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A Look at the Croesuses of Many
LandsSoms Curious Roths
childs and Their Hobbies
A Dnke Who Sets Fifty Dollars Ever
Minute and a Marquis Whoso Rents
Equal 2000000 a Tear
How Nobility rollowi Wealth Tba Richest
Men of Itatila Worth ana Bis Millions
3Iade In Ifancj Dresses
Copyrighted 1633 by the Author
special Correspondence ot the Gazette
Washington Jan 25 The Roths
childs are said to be the richest family in
the world They have bsnks in the lead
ing capitals of Europe and kings and
governments are among their customers
The Puis branch oi the banking Arm is
said to keep a capital of 300000000 at
its command and haidly a war is begun
in Europe for which the funds are cot
famished by this family Still five gener
ations ago the blood which now rules
these millions was selling old clothes in
the Jewish quarters ot Frankfort on the
Mam and when Madison was President
the first Millionaire Rothschild died leav
ing only S5000000
I once visited the home ot all the Roths
childs at Frankfort and looked at the lit
tle banking house where years ago An
selm Meyer Rothschild oegn to take ar
ticles on pawnand toshave notes for so
much per cent Ic is in the dirtiest part
of Frankfort and it has about the same
surroundings as Five Points New York
The street is dirty its inhabitants are
secondhand clothiers and it bears much
the same aspect now as it did when the
mother of all the Rothschilds gave birth
to the financier who laid the foundations
of this Immense wealth The Rothschilds
own their old property here today and
their bank still has a branch here
When Anselm Rothschild died leaving
this 5000000 to his five sons he made
them promise to keep the fortune m the
family and to carry on the business to
gether They kept their oath end it Is
this policy that has been the mainspring
of their success Through generations
they have worked together married to
gether and their millions have bred faster
than tneir families One of these boys
stayed at Frankfort another went to Paris
and established a bank there a third
Nathan settled in London a fourth set
tled in Vienna and the tilth opened aback
In Niples All of them made money very
rapidly and Nathan at London made bis
millions breed lister than Austral
ian rabbits He went to the
continent during the Napoleonic
wars and from the knowledge there
gained speculated in the rise and fall of
stocks He witnessed the battle of
Waterloo and by relays of horses and a
fishing smack reached London in ad
vance of all other messengers The tel
egraph was then unknown and his news
was the first brought in The news he
gave out was tnat Napoleon had con
quered or at least this was the news
that spread all over London after his ar
rival S ocks went down like a shot and
Nathan was offered loads of them He
refued to buy but had his agents quietly
purchasing all the time The next day
the true news came and stocks jumped
upwards Nathan Rothschild made it Is
said 5000000 by the deal
The Rotnchilds hold high social po
sitlons ta the various countries of Europe
They have nobles among them and their
money has bought them titles They are
a family of inteIcctual and artistic tastes
and with all their wealth they have been
somewhat charitable The Idea prevails
among the Israelites that it Is their in
tention at some future time to buy Pales
tine and give it back to the Jews and
they have already established hospitals
at Jerusalem Some of them have bren
horse lovtrs and a Baron RothEchild
owned Favonia one of the famous horses
who have won the Derby They be
lieve In eDjoyicg their wealth
and like to have nice things
about them Oae of the Frankfort
Barons not long ago paid 160000 for a
silver cup which he wished to use as a
center pUce of a table service which he
was making up end one of the Vienna
Baron Hotbechllds has a stable which
cost him 80000 This stable has marble
floors encaustic tiles painted by distin
guished ariats end its walls are frescoed
with scenes done by well known painters
The rings chains and fittings ot the stable
are silver and one box stall for a favorite
horse cost it Is said 312000 The in
come of the owner of this stable Is about
5000 a day
Tne biggest income of any single man
in Eoglat d is said to be that ot the Dnke
of Westminster who has miles of tene
ment houses and many square miles of
agricultural land He is said to receive
50 a minute the year round or 3000 an
hour or 72000 a day Queen Victoria
has also a nico income and it is estimated
that she has received nearly one hundred
millions of dollars since she ascended the
throne The Dnkes of Devonshire and
Norfolk and the Marquis of Bute have
each rents amounting to 2000000 per
year and the Duke of Portland after ex
travagancies like those ot Monte Cristo
eccumulated 10000000 of unentailed
property during his life
The tax ol England in largely sn in
come tar and it is possible to tell some
thing of the fortunes of her citizens from
the amount of income returned Of
course this is always less than the real
amount received Still it makes ones
eyes open to know that Lord Durham
owns 13 000000 of personal property
