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oo i
0 one who Is vftUln to adopt the righS
course need te Ions anieted v 1th boils car
fancies pimples or other cutaneous erup
tions These are the results of Natures ef
forts to expel poisonous and effete matter
from the blood and show plainly that the
ijstem Is ridding ltseU through the skin of
impurities uhlch It was the legitimate work
of the liver aud kidneys to remove To re
ttore these organs to tlieir proper functions
AVers Sarsapanlla is the medicine required
Tuat no other bloodpurifler can compare
with It thousands testify who have gained
rrom the tyranny of depraved blood by tho
use of tills medicine
For nine years I was afflicted with a skin
disease that did not jleld to any remedy
until a friend advised me to try Oyers Sarsa
parilla With the use of this medicine the
complaint disappeared It is my belief that
no other blood medicine could hae effected
to rapid and complete a cure Andres
Jj Garcia C Victoria Tamaullpas Mexico
My face for yeirs was covered with pim
ples and humors for which I could find no
remedy till I began to tike Ajers Sarsapa
rilla Three bottles of tills great blood medi
cine effected a thorough cure I confidently
recommend it to all suffering from similar
troubles M 1arker Concord Vt
rniPAEZD sv
DK J C ATER CO Lowell Mass
SoldbyDrugglu ltlxS Worth5abottlc
Galvfsion Celebrates the Passage ol the
Kiver and Harbor Bill
Her Old Wine and FentUp Eloquence Unbot
tledUouiton Goes Down to Help Her
Drink and Home Howl
epecll to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept 20 The wine of suc
cess has turned Galveston mad with joy Tho
sews of the approval of tne river and harbor bill
made her tipsy with enthusiasm last night in
toxicated her today and she is enthusiastically
drunk tonight Sho began early this
morning patting on her bunday clothes
Mais and streamers wre flying from every flag
staff I ed white and blue ornamrmed the
fronts of her business houses Chinese lan
terns awnng from the awnings along the princi
pal streets while her citiiens paraded the
streets as proud as peacocks with
miniature flags draping their hats
or stuck in the lapucls of their coats while the
small and large boy made the streets sound with
tin horns wlilotles and explosives of every
character Galveston was supremely hanpy
Even tho ladies caught the infection nnd
rowacd the streets decked out in gay
bunting They did not huzza like the males
but looked as if they would like to Business
of every class and description was at a stand
still and every citizen took Mayor
Fulton at his word and was bent
on celebrating the glorious event
la his own peculiar style henco the veriest
bedlam has raide the air hideous all day and to
night the scene is indescribable
in obedience to the call of the mayor a large
meeting of citizens was held at the cotton ex
chango at 10 oclock this morning for devising
vvi s and means for the great celebration Mayor
Tulton called the meeting to order
MaJ Howe on behalf of tho local deep water
committee said he felt proud of the result of
tLclr vvork
A committee of five was appointed on proces
rlon and arrangements Congratulatory tele
grams were sent from Governor Ross Mayor
Chamberlin Des Moines Iotra Mayor Connor
Dallas Mayor Callaban ban Antonio
Mayor McDonald Austin Mayor McCulloch
Waco and Mayor Scherfflus Houston all ex
tending hearty congratulations and regretting
their inability to be present to particicate In tho
celebration except the mayors of Houston
and Austin who signified their Inten
tion of being present the former
saying be would it possible come down with
Houstons entire population while the latter
said he would come with as many of the Austin
people as he could get to come Last night ar
rangements were made with the railroads run
nine beiTeen here and Houston for a rate of one
dollar for the round trip
This morning advices were received that the
city council the members of the cotton ex
change the commercial club the lefthanded
fishing club the Houston prsss club and other
associations of the bayou city would come down
on special trains and aid tho sand crabs in
making Itonio howl on tho prospects of deep
This afternoon the city connoil held a special
meeting and unanimously adopted the following
Whereas the cherished hopes of twenty years
were yesterdav finally realised by tho signature
of his excellency President Harrison to the
river and harbor bill which guarantees deep
water on our bar and
Whereas Galveston mnst necessarily become
