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Divinely Ordered Dissimilarity
the Attire of Man and Woman
Which Must be Observed
Effeminate Ken and Masculine Wo
men Repugnant A ClastlSanctioned
by Neither God nor Fashion
Fashion One of the Most Petent at Re
formers and One of the Vilest of
Uinrpera According to Bow It
la Used
Special to too Gazette
Brooklyn N Y Jan 29 The Rev
T DeWitt Talmage DD preached to
day In the Brooklyn Tabernacle the fourth
of the series ol Sermons to the Women
ol America with Important Hints to
Men The subject ol the sermon was
Dominion of fashion and tho test
was from Deuteronomy xxli 5 The
woman shall not wear that which per
taineth unto a mm neither shall a man
pat on a womans garment for aft that
do bo are abomination unto the Lord thy
GmI Dr Talmsgesald
In this the fourth sermon of the series
of sermons I wish those who hear to bear
in mind that I take into consideration not
only those whom I have before me on
Sabbath days but the wider audience
opened through the printing press and
while some things may not be particu
larly appropriate lor one locality they
are appropriate for many other locali
ties And here I will tell a secret that I
have never before told In public Abont
twenty years ago I began to pray that
G id would open to me the opportunity
of preaching through the secular news
paper press The religious papers in
which my sermons had been published
chiefly went to positively religious fami
lies So I asked God for
in which to proclaim the great truths of
religion and good morals In strange
way the answer came And the syndi
cates having charge of these matters in
form me that every week there are now
13600000 copies of my discourses pub
lished in this country and about 4000
000 in other lands whether English
speaking countries or by translation in
many foreign tongnes I want people
to understand that it is all in
answer to prayer to God that this oppor
tunity has come and I pray for grace to
occupy the Held It is not therefore
presumptuous when I give wide scope to
these discourses and address them to
the women of America with important
hints to men
God thought womanly attire of enough
importance to have it discussed in the
Bible Paul the apostle by no means a
sentimentalist and accustomed to dwell
on the great themes of Goa and the res
urrection writes about the arrangement
of womans hair and the style of her jew
elry and In my text Mose his ear yet
filled with the thunder of Mount Sinai
declares that womanly attire must be in
marked contrast with masculine attire
and infraction of that law excites the in
dignation of high heaven Just in pro
portion as the morals of a country or an
age are depressedis that law defied
Show me the fashion plates of any centu
ry from the time of the deluge to thiF
and I will tell you the exact state of pub
lic mollis Bloomer Ism in this country
years a b seemed about to break down
this divine law but there was enough
of good in American society to beat back
the indecency Tet ever and anon we
have Imported from France or perhaps
Invented on this side the sea a style that
proposes as far as possible to make wo
men dress like men and thousands of
young women
until some one goes a little too far in im
itation of masculinity and the whole cus
tom by the good sense of American wo
manhood is obliterated
The costumes of the countries are dif
ferent and in the same country may
change but there is a divinely ordered
dissimilarity which must be forever ob
served Any divergence from this is ad
ministrative of vice and runs against the
keen thrust of the text which says
The woman shall not wear that
which pertaineth unto a man neither shall
a man put on a womans garment for all
that do eo are abomination nnto the Lord
thy God
Many years ago a French authoress
signing herself George Sand by her cor
ruptbnt brilliantwrltlngs depraved homes
and libraries Innumerableand was a lit
erary grandmother of all the present
French and American authors who have
written things so much worse that they
have made her putrefactions quite pre
sentable That French authoress nut on
masculine attire She was consistent
Iler writings and her behavior were per
fectly accordant
My text by implication abhors mascu
line women and womanly men What a
sickening thing it is to see a man copying
the ppsecb the walk the manner of a
woman The trouble Is that they do not
imitate a sensible woman but some fe
male imbecile And they simper and
they go with mincing step and lisp and
scream at nothing and take on a lan
guishing look and bang their hair and
aro the nauseation of honest folks of
both sexes Oman be a maul You be
long to quite a respectable sex
The starting figure of the human
