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jr Tkt b oliE when
two of them on
each hand and
this blood
e more
atxfl rnp lm
pn2e i
torg Io ll Mass
1 Livaseu AyerTjCnthartic Pills as a
Magnify Mrbdicine
r > r r yeatsfand they have always given the
utmost satisfaction James A Thornton
Blopmington Ind
Two boxes of Ayers Pill cured me of
severe headache from which I was long a
sufferer Emma Keyes Hubbardstown
aran ftp vmaf ff
vowiyjearsold SLr
I undeetpok the carrjQf
fcis moJiec aving died wll n he was a little
t an a yeaf old of consumption sqjjpJf
V c above is one u mpst gratifying of the
can s of cureswadeb3t jjrffPTicuBAREME
v J is concluV fiH that they not
vn tLe worstyfpfes but mre them for all
Hence it i3hat surprlsirtbat mothers
ec0 < uldren blei s Mwgroicun J JiEDiES
TirCRA the grea P D jastantly allays
H most agonizing itdjiugT Durning and in
faimanon cleats thp kju and scalp of crusts
< ales heals ulcers p nd sores and restores
t < nair Cuticura Soab 4the greatest of skin
t Tifiers and beautjfiers is indisensible in
rating skin diseases and baby humors It
reduces the whitest clearest skin and softest
lands free from pimples spot or blemish Cot
i r ra Resolvent the new blood and skin pu
PLES black heads red rough chapped
and oily skin prevented by Cuticura Soap
An Inoffensive Old Slim in Carter County
Horribly Eeaten by Four Men
Purine the Struggle a FourleenYearOld Boy
Lsed a Shotgun and Killed Two The
Others E3cape
Special to the Gazette
U = as City 3lo April 15 A special from
i i o phan Mo says For some time past thero
i ave beeu rumors that the old Bald Knobber
rgamzution has been reorganized but so far as
t t < ounty is concernedthe people have given
hrmselvts no uneasiness as it was not affected
bttore when the band was in full sway
arter county has however fallen unde he
Uai of the night riders and for several ds p5 t
thre liaie been warnings sent out to Tarious
r > n thr ughout the country notifying tliejn that j
iv iou 11 be visited by regulators if th did
t quu sundiy bad practices Not rauwi at
r ion was paid to these warnings by the r icip
u but last Saturday night a raid was ofguu
d 0 the band and the first house reacheaiu
11 1r rounds was that of Ephraim Holland an
man v ho had for some unknown cause given
fieiisf Holland is a poor man but so far as
an < k it rued admittance This was refused
r i wi e one member of the gang held the
se > 1 lo others battered down the door with a
i j The old man made a feeble resis
ur l > ui he was knocked down and the assail
> i an kicking and pounding him whUeJe
atiiuir mercy The fourteen
li < > jad Gene was aro
< i r < ana taking a shotgun
Dr J O AYEB CO Lowell 2Iass
Sold by all Dealers in Mediclna Mg c
TeiarkanaThe r
Ladys Kescrlptlon i
Precial to the
Texabkana Tex Aprn 15Last night the
ife of Dr Jones at the San Antcnio house
chin be
the under lip
which was very
offensive His
head was one
solid srabdis
strong andj
Running sprcs nil over his body Head a solid scab discharging offouslve matter Bonos
nffertrd and pieces discharged Cosfrd not get up If he Toll down Could not move in bcd
having no use of his hands One of tho xnont remarkable amonc tho thousands of cures
maleby the Cnticura Jtemedies B This cure iras mndo May 9 1885 and has re
mained permanent to dateFeb 7 1S90
Cured by Cuticura
Wlira six months old the left hand of our lit
t pjmdcbid began to swell and had every ap
rt iacce of a large boil We poulticed it but all
< i > purpose About five months after It be
< u 0 a running sore Soon other sores formed >
He then had
ula of course He could walk a little but
could not get up if he fell down and could not
move when in bed having no use of hi3 hands
I immediately commenced with the Cuticuea
Remedies using all freely One sore after an
other healed a bony matter forming in each
one of these five deep ones just before healing
which wpuld finally grow loose and were taken
out tMh thej would heal rapidly One of those
uglj bone formations I preserved After taking
bottles he was completely
fred and fjgow at the age of six years a
ftltby child
555 612 E Clay St BloomingtonIll
Id was really in a worse condition than
peared to his grandmother who being with
lm every day became accustomed to the dis
se Maggie Hopping
Sept 13 1BSS No return of disease to date
gij Yonr letter of inquiry in regard to the perma
jTnency of the cure by the Cdticura Remedies
of my little grandson was duly received and I
am happy to say he remains perfectly well and
has no sores and no signs of scrofula If he
gets a cut or bruise it heals readily and the child
is well Mrs E S DRIGGS
Feb7 1S90 012 EClay StBloomingtonlll
rifier and greatest of humor remedies cleanses
the blood of impurities and poisonous elements
and thus emoves the cause Hence the Cuti
cura Remedies cure every species of torturing
humiliating itching burningscalyand pimply
diseases of the skin scalp and blood with loss
of hair and all hnmors blotches eruptions
sores scales and crusts whether simple scrof
ulous or hereditary when physicians and all
other remedies fail
Sold everywhere Price Cuticura SOc Soap
23c Resolvent SI Prepared by the Potter
Drug and Chemical Corporation Boston
43Send for How to Cure Skin Diseases Gl
pages 50 illustrations and 100 testimonials with
full directions for home treatment
p A Q V Q stm and scalp purified and beautified
DHD T O by Cuticura Soap Absolutely pure
about 730 oclock with her child aged about
eijrht months mysteriously disappeared and no
trace of her can be found She weighs about
1 2 pounds has blue eyes and light hair and is
twentysix yearold The child is a boy and
