are
seriously hurt Tho children had taken
refuge lit a bilck building and wero
burltd In the rttlus Tho damage In tho
sitiroundlug cottntty Is comparatively
Atiica 1M May 13 Phu following
Is a H t of thu deael and Injured f riSm yi s
te relay storm t
Kiltedt Mim Jot Davis
yutally wounded t Mm Moukiikad
Mus AiikNaiiian
Will Vamikvkntku
Tamks lDl1t
Seriously lujnrcdt Mils Liniiv ltKrn
and son
lion HAiiuis
CounrNKV Mooittttintut the last
named a son of MrsMootohead Is fatally
Injured Tho loss will exceed 200000
Xknia Ohio May 13 Abqut 7 oclock
last evening terrible clouds wore seen
gathering and terrlilo lightning followed
by peals ot thunder This lasted till 0
oclock when an extraordinary clan ot
tliumli r seemed to open tho gates and
jaln fell In torrents Tho people llvluc
lu houses on Water street escaped by
every way possible Tho spout seemed
toventltslury on that portion of tlio
city For 150 yards tho Little Miami
railway Is swept away Tho spout struck
tho houses
on Water street audMore
them to plecoi as if they wero shells a
resident ot tho street states tint wlthlh
two mlnntos after the clap of thumlor ho
stood In water up to his waist ho bolus
about twcutytlvo yards from tho creek
When the waters reached tho resldenco
ot Aaron Ferguson It wa swept away
With nine Inuntes ntul lodged against tho
bridge whoro they wero afterwards res
cued Tho next datnago was nt
tho coatyard of Samuel Clark In
which was locited n tenement
house occupied by family namod Vow
Jll nluo in number Up to D p m none
ot thorn had been heard from Tho next
point of destruction was on what Is
know u as tho Ilottoms These houses
occupied mostly by colored people wetu
swept nvay Doztuiwot Itotscs were lo t
and the railroads leading out of the city
worn swept away so It is Impossible
to hear from fmtsltto points At
least a eloten trains aro within a tow
miles of tto city Telegraph wires aro
down and business Is suspended One
family by tho name ot Morris was swept
away Tho last eeen ot them
was nt tho Miami stteet bridge when
a man was seen at tho wlmlow
by tho crowd waving a lighted lamp
Tim next inomont tho house collapsed
aud they were gono Only ouo a boy
tbirteun years of ago has been fouud
Ton w rk of tmding tho bodies stilt con
tlnues tonlgtit Tho mayors oulco has
been turned Into a morgue Thoro aro
now twentytwo bodies there The
sccues are heartrending Whole families
Uo disfigured ou cots
Following Is a list of the killed 1
Mrs Li ips ay coloied
Miss Cassv QOlpied
Mns AMK 8ov colored
A child named Amikmox
Mus Caiikokax white
A crippled Idiot named CanKonaN
Mr and Mrs Louts
Iit Onitf Momtis wife and fl o
children white
WiLtUM l itL wife and five children
WjiUt Kvakb and wife
Tho loss of property Is great
Whole lumberyards and all tho
bridges are gone completely Tho scenes
lu tho devastateil district arc Indescriba
ble Forces of men aro busily engaged
clearing away the debris and hundreds
of people surround the place Strangers
I11V0 begun to pour Into the city from
every direction The council has appro
priated 91000 for Immediate use
lu the burial of tho vic
tims Tho private subscription
his already reached into tho thousands
A coitimltteo Is doing tho city for cloth
tug and bedding The rink his been
turned loto a reftigo for the homeless
whoaromauy All aid possible Is needed
from every sunrco Among tho lossis
arcf MeDnwelll tTorrence lumber910 <
OQOt Miami lowd T company S5000
tho Little Miami railway 9HJ5000 private
Individuals 50000 Kugltners place
tho citys loss at 876000 Tito Little All
ami road has about sixteen miles ot track
swept away
lu addition to the above two more
bodies wero found this evening They
nro not Identified
Tho complete number of dead whose