that the Duke of Portlaud gets 1000000
a year from his real estate aloneandthat
the two largest returns of personal pro
perty were made by men who do not be
long to the nobility Mr Crassy a rail
road contractor acknowledged to hav
ing 30000000 personalty and Mr
Morrison a dry goods mac 20000
000 Lord Dudley one of the large
owners ot Englands coal mines had for
years an income ot over 5000000 from
this source alone andthe Duke of
Bnccleuch gets Sl130000 a year from
his lands In 1872 there were more than
1500 men in England who had incomes
ot over 25000 e year and there were
857 men who had incomes ranging be
tween 50000 and a quarter of a million
yearly It is said that there are more large
fortunes In the United States than in
England and that the English millionaires
spend their incomes more freely than do
the Americans This may be true bat I
doubt it
One of the richest men in Cuba was
Terry who died lateqc leaving his baby
and widow a fortune of 30000000 The
richest Chlraman is said to be How Qua
ol Canton who is worth all the way from
50000000 upward and the Chinese
Minister to the United States Is worth
There Is a young English Jew la Naples
who has been attracting considerable at
tention in Italy since the cholera plague
He is a miUionaire and is adding to his
wealth by the business which he Is carry
ing on In that city of the beautiful bay
He came to Naples a consumptive and
during the cholera he went abont through
the infected districtsdoing all the good he
could both with his money and with his own
personal strength He took the 3000 men
from his iron mills and hid them help
him and he joined with King Humbert
and the Cardinal Ssn Felice in their every
effort to aid the sufferers He told the
Cardinal he would become a Ctthollc if
the Lord would cure his lungs and he
once paid his attentions to the shrine of
the Virgin on Monte Vergine He Is
much loved in Naples and the city is full
of stories about him He still keeps up
his charities and like a number nf our
millionaires has men investigate such
cases of destitution as are brought to him
before giving
Some of the biggest fortunes made
abroad are thoje founded on liquors In
Dublin the Gulcess family who make the
stout which is sent to all parts of the
world are worth their millione and one
of them was knighted by the Qeen some
years ago Hennessythc noted maker of
Cognac brandy died rich and there are
beer millionaires wine millionaires and
saloon millionaires everywhere In Glas
gow the most of the saloons are owned
by one or two men and these have paid
their owners fortunes
Speaking of rich Jews we all read not
long ago of the death of Sir Moses
Monteflore He left nearly two millions
and a great part of this went to charities
among which were 75000 to charitable
Institutions in Jerusalem and the Holy
Ccal oil makes fortunes wherever it is
found and the two Noble brotners of
Russia are said to be worth 400000000
They are the standard oil men of Russia
and they control more petroleum than any
oil company in the world
If this estimate of their wealth is cor
rect they are the richest brothers in the
wcrld and they have an income greater
than the Czsr himself The Czar of Russia
gets 10000000 a year from his private
estates andjat 10 per cent is a low rate
for oil profits the Noble brothers ough
to receive 20000000 each The million
aire Stelglitz who was for years the
richest private party in Russia had only
0000000 when he retired and if all the
Rothschilds had as much in proportion to
their number as these two brothers they
woulo be many times as rich as they are
One of the most enterprising of the
Russia millionaires died in 1880 He
was the Alfred Kruppe cf that country
He had rolling mills and mines and he
built guns and gunboats He made a
fortune during the Crimean war though
he was simply a naval officer at its beglu
ning and before he died he owned 40000
square miles ot mineral lands and among
his works were those at the mouth of the
Neva which employed 5000 men ana
which made more than 3000000 worth
of steel rails a year Tais millionaires
name was Nicoll Ivanovitch Putiloff and
he was the most enterprising manufac
turer and capitalist Russia has had singe
tne days of Peter the Great Nothing
was too big for him and he dealt in
Kruppe has the largest private business
in the world His works at Eisen cover
500 acres and he employs about 20000
hands and 05000 people derive their sup
port from him He owns more than 500
iron mines and his establishment has
some ol the surroundings ot the Pullman
village outside of Chicago He has
steamers and railroads of his own and
mi wurks comprising among other thing
a chemcal laboratory a printing press
and forty mile < cf telegraph wfre fly
the cans of 1837 he pays the highest In
come tax in Prn sta and bis tax amounts
to more than 37000 a year
This represents an income of more than
SI000000 yearly and among the other
big tax payers of Prussia is the Baron
Bleichroder This Baron pays more than
17000 In taxes every year He Is a Jew
banker end is e close friend of Bismarck
He is almost blind and bis eyes look at
yen out of blue glasses He is as much
