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Fort Worth weekly gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, May 21, 1886, Image 3

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m on wo
Chicago Railway
with a
ttlcrlMned by a Concert
nv ax cxrnKSS thaix
rAM y 15 The Chicago
FOtt Wsyno railway haJ a
struck Western Ohio Inst
JXhtnlng tUshed continuous
ijffi the train lelt Fort Wayne
Vtd descended almost
ttso rain
the pasongers never
ltd llio lafllcsof whom quite
ett on tho train wcro greatly
And tho gentlemen wcro too
Tnwlves to ue of much service
fthl rfcar Tho wind steadily
fia lury and tho breaking ot
4S of tolcgrnph wires
ccrt of wild sounds The
Wd Forest 22U miles west of
Tho engineer
ibout lOutO
tcnUug tho locomotlvo along
thirty miles an hour Tho
Bnt on more steam and
boat threo mIc8 rci
itorrawasat Its height
re was a dull roar In tho dls
tlio cjclono tore across tho level
Uesonthsldoof tho track and
iblitree tore It up by roots
uncross tho cars One limb
and cut tho cow
n two Another limb fell
itiofm of tho first car and de
nt Other branches smashed tho
ilons tho three ordinary cars
Pullman sleepers Tho telc
tjcamo dancing down at tho
geaod rocks and bushes flow
tia air In riotous order Tho car
jyere smashed to pieces and
and glass flow in every
the track
0 Tho train kept on
6riMcrappllng tho nlr brakes
Itto a standstill within SOOyards
isiemcr was in n paroxysm of
edeepcrs wore transferred Into n
rod of wildly excited men and
Therallway men kept cool and
jsjthey could assisted In tho
oi of confidence Tho
oatloucd Tho air was still filled
inches and stones whllo tho glato
elecirlcly liberated from the
Intensified tho horror of tho scene
Mow la the sleepers Baden Ua
Salamls were fractured and al
erj pane In tho other coaches was
J It Is remarkable that very few
wsnere hurt
CBaw a merchant of Canton
uIn his berth In tho sleeper
when the trco shivered tho glass
1m md drove ono plcco under his
e with snch force that his cyo was
cut out A lady In the same car
tod to give her name was also
though not seriously about
e A few others had their bauds
storm did not abate much cx
tttie tornado passed away An
Its force may bo conceived from
lilt rocks were blown Into the
tie south side with fetich force
pierce the western windows
ins If they wero bullets from a
lone of tho roofs of tho cars were
imaged but ttio locomotive boiler
tied lit several places and the
stick a knocked out of n
I line After about an hours delay
it Startid and In duo time reached
enltbout further nccldent There
Hire was procured and the bat
irs cime on to 1ittsburg reachlug
to depot one hour and a half lato
deal of time bo ng made up on
1 When the train arrived hero it
is IL It had been riddled by sharp
rsand a battery of heavy Urtlllery
T Ohio May 15 This place
cmty was visited by n tornado lat
toat 11 oclock filled with balls of
Mch exploded with a loud snap
sound Full particulars except
brought by tanners living
Im track of the storm cannot
obtslned Thero aro known
weptmons killed and a number In
wo probably family Tho resi
ot W McKtrco was totally do
Ji killing McElreo and his mother
case Mrs Iligglns house near
Jtotally destroyed killing a man
wmelanotghen Tho house of
u Moore was raised from the
o lnjurlug Moore Jno Thomason
u ltckel not fatally A
s hoolhonso and church two
nertbeast oi town was destroyed
I nckara was fatally hurt His
J Injured by thu blowing down Of
aJence Tho Center schoolhouse
west of the tow u was laid to
ttno In the Blanchard river val
itises ttlegraphpoles trees and
ssses ure laid low and It will
lew daya beforo tho wires
d tho
Along littsburg
f chlca o and tho
tir railway
J o Ulooailngton Western rail
tii aro dowu InForest tho
w Lplscopel church building was
ea Mauy shade and fruit trees
