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lion John ty
Austin Tex
A Paper by AttorneyGeneral Tem
eton on the Locations and Pat
ents oi Greer County Lands
A Scholarly ErTiew of the Texas Laws
Providing tdi the Location of Yet
The Compter
r of Ihe General Land Ot
ic His Construction of
a Old Treaty
WorTlt Tex Dec 16 1SS
Vemnlcton Attorney General
My Dbar Sir As the matter of the
location and patents to land In Greer
county has aJ racted very general atten
tion during tie list few months and as
notice has been given of an application
to be made lor special legisl tion in be
half of the locations and patents may I
presume on your kindness to furnish Thk
Gazettb a statement of the legal status
ot this interesting and important ques
tion I taini the people as well as tnose
who are to legislate for the people will
be edified by such authoritative state
ment ard Ilwould very much appreciate
your complunce and for such informa
tion thank kou not only for Thk Ga
zette but fin the name of the public
also Very truly and respectfully yours
W L Malonk
Managing Elitor Gazkttk
Ausiix Tex Dec 30 lfeS6
TV L Malone Esq Editor of tbo oazctte iort
Worth Tex
Dkar Sir In an effort to comply with
your request of the 26th inst to furnish
you with a statement of the legal status
of the locations and patents to land situ
ated in Gnjer county I must put you off
with a rather rough and hurried narra
tive while at the same time I may travel
a little outride ot a mere statement of the
status of tie locations and patents
This county of Greer embraces 2822
square miles or an uica about three times
that of the county of Tarrant Express
ing its areitin acres there are within its
territory 1078050 acres of land It
lies between two prongs if Kid river the
Prairie D02 Town fork with the Indian
name of JRTechiagnahono on the south
and the N nth fork on he north aud east
and the ljOth meridian of longitude west
from Gre < nwlcU ou the west There is
an old chronicdispute between the United
States aud the state of Texas in regard
to the owneiMup of this territory ante
dating th civil war some years The be
ginning cf th war fouud us in an effort
to sottlethis dipute the point of whlcn
is which one of the two prongs
is the real lied river according
to the treaty between the
I nitcd States and Mexico or
Spain made < vhen Texas constituted
a part of the M > xican government
It is int ied on the pjrt of the state of
Texas nud those most familiar with its
caily Uistoiy that the North prong is the
true Red n r This gives the territory
to the s it of Texts But it is as stren
uously lnsistPd upon the part of the
federal itoverument that the South prong
or Prai u D > g To vn f jrk is the true Red
rivtr ocurdiug to that treaty which
gives fie < rritory of Greer county to the
lndisi Territory or at all events it takes
it nwaj frm th < state of Texas Some
geographers place it within the limits of
the suite of Teia some make it a part of
the Id Han Territory while others are suf
ficient y accommodating to make it a part
of the state of Trxas ami also a part
of the Indian Territory When they make
1 ° f Lty5 8tat0 ° f Texas they put
rcefcceSnty ia it and when they make
f the Indian Territory they make
ounty constitute a part of that
Ihiscounty wasa fewrnontni
inized and a term of the district
8 been held therein
rts > to determine the matter of
H boundary had lam dormant so
m inf jrratd on the subject from
ie beginning of the civil war until
during all this time notwith
iht fertility of the soil and the
attractiveness of the country and
isteni of a wild and hungry hunt
for ud during a part of that time there
appears to have neen no attempt to locate
cirt Qcaies ithiu the territorial limit of
tue coubAv and as will hereafter appearf
no atjSrapt was made to appropriate the
laid to p ivate use until its appro
prut m to pruate ne wis forbidden In
x79 lurii g Guv It berta first adminis
tratic i h > regarded it important to have
the o7uernp of the territory settled
f lfchoiight or plin was to appeal to
> ner isitv of the federal government
he mirits of our claim und esk it to
ul > < its claim thereto Iu order to
norai fore j aid strength to this np
by showing to tne federal
umert tint the land was not
be applied to speculative
ises but instead thereof was to be
fjr the highest governmental pur
an act was passed on February
9 entitled An act to set aside the
lands embraced within the tcrri
Iimis of the county of Greer to edu
lal purposes aia f > r the payment ot
ublicdebt Our puhlic debt asis
jnown was at that time so great as
a matter of serious consideration
3 people of the state and our public
il system if I may apply that word
was in the crudest possible condl
The passage of this act
evidently regarded as im
ut by the legislature for it
the unusual fortune of passing
houses on the some day on which it
introduced with hardly a dissenting
ly thrto or four Republicans
SiiSSt it and it wns made to go
diWt into effect This act appro
id thif reserved land onehalf there
puflic free schools for the cduca
cjldren in Texas without refer
r e or color and the other half
pment of said debt And it
frojped that it shall oe surveyed
pied of for the purpose of carry
Jhe provisions of this act In such
las may hereafter be provided by
Let it be said right here that from
19V to this the legislature has
Ijo act providing the manner of
and disposition of the laud to
lut tne purposes cf the aoove act
It act has been the only one since
fluting to thel3ndsin Geercounty
ensctmen of this law in 1879
Is having been applied by it to
iwrp ims ceased to be and tt fall
biny known definition of public do