toadied as a prince and the diplomats
dine and court him He might be called
the Jay Gould of Berlin and he stands
next to Baron RotbschUd of Frankfort as
the richest Jew in Prussia This Frank
fort Rothschild has a taxable income of
about 500000 and he pays 20000 a
year of an income tax Of course this
does not represent anything like his net
receipt for incomes arc always under
estimated when they are detached
Speaking of German millionaires re
minds one of Millionaire Strousberg who
was also a Jew He left Prussia early in
life and made a fortune in England He
came back to Germany and astonished
the people by the vastness of his projects
He was for a time the railroad king of
Germany but Bismarck had plans which
conflicted with his and the FrancoPrus
sian war ruined him
Speaking of the rich men of France
their came is legion and the Rothschilds
lead the list In Paris alone it is esti
mated that there are at least S00O persons
who have incomes of not less than 10
000 a year each and the millionaire bank
ers merchants and nobles are many The
milliner Worth is worth l000000but he
is an Euglishmin with a Frenca wife He
makes his money out of flnedressesand his
home in the Parisian suburbs is as big
as a New York city block and covers
several acres It Is gorgeousy furnished
and full of rare curiosities Once a year
Worth throws it open to hl3 employes
and the fete lasts tor e day and a nicht
Upon this day each ol the ladles among
his dressmakers is permitted to select a
dress from Mr Worths stock and it is
made up for her according to her direc
tiocs Pasteur the doctor Is not a poor
man and he is making a fortune off of
mad dogs and Doctor Evans the Am ri
can dentist at the French capital has ta
ken nugcets of cold out ot the pockets of
his patients while heihas put atoms of
the same metal into their teeth
The eighth richest man in the world
was an Italian who died a year or so ago
It was the Prinee Torlonla who had an
Income of nearly S2000 a day The prop
erty was left to his daughter and grand
son and it comprised some ot the oldest
estates of Italy While in Genoa a few
years ago I was told a story of a poor
man who had made a million in the corn
trade there and it is said that one of
Torlonias ancestors began life as a ped
Ier His father made a fortune in the
war ot Napoleon and it is eaid that the
Prince did great good with his money
He had at one time the tobacco monop
oly in Italy and he was banker of wide
Influence He gave balls at which the
visitors were expected to tip the servants
end Torlonias enemies used to say that
these tips were turned into the rich bank
ers treasury However this may be it
is certain that the Prince was one ot the
most charitable of the rich men of Italy
and that he is still greatly mourned in
Spe klng of charity I see that Sir Din
shaw Manockjee Petit a Parsee million
aire of Borabsy has given away 1000
000 in twenty years and that he Is about
to establish a female eollege there at tne
cost of 75000 This man made his
money out of cotton and his fortune
swelled rapidly during the civil war in
the U ted States He is the W W Cor
coran of the east and he was knighted
on accounted of his charity Another
Indian millionaire was Jaydowjee who
died lately leaving an immense fortune
to his grandson only eight years ol age
and Dhuleep Singh however well off he
may be now has been very wealthy
A number of the rich men of tne United
States are foreigners and there is a China
man at Lsportc Cal who is eaid to be
worth 2000000 Ah Lin Sin the rich
est Cninaman In San Francisco Is a mil
lionaire and there is a Russian in Cali
fornia who Is worth a million
Secretary Whitney Will Name the
New SixThousandTon Iron
Clad The Texas
Crains Bill Creating a Retired List
for Government Employes Will
bo Reported Adversely
The New York World Thinks Texanc Will
Want Their State Divided In the
Near or Distant Future
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 28 Secretary Whit
ney has decided to name the new C000
ton armored battle ship now building at
Norfolk Va The Texas The name
is subject to the approval of the Presi
Mr Crains bill creating a retired list
for the employes ot the government does
not receive the endorsement ot the House
civil service committee who will make
an adverse report upon it on Monday
Special to the Gazette
Washington Tex Jan 28 The New
York World today in an editorial headed
Blind to Their Own Interests says
Some of our Texas contemporaries nota
bly the Galveston News are angry about
a suggestion recently made that Texas
ought to consent to be divided and give
another state to the Union When Texas
Is twothirds as thickly populated as
New York she will have a poDUlation of
over 10000000 Will the state be
willing then to have a representation in
the Senate equal to that ot Delaware
Rhode Island New Hampshire or Maine
The division of Texas would help the
growth of the state The advocates of
division are the friends of the state and
unselfish in their friecdsolp
fighting extradition
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 28 The Secretary
of State has received an application from
