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Doc H A Lswis a wellknown citizen
2fcf Grapevine has been confined to his
time by illness
Ijujom some
I F Smith J E Tilman and A J
Xukens of Wabash Ind arrived in Fort
Worth last night and will spend several
days here The gentlemen came to pros
pect especially with a view of locating a
furniture and screen door factory Mr
Smith is a brother of the ticket agent at
the city office of the Santa Fe
With two tanneries in successful ope
ration with full force in Fort Worth
there should be a first rate opening for
an enterprising man to start a glue fac
At midnight on January 26 Jeff Row
land an old and prominent citizen cf
Tarrant county died at his residence at
White Settlement Deceased was Identi
fied with the Settlement and the county
and was esteemed by all
Reports yesterday received from Knox
and Garza counties say stock in neither
locality have su Cared much this winter
although the weather has been the most
severe known in the state for years At
the latter place the mercury went down
as low as io below zero during the cold
snap cf a fortnight ago
Captain C W McGehee a wellknown
horse and mule dealer of Weatherford
was In Fort Worth last evening He says
last week he sent a carload of horses to
Illinois and he expects a great deal of the
trade in those animals in Texas this year
will come from that section though the
business done will not be of so great vol
ume as it was last year
Captain McGehee says cattle in Parker
county are in firstrate shape and feeding
stock in North Texas so far as he
lias learned are doing first rate notwith
standing rumors of a contrary nature
which have been in circulation lately
Said Colonel W C Young yesterday
The bulk of the trade In Texas cattle this
year for stocking ranges Is going to come
from the Indian Territory I think as
soon as the time is ripe and the range
owners have made preparations there
will be a big demand for cattle to go
there There will be few cattle wanted
for northwestern ranges There is a
matter of a dollar or two per head on
the price at which cattle are held
and that at which the ouyer wants to pur
chase When this difference has been
overcome as it will soon there will be
quite a trade spring up
The farmer should as nearly as possi
ble produce everything necessary for the
sustenance of life if in addition to this
he can manage to market his products in
the most concentrated form his success
Is assured There can be no doubt that
the stock farmer most nearly compiles
Vlth these conditions of greatest sccess
He owns horses cattle and sheep which
inrnish him meat and labor His pasture
sustains them daring the greater part of
the year without effort and the food nec
essary to keep them during the winter
months he raises on his farm His fields
supply him with corn and wheat his gar
den and orchard with fruit and vegeta
bles The hardest times will not find him
Without the necessaries of lifeand pros
perous years will yield him large returns
The happiest countries on the globe are
those where stock farming is practiced
Mr T T D Andrews agent of the
Bureau of Animal Industry was seen last
evening at the Ellis Mr Andrews had
just returned from St Louis and being
asked for news ot Interest to stockmen
said the reports he had received from the
northwest were to the effect that stock
had not suffered there to anv great extent
so far In Montana particularly they
lad been leniently dealt with and he did
cot think the losses there were ot suf
ficient importance to deter the rangemen
from stocking with Texas cattle
Mr Andrews was asked where
all the cattle were coming
from that were being nnloaded on the
Chicago market the number ot such be
ing unusually great for the time ot year
They come from the small stock farms
of Nebraska Wisconsin Kansas and
other nothern states
Have these shipments any significance
to the Texas stockmen
I sbonld say so If these cattle are
slaughtered now they will be so many
less to compete with when the Texan be
gins to ship his stock to the market
A Frisco N M correspondent ota
western newspaper says Jess Pitts
lias made a contract with Messrs Young
Hood Hubbard and Graham of Ameri
can Valley to catch wild cattle in the
mountains ot which there is a supera
bundance Jess is an excellent hand to
wield the lasso There are old moose herds
In the mountains adjacent to the Amer
ican Valley who have evaded all previous
attemptsat capture yet we Incline to the
opinion that many of them will sucenmb
to Flits lasso or vacate the flats The
wild cattle in these mountains are a per
fect nuisance to the cattlemen of that re
gion and If all men who have
cattle there would join to
gether and make on Indiscriminate
killing of them it would be a good thing
for all concerned Owing to the lay of
the country and its denseness it is next
to impoEslble to get them out without
killing them It one catches one and
