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Arrested is GuiltySome of the
Thieves Still at Large
it no
the Robbers When Arrested Ai
ding IX s Childs DeathBed
irynamlts Cartridges round
toiuts of Dnnlaps Confession Each
irt Worftd by Itself now Green
Ilaadfl Vere Initiated
ismpG Pa April 12 The
robberies continue to be a sensa
arrests have been reported since
it Speiking of the probable con
u of tne men now in jail Special
ii e eai 3 We have our evidence
mplce that we did not make an
until we bad sufficient proof to
mat every man was guilty We ex
f make eight or ten more arrest
vm swell the total number arrested
The officers of the roadbelieve
t plunderers were thoroughly or
< i and weie carrying on the rob
< vtC the systematic direction of
1 leaders When a new man
the tervice of the road if
bought to be the right kind of a
he was initiated into the gang
iLd oath binding him to secrecy
h nad been initiated it was broadly
t > > him that any wTrong move
it tilt disastrously as railroading
r d ilrstciars opportunities for put
r out of the way Young men
ic country who were jnst begin
the road were the eafiebt
un on tnrr
Thty could soon be persuaded j staniDed
re was nothing wrong about
from rich railroad companies
msed to the trick of old heads
i e easily led on until they were so
u they could not get out if they
intendeutTaylors office was be
f ia early morning by dozens of
i were in search of employment
eked to the depot so fast
j line of them extended
of the office awaiting
applications for situations aa
n 1ucu > rs or brasemen to be
Mdnv of them were given em
it Te road is now fully
and there is being no delay in
cent of freight
K ue said the saddest case in cou
uUh the arrests was that of a
v itre child was dying when the
mocked at the door of his horn
ty night He was sitting v 1th
1 by the bedside of his
> iid He appeared to be
a i f m tc than ordinary intelligence
ar h > me had an air of rellaement
a it When the officers told him they
h i w irrant for his arrest he seemed
t at once the disgrace into which
h ha l tnlleu and he broke down com
ii tt ly
I a < ipture of J R Dunlap at Denni
son niio yesterday particularly pleased
t < ciives As stated last night he
it a confession in which he
i the stealing had been go
on for months lie said
u J give the names of all the men
aud in the Pittsburg division of
< v iindle but was afraid to do so
iLMjage to the officers beius I
live you the names of the oflisers
v < isdtbey would kill me Theie
f < < Tgaivzition among the robbers
i > aid and no regular plan of
I icn crew worked by itself
i > the common undersiand
r t every mau should take
t > very cieated considerable alarm
i Ti n was a consultation this morning
f < tuttu Assistant District Attorney
1 agan and John II Uampton attorney
i 1 r tUt Pennsylvana Company in regard
< it > te indictrneut and trial of the prisou
i rs The trials will be pushed as speed
j v as possible It is believed that a
flarg number of the men will
fyai guilty on one or two
charges and thus escape trial
on an accumulation of charges A num
l I er of poor fellows whose stealings were
lrlhng will be discharged and told to
Jeave this part of the country The wages
of the men against whom the charges
Jiave l een made have been withheld by
the company on the grounds that the men
ewe much more to the company than isxlue
i m Some people wonder why we
will be cpotted
pauys employ
Pittsburg and in several other cities not
away These cases will be worked
I IlARitrsuuRG Pa April 12 A bill was
Vc jf at Hand tO ShOW that Every Man introduced in the state Legislature last
eight which is intended to cover such
casts as the railroad car robberies
brought to light in this city yesterday
The bill is in the shape of an amendment
to the Penal Code relating to the
breaking or entering of cars or ioco
lie is still in the
This letter would
cate that the thieves have not all
captured and that the gang was
cB are not more frequent jded to proceed against the Panhandle
ess of Pittsburg Richmond plunderers for breaking into government
burg Washington
sklrLloBit Wilmington PhiladelphJ sil
broujland New York have been lo
i s e very line ol displacement x
° bonded cars An investigation is
now in progress here and the
matter will then be laid be
motives At present there is no specific
law for breaking open a car unless it is
proved that tlie car was forced with in
tent to commit felony Tne proposed act
provides that any person who shall in
the day time break and enter any car
caboose or locomotive or wil
fully and maliciouilv cither
i by day or night with or without break
ing enter the same with iutent to commit
any felony whatever therein the person
so offending shall be guilty of felony and
on conviction shall be sentenced to pay
a firI not exceeding 8500 and to undergo
imprisonment bv separate and solitary
confinement at labor not
exceeding four
Of course this caunot apply to the
present cas s in Pittsburg but it will
