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Enffagrment Reported Between
Troops and Tine ttidrre Indians
Interest In lh tnry spoiled However by tho
Fact TIat Ken Miles Kays lie
Doesnt IMIeve It
Watkktowv S D Den 13 Ite
port huve been coming to th u city for
cverti dnys pint of great destitution oil
ttn Siasetoii and Wuppeton reservations
li t > learned that unless nsslstuuce ig
speedily rendered the Indians will starve
Tlie report of the tight between In
1 ii > s in the Und Lands ure con tinned
1 o strikes and his parly were victorious
Bi I left the Bud LuniU for Pine Itldgc
Cdmpinir on the White Earth The chief
f nt to Jen Ilrooko for help to capture
5i rt Hull and liis warriors The cen
f nt inlled Id American Horse Rig Road
li i cither chiefs and set them at work
r ultmg warrior Fullv 100 warriors
a r now on the way to bring in all re
ttmttiing In the Bud Lands Jinny fear
It will end In the flight of Short Bull
lio will return to his stronghold In the
lint Lnnds
H I ll > City X D Deo 13 A
tj iuw man named Ilider brings In word
tout there ha been an engagement four
o vs north of Pine Hidge between
I i ted Slates troops and 400 or 500 In
an under Kicking Bear a number bo
< u Kiled on both sides and the Indians
iii I ut to roul mid a large number of
captured dipt Stuiitnrd reports
lodges of about 7 > 9 Iudiaus have left
i r camp at lladdou creek on their wav
t 1 tin Iinigo to surrender themselves
T 10 lodges and 250 Indians are work
Inir their way north to Pine Hldgongency
th a large quantity of stolen stock
i tnrrs rouimatid will undoubtedly
art ufter them tomorrow
IfWEK or Dec 13 A News
urier irom French creek S D wires
i ai the latest information from Cnpt
< is is that n Inrge party of Indians tit
tu Kel a parly of eighteen men four
n s south of the creek yesterday Sev
ii were wounded and It is thought
tin e Indians were killed An eugage
nt Is expected to take place In the
n ciiiig
i me io 111 Deo 13 A dispatch
ii received from Pierre S D con
fins the report lhatn tight took place
ltween settlers and Iudiaus on French
leek yesterduy The light occurred at
Urcnoser about 200 miles south of
J rre Three Iiidiuus were killed but
nun hues Further particulars not yet
b < luluablo
jiilis dovt pklikvu it
i iiiituo III Deo 13 Jen Miles
hivh he does not place any credence m
tlie report there has oeeu n battle be
tuwn I niteil States troops and Iiidiiins
in the Northwest A dispatch received
tr in Omaha Neb snys no bnttle had
oiurred between the troops and In
auuis near Pine Ilidge ngeucy as re
llr rrrhordt Who Was Shot by thn Trajn
Kobber Is netting Well rrofesinr Wren
Released Don Denounced
flfnal lo the Gazette
Iwrtt Tex Deo 13 Professor Mi
lau Wren the lightning calculator who
wus arrested several days ago charged
w tti robbing the Cotton Belt train has
oeeu released and thoroughly vindioated
Mr Jerhardt the sewing muohlne man
uf Marshall who was so seriously
w < milled by the robber wns brought to
tii s citv and placed in the Cottou Belt
bus tnl ami to the surprise of every
on the hospital physicians have pulled
li in through and he will recover He
mu Profssor Wren toduy mid at once
suited emphatically that ho was not the
ri hi mail Professor Wren is un old
r a lent of Smith couutv and lately re
leu at Lampasas lie Is the author of
Wren s Lightning Calculator u math
e ut fill phenomena This has been
b > other case of dogs and as usual
iej trailed the wrong man
No Telling the Outcome
fci n fai to the Oazette
tt tsiiixoTox Dec 10 The general
popular fentlment here regarding the
ftnocratio presidential cnitdulate in
is very much In favor of Cleveland
u I jet who can tell Nominating
oiitentions do not always do the ex
tied thing In 1SS0 when Samuel J
1 iden was supposed to absolutely con
trol the convention Hancock stepped in
ami Kon the pne Agnin in 1SSS when
o to nithiu twentyfour hours of the
t > munition of Harrison it was dollar to
oghiiuts that the popular Republican
Blame would be the nominee
Iliibelier of the friends of Mr Cleve
imil however is that ho will be swept
into ii reiiomlnatiiiu by a great tidal
