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= 7 this Disease that is Gomini
Up Us
x thief at night it steals In upon us
res The patients have pains
7 tl 5 chest and sides and sometimes
t r ipfc They feel dull and sleepy
= t < h has a bad taste especially in
talornlng A sortoX sUcky slime col
j about the teeth Tne appetite is
r There is a feeling like a heavy
1 on the stomach sometimes a faint
one sensation at the pit of the stom
whlch food does not satisfy The
are ounKen the hands and feet
Be cold and clammy After a while
iph sets in at first dry but after a
v months it is attended with a green
colored expectoration The patient
ilstirld all the while and sleep does
J seem to afford any rest Alter a
t I becomes nervous irritable and
Smy and has evU forebodings There
gMdlnes3jafl0rto1 whirling Benga
li in the heaUwhen rising up suddenly
0 bowels become costive the skin is
and hot at times the blood becomes
2l and stagnant the whites of the
ls become tinged with yellow the
and high colored deposlt
a l5anty
1 a sdimt after standing There is
auently a spiting up of the food some
sourAase sometimes with a
eeutijstastc this Isrequently attended
ith palpjtgtjon of the heart the vision
comes Impaired with spotsjjefore the
yes there is a feeling < f greatfprostra
ion anjLweakness All of these synip
jms are mitnrn presont It ls thougrtt
aat nearly on jhird of our population
ip > tal8 dIsease some of its varied
It has been found that physicians
lave mistaken the case of this
lisease Some have treated it for
i liver complaint others for kidney
lisease etc bu spne of these kinds of
treatment have b envfcttended with suc
cess for it ls really constipation and dys
pepsia It is alaa pund that Bhaker Ex
tract of Boot oV Mother Selgels Curative
Byrury Swhea jp ogerly prepared will re
move tMafllseise in all Its stages Care
must be twe however to secure the
genuine articled
Mr John C Hemgtlnstall of Chulaflr
Ala writes My
TfUo has been soiatich benefited by Sba
1rr Krtrabt of Boots or Selgels Syrup
Uutjihe evs aher would rather be without
part of her pod than without themedl
Mne It has done her more good than
toe doctors and Jl other medicines put
together would ride twenty miles to
get it into the hands of any sufferer If he
can get It in no other way I believe it
will soon sell in this state better than
taSjpn of Varner Bgiiey
6ounty7 rltes thS15 ra Sg been
Hypped with dyspepsia and dlEease
ofl e rlnary organs and was
curfd by kaker Extract ot Boots
Eev SEL J McGulre merchant of the
BorW e who sold Mrs Bsrtonjjthe
isIIcrae BShhe has sold it for four
i and never knew it to fall
sWIowvwith dyspepsia that there
warnot a plfy lclan to be found who
ould do anything with me Ihadflut
ering of tne heart and swimming of the
lead One day read your phampblet
ailed Life Among the Shakers which
escribed my disease better than I could
jyself I tried the Shaker Extract of
loots and kept on with It until today I
rejoice in good health Mrs M E Tins
ley Bevler Muhlenburg Co Ky
For sale by all Druggists or address
the proprietor A J White Limited 15
farren St New York
City cad Paper
> Oomancho Exponent
Fort Worth ls destined to do the great
cy of the southwest When Fort Worth
dats anything she gets it It is the
eat railroad and progressive center
je get up and pnsa of her business men
Il < Je It they made The Gazette and
v v
the bs macie the city
nwnjti iiwiiuiiwui >
te IteMg feifr
Br the
Publishers and Proprietors
To West Texas
Plant sorghum
West Tcxa3 is the home of sorghum
and the various usjs of sorghum will
make the crop one of great value to the
A Missouri farmer has found a mine
of shoe blackleg on his farm and the
Alta says this ought to put a polish on
Missouri grammer
Senator Ingalls Is thankful for sn Ol
favors Writing about his recent loss by
Are to a friend he observed I am glad
the neighbors managed to save the well
BARNES one of Henry G3orges right
hand men who had the handling of the
funds has been paying himself 85000 per
annum abolishing his own poverty as it
There are no flies on Emma Abbott
When the blizzirds were howling around
the northwest she was In Florida singing
The Last Eo3e of Summer and pulling
petals from real roses the while as large
as muffin rings
When the Texas immigration boom
inaugurated In Fort Worth strikes the
state with full force West Texas will
have cause to rejoice And the progress
and prosperity of West Texas make popu
lation and greatness for Fort Worth
a >
Mr Oates of Alabama wants the gov
ernment of the United States to lease its
lands to the cattle barons for the space
of ten years Mr Oates should come to
West Texas where the leaselaw and the
barbedwire fence have conspired to keep
out tne man with the hoe He would
apologize to the House and ask leave to
withdraw his bill
Congressman Martin of Texas has
introduced a bill instructing the commit
tee on ways and means to report a bill
abolishing the internal revenue and ad
justing the tariff Mr Martin is a Demo
crat who does not believe in expediency