cover any that may occur in the future
Pittsburg Pa April 12 At a late
hour last night J R Dunlap who isre
garded as the ringleader of the railroad
robbers made a confession to the detect
ive in which he implicated several out
siders and located the fences atDenui
son Q New Philadelphia and other
St Louis Mo April 13 The state
ment is made here that evidence of guilt
of the parties arrested for complicity in
the wholesale plunder of the Panhandle
Railroad Company was developed from a
government bonded car which had been
broken open with a stee1 chisel and the
tool had been left behind which told the
with the initials P St L C
upon it The initials indicated
that the tool belonged to the Pittsburg
St Louis and Chicago Railroad and the
toolcheot from whence it came was
easily found and the crew of
that train were spotted Tae
goods were cousigned to S C
Davis Co of this city The depredat
ors in taking several nuns matched the
numbers on the barrels find stocks which
is ample evidpnee of their not having
been buried and showing further that
they knew that either stock or barrel
would be useless without the numbers
matched From these clews followed a
system of espionage with the result of
unearthing the whole gang
Pittsburg Pa April 13 The ac
complices of the railroad thieves are re
sorting to threats to intimidate the Panr
handle road officials Among the mail
laid on Superintendent Taylors desk this
morning was a letter from Dennison ad
dressed to Ta > lor wno opened it and
found the foilwing threatening missive
Dont make any more arrests damn
you or we will cut your damn wires and
do it as often as we please You cant
get us all You had better let the matter
Superintendent Taylor thinks ue recog
nizes the handwriting and the
organized The police are still working
quietly on the case and some startling
I developments are promised but of what
i nature cannot be surmised Two more
J arrests were made shortly after
I midnight John Earth and C
i W Smith brakemen supposed
i to be implicated in the robberies were
j surprised at their homes Bth were dis
J charged from the Panhandle ft short time
i ago and have miicu bt en working on the
Baltimore and Quo Several tickets an 1
could and dispose of it to some new haodkerchielj it is siid were
advantages There were a num foutd on the pers s of the pris
nncipals that name being applied oners A number of accused
who reaped the largest benefits who have been interviewed assert
robberies oy giving others point their innocence and give plausible cxpla
1 what cars contained the mnst i nations for thi coods found ia thslr pos
The persons were generousiy j session Detective Coublon of the city
ly the h ss prcminent thievts
plunder had been disposed cl to
ces which Dunlap said were
New York Philadelphia Dea
i ub cviile Cincinnati and Pjtls
i ai > o in Columbus
iiimagining through tho effects
f the ringleaders of tho Panhan
is tns morning Special Officer
covered a package containiag
l < dynamite cartridges sufficient to
tir largest building ia town
caitridties were handled very Fort Wane and Cleveland and Pittsburg
Further examination disclosed
i fiisennd cips in fact all the nec
pharaphtrnaiia for the suc
tiring of the cartridges
a ely oftcr Hading the dynamite
stigation was begun The result
r the detectives refuse to make
They even declined to give the
f the man in whose room the stuff
nd Officer Miller intimated that
v of thu robber in securing and
4 the dynamite was known and
would make good reading when
r u > r time for its disclosure came
police ufc this moruing to arrest
men who had been in the employ of the
company but had left before the ex
posure These men it is claimed are
known to be among the most prominent
and reckless on the Panhandle Thty are
now in the employ of the Pennsjlvania
Raiiway the Fort Wayne the Lake Erie
and Baltimore and Ohio It is assertid
that the same wtnt to other line3 to or
ganize the crenrs of these road with the
view d eVitematic roibery The proba
nility that the robberies have extended to
is based on the fact of these roads paral
leling each other for a considerable dis
tance and of the naturally close relation
which would exist among the men en
gaged on tnem There i admittedly less
ground for the probability in case of the
Pennsylvania as Special Agent Rue has
said repeatedly that there in no stealing
on that line and still less probability
of it on the Lake Erie on accduut of its
short line smaller number of trains and
consequently the diilicjlty of escaping
deteciKm Superintendent Taylor in
speaking of the arrest stated today that
there were still a large number of train
j men on the Pittsburg division on whom
there did n jt rest the slightest suspicion
j For these the company has the kindest
feeling lie said there were eighty
through freights between Pittsburg and
Columbus Of this number thirtylive
were west of Dennison ad were not
under surveillance Of the remaining
fortyfive crews employing 180 men sixty
