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If so there li no system ot treatment that
offers the cotUlnty ol euro end economy of
ttmaust money as do tho CrjrierjRA Bkhe
tKS fWe will tf nd frco to sny sufferer How
to Care Skin DlEcac 64 pages 50 lllastra
t ocb and 100 tertlmonlaU every one ot which
rcocats this story
I uave been a terrible sufferer foryearB from
dlicascs of tho ikln and blood have been
obliged to shun publlo pltces by reason of my
disfiguring humors have baa the best physi
cians havo spent hundreds of dollars and got
so relief until I used the Ccticura Kumcdus
which have cured me and le < t my skis as clear
and bUod as pure as a childs
Cbjjchra BhMKViES aro the greatest medi
cine 6b earth Had the worst case of Salt
Ihonn DClhls oonntry My mother had It
ttrentt yearsl and in fact dled wrth It I bo
llcvo eerier would havo saftd her life My
aims Wast andhead wejo covcrcd for tbre
jcar whlc > nnttilng relieved or cured until I
need tbeCirnctJBMfK solvent Internally
and Cctjccba anaXXTlcCKA Soxpiottemally
Ioomni6Sfdt ns4jour Currxiia Eeme
othfctlssi July My bead anrifjee and some
part of my body oiflalafafiraw My head
was coveted with scartftTiird tores and my suf
forlng was fearful I Bad tried everything I
had heard of < n tho Hastfond West My care
was considered a very bJiljcnu I have now
1xt a psrtlclcSalSktn Humftr about me and my
cue Is comrtdj ed wonderful
I must extend to fgtfis thanks 6f one of my
customers who hastijsn cured by using the
CCTfttJRl5fiEUKi > iEkCf an old core cauecd by
a Iocs speu of tlcrcccs or fever eight years
ISO lie waj to baa he was fearful he would
tii uiliive fd Jeg smoutatod but is happy to
say biienow etlfclj well sound as a dollar
He rcqutSfitfraq to use his name which ljII II
CASo merclfSnt of thu place
30HN V MINOB Drngilst
h UalnsboroTeim
S fcJWtrtsrywhet Price CuriCDltA 60c
BOAr iSeifrjCUTICCBA Eesolvevt 31 Pro
pared by th jPOTfan Dnoo and Chemical
Co Boston t
SoSend for How to Cure Skin Dlseaso 64
jiaxes SO tlustrattons and 100 testimonials
TftoSJIBjwIth tho loveliest delicacy Is the
I I1 < slln vressrvtd with Cuticuba MEDI
With their wcay dull aching lite
lost all gone tensatlon relieved in
one minute by the Umlcura Antl
kP ln Piaster Ihe first and only
pain tuuduln Plaster All druggists 25 cents
FbJIVWW H l3tifiMfejiBBa
If tjira daring CB NOfi OF JITS great
tmzetVW WaioMod SUA Si book iUiuon
fom matica Ires
BsAcnsui Uisclatos Co Atlanta Ga
gCrttM it faith
Yoo YttU Sfc
inOm n0OJ3SrnO
resalt ot ofT > orrJjpd5 tlon ic addrerfs aboro
deV N and beautifies the hair
VaZi e a luxuriant pio ta
everSFails to Restore Gray
Hair iSH Youthful Color
Oarui scalnjjjseascs and hair fall Ins
> fiOcntPmcglsta
Jtel SM OrjtllirSuiK in PIANOS VTntJ
Kfc f > Lt t tllu < fate < l OofiVOK tyAddres
jVjTJJ Dsnlcl I BeMIr Vtasfcbiston Jien Jertej
iSictim ejiTonthful j
ffiir NtrreoS ptlillitr
fii rain i pTTkuffwn rot
fcll TVMiUcy HaT
ria cured nt hqjiewlth
ffiutpaln Eooipf par
titulars seJrCEUEK <
ke rvrbltobiitBt
t Manhood > lrlTi
remedy has discovered aMttnpU
mraiui of lf i Vwbich he will send fkee to hutfsllow
Caflerers Ad4ft CJ MtSONPOBoi317a1 < York
jJfftJ > aw
rf NrBJ > awefliandeip > nses
FTC LK Bd 0 i wurkN6WGoods aampl03
ft ryqilLLftj AngUBtaMglne
itfe Tastes cood 1
Best ConghftyrBta Uso
in timejVBold by dragKlata
A Irian Who QasKaten Wih Many Nations
Eating Barn utjhrs
Ktw York Pres
In a recent interview with Colonel Fat
Donan the Dakotan he eays 1 have
eaten with the Chinese In China I have
eaten with the PrtsMent of the United
States in the White House I have eaten
vlth nearly every nation on the earth
In many cases I dont Know wbBtl have
eaten lor I have always regarded it as
bad taste to ask questions about the
dishes that are provided In jour honor by
hospitable people
In China I may have eaten rats but I
didnt know It and what you dont know
does you no barm When the Sionx
want to do you honor they will serve you
up roast dog In Spanish Honduras the
dish ot honor is baked monkey and
sweeter meat you could not imagine
These monkeys live up in the branches
oi trees and on the vines their feet never
touch the earth beneath them and they
Uvti on the choicest nuts and fruit No
chicken was ever so sweet and tender as
a baked monkey
I do coniese hough tr t on one ot
tho last occasions o my dining in Spacish
Honduras I di < not feel that all was well
when at the end of tho meal I found I had
stuffed myself with biked lizard Of
course thero is nothing wrorfg with the
lizird except our petty prejudices It
tasted spjfndldly but whetftit last I saw
tho big aly leg and jthe claw ot the
lizard I didt jt think Iked V >
ExtraotsFromalravestj on tho BtOcndo by
Edward J Smith
We now proclaim weve ots of room
And ask tho whole world here to cume
For this great land
Ho more shall stand
In mystery enshrouded
Of acres wev two million score
For those who knock at our front door
Aid fit ecn million people more
Wont make us overcrowded
And we are right I think youll say
To get the people hero to stay
And I am light
And you aio right
And all Is right toolarrallay
KOKO 8050
It has thirty thousand people and In less than
two years more
I beg that jou will list for this must not be
The citys population without doubt will double
Its down upon the 113 and on it I Insist
It has near a doien railroads which a union
depot greets
Substantial tide waits sewerage and miles
of graded streets
The money for a board of trade and stockyards
has been raised
And at the citys enterprise the state Is oft
