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PubltthMS Klil Ir > vlefo > t
fceof 1 + iMeatioa bccond iibXi3ten Houston
lid Throckmorton
> ntered at the Fort Worth Texas Postoffice as
endClass Mail Hatter
Tills iiaper kept ot Ole and advertising
tea may bo ascertained at tho ofilco of the
laerlcsn Jienspxier Publishers Association
Temple Court New York or from Its
48 Tritune BulldingSea Tori
Room 21 1424 Kew Tori Avenue IT W
SPOFFORD Correspondent
rcttage Prepaid by thl Publishers
Dally Weekly
a rear JIO 001 One Tear SI 00
tlxHonths 5 50 Sis Months 60
forte Mentha 5 001 Three Months 10
ICHDAY Gazette 1 yr 150 6 months J100
P W k 35 e nU
GSJSubserlbeis wishing their address
changed from one postofflce to anothar must
CiTeQieoia address as weUai the aewortha
ttinge cannot be made
All Postmasters In the State are authorized
to take subscriptions to The Gazette
Sample copies sent on application
Remittances by draft posUce money order or
urtcistcrcdlciteratrisk of office
dsrreipoKdence U icllMJ upon dl twirl tui
Prcxpt information oftverJts and newt happen
fiesj or general Interest solicited andicillbtprop
r °
Aa communlcatiora intended for publication
ntst to accompanied lv the writers nam and ad
irtu not for publication but at an evidence of
tooi faith
Forties writing to TK3 GAZETTE on business
ptrtmcl to themelvts ici3 please inclose stamp for
All letters or amaunlcalionsfor THB OAZETT
MftelAer on butiness cr for publication should be
addressed to The Gazette or Democrat Pub
LUBiuu CO Sort Worth Tea akd sot so
A3 Veil aoney orders postal notes tic
HkouU be mad payable to the Demodbat Pub
urana OO
THE GAZETTE has the largest
hnnafldo Circulation of any Daily
fjewspaper published in Texas
daily emtiox Seven issues a week
Roaparell type 12 lines to an inch and about
seven 7 words to the line
Per Inch display contccutivs insertions
lrune J160
I limes 2 25
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6 75
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59 50
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i 62 75
ITlma 210
1 Times 100
I Times 5 60
11 Times 7 751
9 70
10 50
10 90
21 Times
1 Month
12 20
12 50
12 SO
IS 10
13 u
IS 70
14 60
SMthaJ 7i 50110 MtheJUS60
7 84 70U 122 50
8 9190112 Ultt
9 105001
Vhrtt Times a Week Onohalf tho above rates
SKict a Wet Onethird the above rates
Once a Jfeeh Onof ourth the above ratet
Reading Hatter
1 Time Site per line
I Times < 5o porllne
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e Times75c per line
I Times90c per line
6 TimesJl 05 per line
7 Times 120 per line
11 Times ISO per line
21 Times 210 per line
One month or over consecutive Insertions
10 conts per line each lnsortlon
< EaIf matter la to be changed every Insertion
tha price will be 1 cent per line additional
Marriages Deaths Soolet Notices olo
2 usual length EOo each insertion It ordered
matter SOe line will
Tooal or reading per
James > ed
rell last blluarles Resolutions alo
mains attj harged for at regular rates
Wants Lost Found etc
Wss d Advertising Will bo Inserted at pro
ot Inch None takon for less than
Xtta rate an
7 lint space Xlnci count 7 words to a line
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33TImea 6250
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or either edition
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rata rato of an Inch
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two linos as throe
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rmns or more 25 per cent additional
H3ssdatPosition Adsordered on first page
LSla price on the eighth page 50 percent
ft jdltlona on any other specified pago 25 per
ssnt additional
Heading Matter ordered In any speolal ppsl
Uonor on = y specified page 25 per cant addi
Outs mutt be mounted on metal bate
Teems Bills payable monthly unless dthor
nlte contracted for and In advance when par
tita financial standing Is not known to us
Sranslent advertising parable in advance
clraen copies sent on appllcaton Aadrois
Fort vvorth Tex
Branch Offices ot The Gazette
DAILAS 725 Main Street W W Hayward
TVaco Percy Burleson Agent
To Headers ot AdTeztUementi
Headers of the Weeklt Gazette who order
any goods advertised In our olumns oraak for
Information of tha advertisers concerning them
wIH oblige TnB Gazette by stating that they
saw the announcement In tho columns of this
Wnllo we do not undertake to vouch for all
persons advertising with us wo shall continue
to do our very best to exclude the dishonest or
untrnstwortby from these columns We con
stantly cull out and reject all such that we can
discover and shall be glad to have the atslstance
otour subscribers In co dulng
Any failure or delinquency on tho part of ad
vertisers If reported by our subscribers will
bo tuly and properly attended to
Texas has 25000000 acres of the
finest public lands which will he
sold to actual bona fide settlers at
rom S2 to S4 an acre on forty years
time at a low rate of intrest
Tub building boom is on
Tub np hill pull for Fort Worth is
about ended
It looks now as if Fort Worth will put
81000000 In brick and mortar during
the present year
A great many people believe that the
tree from which Eve pulled the forbidden