men were arrested Tnis left about 120
men between Pittsburg and Den
i Ison he said who were
not under suspicion and were still work
ing Tho counsel for the prisoners have
not yet determined upon a plan cf de
fense but say they are waiting the result
qf the hearing on Monday The cases
against the prisoners will then be dis
auAtd these deprtdatlons to continue j closed and thus let the men know what
< > l < Eg said Mr Hampton this morn1 they are expectedVo meet There is an effort
inj It is very easily explained While j being made by the attorneys for the rail
it is simple enough to discover the fact I road to push the cases so they can be
Ciat freight trains ar i being robbed it is
not at all easy to n ll just where the rob
b ng is going on After locating the partic
ular part of the line between Philadelphia
rd Chicago and St Louis where the
< in ws were stealing it took a long time
to cet direct and clear evidence against
the men We have acted with prudence
janj care and the result will be convic
tion in every case There is little doubt
tha the present exposure will lead to
others on other roads Spme of these
c sai
PennsvV > vs sys
soma ogress at a rate s and
is as to occasion surprise
heard by the present grand jury and thus
secure trial at the present term of court
The Assistant District Attorney stated
today that it was the intention of the
grand jury to finish the work laid out for
this term next week but if it seems bet
ter that the jury should hold over ten
days in order to dispose of the
railroad cases that will be done
lie will be assisted in framing the indict
ments by the counsel for the railroad but
neither this work nor in fact any can be
done until after the cases are heard be
fore the aldermen
The United States authorities have de
fore the Department of Justice
for further action The Pennsylvania
Company announced through one of its
leading officials today that Ave days
would be given to the people having in
their possession goods stolen from Pan
handle trains in which to return the
same All these packages must be ad
dressed B Taylor superintendent
packing room Pittsburg No questions
will be asked and no further investigation
will follow if the goods are returned
The company has a list of over forty
houses in this city in which stolen prop
erty Is concealed and it Is to reach these
and save the trouble of numerous arrests
and long trials that this method has been
Pittsuurg Pa April 13 John Nim
mo Chkf of the Brotherhood of Brake
men on the Panhandle road called upon
Deputy Mayor Gripp before whom the
warrants had been sworn oul for the ar
rest ol the Panhandle culpritsthis morn
ing and stated that he had been employed
on the Panhandle Road for the
past four months During that time
he had never seen anything
crooked among the employes The
Brotherhood he said would employ
counsel to defend the prisoners and if
possible to establish their innocence If
proofs were shown of their guilt how
ever the brotherhood would insist on
their conviction It was the intention
also to proceed against the company for
damages if the charges against any of the
men under arrest are not sustained
Glad Hdings Come from BXany Points
in the Stiue That Kain lias
Fallen for Hours
Tho Drouth Broken from Ko I Illvor
Waco aaa as far West as 121 raso
fctill KalnlnR
At Dftulson
Special to tho Gazette
Dknisgn Tkx April 13 A misting
rain has been falling all day long but
much more is needed
AP Cleburne
Special to the Gazette
Clerurne Tex April 13 A very re
freshing but slight rain fell here this
morning Indications are good for plenty
of rain
At Ilroivnwood
Special to the Gazette
Brownwood iKx April 13 Quite a
heavy rain fell here for about half an hour
last night with a slight shower this
At Bowie
Special to the Gazette
Bowie Tex April 14 A light rain
set In this morning doing a world of gobd
to this dry country The only objection
is there was not enough of it
At Benton
Special to the Gazette
Denton Tex April 13 A fine rain
fell here today which will be of immense
benefit to growing crops of every kind
The prospect for more is good
At Quanah
Special to the Gazette
Quanah Tex April 12 The best rain
since September is falling now It is
worth thousands of dollars to this drouth
stricken section
Rain nt Sweetwater
Special to the Gazette
Sweetwater Tkx April 12
It began
raiuing here about G p m this evening
and has been raining about two hours
v > ita Hue prospects for a heavy rain
At McGregor
Special to the Gazette
McGregor Tex April 13 With a
strong south wind there came a shower
this morning but the wind shifted to the
north and is blowing strong and cool at 5
p m The clouds are still dense with
strong indications of its proving a wet
At Blorgan
Special to the Gazette
Morgan Tex April 13 A light rain
fell this morning which though not suf
ficient to do any material good to crops
has inspired the farmers with hope that
copious showers will follow in a day or
two The counties west of this were