and proposes to take the bull by the
horns Martin may make cf himself a
caucu3 issue yet
When the Blair bill passes the first
great step towards monarchy will have
been taken and the school teachers should
keep up with the procession They csn
not secure titles of nobility stars gar
ters or red crosses but there will he
nothing to prevent them from paving the
way for these future honors by wearing
a railroad baggage check on their breasts
There is a boom coming to Texas next
spring the like of which has never been
seen The air Is full of it the blizzard
blasts of the north shriek it the storms
howl It tne rain tells it the flowers
that are blooming so finely In Texas all
breathe It the tall grasses that are stirred
by the breeze nod in recognition of the
fact and the zephyrs floating over the
flower strewn fields of this perennial
summerblest land whisper it as they
pass There is nothing that can prevent
it It ls coming
A conversation was held between the
London Times office and Mr Henry Nor
man Us correspondent at Vancouver
j ast before taking his departure for Ja
pan The circuit of 14000 miles was made
in some seconds under four minutes For
a time a blizzard at or near Wincepeg
interrupted the communication passing
but only momentarily The conversation
lasted for a couple of hours and ls the
greatest feat of telegraphy over a long
circuit on record The electric spark is
the greatest annlhllatorof time and space
known excepting thought and very few
people can think 7000 miles and back
aaln in four minutes
News comes to ns that there ls trouble
brewing in the State Agricultural and
Mechanical College at Bryan and that
already eeven pupils had been expelled
and that the institution ls in a state of
insurrection The good old farmers who
vote and labored to secure this lnstltu
lion in which their sons could learn to be
practical and intelligent farmers and me
chanics will be astonished to hear this
news and more so to learn its cause
W3 it because some young carpenter
wanted to be a blacksmith No
Was It because one class had to weed
the carrots No
Was it because the lone bull mentioned
In Governor Irelands epistles to the Cor
inthians was not properly cared for No
Was it any dispute over mechanical or
agelcultural matters between the students
and professors No
None of these It was because the tel
egrams tell ue officers of the day are
taken from privates of the first class as
well as from among officers of
the companies and instead of from
the latter exclusively Again
Those good old farmers who voted and
labored tor the establishment of this in
stitution will be astonished to learn of
tils trouble They were told that It was
an institution for the education of the sons
of the honest yeomen of the landand they
find It turned Into a dude military barracks
where uniformed officers strut around
They will realize that it was sop for Cir
ebus The information contained In
The Gazettes special telegrams will be
news surely Tho Idea of conducting an
agricultural and mechanical college on
military principles was not contemplated
at the outset It is a perversion of the
purposes for which the institution was
founded The prictlcsl agriculturist is
one who can analyze different soils tell
what they contain and what they will
grow best engineering sufficient for Irri
gation and drainage purposes and a
knowledge of the various sections of
country The details he can learn at
tf im > w
home The mechanic should learn the
leading principles of mechanics and learn
their application in the workshop
Neither avocations require military caps
or brass buttons Neither require offi
cers or sergeants or military trappings
If the Bryan college 1b to be a school for
militia its name should be changed
The meeting Saturday of the Tarrant
county immigration convention was a
success and much good is to be expected
to result from Its labors The selection
of Mr C C Allen as secretary was a wise
one as he thoroughly understands and is
familiar with the duties pertaining to the
important office In matters of this kind
almost everything depends upon the
selection of the secretary and the con
vention ls to be congratulated on secur
ing such an efficient officer The next
thing to be done is the raising of funds
and that should be done at once
Without the sinews of war the secretary
will be without sword or shield and can
do nothing An effort should be made to
raise the required sum at the earliest pos
sible moment so that the work can pro
ceed and Tarrant county be given her fair
share of the benefits to accrue from the
state movement which I already beginning
to make itself felt Let the committee go
to work and see that subscribers go down
In their pockets a considerable depth
There Is oil beneath and It should be
bored for
At the Fort Worth meeting of the Texas
editors last May they passed some very
emphatic resolutions on the subject of a
paper mill for the state Since that time
various towns and cities have essayed