fruit was a chestnut
Mr Cleve nd Texas has 100000
majority for the man who will veto the
Blair bill if it passes Congress
When Fort Worth completes her six
story Board of Trade she will have two
of the largest buildings in tho state
CnKAr coal will come into Fort Worth
from four directions Fort Worth has
created for itself natural advantages
80 to speak
Several of the gentlemen nominated
jig jlby the Louisiana Republicans hive de
> ied the honors There are no flies on
Louisiana Republican When the
egg has no meat in it he never bands up
the shell
Why does Dallas get a charter to ran
from Fort Worth to New Orleans II Fort
Worth ia not the railroad center ol the
When Dallas wants a railroad it se
cures a charter to begin that railroad at
Fort Worth An honest confession Is
good tor the soul Dallas admits Fort
Worth to be the great railroad center ol
the state And this is but the beginning
There is at least one pistol toter
who rejoices in the imprisonment feature
ctthe Texas law against carrying hip
pocket arsenals He is an electrician and
was sentenced to twenty days in the
Houston jail for carrying a pistol
White serving his term be invented what
he calls a microdetector an instrument
that will tell when prisoners are attempt
ing to escape by sawing or otherwise and
it has been pronounced a grand success
He will soon be well paid for his incar
Fort Worth led in the work of securing
railroads Fort Worthled In the work of
street improvements Fort Worth led in
the work of providing a supply of pure
water from artesian wells Fort Worth
led In tho work of securing big union
stockyards Fort Worth led in the work
of providing wool scouriDg mills Fort
Worth led in the work of inaugurating an
immigration boom for Texas Fort
Worth will now lead m the work of erect
ing five and sixstory builduigs Fort
Worth Is a leader
Mr John Howard of immigration fame
has opened a Texas oom office in St
Louis and will keep on exhibit all speci
mens of Texas products sent to him per
express prepaid Mineral and agricult
ural specimens from every county in
the state are solicited as well
as printed matter of every local
Immigration society All Mr Howard
asks is that these specimens and printed
matter be sent him prepaid and he will
display and use them to the benefit of all
Texas His address is 404 and 40G Wal
nut street St Louis Mo and he wll
scatter the advertisements of every local
ity of Texas If sent to him
A neat little pamphlet published by the
Weatherford Native Jute Hope Manufac
turing Company of Parker county comes
to The Gazette office as a welcome
Jarbingerof one of the most important
industries ever started in Texas and one
that can be engaged in by our people
with bnt little expense The fact that
Texas possesses unlimited quantities of
soil suitable for the cultivation of this
plant has been demonstrated practically
by successful experiments made at var
ious times and the perfection of the
jutedecorticator facilitates its saving and
conversion into marketable rope and
cordage at a cost which renders compe
tition hopeless The company referred
to have entered largely into the manu
facture of this class of goods and is offer
ing liberal inducements to those who de
sire to engage in jute raising by furnish
ing not only the machinery necessary but
a market for the raw material as well
The twine that is used in Texas in the
harvest fields in stores and mercantile
honses the rope and cordage
used annually In this state
alone amounts to such a con
siderable sum that manufacturing
them at home instead of sending the pur
chase money elsewhere is s step in the
onward mirch of Texas progress by no
means contemptible The company will
furnish these pamphlets giving full and
thorough instructions concerning jute cul
ture to those applying and to the farm
ers of Parker county it proposes to fur
nish seed and machinery free of cost an
offer that will doubtless be accepted by
many Ia a short time Texas will not
only furnish her own peoplejthis commod
ity but will be prepared to extend her
trade and famish the trade elsewhere
while in many sections ot the state the
one crop Idea will be exploded and the
long reign of King Cotton will be brought
to an end
Germany has long been known as great
in arms in arts and in statesmanship
and she is developing commercial Bla
marcks who will soon be recognized as
the leading spirits of the business world
Eogllsh gunboats following English mis
sionaries opened up a trade that extended
over the world end nude Great Britain
rnler of the seas and of most of the land
German plnck and push of late years has
been making itself felt Germans have
almost driven the English out of Mexico
out of the South American countries out
ot the Bahamas and in fact ont of almost
every country where they had an equal
chance In the struggle for trade The
Samoan episode shows what vigorous
end singularly bold peoplo the Germans
are becoming and with what vim and
persistence they work for supremacy
They never tire never lag never surren
der in their efforts to build up trade with
a foreign cation or crowd out a
rival Tna latest evidence of German
enterprise is shown by tho project of