blessed with a good rain
At Gainesville
Special to the Gazette
Gainesville Tkx April 13 Alight
rain began falling this morning and con
tinued for several hours It is believed a
large section of this county was visited
by rain but not enough to fill the
branches The clouds are threatening
tonight and indications are good7 for
At Bnlrd
Special to the Gazette
Baird Tex April 13 A gentle rain
began falling here at 9 oclock last night
and continued until about 10 oclock this
morning As measured by an accurate
instrument it shows that 6 10 of an inch
was the extent of the fall and pros
pects point to another shower this
At Colliusvllle
Special to the Gazette
Collinsville Tex April 13 A nice
slow rain fell here today which has
shortened up all the long faces and
lengthened out vegetation considerably
At Pilot Point
Special to the Gazette
Pilot Point Tex April 13 A light
rain fell here for several hours this
morning and while doing mucn good we
will need more Corn and cotton are
looking well
At Weatherford
Special to the Gazette
Weatherford Tex April 13 This
morning at 7 oclock a copious rain began
to fall lasting until nearly noon which
will be worth thousands of dollars to this
county although a great deal more rain
is needed here
In Palo Pinto County
Special to the Gazette
Palo Pinto Tex April 13 This
morning at 330 clock the drouth was
broken Rain began to fall and continued
for five hours coming down gradually
and in the best manner possible to give
the earth a wetting At this time the
clouds are giving way but the indications
are that more may follow this shower as
Texas never does matters in part when the
weather is takeiijnto consideration
At Liimpasns
Special to the Gazette
Lampasas Tex April 13 This sec
tiou was visited last night and this morn
ing with a good rain and every sign in
dicates that we will have more but
enough has fallen to brid ge over for sev
eral weeks and larmers ranchmen and
merchants are wearing today a broad
smile of satisfaction
Kain at Midland
Special to the Gazcite
Midland Tex April 12 Midland re
ceived the worst wind and dust storm
about i oclock today it has yet expe
rienced Immediately following the
wind was a good rain and it has since
continued with a fair prospect of keep
ing up during the night It has encour
aged stockmen and others for all feel sure
that the bacKbone of the drouth Is broken
Rain Over 300 Miles
Special to the Gazette
Big Springs Tex April 12 A co
pious rain fell here this afternoon it
being the first for about seven months
Good rains are also reported at all points
between Merkle andVan Home on the
Texas and Pacific Railway a distance of
over 300 miles This rain is a great boon
for stockmen in this vicinity as many of
them could not have held out much longer
At Colorado City
Special to tho Gazette
Colorado City Tex April 12 A
tremendous rain fell here this evening
and is still falling and iudications are
that the storm has spread over a large
scope of country This will be the say
ing of the stock interests as the young
grass has already started and will soon
be large enough for stock Advices re
ceived today from Estacado Crosbie
county report a heavy rainfall there last
Saturday and the farmers and stockmen
in good spirits
At Decatur
Special to the Gazette
Decatur Tex April 13 The long
dry spell has at last been abated It be
gun raining slowly at 8 oclock and now
at 12 is still raining with fair prospects to
give us a good one The white top wagon
has been stripped and will return to the
little farm and make another crop by the
help of the sender of rain
Aboiit Abilene
Special to the Gazette
Arilenk Tex April 13 La3t night
was a good one for this country Rain
commenced falling shortly afer dark and
continued steadily all night The fall
was about one inch Thi partially breaks
the great and much advertised drouth It
has just come in time to save thousands
of cattle on the range and will if fol
lowed by more save thousands of dol
lars which is now invested in agricul
tural interests People who had become
somewhat depressed in spirits got up this
morning looking as though they had
dreamed of a new railroad and the dream
had come true
Around Cisco
Special to the Gazette
Cisco Tex April 13 The clouds
have been thick and heavy for the past
two or three days now and then a little
sprinkle of rain falling until last night at
about 0 or 10 oclock a slow rain set in
and continued until this morning about 9
oclock wetting the ground about one
inch Everybody is in good humor aacl
talking about the drouth as a thing of the
past and it is to be hoped that the pre
diction will prove to be true Every one
seems to be invigorated and went to busi
ness this morning with a vim If the
rains continue now this countrv will still
make good crops The present rain will
start everything to growing Though it
fell so slow it soaked m the ground as
fast as it fell and made no stock water
Around Waco
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 13 There were