race was a man Da not
try to cross over and so beco iei hybrid
neither one nor the other but a failure
Alike repugnant are masculine women
They copy a mans stalking gait and go
down the street with the stride of a
walkingbeam They wish they could
smoke cigarettes and some of them do
They talk boisterously and try to sing
bass They do not laugh they roar They
cannot quite manage the broad profanity
of the sex they rival but their conversa
tion is often a half wear and it they
said O Lord in earnest prayer as often
as they say it In lightness they would be
high up In sainthood Withal there is an
assumed rugosity of apparel and they
wear a mans hat only changed by being In
two or three places smashed in and a dead
canary clinging to the general wreck ond
a mans coat tucked in here and there
according to an unaccountable esthetics
O woman stay a woman I You also be
long to a very respectable sex The sec
ond figure of the human race was a
woman and sometimes a second edition
of a volume is the first edition improved
and corrected Do not try to cros3 over
If yon do you will be a failure as a
woman and only a nondescript of a man
We already have enough intellectual and
moral bankrupts In our sex without yonr
coming over to make worse the deficit
In my text as by a parable or figure of
speech It Is made evident that Moses the
inspired writer as vehemently as our
selves reprehended the effeminate man
and the asculme woman The woman
thall novwear that which pertaineth unto
I man neither shall a man put on a
Romans garment for all that do so are
Abomination unto the Lord thy God J
> Iy text also sanction s fashion In
deed it sets a fashion There is a great
deal of senseless cant on the subject of
fashion A woman or man who does not
regard it is unfit for good neighborhood
The only question is what is right fashion
and what isv wrong fashion Before I
m stop I want to show you that fashion has
been one of the
and one of the vilest of usurpers Some
times it has been an angel from heaven
and at others it has been the mother of
abominations As the world grows better
there will be as mnch fashion as now but
it will be righteous fashion In the
future life white robes always have been
and always will be inXhe fashion
There is a great SutfifyifcBgalnst this
submission to social crSjfqm vas though
any consultation of the tSateB and feel
ings of others were deploraDfebnFwitb
out it the world wonld have neither law
order civilization nor common fleceacy
There has been a canonization f
blantness There are men and
women who boast that tbey cantell you
all they know and hear oboupikes
peclally If it be unpleasant Sdme Wye
mistaken rongh behavior for frankness
when the two qualities do not belong to
the same family You have no right witi
yonr eccentricities to crash in upon the
sens ireness of others There is no
virtue in walking with hoofs over fine
carpets The most jigged rock is covered
with blossoming moss The storm that
comes jarring down in thunder strews
rainbow colors upon the sky and silvery
drops on orchard and meadow
There are men who pridethemselves on
their capscitv to stick others They
say I have brought him down didnt
I make him squirm Others prIJe
themselves on their outlandish apparel
They boast of being out of tne fashion
They wear a queer hat They ride in an
odd carriage By dint of perpetual ap
plication they would persuade the world
that they are perfectly Indifferent to pub
lic opinion They are more proud of be
ing out of fashion than others aro of
being in They are utterly and univer
sally disagreeable Their rough corners
have never been worn off They prefer
The accomplishments of life are In no
wise productive of effeminacy or enerva
tion Good manners and a respect for
the tastes of othersjare lndipensable The
Good Book speaks favorably of those who
are a peculiar people but that does
not sanction the behavior of queer peo
ple There is no excuse under any cir
cumstances tor not being and acting the
lady or gentleman Rudeness is sin We
have no words too ardent to express our
admiration for tho refinements of
society There Is no law moral or
divine to forbid elegance of de
meanor or ornaments of gold or
gems tor the person artistic display in
tne dwelling gracefulness of gait and
bearing polite salutation or honest com
pliments and he who is shocked or of
fended by these had better like the old
Scythians wear tiger skins and take one
wild leap back into midnight barbarism
As Christianity edvances there will be
better apparel higher styles of architect
ure more exquisite adornments sweeter
music grander pictures more correct
behavior and more thorough ladles and
But there is another story to be told
Wrong fashion is to be charged with many
