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Fort Worth weekly gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, May 21, 1886, Image 8

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His Speech Delivered at Alexander
YesterdayHis Position In the
Canvass Defined
Kegs Fallnro to Dcclaro In Jaw of
Home Hinto Policy nt Hnlphnr
Springs Alluded To
Tho Itecurd of IIom Curojmrnt with Bits
Own llff renc i tu Their Vlcne on
tlm JutatloiiK ot tlia Hoy
Special 10 th o Uiatto
AucxANiiitu Tkx Stay 18 Alcandor
had n raml bnvbecuo anil plcnlo today
Judga J II Jackson tato lecturer of the
KulRlits of Labor addressed tlio people
and was then followed by Col W Ij Mo
CluiTKUey our reprcHcntallvo Col W J
Bwaln arrived on tho noon train and
utter dinner mado a two hours HpeeCh to
nn audience of 8000 poopla Ills speech was
listened to with deep lntorest and Ids
views wnro ticnornlly Indorsed by our
people IIu cloned with a beautiful trlb
uto to tho manhood nnd patriotism of tho
people and expressed confidence tit their
nbillty tofuiatalp a locat sellffovciDinent
After opening the subject of ttiu ffiiber
aaturlal canvas ho alluded to tho epeech
of Gon ltoss at Sulphur Springs ami
nald ho way surprised that on a candi
date for governor ho did not iIUcuih and
dcclaro la favoi of noma ntato policy to
bu pursued by him In cane of hln election
But Instead tlio genoral had aHSUined the
Karb of a ward politician and has opened
old ltsneu that have passed eleven years
That ho had told how he with others of
bis associates In tlio constitutional con
vention In 187C pet aside 3000000 actes
of tho public domain In ono body for
tho purpose of bulldlwr a
now atato capllol That General
Hohh had not oven tried to provide that
tho land should bo sold In email lots
Tho only restriction soucbt to bo placed
upon It was that It should not bo placed
npon tho market under ten years Kwaln
contended that If It was wrung to sell
1000000 acres In one body tho conven
tion was tho place to check It Hut lun
ltoss did not tell his hearers that ho had
voted a smokebonne and corncrib tax
npon alt tho fanuera of tho state which
cost tho people 80000 to repeal That
ho and his associates In that convention
authorized tho ucncral Incorporation net
by which tlio foreign and domestic cor
poration woru Incorporated and have
labeit poMemlon of tho lanhnudlo to the
great detriment nnd annoyance of tho
actual settler who desires to Hud a homo
lu tho West
Answering l n Hoss < uentlon as to
what part lie Hwaln took in tho senate
upon tho capltolland question Col
Hwaln said that ho had voted to sell In
small umilltHHbut falling lu that It was
lluAlly agreed that u capltol board bo es
tublUlicd coimliUlnj of tho live elective
ollbier with Jov O M lioborts as
chairman nnd that board was authorized
to utilize tlio land to tho best nihiii
tnijo as their judgment should
direct Tiat that boaut mado tho contract
fur tho disposition of the land and tho
tmUdlna of tho capltol before ho came
Into nlllcu Col Swain said that ho should
not have alluded to these tliliif8 If On
Hoss had not mentioned them That the
question Involved had been discussed In
tho press of the statu and ho presumed
oyery lntolllirent reader understood thorn
Col Swain said that hu was sull satis
lied with his record ou these questions
and oepeclnlly tho vote for a chiumo lu
tlio material from llmestono to granite
That his vote on tho Indiana Hmostonu
proposition and those ol his two associates
Walsh nud Tompleton had been tlio
means ot cccutluK tho chanuo to Kranlto
of which alt the people In Texan should
bo proud Ho said thut leu ltoss had
showu us much Ignorance when ho said
tlm channo would bo a million dollars ad
vantage to thu contractor in ho did when
ho said that thu now capltol would cost
only ono nud a hulf million dollars that
tho bust of our architects had liqured thu
cost of tho tuilldloir to bo near four mil
lions of money and that tho cost In
uranllo over llimsumo would bo ovor six
hundred thousand dollars Heptrdluu the
possession of tho capltol lands Uuv
Huberts had long bro decided that the
contractor wai untitled to possession
UoldliiK under a contract for purchase
thoy Worn lhblofor taxes on tho same as
woll tm under a lease of thieoycurs Tho
lands were leased at C centsper nero and
a 80000 bond ulven to secuio tho pay
ment In ease ot failure In tho contract
Tho trudo tvai Rood one and tho Inter
est of tho state fully guarded ItelerrliiK
lo Oun Hois nlltisUil to tho uso of tho
statu troops to suppress lawless