wave ihey predict thnt ho will be
< iniiiuted In the convention before the
i ate of New York is reached ou the roll
hi The Hill adherents argue as fol
i n
i levplnncl carried Now York for gov
ernor by PJ2000 lost it for president by
4 7 carried it for president by 13000
u d that he will curry it In 92 by 30
Ttio doubtful states
1 fcause they do uot believe they can
w ii with him and because they do be
i ere ihey can win with another mnn
Aiiinthrr argument of the uutiCleve
Imid men is thnt he will uor have an
oeti held for the nomination Oovernor
1 itison will have the Pennsylvania dele
gation an 1 Uovernor Palmer of Illinois
11 look with eugleeve for his states
s pport They say that Carlisle will get
iintiickys vote or ut any rate Cleve
land cannot hope for that delegation
Iiill hat been making campaign capital
IvhN speeches in West Virginia Ohio
mid elsewnere autl it is said he will
il vide the South Virginia is for any
body to beat Cleveland The great
objection or Democrats to Hill is the
ctiurge made by Secretary Esdicott and
other members of Clevelands cabinet
that he knifed Cleveland in 1SSS iu New
York A far back as lSi38 looking into
the future olenr headed political
prophets thought they saw that Cleve
laud and Hill might destroy each other
as presidential candidates und a new
candidate come to the front from either
New York or some other state and that is
not an Improbability now
was here this week He is for Hutch for
the speakership Francis is for Cleve
land iu lb92 He has a large fortutie
which he mnrrivd He is a shrewd poli
tician but lioj bound hiuiselt up with
frjfg av > f vc IyrA t
5 S
W < W > AU P W v < < r dmP sr AW
benutor Vest against whom there Is a
revolt In the party and Hills friends
are rallyingaroundJudgeRalph Walker
who is a bright and able lawyer compe
tent to eive Francis a bard light uuless
the latter combines with him and throws
the state to Hill
Correspondence or the daze tie
nAltnoLl Tnxi Deo 8 This town
has been crowded with Comanche In
dinus nil day Qunnah Parker their
chief with his best squaw and Black
HorseAcetail Mumskaiand Wild Horse
other chiefs of the Comiinches with their
follower were here 100 strong Upon
interviewing Quatinh who is nn intelli
gent Indian nearly white large and
dignified in appearance he Btated that
the uewnpnpera had told lies about him
nttenditig a ghost dnnce in the Northern
part of the territory that be was nt
Fort Sill nt the time and took no part in
their Messiah cruz that he did not be
lieve Christ ever had been or ever would
be ou earth During the day cousidera
hie excitement was caused by a deputy
sheriff named Scott from Vernon arrest
ing one of the Comanches for carrying a
pistol The Indians did not like that
sort of civilization and talked war for n
while until some of the merchants made
bond for the arrested matis appearance
at the county court and had the deput7
release him The Indicn nrrested had
laid nside his gun in the iron store oud
was taking it to his horse to get rendy to
leave town whon arrested The citizens
here thought the deputy acted rather
hastily iu arresting the Indian as he was
going away peaceably und seemed to
think it was no harm to act as he did
St Louis Mo Dec 10 Speaking
of the reported outbreak
among Chey
enne and other Indians in the Wtstern
part of Indian Territory Gen Merritt
commander of the mlltnry department
which embraces all that section of coun
try snys he thiuks the Press reports ex
aggerate the situation He has Issued
orders to military ciflicers in that region
t keep him promptly advised of any
hostile movements mid in the absence of
such advice he does not believe any thing
or a serious nuture has occurred He
also saye if any of the Indians should
show evidence or hostility promnt and
effective steps will be taken by the mili
without fouvpatiox
Oklahoma CityO T Dec 10 The
reported hostilities or the Cheyennes are
without foundation There is no fear on
the part of the settlers ot an outbreak
The Dentil of J J I aynrtl at Roerne it Moun
tain Ttxss Tonn Iipvenls a Case of
1iculnr Interest
Special to the Gazette