brands It the chances are he will never port
iee it again There are cattle in these
mountains ten or twelve years old with
on k mark or brand on them and instead
of diminishing are increasing every
year GenUexaVQe get with them and
in the course of a few months
are as wild as the original ones The
only remedy for this evil is to remove the
cause in other words annihilate the en
tire herd of wild cattle But even to do
this it will require experts and not law
yers doctors and railroad men When
one starts after those wild cattle he wants
to have his life Insured We have made
it a practice for the last five years every
spring or fall and sometimes In both of
leaving a shirt sleeve a vest back a coat
collar and sometimes a piece of flesh to
dry and wither on the stiff cedar limbs
in those God forsaken mountains while
wildly pursuing the fleeing bovina
Contractor Hughes has twenty teams
and forty men at work graveling the yards
of the Cotton Belt in North Fort Worth
The Fort Worth and New Orleans will
be extended until its name means what
it says and this before long The Ga
zette states thissimply as a cold un
questionable factftonly that and nothing
Chlef Engineer Bissell of the Fort
Worth and Denyi came In from the front
last algSfcj HSgEays the road will be
completed by March 1 if the blizzards
do not come and it the Houston and
Texas Central will bring the material to
Fort Wortn fast enough
Within thirty days from today the St
Louis Arkansas and Texas will be run
ning trains to Fort Worth from Chicago
Carlo and Memphis and within the same
period the Fort Worth and Denver will
be completed These two facts alone
mean much for this city
General Manager Clark saya Fort Wcrh
should have a belt line that it is needed
now but will soon be an absolute necessi
ty He puts the Missouri Pacific on rec
ord as favoring the move Fort Worth is
the only city in Texas needing a belt line
owing to the fact that in this city more
freight is handled and more cars moved
than In any two other cities in the state
of Texas A belt line goes
H A Fisher general manacer of the
St Louis and Central Illinois Railroad
with headquarters at St Louis accom
panied by his charming wife paid Fort
Worth a visit yesterday Mr Fisher
says he had heard a great deal of Fort
Worth out he was agreeably surprised at
what ho found here In the way of a city
He says as a railroad man that he must
candidly say Fort Worth Is certainly the
rallrcia center of Texas The gentleman
expects to visit us again very soon His
company Is selling excursion tickets to
Itcome3froms very reliable source
that the Southern Kansas of Texas is now
taking preliminary steps looking to the
building of its line from Fort Worth to a
connection with the line from Kiowa to
Panhandle City which it is said will be
extended to a junction with the Fort
Worth line when the latter is built to Al
buquerque As will be remembered the
charter granted this road by the state of
Texas calls for Fort Worth as the
initial point and the headquarters of the
road The Southern Kansas of Texas is
a powerful corporation able to push the
work of construction under high press
ure On to Albuquerqne
Contactor Hushes began work on the
yards of the St Louis Arkansas and Tex
ts Thursday morning and everything is
humming in Cotton Belt circles The
bridge for Marine is ready to
go io the grading at Fossil is nearly
done and timber for the bridge Is on the
ground Some two miles ot track was
laid yesterday and with a continuation
of the superb weather Tarrant connty is
having the track will be in sight of the
metropolis of the southwest by Feb
ruary 15 It is said the Cotton Belt will
run a grand escurslori train to Fort
Worth from St Louis anarfrpntChlcago
in connection with the lllInolH sfetraljig
soon as the road is completed Gret Is 1
the Cotton Belt V
Chief Engineer Hinckley t of the v
Worth yesterday evening directly fr ra j
the woik He says the track crossed Elm
yesterday and that it will only be a
few days now until the rails are laid to
Grapevine He says tho company has
taken the work in hand and will push it
through with all possible speed
and that by tho latter part
of February the road will
be ready for business to Fort Worth
The passenger deport will be of brick is
the decision the company has reached
and the work on both passenger and
freight depots and round house and other
necessary buildings will begin in a very
short time
Major there is a rumor to the effect
that the North Fort Worth City Company
gave vour road a bond that a bridge
would be constructed over the Trinity
How about It
There is no bond of the kind in ex
istence no such bond ever existed and
no such agreement was ever made by any
person or corporation with the St Louis
Arkansas and Texas Messrs Smith
Huffman and Byers made us straight
deeds of donation to the land we own on
the North Side and no bridge was men