the great gateway through which must pass the
varied products of the entire Southwest and
Mexico on their way to the European markets
so also must it be the gateway through which
most of the products of the rich re
publics of South America nnd the
manutrcturtd wares of Europe must
find their way to supply all the wants of the
transMississippi states and peoples
Whereas such wonderful prospects of future
wealth and greatness are today the common
property of every citizea of Galveston of the
state of Texas and the great West therefore
Resolved by th city council of the city of
Galveston that to all who contributed to this
great consummation of our hopes and ambi
tions to his excellency the president for his
prompt action in signing the bill to a generous
congres for Its noble consideration for
our interests to the different mem
bers of tho deen water conventions
held at Fort Worth Denver nnd Topeka to tho
senators and renrescntatives of the Sonthwest
as well as to its press and peoplo at large to
the senators and representatives of Texas but
more especially to tbs ever faithful and watch
ful Coke to the able indetatigaable
Etewait to the brill iaut and faithful
Crain and to the untiring and energetic
Grtsham to the capable and unwearying F A
Panasey of the deep water committee to the
Galveston Kews and its staff for twenty years of
untiring devotion and sleepless vigilance to tho
Evening Tribune for Us vim and activity
to the press of Texas without
exception to all its people
for their generous and magnanimous encourage
ment at all times ths heartfelt gratitude of
every citizen of Galveston is due and is hereby
tendered by their official representatives In
oouncil assembled
A motion prevailed that the resolution be
wired to Pi csident Harrison and official copies
be sent by mail to each of the persons named in
the resolution The council then by unani
mous vote devoted J11KJ0 for celebrating pur
poses and adjourned
As tho houraporoaehed for the arrival of the
Iloustonlans the stretts leading to the depot
and alone the line ol ths torchlight procession
became a Jammed mass of Jolly goodnatured
humanity in which all nationalities and grades
were blended At 7 pm the belching of cannon
and the rllschargs of small arms announced the
arrival of the Bayou citizens and as the trains
carre steaming into the Union depot black
with living humanity a thousand throats amid
tho glare of lights the flash of sky rockets and
the bursting of Uoman candles took up
the glad retrain of Ihriee welcome
to tho Island City Mayor Fulton
the city council and a delegation of leading
citizens wero at the depot to recive the visi
tors while the Washington Gutrds acted as
guard of honor Qjickly after debarking
from the train the line of march was formed
and as it filed into Tremont street
beaded by the Washington Guards
staited southward for the Beach hotel tho
street was one sheet of flame and the applause
and thunder of artillery was deafening Arriv
ing at the beach the lawn was one
mass of living humanity Here Galves
tons and Houstons fullness found utterance
in words of Joy and thanks over the fulfillment
of their hopes and aspirations after long years
of patient work and wtary waiting Many
speeches were made Suitable resolutions were
adopted and all went home in the morning still
lull to overflowing
DeLeons Postmnster Hissing
Special to the Gazette
Cisco Tex Sept 18 Capt T R
Fisher postoHUo Inspector passed
through bare a few days aco en route to
DeLeon It Is now reported that tho
postmaster at tbut place is mlsiiu cud
that officers are ou his trail The case U
tnlsapuropriation of money orders
CoL Pepper of New York Stops
at the Metropole in London
The Hamrhty Clerk Treats Him With
Indifference for Which the Col
onel Brings Him to Time
Upon His Knees He Apologises to AH Ameri
cans for Incivility ant Hakes a
Solemn Promise
Col Peppers Pop
Special to the Gazette
New YoitK Sept 21 The Sun pub
lishes the following cablegram from
Loudon Col James Pepner of Pep
per whisky fame who baa beeu on a
wedding tour iu Europe sailed with bis
wife on tho Servla today for New YTork
followed by the blessiups of many Amer
ican visitors to Londonwho have stopped
at the Hotel Metropole The
employes of this establishment
have never been noted for courtesy
to American cuests and this has been
the case during the present season par
ticularly as the Rreat influx ot trans
Atlantlo travelers has made the hotels
feel independent It was reserved for
Col Pepper however to introduce