2 Threo deal ro reported
° 1uBlrk
Tho names cnu
Ilc JFav
nIlc 16 cyclone
eo n
k n ° rh
MJ oI losing at the
joiikT o last night and swept
yMl direction fences
MrjTtt5d tcnrUK buildings Into
a oa far
E kbs tilled
orchards that
as heard from
or seriously in
clear swath a
through all
cainu in flic
lulldingdestroyed was
Lw k ea tho Downer
iiLWM torn l0 Inu
n > aK
3 whioh
neat were in tho
barn were sucked up
dV Lh93mov > W > ° otllcr8
3dw d erlhoruln Tho house
8 ° ft FiUr
aray named
Hittid blQwn t0 PIccM
CS Pass l news the Wg
aJTff ht train unrooflng the
a ° llojr Conductor Ktno into
Xmi 1 tio Evening Journal from
5rmi l1a a beuvy wind and
a in
tho streets
W tUti from the
of tiSZr he ut the eevon
ki Bftfkyrs brick block were
A o iiii t0 cls ar badly daintued
complex wreck tho turnltura
> Jb T00t m H
f ut0 thrlvcr B0T
tJO A imago Isesttraated
iatvdnJND M y 15 Abont
W v crosoed ibo track o
y0rt Wayne and Chicago
railroad near Forest Ohio It blow
down trees wlilch sjireped the side of the
fast express train Injuring ten or twelve
passengors one ol them seriously his leg
being broken and one eye put out Tho
Btorm did gront damage along the Blanch
ard river Tho town of Dunkirk was
Ptrock and four persons were killed and
between fifteen and twenty Injured The
names of tho dead ardi Mrs Itofns
l > ise Win McKlrco and his two chil
dren Several buildings wero blown
down and many more unroofed
kiixkm iiy naiirxiiJa
NA6UVILIK Iix May 15 A terrible
Btorm vlsitod thlsplaco yesterday noon
doing much damage and causing tho In
Btant dinth of Sid Afooru and his soiiwho
wore killed by lIshtnlDiz as they were
standing at tho door of their home Tho
house was fired and entirely consumed
JBpectai tothe UaioUe
Kort Smith A k May 15 Yesterday
altornoon during tho storm a young mw
named JSibert Stripling while plowing In
M HiId sktecn miles from thUcltyas
struck by lightning and instantly killed
as wuro also two horses ho was worklnc
to tho plow
Alium Ohio May U The tornado
passed through Columbia townnhlp Meigs
county Wedmnlay night carrying death
and destruction with It Airs Margurotta
Mj onas aged sixty yearswas instantly
killedj also her nephew Ihthman
MeComnF aged tweniyono years
Ilzzlo McComas was seriously In
jured but wilt probably recover
Tho house in which Mrs Mc
Comas and her nephew were killed was
entirely dtmollsiud and reduced to kind
ling wood Maoy other buildings wore
destroyed and a largo number of persons
wore seriously Injured Tho storm was
In tho tornado style and by far ono of
tho most severe ever known In this part
of Ohto
Tiitov IM May H Tho buildings
on tho f lr grounds were destroyed and
many private residences In and near tho
city badly wrecked by Wednesday nights
storm Marsh Tucker lost his house and
his wlfo was badly Injured Tho resi
dence of Uriah Gates was completely de
stroyed aud Mrs Gates and one child
wore killed Tho brick schoolhuuso was
demolished also tho houses of Lem Deal
and John Waters A large number of
horses and cattle were killed and timber
was prostrated Mies Barger vlsltluc at
Deals was terribly injured and has since
In White county tho tornado was ter
rlblo Many farms were completely
swept of residences barns out houses
orchards and much htock was killed
1IIOH vatkr
Indianapolis lNi > Mny 14 Tho rains
of the past few days caused Whtto river
and Its tributaries to rieo to n dangerous
aud damaging height At noon today
the river was within fourteen inchts of
tho highest point ever reached Iteports
from tho surrounding country statu that
great loss has been caused to the grow
lug crops
xot ovkiikstimated
In tho vicinity is estimated at from SCO
000 to 100000 Mrs A Nathan Cour
ney Moorehcad and James Idle oro not
expected to recover Tho distress of tho
sufferers is great and will have to bo