very large at his age When last seen she was
dressed in black She has be en suffering with
congestion of the spine Her mind was per
fectly clear at 4 oclock She had in her posses
sion a considerable sum of monei and her hus
band and a large party hunted for her all last
nicht and it is feared that some accident has
befallen her as no reason for her leaving can be
imagined unless she was suriering from deli
President and chief surgeon of the
Hartraan surgical institute and sanita
rium of Columbus Ojijo is visitins his
extensive list of pati rasjn tho state q
Texas and huudreds sjtei afllicted toi
taking advantage of mpvifU to coilpht
him lie is onet the re Sa era
tors living and iral j34ty m tile treat
ment of ohronidtaist4f is unprece
dented T ftas jruad in this state
numerous cugs < jjipTOBSeyes harelip
u3iubf formities ohronio
g j sp nar
cases f rfluriJatienTr catarrh and skin
if seas s for the week begin
ning MlfeOuv ril 21 1S30 will be as
follows IlillsborB Monday April 21 at
jice Gould hotel office hours from 8 a m
to pv4ci Fort Worth Tuesday April
r < J it ne men who were beating hiifather
ii if he gang dropped dead and anqther at
t nl to shoot the boy but before he dbuld do
hr l > nred again and mortally wotmdcjr
i 5 Tin others theu fled and the wouhSed
i 3 crni lea out to the gate where he lay until
unc groaning lust at daylight when
< a > t lie died The neighbors took off the
< tledead men and found them to be
1 v near inl hljors of Holland One was Ed
a < iuu Jr the son of a welltodo
jjfr > m the other was a man named Alex
jreVr aewood who has a reputation orjjepyrfi
i v ad character jn jthe lieighboihood
ieai r of the other t avls unknown
4V J
r i 1 1 others as a family medicine They
uf sUitiii to every constitution old and
j u and being sugarcoated are agree
< io uke Purely egetable they leavo
i ill Jt as but strengthen and regulate
i i inuach liver and bowels and restore
01k r organ to its normal function For use
M r at home or abroad on land or sea
t ii liiiS
Are the Best
Ayprs Pills have been used in my family
f r Stlurty years Ve find them anex
e ilentjtoeduine m fe e is eruptive diseases
r J alPSilious troubles and seldom call a
r > ha Tiity Jre almost the only pill
tid in r e borhood Redrnon C
< i > > K Lading P O W Feliciana
I vir
ani dunuj
rr n r < > i
kiil fnx
v c arttivsS
i a A h > v
A W faixJ
in this country eight years
is time neither I nor any
RBjtily luive used any other
iieHteui Ayers Pills but theso
pp ftipiand and I should not
o t mg without them
ofiiqe hours from 8 a ra to 7 p m
bherman Thursday April 21 at tho
Boiler house office hours from 8 a m
to t ra Whitesboro from 3 p m
A Demented Girls Act
Ott April 13 Miss Alice Elliott aged
t < rue while suffering from dementia
s > a lo r a a small penknife with the blades
c i n o far she has experienced no unpleas
< rrsu t but her physician Dr Bell is
lung the case with great anxiety
thovVynnewood hotel office hours from
f mjibS p m
j lK
Tho Srevi niugdiseasj4Tlvtfe < s3irlrig and sum
mer ftaoiliojjsness XJascariuMs a npsitiva cure
antiifleasatft to take tifi gSF
if Z f f
Tiro In aiadrids Gns Works
Madrid April 13 All efforts to extinguish
the fire which broke out in the Madrid gas
r rorks last night havo proved unavailing and
th e p is still burning The city depended on
thejfrfjpjy of g s and tonight itnvill be with
outra lfgbt as a consequence
On Se effective actiofeprtne digestive organs
depd fswhe vigor rBo dyl 3 glow of health
aKnrtSseaceof muid Affefitionsdisturbing these
jtfSS tqAeigordis manh bd idissipated by
Residence Burned
Specia to the Gazette
Marshall Tex April ID Last night about
10 oclock the residence of John Hanson was
burned Insurance on house S700 in the
Phoenix of Brooklyn furniture 300 in the Ken
Orleans insurance association Cause of Are
Wanted in Kentucky
Special to the Gazette
Gmxesville Tex April 15 Henry Perkins
a negro was arrested here this afternoon on a
requisition from the governor charged with
murder committed in Toud county Ky five
years ago The accused does not deny th e kill
ing but claims Justification The sheriff from
Kentucky is on his way here to get his prisoner
Farmers In 3 eed
Lixcolx Neb April 15 Governor
Thayer is in receipt of trustworthy in
formation from Cheyenne Banner and
other far western Nebraska counties
living account of a disastrous stoim
The wind blew so hard that grain which
had been sown was blown entirely out of
the ground over thousands of acres
Farmers must commence at the begin
ning and are unable to do so They
havo no funds to buy seed and the gov
ernor will issue a general call for aid for
the uulortunate people Wheat and
oats for seed will bo espeolalty needed
It was Whisky Xliey Wanted
Ralkigh N C April 15 Sheriff
Pulley of Parson county has never had
a more thrilling and doubtless unique
experience than that of Friday night
last A large party of completely
masked men rode up to the jail in the
little town Roxboro knocked at the
sheriffs doorand when he opened it
rushed in and compelled him to surren
der the keys He expected of course
they were after prisoners to lynch them
but was astonished when they went to a
cell in which a deputy revenue collector
had placed a quantity of Illicit whisky
Jftrsafpkeeping After they had recap
tcj r the whisky they cflPTely shook
hjggrtfs w th the sheriff jifued the stuff
The Wlfa and Babe of Dr Jones MIcl iM a fon and le fl town a3 fJuietl v as
theqad enterea H
eases ar sid used iieadache sleep
ss jJrvousnes fniA their inception
Tinefvill removihecat jftjSrtue trouble
t islufHible in su
TIic Nineteenth Weeks List of Pre
miums Sent Out to Subscribers
Distributing Handsome Books Silver Spoons