discipline Tho oolonel aud his wife
came home from the theater one night
this week nnd ilrs Pepper at once jsot
lito an elevator while her husband
stepped up to the desk for his key The
night clerk a particularly
person wns talking to nu Englishman
close to the keyboard but though Col
Pepper askod him three or four times for
the key tho clerk pnid not the slightest
attention until he had finished his con
versation Pepper took this calmly
enough but when he got into the eleva
tor the Englishman who had been talk
ing to the clerk said I begyourpar
don sir but I think you really ought to
know why that clerk was eo inattentive
He said to me when you first asked for
your key hes only an American let
him wait The colonels Kentucky
blood suddenly rose to the boiling point
ilo sprang from the elevator and whipped
a bugo pistol from his pocket Come
out from behind that desk ho shouted
to tho clerk come quick come a run
mn nnd tho clerk came nnd became
running likewise perspirinn with terror
His face was asben aud though he was
trying to speak his lips moved like the
jaws of
nnd no soundcame from them Fifty
peoplo in the great corridors rushed up
to see what was tho matter
Get down on your knees cried
Pepper in an awful voice relapsing iu
the Kentucky vernncular Get down
on rour Unoea or Ill shoot your ears
The terrified clerk hesitated but a frao
tlon of a second and came down to bis
knees on tho marble floor
Now cried the Kentuckian you
npologize to every American that ever
stayed here for your il d impudence to
people that keep your hotel going
Repeat after me what I say I apol
ogize to nil Americans in London say it
quick 1
I apologize to all Americans in Lon
don stammered the clerk
For nil my previous incivility con
tinued tho colonel sternly
For nil my previous inolvility
faltered the victim
Aud I hereby solemnly promise to
treat all Americans with respect and
consideration hereafter Quick
Bay it
The menial obeyed and Pepper then
allowed him to rise and retire behind his
desk the humblest and
jiosr crestfallen
clerk In any hotel anywhere Then the
colonel showed his pistol to the as
sembled multitude It is one I picked
up in a curiosity shop in Pans for a
friend who has a collection of nncient
tirearms he said and it has not
been loaded for a hundred years nod
the lock is rusted out
Up to date the Metropole clerk has
kept his vow to treat all Americans with
respect and the reverence he manifested
when Col Pepper was about during the
remainder of his stay was touching
The Representatives ot Six Counties Have a
Business Meeting at Abilene
Special to the Gazette
Abilene Tex Sept 18 Today
has been a red letter day for the Alliance
and Abilene Pursuant to a call the
representatives of the various county
Alliances composed of tho oounties of
Taylor Jones Haskell Stonewall
Fisber and Callahan tnst in the Abileuo
olub rooms this morning nt 10 oclock
The meeting was called to order by the
Taylor couuty business manager Mr J
M Reynolds who iu a short speech In
troduced Mr Otto Steffens cashier of
the First national bankwho introduced to
the convention Hon K K Leggett who
delivered the address of welcumo in be
half of the oitizens of Abilene in a most
eloquent manner
Mr Will Sargent of the Texas Lasso at
Haskell made tho respousn In behalf of
the convention with much feeling After
this much business was accomplished
which will redound to the good and wel
fare of the various Alliances in the
Abilene country
The evening session was held with
closed doors and it is understood that
the larger portion of the business trans
acted was relative to the Alliance store
at this place After the conclusion of
the eveulng session the delegates were
taken round the city in carriages under
the auspices of the progressive commit
tee of Abileue Mu iu was furnished by
the Abilene Light Infautly band who
did justice to the occastou
S H Dixon of the Southern Mer
cury otDallas arrived this evening and
will address the convention tonight D
E Bentley and Will Sargent will also
make addresses
Abilene Tex Sept 18 Tho night
session of tho district Alliance was an in
teresting oue Editor Sargent of the
Lasro was elected chairman and a busi
ness man of Abilene J L Stephenson
Among the speakers wero H E
Bentley ot this city Mr Sum
H Dixon ot Dallas editor ot
the Southern Mercury Mr S J Neal ot
Buffalo Gap and Mr John Hoeney ot the
Reporter The speeches of Mr Bentley
end Mr Dixon were especially interest
ing Mr Dixon spoke an hour and kept
the audient e ln a roar ot laughter while