cheerful faces to be seen m Waco today
The great drouth that has cast its blight
over Texas for so longis broken Up to
this writing very little of the rain has
fallen in Waco or the country immedi
ately adjacent to the city but it Is known
that the northern and western portions of
the county were visited last night and
this morning by copious rains and there
is every reason to believe that within a
lew days at furthest not a spot in this
and adjacent counties but will
receive all the rain needed
It has been nearly a year since a first
class rain fell here It is true this sec
tion has not suffered to compare with
other localities but the situation was
getting serious As it is the whole as
pect is changed A very intelligent farm
er from Hewitt told The Gazette re
porter this afternoon In my neighbor
hcod and it is as dry there as anywhere
in the county I think we are good for
ten bushels ot wheat to the acre As to
oats they are not ruined and mark my
word that if the rains within the next
week are not followed by real cool
weather the oat yield will be from twen
tyfive to fortyfive bushels per acre My
corn is half leg hiah and all right The
cotton crop is of course dependent on
the July or August rains With seasons
then we shall make as good cotton as
ever If this is true at Hewitt it will
apply to McLennan county a3 a whole
The wind shifted to the northwest at
Waco today and as a result the cooler
temperature checked the rain jbut a
steady drizzle fell for hours and every
body feels confident the drouth
is broken that copious rains will come
within a few days It is hard to describe
the cheerful feeling that prevails in busi
ness circles In short Waco is herself
again Telegraphic advices received here
today report copious rains last night and
this morning at the following points Al
bany Cisco DeLeon Alexander Hico
Iredell Morgan Weatherford Gatesville
Big Springs Colorado City and Mc
Gregor At Crawford in this county it
was raining slowly at 11 oclock a m
Tonight there are indicationsof more
It is raining
The beautiful crhnsoablush of nature
without paint catflfcjC imparted to the
pale cheeks of a sicWy feeble woman by
the use of that greatifema i tonic English
Female Bitters
Not Less Than Thirteen Lives Lost by
the Prairie Fires in Norton and
Graham Counties Kansas
In One Instance a Whole Family Con
sisting of Father Mother and
Four Children Are Burned
Immense Loss of Stock Grain and Farm
Property Half a Million Dollar
Blazo at Chicago
Another Kansas Plagne
Atchison Kan April 13 lieports
concerning the destruction of life and
property caused by the great prairie fire
that swept over the eastern portion of
Norton and Graham counties Saturday
last are yet meagre and unsatisfactory
but enough is known to appall the
stoutest hearts The fire started near
Nicodemus in Graham county The
wind which was blowing forty miles an
hour carried the flames over and through
the dry grass at a frightful speed The
general destruction of property com
menced near Roscoe in Graham county
Here the lire spread over the country
for fully two and a half mile3 in
width and as the wind carried
it north it was constantly spreading until
it was seven miles wide where it crossed
the North forfe of Solomon river three
miles eaat of Dinsmore A few houses
were burned and every stable with its
stacks of hiy and cribs of grain
was burned leaving hundreds of farmers
almost destitute It is a pitiful sight to
pass over the burned district and see the
thousands of burned chickens turkeys
and hundreds of hogs with
occasionally horses and numtr
ous cattle Almost every farmer
lost from fifty to 500 bushels of com be
tides small grain Jt is definitely kno > n
that from thirteen to sixteen lives were
lost in two counties but the names have
not been learned Four children per
in one family
How far the fire extended north from
the Solomon is not known but it must
have traveled a long distance <
At the same time another fire swept
down the South Fork of the Solomon
to a point near Mill brook sweeping
everything in its path and burning six
persons to death a father mother and
four children and a large number of cat
tle horses hogs and poultry
In one instance a woman
prematurely gave birth to a child When
the lire was discovered approaching her
husband took her in his arms and started
for ploughed ground but before he could
reach it the womans clothing was on fire
lie succeeded in putting it out and saving
her life The babe less than an hour
oldwith the other members of the family
were saved but the house and other
property on the firm was de
stroyed Hundreds of narrow escapes
could be related Saturday was a fright
ful day one long to be remembered by a
great many families in Norton and Gra
ham counties
Wall Paper House Bnrned
Chicago III April 13 J J Mc
Graths wall paper house located in a
livestory building on Wabash avenue
was totally destroyed by fire early this
morning The stock is an entire lossand