raislngcotton on the cast coast o Africa
Texas f urnishes the seed and the planter
to superintend thecultivation of the now
crop and in a few years the cotton crop
of East Afrlci or German Africa will be
In the markets of the world offering Itself
In competition to other staples Not
only will Germany engage extensively in
cotton raising in Africa where the lands
re admirably adapted to the purposebut
she will send out her surplus population
to coloniz and claim this new territory
and make of it a powerful auxiliary to the
Fatheiland Unless crippled by a war
with Russia Germany will soon occupy
the place in the commercial world that
hail been claimed by England so long
A Gigantic Scheme of Emigration of
Colored People to South
America on Foot
A Fsrson Prominently Connected with the
Movement Thlnki There Will be
a Blc Emigration
IXDiANAPOLis Ikb Jan 26 Colonel
A A Jones of the State Auditors office
who is connected with the latest proposed
exodus of negroes from the southern
states to South America talks freely
about the scheme He is an active friend
of all movements for the improvement of
the condition of his race He was en
gaged in the first exodus of 1879 He ac
companied Governor Chamberlaintogeth
er with several other young colored men
to South Carolina from Massachu
setts and entered heartily into that
movement This exodus he said
will be effectually pushed and by May
we expect to set our first party on the
road There are no headquarters as vet
The movement is very young less than a
month old so far as active work is con
cerned The headquarters will be estab
lished probably in New York We shall
have three agents in Cincinnati one at
St Louis and one at Chicago I am the
agent at this point We have some of
the best people in the country interested
men who are willing to go down in their
pockets for the relief ot their oppressed
brethren We have some colored people
in this country pretty well fixed and they
are committed to the work There Is no
fixed amount of capital We hope to ac
complish by the txodus first and fore
most protection There is no question
of politics at the bottom although it will
of course have some political bearing
Why do you know that in the last fifteen
years 18000 black people have been
killed in the south for their
political opinions and nothing has
been done to remedy the matter
It is life or death lth us We are tired
ot having Representatives in Congress
upon a voting population that has no
representation There is no remedy so
we propose to pull out The colored
man has developed and made it what it
is and while the laborer could not and
cannot do the work that onr people do
the Southerners will Arid a difference
when they have to use white labor We
have selected South America for a loca
tion because of its climate and adapta
bility of the soil to produce such articles
as the colored people are accustomed to
raising We have lnvestlgated the coun
try and received favorable reports Our
people do not want to come north and
west because of the climatic conditions
and because the prejudice against the
black race follows them even there
In South America as well as in other
parts of the world the color of the skin
does not bar a man out of the race
for the best We shall start our
emigrants from eastern points I
cannot speak any more definitely
now than to say that a Boston line run
niner to Brazil will carry passengers at
14 per tread That certainly is cheap
enough We have agents at work in the
south now and we shall set as many emi
grants as possible out of Mississippi
Louisiana and Alabama while not ne
glecting Missouri and Kentucky and if
there is not a big emigration before next
summer then I miss my guess
Topeka Kan Jan 26 The Central
and South American Immigration Asso
ciation which is the foundation of the
new exodus from the southern states
completed its organization tonight The
officers are John M Brown president
S W Winn secretary and James P
Berry treasurer The membership ex
tends throughout all the states The
officers given are for openwork of organi
zation The secret work has not yet come
to the surface
The Venerable Swain Immediately Mar
ries Another Woman and Is Whipped by
Americus Ga Jan 19 George Har
ris aged seventy was granted a divorce
at the present session of the Superior
court from his wife to whom he had been
married forty years but with whom
he has not lived for the past
four years She is nearly as old as
he and a large family of children were
the fruits ot their union all of whom
still reside in Sumter county On the
same day that the divorce was granted
Mr Harris went to Macon and was there
married to a lady of that city Rumor
has it that two of his grown sons by his
former marriage were so incensed with the
old man that they set upon and beat hits
terribly There was never a breach of
any kind between the divorced parties
tney merely agreeing to separate at the
time which they did and each going to
live among their children The aged
groom and his blushing bride it is said
have left for Texas where they will re
side In the future while discarded Mrs
Harris Is living comfortably in the home
of one of her grown sons near this city