Clocks and China Tea Sets Among
the People
The following premiums have been
distributed among subscribers to the
Weekly Gazette since our last issue
W C Baldridge Bartonville Denton
C Foutz Re Navarro county
J H Herring Throckmorton
Throckmorton county
J A Buchanan Colorado Mitchell
W E MoLaughlln Fresno Collings
worth county
L B Watkins Benjamin Knox
B Z Hurst Fort Worth Tarrant
R A Cavett Valley View Cooke
J E MoPherson Dyer3burg Tenn
J D Carpenter Brownwood Brown
James H Haley Llano Llano county
J C Clements Bogota Red River
JD Holt Santa Anna Coleman
Mrs Sue Evans Post Oak Jack
T J Gibbons Arlington Tarrant
Dextek Tex April 121S90
To the Gazette
I received the premium book you sent me
Was surprised and well pleased With it I find
it very interesting so far Did not know you
were giving premiums until I got the book May
The Gazette live long and prosper Yours
truly W B Boyd
Sipe Sprikgs Tex March 2 1S90
To the Gazette
I have just rrccived your premium book Val
entino and will say it was a surprise to me as I
did not expect to be one of the lucky ones So I
say stay with Democracy aud West Texas will
ever sing praises to The Gazette Many
thanks W G Stockton
Sweetwater Tex March 31 1890
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Gentlemen I received the spoons all right
Many thanks A long and prosperous life to
The Gazette and its managers Yours re
spectfully P Ortega
Carthage Tex April 1 1890
Editor Gazette
Dear Sir 1 take pleasure in returning thanks
for the present of silver plated knives I re
ceived a few days since I was somewhat sur
prised but the gift was nevertheless ap
preciated Yours truly A 9 Koss
Ennis Elms County Tex March 91S0
To the Gazette
Thanks for the interesting book It is neatly
beund and is a desirable premium Success to
The Gazette Respectfully yours
Robert Lambert
Laiipasas Tex Feb 17 1S90
To the Gazette
I received your book and like it very much
Many thanks and long life to The Gazette
Yours truly L W McCrea
Mill Creek I T April 4 1S90
To the Gazette
Dear Editor I received your premium book
r f or which I am well pleased as well as your
l paper Please accept my thanks andbest wishes
for The Gazette I
am yours truly
J H Robertson
Walnut Tex April 14 1 0
Editor of Gazette
Dear Sir Your unexpected premium of silver
plated spoons is hereby acknowledged many
thanks My wife is highly pleased with them
Success to The Gazette W S George
Sweetwater Tex April 2 lb90
To the Gazette
The silver spoons a3 a premium to subscribers
to the Weekly Gazette have been received and
very much appreciated both for their quality
and receiving in connection with the best paper
in the state Please accept my best wishes for
yourselves and The Gazette and two hurrahs
for Throckmorton for governor Yours espect
fully W J Cook
Joshua Tex April C 1S90
Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
DrarSirs The silver spoons were received
yesterday and duly presented to my lady of the
house who says that The Gazette is the best
paper in Texas and I agree with her Yours
truly E S Griffith
Pella Tex Anril i 190
To the Gazette
Having renewed my subscription to The Ga
zette through your agent Mr Bishop I was
very agreeably surprised this evening by the re
ceipt oi your elegant premium book entitled
Valentino for which please accept my thanks
I am well pleased with the book and The Ga
zette Yours truly W T Miller
Jacksonville Cherokee Couoty Tkx
March 2G 1 90
To the Gazette
Thanks for the interesting book It is neatly
bound and is a desirable premium Respect
fully William A Caveness
Kirkland Tex March271S90
To the Gazette
Please accept thanks for the premium spoons
sent me with Gazette My wife is highly
pleased with them and I am as well pleased
with my paper Long live The Gazette and it3
managers Yours respectfully J C Lewis
Amarillo Tex March 21 1S90
To the Gazette
I received your premium book of The Gazette
It was gladly received and much appreciated
and like The Gazette is read with pleasure
Accept my bast wishes Success to The Ga
zette the leading paper of the South
J M MoMahon
Ector Tex March23 1890
To the Gazette
I received the premium book am very much
pleased with it My best wishes to The Ga
zette Yours G W Long
Aberdeen Tex Murchl 1690
To the Gazette
Many thanks for the premium book you sent
me It is quite interesting but not so much as
The Gazette itself Success to The Gazette
Respectfully F Ewino
Grapevine Tex March 211890
Democrat Publishing Company
Gentlemen Please receive my thanks for the
spoons which I received today When I sub
scribed 1 did not think of getting so splendid a
premium Respectfully J S Lipscomb
Kennedale Tex March 221S90
To the Gazette
The premium teaspoons received all right
Was agreeably surprised to get a present worth
more than I paid for The Gazette the best
weekly newspaper in Texas Success to The
Gazette Yours respectfully
W H Harden
Stony Tex March 221S90
To the Gazette
The silverplated spoons which I drew as a
premium came promptly to hand I am more
than pleased with them The paper is more
than worth tho money The book which I re
ceived for ninetyeight cents is well worth 500
Long live The Gazette J H Cheistal
Dexter Tex March 221S90
To the Gazette
I wish to acknowledge receipt of a set of sil
verplated spoons as one of Gazettes prizes
for which accept thanks They are very nice
and highly appreciated
Wishing The Gazette prosperity and con
tinued popularity and favor I amyours respect
fully H W Harrison
Keller Tex March U 1890
To the Gazette
Yours to hand I would say the postmaster of
Keller has handed me the book you spoke of
Accept my sincere thanks for the same as I am