> r land once appropriated or ap
any purpose ceases from that
Lent to be publicdomain Lauds once
luted to a pnvite owner is not after
part of the public domain of the
and when ithas been applied to any
purpose it1 jist as emphatically
J > to constitutes part ct the public
Inn 1 his was expressly determined
he sunreme court of Tests th rty live
13go ar1at a much earlier period
I iy fifty jksrs ago ft was so decided
fie apfiu < court of the United
ty decisions have
supreme court of
ted States and of
Union in numerous
r however seem to bo
roposltioa that no judi
l would be neces
f t of our own state
in the case of the State of Texas
vs Delesdenier Seventh Texas
Reports quoted with avowed ap
proval the following language from the
flupeme court of the United States An
appropriation of land by the government
is nothing more nor less than setting It
apart for some particular purpose and
whenever a tract of land shall have once
been legally appropriated to any purpose
from that moment the land thus appro
priated becomes severed from the mass
of public domain and no subsequent law
or proclamation or sale would be consid
ered to embrace it or to operate upon it
although no other reservation were made
of it
For the convenience of such persons as
may feel sufficiently interested in the
question to pursue its examina
tion into the books and for those who
raav nave anv doubts to be removed I re
fer to a few of the legal authorities to
State vs Delesdenier 7 Texas 79
Wilcox vs JacksoD 13 Pet Todd vs
Fisher and Miller 2C Texas 2U Martin
vs Spaulding 11 Wis 272 Leavenworth
etc R It Co vs United States 02 U S
733 Newhall vs Sanger idem 7C1 KP
it It Co vs A
McCrary 053
J S FR R Co 2
It is capable of the easiest demonstra
tion that this appropriation of the land by
the legislature to the public uses of the
government stands on a higher ground
than would a grant of it to an individual
for it is certainly true as we every day
see that private property may be taken
and applied to the public use That the
land is puslic property in the sense that
it belongs to tne public or the govern
ment representing the public and is ap
plied to public use is not denied but this
is true also of the capitol buildings at
Austin and the capitol grounds and the
public grounds generally of the 2GC00
000 of acres of common school land the
capital lands etc etc and the same ar
gument that would prove that notwith
standing the reservation Greer county
land can be located withcertificates
would prive that any of the above descr p
tions of land can be so located It would
for instance sustain the location
of a certificate on the beautiful park
fronting the lunatic asylum One half
of the land is reserved for the same pur
pose for which the millions of acres oi
commonschool lands are reserved that
is for educational purposes The same
legislature that reserved onehalf of the
county for the purpose of paying the pub
lic debt reserved also several millions of
acres of other land for a similar purpose
and why not place the certificates upon
that If the publicdebt half of Greer
county is subject to location then the
other reserved land for publicdebt pur
poses is likewise subject to location
I5at for some reason that has never been
contended the land in Greer county then
was completely reserved from location on
and after Fehruary 25 1879 After that
day it was no longer pub ic domain
The same legislature at the same ses
sion which made this reservation passed
an act the purpose of which wa3 to grant
a certificate of C40 acres of land to the
veterans engaged ia the Texai revolution
This act became a law on July 24 187J
live months after the reservation of the
lana in Greer county five months after
the land had cpased to come within the
description ot pujlic domain The
holders of these veteran certificates as
they are called were only author
ized to locate tbem on any
of the public domain so that of
course they were not authorized to lo
cate them in > reer c mnty for every foot
of land in that county had five months
before been applied by the government
to other purposes To use a somewhat
technlcl phrase it had been severed from
the uMic domain and constituted no
part of it According to my inf jrmation
no one ever claimed or attempted to ex
ercise the right to locate these certifi
cates granted bv the act of 1S79 in
Greer county Indeed so fir from
claiming the existence of tne
rig t to locate Uem there a
long pull and a strong pull
and a pull altogether was
made by their holders speculators in
them and probanly some of the veterans
to induce the next legislature which
convened in 1881 to alowsuch locations
This that legislature refused to do but
the same stssion of it Increased the
amount of certificates fr m 040 acres to
12S0 acres This act acquirtd the force
ind < ffct of a Uw on the first day of
Juy 1881 or two and onequarf r years
eftcr tliu appropriation of the land in
Greer enmity to the education of the
children in Texas In providing for the
location of these certificates it was
stipulated that they may be lo
cated as headright certificates upon
any of the rmilic domain
Now the right to locate them also being
limited to public domain and as
Greer county laud was not public do
main there was in effect a prohibition
iu the very set grautinir them asjainst
going there wita them And it may be
remarked thit headright cert ficates could
never at any time he placed upon land in
spite of its reservation This last act
thatoflS81 in term3 repealed ail laws
in conflict with it specifying however
no particu ar net except the previous
veteran at of 1879 But every man law
yer or not knows that every later law
