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Fort Worth weekly gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, May 21, 1886, Image 9

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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to Look On
M tchls written about
interest to thoso who
JSonrt traits is always
SSSwant reader This
11 more conspicuously
calUrlcs of tho house
zLblr than any where else
WSfSgfioek to thorn ot mil
ltor innsand not unlrc
mor or appearanco of
HduralNow Yorker re
lb vlus Senator KvarU
palmed Is that
1 rt The talking men are
iif the proceeding In tho
Seining of their charae
1it learned In that way Tne
ffloMO Is an Intciostlng
K to tho student ol
MSJn Its relation to tho
fisd the other occupants
Snort prominent fljures In tho
Ho took
o Vermont
of feolo
jibody as successor
iniiT years ago nnd has oc
since Ho
Btttfponn ly ever
lapaMic life at homo for twclvo
ote heroine to tho senate but
tktnln the lower house of con
uh bow fiftyeight and looks
beralRht round out the time in
inly served by Henton in the
7 of our national oxlstenco
faUIshtil pic utes of him his
Iasojtas well Known ns that of
rahimsclf yet none of them do
atapretent tho strong features
Untried face accurately Ho
fix feet In height
iiji stamllng straight car
tad fornard from habit and
tnjjAjticil deformity or stoop
lo ojgul biultb nnd ill esses
it cire to guard agaln t tho 111
tun eane wiathcr The soles
rots are fully an inch thick and
jtmrtlutly In wraps when com
drttnralug from the capltol in
r Ik wears a full bond kept
tusill3 almost entirely bald Hu
iitonlJrrtd but not fleshy His
lb the only thing funny about
uichone cctils us much Inter
uujipcclmen of helrolyphlcs
tIotlmatis and apparently no
i TbeUimon and lythlasllku
Ptask existed between him nnd
Ihnrmaii Is tbo only strong oue
MirnEdmunds to entertain Ho
ilseur his propositions wLh
tail ntvn discusses matters otit
ic chamber and committeeroom
< led morose and loy A better
aid tbe traits whichhavo given
Riilon ot blni Is that he
deminded by hts own com
teaiper to abstain from
a that would servo no good end
teredaty demands such Tout
PM enough to mako him uu
llf It wis not carefully held
c sot be doubted Ho knows
Mre tMin It He Is methodical
ta Every dime of expense
wuthcd ty a lemlpted bill und
e entailer who forgets thts
tdnlnded of it for tho first
m to l t < lib patronage fur the
BU Sew rogland habit of cau
PttaiiarebUoftBUself continually
WUep a carriage and never
whout an agreement to price
to tha aw and of the ilrst
JJaa wcosta htm ho asks his
IO him humu If tho price
oore ttiati fltly ci nis ho shakes
Jhlka straight over to tho
i Tl g hu c u ildo homo in
Mt cuts uu haolts In the
tuatjtr aro not surrounded
Kll extreme dignity some
Isct Uo Feldum sits
W In Ms cha r Wheu thinking
keg a himself down lu a
f hi hetd sideways resting
I clusiughls
ay tetter for meditation In
5 iaa stuate ho Is clear aud
imn nls hat ol address
n o he senaro chamber Ho
fh V tiaM nl11 nrc ° P
l il
tii no on has ever as
iTwiJiotura Hs vuico is bel
iova um
he would use
ii i8not tne > s smooth as
ii D lon ti conversation
Iw 3 J1 T eches and never
Witt ho Into da to say He
f e la hi siatemcnts of facts
i mu hatwates in debate with
Preparation ho iiioWs that
A u1 an a solute stort
itinfJ rWcrllket he is not
> to ducug
< a caSJ wllJ0Ut mv
tva t > issttHsUm He is a
i S ii UlB 11VVfcr < f b8 mental
tocJn 2 b > y > f those traits
Putritrtho gencrionamo of
S iMn
H ly his whole
ome klm1 in
lt7 alhomo or
uiteswnnrat lcetoUto
I aid 1 aWaoro very ooon
aifJnPiWd ins law aaiilfis
Neit njr > f
4 S 4 neUBtr Bt t > thin
feffi Ba0vs no lines of
Tidtb nlf > bald bead and
> Xl l might be iacn for tbo
V noltwentynvo Ills
dain wearhI 8Pttfclt
bh nnu a ad as to send
t 0 M carshorlsontally
r u mMou of n ii
kl7 u h fared some breeze
I tfcu r1 8 head up to e
his roaad mAy
chin tho most prominent fctturo The
appearanco of doubt and Inquiry which
his face always has when hurrylug along
reminds ono strongly of Dentnan Thomp
son who Is not unlike him In general ap
pearanco when In his worry over the
clanging of Arc bell ho assures us ho
really bolioves tho town will burn down
befqrc ho gotft near enough to sec
tho Urc Mr Hoar Is far from being a
graceful speaker still hohasno glaring
faults rhetoric enunciation or rjcstuio
Ho seldom gestures at all Sometimes
ho moves his baud around as If twirling
something or really twirling a bunch of
keys or somo minor Implement drawn
from his pocket or picked up from his
desk A common habit with him Is to
clasp his hands In front of htm and occa
sionally ho holds them there through suc