be gave some bard blows aud some tell
ing hits against the evils ot the day
The chairman in Introduces him
said I introduce to yon a scholar and
editor who hat stood by the people ot the
state in the last campaign and nn
author whose works rank among the
foremost of the South and a man who
has never proved recreant to atrust con
tided to blm
The delegates will attend the Alliance
meeting at Cisoo tomorrow The busi
ness men of Abilene were well pleased
with the Alliance convention and showed
the delegates every courtesy during their
Kentuckys Defaulting Treasurer Lo
cated iu Honduras with Burke
He Lives QclMly on a Little Plantation and
Tabes Little Interest In tho Affairs
ot the republic
Special to the Gazette
Kansas City Mo Sept 20 The
rather startling statement was made to
day by an exKentuckian that DIck
Tato Kentuckys defaulting treasurer
is located in Honduras and moreover
that be is Interested with another gentle
man who left his country for his coun
trys good Ma Burke late of Louis
iana and now a creditor to that state for
a good many thousands
Mr Tates daughter Maria who ran
off and married Mr Jumes Martin of
Lexington Ky a few months before
her fathers downfnli and flight has
been living in Kansas City at 500 Wood
ward avenue with Mrs Taylor who
keeps a swell boarding house She and
her husbnnd lived a quiet secluded life
Mr Martin traveling for an Eastern
bouse but making this city bis bead
quarters About two weeks ago they
left the oity very quietly
A short time before tbey left says the
oxKeutuckian who Is authority for this
story there appeared in this city a
traveller who from his appearance
might have come from the ends of the
world He was out ot money and was
dressed in rags He drifted into the
office of the exKentuckian and asked
for enough money to get a meal and a
shave His conversation soon showed that
he too was from Kentucky aud ho said he
was on his way home from Central Amer
ica He had come to Kansas City as ho
kuew people who would heln him He
told a rather interoiting story about
starting out with plenty of money but
fulliuir In with some reckless men at El
Paso be drauk and gambleJ until he was
dead broke
A few days later the same man came
into the office of the man who hud as
sisted him and presented a totally dif
ferent appearauce no was well
dressed cleanshaven nnd looked every
inch a pentlemun He returned the
loan aud remarked that he had
found his friends The two Keutuck
ians began talking over affairs in their
native stnto aud tho conversation
was freqtieutly interrupted by sampiinc
the principle product of the Blue Grass
region The whisky loosened the tongues
of both and iu the conversation the
name of Honest Dick Tate was men
tioned The Kansas cityau remarked
1 wonder where old Dick Tato went
For my part I was always glad he got
By this time his companion was con
siderably tlis worso for liquor and re
marked with drunken gravity I saw
him not more than two weeks ago i
He then went on to tell the following
story He had left Kentucky on a roam
ing tour After six mouths he landed in
Honduras and was there when Muj
Burke arrived He frequently heard of
a rich American who lived quietly on a
little plantation who never seemed to
want anytbiug or to take any interest In
the concerns ot tho republic One day
be saw him and to his astonishment
recognized Dick Tate They had been
well acquainted iu Kentucky Iu a very
short time the two Kentuckians bad re
newed acquaintance aud were on the best
of terms
There was a great deal more to the
story He told of Tates life and suo
cess and incidentally remarked that It
was Tates soninlaw Mr Martin who
bud fitted him out ou his arrival here
The Kansas Cityian did not pay muob at
tention to the story until the next day
when the gentleman returned to bis of
fice and requested that he say nothing
about Tate While strictly sober he re
peated the story He also stated that
Burke aud Tate had business interests to
gether The English syndicate which was
managed by Burke in Houduras had ad
vanced the money to Burke ouly after he
bad shown that he could supply a large
amount This money was furnished by
Kentuckys extreasurer
In this same connection it may be
stated that an agent of the same syudlcate
passed through this city this week on bis
way to Honduras to look after the invest
ments made by Burke as it was be
lieved by the stockholders that the major
bad been tampering with the re
They Fropoie to Drive the Negro Into tho
Democratic Tarty and Take In the
TJppercrnst of Democracy