A Frlest Discovers a BX lghty Explosive
Chicago Tribune
Rev Father Donahue the Catholic
priest at Cnarleston III has just made a
new discovery that Is far superior to any
that he has yet made He calls itlatoter
quate and in effect it resembles the Rus
sian lectover the most effective explosive
known to science He claims that if
anything it Is far superior and more
deadly It is put up in fuses and is
made from pine gum Mr Donahue has
been appointed a lieutenant in the French
army on account of his previous discov
ery and yesterday he received a gold
medal handsomely engraved from the
Mexican government who desire to
secure his services He claims that with
his last discovery gun powder can be
made more cheaply and the new com
pound will be substituted for It in time
The Care ol the Ears
Health and Home
Never put anything into the ear for the
relief of toothache
Never wear cotton In the ears If they
are discharging pus
Never attempt to apply a poultice to the
Insde of the canal ot tho ear
Never use anything but a syringe and
warm water for clearing the ears from
pu Never strike or box a childs ears this
has been known to rupture the drum and
cause incurable deafness
Never wet the hair if you have any
tendency to deafness wear an oiledsilk
cap when bathing and refrain from bath
Never scratch the ears with anything
bbt the finger tips if they itch Do not
use the head of a pin hairpins pencil
tifs or any thing of that nature
Never let the feet become cold and
damp or sit with the back toward a
window as these things tend to aggra
vate any existing hardness of hearing
Never put milk fat or any oily sub
stance into the ear for the relief of pain
for they soon become rancid and tend to
icclte Itflimmatlon Simple warm wfter
will answer the purpose better than any
thing else
Never be alarmed if a living insect en
ters the ear Pouring warm water Into
the canal will drown it when it will gen
erally come to the surface and can be
easily removed by the fingers A few
puffs of smoke blown into the car will
stupely the insect
Never meddle with the ear if a foreign
body such as a bead button or seed en
tars it leave it absolutely alone but have
a physician attend to it More damage
has been done by injudicious attempts at
the extraction of a foreign body than
could ever come from its presence in the
Inct jitlon at the Movement and Its Pres
ent Statas
St Louis GlobeDemocrat
San Antonio Tex Jan 20 J Peter
Smith exmayor of Fort Worth the most
active and persistent boomer that boom
ing town has ever known a millionaire
who knows how to spend his money free
ly a public benefactor in the way of giv
ing employment to labor and an absolute
steam incubator in the matter of hatching
new enterprises Is in San Antonio talk
ing of the immigration movement what
its inception was what its present status
and what Its probable outcome will be
He is a member of the State Central Im
migration Committee which has its head
quarters at Austin and Is chockf nil of his
You know how the thing cameabout
he said today It had its rise mainly in
our vacant lands and in the damaging
drouth reports which had gone abroad
against us I think though that Cali
fornia might be called the spur which
pricked us into motion We know we
had the best country and the cheapest
country and it sort of riled us to see car
load after carload of settlers going
through our territory bound for the Pa
cific slope when they might have stopped
and done so much better That set us to
thinking We knew that If we kept quiet
much longer the age would pass to the
next man and the Dallas convention was
the result The present todays boom
Is the result ot that meeting
We have every reason to be gratified
with our progress so far We have suc
ceeded In obtaining the most valuable co
operation from the railroads Excursion
travel is already very heavy We love
extensively advertised and will keep it
up and people good people are bound
to come 18S8 in money men and manu
factures Will be the biggest year Texas
ever saw
There has been a great change in the
state already end we will make a greater
one Even now it is a universal remits
among excursionists that they never be
held people with nore or tetter land to
sell and more anxious to sell it
Things with the Central Committee
are working very smoothly and swiftly
Every member of It Is making every
pound of him tell and tell In the right
On the subject of deep water on the
Texas coa3t Mr Smith stands by the ex
pressed sentiment of the Dallas conven
tion viz that all money appropriated by
Congress should De centered upon some
one point where deep water could be
most eaBily secured and which would
prove most available to the state He de
clined to officially commit himself in
favor of any one loeallty bnt personally
he favors the mouth of the Brazes river
which he thinks is more central and
could be improved at less cost
Gazettes Becord of tbe Marriages
and Deaths in Texas
Willie Hailand and Miss Zelda Dun
ham Marlin January 20
David Dew and Miss Mary Powers
Belton January 25
T J Hartley and MIS3 Lucy Stldman
Freestone county January 24
D B Stevenson and Mrs M J Hussey
Dalngerfleld January 19