reppals every former law with
which it conflicts whether it
is so declared or not Botti
cannot stand and the last declaration of
the legislative will must of course pre
vail It has been noticed that the first
veteran act as well as the second
provided that the certificates should be
located on public domain but it h s
been seen thaf instead of claiming that
the certificates issued under the first act
could be located in Greer county an at
tempt was made to work through a bill
permitting them to bo located tnere By
what process of refined reasoning it was
found that the language which in one act
and which according to its
natural import forbade such lo
cations became so wanton as
to grant it to another is too hard for
me There is one < ther law that I will
notice for an attempt has been made to
harness It in for service in this busiuees
The same leclslature that passed the
second act < that of 1SS1 granting the
vet ran certificates parsed one also
granting certificates to maimed Confed
erate eoldlf rs These certificates it was
provided should bu located on any of
the pullic domain of Texas not reserved
bv law from location It has been said
perhsps I should S3y argud that this
law m the act of providins that these cer
tificates should not be located on reserved
land provided that the veteran cer
tificates granted under an act twenty
seven months its senior could be located
on reserved land for It it not to be for
gotten that the provision for locating the
veteran certificates is identical in the act
of 1879 with toe provision in the act of
1SSI that the act having the one com
mendable aim i e providing for per
manently disahled Confederate soldiers
opened up by mere implication a reserva
tion made two years before for specific
governmental purposes andthat too not
for the benefit of those disabled soldiers
who were being provided for by the act
after ell the land was gone but for
the benefit of another class of
persons vho were not hinted at lo the
act that the hand that was writing it in
the Confederate act that the Confederate
certificates should not be located on re
served land was writing it in another
law ol which no aeation was made that
the certificates provided for by it should
be located on reserved land That is the
plain English of the argument when
rendered into English But they refuse
to be sc universally liberal in their con
struction of the prohibitory words
in the Confederate act and will
not allow them to repeal the
Greer county reservation for all purposes
for instance for homesteads for pre
emptions location of other certificates
etc They close the door on the reserved
land as soon as they work in the veteran
certificates But there was as much au
thority for construing It closed altera
select few had got into the ark as for con
struing it open for them to get into it The
argument is if not absurd certainly un
constitutional for the matter of veteran
certificates the matter of Greer county
the matter of any previous law granting
tne veteran certificates is not mentioned
in the title of the Confederate act But
the constitution requires that the
purpose of an act shall be
expressed in its title Judge
Walker when the question of the validity
of these locations came before him dis
posed of this line of argument by saying
That it being expressed that such loca
tions of Confederate certificates shall
be made on any of the public domain of
Texas not reserved by law from location
did not by implication enlarge the privi
leges of the veteran certificates nor does
it evidence an intent in the legislature to
pen the reservation to the veteran cer
tificate holders The reservation act
bjth veteran acts and the Confederate
act were all passed during Gov Roberts
administration of the government
Almost his last official act
before he went out of office
four years ago was a message to
the legislative relative to the then and
now existing boundary dispute In that
message he says But little progress
was made in this matter until after the
Seventeenth legislature
passed the Jaw granting land certificates
ol 1280 acres to the Texas veterans of
183C whereupon Col John M Swisher
one of the said veterans interviewed me
as to the propriety End practicability of
getting the legislature to pass a law al
lowing these veteran certificites to be
located in Greer county My reply was
that if the claim of Texas could be
established and recognized while
was governor I would cer
tain l vprcre eny act of the legisla
tuic allowing these veteran certificates
to be located in Greer cennty provided
the veterans retained an in cjest in the
lands located and their locations be made
so as not to diminish the amount cf lauds
therein devoted to public free schools l
In addition to showing that he did not re
gard the legislation ef 1S81 us opening up
the leservotion for it appears that he
tnought a law ntccssary to do that it
shows thit the holders of the certificates
were of the same opinion I may say
that when any man lawyer or not and
lawyer cf wideorcoufiuedfamc finds himj
self differins in a matter of legal con
struction with that great master of the
Uw and judicial philosopher it
is time for him to conclude
that somewhere la the process
ot his reaaoning he has perhaps made a
great mistake This statement is dispar
aging to no lawyer It is a matter of his
tory that he had encouraged the enact
ment of the law reserving Greer county
and appropriating it to the uses indicated
in it with the hope of amplifying the set
tlement of the boundary controversy with
the United States government To the
last day of his wise aud marvelously pros
perous administration it does not seem to