nesj and orlmof Col Swain
said that ho had repeatedly declared that
if necessary ho would nsustich forooaiut
itny other nt his command to cufotoo
obedleiicu to law That ho would uphold
tho constitution tu all Its ineuulnir and
that so tar as ho could do U would make
ovciy mail woman and child In Texan
fesl entirely seoliro lu both llfo and prop
orty That thu frontlur battalion had
been used lo arrest fencecutters aud thoy
had been mod to arrest strikers and ho
could not seo wliy thoy could not bt
properly employed to prevent tho IiIcrbI
lenclni In thu Tauliandlo That cnino of
that fin co was now every day aolna
over thy statu olectloiieorltiK asalust him
for Kovornor
Col Swain paid a glowing tribute to
tho Iawabidluj people ot thu stale and
said thoy paid taxes to support this bit
tallon ond expected at least some pio
tedtlun at their hands He said Hoss was
nffeotvd with constitutional qualms and
had hCQoiiin bald from a superior
knowlcdfjo of thu constitution That it
ltoss watt Kovornor tho law would have to
enforce itself and from recent tloniou
strailous hore IVxiw would noon be in a
bad way Uu said that Hoss had uot as
stimcd to toll tho peoplo what ho
would do It governor ho had only said
what ho would not do That ho would
not disturb thu catUo barons who have
thoSchooltawN fenced that ho would
upudvocsto the lease law and tho re
sult will bo that tho peoplo of T at havo
to foot tho hills In tho way of taxes to
keep up tho schools
Col Kwaln mill ho was lu favor ot tho
lease law but ho did not want land
board n wellrcmilated lease law with
all tho lands bclouiilnij to trust funds
subject to salo to actual settlors rttoco on
low time nnd nt low rato ot Interest
Itotirrlns to Oon Hods claim Uiat
to sell would sccuro greater revenue to
ull funds Col fiwaln showed that mi
dor tho lesso law tho stato had Bold thwo
ftnd rholf Hftlilon acres at 3 per aero In
little mom than two jears whllo undw
thu salo law for nluu years beforo tho
r000000 acres At l per acre 1000000
b cash from Jeas Thu Utter skies
jo actutl settlors wblla tho
ii rn tlr Xt nlUl0nl Wrtrlctlon as to set
WarCfl0ia mut Rct
Hi showed l y this Mmnf1 Jf tboro
Was mora rrtoney lu thosaly of lands that
MreMr ko Mstand tonwo had
M more laud M < Wr the tm act than
mm i der sMiMl sale le m
fines tho rights of all
Cholera In Franco
WistUNOrov May 10 The marine
hospital bureau has received reports
allowing that cholera In a violent form
has appeared In thovlllugoof Hratogensa
iYanco Cholera Is reported to havu
mado Its appearance in Marseilles also
tlcadlVtK OAZKrr s premium dlstrl
butlon In another placo in thla weeks
I per
i i
Everybody rcsuij Tub QAtKTTB
successfully controverted tho state
ment ot Gen Hoss that the
land was not subject to taxation
whllo underlease and satO that ourstnt
utcs provide that all land uuder tho con
trol of tho atato leased for ft perlo t ot
threo years is subject to taxation as
thouRb It Was tho property ot tho lessee
Ho showed clc rly that If Oon Hoss
Ideas prevailed a Cblueso wall would bo
erected beyond which no settlorcoutd go
Col Swain deprecated such policy
and said that Instead of establishing
peaco on tho Western border It would
open up new fields of Btrlfe which would
retard tho settlementof tho country for
twenty years
The cattlemen had declared In favor of
tho lease policy nnd sll would Join lu a
fair lust and simple law which de
Col Swoln quoted tho Democratic plat
form of 1881 to show thattholcsBo policy
was tho ono espoused by tho Democ
racy of Texas Ho sold that
Col Jones ran on tho oppo
sltlon ticket In 1881 on tho
platform now occupied by Gen Hoss If
ha had any platform Hoss had said that
tho lfaiu policy had como near disrupting
tho Democratic party Ho Is presumed
to hnvo been with Col Jones In 1881 at
any rate ho Is now a convert to the Jones
doctrlue tho sarao that every Greenback
er lu the laud holds to freo air free
water nnd frco land That It Hoss had
any notion of running as an independent
candidate In 1881 as his rcmurk would
seem to Indicate ho niicht stand a little
cbanco now With his f icoRrass vagaries
ho might get tho disaffected Knights of
Labor and all Orccnbuckcrs Hepubllcans
and Knownothlngs In tho land Hoss was
a prohibitionist In 187Cwhcn ho helped tlx
up tho localoption constitution and ho
was In favor of It In 1881 when ho Voted
for It In tho senate and ho was In favor
of It In 188S but Coke Mills nnd
Clarlto told him hu had lo say lo
cal option was undemocratic and ho
forthwith went tu Loreua and