alleviated by outsiders Tonights estim
ate of the damago aud loss Is 50000
Jacksomillk III May 14 A cy
clone devastated a largo portion ot
country a mile and a halt in extent a few
miles north ot this city last night It
was of tho usual funnel shape rolllnj
along with terrible force Many farm
houses wcro wrecked and completely
demolished No loss of life has yet been
storm in ST LOUIS
St Louis Mo May H About C
oclock this afternoon the heaviest rain
and wind storm of tho year and perhaps
tho heaviest that has occurred hero In a
number of years passed over tho city
It swept eastward Tho rain was almost
a deluge and all tho streets In the city
wcro running streams of water varying In
depth Irani two to six inches
All depressions in tho streots
wern flooded and tho cellars
and babtmeuts wero partially filled do
ing great damago to their contents Tho
specific losses uro not obtainable at this
writing but tho general damage will
amount to many thousands of dollars
Ilio wind seemed to bo a straight ono of
high velocity but so far no matcilat
damage from It has been rcpurt d The
rain wus so heavy that It beat through
tno root of tho Western Union telegraph
olllcu Immediately over tlio great switch
board and by wetting tho Insulation of
tho wlics and thecrosins of curreuts
actually disabled the nillcc for a time
but was ooii overcome and whatever
danger front tiro i xlsted paitcd nwaj and
tho upprtiieuslnti xa calmed Much
deraugi nieut of wires took place bow
eor lu llio Immediate vicinity of the
city atul for two or thne hours tho
working facilities of tbo oillco were
greatly crippled
Maimiio May 14 In this city thirty
two persons were killed and C20 In
jured by the hurricauu of Wednesday
LoMiov May 14 Htavy rains have
left a lurgu part of Derbyshire submeiged
and in ny public bluhwujs are today im
passable Tho railway brldgo oer the
river Severn near Shrewsbury was weak
iniil at tho foundations by tho floods aud
fell last night under the weight of a pass
Im fitighttrain precipitating It into Ilia
river No lives were lost
Special to tho Gaietto
WicuitA 1ALi8 Tex May 14 A tre
mendous halt Btorm Is reported seven
miles west of here at Roblnetts on the
Tarrant county school land It occurred
ulght beforo last and killed Beural head
t cattle urnl an tycnltnws sajH tho ball
stones were as large as WAlnutaaml filled
a wagonbox half full
For Hdlo
FIno oda fountain at a barjaln
Star bakery Si Houston street
They areQuUtlJ Il rao < l Iriiu hUaourl
to Illlnoii
Sr Loas Me May 12Tho requt
fr n LtcntGov Moore
sltlon paprs removal of
house of this state warranting
the Kasl St Loull deputy Bbcrlff who
flred upon thecrowU > rlke rsn tnmMt 0 h
kia bridge a few vntVHW >
citv to I llnol was received some aajs
but the lct
V by he wIboriMw bore
today for the
hSsbtei kiptaecrst til
mSioot guirdlng V tn t y irouWo Uo
whioii mmht att d tire tnutcrol
men to Beilevilli III J n ° Zk
were taken
thu deputies
tbclr cells ho 1 °
cZts In this city and t n ten d to
the union depot in coyerid1 carrl gca
placed on Ibe
whenco they were Own arrlr
for Belleville
tho latter pace tb7 vvere
mo im
log at hii
to jail aid
the prisoners from the train to the jail
was made so quickly and quletljMktat
onfc became aware ot it until it had been
completed and the ss lpated outbreak
victims ot e
by th eymnathlzcrs of the
depntiee wm vert J <
1 111 I L
Tho Tanipiko Head Lies Tbrosgk lc
pies Months Thence to
Their Hearts
Alroyjr Kntrtaiimi > nt Cle nljlt lCnl
nit Uracrfullr IttieuttilOn
I Menu
OatJtcal Ifl rHifU tKg and Him
Rreakrisl Iutaliwt Uojn
Dodgcn Wnnien Ttt Uolfeo
Tomata 8iiip Ktcalopcd Fuh
MrollciJ Chicken Frlo < l Iot ioc
llol t lail uiccn Pan
Hutttan Cl am CoUcc
IW rett IotaW Ctoq ottc
Colic ttolli Mijuqtnin c wo 8uaw
lioritca and OnAm leod