toe government ot Mexico for the extra
ction of Henry Benson the adventurer
who swindled the people of Mexico by
selling bogus tickets to Pattl concerts
Bensons examination was continued be
fore United States Commissioner Lyman
In New York yesterday Col Qulntss of
the Mexican army testified that he had
purchased a ticket from Benson De
tectives Hanley end Adams who arrested
Benson testified that the prisoner ad
mitted to them that he had been in
Mexico and bad taken the money received
at the theater to his hotel but that he had
not sold the tickets in person and he
could not be extradited Another hear
ing is to be held
Washington Jan 28 The United
States Consul at Guaymas Mexico has
informed the State Department that four
American prospectors in the district of
Montezuma in the Slcore Mademec moun
tains were attacked on about the 25tb
ultimo by a band of Arjeche Iodises and
that two of the Americans J Offer and
S W Jacobs were killed the other two
escaped without injury The attacking
party consisted ot four Indians and a
white man Troops of that section started
in pursuit immediately on the receipt of
this information but did not kill or cap
ture any of the Indians
Special to the Gazette
Washington Jan 28 The following
Ttxis pensions were issued today
Mexican war Mary widow of John R
Duncan Bandera John Howell Alvara
do William R WillsNolanville William
Richard Rio Grande City Henderson
McBride Pridgeon Austin James Priest
Wliderville Manton original Robert L
Turner Carbon
Result ol the Terrible Explosion In tho
Welllccton ColllcrjFortT Bodies ltd
Victoria B C Jan 27 The bodies
of eighteen white men and twentytwo
Chinamen have thus far been recovered
from the Wellington colliery here since
the great explosion ot Wednesday oc
curred The total number that perished
was seventytwo of which thirtyone
were white The bodies thus far re
covered are mangled and blackened be
yond recognition and the only means of
knowing their names were by the stalls
and points at which they were found
Every individual In the east slope where
the explosion occurred was killed In
the west slope the explosion did
not penetrate further than 10
make a severe concussion which effected
some severely The alterdsmp rushed
In but by the presence of mind exhibited
in immediately repairing the fan he air
current was restored and many were
saved This Isattesied by the recovery
of a large number who were prostrated by
the afterdamp but who subsequently re
covered consciousness and came to the
foot of the shafting The resistless force
of the explosion is proved by the manner
in which elghtjinch pipes were snapped
Heavy timbers were reduced to splinters
while one ot the iron cages was
blown completely out of the shaft
A Belsian miner was stripped
ot every vestige of clothing while the
mutilation of the bodies proves that the
terrible force played with them as if
feathers The scene about the mouth of
the 8hatt bodies Identified
< vwhere the are being
tified Is heartrending and sickening
Philadelphia CnU Down Her licensed
Places From GOOO to 1300
Philadelphia Pa Jan 27 The total
number of applications filed In this city
for licenses under the high license law
does not exceed 160 up to the present
date but the applications are increasing
as the limit of time February 11 ap
proaches It was supposed at one time
that the citys revenue would be in
creased over 1500000 or 82000
000 by the new license fee ot
500 but the surprisingly limited
number of applications made and
likely to be grented under the Brocks
Dill will cause the revenue to fall far
low of thee figures The clerks of the
quarter sessions say that about one
fourth of the applications will be either
withdrawn or disregarded and that the
totel numberof licensed places in Phila
delphia after May 1 1888 will not ex
ceed 1S00 as against 6000 premises now
licensed under the eld law
A Dtcrenss In Humbtrt In a Oanadlan City
Toronto Ont Jan 28 The decline
In the Knights of Labor as to numbers
goes steadily on here All assemblies
show decreases some to a very arge ex
tent One assembly had COO membersa
year ago and now has only filty Five
months ago there were in this city fully
4000 Knights of Labor It is doubted if
there are 1000 now Internal dissensions
and dissatisfaction with the management
of the order are alleged as tho cause of
As to th ° J this remarkable decrease
i y nn y f b pi
The Old and Tones Danced All Night Oar
Hardy Ancestors
Old men live In the past
Perhaps itwouldbe better for the young
men of the present If they lived a little
bit more in the past and drew less on the
future c
The log cabins of primitive times would
seem very cheerless habitations to the
people who live in the finely constructed
furnace heated mansions of today But
our grandparents took a great deal of
comfort in these rnde homes
They were rugged and healthy The
men had stalwart and Inrdy frames and
the women were ree from the modern
ailments that make the sex of today prac
tically helpless slaves to hired foreign
Whitehaired grandsires frequently
took their life partners and on horseback
rode a score of miles through the forests
to enjoy the lively pleasures of a frontier