of the worst evils of society and its path
has often been strewn with the bodies of
the slain It has often set up a false
standard by which people are to be
judged Our common sense as well as
all the divine intimations on the subject
teach us that people ought to be est em
ed according to their individual and mor
al attainments The man who has the
most nobility of soul should be first and
he who has the least of such qualities
should stand last No crest or shield
or escutcheon can Indicate ones moral
peerage Titles of duke lord esquire
earl viscount or patrician ought not to
raise one
Some of the meanest men I have ever
known had at the end of their name DD
LLDandFR S Truth honer chari
ty heroism selfsacrifice should win
highest favor but Inordinate fashion
says Count not a womans virtues
count her adornments Look not at the
contour of the head but see the way she
combs her hair Ask not what noble
deeds have been accomplished by that
mans hand bnt is it white and soft
Ask not what good sense is In her conver
sation bntin what wasshedreEsed Ask
not whether there was hospitality and
cheeifulness in the house but in what
6tyle do they live
As a consequerxe some of the most Ig
norant and visclous men are at the top and
same of the most virtuous and Intelligent
at the bottom During the last war we
suddenly saw men hurled up into the
highest social positions Had they sud
denly reformed from evil habits or grad
uated in science or achieved some good
work for society No they simply had
obtained a government contract
This accounts for the utter chagrin
which people feel at the treatment they
receive when they lose their property
Hold up your head amid financial dis
aster like a Christian Fifty thousand
subtracted from a good man leaves how
much Honor truth faith In God
triumphant hope and a kingdom ofIneffa
ble glory over which he is to reign for
ever and ever
If the owner of millions should lose a
penny out of his pocket would he sit
down on a curbstone and cry And shall
a man possessed of everlasting fortunes
wear himself out with grief because he
has lost worldly treasure You have only
lost that In which hundreds of wretched
misers surpass you and you have saved
that which the Ctcsars and the Pharaohs
and the Alexanders
And yet society thinks differently and
you see the most intimate friendships
broken up aa the consequence of financial
cmbarassments You say to some one
How Is your f lend The man looks
bewildered and says I do not know
YoureDly Why you used to be Inti
mate Well says the man our
friendship has been dropped The man
has failed
Proclamation has gone forth Velvets
must go up and plain apparel must come
down and the question Is How does
the coat fit rot Who wears it
The rower that bears tho tides of
excited population up and down our
streets and rocks the world of
commerce and thrills all nations
transAtlantic and elsAtlantic is clothes
It decides the last offices of respect and
how long the dress shall be totally black
and when it may subside into spots of
grief on silk calico or gingham Men
die in good circumstances but by reason
ot extravagant funeral expenses aro well
nigh Insolvent before they get buried
Many men would not die at all it they
had to wait uitil they could afford it
Wrong fashion is productive of a most
ruinous strife The expenditure of many
households is adjusted by what their
neighbors have not by what they them
selves can afford to have and theereat
anxiety i3 as to who shall have the finest
house and the most costly equipage The
weapons used in the warfare ot social
life are not Minie rifles and Dahlgrcn
guns and Hotchkiss shells bnt chairs
and mirrors and vases and Gobelins and
Axminsters Many household establish
ments are like racing steamboats pro
pelled at the utmost strain and risk and
just coming to a terrific explosion Who
= 1383 =
ttl iL
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A dnlggJst a bottle of
ttmaUJis the card contained In the box with
CAjFft address and four cents in stamps
cares say they if we only come out
There is no one cause today of more
financial embarrassment and of more dis
honesties than this determination at all
hazards to live as well as or better than
other people There are persons who
upon one pier mirror or who will dash
out the splendors of heaven to get another
My house Is too small But says
some one you cannot pay for a larger
Never mind that my friends have a bet
ter residence and so will I A dress
of that style and material I must have I
cannot afford it by a great deal but who
cares for that My neighbor had one
from that pattern and I must have one
There are scores of men In the dungeons
of the penitentiary who risked honor bus