SHB2MAX Tex Sept 191S00
Editor Gazette
Referring to the editorlol The Lily
White Boom in TnE Gazette of this
date I beg to submit
William D Cleveland is a representa
tive Democrat and Robert B Baer is a
representative Republican both being
citizens of Houston
About four years ago In a casual con
versation 1 Mr Cleveland asked Mr
Baer why he did not come over into the
Democratic party that being the proper
party lu Texas for all good men best
citizens etc etc
Mr Baer replied that tbere was no
necessity of that that it would only be a
few yenrs when Mr Cleveland would
come over to the Republican party Mr
Cleveland asked bow Mr Baer re
plied We will drive the nigger over
into the Demncratio party and then you
Democrats will have to come over to the
Republican which will then be a white
mans party Tou will have to do it for
self protection
Houston is the headquarters ap
parently of the Lily White movement
and to a man up a tree it looks like
the polioy outlined by Mr Baer is to be
There may be a pointer in this If so
I shall be glad to bave submitted this
for your consideration Yours truly
Special to the Gazette
Goedos Tex Sept 20 The Gordon roller
mil burned last night Loss 31000 insurance
7000 Canse ot the Are unknown This is a
severe blow to S J Oden tho proprietor as
weU as Palo Pinto counts
iai iiMuijiiirli ili
Success at the Polls Will 5ot be tie End
of tfcc Fight on the Commission
Republican Lily Whites Will Kot Put Out a
Ticket This Fall but ths ConeyDegress
Faction Must Eetlre
Special Correspondence of the Gazette
Austd Tex Sept 20 The political
situation at the capital is quiet at pres
ent all active interest in the campaign
having subsided shortly nfter the state
convention bad adjourned No one
doubts that the ticket will be elected by
an old time majority or that the com
mission amendment will receive a popu
lar indorsement at the polls The fact
that all acquiesce in this result without
regard to the personal wishes of some
who would be glnd to see the commission
foil robs the campaign of the
usual Interest prevalent at such
times It is however by no
means certain that success at the polls
will bo the eud of the fight on the com
mission any more than its indorsement
by tho convention was The knowing
ones think tbey see evidences cropping
out now and then of a determination
nmong the leading amis to prosecute the
Hilit in tho legislature As that body
will be largely in fuvor of the commis
sion as It will be composed ot men
elected upon that Issue and supposed to
bo earnest supporters of il one is puz
zled to kuow how the antis hope to sway
them in the direction of violating the
trust reposed In them by a confiding con
stituency But as there are tricks in all
trades so there nre in law making aud
what cannot bo dono in on open and
straightforward manner is often ac
complished iu a roundabout aud ques
tionable way by working upon human
frailties Whether n very determined
fight on the commission will bo made in
the legislature is merely a question of
conjeoture No hope however is en
tertained by the most sanguine nnti of
defeating It at the polls The Urwitz
Republican manifesto created a tempo
rary political breeze here but it too is
passing away and but little is now
thought or said of it No immediate
or even early result Is oxpected
from it It was something in the nature
of a brutum fulmen and ended only in
the noise it made A prominent Repub
1 can told me today that no lily white
ticket would be put out this full that
while there might be a disposition nmong
some to do so it would not bo wise to
create a deadly schism in the party by
precipitate action of that sort Bolides
said bo did not the lily whites prauti
cally capture the convention when thoy
secured the nomination of Wob Flanagan
and the chairmanship of the state execu
tive committee Tbey nre not in
such a bud plight utter all
They have no urgent cause to
bolt a ticket which they themselves par
ticipated iu making nnd which in some
important particulars If agreenbie to their
tastes Discussing the question fur
ther be said that unless the negro lead
ers abated their high pretensions and
quit their scheme of bagging everything
lu sight tho whites would be com
pelled to exclude them from the pri
maries and take the eutire management
and control of party affairs into their own
bands At present things inside the
party are said he iu a deplorabloshape
and must be corrected If there is to he a
Republican party In Texas White
Republicans cau stand negro
rule no better than Democrats