lea Una Mll
bggs and ham A Ulcu way to servo
eggs > vlth broiled ham Is to butter s mo
rattytlns eprlnklo thoroaghly with flue
crumbs of bread break an egg Into a
saucer and then without disturbing tho
J elk pour It Into thu tin Set tho tins
Into a hot drlpplngpau and let V em
stand in the on on uutll tho whtto Is
cooked Then after puttlug tho thin
slices of nicely broiled ham upon a hot
platter take the eggs from tho oven and
turn out on tho ham It Is not necessary
to close tho oveu door whllo tho eggs aro
In It and Indeed It is better not to do so
Breakfast potatoes Cold boiled poU
toes sllcid in boiling niilkj add salt and
pepper and a bit of butter Into which a
little lliur has been bialded
Cornmeal dodgew Ono quart ot In
dlan meal one quart of bolllug milk two
tabloupoonfuls of sugar half a jcast cako
dispohed In warm > atcrono tablcspoou
ful ot lard and tho samo ut butter ono
oven teaspoonful of salt Scald tho meal
with tho milk stir In tho sugar and
shortening and when It Is almost cold
beat In tho yeast Let It tiso all night
Beat up again ono hour befoto breaklast
aud set It for a second raising Heat n
dripping pan greaso well and drop the
stiff batter on It by tho spoonful Let
thejio be an Inch or two apart that they
may not run Into one another and shut
up in a quick oven to bako They should
bo rough on top and higher In the middle
than at tho sides It tho batter runs
add a very llttlo Hour It must bo tstlfl
enough to stand In a heap
Wallles Three eggs whites and yelks
beaten separately orio tablcspoonful of
butter or a piece tho sl e of a hens
egg half a teaspoonful of soda or n
teaspoonful of baking powder a pluch of
salt ono quart of flaur Mix all together
with sour cream enough to nuko a
batter cook In walllo Irons over tho
coals of tho 11 ro till ot a light brown
Tomato sobp Tomato soup can bo
made In tho following waysi To ono pint
of canned tomatoes or four raw ones udd
ono quart of boiling water Let the veg
etable boll till thorcughly mixed through
tho water Then add ono teaspoonful of
coda when it will foam Immediately
add ono plut of milk Put In plenty of
butter salt anq pepper to laste It is
then ready to serve Tomato soup can bo
madu without milk To six larco toma
toes or a plut aud a half of tho canned
cgetablcs allow ono gallon of water aud
boll thoroughly Add a largo piece of
butter Heat an egg to a froth add a
llttlo milk or cream aud put Into tho soup
Just beforo It Is sent to tho tablo
Escalopedllsh It provision is to be
made tor six persons use a quart of bollod
and Hiked fish Nany kind ot white llsli
will do a quart of milk three table
spoonluls of salt two of flour two table
spoonfuls of Parmesan cheese ono teas
poonful ot onion juice two level tablc
spooufuls of salt half a teaspoonful of
pepper and ono cupful and a bait of
grated bread crnrabs
Put tho butter lu a fryingpan and set
it on tho stovo to got melted When It
bccopics melted add tho flour and stir
the mixture until it is smooth and frotny
Gradually add tbo milk stlrrlug all tho
while Contlnuo t o stirring until tho
mixture bolls then place It where It will
simply simmer during tho next two
minutes At the end of that tlnio add tho
cheeseonion juice half thu pepper and
ono teaspoonlul ot tho salt
Sprinkle thu remainder of tho silt aud
pepper on tho flaked llsh Put a layer of
the sauce In an escalop dlsb thn a layer
of flsh next a second layer ot sauce af
terward tho remainder of tho llsh and
dually put iu a layer of sauco Sprinkle
tho crumbs over thu sauce and set tho
dish In n moderately hot oven for twenty
minutes Thu crumbs may bo made very
cried 11 on extra tablespuonful of butter
bo melted and sprinkled over them Just
before tho dish Is put Into tho oven
lirolld chicken Do not attempt to