ball danced till daylight rode home
again in the early morning then put in a
good days work
Middle aged folks ot today couldnt
stand that sort of a racket
To these mudchinked log cabins doc
tors visits were a rarity The inhabi
tants lived to a rugged and green old age
Sometimes these log cabin oldtimers
were taken ill They were not proof
against all the exposures to which they
were subjected They lound the effective
remedies for these common aliments in
the roots and herbs which grew in the
neighboring forests and fields They had
learned that nature has a cure for every
ill These potent remedies assisted their
sturdy frames to quickly tfirow off dis
ease and left no poison in the system
The bjjpleasant feature Ot modern prac
tice witfnpineral medicines is the injuri
ous after effect on thgsystem May not
modern physical degeneracy be due to
this feature J
A drugsaturated system is not
in a natural fconsequently not In s
healthy stateJiPlfiany of the main organB
are clogged with traces of the mineral
poisons used to drive out peculiar
disease ths whole machinery of life is
derangedwnd early dfjcay of natural
powers ithe inevitable result
ThereTcan be no questiorijthat remedies
from the laboratory ot nature are the best
If theytare as efficacious theyrhave the
advantage of leaving no after stirt
Their efficacy It properly compounded
and the proper remedy applied to the
proper disease will not be doubted The
experience of ages proves It
Their disuse has come about principally
through the rapid congregation of people
in cities and villages rendeiing these nat
ural remedies difficult to obtain Pro
ressive business enterprise has lately led
to putting these oldtime remedies within
reach of all classes
The proprietors of Warnera safe rem
dles in the faith that the people of today
would be benefited by using the simple
remedies of log cabin days have caused
investigations to be made and secured the
formulas of a number of those which long
and successful use had proved to be most
They will we leam be known under
ihe general title ct Warners Log Cabin
Remedies Among these medicines will
oe a Sarsaparilla for thp blood and
livtr Log Cabin Hops and Buchu Rem
edy for the stomach etc Log Cabin
Congh and Consumption Remedy a
remedy called Scalpine for the hair
Log Cabin Extract for internal and
external use and an old valuable discov
ery tor catarrh called Log Cabin Rise
Cream Among the list is also a Log
Cabin Plaster end a Log Cabin Liver
They Resolve to Uphold the Principles Lnlrt
Down by ths President
Boston Mass Jan 28 The execu
tive committee of the Democratic state
convention of Massachusetts this after
noon adopted a resolution stating that
the Democrats of this state are united
in their support of President Cleveland
and the policy outlined in bin last annual
message to Congress that they believe
it to be the duty of Democrts through
out the United States to advocate sup
port and insist upon the adoption cf the
principles enumerated therein as the
great issue upon which the Democratic
party witn Its candidates in the approach
ing election can achieve an overwhelm
ing victory at the polls
What a United Labor Party Says of the
Blading Strike
Philadelphia Pa Jan 27 The fol
lowing will appear in the editorial
column of this weeks Journal of United
Labor headed The Reading Strike
Still No Change
The struggle seems to have resolved
Itself Into a question of endurance
between dollars and stomachs Dollars
may win but it will be all the worse for
the dollars In the future The tension
cannot be carried toofar in the great strug
gle of the closing years of the nineteenth
century Once too often dollars will
strive to starve stomachs Then will
come the insanity of hunger When hun
ger crazes the brain the brute takes the
place of the man History furnishes
thousands of proofs for what follows
The brute thus created Is not to be
blamed but the cause that created the
Haye not I the right to do as I please
with my own the rich man cries
Am I my brothers keepersaid Cain
Do we notknow our slaves and shall
we not use our property as we please
said the old time slave holder
The Inexorable logic of events will
sweep all such sophistry away and the blaz
ing brightness ot the wisdom of the Man
of Cilvary will enlighten and emancipate
the world As ye would that others
should do unto you do ye even so unto
Men die systems die nations die but
the eternal justice of God reigns supreme
forever With abiding faith In that justice
whatever of temporary trial may oe en
dured we know that victory will come In
end and the toiler will be free
Jndce Orders the Jurors to Examlna
Her Bars
Special to the Gazette
Mount Pleasant Tex Jan 27 A
nov el scene took place In our County
court here today A case of heg theft
was being tried before a jury and the
conrt decided that the marks on the sow
nnder dispute were not made plain to the
Jury and ordered the hog to be brought
into court The hog was sent forend the
plaintiff in the case assisted by a negro
dragged the hog from its pen through the
street into tho courthouse which by the
time the hog witness had been placed