And now Ill tell you where 1 is the garden
SDot of earh
Itsln Tarrant county Texas and Its name It
la Fort Worth
The garden spot of earth the garden spot of
ea th
Is In Tarrant county Texas and Its name It la
Fort Worth
Schoolgirl chorus
Is It not some scheme gigantic
To surprise tho earth
Terhavs to bridge tho great Atlantic
thats just Hko Fort Worth
Tha sun whose rays
Are all ablazo
With ever living glory
fhlnes i rightly forth
On all Fort Worth
And makes things hunkldorl
II shines oer all tho earth
The sun on h < gb
Hes brlgntest In Fort Worth
And smiles on I
Brlshtly dawns our woddlog day
Joyous hour we give thee greeting
While up north the weathers sleeting
Here thj sunBhlne casts its ray
What thoaih mortal jiys be hollow
Summer comes If northers follow
Excursion trains will come along
Ding dong dingdong
Long and short anl great aid small
R e will welcome or e and all
Sing a merry madrigal etc
Mlk For the people of Fort Worth
Ive the greatest of respect
Im a capitalist from the north
f Kst And Im hts daushtsrinlawelcsL
Mtkrlvo Invested here some wealth
Kat Which Is eminently correct
And the place Is good for tho health
Of his daughterInlaweltct
Now I fesl ust as sura as I am that I live
Hero In Texis dear Texas goo > Texas
Twas only homesickness that mado that bird
In Texas dear Texas good Texas
And now It In Texas you dont think youll
I know you will surely repent some day
And then youll come back if you walk all the
To Texas dear Texas cwoet Texas
Koko having convinced Katlsha or Kit
ty SHcg as the author calls her that Tex
cs la the place to live she agrees to mar
iy him and live in Tort Worth The grand
finale is as follows
A lietter pace to Invest your money
Than In Texas dont exist
To no c untry second
Hb certainly reckoned
Juft right for the caplallat
Its right for the peopie In those eastern cities
Whoro hai pv at 6 per cent
For theyn Had that this state
Both early and late
Is the field for investment
My object all sublime
I shall achieve In time
To brlrg the Oisterner to this cllmo
The easterner to this clime
And make at an eirly date
This beautiful Texas state
Beloved and smlied upon by fate
And smiled upon by fate
Eater WO excursionists 1
For were going to stay in Fort Worth
All Fort Worth
Well all follow Kitty
And live In a city
With peonle the Uveston earth
AH Earth earth
Kitty Then J jln our expressions of glee
Yank Yes come and partake of our mirth
All Mirth mirth
Kow lust hear us holler
Well put our last dollar
In property right In Fort Worth
All For Worth
And that will bs good propcrtle
The threatened cloud has passed away
And brightly shines the dawning day
What though the blizzard rages north
Nature smiles oer all Fort Worth
Then come and join our hearty band
For were content In ibis fair land
With j yous shout and ringing cheer
We welcome everybody here
Senorlta red thy lips
A the roses in tho south
Is It yea or uay trat slips
Iitrdllke from tby dimpled mouth
Captive to the sorcery
Cruel kindness thou dost show
Sweetheart 1 thoulovst not me
Creak tho pell and let mo go
Senorlta dark thy hair
ulcatnlng with Imprisoned light
r IIke the eubtlo sblnlng snare
Tangling fast my dreams by night
t SIsen or walking still to ihee
All mv fevered thoughts do flow
J S neetheart If thou lovst not me
T Break tho spell and let mp go
Senorlta Bolt thlna eyes
t Lustrims fair and jettfilnged
fciWtHln stars that gem he skies
When tho dawn Is losy tinged
Cease ah cease thy coquetry
Teach their ravs a warmer glow
Sweethtart If thou lovst not mo
Break the spell and let mo go
Jamuel Minium Feok
Only a glass In the barroom
Only a single glass
Only a lack of courage
O nly the answer j es
Only an evil companion
flyly luring hi in on
Only a freehearted Charlie
And the fatal work is done
Only a little bit tlpsoy
Only blood shot eyes
Only a pleading mother
Only a wifes surprise
Only an aching fore cad
Only a bruited face
Onlyabrokn promise
Only a deep disgrace
Only a cheerless shanty
Without Ore or wood
And little halfCad children
Walling and crying for food
Only caries for kisses
Only sorrow and woe
Only a drnnken father
Only an angry blow
Only weeping ch ldren
Only a dying wife
Oi ly acototr promise
Only a drunkards life I
Ol The woo and anguish
Wnat mortal tongue can tell
Only a glas in the birroom
Only i > drunkards hell 1
Schuyler sears In Ohio Farmer
In Whecl r Wilcox
New iork Sun
Ella Wheeler Wilcox believes in pre
natal influence She eays she was made
a poet before she was bom by her
mothers devotion to Li la Riokh at that
period She also bslitvcs in mirrors and
never passes one without looking int6it
She says it is not vanity but tor reassur
asoe that no disaster has overtaken
bustle plume or collar since her last
meeting with herself She always has a
mirror before her when writing When
she is brought up Into a corner in com
position her swilt upward glance in
variably falls on the little plush lined
reflection ot herself and Immediately the
Ilea rhyme word or title is speared
upon her Impatient pen She always
writes In rocker lower from the table
than ordinary writers
Bis Wifes Son Is Charged With Assault
to Kill
Chicago III Feb 1 Mrs Eawson
wife of Banker Riwson and her son
William Ralph Lie were brought
Into Judge Cliffords court today
to answer to charges preferred
against them Young Lee pleaded guilty
to assault with intent to kill and was re
manded to jail Mrs Riwson pleaded
not guilty to the charge of conspiracy in
the assault
Status ot Tariff Bill All Grades of
Wool to bo Admitted Free Sugar