cau and if the party is to grow is to
become what it should be respectable
houoruble aud such as to lavite the fel
lowship of others not pleased with the
policy of the dominant party then must
it get upon a much higher plane than it
now occupies He assured mo that un
less the CuneyDeGress faction lowered
their pretensions the break would surely
come in two years from now
Austin is laying great store by her
dam nroject and when interrogated ou
the subject the average citizen of the
place nt once brightens up nhd grows
eloquent in praise of the great
scheme Bids for S400000 worth of
bonds will be opened October 15 and t e
award made to the best bidder The
mayor says that the bonds will be sold
anove par and that in his judgment tbey
will co in block to a syndicato Bonds
for the remaining million dollars will be
sold ns the work progresses The con
tract for building the dam will be let on
the same day and work will begin No
vember 1 When built the dam will be
1150 feet long extending from bluff to
bluff and sixty feet high from founda
tion to top It will create oue of the
grandest artificial lakes thirty miles long
in any state Owing to the bluffs
on both sides of the river
not more than 2000 acres
of land will bo covered by the back
water extending upstream that distance
This land the city will pay for although
it Is not very valuable On either side
of tho lake the timber and undergrowth
skirting the waters edge will be all re
moved and the border kept clear In or
der to enhance the natural beauty of so
vast a body of water nnd give It an added
effect Already the mayor said capi
ltalists are purchasing tracts ot land nnd
building sites ou the bluff overlooking the
lake No Rhine or Swiss castles will
look down on a prettier picture than will
the residences perched on the command
ingjhelghts ot tho Colorado rising from 150
to 500 feet above the waters edge
Two years will be given the contractors
to complete tho dam and canal This
latter will start from the gatehouse at
one end of the canal and cut through
solid rock will extend 1000 feet below
the dam and will furnish tho power de
sired for manufacturing and other pur
poses The city will utilize it to furnish
water and electricity for Austin The
city will also erect on it a cotton mil of
its own as a starter to be in readiness to
begin work as soon as the dam is com
pleted The money for this purpose is
being subscribed now After tho city
shall bave used all the power needed for
pumping water and supplying electricity
there will remain water power for lease
to others amounting to 10000 horse
power I should bave stated that the
canal will be 100 feet wide and fifteen
feet deep a heavy volume of water on a
down grade and capable of furnishing
a vast amount of power It is proposed
to lease to those erecting mills along the
canal water power at say 520 per
horse power per annum This figure is
said to be very cheap and presents a
very great Inducement to manufactur
ers who use where the motive power is
steam 120 worth of coal per single
horse power rjer annum This very
reasonable charge for water power con
stitutes the main inducement offered
manufacturers to come to Austin
Whether it will pan out as the Austin
people hope for U only a matter ot con
jecture The people here bare confi
dence enough in it to tax themselves to
the tuae of SI100000 a small circum
stance which shows that they
without nerve at any rate
A Father Charged With Criminal Assault
Special to the Gazette
Texakkaxi Tex Sept 18 S 8
Cummlngs was arretted here today by
Constable Parker Ho is wanted In Cass
county on a charge of criminal assault
on his own daughter He made no re
sistance and acknowledged bis Identity
and stated he was en route to Memphis
He was placed in jail awaiting officers
from Cats couuty
Divers Enigmas and Mil Conceits for
Brljrlit Wits to Work Out
Any Communications Intended for This Da
rartment Should bs Addressed to E >
Chadbonrn Lewlston italne
O she was so lovely that
I was in a pickle
And my beart went pitapat
Fearing she was fickle
And for many months had I
Been tryingoiie firo three
But at times shefras soshy
I would doubtful be
Often in a serious mood
I would seek last street
For the earth was rosyhued
When we were compute
But the fates at last are kind
And I tiro a hearing
Now one all her faults Im blind
She is to endearing
200 Sjncopntlon
To schoolboy days I sometimes turn
And think of what I had to learn
My Daboll and my V lints survey
My Euclid and Days algebra
MyXenophon my Cicero