S C Folsom and Miss Anna Trailer
Coryell county January 26 r
J C Reece and Miss Pennle Matthews
Leon county January 16
A W Cook and Miss M D Bryson
Hamilton county January 20
W D Germany and Miss Annie Tal
bert Greenville January 19
W F Weeks and Miss Alice Denton
Austin January 25
Frank Lovejoy and Miss Minnie Sykes
Decatur January 25
0 L Funderberg and MIs3 Ida Morris
Smith county January 25
W N Moss and Miss Arabella Mcln
nich near Holland January 25
W L Stoval and Miss Willie Carsey
Gatesville January 15
P R Riser and Miss M L Lunstord
Coryell county January 12
Charlie Long and Miss Fanny Shores
Delta county January 18
Theodore Decker and Miss Mary
Mefean Carpus Cnristl January 20
C H Jardlne and MissMatte Barclay
Woodville January 17
H M Gnthrle and Miss Anna G Nason
San Angelo January 19
M T Sullivan and Miss M A Price
Tom Green county January 19
1 W Matthews and MisNattie Davis
Belton January 19
W H Moreland Mrs M E Biddy
Belden January 19
Dr G T Walton and Miss M A Sey
mour Greenville January 22
Hon M E Benton and Miss Lizzie
Wise Waxshacbie January 24
Miss A A Badger Burnet January 19
Mrs Harriet I Nowlis Waxshachie
January 22
Fielding Ruble Falls county January
Mrs S E Parr Sherman January 26
James E Willis Coreicana January 23
Miss Meda Badger Burnet January 19
Mm Francis Jones Cooper January
Mrs Mary Manson Corpus Christi
January 15
Mrs Jesse Wallis Brenham January
Miss Mattie Calwell Parker county
January 16
John W Phillips Stcphenville January
Mrs C P Vaughan West January 35
Miss Inez Dunn Baird January 23
Dr H L Miller Overton January 23
Prof T L P Holllman London Jan
nary 21
Mrs George M Patten Bastrop Jan
nary 18
Dr F M Patillo Mt Vernon January
25JudEe I B Douglass Woodville Jan
uary 25
Mrs Chap Carroll Ovilla January 21
J C Willis Corsicana January 23
Miss FJ Chambers Kosse January
Why Is It
Eaufntan Sun
Why has Fort Worth become a city of
Importance Simply because her citizens
are olive and are willing to aid every
enterprise that daily looms up in that
city If Kaufman expects a big boom
this year her citizens must be up and
Type made from paper is the latest
novelty A process has been patented In
England by which large type can be made
from pulp
Representative Men Meet at Philadel
phia to Discuss the Necessity ot
Revenue Reform
Breckinridge ot Kentucky Orator Letters
of Kegret from Speaker Carlisle Hugh
McOnllcch and Others
Philadelphia Pa Jan 27 The
tariff meeting which was held at the
Academy of Music this evening To en
force andindorse the recommendation
of President Arlhur and President Cleve
land for revenue reform was onoJ < fl lhe
most successful demonstrations of the
character ever held in this city
The Academy was filled to
the top gallery and most of
those pressnt were business men The
meetiLg was called to order by William
W Singerly proprietor of the Phila
delphia Racord Mr Singerly introduced
Mr Wlson Welsh of the Commercial
Exchange as president of the
meeting ExSecretary of State Will
lam S Stenger was elected secre
tary and 250 business men who signed
the call for the meeting were constituted
vicepresidents Uoon the stage were
over 200 well known Philadelphia citizens
of both parties among them exGovernor
Henry M Hoyt and his successor ex
Governor Pattlson The audience was
attentive and enthusiastic throughout
but the feature of the evening
was a splendid ovation given to
Congressman Breckinridge cf Kentucky
Mr Breckinridge had left the stage be
fore the first burst of applause wblch
followed the conclusion of his peroration
but was compelled to return by the cheer
ing audience which fairly shouted itself
hoarse until he stepped again to the foot
lights With a voice full of emotion Mr
Breckinridge thanked the audience for so
unexpected a greeting to one who was
almost a stranger to a Philadelphia
When Mr Welsh assumed the duties of
the Chair he said that the significance of
this demonstration consisted not only in
the assertion ot necessity for tarirl revis
ion and reform but also in the right and
necessity for a fair manly Intelligent dis
enssion of the questions appertaining to it
The American people ore entitled to judge
and know as a result of this discussion
whether those who believe in the magnifi
cent and unequaled resources of their
country and In the ability cf their coun
trymen to develop and utilize those re
sources are less wise and patriotic than
those who contend that we are unable to
compete with the inferior sources and
inferior methods that exist throughout
Europe m almost every particular
Letters of regret from Hugh Mc
Culloch S S Cox Secretary Falrchild
Speaker Carlisle and others were read
Mr McCuiloch said that the question of
tarifi reform was an economical not
political and should be lifted ont ot
politics that the present tariff was a war
measure has served its purpose and
should be carefully revised that the sur
plus which it creates is but
one of its evils that it is prejudicial to
farm interests reducing the foreign de
mand for our products that it stands in
the way of restoring our
shipping interests that it is
antiRepublican fosters monopolies
and violates the constitution being Im
posed on many articles not for revenue