What do you think of the bridge
I consider It a cood thing for the
city a very good thing It would also be
a convenience to people coming in on our
trains The gentleman left lastnlght for
Sherman on important railroad business
Topeka Kan Jan 28 The charter of
the KansasTexas and Mexican Railway
was filed yesterday with the Secretary of
State capital 50000000 The direct
ors are George Leis Edwin Brown R
W Siwyer J D Bowersock the wealthy
Mayor ot Lawrence T J Steinberger of
Lawrence W A Meerher Leavenworth
T DTtfllls andCJ Walker Atchison
Levi Wilhem of Winchester George H
Clark C C Olmstead Morris E Janes
David T Keeler and W B Henry ot
Olathe i
The company proposes to build a line
from Kansas City throngh No Mans
Land New Mexico and the Panhandle ot
Texas to El Paso a distance of 1200
miles Another branch is to run from
Medicine Lodge southwest Into and
through Colorado and New Mexico to
Albuquerque NM 500 miles Another
branch is propbsed to Kansas City and
also one from Kansas City to Falls City
Neb a distance of about 150 miles also
still another runs from Lawrence Kas
throngh the counties of Douglas and
Leavenworth to Leavenworth Kas
Special to the Gazotte
Austin Tex Jan 28 The charter of
the Dallas and New Orleans Railroad
Cjmpany was filed today with the Secre
tary of State capital stock 95000000
incorporators James B Simpson of Dal
las J D Smith Edinburgh
Scotland Stephen J Menzies
Liverpool England Glovanl
H Morosinl New York Morgan Jones
Worth Tex J L Cunningham
Palo Pinto Tex and C H Huffman
J T Oliver W T Tannor D W T
Smith Henry C Clark B A Hoyt
J H Howea and J S Dougherty
all of Dallas The principal cfllce is to
be at Dallas The line is to extend
from Fort Worth running southeast
through the counties of Tarrant
Dallas Kaufman Henderson Anderson
Cherokee Houston Angelina Nacogdo
ches Trinity Polk Tyler Jasper and
Newton to a point In Newton and
thence about 250 miles further
to the Louisiana line The first
board of directors are Joseph B
Simpson T J Oliver W C Connor C
A Huffman J Duncan Smith D W C
Smith and Ernest Zuccsni
The Tarrant County Organization Com
plated and Work Begun
From Sundays Jan 29 Sally
The board of directors of the Fort
Worth and Tarrant County Immigration
Association held their meeting at the
courthouse in this city at 2 oclo k p m
yesterday and completed their organiza
tion by the election of the following offi
Dr George Jackson president W G
Veal first vicepresident Thomas Brat
ton second vicepresident J E M
Yates third vicepresident C CAllen
secretary O S Kennedy treasurer
Colonel Wynne introduced a resolu
tion for the election of an txecntlve com
mittee ot three who shall have the gen
eral management of the affaire of the as
sociation The following gentlemen
were elected cs the executive committee
Messrs George Jackson W G Veal and
W S Pendleton
Mr Allen stated that he would accept
the appointment of J secretary but that
the success of the organization depended
upon the support ot the people ot Fort
Worth and Tarrant county and that un
less such support was given and the
necessary funds raised to meet the ex
penses ot presenting the advantages of
this county and city there would be no
need for a secretary and that what was
to be done should be done at once
On motlonjall propositions for advertis
ing were referred to the executive com
On motion the board adjourned b
ject to call of the president
The executive committee held a moot
ing and decided to call on some ofkth e
leading citizens of Fort Worth on Jhwij
day and request them to act as solicitors
In securing funds to carry out the pur
poses of the organization TUe commit
tee desire to urge the importance of
Drompt and liberal support dl the citlj
zens of Fort Worth and Tsfr n county
in order to make the
organization a suc
cess The office of the association wllVbe
temporarily located in the office of
Messrs Pendleton Chapman Powell
over First National Bank Second and
Honston streets
Dr BC Flower in Terns
We understand that DrpiR C Flower
of Boston will be at the Hou Mp Texas
Capitol Hotel Fridayand Sattijdsw Feb
3 and 4 San Ant ta MengerTBfateJ
Monday and Tuesdayiiiib 6and 7 Attsi
tin Drlskill Hotel WeanesdaV Feb 8
Fort Worth Llndell Hjptel Thursday
Feb 9 < 2 > aMas Grand Windsor Hotel
Friday asiSaturday JJeb 10 and 11
Marshall Capitol Hotel Monday
Feb 13 rinupSgss oclock p m
This will give the vectors many patients
and friends in ourtate an opportunity
to personally consnlthim Dr Flowers
New He9ltaj Ajacejn Boston is raDidly
approachrag 3pleionlt is claimed that
It will surpass ISPpiJlnt of magnificence
comfort and completeness any health
ho j e in the worlds Dr Flowers power
of correctly diagnosing disease without
asking tbV toentfja s ngle question gives
him n advaijpge In the treatment of his
patiej snoteajoyed by other physicians
wbose 3oractlce is necessarily for the
inost psrEgaefB work
Orijthe completion < f hl3 new Health