broil old or fullgrown fowlj take a
young chicken split It down tho back al
ways wipe tho Inside dry alter removing
tho giblets an1 place It on tho gridiron
with tho Inside downs keep it so until It
begins to grow very brown then turn It
but tho moment tho skin threatens to
burn revero it again To find how It is
cooking insert a sharp knife into thu
thickest breast if tho flesh is pink at all
return It to the fire when well done and
browned lay it on a platter inside down
butter ialt and serve
Fried potatoes Fried potatoes look
best for a dinner If cut Into strips or
sticks half an Inch thick and the length
ofi the potato After tbey aro thus cut
put them Into salted water and shortly
before dinner Is to bo served dry them In
a cloth and boll them In hot lard uutll
they are soft Skim them out drain them
In a hot oven sprinkle them w 1th salt and
pepper and servo Immediately
Biet wind Boll tender young beets
fct on ice cut them In small pieces add
some sllcid potatoes aud ono minced
oniou Mske a dressing of one pint of
vlnegartwo tiblespoonsful ot oil silt
and pepper chop two hard bolkd rggi
and put over the beets thon place around
leaves of curl < d lettuce and pour dressing
llusleu cream Hall a package of
Coopers gclatlno soaked four bonis In
water enough to cover It Ono quart ot
milk four eggs two cups of sugar a gop
irons glass of sherry two teaspoonnl
of vaniili Scald tho milk tako from the
lire and stir into it the yelks of the eggs
bcatuu llubt with the sugar alto the cel
atlne Stir all tho tlmo whllo mixing and
return to thu Ire boll nvo minutes still
stirring remove to tho table add the
whltej beaten to froth the ilnorlog and
wine strain through n levo and pour
Into molds wet with cold water Sot in
a cold place to form It H well to make
It the day before It is etxeu If you have
an arly dinner In tho early morning Jf
you dine lu the evening It Is delicious
Kat lib cake
Pigs feet Put four fet In a saucepan
with old wMer pepper corns whole
cloves and alsplce adding salt and Doll
them until the bones are loose Remove
all tbo bones and pat the meat m a stone
far Stralu one fluart of the water In
which the feet were lolled add no pint
of vmeger and boll for Are minutes At
tbo end of this time turn the vinegartnd
water over the meat from the pig feet
completely covering It sad tow In cool
place Tho mat will be like U y awi la
St i heeded If to > UeAj > TM
pot a bowls aud turned out on the dbta
bf tTcr wTM < reeipe fori
potato croquettes Is from a noted chet
Mako a soft pasta ot finely mashed pota
toes n llttlo flour aud enough egg to
moisten seasoning with salt Mold Into
rolls dip in beaten egg and then lit lino
breadcrumbs and fry brown In boiling
Coffee Tolls Take ono quart ot bread
dough and mix with It onehalt cup of
Bugar ono quarter cup of butter two
cups of dried currants mako Into small
roils dip into melted butter place In tins
and let it o aud bake
Mountain cake Orin pound of pulver
ised suear half a pound ot butter stir
tho butter and sugar to a cream then add
six eggs beat the tclks end whites sop
urate Add tho jelks to tho butter and
sugar ono pound ot flour three tea
spoonfuls of baking powder ono cup ot
milk Add the whites ot Hie cgss tho
last thing ono teaspoonful of vanilla
Perhaps one of tho most clfgaut aud
unique social entettalumenta of tho
season Is tho breakfast end mmlcalc
It differs from tho ladles luncheon by
being at an earlier hour and in there
belug more attention paid decoration nud
lutellcctnal enjoyment A description of
ono recently givou by a fashionable lady
will no doubt give tho reader a better
Idea of tho affair Tho guests assembled
at 11 oclock a m and breakftst was
served a half hour later Thoy were re
ceived by tho hostess elegantly attired In
n tea gown of brocaded embossed satlu