said It was against personal liberty
Hoss didnt speak his convictions They
told him to say it nnd ho said It Hoss
charges In Iarls that tho grass comml
slouvrs had been sent out to electioneer
for Swain It was not true as It was not
known whether more than two of them
favored Swain aud If they had said any
thing In favor of him ho presumed It was
about as right aud proper as for thu mili
tary and educational departments of the
statu to bo used In running over tho state
to IIx up thu prlnmtles for Hoss Tho
grass commissioners had done and wcro
still doing much good Somo ot them bo
understood wero lor Hoss If any ot tbem
nero not doing good work It was those
ofthntsort Col Swain said that tho
Kulglits of Labor and farmers alllanco
wero creating it grout deal of un
easiness In tho statu mora from
fear of their political uctlon Ho did
not fear that they would do any
thing to liijuro the country or hud
particular designs upon tho party Hn
felt satlslled that there wero Hepttiillcatis
nud iirecnijiickors trying to uso these so
cieties to dicluro lu favor of a now party
and now leaders many would go with
them but there wcro enough good Demo
crats who cannot bo led off to keep the
Democratic purty Intact Our statutes
are full of arbitration and mechanic llun
iuws and thu farmer hnd hN Incorpora
tion law so that they can foi m thumselvoa
Into corporate bodies for muiitul aid
That tltcio should bo established an
agricultural bureau In connection with
the bureau ot Insurance and statistics
Thut uudur our system of government
all persons weio eqiril befoio tho law
That tho sober Industrious poor boy of
today becomes tho rich man ot tomor
row That tho rich mat ot today was
poor but a few yeats ago Tho great
men who havo grown wealthy wcro poor
a generation ago Wo can
not legislate tlches Into tho
hands of some without taking
out ot tho bauds of others Tho partial
laws passed by congress during thu war
ilia tariff thu exemptions of bonds and
legal tender currency from taxation has
lightened tho burdens of some whllo
others still sustain ami carry tho load ot
taxation This has brought discontent
In somo quarteis but tho only way to
remedy thu evil Is to stick to and purlly
thu Democratic party Wo cannot com
promise with tho commune Kvory true
man lit Texas would put his foot down at
once and say bj tho Ktornal tho law shall
bo uphold
That railroad companies should bu
hold strictly to their charter lights and
mado to comply with tho law Tooling
and discrimination In freights should be
dbcontluued Hut railroads aro tho
public highways ot Texas and should be
kept open for our public good
That our schools thould bo fostered
and onoournged and somo arrangement
should bo mado to pay teachers promptly
that now many ot them had to sell their
vouchors which works a hardship
Tho ponlleuthtrlos should bo managed
so as to place convicts In tho walls am
IndtHtrles established that will conillct
ns little as possible with honest labor ot
tho country
riMiMnuchnl I > ft > aml nc
In which you aro wallowing on account
of somo of thoso diseases peculiar to you
madamo and which havo robbed you ot
thu rosy Una of health and mado llfo a
burden to you you can casllv gut out of
Dr Tierces Vavurlto Trmtrlptlon
will freo jou from all such troubles aud
soon recall thu rosetint of health to your
otteek nud the elasticity to your step It
Isn most perfect specific for hll tho
weaknesses and Irregularities peculiar to
your sex It cures ulceiatton displace
ments lutenul fever bearingdown
sensations remove tho tendency to can
oerous afftfCtlutiB and corrects all un
natural discharges lly druggists
Dont Cliotr lolxin
Vou will never suffer from tobacco
chowow heartburn or Indigestion If you
chow only Flazurs patent Havanacured
Turf plug Seven separata points of
superiority i Iuro brandypcacti tlavars
thirty per cent loss nlcotlno thau the
mildest ontlaBta tho strongest plugs
always pliant no bitter aftortasQi uotn
grain of grit For salo wholaalu by
Joseph II Hrown Fort Worth ami st re
tail by all dealers lu tlno tobaccos
Auuniin < < tii itii
Wo araniithorlicd to aiulonnro tlio rame of
llobert I Wear mi a ramlldato tor tho oillcoot
oouuty attorney of Tarrant rountr attlione t
elerilinto b hrl < l Xnvcmbor 41RSSmbloot
imwcver tu tho action ol a lienioctatla county
We aro autborlieJ to nnnminea Itoliort I
L rli = u at camlldilo for county attorney in
tlivcntuinirilcotloti uuect to tho sctlonof
tlio eniocmio county eottvcmlou to boliuKI
In Iort Woilh July 1 ISfO
Meeting of tlm Tarrant Comity Dcirfo