Schedule not Yet Considered
The President Approves the Suspension of
I > eo Ball from th Kiowa Comanche
and Wichita Agency
Special to the Gazette
Washington Feb 1 The new tariff
bill may be reported to the House early
nest we k and certainly within a fart
night One of the most prominent mem
bers ot the ways and means committee
said tonight AH statements hitherto
published as to the character ot the bill
are misleading I can assurevouthat
the sugar schedule has not yet been con
sidered Ton may state this positively
You may state with equal posltlvencss
that tin plates which jield a revenue of
about 6000000 annually have not been
considered The metal schedule
is a the one to which we
have given most attention
yet It is so far from being complete that
no later than last night it was referred to
a sub committee f or careful revision It
U not Improbable that by this committee
the schedule may undergo
Of course it is impossible to speak au
thoritatively upon this point but it is
probable that steel rails will be reduced
10 or 11 per ton Agricultural Imple
ments will be placed on the tree list
This at least is cur present intention
and I presume it will not be changed
Fruit brandies will probably go on the
free list Free coal and free ores how
ever are doubtful All grades
of wool will be admitted
free We do not propose to temporize
upon this important interest I can also
say to you In this connection that the
woolen manufacturers in the Mohawk
Valley N Y who will be greatly bene
fited by he passage of this bill must
either stand or fall with us They can
not however excect a measure framed
in their Interests solely They must be
satlstsd with other features of the bill in
order to secure the benefits which they
themselves desire We arc looking to
them to assist us when the matter comes
up for consideration in the H ause I am
curious to see if our expectations are
well founded
Washington Feb l The President
has approved the suspension of Jesse Lee
Hall from the office of agent for the In
dians ot the Kiowa Comanche and Wich
ita agency by Inspector Marcum on Oc
tober 181887
Special to the Gazette
Washington Feb 1 The following
Texas pensions were issued today
Mexican war Andrew H Eliott Johnson
City Warrick Whetstone Winkler
Jjhn Hawkins Brackettsville Daniel
Haynes Sealy Cyrus C Farris Whitts
boro John Hedrick Crawtord original
William H Terry Vernon
Washington Feb 1 It is now prob
able that the proposed investigation ot
trusts and other combinations which the
House committee on manufactures has
been authorized to proceed with will be
gin some time during next week
Washington Feb 1 Hearing upon
the petition ot Jihn McDonough tor the
reopening of the case in which Alex
ander Graham Bell was granted a patent
for the speaking telephone was begun to
day before the Commissioner ot Patents
The case hs been before the department
about a year and a half and Involves the
question of priority of invention ot the
speaking telephone
Washington Feb 1 The Senate to
day confirmed J H Jordon United States
marshal for the western district of Texas
Justice Lamars Family Connection
Savannah News
Hr Lamar who has been confirmed as
Associate Justice ot the United States
Supreme court Is remembered with affec
tion by the older people ol his native
county in this state Colonel R B NIs
bet of Eatonton who for many years has
been an intimate friend of Mr Lamar and
his family furnishes some facts of bis
early life hat ore not generally known
Mr Lamars family was ot South Caroli
na Huguenot origin and his father was a
distinguished Georgia jnrlst in his day
Two of his aunts were Mrs McGhee of
Eafaula Ala and Mrs Cnappell
mother of Mnscogees representa
tive in the Legislature and one
of his uncles was Mirabeau B Lsmar
who distinguished himself in the Texas
revolution and was President of that re
public before its admission into the Union
as a state The newly confirmed Asso
ciate Justice bears bis fathers full name
Lucius Qnlntius Cinclnnatus and was
born in 1825 He first married a daugh
ter of Judge Longstreet the author of
Georgia Scenes end soon afterward
left Georgia to accept a professorship in
the University of Mississippi ot which
his fatherinlaw had been elected presi
dent It was in Macon G where he
was studying law under his uncle Col
onel Chappcll that he bad his love affair
with his present wife Like all of his
family before him he Is subjeet to moods
ot depression from which he will arouse
himself audjnake some startling Intel
lectual eff ork
Advl aXotber
Dr Diggers nii < Seftberry Cordial should al
ways bo used f or hllirrsn teething It soothes
tho child softtfets the huts alliya all pain
cures wind colfe and Is thbcst remedy for the
bowels Try ItS S
For tbe Forr
Brenham Banner
The Fort Worth Gazette says that
the state Democratic convention is sure
to be held at Wichita Falls Houston
Sherman San Antonio Waco Denison
Paris Austin Brenham Bat these
names are ranged glb below the other
and a letter in each is capitalized ard
brought out into sneb bold relief as to
show that by reading them betw en Jints
and as an acrostic tbe main idea formed
by The Gazxtte is that the convention
will be hela at the Fort And so fir ss
the Banrar is concerned if Brenham
cant got jt tha Fort can have Ha vote
mULm i
3S feS
The Examining Trial of Brock and
Burrows the Cotton BeltTralriT
Robbers Begun at Texarkanav
Brock Makes a Clean Breast of thsvli
falr The Boodle Obtained Veryjb
Small According to His Figures
Tbe Evidence Shows It to bs Oao Jif the