pAla cei Dr Flowo expects to remain in
Bostont ai he may give his patients in
his new ho me his own personal attention
Louis Arkansas and Texas was in Fori Hence tbhgwlll probably be the last op
our people will have to person
y consult this most successful physi
cian of the country
A Olear Oats of Justifiable Homicide The
The readers of The Gazette will re
member a brief notice of the killing ot
Dick Dickinson In New Mexico by Scott
Reed a son of Captain J D Reed of this
city The Socorro Bullion says The
particulars of this affair are as follows
Oa the eveninc of the 23d Dick Dickin
son and Scott Reed while eating supper
together became involved in a dispute
which finally resulted in Dickinson jump
ing to his feet and remarking that then
was as good a time as any to settle the
quarrel at the same moment attempting
to draw his revolver Reed however
was too quick for blm and succeeded in
getting the first shot which
wounded his assailant so that
he died the following day
Those who are familiar with the facts in
the case say that Dickinson made several
attempts dnrlng the day to pick a quar
rel bnt Reed avoided him and it was
only when his own life was in danger
that he used a pistol Scott Reed who
Is the son of Captain J D Red Is but
eighteen years of ae and recently left
school He surrendered himself to the
authorities shortly after the killing and
waiving the examination was placed
nnder 5000 bond Captain J S Snlffio
has been employed as his attorney
From this it Is Been that young Reed
avoided the difficulty and only fired in
I KlDRlng Voiles
Lathe ears
roaring buzzing
sound are Saased by catarrh that ex
ceedlngly disagreeable and very common
disease Loss o Mjplell or hearlrg also
result from catar h Hoods Sarsaparilla
the great blootfjrarlfler is a peculiarly
successful reSreay for this dlseae which
it cures by purifying the blood If you
suffer from catarrh try Hoods Sarsa
parill3th3 peculiar medicine
First Bljtrlct Teachers to Meet at
From Saturdajs Jan 23 Dally
W H Klmbrougb president of the
Teachers Institute of the First
district of Tarrant county an
nounces that a regular session will be
held at Bedford College on February 4
Not only will all teachers be welcome
but the public generally is cordially in
vited to be present The exercises
promise to be ot more than usual Interest
and the attendance should be large
The liver Is thewtaclpal organ of the
human body frommjich disease generally
springs KeepJjrirr4regular action by
using Magalres Candgrango
The Charter Recorded Officers Elected1
and the Company Fully Organ
ized for Active Work
The Psople Unit Save Their K e and Pa
per the Farmers Straw Corn Btolka
and Even Corn Cobs
At a meeting of the directors of the
Fort Wortth Paper Mill Company held in
the office of the Merchants and Manufac
turers Bureau at t p m yesterday offi
cers were elected as follows Mejor K
11 VarZaadt president of the Fort
Worth National Bank president Colonel
J P Smith capitalist vicepresident
R II Sellers of the real estate firm of
R H Sellers Co secretary A B
Smith cashier of the Merchants National
Bank treasurer
The directors of the Fort Worth Paper
Mill Company are K M VacZmdt
President Fort Worth National Bank
M B Loyd President First National
Bank W M Harrison President State
National Bank W J Boaz President
Traders National Bank EWTaylor
President Merchants National Bank J
P Smith capitalist all of Fort Worth
Texas and J Jnvenet jnte manufacturer
New Orleans La
Word was received by Secretary Sellers
yesterday afternoon that the charter was
in proper form and had been filed To
day several ot the officers will inspect
certain localities with a view of selecting
a site for the mill The only thing
definitely determined is that the mill will
be erected on the Trinity at some point
helowthe waterworks In conversation
with Mr Jnvenet yesterday that gentle
man said
We want people to save their rags and
old papers The Fort Worth paper mill
will buy them
We want farmers to save their oat
straw wheat straw their corn stalks and
even their corn cobs The Fort Worth
paper mill will pay for them
We want the scouring mills to save
their debris and refuse The Fort Worth
paper mill will buy them
You can say that like Paris France
Fort Worth will soon have her own rag
From this it will be seen that a paper
mill will be a source of prefix not only
to those engaged in its operation but to
the people of the county nni city at
large It will be but a short time until
operations will begin
Thomas Carlylr
The great Scot author suffered all
his life with dyspepsia which made his
own life miserable and paused his best
andtrtfsst friends not a llttl pain because
ot iila vfretfnlne s Dyspepsia generally
arises from dtsSsse of Mi liver arift as
iJr Pierces fiblden MfijHcal Dlscotferv
dnrcs ll dlseafts of UK great glafrd it
f oWtrraVwbal caffiot bejCa rlyles