crntlc Executlro Committee nnd
Itcsoluliond Adopted
ttomlantlnc Convention to bnOnllfd Julr
10 nnd 17 Some IiterntlDR Kiplnnn
llon unit Alllnnro Alludum
Tursuant to tho call mado by Capt
Julian 1elld chairman ot precinct No 1
of Tarrant county a majority of tho rep
resentatives from tho eight voting pre
clncts o this county met at the Court
house In Kort Worth yesterday at 2
oclock Thero weto present i dipt Ju
lian Fclld of preclhct 11 W At Tlmmer
man precinct i J 12 M Vales precluct
8 ADFrnzer precluct 0t OCJMitchell
priclnct 7
apt Fetid was made temporary chair
man nnd W M Tlinnwrman temporary
secretary Tho first business of the
meeting was tho election of a perms
nont chairman ot tho committee Hon
Qco W Finger of Arlington was nom
inated for thu position and unanimously
olectcd The secretary then read the fol
Wlicreim lilii reported that a full ticket tt r
rountrnfllcernof larralit county wn accrdly
iiimliiKlu i at PaKfruU linll In tlio city ot 1ott
Worlti on TiicitUny night thu llth lint and
Whereat tald liclmi wa iot roupotcd whol
ly of rep ttrnlntito ficinucrnl hut conlnlnn
too nnumaet mm wno nvu hlthcrt anilluted
Willi nur > olltlrnl opponent t creforo
UeKIveil Hint we tho Donocratlo execnllre
eiminltlcarif Tarnnt rounty pledge oursvlvea
to tho iiiiurtof llio Deinoviailo parly and to
Hi iirlnclfilos
Itcpolvcd Hint wc will aupport thn nominees
if no p rty nor of any order xcept thu rtguliir
y noinlnnlcd canilhlatca of thu Domocrnllo
par y openly nominated In a Dumocratlocon
lleoolvcd llmt wornconunend the lioldlngof
a county ronventlonon tho llth d y of July
IbSifor tlm tiurpuao of cloctlex duliKnles to
the t to nuil cuiiKrcoalonnl convmilknu nnd
ulna to nominate candidates for tho rnilouaof
UcualiiTiirrntito untyiid 10 trnnnaft tuch
oihcr Inisliuan n > tho convention may Uoem ex
jicdient Wu recommend Saturday tho lith
nay of Julynmiaultnblo day to hold primary
co v < ntlonalu the vnrloun prcclnctii ot tho
countv and nr o upon tho peoplo nt larsu tho
noccBHlty of atmnuinf thorn
A motion was made to tablo tho reso
Some strong objection against tho pre
amble was raised by two of thu commit
teemen Messrs Mitchell aud Frtxcr
mid a general dbcusston ol thu matter
ensued In which all presont participated
In turn
Tho gentlemen named considered that
an uunecussary rcllectlon was contained
In tho preamble aimed at tho Farmers
alliance of this couuty and he discus
sion led to something lu thu nature of an
explanation made ot the action of the
famous darklantern ticket ns pre
pared at Daggetts hill Mr Mitchell
said that nt tho midnight meeting of
tho Knights of Labor nud of somo
mumborsof tho Fahnors alliance lultl
ou tho llth Inst a icsulutloit was theio
pissed Intimating that tho Daggett hall
meeting In uu wlsowlshul to incur the
111 will of tho county Demociacy but
rather desired their cooperation Mr
Frnzer said hat tho mcil who through
him had most strongly recommeuded
that n county convuntlou bo called were
members of the Farmers alllanco and
Knights of Labor and that only In thu
Democratic party did thoy rccognlo
the salvation of this country Mr
Mitchell continued to Insist that
tlio prenmhlu above given would
be misunderstood by thu majority of peo
plo nud bo detrimental In Its effects
Mr Yates decmut It wIbu to
ll ll TUB TltlJlll
lu slmplu fashion and state only Nets
such ns weto given In tho preamble that
tho uoiluh ot the Daggett hall mooting
would not be denied as sot forth aud this
Is the reajon for plain txprctslon at this
time Mr Finger permanent chairman
hero assumed his duties Thoro being no
second to the motion to tablo tho resolu
tion a motion to adopt was put ami car
ried by thu votes of Folld Vutes andTliu
mermnn ncgatlvo Fraer and Mitchell
Upon motion the chairman was In
structed to learn cause of absent inom
btrs of thu commutes
at tho forthcoming conventions was Uxed
at ouo delegate for every lllty Democratic
voters or fractional part of tweuty five
ou tho Democratic vote cast for governor
In 1881 A motion was passed asking
Unit Tint Gakiii uud other papers of
this couuty publish these proceedings
Tho resolutions of cundolonco on tho
death of Itou Hoyat T Twombly late
chairman ot this committee were pasted
and appear otsuwheru In this lsstto
There was no further business beforo
tho meeting but Mr Dan Furker ouu ot
ihu county commissioners asked per
mission to put a question or two to
Messrs Mitchell and Frascer concerning
tin Ir part In tho Daggett hull miming
Said Mr Iarkers Mr Mitchell