inesseverything in the effort to shine like
others Thoagh the heavens fall they
must be In the fashion
The most faaous frauds of the day
have resulted from this feeling It
keeps hundreds of men struggling for
their commercial existence The trouble
is that some are caught and incarcerated
if their larceny be small If It be great
they Qescape and bnild their castle on
the Rhine Men get Into jail not because
they steal but because they did not steal
Again Wrong fashion makes people
unnatural and untrue It is a factory
from which come forth more hollow pre
tenses and unmeaning flatteries and
hypocrisies than the Lowell nilils ever
turned out shawls and earments Fash
ion is the greatest of all liars It has
made society insincere You know not
what to believe When people ask you
to come you do not know whether or
not they want you to come When they
send their regards you do not know
whether it is an expression of their heart
or an external civility We have learned
to take almost
Word is sent not at home when they
are only too lazy too dress themselves
They say The furnace has just gone
out when in truth they have had no fire
In it all winter They apologize for the
unusual barrennessjof their table when
they have never lived any better They
decry their most luxurious entertainment
to win a shower of approval They
apologize for their appearance as thougn
it were unusual when always at home
they look just so They wonldjmake you
believe that some nice sketch on the wall
was the work of a masterpainter It
was an heirloom and once hung on the
walls of a castle and a duke gave it to
their grandfather People who will not
lie about anything else will lie about
a picture On a small income we
must make the world believe that
we arc affluent and our life becomes a
cheat a counterfeit and a sham Few
people are really natural and unaffected
When I say this I do not mean to slur
cnltured manners It is right that we
should have more admiration for the
sculptured marble than for the unhewn
block of the quarry From many circles
in life fashion has driven out vivacity
and enthusiasm A frozen dignity instead
floats about the room and Iceberg grinds
against iceberg You must not laugh
outright it is vulgar You must smile
You must not dash rapidly across tne
room you must glide There is a round
of bows and grins and flatteries and
ohs and ahs and simperings and namby
pambyism a world of which is not worth
one good ronnd honest peal of laughter
From such a hollow round the tortured
guest retires at the close of the evening
and assures his host that ho has enjoyed
himself Thus social life has been con
torted and deformed until in some
mountain cabin where rustics gather to
the quilting or the opplepaTlng there
in more good cheer than In all the fres
coed icehouses of the metropolis We
want in all the higher circles ot society
more warmth ot heart and naturalness of
behavior and not
Again Wrong fashion is ncompstible
with happiness Those who depend for
their comfort upon the admiration of oth
ers are subject to frequent disappoint
ment Somebody will criticise their ap
pearance or surpass them in brilliancy
or will receive more attention Oh the
jealousy and detraction and heart burn
ings of those who moveiu this bewildered
mozj Poor butterfliesI Bright wings
do not always bring happiness
She that liveth in pleasure is
deod while she liveth The
revelations ot high lite that come to the
challenge and the fight are only the occa
sional croppings out ot disquietudes that
are underneath like the stars of heaven
for multitude but like the demons ot the
pit for hate The misery that will to
night in the cellar cuddle up in the straw
is not so utter as the princely disquietude
which stalks through splendid drawinz
rooms brooding over the sliehts and of
fences of luxurious life The bitterness
of life seems not so unfitting when drunk
out of a pewter mug as when it pours
from the chased lips of a golden chalice
In the sharp crack of the voluptuarys
pistol putting an end to his earthly mis
ery I hear the confirmation that in a
hollow fastidious lite there is no peace
Again devotion to wrong fashion is
productive of physical disease mental
imbecility and spiritual withering Ap
parel Insufficient to keep out the cold and
the rain or so fitted upon the person that
the functions of life are restrained late
hours filled with excitement and feasting
free drafts of wine that make one not
beastly intoxicated but only fashionably
drunk and luxurious Indolence are the
instruments by which this unreal lite
Into valetudinarianism and the grave
Along the walks of prosperous life Death
goes amowing and such harvests as are
reaped Materia medlca has been ex