movements to inaugurate an enterprise so
strongly recommended by the editors
Houston Dallas Gslveston Waco and
other places have talked paper mill and
Promised paper mill but none
of them have put up the
good money that ls as
necessary to secure a paper mill as it ls
to provide railroads tanneries foundries
wool scouring works etc
With the becoming modesty for which
It Ib famous Fort Worth waited to see if
any cf the towns named meant business
in their talk of meeticg the wishes of the
Texts editors When Fort Worth saw
that all the talk of a paper
mill for Texas by other towns
was sound and fury signifying nothing
tbls city went quietly to work to give the
Texas editors what they wanted The
result as detailed in The Gazettes lo
cal columns yesterday will bear repeti
tion In this connection and The Gazette
refers the Texas editors to the names of
the Fort Worth men at the head of this
enterprise aa a guarantee that
in this matter of a paper mill for the
state Fort Worth has gone to work in its
usual way with money not words J
Juvenet a gentleman thoroughly conver
sant with the manufacture of paper has
been in Dallas several days and made an
attempt to organize a paper mill Ho had
several meetings with the citizens there
for that purpose but no definite action
was taken owing chiefly to the bad qual
ity of the water Mr Juvenet alter
studying the problem decided to give up
efforts there and come to Fort Worth
Yesterday morning he made a careful In
vestigation of the water in the Clear and
West Forks and at 2 oclock was ready
to meet a large number of our prominent
citizens who had assembled at the Fort
Worth National Bank The plans were
fully explained and at once a stock com
pany capitalized at 70000 was formed
The organization will be known as the
Fort Worth Paper Mill Company with
the following gentlemen charter stock
Major K M VanZandt Colonel E
W Taylor Colonel J P Smith Captain
M B Loyd Colonel John E Hoxle Col
onel W M Harrison W J Bosz E E
Chase W A Huffman Joseph H Browr
Captoln Sidney Martin B C lEvans J
Juvenet Martin Casey W F Lake Cap
tain E B Harrold
It was decided to apply for a charter
at once and the following gentlemen were
elected as the first board of directors and
are named in the charter which was sent
to Austin by last nights mail K M
VsnZandt M B Loyd W M Harrison
W J Boaz J P Smith E W Taylor
J Juvtnet It is proposed to manufac
ture newspaper and various kinds of
wrapping paper Mr Juvenet leaves for
New York at once to perfect arrangements
for the plant
rh Gazette Eecord ot the ZSnrriagcg
and Peatlw In Thai
Charles Williams and Miss Jennie
M ore San Patricio county January 23
AL Wilkins and Miss Laura Morrill
J P Morrill and Miss Maud Hawkins
Cooper January 25
Decker F Smith and Miss Katie C
Frane Taylor January 25
Le Wallace and Miss Belle Gould Leo
county January 26
J B Evans and Miss Ophelia Slack
Mills county January 24
M Davis Williams and Miss Marillus
Wheeler Girload January 19
J B Fields and Mrs L E Johnson
Coralcana January 2G
Thomas Stuart and Miss Qnlntilla G
Jones Bockwall January 23
Paul Bitter Tyler January 27
Mrs Emily Suitor Eddy January 26
Miss Miry Williams Lavaca county
January 23
Mrs SJ Saner Boerne Jauuary 23
v Mrs Sarah Smith Belton January 26
Mrs Terrele Andrews Jacksonville
January 23
Bijmond Bedding Corslcans January
Mrs Henry Bsgland Victoria January
Mrs Willie Maggard Corsicana Jan
uary 29
Mis Katie Lecsney Haskell City Jan
uary 22
Zack Douglass Tyler county January
lmmlCTRtlon Will Oomo
Fort Davis New
The Fort Worth Gazette is making an
excellent start in booming up our great
state for immigration
High Turin Beneflta the Few at the Ex
pense of the many
Chicago Herald
It protectionists were honest they
would admit that a high tariff benefits
certain interests at the cost of the whole
body of consumers But they are crafty
and sophistical So plain a statement
of their case would defeat their purpose
That which is essentially a selfi9h sys
tem compelling the many to enrich the
few rests upon a bisis of atrocious
falsehood A favorite statement with
protection apologists ls a denial of the
truism that a consumer pays all taxes
upon products Senator Frye made such
denial the other day He refrained from
going as far as Senator Logan went when
he assured a western audience that Brit
ish manufacturers paid the custom house
tax at Nsw York upon all the goods they
sent Into this country and were com
pelled thereby most unwillingly to con
tribute to the defrayal of the expense of
this government
The Commissioner of Internal Bevenue
has just reported to the Senate that from
the adoption of the internal tax policy in
1862 until June last the government col
lected as a tax upon spirits and fermented
liquors gl34S626083 Who paid this
enormous amount during all these years
The distiller and the brewer The gov
ernment collected it from these manu
facturers but who paid It Taken from
he distiller and the brewer It was added
to the price of liquors and the tax came
out of the pockets of toe consumers the