wero lou present and did you take part
In tho Farmers alllanco moetiug
hold tome tlino slnco at Knon when thu
couuiitton held at Fort Worth on the
night ot tho llth lust was oidored
After along pause Mr Mitchell re
plied I will havo to dcclluo answering
jour question
Mr Frarer voluuteorod tho lnlormatlou
that ho Fraiet was present at thu Knon
and Fort Worth meetings and at both
plnc s strongly opposed everythlug of a
political nature
Mr Mitchell said ho desired to explain
his refusal to answer It was
because ho was informed that
nothing would hero bo said nlmut
theso things but fio hid always
apposed any disposition lu the alliance
towards politics
Mr Fiitxar stated that tho meeting at
DagKttts hull was not In tuiy sen o a
meeting of the nlllauco as a bodybut mere
ly ftgutherlngofcitizens hosupposod that
thoho present woru either farmers ot the
alliance or Knights of Labor and no out
Mr Mitchell hud dually mado up his
mind to explain tho modus operandi he
said i Tho Knlg ts of Jaoor sent a
tluligatlon to tho alliance asking that
representatives bo appointed by tho al
llanco to meet lu u couvoutlon jointly
with the Knights This was retusd by
thu farmers tho members ot the alliance
wero theu requested to adjourn as a body
and remain and confer with tlm
Knights lu tho capacity of a sim
ple massmeeting of citizen alt to
gether This was douo but us a body
tho Tenant County Farmers alllaneo
have never yet entered politics Dutltig
tho massmeeting resolutions wero passed
uoinUiitlugcertain parties foroiucc bnt
of cntiise ihowiiKolutlots were not se
copied by cv ry one present We wtro
merely a ruassmeetlnsotcltUensnothlrg
Chairman Finger hero Interrupted tho
Interesting cre > s < iuestiQUlng and stntid
that as long ns tho gentlemen Franer and
Mitchell wero performing their duty as
members of this county commit
tee by bclug present at this
vittettng and in other ways
fttolngthelrdutlosasDentocratsJio thought
It woe of little consenucuco what they
did In their capacity of members ot tho
alliance so long as their actions wero cot
antagonistic to Democratic principles
The meeting then adjourned subject to
do away with peremptory challenges alto
gether As It now stands In nil felony
cases tho detenso has twice as many
peremptory challenges as the state This
obviously Is unjust Hut thoro aro somo
cases when n bad juror caunot bo
reached liy challenge for cause and
peremptory challenges bolog abolished
lojustlcu would bo done I woiiltt pro
puse to obvlato that In thla way Alter
tho challenges for cauio let tho attor
neys for slate aud ctcfvmo respectively
show cause by motion in wrltiug why
any other juror or Jurors should not he
retained on the jury und let evidence be
heard In support or against such motion
aud let counsel orguo thereupon and
judge pats upon tho qualification of such
lttror or jurors It will be necessary in
this case to give the judge more discre
tion In the matter thau ho now lias
Then after counsel ha e done presenting
their motions let the court at his discre
tion and of his own motion reject any
juror or Jurors which he may thluk udiU
to soro on account of nny material
Incompetency or dlaquaHilcatlon whatso
ever I would place this waiter largely
Jin the hinds of tho court I am aware
air KPn fuatarrii jfomedycurea tfccatf f Sestlons are poorly and
whenfjnaccurately nut but mm
every other socalled remedy falls j ftmVtk my
plau practically fol
M Weekly gA exIe fort ivoHM tEXas jmda may 21 me
Until You Reach the Bargain Store of
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Taricy red Damiuk fait color
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lirftoTurilah towel
Having completed tho discussion of
thu road and school laws of the state
Tiik Qazkttk now presents Its readers
With tho first installment of Jio discus
sion of tho jury law by tho prosecuting
attorneys of Texas This discussion will
be continued In Thursdays paper of each
week until completed Tho attorneys of
tho stnto aro performing n public service
lu calling attention to the detects ot tho
law and future legislators should con
sldur tho changes suggested Fi > Ga
cash ctiuxrv
llTTsiiuno Tkx Feb 8 Hdltor Ga
zktik Yours tohand concerning my
opinion as to tho Jury law neccssury
changes etc In reply I will say that with
tho present status of society 1 know ol
no change that could ho ifleeted that
would bo bnnellclnl It Is title the sys
tem Is Insufllcient to sccuro the enforce
meut ot justice but I know of no way
out only to have educated men for jurors
which Is Impossible at picpent 1 am In