hausted to find curatives for these physi
ological devastations Dropsies can
cers consumptions gont and almost
every Infirmity in all the realm of pathol
ogy have been the penalties paid To
counteract the damage pharmacy has
gone forth with medicament panacea
elixir embrocation salve and cataplasm
Tonight with swollen feet upon cush
ioned ottoman and groaning with aches
innumerable will be the votary of luxuri
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ous living not halt so happy as his
groom or coalbeaver Wrong fashion
is the worlds undertaker and drives
thousands of hearses to Greenwood and
Laurel Hill and Mount Auburn
But worse than that this folly Is an
Intellectual depletion This endless
study of proprieties and etiquette pat
terns asd styles is bedwarfing to tne in
tellect I never knew a woman or a man
of extreme fashion that knew much How
belittling the study of the cut of a coat
or the tie ot a cravat or the wrinkle In a
sleeve or the color of a ribbon How
they are worried It something gets un
tied or hangs awry or is not nicely
adjusted With a mind capable of meas
uring the height and depth of great sub
jects able to unravel mysteries to walk
through the universe to soar up Into the
Infinity of Gods attributes hovering
perpetually over a new style of cloak I
bave known men reckless as to their
character and regardless of Interests
momentous and eternal exasperated by
the shape of a vestbutton What Is the
matter with that woman wrought up in o
the agony of despair Oh her muff is
out of fashion
Worse than all this folly Is not satis
fled until It has extirpated every moral
sentiment and
A wardrobe is the rock upon which
many a soul has been riven The excite
ment of a luxurious lite has been the
vortex that has swallowed ud more souls
than the maelstrom off Norway ever
destroyed ships What room for ele
vating themes in a heart filled with the
trivial land unreal Who can wonder
that in this haste for sungilded baubles
and winged thistledown men and women
should tumble into ruin The travelers
to destruction are not all clothed in rags
On that road chariot jostles against
chariot and behind steeds In harness
goldenplated and glittering tbey go
down coach and four herald and
postilion racketing on the hot
pavements ot hell Clear the track
Bazaars hang out their colors over the
road and trees ot tropical fruhfulness
overbranch the way No sound of woe
disturbs the air but all is light and sonz
and wine and gorgeousness Tne wrld
comes out to greet the dazzling proces
sion with Hurrah Hurrah But
suddenly there is a halt ana an outcry of
dismay and an overthrow worse than the
Red Sea tumbling upon the Egyptians
Shadow of gravestonea upot finest silk
Wormwood squeezed Into impeatled
goblets Death with one cold breath
withering the leaves and freezing the
In the wild tumult of the last day
he mountains falling the heavens flying
the thrones uprising the universe as
sembling amid the boom of the last
great thunderpeal and under the crack
ling of a burning world what will be
come of the disciple ot unholy fashion
But watch the career ot one thoroughly
artificial Through Inheritance or per
haps his own skill having obtained
enough for purposes of display he feels
himself thoroughly established He sits
Aloof from the common herd and looks
out of his window upon the poor man
and says Put that dirty wretch oft my
steps immediately Oa Sabbath days
he finds the chnrch but mourns the tact
he must worship with
and says They ore perfectly awful
That man that you put in my pew had a
coat on his back that did not cost
5 He struts through life unsympa
thetic with trouble end says I cannot
be bothered Id delighted with some
doubtful story of Parisian life but
thinks that there are some very indecent
things la the Bible Walks arm In arm
with the successful man of the world
but does not know his own brother Loves
to be praised for his splendid house and
when told that he looks younger than ten
years ago says Well really do you
think bo
Bnt the briet stmt o his life 13 about
over Upstairs be dies No angel
wings hovering about him No Gospel
promises kindling up the darkness but
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and a bust of Shakapere on the mantel
The pulses stop The minister comes In
to read of the resurrection that day
when the dead shall come up both he
that died on the floor and he that expired
under princely upholstery He is carried
out to burial Only a few mourners but
a great array of carriages Not one com
mon man at the funeral No befriended
orphan to weep a tear on his grave No
child ot want pressing through the ranks
of the weeping saying De is the last
friend I have and I must see him
What now He was a great man