very much pleased with the same Yours re
spectfully W G Nuckolls
Sweetwater Tex March 141890
To the Gazette
Your unexpected but highly appreciated
book presented to me a3 one of the lucky sub
scribers to the Weekly GAZsrrfi came to hand
in due time Many thanks The Gazette is
always looked for with more interest than any
paper that I take S H Fowler
Bluffdale Tex Feb271SS0
To the Gazette
I hereby acknowledge the receipt of a book
from you entitled The Kings Men which I
take as a gift The Gazette being worth the
money S F Harris
Eolian Tex March 4 1S90
Your premium knives and forks were received
and were certainly an agreeable surprise That
much clear made for the paper Is worth the
subscription price Please accept thanks
J D Phillips
Pleasant Pocrr Tex March 111S90
To the Gazette
I received your nice book was very much
surprised I have been a subscriber to your
papers long time I dont think 1 will ever be
without The Gazette and Constitution I
was in the capital Fort Worth the 4th inst and
took a genoral round I have great faith in the
future of Fort Worth I see The Gazette ha3
plenty to say about hogs I am a hog man my
self will soon have my hog orop delivered
which will bring me about 700 of my own rais
ing Then hog for governor and all will be
well With best wishes to The Gazette
Spring Palace and Fort Worth generally
T J Brotson
Kirk Tex March 161S90
To the Gazette
The book sent by you to me as one of your pre
miums has been received I am well pleased with
it and feel under many obligations to The Ga
zette G A Crawford
Minor Tex March 101S90
To the Gazette
The spoons received though quite a surprise
will ever be appreciated They are very nice
and well worthy such a valuable paper as The
Gazette Thanks W E Stevenson
Endeb N M March 121690
To he Gazette
I received the premium book yon sent me
was surprised aud well pleased with it I find
it very interesting did not know yon were giv
ing premiums until I got the book Many
thanks I am highly pleased with It Long live
The Gazette in defense of home enterprises
John P Springer
Epworth Tex
Fort Worth Gazette
Am in receipt of the premiu
wife is very proud of them Isafq live
Gazette the best newspaper in affa sas
Breckinridge Tex Mart3 l90
Sirs The book you sent me at hand ra igjwiil
say it was a surprise to roe as I did no JTKjRifctt
to be as good as it is It is read by all tjwj cmlH
dren and as to The Gazette it Is lookectfor as
some of the relations I say stay with lamof
cracy and Northwest Texas and AttorneytS ri
eral Hogg and I will ever sing praises to
Gazette William Miller
Newport Clay Co March 151690
Fort Worth Gazette
Your premium knives and forks came to hand
all right in due time and were very nice
Many thanks R M Hamilton
Nebo Cherokee Co Tex March 6 1S90
To the Gazette
I have received your premium book Valen
tine It is a beauty and very interesting I was
not thinking of a premium book I get a prem
ium once a week in The Gazette I lived in
Fcrt Worth in 18S0 and read the Fort Worth
Democrat and have been reading the paper most
of the time since It seems like my old home I
rejoice in the Forts continued prosperity Per
haps I will be at the grand gathering in May
Best wishes for The Gazette Respectfully
J F White
Editor Gazette
I acknowledge the receiot of the premium
forks with many thanks They are much nicer
than I expected and as I have no wife now to
whom I can present them I have put them away
in my trunk and intend keeping them until
well Mr Editor I will not say when but I
know she will be delighted with them Accept
my sincere thanks for your promptness in clear
ing up mistakes and consider me a subscriber
to your most valuable paper till I get the knives
to match the forks Yours for best wishes
respectfully JN Lee
Marietta I T
Teepee City Motley County
Tex Feb 25 1S90
To the Gazette
I received your nice and interesting premium
book several days since I think it very good
though I was surprised to get a premium as I
hadnt noticed of there being any offered Many
thanks to you for the book May happiness and
success rest upon you is the wish of your true
friend D C Kieth
Berwyn I T Jan 8 1890
To the Gazette
Der Sirs The book seat by you to me as
one of your premiums has been received I am
well pleased with it and feel under many obli
gations to The Gazette and will do all thats in
my power towards helping The Gazette here in
our Indian Terrl tory Yours truly
George It Paschall
Alexander Tex Jan 20 1S9J
Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Dear Sirs The silver spoons are pretty
Many thanks B E Coon
Pilot Point Tex Jan 17 1890
To the Gazette
The silver spoons sent by you to me as a
premium just received I can assure you that
they are much apDreciated especially by my
wife She joins me in sending many thanks to
you May you and your valuable paper long
live and prosper A H Deets
Valley Mills Jan 14 1690
Gazette office Fort Worth Ter
Those beautiful and artistic premium table
knives came duly to hand for which you re
ceived the best wishes of my family Yours truly
Big Springs Tex Dec 1G 1833
To the Gazette
I did not subscribe for The Gazette for the
chance of a premium I have been reading The
Gazette most of the time since it started I
think it the best paper in Texas I received the
spoons My wife is very much pleased with
them and says she paid2C0Jor a set like them
With best wishes for the prosperity of The Ga
zette and Fort Worth I am yours truly
J C Smith
Fort Worth Tex Jan 8 1S90
To the Gazette
I heartily thank you for the book entitled
Lime Kiln Club which I received as a pre
mium for The Gazette The book is just splen
did and The Gazette is the best paper I ever