tavorof taking tho judiciary onof the
hands of the people nnd havo our district
judges cjpeclally appointed by tho gov
ernor and continued by tho senate which
I think would bo qulto an Improvement
I am opposed to district judges scrum
bllng torolllcc I think that our courts
on account of mere technicalities too
often turn men loose whoso guilt Is
clearly established I dont think our
district judges as a general thing nro
explicit enough In tholi oharaesto juries
A S Xaciikv
County Attorney Camp County
Dkcituii Trx Feb 7 188C Editor
Gazkitk Your letter of February 5 to
hand and for answer I will say that it Is
my opinion that tho present jury law of
Texas Is as perfect ns It Is possible to
mako It I Uilnk under the amendment
pa sed at Its last session of tho legisla
ture chapter 100 page 00 nets ot Nine
teenth legislature ns good jurors can be
obtained to try crlmlual cames as tho
material ot tho country affords I am of
tho opinion howovor that other changes
In tho criminal practlco might bo made
that would greatly conduce to tho cuds
of justice
1 If the law should only require of tho
court to Instruct tho jury what facts they
should find In order to convict or acquit
without til tho law now requites sub
mitting to them obstrtiso propositions of
law thoy would bu belter able to ascer
tain their duties
2 If tho court was required to prepare
his eharga ond submit tho fame to tho
attorneys beforo they nro required to
nrguo tfio case to the jury It would
yreatly expcdltu business and nld tho jury
In tho puifonnaucu of their duty
I find that tho greatest obstacle to
criminal justice Is In properly Informing
the lury as to their exact duties
It K Causwiii
Couuty Attorney Wlso Comity
Hit jy Tkx Feb 23 Editor Ga
zKiTits Your favor ot February 4 asking
lor my opinion on thu subject of nceded
changes lu tho jury law lo hand From
tho fact that yuudeslro tho opinions of
tho county attorneys of this state I draw
tho lnfiteuco that you refer to that part
ot tho jury law regulated by tho Codo ot
Uiliniunl Procedure nud shall devoto my
self In this letter to the consideration of
that part of thu subject I will mako no
dlstluctlon botweeti tho formation of tho
jury In capital cises and in those Jess
than capital since as I take It tho mii
gostlons I make are equally applicable o
both My suggestions shall only relate
ftirtherto challenges to Individual jururs
Which are of two kindst Iortinptory aud
for cjuso Too challenges for cause I
think are as complete aud exhaustive as
they well could be nnd should stand us
they are But I would propose to
TitMes llcrlin glove We
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Satin paratola
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ntln pnraanls lined
Heavy allk paratola
Heavy eatln parasol
lowed would be n great chaogo for tho
better In the jury law
County Attorney McCullochCounty
Sax Anoklo Tkx Fob 81880 Edi
tor Gazkttk Sin Your lavor of tho
4th Inst asking my opinion upon Needed
changes In the jury law Is at hand It
contemplates a brio reply and I say In
response that the jury system is tho great
means whereby justice miscarries In civil
and criminal cases It calls upon thu
sympathetic and lgnoraut to determine
questions which ought lo be vlowetl with
out prejudice and with tho clearest possl
tile judgment Questions of fact tiro ln <
sepaiitblu from questions of law and of
the litterjuries aro wholly uninformed
The system should bo abolished and If
this be Impossible such n modlllcailon
should take placo as would render a ma
jority crdlct effective
Cassiijs Cautkii
County Attorney Tom Greeu County
Llano Tkx Feb 27 Editor Ga
zutik Yours of recent date to hand
In reply I will tay that thero aio some
needed changes lu our lury law In my
opinion which if made woula octter
secure the ends of Justice
1 Tho present law In reference to
selectingjurjnienbya jury commission
should be repealed and a law enacted In
Its stead muking It the duty of the county
commbsloners to act as a jury commis
sion Tho teasous for this change lire
numerous The commlMloucrs come
from different parts ot tho county and
are better acquainted wlltthe people and
know better nbout tho disqualifications
ot men In their respective precincts than
three men picked up at the end of the
term of the district court as Is now
2 Tho grand jury should bo
Impaneled for two terms Instead ot
one Arrange It so six new gtand jurors
would come Into tho box at each term of
district court Every prosecuting at
torney who has lind much to do with