the building is irrepairably injured the
floor having fallen through The front
and rear walls are ruined The Are was
attended by two fatalities Pipeman
Michael Burns was standing in a fourth
story window when a sheet of flame came
out enveloped him and he fell into the
blazing mass inside Lieutenant John
Herberlie was climbing a ladder to the
second story window when it slipped and
he fell to the sidewalk crushing his skull
Captain Fred Reese had a leg broken by
falling on the stones The fire was discov
ered at 330 oclock When the firemen
arrived the fire was in the center of the
building but before the hose could he
brought to bear the flames had jumped
from story to story above and below and
seized speedily upon the very inflammable
stuff with which the floors were loaded
A second and third alarm were turned on
and twenty engines were soonworking
upon the building The firemen say they
never saw so rapid and complete destruc
tion of a large establishment The fire
was out by 5 oclock and owing to the
exertions of the firemen little if any dam
age was done to the adjoining buildings
which are occupied by wholesale jewelry
and millinery houses The loss on the
building and stock is estimated at 225
000 only partially insured
The owner of the stock of wall paper
declared this morning that the loss would
reach 500000 It was probably the
largest stuck carried by any one firm in
America The insurance will fall short
of the loss by 8300000
Prairlo Fires in Dakota
Sioux Falls D T April 12 Reports
of the loss of property from the prairie
11 res during the terrible wind storm of
Friday and Saturday continue to come
in Eighteen miles West of this
city a tremendous fire started and swept
the country for miles destroying houses
barns and all other property in its path
It was the most destructive fire that ever
visited this part of the country The
total loss exceeds 100000
Kansas Prairie Fire
Atchison Kan April 12 A disas
trous prairie fire is raging in Phillip and
Norton counties in Kansas It started
Saturday evening near Edmond where
four houses were burned and crossing
the Central Branch Railway extended
northwesterly to Narcatro having de
stroyed quite a number of h juses with
all othergperishable property in its track
It is reported that nine to twelve per
sons perished but the facts cannot be
definitely learned owing to the injury to
the telegraph wires
Atchison Kan April 12 No less
than fifteen persons have beea burned to
death by the prairie fires which started
near Nicodemus Graham county They
have swept northwest on an air line into
Norton county destroying everything in
their path which in places is from two
and a half to seven miles wide forming a
St Augustine in Klam s
St Augustine Fla April 12 The
St Augustine hotel took fire at 230 this
miming and wa3 destroyed The old
slave market is also gone and the ancient
cathedral is in flamus Edwards hotel
acd half dt zen small buildings are on fire
and it seems inevitable that the Floriaa
house and the opera house must go
Danger of the destruction of the whule
town from the plazi to the city gate is
imminent All cf tne seventysix guests
at St Augustine got out in safety as did
also all help of that house and the guests
and servants of the Edwards house
Later The lire has been stopped
at Treasury street and the main
portion of the town is safe
The county court house and
Vedders museum were destroyed All
the county records were removed to a
place of safety but many valuable papers
in the hands of lawyers who hidollices in
the county building were destroyed
Telegraph wires to all points are at pres
ent down but the early reostablishraent
of communication is anticipated There
were no New England people m the St
Augustine hotel nor was there the
slightest accident to any one of its sev
entysix guests although It is reported
that a colored scrub woman lost her life
by running back into the servants quarters
for her effects Bat little property here
is insured as the buildings of the town
avP mainly of wood compactly built and
the place is provided with only one third
class steam lire engine Tne average
rate of insurance seems to be GA per
cent and this oprated as a proscriptive
tariff The destruction of the wires at on
early stage of the fire prevented a call be
ing made on Jacksonville for assistance
The loss on the St Augustine hotel is
100000 The insurance expired within
twentyfour hours before the fire
Under Federal Shelter
Washington April 12 The foiiowing
telegram was received at the Treasury
Department today from the Collector of
Customs at St Augustine The princi
pal part of the city is destroyed by lire
The county courthouse is also burned
Can I offer assistance in the way of rooms
in the postoflice building not occupied It
is impossible to procure rooms outside of
this building The records are
Secretary Fairchild telegraphed as fol
lows In r ply Render every assistance
to the city ofiicials in the way of provid