but for protection that what is now
wanted is a tariff for revenue with inci
dental protection O
Hon John G Carlisle after expressing
his regrets added these few word An
early and substantial reduction of taxa
tion is what the country nw most needs
and I hope your meeting will materially
assist in bringing about the result
A letter ot regret was also read from
David A Wells offering congratulations
that the business men of Philadelphia
are beginning to recognize the impor
tance indorsing tbe recommendations
of Presidents Arthur and Cleveland that
forced contributions of labor end prop
erty commonly called taxes not neces
sary for tbe support of the govern
ment should no longer be exacted of
the people by the government also of
vital necessity if we would truly protect
and extend American industry of reliev
ing those things which eannot
be made commonly called
raw materials from tbe burdens
to which the competitive industries of
other countries are not subjected
Congressman Breckinridge then ad
dressed the meeting at length on the
tariff He was frequently applauded and
made an impressive speech
It Disappears by the Carloads A
Town Implicated
Springfield Ohio Jan 26 An ex
tensive and systematic coal steal has
been discovered at Bainbridge Ross
county Ohio a small town on the Ohio
Southern Jtiilrosd A carload of coal
would at times disappear in a single
night and the peculations became so ex
tensive that the railroad company em
ployed detectives to unearth tbe thieves
The result has been the arrest of
fifteen prominent citizens of Bambridge
including the marshal hotel proprietor
and a Presbyterian preacher The detec
tives say that halt the citizens of the
town are implicated in the steal The
peculations amount to many hundreds of
dollars and the extent of them may be
Imagined when it is known that although
the coal is universally used in Bainbridge
not a single carload has been billed to a
resident of that place this winter
The Eyo as a Jleasnrer
All the Tear Bound
There ia a wonderful difference in the
powerwhlch different persons possess of
estimating sizes and distances by the eye
alone It Is a very valuable accomplish
ment when one wants to pick out quickly
an article of proper size
There are however certain influences
which unless guarded against will often
lead one astray as to the real size of an
object The presence of a series of lines
upon an object has a great influence upon
the appearande as regards size To illus
trate this fact Is given the cut showing a
square space divided horizontally by a
series of lines The height and width of
th s space are exactly equal as may be
proved by measurement but to the eye
they appear very unequal
I TJnmarrylDg In Michigan
Boston Advertiser
A man and woman in Michigan after a
short wedded life recently walked eight
miles to the justice who married them
and demanded a divorce After a com
mand to unjine hands the justice pro
ceeded lo administer an oath ot mutual
renunciation to each party Then step
ping ii the door loudly proclaimed w
the divorce Receiving no
objection he pronounced the marriage
annulled in tbe f jllowlng words Then
by virtue of the power in me vested by
the Legislature of the state of Michigan
and my official oath I hereby deelare the
partnership heretofore existing between
the parties of this suit to be this day dis
sol fed by mutual consent All claims
aealnst the firm wll be paid by Jonn
Henry Lwvson and all outstanding ac
counts owing the firm will be paid into
this court
° k
Oat for Cholera Mttsalrcs Benne
t < fo riant J
Eortyflve yefi Infallible sbeuiflc for
dltrrfcon dysentery Jcholera < morbus
fljx chlldrenlfe teethlrg and lf > takn in
tithe a sure ventlydof Asjafjc cholarw
Remaining In the nostofflco at Fort Worth Tex
Monday January 301SS8 To obtain any of
these letters the applicant must call for
advertised letters and give tbodateot tho
list also all letters advertised shall be
charged with 1 cent In addition to the regular
postage to be accounted for as part of the
postal revenue as per section 593 page 216
United Btates postal laws
Allen Mrs LA
Beaumont sirs M L
Barter Settle
Burlow Mrs
Rarcett Anna
Benton IMrs M
Bold Katie
Bowmafi Mary C
Bryant Mary
Brislot Mr > 0 II
Brown Molile
Bushart ltosa
Oath Mary E
Carter Annlo
Carer Ida
Calanay Mrs C L
Culluh Belle
Childress Selencr
OoverBtOD Annie M
Cook Jessie
Cotton Lula
Davis Ema 2
Days Bettle
Davis Lula
Drumm Nannie
Donnelly John
Karris Ella
Farrow Mrs A C
Fleming Mrs C C
Freeman Pearl
Furr Mrs Geo
ualnes Canlo E
Getz Mag
Gollner Mary
Gray Kate
Gregory Jennie
Haden Alex
Hamilton Loula TV
Hanson Mario J
Heatley Eila
Henderson Loney
Holt Nannie
JohnsoalJMrs M K
Johneon ansle
Allison W IL
Anderson Sam
Ayers E B
Ayirs Mlnyardv
Appitby J W V
Burton Willie Jc
Hal ey Ed
BevlIe W M
Benedict Horace
Bishop IA 4
Blnnt Lt J G Mason
Bluffer Ole
Blake Jno J
Berger FCdj
ISownnn Loyc
Bower GeOjW
Brewer Wat K
r j ant SB
BrlttonR F
Br > ton Jas W
Brown Henry
Brown u C
Barton G orge
Christie Wm
Clarke J II
Clarke C adc
Clements G II
Coppsge J T
Cowaidlcelt C
< ox Kev J Fred
CawlcerW W
Cole W E
Coleman ChssT
Cooper Jesse
Colbre Ellis
Crouch J W
Cross Walter
Center Emit