grand juries knows that there Is at each
town of court moro or less uullnlshcd
business It tt for the next grand jury to
complete and with six of tho old jury in
the box such business would bo com
pleted mueii quicker and many a missing
link woulo bu found which Is under the
present urmngemeiit never looked for
11 Give no sttto and defendant each
ten peremptory challenges In capital
4 AboilIt juries in justices courts
and strip said courts ol nil criminal juris
fi Require comity and district judges
to read their eh irges to tho jury beforo
tiny argument Is made on tho case by
fi Let ovi i v qunlllled voter bo subject
jury survv If not over sixty years of
age Manj ixccllent mcu who are
neither Iioiim holders nor freeholders are
under tho ptoeut law dl quilllled
E O Honham
County Attorney ot Llano couuty
The following communication on the
rond and school laws was iccelved too
late to appear with tho contributions ot
thoother county judges of tho state Enj
IIidaloo Tkx April 2 Editor Gn
zettut in response to your request in re
gard tp legislation for thu purpose of per
fecting tho road and school laws of Tex
as I would suggest ts my opinion that
tho roads bu maliitalued by taxation Or
raihcr by taxation and labor that Is to
say nil persons paying a state and county
ad val tax of 10 and over to be exempt
road service nil other to work on
roads for at least the days In tho year
Ibis la my opinion would be moro enui
table ami just to all parties for the reason
that fully 60 per cent of the Inhabitants
ol this county do not pay a tax not eveu
a poll tax This wa3 mado evident last
yeir The ase > sor assessed all polls
and the collator has not been able to
collect tho same except from property
owners nunowners of property icftism
or falling to pay their polls
The school law In my opinion is tho
best that Texas h ever had yet sonm
chances might bo made which would
more nearly perfect It lor Instance su
perlnundency It Is my opinion that In
al counties where tho scholastic
lation exceed Hoo tt superintend
ent should be appointed or elected
Proper supervision by county judges U
almost an Impossibility for the reason
that they have not tho Umo to spare from
their other duties to give the null c
schools the attention which their Impor
S5c wTand bertdc u ls a vice
° vb M 0 c ° nl > emailon Is allowed
V 00fh ii 0t beovo nmptnan
aw i think
a compulsory
sy tom of
cdurouon aaould bo
on this
rentier Ninety percent if therioimla
lion ot this c nntv are Mexlcais i
ISM 01 lnCH t0 th0 Slon <
particularly m thu Eoalish
anguase I refer to tho uneducated otatt
ones aro more favo w
disposed TrurmKUs St UwukI J
Couuty Judge Hidalgo 2l
atlrer Lot likum vov r
Never falls when the direction
lowed hence thew
mw a rt of
complaint heard against it The lnLJi
rlcnced coolt is J peT
able to t
bread wlUt It as the U lonVbaC
sImpybecauso lta lniswdttnlsa Tso
pounded as to make fallur im
Is all that is necessary to mak iti
pensable to all wm TatS Jow
1 00
1 00
1 24
1 V5
1 SO
1 M
1 78
hnttn iiaraaola lined laco cdC any aliade 2 55
Tho heat f 1 SO parasolevcr teen J ort
Comblnallon woolfn aulta containing 18
yard rontnlal for i 33
White embroidered enlt contnlnlSK 12
yards mitrrlnl and 0yd ciniiroloory I 2S
White rmhrnldcicd suit riyda material
andtlydsembrolilcfy 2 00
icrn Kttamlno embroidered enlU 12 yd
material and 9 yds embroidery
ro to m
Id ji to
Tlio Rind of Man Tiixns Wants for
Next Oot ernor
Atlanta Tkx May 12 Editor Ga
zkttk I am a subscriber to your dally
and am proud to acknowledge that tlio
noble stand you hnvo taken In all public
matters meets my hearty approbation I
llko tho way you set down on socialism
and comunlsm I think all good peoplo
throughout the land aro ready to glvo
you a hearty amen A to your choice
for governor I think you could not bavo
mado a better selection In tho stato than
in Hon WJ Swain Wo am all Swain
peoplo over hero including tho women
old men atid children Wc want a good
cool levolhcaded man to govern theso
stormy times and Gen Swalu Is tho mun
I am very truly II 1 W
Head Tun Gazkttks premium distri
bution in another place In this weeks
Armrclikm on Tilal
Cliictiit III May 10 Tho grand
jury took up thu hearing of tho cases of
the anarchists this morning Tho first
thing done was tho reading to the jury
thu testimony which was taken at the In
quests held on tho remains of Ofllcers
Milter Flavin Iteddln Degln Sheehan
and Uirrett who died from tho effects ot
tho wounds received lu tho haymarket
riot Alter this witnesses to tho tragedy