men who pour the stuff Into their
stomachs During all thesetwentyfive
years many a heavy taxpayer for whisky
went to his grave because tax or no tax
he would Indulge an awful craving for
When during the war the grivernnient ex
acted from street car companies a special
tax of a cent for every passenger carried
who paid the tax The companies out of
their profits The companies collected
It from their passengers What does a
landlord do regarding the tax levied
locally upon real estate He passes It on
to the tenant who is the real taxpayer
So with every tax The ultimate payer ls
tho consumer
An American merchant purchases at
Manchester oj Sheffield an Invoice of
English made goods He pays the mar
ket price When the consignment reacnes
the New York custom house the American
Importer pays the tariff because the gov
ernment having the whip handle will
not await the slow uncertain and
unsatisfactory process of col
lection from the ultimate pur
chaser for use but lays Its hands
upon the goods at the port of entry de
manding its tribute What does the mer
chant do He determines the selling
price by adding to the cost of the goods
in Manchester or Sheffield the cost ot
transportation the Custom House tax
all expenses including tho brokerage and
Insurance and upon the whole sum fig
ures his own percentage of profit adding
this to the selling price The goods are
passed on Is It not plain as a pikestaff
that the man who fiaally buys for use
some small portion of this original con
signment foots the tax bill
But suppose the consumer buys goods
of home manufacture how can the tariff
affect him dlsadvatageouslj The an
swer is found in the very reason why a
high tariff is levied In the shelter of the
custom houses the home producer of salt
or woolens or lumber or any other
highly protected article makes an artifi
cial price which ls not broken down be
cause foreign competition is restricted
by the tariff Tne price thus raised is
passed on to the ultimate purchaser of
these products who in such case lacks
tne poor satisfaction cf contrlouting to
tho overgrown Eurplus in the Na
tional Treasury for the extra price ex
acted from him swells the profits of man
ufacturer s grown Immensely rich through
such unwarranted favoritism ot law But
may not the keenness of home competi
tion break down this price It it does
why have a protective tariff But lest it
might associations trusts compacts
among producers are organized in order
that the wolves traveling in packs may
make greater certainty of their mutton
When a Senator of the United States
rises to assert that the consumer does
not pay the tax it ls desirable to recur to
these fundamentIs
Alteration of a BUI After It Had Become
BLwtTanor and Efisct ot ItDeitroyed
National Republican
The Hon Preston B Plumb of Kansas
last WedneEday offered the following
resolution which was ruled out on a
point ot order but admitted yesterday
under the call of the states and referred
to the judiciary committee
Whereas the annual report ot the Secretary
ot theTreasnry mad a to tbls House chows that
acting la acord with tho vUws ot the Fresl
dent ho has paid oat ot the revenues collected
Ircm Imposts tho sum ot 2 852013 la premiums
to holders ot government bonds assamlng that
In no other way nnder the existing laws can the
requirements ot tho sinking land be met and
wuereas by trio terms ot ihe refunding act
passed July 14 IsTO as shown by tho record of
the final vote thereon all of the toads cillcd
1 per ccnts of which there are now ontctand
ing the sum of 365619o arc payable at the
pleasure ot the Unlteu States for thirty years
from the dtte of their issue a provision w lch
If understood and acted upon In acsord
asce with Us manifest wording and la
teutlon makes possible not only the
payment of the saH bonds as fast as any ru
plus available for such purpossmay accumulate
in the Treasury but also the refunding ot the
same at a rata of interest that nould save to
the taxpayers more than 2jO000000and where
as tne said relunelng act has as It appears
wlihom due authority been so atered ana
publlehed In tho statutes at lage asts lead
Payable at the pleasuro of tho Uj4tod States
after thtny yeare Instoad pj gr thirty
year aj Votea thn entirely subverting the
manifest mcatlngof ths provltl not said ac
whlca provides for the redemption ot the
botidsearnedtherefore belt
Besolved tnst a committee of five members
of this Honse be appointed by the Speaker
whose duty it shall ba to make a careful exam
ination of all th s facts relating to the passage
engrossment and onroilmrnt of tbe funding act
so calltdand all acts In force bearing npoa
thequettlonof tbe right of the government to
redeem lis otstanalng Interestbearing cb t
gatlonswlth a view to taking such steps as
may be required to ascertain tne trua state of
the l w on that subject and for that purpose
the committee has power to send for peron
and tapers examine all records and orlglnsl
documents and to cbaln tins copies ot the