cessive bentences but more generally as
he gets warmed up In his work ho en
f01 cos his words by pointing tho Index
linger toward the antagonist In dobate
or toward tho coming climax In his ex
pression His earnestness Is his strong
point Ho has no conception of jest and
but llttlo of ridicule as a branch of statts
manshlp either In debate or argument
He Is so serious In demeanor If
ho happens to smile tho smile Itself
seems to apologize for Its appearance
on a faco where It Is not altogether at
homo He seldom lets any dooato pro
ceed to any great length without having
his word to say Ho Is a good lawyer
a close and cogent reasoner and Is prob
ably as well posted on all the various
topics which coma up for discussion as
nuy man In tho senate As chairman of
tho committee on privileges and elections
he does not tlnil his mind amltlmo so pre
occupied as to prevent giving all other
matters full study for It Is seldom a case
of contested election arises In the scuato
Ho is proud of hs state ami his allusions
to her so In qucntly made couvey tho
Impression that ho knows very little
about the others nnd what llttlo bo dues
know Is not of that nature to mako him
desire to extend tho acquaintance His
partlsmshlp Is verv Strom and ho Is not
popular with the Democrats in enngrch
Mr Hewitt and others on tho house side
still harboring resentments for what they
believed to bo bis double dialing In the
electoral commission business ten years
Ono of tho talkers ot tho senate per
haps preeminently so tho man who with
ready tongue and well developed
seems prepared for any occasion nnd
posted upon every subject Is Senator
Morgan of Alabama Mr Morgan Is
now sixtytwo years old has beeu nine
In tho Fcuato and bad no previous
legislative xpeiienco of any kind Ho Is
ot medium height and frame as straight
bs In youth He has a bright pleasant
face shaved clean except tho upper Ilpon
which I n mustache kept clipped short
and which owing to tho color is scarce y
oottctuWu at a distance Ills hair Is thin
and gniv Ho U preeminently a clcar
headiel cm sclcntlous legislator He
lives near by thocapltol and is as punc
tual lu bis appearance at committee mot
Incs and mo sessions ot tlio senate as
though bo wcro urder tho strict rules of
military discipline He Is a firm believer
In the old Di mucratlc doctrine of strict
construction and designated powers
of tho constitution and has no patiouco
ni11is t leuiUtlon
3 J Mti a adjourns for tho day he oUa ormitSho do s not lolly a
oUafl Xvr to
e fl o clause nirj
weakness I
through without exposing Its ami
t nas any and mates his expositions
crlilclsmVso clear that then cat bo no
mistaking tho queslion Ho talks go
easily that the temptation la stiongti
peak JriqnHrty and tho common crlll
talks too oftci
is that Morgan
c iu
His volco Is
tds Is the only orltiobro
anv hBrBhBCSs He stands erect v tl his
seldom using a gesture
head thrown up
xmly rxha t8 the sub
ox ends ami
of the few senators who
Kct Ho Is one
icmmlhwHU remarks aud th r a
> occa Ion to for h s giftof
Saae his fall mastering of tho sub
unlmpassloncd dlnli n
ot aud carolul
Ln for few corrections and no amciid
er rises above an
its Hi voice m >
m heard mm is a
ordl pitch < ally
of force jather than of prM
numotom iVcent severe burcavemaufs havo
M It Vl w
eigo ho baa of subjects
the delivery of 6v Plcl1 ° iict
jnon in stont men is to Crop his head
forward especially when talking nia
oratory should bo classed as earnest
rather tluu fluent or polished Ho never
trims a ecnteuco for effect and spends
llttlo tlmo Or study on exordium It ho
wcro to write a book ho would probably
forget the preface Ills utterance Is not
so distinct as to bo perfect and his Ian
gutgo Is not f ullbnt lu force and effect his
argument Is admirable Tho ono subject
which he delights In dlscuSMng U tho
tariff Upon this he is always at homo
This ot all topics ho has studied and
made familiar as household words His
earnestness has full scope and all phases
of tho subject aro familiar to his mind
Ho Is utteny and unanlmouMy opposed to
protection as a feature ot national econ
omy and is alwavs headed with argument
to refuto it UnoftUlailyio is soclalwd
delights In pleasant repartee Ho will not
weigh hlmselt down with caro nnd feels
but llttlo senatorial dignity but when he
reaches tho committee room or tho senate
chamber he puts on business and elevates
his wholo mind to the questions that aro
being dlscos < cd Ho Is very popular
1th tho employes of the senate especi
ally with tho pages with whom ho always
exchanges pleasant words In dress ho
la plain and somotlmos careless When