aioit Salllf ally Devised and ijiilcnted
Train Bobberies on Btca rd s
Special to the Gazette
Tkxakkana Ark Feb 1 Brock and
Burrows the Cotton Belt train robbers
were not removed to Little Bock last
night as Intended but were arraigned for
for examination this morning before Jus
tice McFlInns court The examination
was held with closed doors but among
the newspaper reporters admitted was
The Gazette reporter The accused
waived an examination but as there was
a large array of witnesses in attendance
they were examined and the testimony of
the most important ones taken down
The robbery in question was committed
ceir a little station of the Cot
ton Belt road called Genoa
about eight miles east of this
place on the night of December 9 1887
and the testimony of one of the partici
pants established it as one ot the most
Ekillf nlly devised and executed of any of
the kind of this age of train robbery
James Buchanan Burrows who was
captured in Limar county Alabama a
fewdays agand brought to this place is
apparently about thhtyflre years old
about five feet nine inches highand looks
the farmer or cowboy When the rfal
commenced this morning he wore a carp
less air and had a smile on his icb
which changed to nervous twltchlipg
as the trial proceeded and the incidents
of the robbery were related ona by d ei
Some of Flnkertons best mob aiBjhereJ
and they are directing the prosecution
which is conducted by someot the ablesY
attorneys at this bar Thomas Civlny
the express agent who wis fine ofthe
victims ot the robbery gown clear and
explicit account of the robbery and fully
and completely Identified Brock and Bur
raws as the men who held up the train
and broke into the express car and stated
that Burrows ordered a can ot oil to be
Brought that he might burn the car
W L Brock would be recognized by
the description given of him by the news
papers at the time of the robbery He
says he Is thirtytwo years old Is large
heavy set fully six feet high very high
forehead fair complexion and mustache
that was spoken of as belonging to the
leader of the gang He gave a fall state
ment cf the whole affair and in good
language showing that be has some edu
cation Brock said that his home was
near Alexandria in Erath county
Texss He hns lived there two
years came from San Antonio to that
place first became acquainted with
James Buchanan Burrows and Rube Hous
ton Burrows In Erath county and worked
for them on a farm Jim and Reuben
Barrows moved back to Alsbimj some
time in November last About the last
ofNovemberhe received a letter from
Rube Burrows to meet him at
Texarkana on December 1 Brock
arrived hero on time but it
was several days before the two Bur
rowses arrived They put up at the Cos
mopolitan hotel which is in the Immedi
ate vicinity of the Cotton Blt depot
Brock registered in his own proper
name Jim Bnrrows registered as James
Buchanan and Rabin as Rabin Houston
They remained several days and discussed
the proposed robbery Brocif and Jim
Burrows opposed the robbery in this
vicinity for the reason that the country
was new and they were afraid they would
be caught Ruoe overruled them how
ever and they met near the roundhouse
and arranged the programme Theyhad
a six shooter each but concluded that
was not arms enough so on the 6th ot
December the three went to Tyler on the
Cotton Belt but not finding the kind of
guns and cartridges they wanted
they went on to Corslcana Here they
purchased from GP Keener a merchant
of that city two nineshooting Coils
guns Mr Keener Is here as a witness
The party then left for Ttxirkana
direct and arrived here on the 7th but
only halted long enough for Brock to buy
through tickets for the party to Girland
City where they proposed to rot the
train Examining the ground at Garland
City they found a boarding train and
force of men at work near the point they
had selected They then went to
Lewis ville Station only a few
miles further and spent the night Tney
decided that was cot a suitable place on
account of the water and mud and re
turned on this side ot Red river to Came
ron StatlOD and from there to Genoa
station and camped on the 8h The
robbery was to have been committed on
the night of the 8tb and Brock and Jim
Bnrrows were at the appointed place to
board the train but it went by and
The party wint to camp and spent the
night in lolling around The plan
was for Rabe Barrows to remain
at the cut where the j 3b wa3 to be com
mitted and Jim and Brock were to board
the train when it halted at Genoa waich
plan was faithfully carried out Brock
states that when the bell sounded to
move out be and JimjjSBurrows both
mounteden the engine from one side
both masked Brock held a pistol at the
engineer and Burrows at the nremn and
ordered them to pull out Brock says
the engineer
and declared they would collide with a
southbound train th t was ex
pected every minute Brock assured
the engineer that the train
was sidetracked and that there was no
danger whereupon the engineer said all
right and put on steam When they ar
rived at the cut where Rube Barrows was
in waiting the engine was baited and
Jim Surruws yelled out to Rube to know
if that was far enough Rube said all
right and Brock and Jim got off the en
gine taking the engineer and fireman
with them and went to the express car
In the meantime Rubs
and jnst opposite tho express car iu a
loud voice ordered it to be opened
This was refused and a volley
of fifteen or twenty shots were fired Into
the car At the first volley the lights in