Shall not chariots of salvation come
down to the other side of Jordan and es
cort him up to the palace Shall not the
angBfs exclaim Turnout A prince
is coming Will the bells chime Will
there De harpers with their harps and
trumpeters with their trumpets
No No No There will be a shud
der as though a calamity had happened
Standing on heavens battlement a
watchman will see something shoot past
with flery downfall and shriek Wan
dering star for whom Is reserved the
blackness of darkness forever
But sa1der yet Is the closing of a wo
mans life that has been
all the wealth of a lifetimes opportunity
wasted What a tragedy A woman on
her dying pillow thinking of what she
might have done for God and humanity
and yet having done nothing Compare
her demise with that of a Harriet Newell
reviewing her lifetime sacrifices
tor the redemDtlon of India or the
last hours ot Elizibeth Hervey having
exchanged her bright New England
home for a life at Bombay amid
stolid heathenism that she might
illumine ltsaylng In her last moments
It this is the dark valley It has not a
dark spot In it all is light light or
the exit ol Mrs Lennox falling under
sudden disease at Smyrna breathing out
her soul with the last words Oh how
hapny or the departure of Mr3 Sarah
D Comstocs spending her life for the
salvation of Barman giving up her
children that they might come home to
America to be educated and saying as
she kissed them goodbye never to see
them again O Jesus I do this for
Thee or the going of 10000 good
women who in les3 resounding spheres
have lived not for themselves but for
God and the alleviation of human suffer
ing That was a brilliant scene when in
1485 in the campaign for the cipture of
Iionoa Queen Elizabeth of Ctstile on
horseback side by side with King Ferdi
nand rode out to review the
troops As she in bright armor
rode along the lines ot the
Spanish host and waved her jeweled
hand to the warriors and ever and anon
uttered words of cheer to the worn veter
ans whd far away from their homeswere
risking their lives for the kingdom it was
a spectacle that Illumines history Eat
more glorious will be the scene when that
consecrated Christian woman crowned in
heaven shall review the souls that on
earth she clothed and fed and medlcined
and evangelized and then introduced into
the ranks celestial As on the white horse
of victory side by side with the King this
Queen unto God forever shall ride past
the lnes of those in whose salvation she
bore a part the scene will surpass any
thing ever witnessed on earth in the lite
ot Joan ot Arc or Penelope or Semlra
mls or Aspasia or Mariamne or Marga
ret of Arjou Hide on victor
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What Has the Executive Committee Done
Abilene Tex Jan 271SS3
To the ESltor ot the Gazette
Will some member of the executive
committee of the Immigration association
arise and explain to the people of Texas
what said committee is doing in the way
of advertising Texas It has now been
about one month since their work began
and though the duties of this committee
were clearly defined so far as I can learn
the only thing that has been attempted
was the appointment of the deep water
committee to visit Washington Will
some member of said committee
also let us know by what author
ity said committee assumed to
appoint said deep water delegation
when the central immigration committee
met and appointed said executive com
mittee It laid down its powers and not a
word was said about deep water nor was
there any general welfare clause in
said powers under which they could pre
sume to act as they have My object
however is not so much to complain at
what this committee has done but what
it has not done Has it made any
contract for cheap printing
Has it issued a single document
setting forth to the world the advanta
ges of Texas Has it taken one step or
done one thing towards inducing emi
gration to come to Texas If so will
some member state what Col Elliott
says that It parcelled out all otthe
work to the local committees When
the immigration convention was In ses
sion at Dallas there was a proposition
to leave all this work to the local com
mittees and It was or It should have
been laid on the table and it
was the intention of that convention
clearly expressed in its resolutions that
there should be a central committee and
that this committee should be a working
committee and should advertise the state
and not leave It to somebody else or some
other committee to do the work The
people demanded this at the bands of
their central committee and with this
object in view the executive committee
was appointed and the people have
waited long and patiently for thl execu
tive committee to go to work but instead