returning from a trip lu tho far West
last October his bfoncd appear
anco and tarmcrlltio hat and
dress cautcd a Chicago reporter to bring
him out as tbo coming Grangers candi
date for tho presidency As soon as hN
attention was called to tholtcm he saldt
Dont the simpleton know tha I was
not horn In tho United State and
straightway purchased a suit which would
not lead to further mistakes ot that kind
llu Is full ot sympathies No ono Is too
lowly for him to notice and ho knows no
aristocracy but that ot worti and truth
For twenty years he has been tho presl
dent of tho 1 iirnicrs Kentucky Horso
association and Is nn onthoslustlc nil
mlrer of horsellesh When Koxall was
making his gipalest triumphs on the
Kngdsh turf Mr Beck was In raptures
He gave a truce to tariff and knotty legis
lative subjects and reveled In recuntlng
the qualities of the American horse Iu
tho midst ot ono of theso bursts of
cnthuslism a senator a close friend of
opposltu political faith deeply wounded
htm by usklng whether Koxall was a run
ning or trotting horse This display of
Ignorance nearly disrupted a friendship
of many years standing
Head Tin GilrKTTKa premium distri
bution In another place In this weeks
Au Kclio uC Soiij trnin llio Iuulluim Onne
Tho following Is a crudo photograph
of a plowing sceue on a Louisiana planta
tion As the picture Is taken from life
tho names ot tho two mules In tho team
Sherman ana Morgan are given tho
prose luterpjlatlous aro rendered erba
Mm and tho uncu h song reproduced as
uearly as pocslble
Git Up Mules
rerMotns say ilnt music
lagitlunto luit clue ul
An snlana In do u idle
tilioa eugur In do bowl
Gie dar SjjurnanJ
Ift blaclt Ird nx do Jaybird
What tniku hint tvnr seech cloic
Holicltcrpilt oiim iiln
Ciuu all do gruun la 11
Dliwoillifullo trnule
Font mumiiur tell do fprlnjc
Urn iirara mi learn la proinr
For dum lint daiito uu Ding
Haw Morgln dont you hcah mc
tell you to haw mule Now golong
Do Jajbln tell do blackbird
lid nlnUrasSol hurd
Wough dar you pefltlterlentbeases
joul You been pas dat blmt stump fo
times already dls mawnin an noiv yous
cockln jo cars an caplnanprnncln
like you lows tt mils bo a gret big tarrl
fyln black bar or sechl Wough dar I
say Git up
I been duivn to do weddln
18o Ml Mandv Urtcut
bin a bom do Ilvella lady
Jntonr > ou lia nun
III I dat aint w at I was slngln pleg
tel a mule nohow Dey slroys eber bit
do senxo a man was born wld what wd
strlvln an natural contraness devsnuff
to mako tveu a hungry man forglt bout
do ltttlo Oh > ch 1 mernbtra now
Da ji > blrl ti lit d blackbird
to Inter anoly haul
Anlwtlat doullOalrllmlln
Io 8joiiok lntRamolard
you K m erlotyn llKloa
> rei 10 upyo spirit > ou
Anlidly nloiiK ml ery
W gal to irabblo ou
Do Iawd l > le 3 deso inulesl dey been
wtiVlu t cane craps nigh on to ilfteeu
y < ar an dey alut larut do dlffnnso bo
twixtde waterfurrow an do stubble
row jit Will you J Git up dar you
confounded varmints you
Ml Handy look bo iinllln
Look a luah alut I got datMandy gal
cbnnc outm my hcao ylt
Prcr Sfoift about at meelln
An e cantalncrewiik
liter M o Jamiv hu hymn tones
fWhat you diilu dar Sbummau Yon
wants in kick up does yei When ytV
ole heels gits ter familn deyarblt
look jo gut a splto agin do suu an
gwlne to kick It up JillXl way to 12
rtclock Take flat an dat au dat
Now yo got sumpen to kick up bout
tloan yer hea me Now go long I
I > yarth w rnt undo tot troohle
Mor poatln wo was bru
Borao ln er at aalyatton
li irirloe to IVAti dvborn
A ifldatilajeddoflddlo
nan eoin < ltttw r d rllslou
Upon a aoUmn tace
fBless Oiwd dar goes do dinner belli
you hcah it dots you On yea youll
I bollerln no I Stan roun hn UoKih
tell I Kin oo yo p c glty olo backj air
Shummau alntdone gone an nk
nowi i
deb Idiacleanoutenha noui and gone
jjomeaclattln Giup
An tieraxiuf rMip llkanebuoe
IwUhlbad a n 1Ji
MA TIMM laTltsMPeraocrat
IteJ K 0A iT 8 premium dMri
MUM J wtHfcer fte ta necks
Few Suggestions Which
Prove Profitable for tho
Dress of tho Milkmaid Ono
for tho Sneel Jlrl
AitomrafntuShiulu Uninat the
rmlotu Hun Clntlmrvtt
thi noni dkksmkiii
The kind otllces of a bcucfaclor aro sel
dom appreciated by those toward wliom
thoso efforts aro directed and when
thoso efforts tend In tho direction of iu
creasing labor lor tha wife and mother
ono may well stand hesitating upon tbo
brink ere making the final plunge How
ever women will be fashionable and It
Is whispered across tho waters that now
homo drosMtiaklnit is fashionable aud a
few bints to amateurs may not comu
aml s In regaxtl to cutting the lining
there are t > cveral points to bo notod but
perhaps the most Important is that tho
pattern fhould bo laid on fo that the