aime as well as to administer oaths the com
mittee to report to this Honse with such reo
ommendatluna as may be deemed advisable In
the premises
A representative of tbe Bepnblican
called on Mr Plumb and asked him what
object he bad in offering and whatin
duced him to offer the resolutions
I read last summer an editorial in the
National Bepnblican said Mr Plnmb
which claimed that the Ian as found in
the statutes authorized the Secretary ot
the Treasury to call for redemption out
standing bonds In the order prescribed by
law which caused me to investigate that
question and lu doing so I determined to
examine carefully the refunding act of
July 14 lSfQ and all the facts attending
Its passage In thus pursuing the investi
gation I noticed hat the report pP he
committee of conference between tge two
nonsea on the funding bill and whIQh
agreed to in the House
sentatlves by a yea and
in providing for isbuiag JfKOOOp
000000 cf per cent boncs de
clared that said bonds weFeV eergsji
at the pleasure ot the Uaitc 5tate fdr
large the preposition
omitted and after is inserted In Iti
stead This essential variance between
the act as voted upon and as printed In
the statutes at large so Interested me that I
determined to ascertain If possible which
was correct and for that purpose went to
the State Department and there examined
the enrolled bill a9 signed by the Sneaker
ot the House the President of the Senate
and as approved by the President To
my great surprise I tound that the word
lor as above described had been
erased and the word after inserted In
Its stead so that the enrolled bill reads
after instead of for as it is In the
conference report on which the House
Thinking it possible that the enroll
ing clerk had found that the record made
by the Secretary of the Senate contaned
the word after and had made the erasure
and alteration In the bill before it was
signed I next had recourse to tho records
made by both the Secretary of the Senate
and the Clerk of the House in the origi
nal dally journal ol the proceedings of
their respective bodies and in both tnese
original records the word for stands
unaltered and presumably just as it was
when the yeas and nays were recorded
on the flaal passage of the bill and when
the enrolled bill was signed
How do you account for this variance
you discover was asked
I do not pretend to know how It oc
curred be said I do not think any
memher of Congress living or dead has
been guilty of any improper action in ref
erence to any of these bills but believe
that some Irresponsible person has un
authorized tampered with the records of
Do I understand you to say that the
law as passed by Congress has been al
tered since approved by tne President
I cannot see how any other conclusion
can be arrived at This is tne fact or no
law has < een passed
You hold then that the entire bonded
debt of the United States now exists at
tho pleasure of the United States
The discussion on the subject will
show the control of section 3C93 of the
Bevlsed Statutes over other andtemporary
legislation on the same subjrctlt will lead
to the conclusion that In any event tbe
condition must be that the 4 per cents
amounting to 736000000 are redeema
ble by law at the pleasure of the United
How ths Imaginative Ttian Won a Bet of
SlOO and a Dinner
Philadelphia Times
Ochiltree was present at the famous
fight between Jem Mace and Tom Allen
Konner ten miles west of New Orleans
There was gathered to witness that fa
mous bout probably the most distin
guished assemblage of men ever congre
gated in this country to look upon a
struggle between two men The Govern
or of Louisiana the Mayor and Chief of
Police of New Orleans the entire Su
preme court of the state Congressmen
men prominent in all walks ot life formed
a ring that rose above the ropes After
Mace had been declared the victor the
entire party returned to New Orleans
and drank many sparkling bumpers to
the continued success of the champion
In one croup in a famous resort were
Colonel Jack Wharton United States
marshal fjr Louisiana the late Sam
Hatch wno now has a brother in Con
cress from Missouri Colonel George
Sheridan who was one of Governor War
months court and who is now lecturing
through the conntry and Colonel Thomas
Phantasmagoria Ochiltree In warmly
voicing the praises of Mice Colonel
Jack Wharton said I never saw a
man use his hands more gracefully nor
with better effect His defence i some
thing phenomenal Do you knowgentle
men no man has ever struck Jem Mace in
the eye and no man ever wih It ia an
impossible feat
Nonsense said the Hon Mr Ochil
Whet do you mean sir said Colonel
Jack Wharton crimsonly
Just what I say sir replied the red
headed warrior from the Bio Grande
I can hit Mace In the eye mysell
Bet you 8100 and a dinneryou cant
answered Colonel Jack Wharton
Taken said the Hon Mr Ochiltree
Jem Mace was in the room
He had not heard the conversation
The Hon Mr Ochiltree who was well
acquainted with the bcxer approached
him with that urbanity of demeanor that