the car were extinguished The rebbers
then guarded the fireman to where he
procured the coal pick acd under the dl
rectlon ot Jim Burrows beat n hole in the
car door Rube Barrows was the man
that they called Cip so frequently while
they were pillaging the car and while it
Is noticeable that Robe was
he was no doubt tbe leader of the party
They robbed the train at their leisure and
according to Brocks statement only got
about 2800 In currency end 300 In ell
ve whfch was In sacks Bro < k finished
hlsBtatement by declaring that he was
not Influenced by any hopeof clemency or
mercy and was not actuated by threats
The examination will close tomorrow
and will demonstrate some ot the most
skillful detective work that was ever done
in this section as Flnkertons men had
down to a nicety every movement of the
men In of the robbery both before and
after the robbery
Oh wad some powartfthe giftle gle us
To see ourselves as ijfaeis see us I
Few women want tfl Isppear slek and
yeJ how manywe sesfwjth pain written
otf every f satnreTsrJio hiva been suffering
fdr months from resii cVweikness and
feho conlifeaslly cure thefeejelyes by the
se ofpr Eierces FTOrirSFS crip
Hon to befcmnd at ftoS drug srt
This rejnedy Jfe a specific Me weak backs
nerfousrpr ndiuslglc pallft nd all tfiat
class of tSiseaseskknown aHMfitsalejeoni
Tlaints fellltistrtod IjSge treSrsV on
4aeases orwomenVflfiDOSt successful
courses of selftreatment sent lor 10
cents in stamps Address Worlds Dis
pensary Medical Association 663 Main
street Buffalo N Y
Why Cleveland Offends Republicans
The Trlbsne
Let us translate the changes made by
President Cleveland during the first two
years of his administration into percent
ages of the whole number of these offices
ot changes
Fonrthclass postmasters
Tresldentlil postmasters
Forelxn ministers
Secretaries of lezatlon
Collectors of customs
Snrjejorsof customs
Naval offljers
Mint and assay office superintendents
Assistant appraisers
Internal revenue collectors
Steamboat Inspectors
Dhtrio attorneys
Territorial Judges
Territorial governors
Pension agents
Local and officers
Indian Inspectors and special agents
Indian agents
Land office ipeclal agents
U >
No such showing of wholesale slaugh
ter as this was ever made against Jack
WJ1I positively curesfck headache and
preyentjls return Tfife is ntftrtolk Wit
3artereLUtIeEWrai3 Otie
A Fidelity Bank Onicer appears and Pleads
Not Guilty
Cincinnati Ohio Feb 1 Eugene
Zimmerman formerly a director in the
Fidelity Nitlonal Bank who was In
Europe when Indicted by the United
States grand jury for complicity In wrong
transactions in that bank has returned
This morning he went before Judge Sage
pleaded not guilty and gave bond in the
sum of 20000
Goulds nnd Sores Prosecutors
New York Feb 1 W H Delaney
and others Interested in the prosecution
of Messrs Gould and Sage for alleged
grand larceny went into consultation
with District Attorney Fellows at the lat
ters office today
Spot Cotton Unchanged Fnlnres from
1 to 2 Points HlEher > 2Ionev
aiarket Easy
Wheat Opened Firm Fluctuated Narrowly
and Closed at an Advance Live
Stock Transactions Brisk
Dally Local Bevlew
Gaibttb ommi 1
Tost Womb Tex Feb 118681
The bottom has dropped out of the
butter market Fifteen cents is the high
est thst could be got for it today
Eggs are held at almost any value now
Thirty cents is quite reasonable
Orders to wholesale grocers today have
been many and large Other Hues have
felt the activity
Rstail trade has been brisk
Special telegrams to Bradstreets note
some Interference with the distribution ot
general merchandise by heavy snow
storms and extreme low temperature
While there have been delays on railways
northwest west and east the late block
ade at the northwest has been partially
raised and there is an increase in orders
received for general merchandise not
ably at Chicago where prices have
with some exceptions grain
tended upward and where business
has Improved At Memphis St Louis
and Kansas City there is some gain in or
ders and in the volume ot goods shipped
without special activity Milder weather
at St Loois and Denver has helped busi
ness In South Texas and Louisiana wet
weather has rendered country roads near
ly impassable and the distribution cf
merchandise as well as shipment ot farm
produce has been checked in consequence
At Boston New York and Philadelphia
commercial reports have not varied much
this week a moderate seasonable activ
ity being noted At Pittsburg 0mah3
Burlington la and Detroit similar con
ditions prevail Dry goods boots and
suoes and hardware remains relatively
most acilve east and west Brad
Xne For Worth SiukstJ
BOTTER15a nor
GOFKKE Eiofaul7 > tf3prlme19 > iai choice
0 > o fancy ilKc La uayia lSXo Java 29o
trillion oS2jjc Pea Berry 21 o
0HEKS2 Tho better graces and Ohiofartcry
lOalOKc full cream twins 15c
CABBAGE Northern per crate U E0
OAKNED GOODS Prices per dozen Plne
applos standard Jl 75 poaches standard 2
as Jl 00 5 as J2 50 seconds 2 as ft 75 3 as
5125 strawberries 2 Bs ft 75 blackberries
ft 35 green gages J raspberries 2 lb ft 65
ereen peas ft 10S1 50 tomatoes standard
2 tts ft 10 seconds 2 as J 3 6s ft 40
Pnen com ft 1081 50 oysters full weight
S0S35o2 As ft 758190 It Vft 1 B J 2
as 5 salmon 1 a tz 1002 25 sardines Xs
6 75 per 100 Imported J12 50815 00 imported
e 518 00021 00 Kagls condensed milk ss 25
DRT GOODS Price list of tall and winter
Prints Albion silver grays 5Ko Albion sal
Ids EKe Allem ranoy 5Kc Allens pinks
5c Allens staples 5Kc Amesbnry fancy