wero heard
Milk Crust Dandruff Eczema
and All Scalp Humors
Cured by Cuticura
LAST XOYKMIliU my llllo boy apcl three
years Itll ngalnit mo stove whllo ho was
running and cumminail nun right after Ihn
ho brake ont nil over id head facu and left
nr I lml a good doc or Dr to attend
1dm but ho K t woreo and ilio doctor could not
euro him Ida wliolu henil leco anil left car
Mere In n tciitful slate aud lioaulfoicil terribly
I caURlu tho illsoano rom nlin nnil It apread nil
over my face anil ncrk nnd even got Int < my
ejes Nouorty thought wo would over gtt bet
tor I fBt euro wj wcro dlellauroii for Ilio I
heantot tho Cuticura lienicillea anil procured
aliitllool Cuticura Kesolvi n a box or Cntl
enra una a cato ol Uutcura eoauand ued
them cpnsluntly day ami nRht Alter uslip
two liottlrs of Ilcaolreut four booa of tntl
cura and four cakes of Soanwo nro perfectly
cured without a tear v bos akn Is now
llko eatln J1MIK ElTiVl
371 Oram t Jomoy Ully N J
Httorn to before mo tMa 2Tth day o > Jlnreh
lta3 uiLucin l itomxsovJ f
Havo boon In tin dm uud moiilcno business
twenty llvrt yonra llmo in vu eibl cjonrdull
turn loiiiedlw nine iho r mnWirt Thoy
lead all othire In their line W e coud not write
V 1r 50i i w rlnt a wnhavolieiirdBldlii
tho Oullciira nn1 Soup curd a little irftl In our
bouse of tho worn ioio bend wo ever emv nnd
the lscsolient and Oullcura menoirciulnLa
JSVnBKnlonJ no 1 foro Xc whllo th
JK W u Ptatid It wlll
Min hu letrand ilfq
nprliiipa U Too iiitieh
cannot h said In favor of Duil iirn > mSSe
S llSiUITllAllllO
Codington liy
C l6Seil m a POUvo euro for
ever form of akin
and blood ulacUheH
K bKAr oiiS
SbiiiI for How to c r Skin Dlsf naes
SKIN JiJi 1 ei rlml1 hlackhenda and
OIMIM baby hnniora ueoJutlearn Soap
JllovlatM is thu cohdlllon of iioii
fhl h0 s Jct I thine of
iVlani11 egant Idoto
to pnln
mi 1 n nttmw llon the
iTas cr 5nttmw OiiUcum Anil
Wondorfal to Relate
VKAKS I haVobecn a vlclli
iS dan nd < npw Wff JJ >
uoltlea ot tho niedleli n i > l u thirteen
b 1
0ri 1to l r
0 toe CrwnatI 0Sr i
0nlnn 8 Pioneer IJlool Kcnowor
jro m second at jhcoilSl1 bIKVES
Guliins IMonoer Ulootl Uoiinwnr
Onr nil 11
ViMki 9l
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Macon da
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ehow yon lower prlcoe thRn yoa IraagineT
Jlcne drllllnfc drawer
Mena underchlrta
Mens sock
Mens ahlilswoitli 41 00 at
Men aults
Men Suits
Men aulta
Mens suits
Drcsa I wn
oatuino India llnon
VlctorU llnon
Victoria lawn
Klnocbcckcd Naln ook
Mcdlnmrhccked Nalnnook
Ilatd I OHlinuoNnlntook
1 nld Costume Xatnwnk
I HVKti 8alto < Ic orMIUIinry ui < l T o > v Nt lfitON Jif
60 10o5
HO uiul 112 IIotiKton Hlioct X oxi WoiUi Toxiiw
Discussion of tho Needed dinners In tho
Jury Law by SIrn Who Know lta
Absolutely Pa
Thla powder acta vwu i
purity atronirth and vtoknL
economical thtn tbo crilliuwIWi
bo aold In
conniPtlUim vah
low teat ahoi retbt alia ntl4
aera AVirl only In ran Ml
lOWDKll OO fM WaWtrte J
017 St Charles Slreef h
A rrcutftr cfiJuit t > t o Mini bit
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city pnperj uliow kqi ilHMr4eiItA T
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SyptiUltlo lihcuntitlira tu1 J
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M tbo rfiult of Sfirfvbwn In yatthmitfia
jcara cr other timet ittd Ttlel Btt4wi
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rHniLeii r liit fcad dereettfe ati
phvaleftl tcujr ar rIoQ t U
orideiijon of i iaa powtri
Boris or UKHtrrr urt twoiiweilt
ln > Ceion th aUoTt tnt JnifiH
tiresi Ooniultnlou tt office er tj trUIt w
frleadljr tult or lit oplnlas ctm Mtta
AHUrlnarj KUatjindDliWtft
Hen cured for life
When It la InwnvtnUol lorlrtt fatty
Itloojcnn be tent t > r nail or ntprmmr
caaoHCuarantrol wber 4oBbl lnttn > i
Fampliloti EnfflUUorGtrciiHi
inc abovo cllociaci la nul oraufl
Klegtat etotli and ltt Ho4rH wMJ
r or eorreney Or Ctij < iirw
hol itor tiu i lir rtirtiMW
nliooiartUArry who t t bjwaM
eal decay effocll ot ivllbaej M 1
jlLeumay be laer tedta rM
nunymoro Tho tn nt <
It oojtiitta ba
ttcder lock Ld key ropuiar
rmorvn l H
urtoorrlp t twrmmo
when oihor tmitineetlaliaNvq
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poso ior circiuart riirap
addrcaa Checvcr KlccW <
Electric M ririwotTrl KjS
nliol and i rn nen eiu >
A1k > for airi
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Dr WAlio ti COi
A Clear
is only ft
art Pji
but it is a part
may have it 2
looks like
Balm both M

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