constitutes his chief charm and requested
him to take a glass of wine The great
pugilist who showed not the slightest
trace of his encounter with Allen
graciously consented He and the Hon
Mr Ochiltree clinked glasses the latter
holding his in his left band Just as the
wine touched Maces lips the Hon Mr
Ochiltree hauled off with his good right
arm and dealt the fighter a savage blow
in the left eye that made the blood fly
These are not the stars Mace saw Nor
are they the stars that the Hon Mr
Ochiltree saw He had not time to see
anything They are aimply put thare be
cause words fail to describe the scene
that ensued Four days after when the
Hon Mr Ochiltree regained conscious
ness he was in bed in the St Charles
Hotel One leg which ls In splints was
suspended from a pally in the cellicg
One arm was between boards and ban
daged His head was swathed in linen
By his side sat Colonel Jack Wharton
and Sam Hatch with concern and
eemmiseration upon their faces The
first words that the Hon Mr Ochiltree
uttered were Did I win the bet
Yep you won the bet said Colonel
Jack Wharton sadly but youre a
sight to see
TeJl ma about It faintly whispered
the Hon Mr Ochiltree
Well said Colonel Jack Wharton
there Isnt much to tell You struck
Mace squarely In one eye and then all of
a sudden something seemed to happen
I couldnt make out exactly what it was
but the air seemed filled with red hair
and bootheels When the cyclone had
subsided we picked you up and brought
vou here and here you havo been for
four days
The Bolivian government has given to
an American the exclusive right to navi
gate the river Deaaguardero by steam
LakeTiticaca 1p 12900 feet above the sea
and the river Desadguardero is its only
outlet The river issues from the
southern extremity ot the lake and flows
180 miles to lake Aullogas which is little
lower than Titicaca and has no outlet at
all It appears that the business ot work
ing tbe ancient mlnea in that country has
been developed and it is perhaps to orlng
to market ores from such mines farther
in tbe Andes that the right to use steam
on the Desaguerdero is desired
On to Jacksboro
Jefferson Iron News
Fort Worth having raised 200000 for
the union stock yards it Is now in order
for her marvellously enterprising citizens
to put another railroad on the Fort
Wortn Gazettes map
CtpMamptlon Can b Oared
DriJi S Combs Owessvllle Ohio says I
havo given Scotts Km J on of Cod Llv r Oil
ith uvpophotpbltea M four patients with bet
r rflftDlts than eeexa i oselbW with anf rsm
ly Bll we ieredMfey caseiM Lung dWeoro
tbafatage 9 Oong6palo
aak fhi ill ffosrecases
Save r increased In welgnttrom IS to23 IS and
no not now needlnjr any medicine
Latest Xtwi from Texas
New Orleans Picayune 5 > b 231S42
The steamship New York Captain
Wright arrived yesterday thirty hours
from Galveston We received full flies of
papers through the postofflce and were
politely famished with papers and letters
oy the clerk of the New York The steam
ship brought over 130 baskets of cham
paigne a very singular article to come
Among tne paseengers on the New York
were General James Hamilton and Col
onel Dangerflild tho Texan Secretary of
the Treasury A letter In our paper today
gives an outline ot the news We find but a
tew items of interest not mentioned In the
Fifty thousand dollars of the exchequer
bills have been pet in circulation No
more is to be paid out at present
Thomas Bell an old and respectable
settler and one who fought in every
oattle he could reach shot himself
through tne heart during a fit of mental
derangement near his residencj on the
Bernard a few days ago
The son ot Mr Baker and the son of
Mr Soles cltizjns ot Travis county re
siding on OIoa creek eight miles from
Austin were Killed by Indians on the
2d Inst
The Austin Gazette says that gold and
silver has been pud into the treasury for
exchequer bills of the government of
Texas We ourselves have been offered
drafts at thirty days sight cf the first
wster In New Orleans at par for exchequer
bills and yet many of our merchant J
turn up their noses at them and refuse
to take them at any rate I
The British barque Buoyant was lost
recently off the month of the Brazos river
where she was anchored receiving a car
go of cotton In a gale she parted her
cables and went ashore Tho captain
first and second mates and four men were
dro ivned She nid 215 bales of cotton on
A new tort has been finished at the east
end of Galveston Island and two of the
six guns belonging to It mounted
In relation to the probability of an in
vasion the Tixian of the 9h Inst has the
We understand from a gentleman just
from San Antonio that considerable ex
citement exists in that place that it is
the general opinion there from tne move
ments of the Mexicans that there will be
an invasion by Mexico Our informant
has been a citizen of Su Antonio for
three years and says there has b enno
snch macoauvrlng among the Mexican
clt zans within that time as Is now taking
Beyond all doubt there are a great
many very curious things In Texas A