have occurred to him that ail the above
cited acts could not exist together in full
force This extract from his message is
potential evidence of another fact That
is that he not only did not
believe that he had approved
an act which repealed or cut short
whatever those words may mean for I
borrow them from the other side the
reseivation act but that he did not in
tend at any future time to approve an act
that changed the status of the land until
the boundary question had been settled
He did not intend to violate the most ob
vious good faith by granting the land
away while we were seeking a settlement
of the exceedingly important question of
ownership no matter how good and
strong our claim It appears also that he
intended that locations should be mado
there only when and on the condition that
the veterans themselves were beneficia
ries cf the locations And altaough
locations had been made therein
in 1882 it is quite apparent that he knew
notning about them ou January 10 1883
the date of his message irom which the
above txtract is taken
Now in deflince of the laws of the
state reserving these lauds and pending
the unsettled question of ownersnip and
in defiance I believe I may say of legal
advice locations were made in the terrl
torisl limits of Greer county and papers
iu the form of patents were issued at
tempting to grant away a large amount
of this land perhaps some six or seven
hundred thousand acres or more
These pretended patents have
all been Issued since the be
ginning of the year 1SS3 It is only at
tributing to the patentees the exercise of
good common sense when we say that
they having the pick of the country have
selected the most desirable land The
streams have been tracked in their meau
denngs and the water has been appro
priated wire fences have been strung
around a vast amount of this land claimed
under these socalled patents and it has
been claimed as private property The
people generally of the state have been
denied the right to use it in their accus
tomed way Socalled patents to nearly
150000 acres of these lands were
isued to the constituent mem
bers of a land and cattle
corporation domiciled at Austin where
I may say most of the land is claimed
The cwnstituents of the corporation in
due time transferred their claim to the
laud to the corporation It is hardly nec
essary to say that their pretended patents
were no patents at all They were issued
lor reserved lands All men were forbid
den to locate them and all men were for
bidden to sign the patents The govern
ment denied the power to its officers to
sign these patents and forbade them to
sign them The signing of them was not
an official act and no ceremony could con
vert it into an official act A couple
of good autographs and a seal do not n > c
essarily always make a patent The
papers would be do less valid if they had
been signed by yourself or any other pri
vate citizen and there had been thereon
the impress of your bootheel instead of
tne seal of any department of the gov
ernment But their pretended patents
were being used for mischievous pur
poses They were the pretext for using
public land as if it were private proper
ty It was against the common welfare
of the people of the state to allow them
to stand unchallenged and in August
last after having previously stopped fur
ther locations by injunction I
instituted suits to hive the
patents so far as known
to me judicially declared tobe what
they were from the bejinning void
One of the cases the one against the
Day Land and Cutle company or J M
Day and others came on for trial here
in November last and Judge Walker en
tered a judgment declaring the patents
to be void as issued without legal au
thority and ia violation of the express
laws of the state The usual course of a
litigant who iu good faith believes the
judgment of the inferior court to be
erroneous Is to eeek an early reversal of
that judgment This is especially so
when property of great value is involved
The land involved in the case tried was
easily worth I suppose 300000 three
hundred thousand dollars A day or so
after the disposition of the case I ad
dressed to the leading counsel for the de
fendant corporation the following letter
and received the answer which follows it
AttorsevGenerals Office j
Nov 221SSS i
Col James il Anderson Waco Tex
Dear Sir I hoped to see you again on
Saturday evening before you left the city
but failed to do eo I have assumed all
along feeling authorized perhaps by
conversations between no that the case
of the State of Texas vs J M Day et al
can be taken as soon as possible to the
supreme court taking it to Tyler if it can
be got ready if not taken to Galves
ton so that tnere can be an
eariy disposition of it I would suppose
it to be to the interest of the defendant
as well as of the state to have it speedily
disposed of I do not think it will take a
great while to get out the records and I
suppose it will take no considerable time
to brief it after the case has been dis
cussed to the extent to which it has I
hope that it will suit you to concur with
me in seeking an early disposition of the
case on appeal I am very truly
John D Templeton
Waco Tex ov 23 ISsG 5
Hon John D Templcion Austin Tex
Dear Sir Your favor ol 22d received
From the beginning of the above entitled
cause until the present I have regarded
time as highly essential to the interest of
defecdan Eighteen or twenty thousand
cattle growing on grass hung high up in
litigation is much to be preferred to
grass trampled under foot by a declara
tion of no title made by supreme court
Hence we will agree to no hastening of
proceedings The state is not suffering