CrlsweU Lltlo
Dickey alentlne B
Donring A W
Oonewho Charley
Doss Davis J
Douglass M J
Douglass Walter S
Elliott James
Emry Jenet
EvanB Frank 2
Evans W M
Emtlng J O
Emrlng J V
Faj Bob
Ferxnson LawrenC3
FloodE O
Flesbman Charles S
Finch RM
Folly L F
Freeland L F
Gant A Jones
Garner Asbury
George Henry
tsrymes M L
Gxlce O E
Hayes Will R
Hayes T A
Hanson 11
Harris Jno S Jr
Ilcck Joshuah 2
Henry John
IIIrachQeld A
Hlllard Ben
Hodges Turner
Hogan Thomas
Howell James O
Honard Frank P
IkardM IT
Irgrlm W U
Cctlllo Antonio
Greaves Neille
Poterson John
Klein Gusele
Klein Mrs Fred
Loveladv Mary J
Milan Mrs a A
Mitchell Josle
Mayfleld Minnie
Moore Mattle
Murry Ida
McCu loch Ida
OConnell Maggie
Parcsll Mrs M J
Ireston Onrtle
Pollard Luccle
Powell Amanda
Perey Mrs
Itannclls Mrs M W 5
Raphael Mrs
Sullivan Lydla
fetotts Urla
Stcol Loula W
Smith Mary E
Shook Lillle
Sexton Ida
Scott Ada
Scott Dora
Trotman Miss Willie
Thomas Fannie
Thorn Ida
Upsnaw Mary
Wr ght Ada
Woods Irene
Woods Emma
Wortham Matlldi
Wilson Molllo F
Williams Eva
Williams J B
Williams Lottie 2
Williams Llzz e li
Wlndle Dlia
Whetler Maggie
Wells Mrs S U
Ware Mattle
Ycager lheresa
can stand the racket for the next twelve
mont > s he will bring his party to its
knees and become a strong leader He
has great opportunity and evidently in
tends to improve it Yours
IrvlnA f
James Frnnk
Jackson Bob col
Jefferson Kobt
Johnson John
jjftJohnson Hob L
V2 Joseph O s
vKUcy Jas A
VKalecr F A 2
Kane Jame s
Lane cam
Langtord J R
Leepet J
Llgon Tcomaa S
Llles W l
Lltsey d
Lively It K
Maloy M B
Macnne O W
Mlllan Walter
Molt EN
Moore Hubord
Moran John
Morrill Cllffor I
Murriby V William
McDaUel Leon
MoGlnley John
McCane O W
Nordan D L
Nnman John
Nolen J N
NolJ N
Price George
Phillips Willie
Perry J B
Rushing S Ij
Rogers Mark D2
Richardson Press
ReadW J
Raines A L
SullUan Thomas J
Stone Charles B
Sntell Lenora
Steel Georee
Stratz SlrJP
Stiles S U
Smith Lceroy
Sexton Robe t
Schmliz John
8cott C B
Smith George
htahier PDF
Suniln Lew
Trimble A O
TrowhettW D
Thompson J M
Thomason J W
Thomas George
Taylor Win
Taylor 3 B
Tanner Dr
Van horn Frank
Wolforfl Thos
Welfenberger W E
Wormtall Gus
Wilson J R
W llllams Ifm
Wyatt John
Whltlcv W D
Wells R W
Weetbrook Mose
Wedon L A
Ward Courtney
Wardiu Saml
Wade F E
Turk Geo B
Oowsrt D W
Morel Alexander
Peter Fcrdanand
The Famous Trial Terminated and All
Parties are Happy
Springfield Mo Jan 25 The trial
ot Cora Lee for murder in the first degree
of Sarah Graham terminated last evening
in a verdict ol acquittal by the jury alter
a deliberation of only seven minutes
Tears of joy rolled down the cheeks cf
both Cora Lee and Mrs Mollery as they
received the congratulations of their
friends The verdict was not unexpected
owing to the mystery surrounding the
murder and the contradicting and unsat
isfactory evidence
A Leading Bepnbllcan Thinks He la Blah
lata Tip Top Administration
Kansas City Mo Jan 29 The fol
lowing letter from Senator Icgells ol
Kansas president ot the Senate to a
friend In this city is made public by the
Times this morning
Dear Mr
I was glad to receive jours of the
13th We are still waiting on the Presi
dent who moves with great deliberation
listens to everybody and does as he
pleases His principal nominations so
far have surprised the Democrats as
much as the Republicans but they
are generally strong men whose selec
tion will be approved by the conservative
force ot the country He has no imagin
ation or sentiment and his policy will
not be sensational or startling but It be
keep3 on as he has begun his admin stra
tlon will grow In popular favor He Is
self possessed and confident and exhibits
no timidity Good humor prevails
though there Is much inaudible grumb
ling among the Democrats at the delay In
turning the rascals out but if Cleveland
J J Ingaixs
Protest Against the Blair BUI
Louisville Ky Jan 27 In the state
Senate today a strong resolution pro
testing against the Blair bill by Congress
sa adopted by a vote of 21 to 8
The Ways and Means Committee Ad
ding the Finishing Touches to
the Tariff Reduction Bill
Another Representative From No 3 ans
Land Applies for Admission to
the Fioor of the House
The Washington Heirs of tho Benn Estate
Obtuln Additional Evidence to
Strengthen Their Cos
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 26 The Demo
crats cf the ways and means committee
have almost completed their tarirl bill
They have raised a point where they are
in perfect agreement and the bill in gen
eral iorm Is completed There remains
now little for them to do bn some mis
sionary work to strengthen the bill
They are advancing in a way that is more
satisfactory than they had hoped for The
U slonary work to be done is simply the
yielding of little points here and there
when they can thus gaining strength for
the bill without making any serious sacri
fice The bill as reported will
put wool on the free list will by way of
compromise make a material reduction
in the tax on tobacco and fruit brandies
and will mate a reduction of 20 per cent
on sugar Salt lumber and otter such
raw materials will
There will be a general revision and
adjustment ot the tariff schedule and the
administrative feature of the bill will be