Sax Axtoxio Tev Deo 12 A tel
egruin from Boerue a mountuin town
northwest of this citv relates the death
there yesterday of J J Bayiird Tlie
death or Bayard reveuls a roninutio and
weird story or a life He came to this
section of Texas a qaurter or it century
ago selected un isolated spot iu the
mountains or Kendall comity for Inn
home wholly cut himself off from nil
communication with men and women
except in case of sickness when he vol
untarily ministered to them He claimed
to be n doctor by education and com
pounded strnuge drugs out of the native
herbs of his mountain hill which proved
very emcaoinus iu nearly all forms of
disease Like George Francis Train
when forced to talk he conversed in
monosylables and preferred to use n
child as mediator betueeu himself and
the persons with whom ho conversed
He built a little log hut
with his own hands felling the
trees himself nud Iu front
of the door he dug n cave fifteen feet
deep in the eutrunce of which he could
mil himself like Dingenes in tlie tub In
the cave ho wus buried according to a
provision of his will no claimed to
havo been n brother of exSenator
Thomas F Bayard and to hove been ou
the personal staff of Cen Taylor during
the Mexican war He also claimed to have
seen rough service In the Crimoun and
other modern wars of Kurops Iu his
will he bequeathed his property to the
Catholic church with the request that
ou It there be built u home for the aged
A Mississippi River Steamer l realts Her Hnlj
and MiiKiSeveral Lives
Srecinl to the Gaiette
New Orleans La Deo 12 The
St Louis Auchor line steamer City of
Baton Rouge while making a landing at
Herraitnge landing three miles above
Port Hudson La and 150 miles from
New Orleans at 3 oclock this ufternoou
btruck n snug the same which sunk the
Paris C Brown or Cincinnati iu 1S30
and suuk in fifteen minutes a total
loss The cabin and hurricane deck
parted nntl llouted away from the hull
which broke in two nnd suuk out of
sight Two deck passengers nre known
to be lost nntl several other passengers
are reported lost The crew and nther
passengers were taken by the stenmer
Oliver Beeru Thev will reach Bayou
Sara by 1 oclock tomorrow morn
lug when further particulars
of tho disnster will be known
The City of Baton Rouge wns on her wuy
to New Orleans when the accident oc
curred and wus heavily laden with n
mixed cargo She was valued nt 130
Evlilenc of n riohdy Trsgdy Fnnried lii a
i fRr N nr Lake t hirlfs La
Special to the Gazette
Liki Chakxus La Dec 12 As one
of the boxenrs or a train going
east this morning was opened blood
nnd brains were found scat
tered around nnd the marks of n
body drueged to the door showed
only too plainly that a murder had un
doubtedly been committod probably be
tweeu here nnd the Sabine A car was
sent immediately and the body wns
found The evidence shows that after
the victim bad been murdered the body
wns held by the feet out of the door thus
permitting the head to strike the
oross ties ns the head and face were
smashed beyond recognition The victim
wns well dressed and must have had
some money us his pockets were turned
wroug lJe out His coat and hat were
found a little distance from the body
The coroner will leave at 3 oclock to
bold the iuauest
Weekly Eevfew as Gathered by K
Unn Co a Mercantile Asency
The Basinets Otrloitc More Hopeful bnt th
Misting Up of th raft Few Weeks
Has Been a Mighty One
New Tonic Deo 12 U G Dun i
Co s Weekly Review says Business
outlook Is more hopeful but owing to
past disturbances a contiuued uncer
tainty is felt in the reduced volume of
business throughout the country which
though slightly larger than a yenr ago
no longer shows a material Increase The
South reports fair business in spite of
the continuing decline in the cotton
movement at Silvanah oranTes at Jack
sonville Mitrur mnlases and rice nt New
Orleans all at good price The supply
of money Is ample for necessities at New
Orleans but ot other points money is
slight though the banks help their cus
tomers as far as they can in legitimate
business only
At the West colder weather has helpnd
trade and at Detroit and some other