5v o American fancy 5Kc American indigo
7o Eddystono novelties So Berwick 3Xc
Charter Oak IXc Ramapo JXc Merrimack
shirtings 5c Merrlmacifancy 5Xc Elekmond
pink 5Kc Simpson mourning 6c Simpson
sliver gray 6c Simpson fancy 6c Steele river
5Kc Slater solid 5Xc Wlndsornoveltles 6c
Brown Cottons AtlantloL L 445Xe5Xc
Adriatic 146KcArgyle 44 6V0 Belfast B
445Xc Black Crow 44 6X0 Boot 04J 5V
e6c Clifton OO06K0 Derby fine brown
6c Exposition A EKc Exposition B SXc
Family cotton 6Xc ulendale 6Kc Granite
vlllo E E6Ko Marshall A 4c Chapman A
3c Pioneer Xi 2Xo Foxhall AAA6xc
Sc Cordis A O E ltc Yeoman 7Xc Blverdale
2 > ic Farmers Pride 12Kc Premium Fancy
15c viuetn City Fancy 10Vc Falls A A 13Xc
Bleached Oottone Best Oct Co Berkshire
6Vc Black Bock 7 > icCumberlandSVc Cedar
Ullla 7Kc Davol X 8 c Dyervllle A7Vc
EHeston 7Xc Forest Mills 70 Fruit of the
Loom fiXc Gem ot the Spindle 7Xe Gilt
Edge 6c Glad Tidings 7a Great Falls 6c
John HancocE 7Xc Langnam Cambric Sc
LllyoftheTalleysc Lonsdale SXc Ne Pins
Ultra Cambric 6Xc Snow White 7Xc
Cotton Checks Black Warrior 7Xo Oaro
Una 7Xc Georgia 7c Ottoway 6Xc River
side 7Xc Texas 7c southern 7Xc
lilckorv Stripes Hamilton loc Extra Stont
10a Bock Elver SXo Amoskeag 10oUncaa
vUle7Xc Eagle 6X0
Denims Haymaker So UncaavUla lie Ev
erett 14Xo Warren liXo Greebriar 10Xo
Tickings Amoskeag A O A ltc Arasapha
Ginghams Amoakcg Staples 7Xa Bates
Staples 7 > jq Caledonia Staples JXc Grey
maiw aasgB3 j3g iBMm
loci Novelties 10cX Warrick Dresa Styles
8Xc Champion Dress Styles 7Xc Mlksdo
Dress Styles 7Xe Advance Dress Styles 7Xc
OhantUiy Dress Styles 9o Glenn Falls Dress
Styles 8XoWarsaw Dress styles 7XoWhites
Fancy 7Xc Perlan 7Xa
Colored cambrics Garner rouea oxo S Sla
ter Sons 5X Bossmore flat 5o Broadway So
Kentucky Jeans Dakota 16c Berkley ISo
Beaver Valley 22x0 Kluyver 7o Queen City
26Xc Alliance 34Xc Hope 33c Foxcratt25c
Laurel Glen 27Xo Texas Chief 15 Superior
doeskin 50c Oland 27X Leamington 20o
BepoUants Forbes 42Xo Bedford 5aoOr
lando C5o Robinson blue brown and wine
5o Waldo black 43c Waldo gold 4Sc Asa
land blue 6O0 Puritan gold 47Xo Hlbernla
black 45c Hlbernla gold 47Xo
Dress goods American 4Xe22Xo Iraportod
EGGS SOo per dozen
tjriltJlTS AND VEGETABLES Lemons 35 50
per box apples per bbl54 coasoo tomatoes
green per buft 00 do ripe 12 00 potatoes
northern ft 25 per bu onions 2Xo per pound
largaLlma beans 4Xc California grapes 16Xc
per a
FLODB Best patents 32 90 per 100lbs half
patents 32 75 third grade 32 40 Buckwheat
Hour 16 6A cases 35 40 32 3a cases 35 50
FUEL McAllister coal carload on track at
yard 36 00 delivered 36 50 McAllister coal 5 to
10 tons at yard 36 25 delivered 36 75 HcAUls
ter coal 2 to 3 tons at yard 36 75 dellverod
ft 15 McAllister coal 1 ton at yard 36 75 deliv
ered 57 50 McAllister coal X ton at yard 3 50
delivered 34 00 McAllister coal x ton at yard
31 75 delivered 32 19 McAllister coal less than
X ton ner 160 at yard 45o Pennsylvania hard
coal 5 tons at yard 312 50 delivered 313 00
Pennsylvania hard coal 1 ton at yard 312 60
delivered 313 00 Pennsylvania hard coal X
on dallvsred 36 75 blacksmith coal 1 ton at
yard 312 OOdellvered312 50 Oannelcoal 1 ton
Jll 00 X tonS5 75 Xton3 10 English grate
coal per ton Bt yard 53 50 delivered 33 00
perX ton at yard 54 25 delivered 34 75 per
X ton at yard 32 25 delivered 32 50
Oord wood 1 corddollvered 34 00 cord wood
X cord delivered 32 25 stove wood 1 cord
delivered 35 00 stov wood X cord delivered
32 75
low are on grain from store In carload lots
corn and oats are 33 par buihtl lower thu
Wheat R5o
Corn In ear GOc bulk shelled 60s taok
shelled 65
Oats Bulk 42Xc
Bran SDc per hundred
Barley 00c per bushel
Bve SOo per bushel
Hay Loose local 37 0008 00 Johnson grass
S3 50 be t prairie hay 33 00S9 50 per ton
baledalfalfaretaU 14cper a special price
wholesale 12c
Alfalfa 12c per pound
Johnson grass seed ft 7532 25 per 2S3
PBOVISIONB We quote on tha basis of car
BFlshMackorel 10ft kits No 131 30 No 2
Jl i5 half bbli No 1 i3 50No 3 J7 50coa
fllh 6XC
Spiced pickled herrings per bucket 31 bO
Holland herrings Kegs ft 60O1 e
Dried herrings Per box 40c
Bologna sausage 7Xc
Meat uugaroured nama 12Yo lugrcnred
oreakfast bacon 12 o short clear bacon 9Xe
short cleat dry salt c
Lard Tierce 8X0 60a cansSXo20 cans
IS 10T cans 9o 5fc cans 9Xc 3 beans
Now hominy and grits Per bblJl BO
Oatmeal new Per halfbbl 100 lbs 34 00
Cracked wheat Per BEo
Crackers A soda So XXX soda EXc cream
8X0 ginger snaps 80 lemon creams Sc
Sundries Starch 4c candles full boxes
lOXc halves quarters stick candy 10a
lie fancy 10816c rope sisal X Inch basis
HXc do cotton X and 6 16 Inch
16Xc do cottonJi lnch17c herring Imported
31 25 per keg raisins California LL new crop
32 50 do Callfolnla loose muscatels
32 25 elder crab apple 40o Missouri 30c vin
egar 15825c concentrated lye 32 758400 lugs
glazed 10c per gal crocks glazed 10a per gal
dried peaches 60 Indigo 75o par i blaln
30c831 00 per dozenCoIemans mustard 31 SOo
150 dozen macaroni Imported 15a per ft
American 75o per box buckets two hoops
31 60 per dozen brilliant oils bbls ISc Euplon
bbls 2Ec do 25 cases 33 10 brilliant 25
cases 32 10 do 121 cases 33 96 baking pow
ders bulk Ho 111 cans 32 50 macaroni
email box 65o vermicelli small box E5c
catsup In bulk per gallon 5c Worcester
since In bulk per gallon 3125 Mixed pickles
perX bbl37 00
Sugar Fine powdered bbls 8V do half
bbls 9c out loaf bbls8Xc do half bbls 9c
standard granulated bbls 8Xo Louisiana
granulated bbls 8 > ostandardA7Xo choice
white 7Xo Louisiana y c choice 6Xc do