bodies have buon found is twentyfive
with eleven sttll missing
aniEicMiKi 11 Jjcu May 13 News has
reached Hero from Wllklns fifteen miles
distant on the Iudlnnapolls Bloom
lngton Western railroad that
tho storm yesterday blew down
all the btilldlngn In the town except threo
Samuel White was klded his wllo fatnlly
Injured and a hoy named Shoffar also
killed and about twenty persons wero
seiluusly hurt several of whom will ello
The wires aro down nud direct commu
nication la impossible
fiend Tun Ovzkitiss premium ellstrl
button In another place lu this weeks
llironstt 1111 tlin Irriulrr
AniLXS May 10 Tho king has writ
ten a letter to lrjrater Dolyanuls holdlug
hltn responsible for tho present condition
of things lu Oreeco Tho toielgn lleets
with thu exception of one vessel of each
power htiH left bitda ba and has com
pleted tho blockade of the Orcek coast
Tho government 1ms warned all vessels
that If ihoy leave the port It will bo at
their Own risk Tho Issue of shipping
papers has been stopped Tho commer
cial world Is excited There wus a alight
tiling on thu frontier today by Greek
troops In dlsobedlcncu to orders Quiet
was soon restored
The ministers persisted In resigning
iluspliu King Georges refusal on Sunday
to uecept thi lr reslRiiitlons ThoOlllclul
Journal approves the ministerial action
and sajs it believes It was for tho best
lutfroHtot Greece
Tho king met the cablnot nt noon to
day and necoptiid their resignations Tho
Sing Immedlttely ent forM Hlklkls tuid
commissioned him to form a new minis
lleforo piesontliig his resignation yes
terday Delatinls sent a circular note to
tho fotelgn embissatlors to the cffict that
Greece had never contemplated hostility
to thopowtrnj that thu blockado placed
Itcecuat n hopeless disadvantage Tho
Greek government ho said considered
the notion of tho powers In blockading
Greek porta entirely unjustlilablo
Ororco In it IJuiinilury
Atiiicnb May 11 Delynnnls the re
tiring premier refuses to convoke tho
Greek chamber of deputies to take action
on tho ctlsls Yesterday eicuing ho e
plained to his adherents tho reasons which
prompted him and his ministers to resign
Uo salel nothing but war could efface tho
humiliation to which Greece had been
subiocted but that war was Impossible
without unanimity among thu Greeks
gitatlons carried on by tho opposition
and tho Indifference eit the king paralzed
tho efforts of patriotism and therefore
tho government had resigned In thu Inter
ests of the country He was convinced
that thu powers entertained enmity to
wards his government
Tho Greeks aro holdlug massmeetings
all over tho country to protest against
tho blocknko Issued by tho powers op
pealing to tho people ot foreign countries
tor sinpathy against the tyranny of tho
Vlctotln In Liverpool
LtvaitiOOL May 11 Tho queen ar
rlvetl hore firtho purpose of personally
opening tho Liverpool International exhi
bition Tho ceremony Is to take placo at
3 oclock this afternoon This Is tho
second time her majesty has visited
Liverpool during her reign
Her majesty allfjhted at tho railway sta
tion within tho exhibition groumls and
wa erected by a large crowd with great
Iliihusltsm The epiecn will remain over
night In Liverpool as the guest of tho
city This will bo tho tlrst tlino a llrltlsh
moiurch has been Iho guest of tho Liver
pool corporation mid tho cltliens have
jttdoptidovory means within their power
tOmako tho occasion memeirublo by their
pjalty and tho magulllcenco of tho celo
Thatll All llltht
London May 11 Tho Fall Mall Ga
rotte this afternoon says Gladstones
speech last night made bad worse and
sealed the fato of home rule Still it
amis that Henry Labouchere who had
acted as lutermodhry between Gladstone