read I have been taking it eversinceCapt Pad
dock published the Fort Worih Democrat and
it has improved all the time Thanking you
again I remain yours truly J L Purvis
Bnyder Scurry County Tex
Jan G 1890 J
To the Gazette
I have just received your premium book and
am very much pleased with it I find it very in
teresting Did not even know you were offering
premiums when I subscribed Success to The
Gazette J H Vaughan
Duptao Tex Jan C 1890
To the Gazette
I receivecLthe premium clock It was In good
condition 1 am well pleased with it It is much
nicer than I expected Many thanks and long
eife to The Gazette M y it prosper in all it
fforts Yours respectfully J H Ramage
Nocona Tex Feb 101S90
To the Gazette
We received the nice spoons in good order
Many thanks for them We were not expecting
anything When I saw the announcement in
The Gazette that I had drawn a prize I was
very aggreeably surprised I am a friend to
The Gazette and have been ever since it did
all it could for the drouth sufferers I planted
some of the potatoes it distributed myself and
have used my influence to help and extend
its circulation I wish to say the weekly paper
is the best one I have ever taken Put me down
as a permanent subscriber With good wishes
for The Gazette I remain yours very respect
fully F B Stump
Cotton Gin Tex Jan 12 1S99
Spoons received all right They are very nice
but quite unexpected Accept thank3
J F Wilder
Temple Bell County Tex Jan 8 189J
Democrat Publishing Company
Dear Sirs I received your book Like it very
well G W Bevillb
Morgan Bosque Co Tex
To the Gazette
Many thanks to the editor of The Gazette for
your nice book It is a good book I thank you
Mr Editor for your nice present It affords me
much pleasure to send you thanks for it it is
the Adam Bede Hove it To the Fort Worth
Gazette Live forever L Lee Lash
Joyton Tex Jan 31 1890
To the Gazette
Just received premium book the Kings Men
Am well pleased with it I consider The Ga
zette a prize itself Long may she wave
John T George
Fort Chadbourne Tex Feb 101890
To the Gazette
The spoons sent to me as premium received
Accept my many thanks Success to The Ga
zette E M Tbel
Newport Tex Feb 171S90
To the Gazette
Mr J R Gilbreth who subscribed for The
Gazette inmy last club requests me to say that
he got the knives yon sent him and is very much
pleased with them He says he expects to take
The Gazette for the next ten years Yours
truly John Jackson
Eden Tex Jan 301890
To the Gazette
I received the premium pook and am very
pleased with it I find it very interesting
I am highly pleased with it Many thanks
Yours truly H M Joyce
Jayton Kent Co Tex Feb 91S90
To the Gazette
Your valuable paper The Gazette to hand
and welcomed by all also tho forks though
veryiunexpectedbut appreciated in fact they
are perfect beauties Many thanks and long life
to The Gazette May it prosper in all Its ef
forts Respectfully W H Jay
Quanah Tex Jan 4 1S90
To the Gazette
I received a book as a premium for The Ga
zette Many thanks and a long and prosperous
life to The Gazette and all its friends Yours
respectfully A J Norton
St Jo Tex Jan 51S90
To tho Gazette
Dear Sirs The book sent by you to me as one
of your premiums has been received I am
highly pleased with it and feel under many ob
ligations to The Gazette Respectfully
L S Bowles
Wnrrr Tex Dec 101SSD
To tho Gazette
Gentlemen Your card ot the 3rd ihstsii
notified me of my good fortune in drawing a
premium I did not even know you were offer
ing premiums until I received your card as I
have not been taking The Gazetts for some
time and got the editor of Hubbard City News
to send in my subscription
What do I think of the spoons 1 They are
cure Dyspepsia and Indigestion and
store to healthy activity those organs of tho
fab which by disease or over exertion have
boctfiifedcbilitated A single bottle will de
tfuonst ateits efficacy
FojiJJale by all Druggists Price 1C0 per
w ft Dr Schcncks New Book on Lungs
Liver and Stomach mailed free Address
Dr J H Schenclc Son Philadelphia
very nice and fully as represented 2 Resolved
that we will hereafter take The Gazette and
hold to the spoons as they are the only article I
ever received from a distribution of any kind
Long live The Gazette Yours truly
Henry Crenshaw
Folsom N M Jan 1 1890
To the Gazette
Dear Sirs I received the book John
Browns School Days A nice present and
my children like to read it Accept thanks for
same I remain yours trulyThomas
Thomas P James
Weatherfohd Dec 211SS3
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Sirs I am in receipt of a book entitled
Lucile sent me as a premium for everv fifth
subscriber to The Gazette Am well pleased
with it Respectfully T W Stanley
Cedar Hill Dec 8 1SS9
To the Gazette
Dear Sirs The forks to hand you sent me a3
premium on Gazette Tlioy are nice aud I
judge them to bo all they are claimed to be
My wife is delighted with them She said
they were worth So I was not dreaming of a
present when I subscribed for The Gazette
Many thanks The Gazette is the cheapest
paper I know of I am well pleased with it
Truly S J Martin
Blum Tex Jan 21890
Gentlemen Your handsome Gazette gift
LimeKiln Club came duly to hand Accept
my best wishes Yours truly
B C Donaldson
White DeerCarson CouNTYTExDecl3lS83
To the Gazette
I have just received yonr premium book and
am very much pleased with it I find it very
interesting Success to The Gazette
A A Holland
Mt Selman Dec 21 1SS9
Fort Woith Gazette
The spoons received Dont think I am en
titled to anything I get full pay for my money
in every number of Tub Gazette
G A Newton
Lyttons Springs Dec R The book was re
ceived and was liked very well