upon the witness stand for examination
was packed close by an eager crowd who
wanted to hear the hog give in her evi
dence The jury were called upon by
His Honor to examine the marks of Mrs
Hoe end after they iad fondled her much
marked and mutilated ears she was led
out from the presence of His Honor and
carried back to her pen
4g t 7
Ie DWerent Denominations of Paper
Money Accurately Uescrlbd A
List to Paste
In Ones Hat National Bank Honey and
Government Notes A Treasury
Employes Opinions
Fewer persons would be victimized by
shovars of the queer If they would famil
iarize themselves with the general fea
tures of the different issues and denomin
ations of our paper currency I see fre
quently published statements that notes
of small denominations have been raised
snd successfully placed in circulation
Now nobody of ordinary Intelligence
ought to be deceived by so transparent a
swindle as that
The foregoing observations which fell
from the lips of a treesury employe re
centlv arrested the attention ot a Tribune
correspondent who asked
Can you give off hand a correct de
scription of each issue and denomination
of paper currency in circulation
The Treasury man confessed that he
could not do it Two or three days after
ward he came back end said I haye
taken the trouble to look into that mat
ter It was a greater task han 1 expect
ed Here is a list ot all the different
kinds of currency with th9 chief charac
teristics of each Issue and denomination
All of them have been counterfeited ex
cept the silver certificates which have not
been out long enough to give counterfeit
ers an opportunity to do their work and
get the lalse notes into circulation If
every man who handles money would
paste this list in hlB hat and test every
doubtful note by it a good many thousand
dollars In the aggregate would be saved
every year
The list condensed is as followa
The old 81 Treasury note has on its
face a likeness of George Washington
The 1 silver certificate has on its face
an engraving of Martha Washington
The 1 national bank note has on its
face an engraving of two maidens in the
attitude ot peace eacn grasping the oth
ers hand on the back of the note is an
engraving representing the landiug of the
ilgrinis and on the left will be found
the coat of arms ot the state in which tht
bank is situated On the right is a repre
sentation of the American eagle sur
rounded by national emblems
Tne 2 United States Treasury note
has on its face an engraving of Alexander
Hamilton with lathework on the back
The 2 national bank notes have on
tneir fate picture of the Goddess of
Liberty seated by a United States fljg
with a wreath on the tup of its staff and
the figure 2 engraved in large propor
tions extending from the upper righthand
corner ot the bill to the center
The 2 silver certificates have an en
graving of General Hancock on the left
ol their face end green lathe work on the
The 5 national bans notes old issue
have on tne left of the if face an eneravinc
representing the discovery of America by
Columbu and on the right a scene in
which appear Pocohontas and John Smith
On the Back is en engraving representing
the landiDg of Columous The new Issues
have on the left of their face n picture of
Garfield On the back of the note left
side is the coat of arms of the state in
which the bank is situated end on the
right is a representation of the American
eagle surmounted by the letters U S
in monogram The note is brown on the
The gfi silver certificates have on their
faces a vignette of General Grant and on
the backs are scrolls representing five
silver dollars
The S5 United States Treasury notes
old Issue have on the left side i f their
lace an engraving of the Goddess of Lib
erty with Alexander Hamilton on the
right and green lathe work on the back
The new issues have an engrvlng of
Jackson on the left r pioneer scene on
the right and lathe work on the back
The10 Treasury note newissue have
an engraving of Daniel Weoster on the
left ot their face the scene ot Pocahontas
and Captain Smith on the right and lathe
work on the bick The old issue notes
have a likeness of Abraham Lincoln on the
left an American eagle in the center and
the Goddess ot Liberty on the right
The 310 National Bank notes old
lesue have on the left of their face an
engraving of Benjamin Franklin drawing
the lightning from the clouds and on the
right r representation of the Goddess of
Libertv borne by the American eagle On
the back of these notes is a represents
tionflf De Soto discovering the Missis
sippi river The new Issues have choc
olate colored backs with the engraving
of De Soto omitted
The 810 silver certificates old issue
have on their face a likeness of Robert
Morris the back of these n3tes being
white and black The new certificates
have on the center of their face a like
ness ol VicePresident Hendricks and
have green backs
The 20 legal tender United States
notes old issue have in the center of
their Iacea picture ol the goddess of lib
erty with sword and banner and lathe
work on back of notes The notes ot the
new Issue have on the left picture ol
Alexander Hamilton and on the right is
the goddess of liberty with sword and