neck and bottom should bo on tho selv
edge as thorols much lfss probability ol
its MrotChlug In tbat way As tho loug
walsted Hulo Is now liMOgtiv tho darts
are cut high and near together at the
waist lino the side forms being cut nar
row Tho neck Is usually tlnhhed with a
high military collar which has a buckram
Interlining Shoulder seams aio ot
medium length thoslccvu set In caatly
Into a largo armholo there bclug no full
ness In It except such as Is obtained by
holding tho sleeve next you In basting
tho inner scam set straight down tho
arm The skirt should lit smoothly and
easily over tho hip avoiding any tied
back appearanco tapt s nnd steels being
still used to hold tho foundation skirt In
place tho 1 jwer skirt and back draperies
being mado to look full
Tho Now York eostiimers say that
there Is no color so popular as dark blue
but as whltu costumes aro worn they
should certainly bo favorites In Southern
latitudes and their npproprlatuess
to all complexions and ages furnishes an
additional eason for their adoption Al
ways fresh and bright by little changes
ot trimming au almost Inilnlto variety of
effects may be produced
There Is now a beautiful silk wrap fab
ric which combines lightness and econ
omy by saving laundering
Silll for this climate whero dust and
heat prevail wach goods seem most de
sirable and are certainly lulmlssablo ou
tho street whatever may bo tho mode In
moro favored localities All wool white
goods mako charming evening dresses as
the dampness do h not render them limp
For evening toilets at sttmnur resorts
aro very lovely wool gaurcs and crape
wools of exquisite qualities to bo mado
up of thetu fabrics alonu or combined
with silk satin falllo francaUc tha tinted
flouncing laces which are this season
pronounced porfect dreams of beauty
nnd art pearl paescmeutcilcs appliques
and rare tdlk emorolderlet both white
aud palchtied lu shades ot muiivo del
blue cream roschcurtand canary yellow
Too Intermediate wool dress for tho sum
mer Is of while cticddoh beige bison
cloth nuns gray cairn ls hair or else
daluty creamwhlto llmoudiie with this
fabric for bnsquo and drapi ry while a
deep fall ot Moresqueor Kijypttan lnco
veils the frint and Mdes of tKo lower
skirt Doth 1 cllx ami lit dfern tiso silk
cords sliver gold andnioliafr brAldS or
Mulshing stylish tnltormado gowns of
summer wool creamwhite pilot cloth
being a favorlto material
Nl CKWliVlt
Thoso who favor dainty arrangements
of lace about tho throat will bo glad to
know that cravats arc being worn again
These aro made In tbe old scarf fashion
about a yard and a quarter In length and
about a quarter ot a yard wide Long
loops and falling ends aro the approved
sty loot adjustment for tho ties somo of
which aro made of dotted canvas or tho
oldfashioned dotted Sla muslin wide
Vali nclennes lace trlaimlng the end To
look well tho laco must bo really good
and the pattern delicate Amoug other
revivals for tho neck aro lace boas or
scarfs of Spanish laco These come In
new beautiful patterns somo of which
measure threo yards in length They are
arranged In many different ways one
method being to put the fcatt around the
peck bringing It down fullllko a blouse
then carrying the two ends to tho back
catching Hum together with a jet plu
just above tho lonrnuro This shapes
iho scarf Into tho form of a cutuway
jacket in front but the lieu points of
ono side of each end coning just over
tho hips
KJounccs of laco aro usd upon hand
some black grcuadieo diCNics and so
deep and elaborate Vro teso that they
aro more like a eornUlnatltn fabric than a
garniture Wide lafio Jounces ato ar
ranged in lengtbwlsd cnrMs only sllgntly
gathered across frhm ttio blj > s on the
right down to thcfOft on the left side
Upon other gronaejWo druses one deep
fluuuco falla like R4pro overdress ami
tipu either sldejfilf ral 1 and arranged
txactiyaaojabotlfeouU be about the
neck nod down thtf front ot tho bodice
Loops of satin rlbfcfi he 1 tho airy folds
which WKVtbn lower portion of tho short
bodied Just belowitjo taint on utthur
hip Very slmp Srctadluefl of unall
anquro patterns hk6 stlrtsof lengthwise
pleats whtchfavffflTstUen tuckul awl
theid pltatlnssi era most generally
edged wltft laetj French Hcos
closely Imitating Or > ad or Chantllly de
HmiiHjiTo nfoiH nm upon black grena
dines TUAfout Won of all grenadine
dtemS afb bow fU since a goodw < ar
ing tnlugjbnrahcombe purchased for fifty
or sixty cents a jfWl Thls foundation
wH near s longfas the goods which
drape itr which lgl that could bo ex
peci d of silk at to > low price Kormeily
a grenadine riro sfts so line d with heavy