of working they are off on a lark hunt
ing deep water
Texas jnst now Is more interested in
Immigration than deep water and it this
great movement of the people means any
thing it is time that some results were
being seen Alpha
Meeting at Senardvllle
Correspondence of the Gazette
MKXABDVHIJC Tex Jan 25 A very
enthusiastic Immigration meeting of the
citizens of Menard and Schleicher conn
ties was held here today The object of
the meeetlng was to appoint two dele
gates from Menard and two delegates
from Schleicher counties to represent
this section In the immigration conven
tion to be held at San Antonio on Febru
ary lnext After the organization of the
convention was perfected Colonel W M
Black and William Sanders were appoint
ed as delegates The convention then
Alter this the Wool Growing Associa
tion met and passed resolutions protest
ing against the removal of the tariff on
Stabbrd rih SliteFencU
Hartford Oooiant
Paul Faniscourt seven years of age of
Providence li I while running with a
slatepencil about three inches and a halt
In length In his right hend canghthia
foot in the carpet and was thrown head
foremost falling heavily to the floor The
slatepencil penetrated his breast to tho
of the pencil exposed The mother ot
the child realizing that the
boy had been seriously hurt sum
moned a doctor who extracted the pencil
with his fingers not daring to use an in
strument as he was of the opinion that a
very little agitation of the pencil would
produce Instant death or perhaps break
the brittle substance the end ol which
rested directly on the lads heart The
boy was unconscious from the time of
the accident until after the pencil had
been extracted and was then restored to
consciousness by artificial means The
doctor regards the case as a most re
markable one and the boys escape from
Instant death almost miraculous He
will probably recover from the accident
The City Editor of a Knozvlllo Paper At
tacked In Front ol a Chnrch
Knoxville Tknn Jan 29 a shoot
ing affray occurred here this morning In
front of St Johns Episcopal chnrchwhich
resultedIn thejwoundlnglof three menone
of them fatally As James F Rute city
editor ot the Knoxville Journal was en
tering the church accompanied by his
wife he was accosted by the three men
who wanted to speak to him He walk
ed to the opposite side of the street with
them where all four stood talking
some minutes The three men were
John West William West and a friend
ol theirs named Goodman They attacked
Rute on account of a communication
which appeared in the Morning Journal
reflecting upon Dr T A West a city
physician and father of John and William
West Rute refused to give the name
ot the author of the communication or to
make any satisfactory answer to their
questions West struck Ruteand attempted
to bear him to the ground Rute drew
revolver and shot John West through the
body William West Immediately a red on
Rute the ball passing through his wrist
John West then cut Rute In the back
seven times William West placed his
revolver at Rutes forehead and fired but
Rute knocked the pistol up receivlngonly
a scalp wound Rute then fired two more
shots one of them taking effect In the
shoulder of Goodman who seemed to be
attempting to separate the combatants
A number of men rushed from the church
and stopped the bloody fight William
West ran away uninjured Rute waa
able to get up and walk to the church
but John West was carried home
in a dying condition Rutes
injuries are not dangerous and Goodman
Is not seriously wounded The West
boys and Goodman went to Rutes house
early this morning but did not find him
Rute was afterward warned that they
were seeking him and making threats
The entire community sides with Rute in
the matter William West has been ar
Hnnt County Ken Charged TVlthv
Aisanlt to murder
Special to the Gazette
Grsenville Tex Jan 29 Andrew
J Beason and W P Mills both young
men and living in this county in the
neighborhood of Wolfe City on the Hth
of November last engaged In a sort of
mutual combat with pistols in abont sir
feet ot each other Neither of the parties
was hit Beason was tTied yesterday in
the District court for assault to murder
on Mills and the jury at a late hour last
night returned a verdict ol guilty with
two years in the penitentiary The other
party W P Mills Is also indicted for tha
same oSense committed on Beason
The Stfeea or Heat ond OoW
It has been aifeu which navels faster heat
cold and an rec > heat Because anj
can catch ac IdStelt therefore follows
every one tAoifllvkeep Tayloij Cherokee
BeraeayotSw eA < laar n5MaUelnwWotttUV
depth ot three Inches leaving a htel inch suia coughs cot a ana wjnsunipuoa

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