W A Bynum
Arlington Tex Dec 211S89
Gazette Publishing Company Fort Worth
Sirs Please accept my thanks for the pre
mium book sent me which was received in good
order I appreciate it very much and find it
very interesting My best wishes to The Ga
zette Yours Truly J A Wheeler
Joshua Tex Dee Id lsSD
To the Gazette
Dear Sirs Your premium of silverplated
spoons is hereby acknowledged Many thanks
1 am highly pleased with them Success to The
Gazette Youh truly John Hunter
Seymour Tex March 11690
Editor Gazette
Dear Sir I take this method of thanking you
for the premium spoons which was a welcome
surprise my wife thinking they are very nice
With best wishes for yourself and The Gazetts
and a big hurrah for Hogg for governor I am
yours respectfully George R Jones
JustinTex Feb 24 1S90
To the Gazette
I received your premium book and am very
much pleased with it Please accept my best
wishes for The Gazette Yours respectfully
Z J Harmonson
Italy Tex Feb 191S90
To the Gazette
Gents Your handsome premium clock re
ceived for which please except many thanks
Very respectfully E 31 Field
February 141S90
To the Gazette
Gents This is to let you know I received your
premium book and was very well pleased with
it and like your paper very well and send you
many thanks for the book I got
Lindsey Rolerson
Killeen Tex Feb 8 1S90
To the Gazette
Dear Sirs Your premium clock is hereby ac
knowledged Thanks to your generosity With
best wishes to The Gazette J W Pace
Newport Clay CountyTex Feb 201890
To the Gazette
The book came to hand in due time and more
than filled my expectation But my old county
paper The Gazette I prizo higher than all of
the romances of England May its principles
live forever and its power never grow weak
Hurrah for The Gazette J W Jopling
Alvarado Tex Feb 51890
I received the praminm book you sent me was
surprised and well pleased with it I find it very
interesting so far I just received it today did
not know you was giving premiums until I got
the book Thanks to you for it Yours truly
R H Martin
Alexander Tex Feb 81S90
To the Gazette
Gentlemen Premium book Tale of Tomor
row came to hand all O K Respectfully
J 31 Miller
I have just received the book the Kings 3Ien
as a premium I consider it a gift as The Ga
zette is well worth the money
J L Morteh Qu3nah Tex
Walnut Tex Feb 71890
To the Gazette
Gentlemen Am in receipt of The Gazettes
premium book Will read with interest Kings
Men I read the Bible for its teachings I read
The Gazette for its soundness for stateand Fed
eral government by the people
T J Morrison
Noxyille Feb 31S90
To the Gazette
Dear Sirs The silver spoons were quite a
surprise to me I did not thiuk anyone would
ask or ought to have more than your paper for
the money Many thanks just the same Yours
truly J H Dobbin
Ankbville Tex Feb 11890
Editor Gazette
Deah Sir Your premium spoons just re
ceived and I am well pleased The Oazettb is a
welcome weekly visitor and the premium spoons
is certainty dandles for Sunday May Tub Ga
zette live long and prosper D B Thomas
Anneville Tex
CntcxEViiiETEX Jan 23 1890
To the Gazette
Please accept our thanks for the nice knives
you sent as a premium Was much surprised
to getthem and of such good quality My wife
is very proud of them as they are of the well
known Roger make Edgae Miller
Pabadise Tex Jan 2S 1S90
To the Gazette
The tea set sent to me by you as a premium
just received lean assure you that they are
much appreciated especially by my wife She
joins me in sending many thanks to you Mav
you and your valuable paper long live and pros
per Wm McAfee
Breckexeidge Tes Jan 271S90
To the Gazette
Accept thanks for premium book received in
good order Success to The Gazette ig
B F La3C
Montague Tex Jan 31 ifeo
To the Gazette
The silver spoons sent by you to me fe on
of your premiums have been receive jsi
can assure they are much appreciated wag nt >
expecting a premium Please accept my thanks
I consider The Gazette one of the beat papers
in the United States D C Hart
Mabqaeet Tex Jan 2G < Jftfcft5ii
To the Gazette
I write to S3y that I am rreB pleased ith tha
book I received as The Gazettes premtom
did not know that you were offering pre
when I subscribed Lonjr life to Thb Gazette
W JUrxon
Vveathebfoed Tex Jan 271830
To the Gazette
I received your premium book and am very
much pleased with it Please accept my best
handsome present May The Gazette eventu
ally receive full recompense for its exertions In
the interest of Fort Worth and Northwest Tex
as and be read in every family of the great state
it so ably represents Ed C Manning
Blanton Tex Jan IS 1S90
To the Gazette
I received the premium for every 200th sub
scriber and am well pleased When I sent my
subscription I knew I would get my moneys
worth in The Gazette alone but since I havo
been lucky enough to get a handsoms set of
Sfiives and forks I will have to say accept my
anks J 31 Hines
Spbingdale Tex Jan 2S 1S30
To the Gazette
The silverplated spoons which I drew in the
eighth weeks drawing came to hand promptly
They are beauties and are worth twice the price
of the paper I did not know you were giving
prizes till the spoons came Wishing The Ga
zette much success J H Patterson
Alvarado Tex Jan 25 1S90
To the Gazette
I did not subscribe for the chance of a pre
mium I subscribed December 29 13S3 I am
well pleased With the first number I received
a nice set of silverplated snoous 3Iany thanks
I am highly pleased with them Success to
The Gazette Youh truly
I M Prestridgb
Pella Tex Jan 24 1S90
To the Gazette
I have received the book from The Gazette as
premium It came in good order
T S Sowell
Sontague Tex March 9 1S90
To the Gazette