grosgraln ifellk d underlined with
French cambric 5 to rtndcr It when com
plete as heaty an3i Uncomfortable as a
winter dress woultljb Now the silk lin
ing alone Is n fd win cambno or ulltsl
stays at oath sesmltssecure the machine
stitching end bear t strain which natu
rally e mes uport It
artAiJCATiio wnnss
Graduatingdr sasaro always a sotirco
ot trouble and anxbty with expecant
graduates Irorn cho < and college at this
teason A few maybe able to apnd or
give their cider tq a compcUnt dreas
makers tbe roajufrttv worry over the
difficulty ot making at adfqnatJ appear
auceout of lnadiquap resotarce Tbe
best thing probablytbat tha majority
cau do to procure o of the macblbe
embroidered while witllns mako ituri
with full open bodice pd wear cream
pale itllow or hellot satlu belt and
oyer M t i or I Ur wBWt bofilsvr
obtained not only at a comparatively
trilling expense but possessing theuu
purchasable distinction ot separate nnd
artistic Individuality
JiTAMlNi 8Utr
The plain skirt Is ot striped goods
Tbo tunlquQ ot plain brown etaralno la
plaited ou the belt draped lu apron style
in front and raised on the left side to
shbw tho skirt Tho plaits ot this
drapory are fastened under a pocket flap
of striped goods ttlmmcd with three
loops and two long ends ol seal brown
falllo ribbon Tho back of the tunlquo
forms a long puff Tho waist is pointed
luck and front It opens lu trout uer a
skirt ot cream colored orepo llsso This
skirt Is plaited ami buttoned down tho
center One button ou cither Mile ot the
waist closes it ou tho lower part A
revtrs ot bias striped goods la taken
down either sido ot the open part ot tho
waist and arottud the neck This trim
ming turnilaates lu a point like tho waist
9tititAtii > j imrss
Milkmaids dress tho rural sim
plicity of which It very succosslnlly re
produced by mentis of cuialu artlatl
elaboration Tho fabric composing It is
pttio wool of English lnanutactttru The
skirt to ono of these Is rttlptd iu cream
und rose pink ot n ratydiirry Hut The
blouse nnd milkmaid inula are of plain
material In cieatn color The 1lea la that
of tho traditional skirt tuned back it la
mllkmtld At the loft side thu draperies
oro drawn through a raspberryred silk
cord on the right Iho folds hang free
sun 8it u > is
Tho newest sunshades are covered with
light tlsHis One of these is ot salmon
colored silk and creamcolored beaded
tulle Another has n deep lace rtilllo
with red silk showing unJer tho lace
The lace Is Inkon about lour luolim up ou
tbe sunshade and the slik Is then mt
Covcnd to uenr the stick at which point
theio Is more laco ami a ribbon bow
There are many bows ou tho different
parts of parabola and oven on small
umbrellas nnd cntoutcas
Kilt skirts aro used nguln for young
ladles and tuliscs tailormade suits
Printed cotton crape In Japanese fig
ures and designs Is it noxelty
Flowered foulard ami plaldcd nnd
checked summer silks aro made up into
little girls frocks
StockliuB for Utile girls should be
black dark blue or drab brown iio mat
ter nht color the dock
Mohair and changeable snrah nre com
bined in somo very pretty housocostumeS
intended lor young girls
Hullotiopo Is thu prevailing tint of tho
present moment and very pretty It is
wh < n rendered lu silks ami velvets
lrlmsose Is thu perfume which tho
rondou Utilers now nmioiincc with the
approbation of a loug array of Tory
The fishwife poke of thts summer hits n
spiny ot llowers or leavis and flowers
tucked under tho point but this nnaiigc
inent Is not gancrnlly becoming
Muck surnh silk drosses aro now being
made with gathend vests sashes rovers
aud panels of pale yellow whltu pink
copper red or peach blossom surah The
effect Is charming
With tallormado drracos fivebutton
kid gloves are worn either groy or tau
color heavily stitched with olack or
brown Jheso stitched gloves should
not bo worn with silk costumes or In the
Skirts of evening drofscs for tho sum
mer will be made more clinging lu front
than tho ho worn tho pant winter Thu
fottrreau stylo Is generally preferred
for ball toilets but n full straight train Is
Invariably added to t
Gloved for dressy pttrpo ses aro In light
suldu shades ot undressed kid Some ot
these havo long arm pieces of lice A
variety ot styles are to ho worn for ordl
nary purposes Tho Derby glove Is very
well adapted to use with Kngllnh cut
cloth Jackuts
a a h
Wlint U Heine Dunn Toward Oiutrrrliiff
Dlnuorlnl ltnr In ii u Appriiprlutt
At a regular meeting ot the committee
on Invitation ot ltoaccrans pout No 1
Depattmeitt ot Texas G A It on me
morial services the following resolutions
were ndoptt d t
lie It resolved that Invitations ho ex
tended to tho following persons and or