of peacock blue Indian red and old gold
llbi rally decorated with ribbous of cor
responding hues
The rooms wcro beautifully adorned
with swinging masses ot snowbslls nul
la nnd maiden hair ferns The buffet
was skillfully converted Into a boner of
theso flowers and a miniature lake ot
glass was surrounded by tall lilies and
teres In honor of tho mmlclan a beau
tiful lyro of flowers adormd their place
and vases of flowers nnd potted plants
were In pre fusion Three rooms front
and back parlors and library were tilled
with long and short tables a teteatete
vyhlch also carried their burden ot flow
ers ns well as cut glass di corated china
nnd embroidered Inble linen Tho menu
was served In courses and was ns fol
Ptrnuticnlca liananai Oranges
KrloJ Scallop Potato Croquettes
Sprlna Chicken and Plover Ilrollca
Cecum loia oc Frniou Pint apple
SvreelbreniU 1 rdetl with Trnttlct
Saratoga Pomuxa
Mufllna llglit Uolln Ti a IllKult
Jo lire Ten Cliocolnto
Wlilf cil Cream
Tho favors at each plate consisting ot
teacups saucers teapots crcamjuiis of
French straw filled with nice flowers ns
well as Mrs Donnellys monogram picked
out in circatlons A pretty conceit was
a sybil from the temple ol Delphi bearing
a triy of oracles senlcd In glided nut
shells and tied with dainty colored rib
Immediately after tho guests rose from
tho table the music began Tho pro
gramme rant
Luoln do Ltmmcrmoor Artoto
duo for violin and piano
Spring Flowers Ilelnlcko violin
Tnranlllle Tnlbcrg
Vnrrlo Morlo To > to
Sccna ct Dallettn Dellerlot
Going to Market lllchl
Bend Tin Gazicttks premium distri
bution lu another place In this weeks
The Apostln ot Annretiy Lodged lltlilml
tlio liars
Nkw Yoiik May 12 Johano Most tho
notorious anarchist and agitator was
arrested at a lato hour last night at tho
house of Mrs Fischer 108 Allen street
Four detectives and Inspector Byrnes
mmlo tho arrest Most endeavored to
elude the olllcers by crawling under tho
bed of ono of thu female Inmates of tho
boupo and with whom ho Is said to have
been n long tlmo Intimate Tho detectives
seized the anarchist a fow hours utter
having located him and when tho apostle
of anarchy was pulled by the heels from
under tho bed ho presented n sorry
spectacle Ills bullhead and puffy
locks wero covered with dust aud dirt
and his eyes wero large with craven
fear Heiecovcicd however sulllclont
to wavo hl arm aloft and Miout u de
mand for liberty for the people Ho was
handcuffed and taken to police hcadouar
terswhoro ho was locked up a picture of
dejection Most slncu ho went In hldlnir
has spent much ot his time In Newark N
J and In Jersey City helghtH Most was
found by tracking the man vUio sills him
white paper for his anarchist newspaper
In tho house where Most was nrruitid
wero found a Winchester repeating rllle
with bayonet nnd books upon dynnmlte
bombs and kindred topics
ins riorums takkn
Nnw Vouk May 12 Herr Most spout
part of Inst night in acell at polled hind
quarters bitterly denouncing tho police
for his arrest Ho called for brandy re
peatedly hut It was not given him This
morulog ho stormed because ho had to
wipe his face after washing on ii common
towel and eat the prison faro lie was
today taken to a photograph gallery am
pictured A copy of It will bo sont to the
police ot all tbo laiKO cities as Is done
with bad criminals Lator Most was
taken Into court and nrralcncd to plead to
tho indictment found against him by thu
grand jury
Nkw Yoiik May 12 The striko of tho
sugar relluerfl In Brooklyn has elided
Ihu strikers have surrendered uncon
ditionally and have asked f r work Those
who are taken back will bo pild Q116 a
day instead of Ql US as formerly Tho
hours ot labor will be moroieasonablo
aud payments will bo madu twlco a
month But what the men struck for