ing rooms in the postoflice building
Ammonia la Baiting Pawdoro
From the Sciectillc American
Amoag the recent discoveries in sci
ence and chemistry none is more import
ants than the uses to which common am
monia can be properly put as a leavening
agents and which indicate that thisrfamil
iar sat is hereafter to perform afif active
part iu the preparation of our daify food
The caroonate of ammonia is an ex
ceedingly volatile substance lace a
small portion of it upon a knife and hold
over a flame and it will almost imme
diately be entirely developed
into gas and pass off Into
the air The gas thus formed is a
simple composition of nitr6gen and hy
drogen No reidne is leftfrom the am
monia This > give3 it its su
periority as a leav < fning power
over soda and cream of tartar used alone
and has induced its useas a supplement
to these articles A email quantity of
ammonia in the dou tf is effective in pro
ducing bread that wglfbe lighter sweeter
and more wholesome than that risen by
any other leavening ifjjent When it is
acted upon by the heat of baking the
leaveniug pas that raises the dough is
liberated In this act it uses itself up as
it were the ammOniais entirely diffused
leaving no trace or residiium whatever
The light fluffy flaky appearance so de
sirable in biscuits etc and so sought
after by professional cooks is said to be
imparted to them only by the use of this
The bakers and baking pow3er manu
facturers producing the finest gbods have
been quick to avail thcmse ve of this
useful discovery and the handsomest and
best breadand cake are now largely risen
by the aid of ammonia combined of
couise with other leavening matertl
Ammpnla is one of the oest k nqwn
products of the laboratory If as seems
to be Justly claimed for it the application
of its properties to the purposes of cook
ing results in giving us lighter and more
wholesome bread biscuit and cake it wnX
prove a boon to dyspeptic humanity and
will speedily force itself into general use
in the new fild to which science has
assigned it
London April 13 Rv Dr Joseph
Parker pastor of the City Temple states
tlt he is almost certain he will accept
the proffered honor of delivering ku eulogy
on Re Henry Ward Beether DrParker
wIIL sail early in June for New Yors Dr
Parker explains that he has found it im
possiole to reach Brooklyn by June 1 He
says he would be glad to accept the task
of delivering the eulogy if the ceremony
was arranged for Jane 24 Mr Beechers
birthday v
great roaring sea of flame rolliag in tre ftar Cous5
mendous sheets under the impetus of s ne s ever W1
high wind which prevailed all day Satur
day and Saturday night Starting onlhe
south fork of Solomon river in Graham
county the fire swept north to the SSivh
fork which it crossed at Edmond pn tfijg
Central Branch Railroad in Norton c uatf
and at last accounts was still sweeping
towards the northeast diagonally across
Norton county in the direction of Deca
tur the adjoining county on the west
carrying aestruotlon and death In its
path Thousands of head of stock of
all kinds have been burned Thou
sands of tons of hay com wheat and
from 100 to 175 houses and barns have
been destroyed The people living along
the lino of the fire have been left home
less and destitute It is impossible as
vet to learn the names of those who per
ished in the flimes Tremendous excite
ment prevails all through the burnt dls
The burnt district extends a distance of
sixty miles in length by twoandahalf to
seven in width and the Are still spreading
west and northwest A large number of
horses cattle sheep and hogs have been
destroyed and considerable suffering
amoDg the people exists on account of
the tires Relief will be forwarded to
them at once from the towns eas of the
lire line The fire is still raging furiously
and the people alopg its path are terror
stricken The destruction of telegraph
poles and wires between Greenleaf and
Edmond prevents the obtaining of further
C elloggy Edgwood Cal says
Sje is theJiesi medicine
fozicplds for the chil
ar pestilence and destroy
d ntlessitfiofeands Wgfe Indigestion
ys ps derangement Jf the liver and
omtchare powerful fotsfeto the human
racef Morrls ascarjiie wadefeat their
President Cleveland Promises to Pay
a Visit to Atlanta Ga Before
October this Year
A Letter from Trfflsnrer Jordan Xo
Trnlh in the Keported Ilelspse
of ExSecretary banning
Only Three Companies Withdrawn from
lha rational Drill liecanse of the
Colored Comnunh s
Special to the Gazette
Washington April 13 Since the
inter state commerce act went into effect
the number of personal applications for
appointments under the administration at
Washington has diminished very ma
terially At the Interior Department
reporter was informed by an official that
there has been a marked falaog off in the
number of calls from the various states
and territories The withdrawal of
railroad passes has pretty effectually
stopped the coming of delegations and of
individuals to urge appointments and