gan zntlons vl i The Honorable Mayor
II S lirollcl and city council City Mar
shal Wild tin II Hut nnd the police force
of Fort Worth tho voterms of thu war
ot 1812 veterans who served In the
various Indian wars prior to 16111 the
veterans who achlt veil the Itidcpendctcu
of Texas und tho veterans of the war
with Mtxito 1810 to 1818 aud exfod
oral soldiers of the war ol 1801 to iSOfii
also our department oillcem and last
but not leant of veterans our late oppo
nents la the great strugule between thu
Htacc the galljnt Confederate heroes
who honored the gray and thu wives ami
widows ot all tho abovenamed veterans
Our local mllltaiy compnubs our local
lire companies Superintendent Alexamttr
ligg aud our public schools our colleges
and private schools tinder their retptcttvo
management the Ladles Cemetery so
010lts ot Fort Worth anil all other or
ganized benxvolent societies thu county
and state oIIKIuIn and reptcsentathes of
the pnsM aud be it further
H solved that our beloved comrade
Itev James 11 Holloivuy lie invited to
preiich a memorial m rmoii at Fort Worth
Mav 801880 And bolt lurther
IttsolVid that all persona and organi
zations nbovo named who will honor us
i y their attendance will be kind unoug 1
to notify the committee ol their accept
M D Kn r
JouKiii Anduhsom
F W UiMDtuy
Samijiu i > ikiihok
Address M Idnf chairman No 820
Lamar street Fort Worth Tex
OlnitMiiii MnU Kurtlicr CrMloiia
Lomion May H Tbo bouse of com
mons was crowded lant evening lu antici
pation of uti excPcd direction ou re
sumption ol the oubatc on tho hcinc title
bill MatMonc repljlug to Sir Mlcbael
Hicks Ilraeb Cou ctvatlve said the gov
trnmeut would propose tbat thu debate
ou the homo rifle bill be from day to day
m ginning Monday Tho ov r mcut
would not take Friday fur such dut t <
brcnuse 1 obn ilorJay chief t > < cntary for
Ireland would then taku occatioti and
inovn a second reading of bU bill lelatlug
to trie puichaso aud u o of arm a lu Ire
land The donate on Gladstones Irish
bill was thi u resumed
Fuither cesulons from the Gladstone
s > ction of tbe Liberal party aro r ported
consequent upon tbe disappointment
created by CfimibeU lUnnermaus state
ment In the bouse yesterday touching
thshoraeralo bid A imntbef of sup
porters ot the ntasuru ma tu a comblneu
repreentattoo to the government whip
urging that Glidstonei would announce
bwdlvitlou la taken tftat it the bill
pa e theecond tiiadluj no wH cori
Mdertb reiultAltliedtvl lo as rf ple
hoa d
affirmation of principle ot > r >
wllWraw Ow > IH a i tnm ju thw
w ril8 te Ml It W X > 5 M4J
debate wUl > eowrfWW ou Sw SUM
Reports on tho Louisiana Sugar Crop
A New Paper at Washing
ton Public Opinion
Tho Fnto f tlio Tariff BillSenators
Olio Altrml Iho Tltvtitir
lJomtttitls Choice
Viawk nt i < lmmtnliit ltnltnmit r litqut
mi llir lntmr tot > llonA Ontiarra
leiilil Wllinito lrtri >
From Our iegu < arUt > treMH > iulenl
Wasiilsuhkn May 10 Tho annual
reports of the Louisiana Migar cro > for
188580 have just bt en ptiollshed undnto
oiy luterestrg Sotnoot the crops nre
tuormous The millionaire member ol
congress Irom Xioulslatta Mr Gay mado
ovtrS000000 pounds ot sugar and be
tween UOOO aud 7000 barrels ot molasses
on nlno plantations tho entire crop being
worth over 8675000
Gov Wnrmotlis crop is worth 75000
The largest crop ever grown Is that ot
Oliver liloruc who made 7036 hogsheads
of sugar averaging l O pounds ti piece
ami 11015 barrels ot inolastscs being the
largest sugar crop Ver grown ou tho
North American continent by any Indi
vidual since sugar hast been cultivated
Mr Illeme will probably receive about
3250000 tor this crop Theru nre
many olheis who have pi educed smaller
crops When It Is remembered that tho
present tailff on sugar enthles tho Louis
iana plauterto gut IT pit hogshead moro
than ho would itcelvo were theio no
tariff why theso grutlunten are In favor
of a protective tiulft la scltovldcnt Borne
ot thu best end most thrifty planters In
the statu aid from tho Wist Among
them are tho Clark Charles II Tlionip
son and Ilrotison Walker from Chicago
Senator Kustls Mr Klchard Wctghtimtit
tho Washington correspondent of thu
Now Orleans Times Democrat and ex
Senator Kellogg aro nl o heavy planters
Tho tale of a piece of property hcio
tho other day on F street belonging to
the estate ot the lato ltlcbard iVorrlck at
8H1 HI per square foot is convincing evi
dence ot the rapid advance ot property
well located for Intuituhs purposts It Is
not very long ago that real ustmo bears
wcro pi miming IttimeuFO lulls In Wash
ington property In the event of an
Incoming Democratic administration It