My whole that oft perplexed me so
And over which Id sometimes pore
Until I hated classic lore
And then at night when others slept
My watchful lasts I often kept
A subject then that made mo ponder
And one thats still a source of wonder
Is why instructors cram the mind
With Knowledge ot a useless kind
Nelsohia i
KOT The Shovelboard Fnzzle
Eight passengers on an ocean steamer wore
playing Rhorelboard four players being on eacij
side The gamo consists in pushing disks of
wood with a sort of wooden shovel with the ob
ject of placing them in one of the spaces of the
board which are disposed as shown in tho dia
Erch player adds to or subtract from tho
score ot his side the number in the space into
which he succeed in placing bis disk accord
ing as that numDer is plus or minus
At the end of the first round it was fonnd that
he eight disks had keen placed no two being in
the same space Rnd yet the score stood 0 t 0
At the end of the second and third rounds tho
same lesult was obtained with a different com
bination of spaces the score still remaining
What wore the spaces occupied by the four
dis s on each side in each round
Feza idie
208 Anngrnm
Of trJtole what think you raid a friend
Whose mind had superstitious trend
What would you call this kind of lore
O glcomy end and nothing more
Was my reply because forsooth
It is not founded on sound truth
It tells of apparitions queer
Ot ghosts and goblins that apocar
Nut when the sun is shining bright
tfut in the shadow of the night
Of spectral torns of ghostly spooks
With solemn and sepulchral looks
Appearances that have no cause
And uncontrolled by natures laws
Call them spirits if you will
Withnut a purpose to fulfil
It looks to mo like nonsense all
Tis what I would delusion call
Tis what no one should meddle with
Believe me it is all a myth
209 Riddle
Were sometimes made of paper good
And sumetimes made of gold
Were nlso made of polUhed wood
And heavy burdens hold
Oftlmes the treasures we contain
You never would resign
And though were bound beneath ths strain
We never dare repine
Again we are as free as air
A lightsom merry crew
That live and die withont a caro
Amid the sun and dew
310 Half Square
1 Monks of a reformed order 2 Epic poems
2 The van 4Oves who open S Little flat
rings on horses bits C Boundaries T Gen
tle winds 8 Father 9 A month 10 A let
ter X L C E
211 Deletion
With us there flourishes a trade
From which some men have fortunes made
Whose name whefi found exactly fits
One of our greatest English wits
A master mind a poet great
A man who hbld the helm of slate
A tangler too Ive heard it said
In boyhoods days Now that hes dead
Well try on him the puzzlers art
And just for fun take out his heart
The bard has vanished now instead
You see what skulking schoolboys dread
W Wilsow
212 Charade
A one tico not an all
The difference Is not small
Thejlnts for the wood pile
Tramps leisure to beguile
But Join is a line
Which axle will define
Bitteb Sweet
197 A catastrophe In Germany
19S Malice Dandy Pact Malt Ancex
Jove CoIn
199 Star monger
200 1 The bridalcouplecTOSMdover and the
bride brought back the boat t The detective
and his prisoner crossed over and the groom
brought back the the boat 3 The bridal couple
crossed over and the bride brousht back the
boat 4 The first miner crossed over with his
tieasure and the groom brought back the boat
6 The bridal couple crossed ova r and ths bride
brought back the boat 6 The second miner
crossed over with his treasure and the groom
brought back the boat 7 The bridal couple
crossed over
Ml Table able
202 Handtome
203 M E aL
I E o N
N n B D
WlFate feat
Tock aicOnnlel as Peace Maker
Special to the Gazette
Hocstos Tex Sept 20 Hon LocfMc
Daniel chairman of the Republican stats exe
cutive committee is in the city endeavoring to
bring out a reconciliation of conflicting interests
and indues the party to pat out a strlghtout
ticket for every office Hs stands squarely by
the Ban Antonio platform and will make a
heroic effort to thoroughly organize ths Bepubll
can party and get it In fighting trim He be
lieves in an aggressive campaign particularly
against the proposed commission amendmsnt to
the constitution
IikeS polTs TheyvvesVeJJ
Vhemselvestomske > heworld < m
JbrighteivSAPOllO is Hi h
jpsteclTic Jigh tof hQUsecLenin 1
end old methods aro not tlio easiest by far Many peoplo travel them
because they have not tried the better way It is a relief from a sorb
of slavery to break away from oldfashioned methods and adopt tho
laborsaving and strengthsparing inventions of modern times Get out