even with dyspepsiaall certtbtrfree from
the malady while emulating his virtues
The Clttiecs Hold an Enthusiastic Immi
gration Association Bleetlnjr
The laV offices of Pendleton Chapman
Powell were crowded Monday after
noon oti30 oclock by the representa
e oaefearnest citizens of Fort Worth
IfwsBHhe question of showing that Fort
Worth was determined in the Immigra
tion matter that was np for discussion
Several speeches were made and breathed
sound Men
no uncertain pledged them
selves to give from 25 to 810 and 5 per
month for twelve months and said if
more was needed to call on them The
following resolutions were unanimously
adopted tj
Resolved that it is the sense of the
business men ot Fort Worth that the Im
migration Association of Fort Worth and
Tarrant county shall be made a success
and we hereby pledge ourselves to do all
we can to further this enterprise
Resolved that a committee ot five be
hereby selected who will servo to act as
directors and that they be hereby in
structed to begin the canvass at once
Tne following gentlemen were selected
as the committee George H Chase R
H Sellers A F Trultt E E Cnase and
E B Daggett Oa motion Mr C C Al
len was added to the committee
It 13 to say tha feast wrfong for anybody to
go to church or pnbllo meeting hackln away
and disturbing thefttfeacher or orator with
coughing Vie Druairs Cough Sjiuy at
once It costs onlyj ccns a bottie
< tat
The Habeas Ooipns Wilt Wins and a Big
IMmHgs Snlc Filed
From Sundaj a Jan29 Dally
The trial of H H Brumly arrested on
a chnrge of robbing a Texas and
Pacific train at Benbrook came np be
fore Judge Beckham yesterday on writ of
habeas corpus The state refused to
introduce testimony and Brnmly was dis
charged bnt Deputy United States
Marshal Ben Cabell at once arrested
Brumly on three United States
warrants charging him with being in the
Gordon robbery and both the Benbrook
robberies Deputy Cabell took his pris
oner to Dallas last night <
At 5 oclock yesterday a suit was riled
by Templeton Carter in behalf
of Bromley against McGuln Wing Car
ney Williams Marshal Sam Farmer T
N Edgell as agent of the Pacific Express
Company and against the company itself
for damages in the sum
of 75000 for alleged Illegal
acts In arresting Brnmly and depriving
him of bis liberty The petition alleges
that the officers named fired Into the
house of Brnmly when his wife
was sick which endangered her
life Marshal Farmer said last night
that hardly any ot the allegations in the
petition weretrue
Our druggist keep for sale Halls
Vegetable SicHiWHalr Benewer the
best preparatlonjSvSr made for restoring
the vitality and
lowjf the hair
Tho Strike and tho Sugar Planters The
Tariff on Sngar
A representative of The Gazette had
the pleasure of meeting Major J C Has
kell ot New Iberia La largely interested
In salt mining who with Colonel E W
Taylor was having a social talk in the
rotunda of the Ellis house Desiring to
learn something of the Pelican state the
scribe asked him about the late strike and
Its effects upon the sugar crop
Major Haskell replied We had a
tad time during that trouble no doubt
The sugar crop was enormous planters
made at least onethird more than
the most sanguine expected and the
interruption to the work of grindi g bn
tailed an enormous loss In oup salt
ever and while the lo3s has been
still the planters have done well
To the Editor of the Gazotte
Said the reporter What Is the polit
ical outlook In your state Do you
think the tariff question w 11 attract any
of the sugar planters to the Republican
Said Major Haskell No I think not
The planters are all Democrats and they
dare not desert thei colors The Re
publicans have nominated Warmoth for
governor and his election would mean
disaster The sugar men would regard
bis defeat a greater victory than any
sugar tariff Besides this every sensible
man knows that the abolition ot the tariff
is merely a question of time It may
not come in a summary or radical shape
but every one knows that it is coming
and are prepared for it
What do you think of the Internal
revenue asked the reporter
Said Major Haskell I believe the
tariff on wool and tobacco must go
And whisky
No whisky may remain taxed and If
any change Is made It will be nominal
A sound mind gow1 v ry seldom without a
sound digestion an J nothing contributes to
ward It more tnan thauseot Ai goaiura Kit
ten the world renowned appetizer nd Invlgo
rator manutacturedOnlytrDr J G B Sle
gcrt Sons
Report of the Jury of Tlew on the Grape
vine Boad
There was filed with County Clerk
Swayne Tuesday a report from the jnry
of view appointed by the Commissioners
court to assess the damages that
would accrue by the straightening
of the Fort Worth and Grapevine road
The jury consisted of Dr A H Boyd J
R Sanders W H Evatt O Rumfleld
and W C Henderson They say teat
95869 85 should be paid to the
men whose land will be
taken for this public necessity
The jury which reported on this matter