points and business is good for the sea
sonwith large cattle and hog receipts at
Kansas City strong witli liberal distribu
tion ot goods at St Louis and rair for
the season at St Paul Chicago busi
ness continues raucn larger than last
year being little affected by the Eustern
troubles und receipts of most pro lucts
show Increaso At Pittsburg the worst
Is thought to be over and money nnd
collections nre easier though iron has
declined nnd there is less demand for
manufactured products
Philadelphia notes little improvement
Boston obserres an improved demand for
leather at the lower prices and whole
sale trade is generally quiet iron pro
duction increased in November reaching
18384U tons in December n gain of
U000 for the month und over 14000com
pared with last year Quotations are
lower 18 for Northern nud SI723 for
Southern No 1 with rails lifeless and
dpcliledly less demand for bnr iron nnd
plates It seems clear also that stocks
of unsold iron at furnaces nre increasing
eo that curtailment of productions seems
to be unavoidable Woolen manufacture
Is doiug decidedly better than n yenr or
six mouths ago but htnvy woolens open
at last years prices some overcoatings
having ndvauced 3 to 5 per cent but
others are 5 percent higherbut agreater
majority realize no advance ami there is
a waiting market for kult goods and a
shrinking demand for dress goods
though plnin soft wool fabrics command
5 to lu per cent above the lowest prices
of the year The cottou manufacture is
less satisfactory nnd some works are
suspending production print cloths bay
lug fallen to 3 cents fori4s
Treasury payments for bonds do not
yet appear In the statements of cash
which show no less for the week The
most signltlcunt fact Is that a very large
proportion of money wns taken in gold
by sellers of bonds presumably for
withdrawal until uncertainties nbom
sliver legislation have passed Com
mercial troubles outside of the monetary
stringency nre mcinly duo to excessive
purchases made in anticipation of u
gretrise iu prices Those who made
ouch purchases in thebpllef that in spite
of the expected higher prices and short
crops consumption would be ns great us
ever find themselves embarrassed by
distinct shrinkage iu distribution of pro
ducts to consumers
Business failures occurlng throughout
the country duriug the last seven days
number 374 ns compared with a total of
312 last
week of
week For the corresponding
Inst year the figures were 200
AttorneyGeneral Miller Hn Confessed
Caxtox Q Deo 12 A private tele
gram received here from Washington
says AttorneyGenernl Miller has con
fessed error in tho Ctilted States supreme
court in the conduct of the Hay
camp killing case in which
seven men wer9 sentenced to die on De
cember 19 by the United Seates court for
the Northern district of Texas This
will probably reverse tho verdict and
sentence of the Texas court Cnpt
Cyrus Frease of the Nineteenth O V
I formerly or this county nnd
six other citizens of Hugoton Kan
were indicted for the killing of Sheriff
Cross and two companions from Wools
dale Kan whose bodies were found in
LoMuusLaud The evidence was all
circumstuncial Sam Wools a Woods
dale leader was shown to have
worked the prosecution and it is
claimed 100000 wns spent In the name
of the government to convict these men
Grand Army men and various society or
ganizations all over the country hnve
been moving in behalf of the prisoners
one of whom wus n county
commissioner and another a
cougressiouul candidate Senator
Mauderson of Nebraska has been uctlve
iu behalf of the prisoners The question
of jurisdiction ot the court of the North
ern district of Texus over No Mou Lund
Is involved iu the ense nnd is now being
argued by Judges Dillon of New York
Peck of Topeka und Day of Canton
The llletilmn Oranie Klcklns Agalni ha
Sand Taken by he Xt lonnl OrganIzi Ion
Abou Uov rnmn Leans
Lajcsing Mich Dec 13 The Michi
gan Grange is in open revolt against
the National Grungo on account of
ot toe stand taken by the na
tional organization In indorsing the
proposition for government Hens on real
estate Before adjourning the following