correspondent informs us that In the San
Sba Valley In the mountainous region
of Texas is an immense rock farmed of
the granite peculiar to the Upper Colo
rado country It rises about 200 feet
above the plsic anrl can be seen In one
dtiection at the distance of several miles
When near it presents to the eye an even
surface wita nothing peculiar in Its con
struction except that from about midway
up the face of the rock is undulating
It received the name ol The Enchanted
Bock from its singular appearance at a
distance by moonlight When approached
from the side on which the moon shines
It resembles an immense castle brilliantly
lighted and the undulations ot the sur
face are so regular and have so much the
appearance of windows that the beholder
can hardly imagine he Is looking on a
solid rock Tne Comanches believe It to
be the occasional abode ot the Great
Spirit and look upon It with as much
reverence as a good Catholic does upon
the image of the Virgin
The rock is a species of perishable
granite the quartz nerytes of copper
and oxide of iron can be easily separated
The perytes of copper has at the first
glance the appearance of gold and par
ticles of it washed up on the banks of the
Colorado and other streams of Western
Texas have given rise to the report tint
native gold abounds in the mountains It
ls the reflection of the moons rajs by
this substance that elves the imposing
appearance to The Enchanted Bock
The Texn schooner of war San Anto
nio Captain Seeger sailed from this port
last evening to joint the squadron In the
Gulf We should not be surprised to re
ceive information of a bit of a brush in
the vicinity of our coast Captain Seeger
has been In possession of Information for
several days which has induced him to
believe that a vessel will leave this port
about the same time with his own for the
purpose of captuiing the San Antonio
We know he had reason to suspect that a
Mexican vessel with fifty or sixty armed
men will attack bim
The situation ot the San Antonio is
very peculiar The late mutiny in this
port deprived her of her entire crew She
sailed yesterday with fourteen men all
raw hands but tbe eleven officers on
board are ol the right sort Seeger him
self ls as gallant a fellow as ever lived
and Is ready and anxious for a fight it
an attempt ls made to take the San Anto
nio the assailants will find they have
caught a tartar Tne Texan schooner
carries six twelvepouners and one long
gun amidships Esther than sufler her to
be captured her commander will blow
her to the skies We shall be placed in
possession of the earliest intelligence
relative to the movements of Captain See
The nine men arrested for murder and
mutiny on board the lexin war schooner
San Antonio on the night of the 11th Inst
were yesterday brought before his Honor
the Mayor for examination The Attor
neyGeneral was present so was Lieuten
ant Seeger commander of tne San An
The depositions of Messrs M H pear
born Allen and Odell all ofllers 0 the
San Antonio add who were on board at
the time of the unfortunate occurrence
were taken down They are In substance
a recital ot the facts given In this paper
on the 13th Inst They were all remanded
to prison to await their trial on the
charge of murder except Edward Kecnan
the cook who it appeared did not partici
pate in the mutiny
The following are tbe names of such of
the crew as are still at large who were
concerned in the plot and a party to the
proceedings Those persons to whofe
name an asterisk is prefixed were among
the ringleaders
James Hudglns Charles Lourence
Mr Wallace John Frances Thomas
Compton Henry Stultr T E Power
James Alston Eyeton William De
Boone E A Neely A Londols B Mar
tin and A Messenberger
Captain Andrews ol the schooner C
C Zibrlskle arrived yesterday from Mat
amoras which place he left on the HJh
lest states that in coming over the ban
surveying party
and 00 Mexicans and that of the former
193 were killed The battle it Is believed
took place between the Nueces nd BIo
Grande Jii
A late Texas paper thus speaks di ihe
accomplished ledy of Sam Honstog
Those who know her best acknowledges
the truth of the compliment The
Lady President Mrs Houston Tho
mind of this distinguished female has
n cultivated with the minutest care
fcarnmw i a
Jmh b e
The Importance oljrcfifcrfn the blood can
not bo OYcrestirtifcii for without puro
blood you canrwftjrijoy gtfodjicalth
At this seasOttricarly evetj ono needs a
good mcdlcinolS purify i Halls and ennch
the blood ar Hoods Sarsaparill is worthy
jour eonfidfece it Is peculbrlritbat It
strcngthenafand builds up the sj steni ieates
an appetite and tones tho digestion TfEiho
it eradicates disease Gne it atrial
Ilood s Sarsaparilla Is sold b all druggists
rrepaxed by C I Hood Co Lowell Mass
100 Doses One Dollar
her manners are a model her Intellect
ual powers are surpassing without pre
sumption or puffed pride Among her
acquirements she is loved for her virtues
esteemed for the sweetness of her man
ners and venerated for the solidity of