some time ago assessed damages at 7031
The money to be paid tor this road goes
to our farmers and Fort Worth
is anxious and willing to
see the land bought and the
money paid as is every section of the
connty It is hoped the Commissioners
will adopt the renort and then let the
road be mide a firstclass tnrn pike
Died at Manifleld
To tho Editor of the Gazette
Mansfdild Tex Feb 1 After a
short illness Mrs Delia Wallace aged
sixty years died at 3 oclock this morn
ing at her residence on Broad street
Her remains will be interred in the Mans
field cemetery tomorrow In losing her
the people of Mansfield lose an estimable
and well beloved lady The entire com
munity extend their heartfelt sympathy
t the griefstricken family
J c
On the
fjj Rxamtnntlon of Toaohers
Itis the unbiased opinion of all who are
nijt literary cranks that there is entirely too
much red tape exhibited in the execution
oI te public school law of Texasand that
thff tft Msfmode of examining teachers
so far from being a fair test of the ability
or scholarship ot the applicants is noth
ing more or less than a conglomerated
mess of useless platitudes and consum
mate pedagoglsm We regret to say itbut
it is a notorious fact that there Is more
absolute humbuggery ard deception in
the modern mode of teaching than enough
Now inasmuch as the other professions
all have their mummery and con
sequent humbusgery it is unrea
sonable to suppose that the profession
of teaching should lag behind the
others in the mad race for profit and dis
tinction and hence it is that in these
modern days there is quite as much de
ception and nonsense In the modes of
teaching as is exhibited by the other pro
fessions In their ordinary role ot duty or
business It is a lamentable fact that
literature has its cranks as well as the
other professions and in no position do
they show off their vanity and pedagog
lsm more so than when unfortunately ap
pointed on examining boards
Man frail man
Clothed with a little brief authority
Flays such f anastlo tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep
The writer once attended an examina
tion where among other fool questions
the following was propounded viz
Where is tho horned horse found
Strange as this may appear it is trne to
the letter
In the Educational Journal among
the questions tor the September examina
tion occurs the following Ten apples
divided between five boys which is the
concrete and which is the abstract
Now will some kind literary crank be
obliging enough to inform the world
what the superfluous terms concrete and
abstract have to do with the solution of
the question
Again in conducting examinations In
mathematics instead of confining them
selves to the essential rules and which
are the only ones absolutely required in
business transactions or in after life the
majority of questions pnt are no more or
less than a foolish collection of arithme
tical enigmas or pnzzles
As the public school terms are short
and as the most of the pupils have but a
brief time to devote to their studies It
seems as If they should be required to
study nothing but what would be actually
ot service in after life As It Is thou
sands of students have wasted their time
and opportunities In solving nonsensical
problems which are of no practical use
whatever as they discover to their sorrow
when too late
In examining teachers therefore in
our humble opinion they should be re
quired to have a fair knowledge of bIUjubI
ness forms as well as a complete kno wj dge
of all business rules They should pos
sess themselves and exact it ofjth eir
students not merely a theoretica baVa
practical knowledge of grammarSge6
graphy history composition and Ses
manshlp s fi
From north south east arldvwesi corags
the warning voice to discard tie practise
of confining students to the BClenc Of
numbers to the neglect of all othefe fsful
studies It is nothing nncommon to meet
with students nowadays who will solve
you any problem in the arithmetic and
yet who cannot for the life of them
make the simplest kind ot bnsiness calcu
lation Again they will repeat the rules
ot grammar glibly and at the same time
could not write ten sentences correctly if
their lives depended on the performance
Never having been made to study what
was useful many qnit school with no
more knowledge of business or the busi
ness transactions ot everyday life than if
they never saw the inside ol a school
room Justitia
ElUed by Resisting Arrest
St Louis Mo Feb 1 In a dispute
growing out of an effort by City Marshal
Bowman to arrest Barton S Roberts at
Centralis Mo this noon the former shot
and killed the latter Bowman lmmedl
mines down nnder the ground wj 4M UmiU np t0 offlcera
not experience any of the effects flae
trouble Onr laborers are pald hlgh
wages have to work hard ba areijCB
tented Of 1 course we conlij seef t
aronnd ns and It was an ly txoura