will thus be seen that they leckoued
without theirltost
A new weekly paper has been Btnitod
In Witsblngtoti called the IMbllo Opinion
It Is Intended to prctoul thu pith of pre
vailing thought stxpnsied In tho pub
lic press of tho country without com
ment and without due credit to thu
newsjiapors The first number ap
peared last week nnd shows the
groat caro with which the
journal Is to be conducted It Is a valu
able addition to the public literature ami
its Its Held U entirely novel tin re la wide
scope for lis extendi i usefulness
Concerning the recent labor strikes
they quote ln HtdetU Ilotid ot the Queen
and Cretcent route as Kaylngt I think
this strike the gienustblunuerivor made
by any labor orgnnlratlon I bcllovo lit
labor organizations but with each ulass
or trade by Itself and any combination
Into one common organization mtial fall
Tills trouble will teach the public that
congress alone has the power to protect
persons and property lu transit nnd that
uu order by a federal judgcls more pow
oiful than that from auv local authority
They say it cost 35000 to got a seat
atnotg the Chicago board of trade gam
blers 115000 for a similar prtvllegu
among the New York board of trade gam
biers It coats 8500000 to gold seat
among tho United States senate land
Itiqiteacntaltva Tillman of South Caro
lina declare that the stiver dollar Is
Uoil Almightys money Ho thinks so
pcilupH because nobody clso has the
courago to asiUmo the responsibility for
the Lord
Tho prospect for u six weekH debate on
the tariff bill nfforda no cause for ttpprt
henston lot it Is the bill mid not the
country that will be ttlkcd to death Its
doomjsalieady sealed and wlthnhnii
dred mvmbirn who havo given notle < thit
they will attend the funeral Its jiaiengo
to another world and not In this Is as
Imldent Clevelands next tleslro U to
glvo the people good government If
they will coopcruto with him he wilt
do it
As a rule senators aro very fond ol at
tending the Hunter Many of them are
suillcleutly wealthy to afloid a private
box but the majority of them content
tin wedves with feats lit the orchestra
circle ut 81 60 and 81 00 npleco Proba
bly Iho most imotcruto theatergoer lu
the senate Is Hansom ot North Carolina
He Is comparatively a poor in in but he
Is in tho theater nearly ovciy night He
Is ono ot the handsomest men und IS cer
tainly tbe iJMt ditfMtl laudator at the
capital Ho is wellKnown be
hind tbe footlights aud every
prominent actor who has played hero for
the Inst clx jiars has hud a personal
compliment from Sanator Hansom Sen
ator Uitiji r of South Carolina is eceu at
tho tlieator almost as fivriuoiilty as his
colleague from his neighboring state He
l Iwwovrr a great admirer of female
beauty Tho flue acting ot Hooth or
Ilarrett or Janamchtk has little attrac
tion for blmt but rtsixctacuHr playwith
u good ballot will find him in n front
seat every time It mu t be remembered
in this connection th t the Howli Caro
lina senator Is Iho proftcslOtial beauty of
the Semite and tbat no has n lotty opinion
of bis poHerto tmlto tin femlnitioluar
The stately and prosiio Jtdmtinds 1 very
fond f u medy mid cars little for tragic
noting He wltne > sea Hitch plays as
Cilloncl Btllra und the Mighty
Dollar Our Governor Much
Ado About Nothing and comedies
ct rlmllar character Itaymond Is his
favorite and ulnojsdlnei wilh lilm when
bo comes to Vn bl > gum Mr lUlrauwls
isdieldedlycelesllilln his appreciation
of good Ming Tho nvre siJemti bo
looks th gr < ator fa hi amusement at the
performance He corflhlers it b neaih
nls digulty to Inugh outright in n lhi8t r
and resir wh bis giggling until ho reacnes
homo Imralla ot Kaphas g at < y mt
iolrev 7i > JefMo and Is thoroughly
delighted witbVtie subtle humor of J I
jcrmis old comedies Ilowen of Color
udo ba a weakness for Aluiee and Ab
bott which Is ettond only to his poker
predilections He fs by far the best poker
player In Washington but it vtfry roode t
about din ability lu ibis direction The
fellew wljp plays with him has got to
lojilr out for breakers Itl atd > n Pol
orado ho catpe out one ifcq 4 > aoh
tffOhouraT atorrAllI olW
alt often rvn > HiHWHH
kinaMmeat Bocknt
CbMaWlslui with aowa SiW fvlww t < >
Vbm BeloUoM of ths ttifo OfcKaft of
MtarMlppi ouurir itfMtttU kUHi
< T
110 mtimMtftdt ha kM
vvolt especially It U a Ert4S u2
the lunnyMus Z P
crlt to hlmwdi
Splilnx Vrnutoma Ir iinrrt Kh > cWI for
Tho v
tSunrtay < tr Ml
M eorrtiirtinlenc latendtd tot 1ht it
pannient IanlttonMcl honW la aiWrema > K t Chit
N UJ Ait Attemtnnt of j j t
When night pnU onber miilo itret
It iptii i ut > n my tvmiter tamti 1
lliu when oiada in Knraulro