and if it were we are in no mood to hasten
alleviation Truly yours SignedJ
James M Anderson
Instead of accepting the proposition
and hastening a decision by the supreme
court to reverse the ruling because
wrong an appeal Is taken from the decree
of District Judge Walker to the Twentieth
legislature certainly because his ruling
was right and notice is being served
through the public press of Austin on all
mankind that an application will be
made to the next legislature for the pas
sage of an act or acts as the case maybe
for the relief of Texas veterans and the
holders of lands located or patented or
simply located by virtue of veteran
certificates in Greer county Tex
The object and purpose and extent of
said act or acts will oe to validate and
confirm to the owner or owners the title
to all lands in Greer countyTex which
have been located or patented by virtue
of veteran certificates which have been is
sued under the act of March 15 1881
to confirm the title to lands in Greer
county located by virtue of veteran cer
tificates and which the attorneygeneral
has sought to disturb
Now the attonevgeneral I may say
here once for all has never soughtto dis
turb any valid title He has Simply
sought e judicial unmaskiug
of the socalled patents and
pretended titles which were being used
as I have stated above for mischievous
purposes Why it is proposed to leave
out of the scope of the benevolence of the
legislature the holders of certificates
granted under the vetern act of 1879 is
not disclosed and i is hard to conjecture
The certificates are as meritorious as
those granted under the act of 1881 being
granted to the same class of persons and
for the same supposed services
In this matter there should be no mis
take about the meaning of terms Tnis
notice speaks of confirming titles aud
validating patents Now be it under
stood that there are no titles to con
firm and no patents to validate
The patents and the cliim of title made
under them arc and have always been
void abso utely unqualifiedly and un
conditionally void Void not only as to
the government but as to all men They
are mere vacuities The patents are
no evidences of title to anything or
against anything An Indian squaw or
her naked pappoose could grant just as
good a title as the pretended patentees
have The amount of it all is that the
legislature will be asked to give to the
claimants under the socalled patents the
lands they claim The legislature has
the same right to give it to any other man
as it has to the pretended pattntees The
difference between the patentee and other
men is that the other men have not at
tempted to appropriate the land iu viola
tion of plain statutes while the patentees
have attempted to appropriate it in viola
tion of the plain statutes Can the legis
lature donate lands to a few iavored in
dividuals and corporations that have been
appropriated to common school purposes
If it can do so will it What are the
equities of these claimants to the land
Tne certificates the location of which
they seek to have validated were all
issued more than two and onehalf years
after the reservation of the land
so that there never was a time
when they could have been located there
ou No man procured or bought one of
these certificates relying on a legal right
to locate it on the land Had the certfi
cates been issued first then the land re
served there might have been some talk
of au equitable claim but that was not
the case Hundreds of thousands of
acres of certificates are outstanding
many of them in tne hands oi innocent
purchaser that were issued before the
reseivation of Greer county If there
exist an equity a moral right a right in
conscience to locate any certificates on
the land it would seem to be in their
favor rather thanof those certificates
coming into existence when the
grantees knew the reservation had long
bince been made but no kind ol certill
cates should go there It is a passing
strange state of facts on which to seek to
ground a moral right The land was re
served locations on it were forbidden
but locations were nevertheless made
and the claimants of those locations now
say to the legislature that because we
nave made the locations in violation of
law we therefore have an equity which
you should mature into a legal right and
protect against disturbance oy the attor
neygeneral Such legislation would be
a most palpable premium paid in
land for violating the laws
of the country Eqiities are not
made of such questionable stuff It may
be that some of the certificates ar
barred so that they cannot be located
now elsewhere but other equallv merito
rious certificates are likewise barred and
it is perhaps not in he power of the
legislature by this indirect method to
revive a barn < d certificate
To make a legislative grant of several
hundred thousand acres of land to the
holders of barred certificates is plainly
removing the bar and giving vitality to
those dead certificates but when a certi
ficate Is barred it is according to the
constitution forever barred for pur
poses of acquiring land
As to the ownership of Greer county
it is believed to belong to Texas and its
situation makes It physically a jjart
of the state No Indians have
ever been located within its territorial
limits They appear to have beea stu
diouslykept off of it in locating th
tribes and fixing their boundaries For
the United States government to wrangle
about this small spot of earth with one
ol the states Is indeed like great Her
cules whipping a pig Should the land
be left to good faith actual setlers and
tillers of the soil without profit to the
AIOBgnoln Knots
I contracted malaria in the swamps of