fancy 6X87B
Elce Prime 6Xc choice 6Xc
HOBSES AND MULES In car or train load
lota Mexican mares 12X to 13X hands high
unbroken 315 00818 00 per head Mexican
high unbroken 322 00825 00 per nead Tens
mares 13 to 14 hands high unbroken 320 00a
30 00 per head Texas mares 14 to id hands
high unbroken 330 00040 00 her head Texas
mares 15 to 16 hands high unbroken 340 00e
60 00 per head Texas horses 13 to hands
high unbroken f25 00830 00 per nead Texas
horses 14 to 15 hands high unbroken 330 003
50 00 per head Mexican horses 13 to 14 hands
highunbroken318 00925 00 per head Mexi
can horses 14 to 15 hands high unbroken 325 0u
a SO 00 per head Uoxlcan mules 12X to 14
hands high unbroken 325 00850 00 per head
Toxas mules 13 to 16X hands high broke 350 00
S150 00 American draft horses 15 to 16X nands
hlgn broke 3100Q175 00 From 32 to 35 ad
dltlonal for thoroughly broke stock
HIDES AND SKINS No I heavy D r hides
12o per fi No 2heavy 9a No 1 light So
No 2 light 7c
Dry salted 7eSci bull hides 8c glue Ec
green salted Ec butchers green 3e4Xc shear
lings 20c pelts 40875c
MOLASSES New Louisiana syrup 48c new
choice Louisiana molasses O K 55c new
prime do 62a now fair do 49c choice centrifu
gals 43c prime do 40o prime xoboUed35o fair
do 33c
NUTS Peanuts 6XC7Xo pecans 60
almonds20aBrazil nuts 15c per a filberts
15c per a English walnuts 18cper ft
NAILS 33 25 per keg oasis lOd burden
horstshoeper keg 35 Perkins came 35 90i
Walker same 35 60 burden mule 36 north
western horseshoe naUs No 450o No 5 26o
No 623cNo 721cNo8 20oLakes No 4
45c No 526cNo 6 22o No 720oNo819c
Ausable same No 445o No E 24a No 621oi
No 7 19oNo818c
POOLTBT We quote Young frylns chlckeni
32 25Qperdoz olda hens 3225 per dot
turkeys Tuesec each
WHISKYEeotlfled 31 08150 as per proof
sourmash two years old 3160C170 three
years old 31908220 fancy extra old whisky
34 O0B5 00
LotrDoif Fcbl Consols closed at 16211lCd
for money
new Tons Feb 1 Money on caU easy at
2X 3 per cent last loan 2X per centclosed
at 2S2X per cent Prime mercantile paper 5
Nbw Tobk Feb 1 Stocks and Iconds
closed at the following prices bid
United States 3s
United States 4Xi 1C3X
Pacific 6 s 12
Uantral Padflo ls exlnt
UQUuuxouiiu A a jku H3x
Sales 27700 bales
Si22ingi163 aiacitn upland
Orleans 5 d
Total sales 12000 American 9200
Imports 44000 American K6C0
l uturcs closed steady and 1 3
New omxjuw la jeb i jauoa
eaiy and unchanged
Sales 2500 bales
Stock 372 794
Low ordinary Sc ordinary 8V
ordinary 9Xo low middling 9 M6e irta
5 K < < 1IUDC lwe middling
10sofalr llXc
Futures opened steady closed steady
points higher
1st call
S 90S 9 92
9 939 9 99
10 CCffllO 07
10 1SS10 19
10 2S10 59
2d caU
9 903 9 92
10 coeio 02
10 C6810 07
10 lcaio is
10 27S90 25
ID 3S3I0 S9 10 37810 33
10 33810 35 10 31010 33
9 9ia 9 93
9 573 9 59
9 S3 9 91
9 55S 9 56
Hew Sort
New Tobk Feb 1 Cotton Spot
stetdvand unchanged
Sales 347 bales
Stock 253014 bales
Ordinary 7 13 I63 good ordinary 9Vo
middling 10 3 16a middling 10 III63 g
middling 10 15 16a middling fair 11 9 16c
Futures closed dull but steady 1 to 2 p <
Sales 69300
February 10 seat
March 10 fgei
April 10iie
slay 10 77Q1
June 10 4e
July 10 878
August 10 89
September 10 41a
October 10 csa
b to polr
February 5 3
ff brnaryMarch li 5S
AprU 6
AprilMay 5
Vn r Jnn a 5
June July 5
JulyAugust s 44 ji
AugustSeptember 5 4J
Hew Orleans
9 33
9 97e
10 059
10 153
10 23G
10 350
10 29a
9 55Qj
GALVESTon Tsx Feb 1 OottOx
closed dull and unchanged
Gross receipts 876
Exports 2309
Shipments coastwise
Ball shipments
Stock 36583 baler
Low ordinary 715 16o ordinary S 716org
ordinary 9Xa low middling 9Xo mldalb
10c good middling 10 < a middling fair it
Prodnce and Provisions
St Louis Mo Feb 1 WheatXo2r
cash 8 XHSIXc February atSOiflSOXc ai
Ing at 8Jc March 81XSl c closing
SIXc May82JfeS3Vc c otlng nt 83Xc Jui
cosing at 83Xc July closing at 80Xc C01
easy until late but closed firm cah 46X8457
February 46 < 31Gi c closing at 46Xc Mal
47c closing at 47 > ac May 4S < slSXc clo
at 43 1c Oats steady cash 3JXc H
3JXc Cornmeal firmer at 32 45 Whlsl
steady at 3105 Provisions firmer Pork Ne
315 00 Lard higher at J7 25 7 30 Dry salK
meat boxed ebonldrrs 5 758iiO long cle
37 2587 50 clear ribs 57 5087 62X sh
clears 37 62Si87 87 i Bacon boxed ehortl
dus 36 50 long clears 33 25 clear 11111
< 3 5f3S 40 short clears 5S 5083 55 Ham
were steady at SO 50812 03 Afternoon
board Wheat Firm February SOXo Marr
81ic Mav E3Vc Corn quiet but sleao
February 46 c March 47 c May497rcXfe
dull February 30XJ MaySOXc
Chicago III Feb 1 There was bette
speculative feeling on change today than f ji
many days although it was delivery day de
liveries of grain were Unlit In provisions
shoit ribs went round and that formed tho bul
of delivery In that pit There was nothing ap
parently new In the outaldo situation ba
locally everything was stronger and tencc
upward from the opening Becclpts ot hogs fei
short a few thousand better prices prevalle
at the yards for best grades and with prom
lnent packing houses buying early provision
advanc d quite sharply before noon Elba soli
mares 1SX to 14handshlgh unbroken318 ooe hth
22 00 per head Mexicen ares 14 to 15 m6 i ii S JiVlJS
22Xc higher for May better buying order
Texas and Paclfio land grants
Texas and Paclfio Bio Grande dlv
Union Pacific ls
Union Pacific sinking fund
Central Paclfio
Chicago and Alton
Chicago and Alton preferred
Burlington and Qulnoy
Delaware and Hudson
Denver and Bio Bands
Erie pref erred
n x
Houston and Texas Central SOI
Illnols Central 12IX
Kansas and Texas 16X