practically was a recognition of tbo right
of their union to dictate terms and they
have tailed
Head Tim Gazbttk i 3Blum distri
bution In another pl2w tils weeks
London Dewlupn a Living Monster lu
Ilumnu lurni
Lonjiov May 16 Thomss Glbney
gentleman was arraigned In Clerkcnwell
police court today churged with having
violated forty children daughters of
worklngmco since last December Ho
wus remanded for further hearing An
excited crowd beaded by tbo parents of
the outraged children emmbled near
the court building and attempted to lynch
Glbney as he was brought out In the
custody of officers And he was kept out
of their bands with conelderblo dllll
Ifroro Clan llmsaanton
Bt Leuifl Nov 18 J 861 Messrs J
O MaEUlroi I find ybnr fleuuo 1Unt an
excellent remedy for complaints of the
bowels eocb H cholera dhmlm dysen
tery etc nd cheerfully cessait It
A Vixuenrox Hr >
TJiBCIgnrOlnkrr Flro tlm liist lun nml
Ktop to Ktlotxl
BuhaI0 Jt Y May lO Tho cigar
makers Ieeni to bo luadlug nn attack of
thu trades unions on tbo Knights ot
Labor and at tho conference which begins
In Philadelphia on lite 1 8th Inst n gen
cial pltiu will be mapped out to bo acted
on at the approaching meeting In Clove
A ritrarler president of tho Cigar
Makers Intornullonttl union lias written
an udltorlal for tho May number of the
cigarmakers olllclal journal from
which tho following extracts aro takun
Last month tho olllclal Jour
nal ot tho Knlulits of Labor coutulned
an article relating to tho general scalo
prices for cigar adopted by tho execu
tive board of thu Kulghto of Labor Id
looking oror the scale prices wo notice
that tho Knights of Labor ate satisfied to
tvork from 20 to 80 per cent below the
current prices enforced by tho local
unions under jttrlnlictlon ot tho Inter
natloiml union This attempt ot labor
reform we feel constrained to denounce
as a piece Of ucab business ot tho lowest
order The nttempt of a hvr men to con
trol and rciiulste nil the Industries has
provtU to bo a ridiculous farce It also
proviB that there Is somuthlng rotten In
thu management of tho organlMtlon
known us tho Knights of Laoor Should
the called scsidon ot tho Knights of
Labor to bo held at Cleveland May 25
fall to remedy thco criminal blunders wu
will denounce them as champions of
cheap labor and advocates of low wacoa
In tine n traitorsto the la orcaiiAe
So Ho Itllillf Hrr Willi llullrl nnd Cut
Ilrr Tliriml but Hols Ljnilml
Bt Louis Mo Msy 12 A story comes
from Prescott Kan of tho Ijnolilng of
Frank Ljles who murdered Minnie
Grimes because bo rejected his oiler of
marrlsge Lyles was walking home from
school with hur and uesr her bottle ho
pressed tho oflrcpvitui question upon
the young lady w ho positively rcf uticd to
answer In tbu nillrmatlve The young
man bi came enraged drew A revolver
and shot tho girl in the side film started
to run for the house but a second shot
brought her to the ground Kbo recovered
and iiihIii started to run but gain fell
Lyles having kept up a cotitlnuniu
fulsilade and emptied his revolver Ho
deliberately reloaded his revolver nnd
emptied seven more shots In the form of
the already dead girl after which be cut
hpr throat and then beat her brains out
with a club He was captured and turned
ovcrtolboofllcettf but a mob afterward
took him from them and hanged him to a
MeadTiw aAZurritfl pksbUbm dlrtri
h o la
< 1 fas
< i
W 4
Thu uiulKhl Im Moailllj nikanceil In public luvor nnd what vn
regarded bv many but a few cara ago na an experiment ha now be
come an oatnbllahod fnet nnd llio uprlKht atamla pro eminent n < llio
piano of lodny and ot tho future Tlio rlrtt uprlifht piano wcro ot
foreign Importation and onlng to their compact uliapo llioywcro at
oneo regarded desirable oven whllo tliolr musical Incilt wn not up to