I received the premium hook you sent me Was
surprised and well pleased with it I find it very
interesting so far Did not know you were giv
ing premiums until I got the book May The
Gazette lize long and prosper Yours truly
J W Scivally
Arlie Tex 31arch2 1S90
Democrat Publishing Company
Dear Sirs The spoons came to hand all right
with many thanks and best wishes for The Ga
zette I think the spoons are well worth the
money the paper costs and The Gazette is the
best paper in the state I am yours truly
J B Garrison
Snyder Tex Jan 291S90
To the Gazette
Book received and liked verv well Success to
The Gazette F E 3IcGaughey
Temple Tex March C 1S90
Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Premium book received all right ror which
please accept my best wishes for yourselves aud
The Gazette Respectfully yours
II A Clegg
Watauga Tex Dec 11 l v
To the Gazette
The silver spoons sent by you to me as one of
your premiums have been received I can as
sure you they are mnch appreciated both for
their unique design aud good quality Please
accept my sincere thanks for them 3Iay your
valuable paper long live Respectfully
Robert Speer
Roseland Tex Dec W 1S9
Democrat Publishing Co Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen Your Gazette premium book
came bv last mail I am highly pleased with it
I prize it highly Well I can only my that I
think of the premium as I do of The G vzette
that is that it is worth more than anything I
ever got lor the money Yours
W L Bunch
Sunset Tex Dec 71333
To the Gazette
That premium book through your courtesy
and kindness sent to me is a marvel among
wonders Beautiful charming interesting
A thousand thanks to you for the unexpected
favor So much from patronizing the best paper
in the state Long live T ie Gazette in defense
of home enterprises Yours truly
J G Jones
Santa Anna Tex March 1 Ih00
To tho Gazette
Dear Sir I have received The Gazettes
premium pitcher given to every two thousandth
subscriber It ii indeed a most magnificent
premium one which I prize very highly With
best wishes for the continued prosperity of The
Gazette I am your obedient servant
R A 3IcClain
San Angelo Tex Jan 221 90
To the Gazette
I received premium book all right for which
please accept my best wishes for yourselves and
The Gazette Respectfully yours
Joseph Funk
Sweetwater Tex Jan 211S90
To the Gazette
Your valuaole paper the Western mans
friend The Gazette to hand and welcomed
by all also the spoons though very nnexpected
but appreciated Iu fact they are perfect
daisies Long may you live to whoop em up
Respectfully J C George
CnEROKEE Tex Jan 2S 1S90
To tha Gazette
The forks to hand you sent me as a premium
on Gazette They are nice and I judge them to
be all they are claimed to be My wife is so
delighted with them she has laid them away in
the trunk I was not dreaming of a present
when I subscribed for The Gazette Many
hanks D S Corley
Butte Montana l > emocrntic
Washington Arril 14 Mayor 31aginnis and
Mr Clark Democratic contestants for the 3Ion
tana senatorships tonight received several dis
patches from friends in Butte Jlontana an
nouncing that at the city election held there to
day the city had gone Democratic by from two
hundred to four hundred majority Mayor
Kenyon who signs the dispatches says it is a
clean sweep for the Democrats in the city gov
ernment Butte is in Silver Bow county where
the famous precinct 34 is situated
wishes for The Gazette J H GEEUS tfes L S3tiu
Canadian Tex Jan 23 C690 VMtn aa
Gazette Tr r
To the
Many thanks and long life to Tnc GazettM
Gbovelaotj Jack Co Tex Jan 371S967
To the Gazette
Please accept my thanks for tha book A Tale
1 of Tomorrow It is Very lateratisc sad a
Foreclosure of Mortgage Asked
railway company and an order
of the road The second mortgage covers
the track land rolling stock and prop
all kinds real and personal in Missouri
Arkansas and Texas and similar proceedings
will be commenced at onco In Little Rock
Shreveport and Tyler and Waco Tex
The Louisiana Creole Hair Restorer has
been used in the South for many years
and has successfully run the Kauntlet of
examination and prejudice This is be
The fashion of matching the bonnet with the
gown while still in great vogue is not so obliga
tory as formerly
rhiskers should know that
JDye always colors an even
bntiYs Compi
y arfswerj
w < wind
cathartic3K < S
avoid dv Cfas
and a s bett
y injurious and
Jyn be taken at
d lofcyes no unpleas
j The revival of draperies and polonaise nx
Kurts separate from the underskirt Is one of the
j rJdtc ± Km for summer
f rjgT
ipation which gives rise to many
ii roubjef < lq qW and prevented
5PrsiLittlaCiveJPvnJi Try them
you will be cbnvlnce r
is to be worn there is no doubt and
the newest designs are thrown on to a
oundV some of them on to a silk and
i Sat3tt trJ
received your book and like it veryAiuch
wants to know
Hke Time
lVs it
terations does not contain any dyj and Vitmmencexl j
is a positive oure for dandruff ana scalp
affections a stimulant and purljier for
the hair and elegantly erfumed
Mr 7 S mit jif Strawberry Inde
pendence Co tatyjgsirk in writing about
the Louisiana g61e Hair Restorer says
that upon theiJSjprnmendatiou of a friend
he used
thetiafe stimulant but with
considerabl Skep cism as to the result
He soon fogpd however that there was
no hurabufl about tho Restorer for his
hair whicbubefore was rapidly becoming
gray gradually resumed its natural hue
and healthy condition He says that he
is now thoroughly convinced that at one
dollar per bottle the Louisiana Creole
Hair Restorer is one of the oheapest
medicines in use Mansfield Drug Co
Proprietors Memphis Tenn
phygiciatfs recommend