LoulsvUle and NaahvUle Eox
Michigan Central 3X
Missouri Paclfio 83X
New Jersey Central 78X
NorthernPaclflo 21X
Northern Paclfio preferred 46
Northwestern Ho
Northwestern preferred 145V
New York Central 107X
Oregon Transcontinental 22
Pacific MaU S5K
Beading C6X
Bock Island L3X
3h JrnUl a a a a lO
St Paul preferred H5X
St Paul and Omaha 39X
St Paul and Omaha preferred 108
Texas and Paclfio 26X
Union Faslflo 6X
Wabash 15
Wabash pref erred 27
WeUS 129
Western Union 78X
Fort Worth and Denver X
American Cotton OU S2X
OecelDta at All United States Ports
Galveston Tex Feb L Ootton receipts
at United Btates ports
This da7 16811
This day lart week 1314
This day last year 16572
Total receipts thus far this season 4 553973
Total receipts this date last season 4414 575
Difference increase 133304
Exports thus far this week C9S03
Stock at United States ports this day 9uc
Stock this day last year 923931
LrvxRPOOi Fob 1 Ootton Spot olossd
Sat and Irrcgn ar 1161 lower
Ordinary 5Xd good ordinary 6Xd low
from outside and by local speculators kep
prices up pretty well until the close Ma
pork advanced 27Xc and closed 22Xc better
than yesterday withMay at 31455 May short
ribs closed 5c better at 37 75 and May lard 7Xe
bettor at 37 E0 Wheat followed In the lead ot
provision nearly all of the conditions were fa
vorable there was a decrease c l iiJiDOOtitrnraV
In amount on the ocean passage There was a
fresh consignment ot crop damage reports
from St Louis and provisions were higher
Allot these Influences were sufficient to cause
an advance even without buying by large short
interest Shortly alter the opening a scalping
crowd commenced to cover their shorts and
before noo May wheat wulch opened at SIXc
sold up toS2 c about this figure the market
hell pretty steady and May closed at 82X8
82 c Corn was rather quiet to day and trad
ing somewhat limited with tho exception ot a
short spell rcundthe opening when tbe market
was rather active May corn opened at 52Xc
and dec lned to 52Xc on free offerings then re
acted and advanced to52X853ct < ie prominent
operators buying and closed at thelallerfigure
OatB were steady and quiet May closed at 33c
Leading futures closed as follows Wheat No
2 Februaiy 76Xc Match 76Xc May S2XC
JuneS2Xc Com No 2 FcDruary47XoMarc
43Xc May 52o June 53c Mess pork pa
barrel February 314 27X May 314 41
Lard per 103 pounds March 37 65 Mai
57S0 June 3785 Short ribs Febru
ary 37E2X March 37 60 May 37 75
Cash quotations wero Flour Baled qalel
and without quotable change No 2 corn
49c Mcts Pork Per barrel 314 25814 3
Lard Per 100 pounds 37 6087 62X Sho
rib sides loose 37 60 dry silted shoulder
boxed 15 9386 X short clear sides b3xe
37 85
New Tore Feb 1 Coffee Spot fair El
weak and nominal at 16c options fairly actlt
and lower cloMos steady sales 127COJ bags
February 12 25812 35 March 12 00812 20 Aprl
11 0812 00 Ma7 117C811 03 June 11 55811 75
July 11 30811 50 August 11 11811 30 Septem
ber 11 05811 20 October 10 60811 00 November
11 65811 85 December 10 75810 85 sugar Cat
ana wholly norUnal refined dull and un
changed Molaacs nominal 50 test22X83C
Cotton seed oil 3IX835c crude and 40841 ro
fined yi
Live Stock Market
Kansas Crrr Mo Feb 1 Cattle Eecelpt
2300 shipment 100 strong and a shadrhlgnc
for choice common about steaa > good t
choice cornfed 34 2584 70 common to mediae
33 2084 15 stockers 31 8082 SO feeders 32 601
3 25 cows 313083 00 HogsBecelpts 87U
shipments iOO strong aUIvo and 5c hlgbe
ranging from 33 0085 35 Sheep Receipts E79
shipments 4 5 m rketflrmgood o choice J4 C
94 CO common to medium 35 O0S3 90
8x Lootj Mo Feb 1 Cattle Beceip
11 0 shipments 1200 market stronger cholt
heavy natlye steers 3t 4585 39 fair to goc
native steers 33 9384 t0 butchers steers m
dlum to choice 331084 15 stockers ar
feeders fair ti good 32 0083 25 ranger
ordinary to good 32 2084 20 Hogs U
eelpts4S03 shipments 1000 market active at
a shde higher than yesterday ranIngfro
34 80 to 35 50 Sheep Eecelnts 40 shlpmen
lCO market strong fair to choice 33 6035 25
New Xobk Feb 1 Beeves Eeeelpts 1
eluding late and nonreported arrivals yesti
day were 133 carloads for market 25 carlo
for an exporter and 54 caloads for c
slmghte crs direct Good cattle w re fall
active and a shade firmer Inferior to mtf
dull and a fraction lower poor to prlrsenx
sold at J3 o 85 40 prime and extra dor
85 75 about20 ca > loads remain unoldnul
Eeeelpts 7000 fair demand and firm IDtie
trading but easier before 11 leh extrenfeen
86 Zt for sheep and 33 0087 50 for lamb
Chicago III Feb LCattle lttni
S0CO shipments SM0 mark t steady cC
at 33 0085 10 stockers and feeders 32Loa
cows and bulls and mixed 317582 95ttle
cattle 31758J 25 Hogs BeceiptsSO < oync
ket strung sood 5o higher mixed 351 jt
heavy 353085 71 light 34 9 8535 She 1
celpts 4000 shipments 10 0 market filter
tlves 33 0085 25 western 34 5085 10 t ea
32 8983 90 Umba 33 0086 CO j
The Wool Market
St Louis Mo Feb 1 WoolMarket stei
and unchanged unwashed bright medium 1
23Xo coarse braid 11x21c low sandy 1081
fine light 13819c flno hoavy 1 817c Ti
washed Choice S3Xc Inferior 29832a sscl
108153 Flour Firm but qatet and nucha
ed Wneat opened firm but f r a time v
lower when It advanced slightly and clr >
Xexo above ytuttrday
The Coffee 2laxka
Galvxstos Tzx Feb 1 CoffeaJ
and Xj lower vVholesale groreis qaott
ordinary 19o fair 19Xc Prmo 2 Jto 1
20821c eaberry o old government
1 u
Slie Yev run
Newj and family y pcr is tho siai
tha WraT GjLnxvBi ntlca reduc
lit jeai

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