< uip lorlh tqKrcH u ftio a tiro
llithcn 1 mnlpnlt liMiuoluiuv
ml Willi > ny vrifcruc eohnircu l
nlononutin > tout
Mnny y
nut t cant hu > thli my trltnJi I
oorrtliii li llio
III all tho vuirlit nono wvy We
I liomtli from tne ltr t Oar mini how
Ive lictn at i vry wtnulnn iio 1
W iKthcr In natolv ball at iMrnei doUte
tlr lu tl ttotlil of cimiunrcn rm U ttreat
Upon the llolit nt liulloor ut m >
lu tin r tlui etuae I o bin r enung lie non >
Im alnu ilnrei ami tomjult now
Much btthft cicrtlt vilitcti Iho iHortAnmi
Tnpnah niod eohavlor ttotlimeer eKbiiir
Jttalt t do turreuuil dkouuieen boK
New It you can d ecrn nymrae lutttet
And 1 will blit to ail a Mm f iovel
So 14a > riiinioktllotn ij
All trnpof tlio ilt i
Amt Ritrlnk mo l for tt
Two vvordt not neliluBt tuinhlntd
Now turn llifm about
tloiti lu miii oat
A rownru ot mull jottll Had
At J a buvoMgu nmVe
Mint truly tliu boat e > f lit kind
No 144 hiilitrHruni
1 From liidlapuublo take nn lmmlry
and leave weak
a From to begin titku lugliinlngitHit
leave devoured <
From tulfciiluvotis take a dental ant
leave it coin
I From nodding take a fruit and kay
an tnscot l Cum
No i ta lccniiltntlntn
ltrr liilillc Ive wondretia frame
Ami iimny llnilx ciiiiioki H >
J li ro n i llvn Icttom In my uinioi
Mo Uuuht uull toon illulgso tt
Through cltlo vlliKo omltt > wnl
I lnuvulnCiirleuitAthrri f
Orlhrottfih iinvooOlaniltitalna md4emlli
T > o thn itr t letter from hi unmo i
And t mi I nrov uu r eununnn t
A niaco Im a wata known toclnlui
Willi ecrj niannnn woman
Tliu prnnltt and mldlllpi I fhftn
wmiiti iiuloiou liurttvvllhliDplitor
rorwhuu itiflKiutnnUlHititagu < v
lhtroleoimiiinncliiitnitor >
Anoilior lritlcr droppril j fair
ilimi view my rnnv iroi > Hitlon
A meatiiro ndn youll itm ni > car >
luMmudotlruaml mlitliin j
Hut limn a woleomn IHid I am
Atnlnmuivrry Inliloi
So Jnt r nlwifu ihav loll my ntrue
treiilly hone jeure able
No ltn Ililliutnoiip i
While Rtelnn on my iluaoriiatl J4
l c a nhlilOi pearly Oomef
1 n k ihodooior ivlmt Hli I
ilia anvtur Ma palindrome
Nil 147 A IIijuIcpIiirIchI linlcmn
1 urn enmposed ot i7 letters t
1 My ltt 12 1 6 22 JO 11 Is a
familiar llxsuo
1 My a 17 J 8 li junction bttyvten
the bones ot the arm
2 My It 10 23 25 ill Is the circula
tory fluid of the animal
4 My 10 0 1 11 protects tho vital or
6 My H 6 S3 13 to one of the con
stituents of tho blood which slvcs
strength and rosy diet ks s
0 Myl7 15 3 11 4 0 is composed
ol cells
7 My IS 13 1 10 15 20 Is as one of
tint constituents of thomutclo
8 My 2 0 6 25 0 I la ft scorctlng
0 My 2 32 i Is an organ of special
10 My 7 36 21 should observe tho
laws of health
My whole la a warning to evildoers
Li in 0 u hum
Ollipli ItANIiV
No liftA AlrmiRii Tlilne
Tlio and at tha aborn ttoud riioiuor
Anil Hie weeilt Ml Iho ailtaw titan
Whin tcamo la Ihomyattnoriotit
8u iaii < MiBlliltK a J
1 uu miucht liyllinBrthtnnd wetllby
I or tlio liionllo linked me hyt
1 was t nl for buiv ur nnd vmai
Hu rail ii tlitnii vvun l i
I a wmuidii in a iiciy furnace
liialOwrlultiiiKiIHo >
1 win red wnli tlio vvtno of tho rlaUrn
Hfalrnthl xwa l
J am tlm Imnil inall ofarloiio
1 havoresehnd for Him lar a lilgn
l ikiicluil I hu nulitlcut ioluii
8o kcuii a iIiIiik am 1 t v
IritiiiiiiilioreilltitliievltoflliatiilOeF A
Ivenidnaurfilthat otoraltyl t
Veil loMlMtkllifHinllgof hiuuiy
No 140A n iami
lmafatilllar l i i > nKll
VouH renoft mo by and by n
lint If ymi do not cn my air S4
J w I he a tin It yen wW l ryiV
138 Turkey
12U A villa in Ohfo
1801 O T A T O
O H A T O It
T A T T h K
131 Tim jeweler took rre trocybi
right Hde ot the cru ati1 on frmn to
Mt Ho then took one flftm llitf oj <
bottom The Mr nD
placed It ut the
ifg opwarJ to center thou right w left
still counted clevcu <
Ifjit A feather fa ihe answrwldch
seems to agree M wWl jiJl JJ dl
tlons given tlibuugb trtcrtl J f
tlonsbavo been projioscdi
linen wiijcutead whanth ontlMlti w8fit
supplied i
arservrcya pw MS i < >
J5yrcrite 9t V eal n
1S < lut
rraif rC f > l
y ixno wa w z IT
mm a fanner AIM WCuM
wpcdJiebitsl wM
tMsphre narrotvly
drcssvd meat IioniK llto S
S5 ti
HothottlmUictkrs la War VM
well patronised by iw WfeSSrw3i
houses At tha Mlhaj WwTwe s3Sr
thu itunjgerol theAt I MawTcEg
company presented IM tiei t aad uia
boxes to Tint CamtMll o SwTr kita
about filled ho orchratr > to w K
On no cession this rt l MiTSSr
congressmen been seen at owWTtak
theater SpeaVr Catllslo cecaplM
box and even melancholy Mr HewS
Braced tho eccanlon by occuptljiB HVd
jolttliiR piojcenluto utB eatf
grease and foprjlri att 1 iSSSSt u
wtJa d whi W rfSS
41e tlio ohlWrmtrt M Liffl
tby were Wo Hl WJl

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