resolution was adopted We regret that
National Grunge Farmers Alliance nnd
other organizations of farmers huve
adopted the proposition in one form or
another to make loans by the govern
ment to the people In the issuing of
Si 000000000 of treasury notes aud
loaning it to the people either directly
or indirectly at a low rate of interest
would lead to loud clamor for credit
Every intelligent person must admit
that no system could be deviled or its
operation so guarded as to prevent par
tlulity and favoritism in its distribution
first to personal friends nnd of loaning
next to his political associates Every
thougbtiul man must foreseo that It
would create n feeling of helplessness
und dependence on tho government for
aid by those whom it is designed to help
thereby retaxing each Individual effort
destroying their energy and self reliance
and rendering them helpless mendicants
ot government charity Every ob
server of human nature must know that
it would lead to thriftless improvidence
relying ou government aid or govern
ment forbearance by those whom it seeks
to benefit nud prove a detriment instead
of a blessing This is so plainly evideut
that we are surprised thnt the national
Grange should allow itself to be carried
away by the clamor of those who hope to
gain for themselves political preferment
by holding out a scheme so enticing to
an ignorant or improvident debtor and
scheming speculator
The Horrible Fatp of a Drnty United state
Marshal In Texts Conniy Mo Bo
beBdd by Outlaws
Special to the Gaielte
Knsas City Mo Deo 12 United
States Marshal Tracey made nubliu the
fact this evening that Deputy Mar
shal It M Roper had been most horribly
murdered in Texas county duriug the
pnst week by a body of men known as
Homestead lntiraidators who are in
reniity a lot of Illicit whisky dealers
Roper has been after these men for some
time Last week he went to the portion
of the county known to be their resort
nnd nothing further was beard of the
deputy until yesterday when a boy rode
into Roda an 1 said that Ropers body
had been found in a tie camp with the
hend cut off with an ax A party ul
once went to tlie scene of the killing
nud found the body as indicated Roper
had evideutly made a hard struggle
for his life aud hail been overpowered
by force of numbers He was a power
ful man nnd one who would not easily
be caught off his guard The section of
Texns county where the crime was com
mitted is ruled by the same class of peo
ple who made the BuldKnobber organi
zation famous and they have completely
terrorized the county so it is almost Im
possible to hare the murderers bunted
down without sending men there from
the outside Marshal Truoey wll at
once take steps to bring the murderers to
justice nnd hus directed that the work
of running them down begingat once
One man has ulready been arrested
Thr Are rronzlit to Jnlveston From Mid
Ocenn where Their Vessel was Wreckej
Special to the Gazette
BGalvkstox Tex Deo 12 The Brit
ish steamship Unlonirt Capt Neate
which arrived here today from Liver
pool brought in the officers and crew of
the American barkentlne Adja J Bon
uer which sprung a leak and wns aban
doned and burned nt sea November 24
The bnrketitine Bonner was of Baltimore
of 4U30 tons register W G Stiow mus
ter and was bound from Bultimore to
Rio de Janeiro with merchandisu nntl
carried a crew of nine men She sprung
a leak aud wus wrecked iu midocean iu
latitude 33 deg 30 uiu north a d
longitude 40 deg 30 min west When
the crew nbnndnned her they set lire to
the bnrketitine and she wns destroyed
In launching the boat they were smashed
against the barken tines sides and the
crew were rescued by tTle boat of the
Unionist which stood by for fire hours
and her officers and crew worked bravely
In rendering assistance to tin crew of the
foundering vessel
Capt Snow officers and others of the
borkentine Bonner nre enthusiastic in
their praise of Capt Nettle officers and
crew of the Unionist for the timely and
efficient manner with which they came
to their assistance and tlie kind treat
ment accorded them afterward on board
their vessel where every effort was made