press claims here Before the inter
state law went into effect there was not
a day passed that we did not
have delegations and individuals here
f jr ore purpose or another They wtuld
come from the Pacific coast and the far
northwest but now since free passes
have been cancelled we dont have many
such callers
It is said at the White House that the
President has made no plans for the trim
mer He believes he can spend the time
very comfortably at Oakview his sub
urban residence and has not yet aiveu
any consideration to the question of a va
cation It is probable however that ha
will take his usual month in the moun
tains A year ago the President promised
Senator Colquitt and oihers to pa7 a visit
to Atlanta but was prevented from carry
ing out the agreement He has now re
newed the promise to visit Atlanta in Oc
tober unless some unforseen cause pre
Washington April 13 Mr Deleon
secretary of the national drill says be has
written no general letter on the su > ject
of the participating of colored troops ia
the exercises of the May encampment and
drill in tnis city Seve al commanders
of southern companies have made inqui
ries regarding the matter and to each he
has replied according to the nature of the
inquiry but he has kept no copies of his
letters The letters however have all
been published in the southern papers
He has stated the ruling of the manage
ment to be that colored companies
regularly organized as National Guards
which applied before the 1st of April
would have their applications considered
without discrimination The only colored
companies which applied were one from
the District of Columbia and two ot the
regularly organized troops of Virginia
Mr Deleon says he has also stated that
there would be no social equality except
such as the soldiers might
want The Virginia troops will
form a part of their
state contingent under command of Brig
adierGeneral Anderson of the First Vir
ginia volunteers Only three companies
the Montgomery True Blues and Greys
and the Atlanta Rifles have decided not
to participate in the drill Two compan
ies in Texas two in Mississippi end one
in North Carolina made inquiries but they
have not authorized their withdrawal
postal receipts
Washington April 13 Tte gross
postal receipts of thirty of the laigest
postollices in the country for the first
three months of the present year were
474 > 04G an increase of 3S1481 over
the corresponding period of last year or
eight and seventenths per cant
Washington April 13 A letter has
been received here from Treasurer Jor
dan who is now in Paris saying he will
visit London about the 15th inst and
then expects to depart for New York on the
2Lst He says ex Secretary Manning ar
rived in Eogland in much better health
tnan when he left New York and that
his visit to Bournemouth was
arranged before his departure from this
country and was not as has been gener
ally supposed the result of relapse or
anything of the kind
It is thought now that Mr Jordans
successor as treasurer will not be ap
pointed un il after hi3 return to Wash
ington early in May
A Crazy Prisoner Fights Like a Wlldaian
Special to the Gazette
He rietta Tex AprU 12 Quite an
exciiement was created in the court house
this evening by one John Stovall who
has been in the county jail here since the
1st of last Augu3 being charged with
the theft of a horse He has been tho ght
to be crazy for some time but nothing
was done until complaint was made by
the other inmates of the jail who com
plained of having to guard him on ac
count of his dangerous disposition He
was brought before the county judge this
evening for the purpose of
trial and from his peculiar actions soon
attracted a large crowd He was asked >
after being seated by the districtattori
ney if he knew Colonel Jones the county
attorney He replied that he did and that
he was a G d d n big mouth
He was then asked by the county attor
ney if he knew the district attorney and
the question was answered slmilai to the
above and with that he made a blund
for the crowd his victim being a young
man whom he seized by the legs and
threw over hi head against the opposite
wall From this a general iiiht was car
rier on for about half an hour between
the maniac on one side who seemed to
have supernatural strength and the
sheriff assisted by three or Lur others
en the other and they did not succeed in
quieting him until he was choked to the
floor and completely insekjsd apd hand
cuffed No sooner was the officers hand
taken off of him than he nade another
lunge for the crowd but eing so com
pletely exhausted he soon fell to the floor
and was then carried to the jail There
seems to be no clue to his past life The
court proceeded with his trial and the
jury found him of unsound mind
If you are suffering with weak or in
flamed eyes or gTM llted eyelids yon
can be quickly cur < FWusIng Dr J H
McLeans StrengeningtaSve Salve 25
cents a box j
iti i
W J M Bfc I

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