Everythlnglias settled dowitjwfl how
yf f yon have neveigstsed Carters fcSstia
IlveifS iIlsSgo atjince t jthe nafcst
MrsifjfclrtBe y jSfl tj0rges
Dry Goods Establishment of Barnes
Hengerer Co of Buffalo Destroyed
by Fire Loss 1200000
Adjoining Business Hous i and Stocks
Damaged to the Amount of Several
Hundred Thousand Dollars
Dry Goods Honse on Fire
Buffalo N Y Feb 1 The large
dry goods establishment of Barnes Hen
gerer Co Is now on fire with Indications
of Its being a total loss It Is reported
that a number of lives have been lost In
the fire but nothing dtflaite can be
learned as yet
Latisk Barnes Hengerer Cas es
tablishment is a total loss All the em
ployes have been accounted for The
stores on the opposite side of Main street
from Seventh to the immense establish
ment of Glenny Sans Co will be ser
iously damaged by fire and water It Is
generally hoped that the fire Is now tfader
control The total loss will reach neaih
the full particulars
Buffalo N Y Feb l A few min
utes before noon to day Are was dis
covered In the great dry goods establish
ment of Barns Hengerer Co on Main
street The building had a handsome
iron front and was five stories highland
extended from Main to Perseysyenue
It was only a few minutes ofter Hle fire
was discovered before tho loweJSflaprs
were a mass of flames andin the sboifc space
of half an hour the entire tjaMlngSwUh
Its contents valued at ToOjQQO 1 was
destroyed At first It was fthongSt
that some of the 450 persohSi mpl yediby
the firm had been burrHd 11 but afcj tbCs
hour 10 p m It Is thought that every
body escaped from the building When
the fire broke out many ot the cleTbs and
stewing girls were out at lunch anitfipre
were but few customers in thfC store
There were many narrow escapesjnnd ex
citing scenes while the girls were bejug
rescued from the upper storiesjibutno
serious injuries have as yetbfen reported
The heat Was so intense tfl atweeftorjis of
the entire re departmentof he cltYJTere
required to save the buiUlrig on tnl op
posite side of Main street from tfestrucv
tion The loss by water in these stores
will be heavy The building was owred
by C J Hemlines and was insured tot
SG0000 Barnes Hengerer Co had
000000 on their stock
Across the street the firm of Morgan
Co whose stock is badly damaged Jcfp
water 150000 insurance and Mrs VJ3
Sherman owner of the buildingjfas
Mr Rose advertising agent forBarnes
Hengerer Co reports that all the
clerks have been accounted for and no
one was even seriously hurt The fire
started in the paper room In the base
ment How it started is not really
known but it is thought from a gas jet
The total loss is estimated atabontSl200
000 with enough insurance to cover it
The Third National Bank building and
the Glenny crockery establishment were
somewhat damaged by fire and water
The following firms suffered considera
ble loss from water Flint Kent dry
goods D E Morgan Sons carpets S
O Barnum Co notions E H Jen
nings paper hanging and draperies and
Denton Carters music store
Sentenced to Base
Correspondence of the Gazette
Woodvill Tex Jan 30 Jftshua
Shire colored who was convicted of rape
at the June term ot the District court
last and whose case has been dismissed
from the Conrt ot Appeals Was centenced
today to be hanged on the Cth day of
April next Steps will be taken on the
part of the counsel to seenre executive
A Perm nent Organization Enacted by the
Elecllon ot Officers
Pnrsuant to a call published in Tine Ga
zette Tuesday the directors of the
Board cf Trade met at 10 oclock
at the rooms of the bureau
There was a full attendance The first
business on hand was the election of a
president and E E Chase was promptly
nominated and as promptly elected unani
mously He expressed his thaskslfor the
honor J j
H W Williams was unanimously
elected vicepresident
For treasurer there wef > Jpnr nolnlna
tlons Max Elser A 4BBnth rEJt
Harrold and W J Bpjz t raftjuifed
two ballots to elect andMax SlserVcagh
ler of the City National Bankvwas the
successful man
A secretary was not elected and will
probably not be for sorapllfc e It is
said that a number of competent gentle
men will apply for the position
A committee consisting ofJftPi Smith
Rjbert McCart KM VatZarjdt and E
EChase on constitution and bylaws
was elected j J
The directors by vofieclded ib pur
chase the Seaton property 75x100 fjiet
corner Houston anaevenliLlf the owner
furnish evidence of good tUla to said
property within thirty days In the event
such tltte 13 not shown within that time
It was decided that K M VanZandt B
C Evans and H W Williams be a com
mittee to close with W J Boaz tor the
Sixth and Houston street property and to
obtain a thirty days extension of the op
tion held on said property
The meeting adjourned subject to the
call of the president
The Board of Trade is now a full
fiedged Fort Worth lnstitu ion and its
history Is illustrative ot the Fort Worth
way On January 7 three or four gentle