practically those formerly advanced
by Mr Hewitt At every step they have
consulted expediency to a great extent
and have so managed as to gain strength
in many directions They have
perfect confidence that they will be able
to pass the bill almost as reported An
exception may be made as to the wool
clause After a fight they may compro
mise on this by putting coarse wools only
on the free list if they can gain some
decided advantage by so doing They
appear however to tfalnK that they will
not have to make any change in the bill In
this respect
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 26 At the begin
nlng ot the present session a man named
Owen G Chase presented himself before
the House of Representatives claiming to
have been duly elected a delegate from
No Mans Land and asked to be admitted
as a member from that section There
was some discussion at the time and he
was not allowed to take his seat Today
Congressman Springer introduced and had
referred to the committee on territery the
memorial of John G Dale claiming he
was the person elected by the people of
No Mans L3nd to come to Wash
ington as their representative
The memorhl sets forth in detail the acts
of the convention at which the nomina
tion was made and that Chase was not
legally electee1 having established bis
own voting precincts appointed his own
judges of election furnished his own
foil books and ordered that the returns
should be sent In to a member of his fam
ily Dale says that there were cast 405
votes of which he received 375 Chase
but 16 the remainder being scattered
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 26 The news of
the finding of another will bequ thing
the property left by Mr Bean the Texas
millionaire to other than the Washington
heirs has created great excitement among
those here who lay claim to a portion of
the Bean estate Samuel H Bacon one
ot the heirs residing in this city does not
believe in the validity of the new will
alleged to have been found any more than
in the will which was formerly produced
and pronounced invalid He said to The
Gazktie correspondent tonight
You see there are a lot of people in
Texas who seem very anxious that
the estate should not go to heirs resid
ing out of the state and they seem will
ing to go to any length to carry their
point The only thing that surprises us
is that tnere have not been more wills
found of the same character as this one
I dont believe in the lea t in its validity
and lt is more than likely that some peo
ple will get themselves into trouble
about It
Mr Bacon states that the Washington
heirs have obtained evidence In tbe last
week or two that strengthens their case
materially and they are confident their
case will be succesoful unless a valid
will is fonnd This he thinks is not very
Special to tho Gazette
Washington Jn 26 Mr T S Mc
Clelland formerly of Norwood Nelson
county Va has been on a visit to his
i datives and friends in Virginia and is
now In Washington City He recently
married Miss Wycn if Birmingham Ala
and after an extended trip north will
soon return with his young wife to his
present home Clarendon Tex where
his brother J Bruce McClelland who
married another sister and Is associated
with him in real estate and other busi
ness now resides
Special to tho Gazette
Washington Jan 26 The following
citizens of Texas were gra ted patents
today William W Ford LOngview
voting machine John T Rivers Whar
ton Insect destroyer Harrison Stone
Denison button attaching machine
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 26 The following
Texas penslens were issued today
Widow of Richard E Kelly Alvord
Mexican warMary A widow of Angus
tin J Bird Rois Mary A widow of
John G Johnson Terrell Mary J
widow of William L Baylor LaGrange
Mexican war John W Krnnedy Cle
burne Wiley B Johnson Waco
The Church
slminon4 Liver Regulator Is certainly a
speciilo for that class of complaints which lt
claims to cure If any of our feUow beings are
suffering from hepatls disorders and have
doubis in regard to the efficacy of this popu
lar preparation we can only offer them the
simple andCftndld argumen ot Philip to Na
thaniel Coste snd see Try the proposed
remedy and than you can judge for joursclf
B v DAVnrAEiLLS Pastor of Presbyterian
Church Washlnsjtyn D < XZ
The JudiciaryT
I have useii aimut oSs Liver Regulator for
Constipation caused a derangem ant otthe
liver and always wttenused according to di
rections with decided tveneflL Uieam Wak
mbe late Chief Justice of i
The MedicalPrafession
Nootaerr mMy wltnrrtkiy knowledge can
All lis placeI haje been practlclngmedlclno for
twenty years aiftrhavo neverftjteen able to put
up a vegetablecompound tha would like
olmmonaLlver Rguutor prouijfUya d effec
tively move the Liver to actlos nd at tha
same time aid Instead of weakenlntho diges
tive powers of the sya em L M Ltntrox M
D Washington Art i
All Endorse V
Simmons Liver Kegulator
Be not tiipured np ul
Examinet < > afe tnyajet the Gennln9
Distinguished from all frauds and Imitation
by our red Z Trado Mark on front of wrapper
und on tha side the seal and signature ot J

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