of old ruts and into new ways by using a cake of SAPOIIO iu your
The Gazettes Latest Contract for
Its Subscribers and Agents
A Gold StopWatch SplitSecond HoVse Timer in
Eeinforced Case for 12 and in Oxidized
Silver Case for 7 Something Which
Every Subscriber Should Xnow
and Let His Neighbor Enow
The day of cheap watches has pissed Tho
country is flooded with them The Gazette
abreast with tho times has resolved that every
one of its subscribers shall have placed within
his reach a watch of the best kind made one
that he will be proud to wear and have comfort
in n ing
Tim was when the stopwatch with the split
second hand used for timing hoises on race
tracks cost many hundred dollars and could be
afforded bv only a few Time was when a gold
case of sufficient thickness to protect a watch
was out of the range of possibilities of nearly all
men The decrease in the cost of manufacture
of movements and the invention of three sheet
cases a steel sheet between two sheets of gold
now brings both these within tho means of
manv and almost to the price which i3 charged
bv swindlers for the gold washed imitations
and brass counterfeits of common watches The
genuine gold filled or reinforced ca es
patented and made only by half a dozen manu
facturers ere the same for use and wear as 60lid
gold cases and maybe so considered and treated
Even the costliest watchei on tho market now
have them on account of their greater strength
Five points of interest to subscribers
1 A stop watch sweep second each second
split into fifths for timing horses races etc
2 A gold or silver ca3e the gold case to be
steel reinforced to give strength and durability
Honest metal and no plating with 13 years guar
antee for wear
3 The latest improvements of every kind in
winding settlag opening etc
4 A guarantee ot one year from the maker ot
the movements
5 As beautiful a design as could be made for
subscribers only
These watches are manufactured and guaran
teed by the Manhattan Watch Company of New
York City one of the largest and oldest as well
as best knocvn of the finegrade watches and
The Gazette now offers its readers their choice
of the following watches
Xo engraving printed on a press can give any
adequate Idea ot the beauty of ths face o this
watch of finest porcelain or tho slenderthread
like second hand extending to the fifths of a
second marked on its outer rim The little post
on the left hand stops and starts the watch the
little post on the right hand turns the hands
setting tho watch It need never be opened It
is a ratchet stemwinder full jeweled balance
movement aud as good a timekeper as any man
The back of this watch is engine turned or ex
quisitely engraved by band and nothing moro
beautiful or more artistic has ever been made or
worn and the subscriber may trust The Ga
zettes judgment and knowledge on this sub
ject or call at office and seo sample
With each watch thero goes a guarantca by the
Manhattan Watch Company to keep It in order
for one year free of all charge and a guarantee
from the makers ot tho case Joseph 1ahy Si
Co for 15 years
Tho face of this watch is precisely the same as
that of the gold watch and the movement is pre
cisely the same Tho difference between ths
two watches is only in the case The latter is
of oxidized silver acid eaten very neat and
The movement sf the o watches is identical it
is the qnick train with straight line lever es
capemenl with a direct acting hand set that
permits accurate setting and will not allow ths
hands to move out of position while setting In
the sweep second movement the
the secondhand is run direct from tho move
ment train Insuring perfect motion while ths
dial train and hands are ran by a friction pinion
from a slda center This gives all the advant
ages in time keeping qualities of the most deli
cately adjusted and expensive movement
Each watch is put up in a neat box paddod to
carry it safely through the malls In the box
are directions for setting the hands and regu
lating the watch with the nams ot the person
at the factory who tested and packed it
Orders must give the name postoffice county
and state
Send aU orders and remittances to
Fort Worth Tox
ills 111
Every jmnual subscriber who pays 10 for the Dady
Gazette 125 for the Weekly Gazette 125 for the
Satueday Gazette or 200 for the Sunday Gazette can
secure either of the above ele gaut time pieces at 12 for the
gold watch or 7 for the silver watch
Children Cry for Pitchers CastorTai

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