to render them comfortuble The fol
lowing comprised the crew of the bork
entine Adja J Bonner W J Snow
master John Wnite first mate M M
McDennott secoud rante Hurry Wright
steward Thomas Nolan D Hendriclt
snn G Connor J Johnson aud J
Henry seamen Capt Snow and crow
left this evening by rail for Baltimore
It Comes Down jCrar Iancaster Boy Bitten by
a Mail ling
Corre pondence of the Gazette
LtNctSTKR Tex Deo 12 On yes
terday Fred Green only son of William
E Greeu was bitten by a dog supposed
to be mad The animal was a stray dog
nnd coming up near where the lnd was
playing he began enrressing It with the
result of receiving nn ugly bite in the
palm of his left hand The father im
mediately started to Dallas with him to
have tt madstoneapplied to the wound
The dog bus since been killed nnd the
rnmily are very uneasy concerning
James Adair a farmer living
miles north of town saw a baloon
duy this week about 500 feet up in
nir sailing toward tlie Soutb Follow
ing it about 200 yards he saw it descend
to the ground Jt is about six feet in
diameter nnd n beauty From whence
it cume and what Its mission nns no one
knoweth Being something of a novelty
it furnished much amusement to the
country childreu around they viewing it
with surprise aud admiration
tki ii
Worlds Tntr CommUlooern There Ar
ranging Fnr It A School Election
Special to the Gazette
GuTituiE O T Dec 13 John D
Miles nnd Mr Uelson Worlds Fair
commissioners from Oklahoma nre here
arranging for a grand exhibit at Chicago
in 1892 George E Ford of this city is
the projector of the glnss tunnpl which is
to be placed upon the bottom of
Like Michigan known as the Sub
Murine Exposition The tunnel will
be wholly composed of Iron and glass
cud onehalf inch thick Its length will
be 200 feet and it will be in operation
by July 1891 The object is a pleasure
resort tweuty feel under the water dur
ing the fair
Governor Steele hiis colled a school
election for December 30 Every county
will decide for Itself whether or not they
have mixed or separate schools
Without discrimination of sex reads
the proclamation
A Gin Burned at Cltbarne
Special to the Gazette
CixBcnxE Tux Deo 12 About
noon today the Mitnms gin in the south
part of town was discovered to be on
fire The Ore company was on hand
promptly and kept tbe gin from burning
to the ground and saved the engine and
all the machinery The gin stands con
siderably damaged No insurance Loss
not known
A Ten Days Kafn Period Inaugurated
with Cold Disagreeable Weatlier
A Theory as to thn Cau < e of Epidemics In
crease and Decrease of fan Spats One
to Jupiters Position
Special to the Gazette
St Jo3Ern Mo Dec 12
wave oftth to 11th took a
route causing heavy snow as
as Arkansas and a
Northwest It was
My storm
far South
cold wave in the
exactly on time
My Inst letter gave dates for storm wave
of 9th to 13th to cross the country farther
north The next storm wave will be due
to leave the Pacific coast about the loth
pass the east slope of the Rocky moun
tains about the 16th cross the great
valley from 10th to 18th nnd reach the
Atlantic const about the 19th Its cen
ter will probably pass through South
Dakota IllinoisPennsylvania nnd strike
the Atlantio about New York city The
storm will continually increase in force
from the time It leaves the Paciflo coast
till it is well out on the Atlantio and a
gale may be expected on the takes and
ou the Atlnntic from New York city
northeast to Labrador The center of
the storm is the mildest part of it and
therefore I expect hearv rains south of a
line drawn from Lead City S D to
Pittsburg Pa and heavy snows north
of that line and u cold wave throughout
the northern Hue or states This storm
will inaugurate the fiftytwo days rain
period and we may expect heavy rnins
for about two weeks thereafter Thosa
rams will not occur overall the country
The principal rainfalls have been near
the sea level for some time past and
thev will now work slowly north or in
land to higher elevations and the com
ing rain period will cause less rainfall
near the coast of the gulf states and an
increase in the interior states or more