and Chamberlain Informed the latter that
tho prouder was falling to inaku adequate
conccsblont In oreler to sccuro tho sup
port of the Kidlcal leader and his adher
ents Tho speech did not bear out thin
promise In a way that hail been expected
by Chamberlain and tho Gazette says ho
was astonished ami disgusted and openly
declared In tho lobby of thehouso ot com
mons that ho had been mislead and
won lei now oppose Glaelstono tooth and
Will DUnim tha Loyalist
Dviiutf May 10 U has been learned
that constables In Ulster aro engaged In
the task of collecting tho names and ail
drcBci ot all persons In tho district who
ilurlng tho past tint years hao pur
eliasetl arms and ammunition It Is
believed tho government lutend tr dls
arm the Loyalists In Ireland and that Mr
John Morleys motlcn to continue the
coercion act of 1831 wnsnuulewiihavlaw
to Its application In the Interests ot pub
Ila order agVust the threatening minor
Turky lvxplalni
Atiikxs May 10 Tuikey has sant a
note to Greece In explanation that the
withdrawal of tho Turkish minister from
Athens was a stop taken simply to act In
concert with tho powers U was not In
tended to Indicate a rupture ot relations
between the porto and Greece
Madrid May 10 Gen Concho hts
been appointed president ot the senate
Advices from Splndlsi report tlftceu now
esses of crjolera and live deaths front the
disease and from Venice nlno now cases
and three deaths
and to mako it tho equal of any In the South In addition to a full line of telegraph
news by Associated lriss from all parts ot the world and tho news of tho state from
special conespondents In every section Tiik Ga7pttk offers to the reading public
by wlro and letter Tiik Ga7ittb representative at tho national capital being
thoroughly posted In national matters an old resident of Washington and acquainted
with Texas men and measures t
by wlro dally of financial and traelo matters In the great cltyof the country Special
attention Is paid to quotations of Texas railroad securities cotton wool and hides
llils feature of the paptr Is the best of the kind ever offered to the public ns com
parison with any like service will show
1by 1 wlro covering all tho Southern states and giving tho most Important happonmgs
of the section south of tho Iotomac and Ohio rivers
the day after tho discourses of tho celebrated divine aro delivered j
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Mr William M llucknir of Winhotter Ky
lryf Alliori S Holies of 1lilliulclnlil i Ia
Mr Olmrles J Ilonnoy 01 OuleaKo 111
Air llsmnllcl llrmilonl of OnmbrtilRo Mans
linn Henry U CarrliiRlon if llostun Slona
Bonatnrllinry Ullawta of ll isllUilMass
Hon Warren Kiuionof Ilaton KcuKCLa
Hon Iliiriiun 11 Kalon nf WaXilnRton 10
Irpf ItlcharU T KlyJolms lloiiUns Unlv
llalllmore Mil Departmontof follilcal Kon
rrofArthurT Hmlloyof Anlo colteffoivew
HavonCniinDcpnrmntofIoll IcalEeonomy
llou ivm1 llaininonil of 81 Ioals Mo
ilonii of 8t I inls Lmv nchool
lrof A m T Ilarrlk of Ooncont Ma
Prof Jainoa A llnrrtaon of Iaxlngton Va
ot Witshlnjtinn and Leo university
ft > nr y HluRlneonof UaaibifdRo Haas
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mi i > m
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Mr Fdnln Ifdvard nt Mobllo Ah
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Mam Dint
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hem Mai SC50 ° Amll collegeArn
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brldgo MnsR
u Shalor of Harvard Unlv Cam
brldKo Mass
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rof W oodrmv WlUonof Itrjn Marcolicgo
yii Ia alhor of Cougrwloaa
iw AVl ll > ° Somervllle Maae
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9 Dllvcr Twist liclttres