men met and talked over the project of
establishing a Board ot Trade here and
erecting a sixstory 100000 building
and by January 31 the stock has all been
taken the site selected the directors
chosen the cSajter obtained the officers
elected and planS for the building being
prepared >
AdTice < p Mothers >
it >
An Organization Effected and tho Workr
131 gun
Erom Fridays Jan 27 Dally
The officers of this institution met
Taesday evening In the Traders National
Bank and completed the organization
Present W J Boaz T H Tt3e B P
Fakes H C Edrlngton Professor P M
White W M Harrison S P Greene and
M P Bradley Isaac Foster being absent
also Mr Bankm Bible agent for the
state was present
In order to have the full constitutional
number uf directors W J Boaz and H
H Kerr were added to the board Mr
Thomas Royall was elected depository
An order was made for a good snpply of
Bibles and Testaments
W J Boez presented his resignation as
president which was accepted His rea
sons tor this step was entirely satisfac
tory He stated that he was Interested
in the object of this society and would
willingly act as a director Mr T H
Ita opeiS6exc6i > aBPe proven In millions of
homes for nore Uraaa quarter of a century rt
Is um > 3 by the Urlt JStates Government En
dorsedby tho heartspf the Great Universities
a thvSjtODgest Purest and most Healthfa
Dr PrbSiiJJresm flaking Towder does no
contain AC55nrhi IihnB or Alum Sold only
It E HADDOt CO Land A Lire Stoca Dttleri
ft Weieeponhanc
at all ilmesforsaie
stallons Jitkr
Baits Milch cowo
anCflne Iloi Wo
wfffcontrac am
delfvcr flBtJsJtock
tn jy
t Rims he
TJntvinplatBe itb
A Husk Ft Ktrtb
SafTeringfrom thoeue tSof youthful errors oarl
by > NIeadIi > lS
rw tui weakne flostnuiiaic > odetalwm
ayaltfjalo treitidfsealedWccntainin Xall
did nfeglcalwerl ahonwto road bjttvcry
who nor TjoaaalUtatwl AdrcM
Seeds jSs eds I J Std
They arrfMe best Jror sa c
iealerSjt Send < or ttfastratcd
Mention Gazette
Manufacturers Agents for the toale of
Impression repretentlng Gllddon arbld set
Barb 2K Inches apart v
Impression represi
loniffig Gllddeh Regular
5 lficirea apart
Impression representlnsSOval Single Strand
2 point barbs SJttchca apart v
Facts and Kirnr siGlIddou Wire Not Only the
v Best hqWUie j Cheapest
IfrpqnlreaOnly 5ft pounds regular Glldden
Darb Wire loroneVlre one mile at saySs
cents per pouad woWd cost 19 80
Other styles
weighing SIT Rpnttda per mlleal23 cents per 100
Itfiunds less woqOs coat tho same
Vonafls at 50 coXts lees wonld also st ho
same Utotfler SJyleB of wires will weigh from
29 to 50 poundB bore per mile < han tho Glldden
with same stie mate wires and number o barbs
Oirplayed Therefore It Is not alwaya ta
choapert wJre per Sound that mates tho ne
est orJ abMtjfgne
Of our now Oval Single Strand 2 pointed barb
firmly attlched uniformly 3 Inches apart 2
cents per loo pounds less than Gllddendonblcd
and twisted making alight effectivegood
stiong barb wire at a low price Weight only 34C
pounds per mile Tensile strength 14SO pounds
Johnson GrasOeed Alfalfa seed Sorghum
ft 5 Wr
Med 3CTt seefftad lowjgkprlcei
Tort Worth
tforrr worrrn iex
Jisneral Fonts ui MacMnfe
Sftnutacftrers of thoXelebrated
Architectural Iron Work a specialty
Roe was then elected president and Pro
fessor 1 M White vicepresident
good Interest and harmony prevailed in
the meeting
A St Looli Xewepapnr gays the Ics Gorges
Were Formed with a Fatpua
St Louis Mo Feb 1 The Republi
can in a seiies cf interviews with cap
tains ot Missouri and Pacfl ferry boats
charges these men with deliberately
forming a great ice gorge which threatens
31000000 worth ol property and ha3
destroyed from 360000 to 8100000 worth
Charles Teller captain of the Missouri
Pacific is reported as saying
Yes we choked her up There was a
channel about fifty yards wido and I went
np with the Missouri and Captain Joe
Tellar took the Pacific up and we laid
oroadslde ot the channel That stopped
the fine Ice and as It was a cold night it
soon closed the opening We did it sim
1 ply to protect ourselves If the boats
sUgjrtfn s will not come down and help
keep thls throat clear we will have to stop
it up and let them take their chances
The statements of other river men In
the vicinity confirmed those made by
Captain Tellar and while it is proudly
admitted that the river wa deliberately
gorged it was for selfprotection
The case is simply this said one
if I can work my way up through the
ice and make 10000 by it but smashing
another boat by starting the ice down on
it I have a right to do it That Is ma
rine law
Toted on Local Option
Correspondence of the bzette
Wolfe City Tex Jan 28 This pre
cinct voted on local option yesterday
but on investigation it was laMJ that
fortythree votes had been writan wltfL
red Inlr and consequently were thrownX
out which gave the antia a maiorityolj J
nineteen votes

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