elevated sections
weathek axd science notes
We ure now in the midst of the hog
cholera period nnd the prevalence of
contagious diseases among man and the
lower animals Contagious diseases
among children nre reported as epidemic
iu many placet I huve a theory as to
the cause and I believe that statistics
1 lt
You are paying from 350 to 500 per acre rent
If you are
renting on shares for onethird and onefourth of the crop you
are paying more After your crop is gathered and labor
ended you yet have no home nor a foot of land on the face of
the earth I will sell you your choice of lands out of
for what you pay per acre in rent Two years cultivation will
more than pay for the land These lands lie adjacent to the Texas
and Pacific railway and are among the finest in thepvorld Buy
at once and be independent for life
The best lands
the Northwest
immigration n
choicest sect
arc yet the
To be found in Texas No richer lands nor healthier climate can
be found within the Republic I can offer you your choice out of
500000 acres of selected lands at from 350 to 5 per acre
will ever again he pressnted in Texas to invest in one or more sec
tions for yourself or your children They are the securest in
vestment in the world and are certain to double in value in two
years 100 PER CENT IN TWO YEARS is the investment
I offer you Address
Or SAM H MUXJKIN General Manager
or contagious and epldemio diseases will
prove the correctness of the theory The
cau e Is to be found in the aphelion anil
perihelion of tho planets especially of
Jupiter This planet is 4G000000 of
miles nearer the suu and earth at peri
helion than at aphelion When it is
nearest the sun and earth their atmos
pheres expand nnd when farthest tron
the earth thay contract In the one in
stant o the waters nnd heavy gasses of
the earth are evaporated and lifted Into
the atmosphere and in the other they
nre condensed and precipitated These
great changes in our earth and atmos
phere affect the health of man and beast
In a manner similar to the effect or the
weather preceding a storm or persons of
delicate health The effects ot Jupiters
changes are felt for about two years be
ginniug about one year after aphelion
and perihelion Commencing with 1S89
it we count bnck six years we strike nn
epidemic yenr and by dividing by six
years we strike nearly every epidemic
Tear The exact period is five and nine
tenths years When one or more of thi
other planets pass these points at the
same time that Jupiter does the
epidemics are greater Next ypur will
probably produce less of these contagious
and epidemio diseases less hog cholera
That which causos the epidemics is the
same that causes the Increase and de
crease ot sun spots These spots are
surras on the sun The faculto are the
low barometers and the spots are the
high and are exactly the same nature
as our storms They occur on the sun
north of 30 deg north latitude nnd south
of 33 deg south latitude just as our
storms do that move entirely nrouud the
earth Our high barometers following
and preceding the storm centers cause
clear weathpr and the cool or cold waves
When the high barometer Is pnsslug over
us we can then see more stars than at
any other time and as the storms on the
sun nre of the same nature wo see the
faculaj In the piled up clouds of the
storm centers on the sun and through
the clear atmosphere of the high barom
eters of the sun we see the dark solid
par of it and these are the sun spots
When Jupiter is at aphelion the suns
atmosphere becomes light and more
shallow and the sun storms have greater
effect The clouds being less dense the
high barometers more readily clear away
the elements that obscure the body of
the sun These sun storms more froavf
west on the sun as do our storms of sim
ilar latitudes and as astronomers be
lieve them to be stationery they have led
to an error as to the suns time of revo
lution ou iu axis The same has led to
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a mistake as to Jupiter which they
claim revolves on Its uxis iu ten hours
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