her judgment the refinement of her un
derstanding find the capacity of her In
tellectual powers With all these her
humility is equal to her penetration and
her affability to her jadgment and refined
delicacy She Is decidedly the greatest
competitor that General Sam has in the
admiration of the people
Where the Cornish Lnngnngo Was Spoken
for the Last Time
Nineteenth Century
The old Cornish language is now ex
tinct It was spoken by a few old fisher
folk at Newlynr and Mousehole probably
for the last time during the closing years
ot the Eighteenth century and the last
sermon In Cornish Is said to nave been
preached at Landewednack toward the
close of the Seventeenth Traces how
ever are still to be found in tbe names
of persons and places and In a few rustic
words and phrases which uncouth as
they may sound to a strangers ear often
have in their meaning a wild beauty of
their own For Instance Polurrlan
meant to a Cornish ear the sea birds
home CarragLcz the hoary rock
and Creeg Morgan the stony hillocks by
the sea It was a Cymric rather than a
Gaelic dialect and was tolerably well un
derstood by those who spoke the
tongues to which It was most
nearly allied the Welsh and the Bre
tons Indeed Bishop Gibson in hU Ad
ditions to Camdens Cornwall 1678
1700 pointed out that one ot the disad
vantages of suppressing the old language
would be less of commerce and corre
spondence with the Armoricans cf Brit
tany Seawee a Cornish writer and Vice
Warden of the Stacharles who 200 yearj
ago even then lamented the impending
disappearance contended that it was
not so guttural in the Welsh nor mut
tered like the Armoric and wo have
the testimony ol ProfessorMax luller
that it was a melodious and yet by
no means an erf mlnate language
Yet It must be admitted that the coup de
grace was administered by the Cornish
themselves forScawen is compelled to
admit that our people In Qaeen Eliza
beths time desired that the common lit
urgy should be In the English tongue to
which they were then for noveltys sake
affected not of true judgment desired
It The dialects spoken even In the
present day in some country districts are
quite unlike any of the other English di
alects and are as unintelligible to a
stranger as that of Lancashire
Charters ot Fort Worth Enterprises Piled
at the Capital
Special to tho Gazette
Austin Tex Feb 1 The charter ol
the Fort Worth Paper Mill Company was
filed today with the Secretary ot State
capital 880000 Directors K M Van
Zandt president of the Fort Worth Na
tional Bank M B Loyd president of
the First National Bank W M Har
rison president ot the State
National Bank W J Boez President of
the Traders National Bank EWTay
lor President of the Merchants National
Bank and J P Smith capitalist all of
Fort Worth andJ Juvenet jute manu
facturer of New Orleans The other in
corporators names ore John B
Hoxle E E Chase W A Huffman
Joseph H Bown Sydney Martin B C
Eyang Martin Caaey W F Lake and E
B Hurrold
Also fliel charter ot the Fort Worth
Publishing and School Supply Comoanv
capital SlC000 Incorporators F P
PiC7ritt and B F Moore and B B
The Governor will accept tbe resigna
tion of Judge Sco t ot tho Seventh dis
trict and In naming his successor will
have due regard to the recommendation
ot the bar of tbe district The names of
Lightfoot of Paris and McClelland of
Fannin county are suggested to him most
Professor Gnllett of the Agricultural
and Mechanical College of Mississippi has
been elected chief of the United States
experimental station at the Agricultural
and Mechanical College at Bryan and It
ls understood here that the directors of
the college have buigHtted 9000 of the
appropriation of 315000 for the salaries
of Professor Gnllett and the members of
the college faculty appointed to assist
bun leaving only 86000 tor experimental
PlenroPnenmonia on Staten Island
New Yobs Feb 1 Pluropneumonla
prevails among cattle on Staten Island to
an alarming extent Dr William Rose of
Stapleton who Is connected with the
state board of health this morning said
he feared the disease would oecome epi
demic During the past two weeks flUy
threc head tflllcted with the disease have
been slaughtered
JLStoblu tha Daric
Sometimes falls ot Its murderous lntont Tha
IBldlons snl daitardly attacks made upon the
reputation of Hostellers Stomach Bitters by
he Informed battle taken
was a had place persons who seek to palm oil cheap and flery
between a of TexauS tonics as 1 entlcal with It or tho same thing
ftxiit another name or equally as good la
rSfOit Instants leaovdliastroualy upon un
VHSripledtraUr3 06011 popn ar credulity who
a aoi preventfpn of fever and
3 rtraHtent drop pita consllpa
ne st ehltl yicntrTousnysc and
ejffr evWfingredMjI sTin U0
rhdt3U4 Mj sK Is QUaS asqflrv
SxWeDenfe sd w4Ilaib
talced standarrrot y
hy reason of thotr fiery pNtfef les7xe tJa
Juriously upon the brain hud Eerruns BjtUta
ot both those organs It is a sedative and lqWs
orant Eetate all thee harmful laUaUQnsvV

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