tho required standard Tho nltenllou of American manufacturers vat
quIcVly turned to remedying tlio detects and ImproHng thv exai1
lencca of tho foreign plnnos nud In this endeavor lionoliMOhcon to
iiroomtncnlly jueccssfnl its tho Ivors A Pond Co
Avoiding tho error o construction Into which their more niutoui
comprtl ora fell thev have Miirccdcd In producing an uprlftlit i os
W ks
i n
I worth a p <
> Sf
I jltioiltt
no on not
pouad of
ny other kfnfl ltu
t rlctly a ineUtolim to
Ilila tilllru cntltllnK It lu < lo tiualncssln his
the am
siuie for t elvii liiuiilha from the lanlayof
lanuaiy ItW to
Uav ot Jieeiinuer
Hlvcn nn < r mv liaml ami seal at
II 8 rniro In Austin the iliiv n l lumnrit
oljiivn wniiciii II 1 I1UK
WHIlAM lion UN li inmUaUiuer
btatn Aatnt Austin Toir
7 WsB CrHTI AKont rirl UorthTqjr
A lleputy ITnrrlint stint Ilia rossJlurtilly
Special to the CUrettr
HurAVUi I T May 17KPor
rtaclieil horn today that Deputy Marshal
Andrews and his p0e were mortallj
shot by 1111 Ilgtou while nttenipiinir li
capture Therein r > reward of SSOOfor
IlgeonH capture be having killed Depnly
MarahftJ Jlielmrdsou some tl o slucc
Did tllliiiicuXotilollllrBl
XlrtuTUit Tiaj Way ia Idltor 1A
zittki Huferrlng to tho proceeding had
In the late mettlog of tho FarumiV all
anco and Knlahtsof Labor us reported n
this mornings Gajsttb I wish tJ ay Ut
you that the Farmers alliance is n nun
political onaulton and whenever a
fiubordlnate allfauco In nn olUcJal capacity
ttlrc Itself Into a pollllcAl concern ill
Tlolatcs every principle npoa which the
orj fttlon wh o d d wd the t Msh
ir UsM kv r M th lswto ww o < it
TJito Um Ms et > l te ai
scMtoj to a largo degree the desirable feature c the frswjgreh
volume romntsablo carrying power combined with the wovk diilcata
and tynipatlKtlc touch the lower tones being full roancl an rlco
tUcmlildlntjnipnllictlo and mellow nnd tho timber sweet clear and
tdlvcry Tho action mnoh tcscnblea tho srand In lis reneMing ca
vaclly This cut It an oXnct representation ot Hljlo Jseven unit one
third octavos overstrung scale three unisons throughout except lha
Mound string Tho cjuo U duiiblo veneered with thlok savrcd
uweerr rosewood rlnlsli fret work panels Ixory kor and idatcd
indal Ktinnl tnsh prleo Jvu0tf MAX KlMvU l t iagvii lor the
Ivors A Iond Oik nnd Ills mintnnteo arcompanlea ihl Instrument
NOTKKvcry person uoscitblnKOf runolng lliolr nlmcr1 > Mon to
llio Sunday or Weekly Unietto for une year ha n ohancn lu the draw
tiK Mont 1 IBS Hoit prninlnni list
Adjusted tor cutting high or low grass
WALTER A WOODS Harvesters and Binders and Binding Twine Farm Milling and
Qinnine Machlncr w
Iron Fencing
GrnvoyardH Kcsidcncos
Public llulldliigs imfl
oevU Jlttlo Wiarrti
> V
V >
Th s rU went tfpndarfUl i1lsoo ry
rsllsv I nisjinsr or dl H < > Tho Inr
pills mnd out li t llitm nrt jroii
irnoymnii rorunn inpmrnp
thenJsna Oo
Fondsris > i
liuromni lilplilrcon
oanirAloo Oi
HBV7 nion
Ko ottinra like Ihsm pi Hit world
esclt uqi
will nlwuys bo thankful
irOnnr3JlpMti ri tJr upAslhro nrotiiihlll ir r UI niieumsMsm UlwainB K > 2 i
tir t n umm s s
Vt i illlv t0nrtor
mi th jitoratoi of
Ont > f ft ioi Illuatrri
i nij > lilM
II St <
wilt raakih ni w
libs n At aurjf
KSl d S r ors7ntUwanftrjjcaulsiSiismpa 0MiMWtMMnJl
Ulx oanabv aiproa jiraualU lor 00O UIU I U jvuuvuu w < m
Insurance Statistics and History
All T t TKS April 8Wl
To All whom It Msy Con i r
ThU is lo uilKy tuat llio Union Klro anil Ma
rluclnauranraomiiiny ut UlittsturiireliNew
cnlAiid is In all resjiccm fully coiiiplleil Ill
lliu l w I lVxu n cdnilltions prtcOiint to
llsilolnif IjihIiios In till statu ami thntanlil
compMiy hoMaiicrtlncnte l nnllintlly frum
Uildnff > > JSlSta Si
llrB 4e Wtl rvwW r r
qantz warn h
gK f WW f
i > sA ti wimm iT <

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