The 20 national bank notes have on
the left of their face a representation of
the battle of Lexington and on the right
is the goddess ot liberty surrounded by
emblems ot the different arts end trader
of the country The old issues of these
notes have on the back a representation
of the baptism of Pocahontas the new
Issue having a chocolatecolored back
with this engraving omitted
The 20 gold certificates have on the
left of their face a picture of Garfield and
in the center the word gold in large
colored letters while on the back of the
notes is seen the American eagle with
thunderbolts in his talons
The 820 silver certificates have on the
right ot their faces a likeness ot Commo
dore Decatur and on the back of these
notes the word silver In large letters
widely separated
The 850 United States Treasury notes
New York
ton in the center of their face and on be branch
back of the
many small engravings words x
850 U S Treasury note In lathe work
There Is also another Issue with Heiqry
Clay on the right and the Goddess ou4he
left The new issues have on the left of
their face a picture of Benjamin Franklin
and on the rig tit the Goddess of Liberty
with the motto E Pluribus Unum
the baok ot these notes being green
The 850 national bank notes have on
their face a representation of Washington
crossing the Delaware The old issues
have on their backs an engraving repre
senting the embarking ot the f pilgrims
which Is replaced in the nrw by a choco
late colored back without this engraving
The 850 gold certificates have on theii
left a picture ol Silas Wright and on the
right the number 50 in large figures
On the backthe notes are colored a mild
yellow with an engraving of the Ameri
can eagle and banners on the right
The 50 silver certificates have on their
planning the discovery of the new ij rja
In the center is a picture of DsV ltt
Clinton with his fece resting on his
hand the backs ol green colored lathe
The 1000 national bank hills have on
the center of tbeir face a representation
of General Scott and his army entering
the City of Mtxco and on tne light a
picture of the National CapltoJ at WaehJ
ington On the back of the bills on thit
left side is seen the coat of arms of the
state In which the bank is located In
the center is a picture of Washington re
signing his commission while on Up
right is seen the American eagle with
national emblems
The 61000 gold certificates have the
word gold in large letters on their
face and a picture of Hamilton on the
right Oa the back is the picture of th f
American eagle with outspread winj
the other is aa oil
One Way of filing llnj
Buffalo > iewa
There Is one way ol telling tiie tint ia
peullar to city life and that
yon meet on the street Tnere
who quit work at 5 oclock in the morn
ing tnose wno go to work at G and so on
When you get along into the later hours
such as 910 end 11 you will find people
that come down street at these hours
It is so in the afternoon and even
ing One makes many acquaintances
ol this kind too I know a young man
who is almost constantly ou the street
shifting from one place to another and
he has many of these acquaintances but
instead of telling the time by themjhe
uses the hour to find his men Habit Is a
face a picture of Edward Everett with I queer thinfe In this world and many
Human HaT
Is neither black brown blonde nor red but perfectlv transparent likeVai
ilexiblo glass tubes tho color being duo to inmut globules of lament seen III
from glands at the roots of the hair When the salp is in a healthy comlitHTJt
these globules rise and fill the capillary tub hko sap m a plant impart
nourishment as well as color but If from any cause the glands lose tbeir vitalit
tho colorglobules coase to rise and tho hair falls out or turns Tay To restol
vitality to the glandular system of the Scalp Ajers Hair Vigor was devised
It has prmed tho most successful dressing ever prepared for T tunn the ol
to laded hair bringing out a new growth and Keeping tliajlIr soft lusunai
and free from dandruff
J W Hammond of Lake Preston D T writes tba Ttlio aae of sittv h
hair and whisker erf porfet tlj Vfbite He began tcwjAjers Hair VKcr an
three bottles restored the hair to iKftrigmal rich darkpbvn color
Mrs Oliver of
Daieuport Willianistonii Vt became bald at the a e of tf
so remained Through
r < tho usefio bottles of Avert
gur her head iis toered w ith a tine grou tluifjBrott hair tveh e iudies long
A J 1 I HijF 1 f
Prepared bj IrT C
er s
by all Druggists
yer i Co Toweir Jflass Bgld by IrupsUts ami Fcrfamcn
i essential to the perfection jtifTvery part of the body tootle color and condition
of the hair and skin as well a o the power and efliuemy officii jumt ner e and
muscle Hence if thero bo any disorder of tho StnmaehrijyeK Liver or
Kidneys all the sjstem is affected Ajers Cathartic Pills correct irregulari
ties remo e obstructions and assist Nature m performing all heritanctions
Dr J S Maj hew of Now Bedford Mass writes Ilai ing used Aj ers Puis
m my practice I ftel competent to judge of their merits and unhesitatingly
pronounce them the best cathartic in use Not onlj as a common purgame I