All our Dr BuB s
Cough Syrup Ioiyjpjfrseness and colds
Take no jus yi3 good
Salvation Oil ltl lls pain
Louisiana Slate Lottery Company
Incorporated by the Legislature for Ed
ucational and Charitable purposes and Its fran
chisemade a part of the present State Constitu
tion m lS79by an overwhelming popular vote
SemlAnnually June and December
DHAW1NGS tako place in eacii of tfce
otner ten months of the year andara
al1 drawS ln Public at the Academy
of Music New Orleans La
For Integrity of its Drawings and Prompt
Payment of Prizes
Attested as follows
We do hereby certify thai wo stfoervlve the or
rangwnmisor all the Monthly and Si mi4jinuoC
Draterng of The Louisiana Slate Lottery Com
pany and in person manage and control t e
Draicings themselves and that the same are con
ducted vith honesty fairness and in good fait t
toicard all parties and tee authorise the Company
io use this certificate withfao similes of out sig
natures attached in ita advertisements
n > the undersinneJfhjcs and Btfnkors i
pay all Prizes drawn itfnu Lcuisla1ia State Lot J <
erics whtch may be preTfanteiijat our coxin rs jhf
B V OAIiJISIjFT Pres Pnlitta National BanCif
PIERRE LAXAUX Prcs Stafea bnsl Bank
A BALDVftt Pres rew CriWggShiljjial Baud
CARL KOHTf Pres Uaioa u56 ganfc V
Blithe Academy qiTMusIc Kkw Orleans
i Tuesday pay 13 180O
Caftal PrT
1100000 Tickets it 20 each Halres lO Quartars
Tenth 2vSwentletE 1
1 rRTZEJOF J < 0O00 >
irRizEOF luorsgis
4l PRIZE > P uCK is
610 pr
cm PRtzEStCHteiuSwo a
l WWre
1 aO arW yw
CCtare JSJSt
3134 Prizes zmountingto
Price 25 cents
A Iilg Offer
as a premium
lf > j r > i
WOl i
23U > J
200 > j I
0 > 1
Ml A 1
Note TijSttets drawing Ctpital Prizes are uo
entitled to terminal Prizes
S For CijJb Rates or any further InfonnatloT
will be assuTSd by vour enclosing an envelop
bearing your full adurrss
St Louis Mo April 11 The Mercantile phu e or
trust company of New York through its conn
sel today filed a bill of complaint in trquity i
the United States circuit court here asking ftjr
the foreclosure of the second mortgage boni
of the St Louis Arkansas and Tex
M A DAUPHlW SewOneau u a
Washington D C
By oidinary letter containing Honey Order
issued by all Express Companies New York Ex
change Draft or Postal Note
Address Registered Letters Containing Currency U
New Orleans La
REJIEJIEFR that the payment of Prizes
New Orleans and the Tickets are signed by tha
President of an institution whose chartered right
are recognized m the highest courts therefore
beware of all imitations oranonymous schemes
0CE DOLLAIi is the price of the smallest part
or fraction of a Ticket ISSUED BY US in any
Drawing Anything in our nanio offered for
ess than a Dollar is a swindle
Dr ESp WESTfeN3BVr and BrainTbsat
UEirr a guaranteeofebecific for Hysteria Dizzi
ness Convulsions agtoSi crvous Neuralgia
Headache Nervousj5 ostration caaaed by tha
use of alcohoVpr tobacco Wakefulness Mental
Depression Safeeninfeof the Brln resulting in
insanity and leaWng fcmiserydecay and death
Premature Old JMi 2arrenness Loss o f Power
in either sex Involuntary Losses aud Spermat
orrhoea caused by Dyerexertion of the brain self
ovafcinoiilgence Each box contain
c lifXiaSDnthaS taa ifrent SlH a box or six boxes
ar J57l ji ejit bwftail preapid on recept of price
arrgat5 With each order received
To cure by ui
for six boxefe SSlxempanicd with Jj00 we will
send the pnrfi ascr our written guarantee to re
Get the genuine4
Brussels AprifIo King Leopold
sovereign of the Congo Free State
We offer the Weekly
Gazktte fot one yparHo every cash cus
tomer purcJwsIng a muoh as Sl5 worth
of goods aturtoro We guarantee
prices Yon ajbrder solicited by mail
prefer you wojpl call at our store as we
wish to lorrr rd r acquaintance Very
respectfully jj TV Pjjndeuy Bros
Wholesale aad Reiail Grocers corner
Fifth and Main Fort Worth Tax
A Millionaire Fresriman
Hartford Conn April 14 Ernest Leon
Qjckinson of the freshman class at Trinity col
iege Bas just received news of his accession to a
fortuntabout 5000000 through
an uugfe rr France He will pro
any were ever ttjsrg
made by Germany looking to the pur f J
chase of that state
rsjjA fact
Buck tght
yhoSall men vrith gray ana
Sfibs Houston Fcrt Worth Tex
The Lancaster Tap
Correspondence of the Gazette
Lancaster Tex April 14 Track laying on
cause it is a pure article free from adul ktne Hutchins tap or the Central railroad has
on a small <
scale The force will be
eijpased as soon as some grading not qute
finlSlhltl is completed The gradrs who aro
workiig at this end of the line Hl finish their
work th tj2 < veek
jBfo the e i
faonrof > tb kidneyif fSy fcil
ed by
e ban
lSaVd by1 the tee of Caserne v el wil
tone to the whole system w
ess of jleyEfiadJJfeSmiling daugh
are a > naught JaPEhc uflected with
fbiRbusnesjj < Tts desttjpfoo is the
ovefSgn remedy knosMxS Cascaflne
ly opposite
SKy blue grass
elbr seeds very low
Ribbon in rows Is much ifed on spring dreJiea
of soft light wool 4f
I regard Hoods Sarsaparilla as hav
ing passed above tWgrad e of what are
commonly colled patent or proprietary
sldered a s
won this podlj
and bv the M
stomach live
their function
tate by exee
not Irritatingji
tjjpa well known physician
f ally entitled to be con
medicine and has
onv it undoubted merit
y remarkable cures it has
effected For an alterative and tonio
it has never been equalled
The old fashioned narrow silk fringe trims
some of the seasons tea gowns
Increase the appetite by the use of
Ayers Cathsrtio Pilla They cause the
Jjind bowels to perform
bperly do not debili
atlmulation and are
heir action As an
If ore uaequaled

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