Louisiana while working for the telegraph
company and used every kind of medi
cine I could hear of without relief I at
last succeeded in hreaking the fever iut
it cost me over S1C0 and then my sysiem
was prostrated and saturated with ma
Iarlal poison and I became almost help
less I finally came here my mou hVso
filled with sores that I could scarceiy at
and my tongue raw and filled with little
knots Various remedies were resSMed
to without effect I ncht two b6iles
of B B B and it hastureAaru strength
ened me All soresfbj myfab nthare
healed and my tongtleentirely Uear of
knots ana soreness andTifeel like a new
man A I Britton
Jackson Tenn April 20 ISjG
I have a littleJaoy twelveyears old
whose knees hie TJegn drawn almost
double and his joints are p ectiy stiff
and has been in this condifroa iilmost
three years unableto fvalk During that
time the medical boi rd of Loudon county
examined hi and pronounced the dis
ease scrofula and presiiribed ut no bene
fit ever derived I tbeh used a much ad
vertised preparation vifkhout benefit
Three we < Iss ago he bttiame perfectly
helpless aud suffered dreadfully
A friend who had used B RjB advised
its use He has used one bottfe and all
pain his ceased and he can h ow walk
This has been pronounced a m6it won
derful action as his cofejpjaint had baf
lled everything I shall onrftme to use
it on him Mrs Emma Griffiths
Umtla Tenn March 2 ISS5
wniiii citv Ark iiLoonc
navinn tested BJvIfcB and lotfnd it to
be all that Is claimed ftH jt commend
it to any and everyone suffering Irom
blood poison It has diine me more good
for less money and in a shgrter space of
time than Say blood puriflerJ ever used
I owe tue comfort of my Ilfetto its use
for I liave been troub cfTsith a severe
form of blondpwMa for uve or < six year
and found no relIefequalto thaf given by
the ue of B B B y O McGauuev
Webb City Afkr 5Cfly 3T88i
AH who deMtrc information abiut the
cause and jcare of blood jposons
scrofula and Scrofulous swelling ulcers
sores rJjenmstlsm kidheycomplaints
catarrh etc cfnH eaoTi by mail free a
copy of our 32page illustra d Book < > l
Wonders Hired with the most wonderful
aud startling > proof ever known Ad
dress BloodBalm Co
v Atlanta Ga
The < 4rapevr e ischool
To the Editor of the UnzcTtc
Grapevine Tkx Dec 21 188C
Knowing that you have local corre
spondent at this place we are somewhat
disappointed at the absence ol any notice
whatever in your popular and enterpris
ing paper of the nourishing sctot now
in successful progress at this rliace
Never in the history of our little cUV
schools have they been so popular or
siven more universal satisfaction Prof
Brown the present principal of the
Grapevine Masonic institute is a native
of Texas aud in the tender years of his
boyhood at a period when pirentul care
and oversight of the moral and intellec
tual training of youth is mostly reqnired
his father was doing battle ia the Confed
erate ranK and hence he had
many struggles to make his way
up to thit proficiency and honorable
position he now so iustly occupies
among his compeers in the great work of
educating our youth The professors
first training was in the common schools
of his county Ia 1870 he received by
competitive examination an appointment
to the Houston normal where he entered
the senior class and graduated the fol
lowing yeir During the scholastic vears
of 18S1 and 1SS2 he taught the public
school at Schulenhurg Tex Iu July of
1881 he attended the normal university
in the state oi Indiana where he again
entered the graduating scientific class
and graduated the following year when
he returned to Texas and occuoied the
chair of mathematics at Pilot Point sem
inary from September 1882 till t pres
ent year wnen he assumed charge of the
school ut this place Prof Browa has
purchased the college buildings with four
acres of ground attached all of
which he contemplates improvins
beautifying and embellishing and with
it present beautiful site and natural ad
vantages it will then be unsurpassed by
any other locality for educational pur
po es in the state We have a high
healthy rolling pr rie rich in all the
elements ol successful husbandry dottefl
with comfortable farm nouses owned
and occupied by an intelligent farming
community and when the Dallas Gulf
Pacific and Fort Worth McKinney give
us railroad connection with those pro
gressive cities and the outside world we
will then have one of the most attractive
little cities and best appointed schools in
all toe essential and attractive features in
the bright circuit of the Lone Star
Prof Brown having established his well
earned and superior powers as an organ
izer disciplinarian and educator sup
ported by intelligent practical co
workers in the several departments
of his school deserves the confidence
and patronage everywhere of parents
who seek instruction for their children at
the bands of responsible faithful and con
scientious teachers
Mrs Dr Lewi of this place and Miss
Mattie Warren of Iort Woitb the pres
ent auxiliaries In the literary depart
ment are accomplished ladles complete
in all the requirements of their fespon
siole positions
Mrs Brown the charming wife of the
professor bis charge of the musical de
partment Mrs Brown is hghiy versed
iu the science of music and combination
of sounds and is thoroughly qualified as
a teacher in the highest art of the profes
sion K
BacklenSj rnlca salve
I The best salyaHn the world for cnta
iffiseSjVBOTss ulcers salt rheumJfever
goresrtetter Tappe d hands chifeains
comaAnd aljfakin eruptfnsSa posi
tlvely cures jjile8 ornoipay nruiied It
is guaranteed to give perfect sajpsfaction
or nloney refunded Price S cper box