but in cases attended with i bilious aspect ofthe ees and skm indilatimi
dtrangement of the Luer I hae found them wonderfully successful
Ayers Pills
Prepared by Dr J C Ayer Co Lowell Mass
A few SHRUBS a feed of ROSES
wNI work a complete change in your premises
Ceatmuous Flowering Roses J
I PTbloominc Hoses inclmlinc Prln
JS l catrlcc SMUO
lvSiecint rarnntlons nil different lii
s lidins lire Clcvclanil SIUO
jJKI 1 JITairT flowered ChryHactlicmnmi
vT fromHlic wonderland Japan > lO0
10 m3Hfflent TlUKnniaH Nearlet while
andenmson flotHgrctf Trith ornamental t
itoted fuiiace rtiry Burcerd with all 8
ITSnla nml ecd ofall kinds
Xo ccacKerated DescriptloasStllxact facts about 0
tested arle Address ffc
DELI 7 > E3 3ELpE3 ID 3EP 3R 3E3 J3 2
Send for Illustrated flmlDetcilitllve Catalogue
We will deliver free of csprcsa nirjes at anfVallroaa oflica in Texas Nurserj6iock amount
j lr vto Frve Datura and oVer 2
FortWorthjA < V fcexawM
TT V a
Our Sato Fanlly Doctor
A Complete Family tVeaio e
Perfect Sunotltyte for Criiv >
4 Safe Rellabla
Remedy In < < > 3
TheTCrpatest qmedyof fheasoforBii QL Dirtciisea
> A PrjETjY 1 j4lT5AlSlK4hpound and thamost cfecilv
r SP r lri tnwra Sa irapTins bCSfronj tho Fjstem nd rontannjr th
norraal 4foa of Jio facr aaUtho IjMlioyx It h nltermtira
and wAlatlve efletft upon tbo htsWoi It renorates it aocisiMtoret
iriton litnltuy vigifif It increases tbd appotite andald3inthsdHttlon
IJ < 4uVnti9n H fijoai fcean bf riven IUfPUlULCT
JAIKTY tochildren or ndultt or my ago in tlU tctwyiAere there Is
derangement of th ejstem It has been need with most wltfmlerfnl elTect u >
Colds Bilious Colic Malaria Fevers Bilious Fovor
Cholera Diarrhoea Rheumatism Conoral Dobllity
Loss of ppotlto Headache c
For FREE TRIAL PACKAGE son J O ct in stamps For f ottBXigo sad 50 eta U
the word silver in lr widely sepsr
otcd leUcrs on the bick X
Tne 8100 treasury nrtcs old issneT
have on their left a representation of the
American eagle with outstre cied wings
and on the other back are the words
many times engraved United States
Trcasnry Note Tho new issues have a
picture ol Lincoln on the left cl their
fice the head and shoulders of th
Goddes3 of Liberty In the center ondjon
the light the Goddess ol Liberty inthe
attitude of icslrcctirg a child The
bicks ar green
The 100 nVlDiitl bsnk notes oX
i = snt have on tee Mt ct their lace an
engraving of Perrys victory on Lake
Erie and on the rlgnS a picture cf the
Goddess cf Liberty by the Fasces or
united oundle of pieces labelled The
Union Oa the bsck 19 represented the
signing cf the Declaration of Indcpend
ence The new issue have the same eq
gravings on face with chocolatecolcfed
bcks without engraving
The S100 gold certificates have on their
lelt a picture cf Benton and the word i
gold in large letters across tne nppej
part of the face Oa the back la the
American eagle holding the Insignia Of
the Ualon
The S1U0 sliver certificates have on
their face a likeness cf James Monroe
with the word silver in huge letters on
the back
The 8500 gold certificates have a pic
ture cf Lincoln on the left witn the word
gold in large letters on the upper part
of their face and ths American eajjl
grasping in its talsns the stefi otthe
American 11 ig borne horizontally
The 51000 United States treasury notesj
have on their left b representation of
lurnbns surrounded by charts fitcjf
iBttpnt relief final cure V a
urge noeidverjosnpposltoryt jtemody mail
ed Iro > Mdres iJMKecv78 aBsanH r
COFFEE is Yjggttti
stores from the Atlan
US i
laame on a package of jOFFEE islp
tgijaraatee of excellence v
Is never goodwhen esposed to the jar I 1
Always buy this brand in hermeticaflkj
F06lUvelj > id Pcrmaneattf Hectored In 2 to 10
jSiyStcffoc In 34 Hthsrs almost Immediate
wllef Xu nSwsisilfag 4rntf tr lnerals pills or
arrfraons buHttio rtrnciyogaiEXIO lS coif
Over 6000000 PEOPLE USE
sdcii tedtobotho
ont Seedsm < 3n
1 the world
HlMttraltd Dt tp
ForJ ft
KllVsc67 S E
TOMlaprl tjt
rcnn cnfiraitpi
nitktxtt lilies
Every p0iiRtaW
G rH riiai lo ir
Dctmlt MlrA
relias y R 5lt
regular than tcey are aware
osHaat4tPAirrcuwspnjRtiiiiifer < 8 C
When I ssy euro I dasot ran merely to stop tb n
dozen men who closely ressnrtle
in TVilOttrser county
Correspondence ot the Gazette
Tex JanU 23 Stock
Vunsorr is w
Mire failed iHffresson fwot now TSJBrtiL
erne Ifrnd at ooj lor atr tiSD and alre Boul
of my lolalliblo retjrady Cha Expfceyatfd Part
U KOOTaRC183rciirlMMwlork
people who beast of lrrezularltjjsre more
Another man who is the Bi
Prssldsnt C eveland exst3 In the per
sonofCclonel Loverins wao recently j
ran for GoverniT oi Mascachuaetts I
asninst Oliver Ames and hia pc ere has
been taken to be placed beside that of tfcr
President far tho delectation and admirj
tion of all men A resident of Wash
ton has a photographic group o half
not su2 In this part ot the stste during
the late cold spell ns rauh es was at flr
flZ TION eompo8 fifoifrut8 > rcrta anrl
pants The most pt uI loyMfiiuojrti M
Restores tneTlgor gipaittU aStVM yecai
Scaled U oKIr > Klving full psrtlcilars
dre s SakMATEO 11EDLOP O liox 181 S
Lonls Mo

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