from Italy and
of tho Karons lausnnlas ami Cal
i 4Ci J ffir f J
r l 0 aChristopher Columbus
of Granada iNovmcml Abbc > nn < 1 Conquest
3 Moorish Chronicles and Blotch Hook
i Atola and Tour of tlio Ialrlc8
the XihisiibSr cw York ana T1e5 °
The Gazette
ft is our purpose to maintain tho position won by Tiik Gakttk as
glow with Interest and tho
that It Is history ho Is reading
A hlsiory of France
from the j
Oltiot and Ma iiatiKhtor Utns Vnft W
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1Kb volume ivo of about COD p
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Renins of tin author Itltory kf
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plslnunvarnlslicl reality > lent
literature of romance Ou110flYty fiU
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es Dick
A Popular Illustrated tf
Thla la an entirely new cdltl0D
rotyiio iilate in larKc clear im taJlu t
lllutratod It oontalna all of lJiclen ll
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It w 11 ho the aost complete edltlo
ISOIXI03V1C volant
sat of 15 vols halfmorocco 4500
Oeoige 3Eliot
I AUtmllodo 5 Thr Mill on tlio Flow 5 SlUil
Sionca from Clerloil Llfo i KoraolaV hlifrl
n dlomarch 7 Daniel lleninda SS
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llRlilfiiluut Ii llku hi tou of WoUn or Thackerayi her
eomnl to m sharp ami lIc irly rtraiv ntliit wo fool tow ifiH tho men and wofflL nftoJ
as though wo had Known them luvid thorn teared
the n idor tlio antlmra well connlilornil v < ws of rleht and w rone ami n ii ° ZjT
Her t ivl9 nlioul1 ho found In ov ry library and In every hoiwo
< 577C3 > E 2SS
1 ho tomplcto novel of Tord Iytton rioted fiou r >
clcetrotj po plates aud handsomely hound
Ill Novel
Jwt Ii in of roruptl and Harold
A Mraiwi stoiy Ino JIaunted Hou > o
and inonl
Fmon Maltravemnnil llro
lnnl Cilllortl nnd I Ufiene Aram
Msht unci llornlnc and Godolpblu
ilcron the Uourllrr
Dovorcux and tbo Dlio i
rolhain and Lnrreltj
What Will Ho lo W
All Tho Caxioni The CWInit
Mil Tho lnrlslansand nifrisiittbt
PRICEThe sot of 13 volumos halfalllqator 3250
Printed from new plates In larft dcu 0r
tastofully bottJid
el Captain Bonn ovine n3 Pf Jfl
7 HracobrlclKO Hall >
Conquost of Spain
8 Urayon Paper ard Wt
9 Talos of a Traveler ud Llf en1
10 Ilfu ot Mahomet
The set of 10 vols halfallgntor 2500
KoldsmUhof tfiiiS 2nl nlnst PPrcclotlvo of literary men has ptlr caMJ
T3 n1 no I0nn > 01aKOn of eleollrey Cmyon cfW
or of tho morn
naitlalitvftfil oplaMul humor never forced and of ton liaUeappres
Histoiy of Hie 086 end Fall of Ihe
lly KdwariHIIbbn With all thnnmi i r i complete la shj
rcthaahlst T j
rltlcUm lho > ft f ai 5
Io confc ed jniH
and PW
an aitcmlihfjo of mSJi lill f cll rm of lorary PWi WJ
and Fall muSt alw v i 5ft5on ° lntorc tln < r and so rare hat Stwilf
> wociib1
pearcd of tho lltonrr t0R2 l rci ono of e mom extraordinary
of tho worlcl Prof S mlluI ani1 ftmo can l lhoaVn
hm h
M w ° JhSiliffi b which mimi iw SIP
JMenijo l 8 brlllIant colo tho peatct khW
Dm Gaimy if Bible lllistraliois ri 5
Tt > Trial or Abh
n > Faith
nhS ln1nR ot Mo e
i >
The Death of tho l im Hom
3 lOttanaitulh
Tho Children Torn bltenr
rhS U ° W
se the Wall
JMasAVItb the Doctors
The As < hi I
Iortrat of
ThoDcsccnt rro bq CtoJJj j
Adam hml Kve jj
Tho Confusion of ion
Isaao lllesslnfr Ja < > l
Jacob Dream wKnimt
M °
Joseph Makes iItra
The Ilraion Serpent
Death of Samson
David and Gollah <
boll monKoeclTlI W W
Job and hi Friends fr
Jonah Cast Forth by
The Flight lutofcJJT1
Tho Teuipta Ion IU rh
Tho llayer and bh n
otnplo Mit
The Sermon on < h
Jesus lre K Si
Itcturn of tho MmS
Jesus ThoCrownotTboms P I P JJSsT w

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