For sale by H W Williams o
state or to speculators in its disposition
the question Would work out perhaps
its own solution The general govern
ment would then derive as much benefit
from the land as the state of
Texai and the good of the state
would be the good of the gen
eral government I am supposing that
there is no Indian right to ttand in the
way of the veteran certificates generally
I will say the satety of many of them de
pends on their eluding judiial scrutiny
Now sir in conclusion let me say that
in anything I have written it has not
been my intention to charge willful mis
conduct on the part of the commissioner
of the general land office He has simply
been mistaken in his construction of the
laws Many men before him have been
so mistaken and many such mistakes will
no doubt hereafter be made by others
Now if you are as tired of reading as I
jam of writing you are ready for me to
quit Respectfully
John D Templeton
The Men God Bless Em Women
Help but Ask a Fair Divide
of Responsibility
Xew Tears fciifts of Handsome Fnrs Are
Ifot Teo Late Hats For Baby
and Mamma
3tockluga Made Bonutlfnl Fancy Wort for
IViutcr Itrentuga Notes Gathered
ana 15 e corded
One of the standard heresies of the
worlds teaching is that women do the
talking and that men are the subjects of
all the m > ral lectures that are delivered
The author of the Caudle lectures has
much to answer for in that he has lent
countenance to such a belief by his hu
morous detail of lectures delivered by a
women to a small and select audience
but that husbands wrongs if they ex
isted have been amply avenged in a more
public auditorium and to a much larg r
number of listeners Poor woman she
is lectured on her dress on her house
Keeping on her management of children
and servants on her personal habits and
her pabde scs and is held charceaole
for all mans follies and most of his
crimes From pulpit from rostrum and
desk she is held up as the
one responsible party in all
the wild whirl of a worlds dance to
death Her style of dress is assailed by
learned doctors both of medicine and di
vinity and she is besought f jr the sake
man so to regulate her modes as to help
him to be strong to be mat in her habits
that he may not seek the allurements of
the barroom in a word every one of
these lectures nominally for her benefit
are in reality pleas to women to aid m
holding up that weakling man These
pleas might have more pertinency if they
were not accompanied by so much arro
gance and women treated as the weaker
vessel not even deemed worthy of many
less weighty responsibilities than the care
of mans moral nature and so little heed
is given in fashions world nnd women
continue to dress that men may aamire
wives and mothers live in a
round of gaiety that recognizes
few restraints and the mad follies
lead heaven knows where while only
women are held responsible for that mad
ness The men God bless them wis
a good toast aud the women did well to
drink it standing now an acceptable
change would be to bear a little about
mens duties as hub nds fathers and
brothers Mans responsibility tor much
that U wrong in social life cannot be ig
nored and no doubt the true desigu of
society is not to cast the entire responsi
bility on cither stx but by mutual effort
to upbuild the pure and tear down the
gros and the groveling
In the meantime while awaiting lectur
ers in the new Hi Id women recognizing
thf ir influence and earnestly striving t <
meet the requirements are f nl y
apprised of Jhe necessity of making
moral essays charming and will
be sure to remember that looking pretty
is regarded by men as their first duty
and not be unmindful that to the charm
of winning must ba added the wellwear
if course leads but seal plush forms an
exce lent substitute and more
nearly meets the purses of most
ladies The winter garments ol
whatever material are trimmed with fur
In bands bals and tails and most of the
walking dresses are finished with similar
tnmmieg While th > usual lengh is
held for these dresses there seems to b
a decided tendency for the cemiirafn ia
all costumes fo the houe an1 Ilarpsrs
Haziar yives some directions which may
be acceptable to the nadera of this
column j
Demitrained dreases for young ladies
especially young married ladies to wear
in the drawing room in the nf teruoon 0
evening are made to lie twelve inchetf
on the floor and have four breadths in
this small llowing train whicl
is entirely untrimmed and is mad
bouffant by turnlLg over the tops f
the breadths in short pointed wicpsfor
else letting them droop in burnouse folds
Two other breadths of the silk of the
train are joined on the right sidd and
drawn across the front as an apron to a
funnel shaped triple plaiting on the left
hip which discloses a plain velvet
breadth down the left like an underskirt
or else there is a shirred panel of velvet
of contrasting color This design is
handsome in striped silk opening ever
velvet or in small figured silks m sage
or brown over Dlue velvet in blue silk
over dark red or in tea green shades
over red or brown Black gros grain
demitrums are made in the same way tc
show a velvet skirt that may
be black tan redbrown like terra
cotta scarlet or else of black and white
together When velvet is not u < ed jetted
net or the amber and gilt beaded net or
else that with large stones imitating jew
els topazes garnets etc forms the
side of the skirt In some of these skirts
the front drapery of gros grain goes close
to the foot and a jibot extends up the
left of the front to the lunnel shaped short
side piece on the left hip Ween c > n
trasts of color are used this jabot and
the funnel piece which is usually a great
triple bos plait snow the contrasting
color as a facing a similar winglike
jabot Is also on the left side next the
demitrain The basque is then made of
the mateiial of the train with revers of
the same and vest like the contrasting
An elegant reception dress is mado of
plain and brocaded silk plaited skirt of
brocade with douhle row of narrow edg
ing around the bottom front and back
draperies of plain silk trimmed with two
lace rosettes basque of brocaded silk
with p aited vest of p ain silk and trim
ming of lace Another is of plain silk or
satin with train the front breadth covered
with two wide lace flounces the basque
ornamented with a scarf oi lace fastened in
loops at the neck aud caught on the left
side at the lower edge of the basque by a
knot of ribbon loops the sleeves are close
fitlng and finished with a ruche of nar
row lace and the collar is covered by a
full fall of wider lace
Baby boys caps are of knit wool
trimmed at the top in front with three
woolen pompons The three pompons
set in a cluster are often of three differ
ent colors Mdny ladies knit th e pretty
caps at home and make a full pretty
yarn border around them To make a
pompon wind the yarn 200 times around
itg qualities l
t r jsq
e tefp
Feror < i Concostion Jntlaiinnfltioin
oriii Worm 1 oveKWorni Colic
Cr Inff Colic or Teelfoff of Infanta
Diarrhea of Children orr dults
5 lljsenterv Gnpititf BirtASa Colic
fnolrra AIorbn VoaMX Ife
Couslit Cold Btonchit6H > <
rVcuriilKla Tooftustlio laeoftclie
The bright New Year is upon us and its meaf oirtrT s
clear is of 1
frosty atmosphere suggestive SVSi
warm w appiugs In this climate thejj jxmAy for
are so few days requiring furs not mjCh
attention has ocen paid to the styles but
fur as a trimming lias been s 35Tversaly
adopted that ftsJb 5elh tre is a neces
sity for its u4 It forms a lovely setting
for thej5j y cheek and bright eye and is
so indicative of comfort that its appro
priateness Is readily admitted Sealskin
Cure fftfeumsiism Me
Itacksrlw VKuferlc Tooll
PKitliTlFTr CKfl
Ire > frQJ Oiifuhv Nineties ami lolsou
Book of all IHscascs
Cloth ColdJJinding
Ut lirrs IIIi SlfHEngr Tlnj
OiDyspeiMln intms > um > vh
I lg4lii > rtHiiiorI > ntfifbFF > rotli
2lmtei too Profuvet enodst
1 IllCroup Coush Ditliciift rethi >
hlNnlt Itlieuin E
MJ ver Mid iMvChilU aii
I Tiff lee Hlmd oKRGBdrmr
I illfSjVirrh lnflnffsi < ol < l in the Head
at WnftOVt Ton fits Violent Conch
3 i < idcr Tl UHityPhysical Weakness
27Iiid1Q V IIIeiimjn
Eryjipela I rnptiona
SNNinpnii ltrbilty4 A l i
1 Jlrin T Wcaknc SVlMtinirR t 1
3g < l > t < aHCt < llcnrtylalpitationtCI
> OI El OS
told or OruiJpi ts or urot postpaid on receipt cf
price W HIiaKlts aUUlSL CU lUJ I uUoaM 1
Cured by One
Tiox in Two Weeks of1
Hon A A nRAgfeWeiWMi J and yeir Yoib
Stocu IciiinRtr
srlUK My ete
Kalllnl twoeiulnflit
loiicianst tc < tnd
rpr lxrfectlu
UU cur C
oih dbaaeseitant
For those nte rest
ed a tavt other ret
IerElL AD1H3
Brooklyn R Har
couur J > D Jerey
Uhay MrteES
IlLi r A JIakcv
IS Hartford Ct
Other natnea In nny
locality f = nt on re
qawt Prfe 755 Bus 25s At
THE PALMER cp 122 Nassau St 3Y
5 f
nct Gii6frtfiatle < sndloymcnt tqrrtp1
In isodtity
v rtsentiii every SaLfcy JT rr
pcrjpioiitli andcxp nsps < ir larnecurnmlEBloa
on talcs if pfoencd toojSs rhvtleTevi rtbnw
btris Outlit and mSrafnrs Im STvNUt
JUi SIL Kit WAUE COr ttostou M ES
i a
paid VaraabJi oarfttr nif liaiticnlars
f rirec Pw ncKKf > yAugnpiaJIc
MorprHne Habit Cored IniKJ
loSOday Ao p f fill cujii
Dr JfclcDheu Lehnuuiiyjlio
3jK Laparfee CelebjItoJL PrepcratUfl Safe 40a
Always pliable Ipdlr nEable tS LAVXBS
fypA cen for Sealed Ciidulcr
three flnpers tie through the center Scut
both sides and trim close
Ladies are now Coding employment in
embroidering hosiery and some designs
are pretty while others are < f question
able taste such as lizards and otber rtp
tileSj which are certainly startling in con
nection with a ladys stocking Much i
done in the loom to ennance the beauty
and durability some having alternate
thick and openwork stripes all over
Some are covered with tiny epots in a
contrasting color There is albo a make
of openwork stockings so fine that they
may be almost rolled np into a walnnt
hell Some of these cotly makes have
black or white lace insertion let into the
fronts Tor brides Brussels lace is usd
New cloth bonnets in black and colors
are shows by the milliners They are in
close narrow shapes dtcorated with jet
or silk balls around the rims and crowns
an re sufficiently trimmed with upright
ribbon bows
Hats are less loaded with trimming
than last season Felt hats are mnch
worn and one to match the color of each
costume must be had leathers great
tufU of tbem drooping toward the lefv
side a long one tiallfot toward the hacH
are the favorite trimmiDgs The birds
fashionable upon these hats are sea swil
The hair is to be worn lower fcy youns
women The back hair will hi laid in
braided coils at the back of the tead for
street wear with a Kcssian barg In the
evening it is still more popular to heap
the hair in soft folds on the top of the
head with the bang slichtly curled A
very new fashion Is two very tight French
twists tcratug toward each other and
meeting ail the way up the back of the
head wltn the cads liubtly crimped and
folded held in place by big tortoiseshell
II II W Miller Danville Ind says
Dr J II McLeans Tar Wine Lung Balm
has had a wonderfal effect on me and I
can truthfully Eav flUsfthe best medicine
I have ever tried fqtolds to which I am
subject Had lt hdj been for the Tar f
Wine Lung BalnVl wou d not have beer
able no have worked thi vlnter

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