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The scholastic population of Brazos The April term of County Court
County is 5302, according to a report opened this morning, and the dockets,
just Issued by the State Department both civil and criminal, were called
of Education, and the total apportion- and indications are that the court will
roent at 6.81 per capita is $36,318.70 have much to do,
for the 1912-13 term; 2689 of our Five pleas Were entered as follows:
school children are whites and 2613 Tom Hodges pleaded guilty to ag
are negroes. , The total number of'gravated assault and was fined $25
school children over seven and under and costs.
seventeen years of age In Texas Is John Munson pleaded guilty to pis-
1,017,133, and 812,896 are white and tol carrying, and was fined $100 and
204,237 are colored. The males sum- costs.
ber 515,603 and the females 501,530. M. P. Garrett pleaded guilty to theft
The total apportionments are $6,967,- and was fined $10 and coats and one
361 for the State. . hour In Jail.
It is customary to multiply the scho- T. W. Worthifigton pleaded guilty to
lastlc population by five In order to pistol carrying and was fined $100 and
ascertain the true population of the costs.
county, and on this basis Brazos Gus Roy pleaded guilty to aggra-
County has a population of 26,610, an vated assault and was fined $25 and
Increase of 7501 over the Federal cen- costs.
bus of 1910. j The Jury for the week was sworn
The scholastic population of Bryan in today, and is as follows: D. P.
is as follows: White, 627; colored, I Dansby, T. J. Preston, R. L. Brogdon,
579; total 1206. (Thurston Cole, J. P. Atkins, E. II.
Astln', Jack Johnson, W. L. Houston,
The dead are soon forgotten and
so are a lot of us who are alive.
When a man's head begins to swell
he discovers that most of bis old
friends are fools.
C. L. Eden, J. L.
lips, T. L. Petty.
Barron, M. R. Phil-
Some married men would rather
have a skeleton in the closet than a
mother-in-law in the front room.
Cravc'i Tasteless chill Tonic Combines both
in Tasteless form. The Quinine drives
out Malaria and (he Iron builds up
the System. For Adults and
You know what you are talcing when
you take GROVE'S TASTELESS chill
TONIC, recognized for 30 years through
out the South as the standard Malaria,
Chill and Fever Remedy and General
Strengthening Tonic. It is as strong as
the strongest bitter tonic, but you do not
taste the bitter berause the ingredients
do not dissolve in the mouth but do dis
solve readily in the acids of the stomach.
Guaranteed by your Druggist. We mean
it. 50c.
The Wonderful, Old Reliable Dr. Porter's
Antiseptic Healing OiL An Antiseptic
Surgical Dressing discovered by an
Old R. R. Surgeon. Prevents Blood
Thousands of families know it already,
and trial will convince you that DR.
OIL is the most wonderful remedy ever
discovered for Wounds, Hums, Old Sores,
Ulcers, Carbuncles, Granulated Eye Lids,
Sore Throat, Skin or Scalp Diseases and
all wounds and external diseases whether
slight or serious. Continually people are
finding new uses for this famous old
remedy. Guaranteed by your Druggist
We mean it. 25c, JOc, fl.00
There is Only One ' likOMO yUl.NINE" That isLAXATIVH UROMO QUININE
Look for signature of E. W. GROVE on every box. Cures a Cold in One Day. 25c
French Market Coffee
Is the National Drink
Plums Are Dropping Right Along Now A Bill
Introduced Defining a Trust With
Penalty For Violation at From
Two to Twelve Years
By Associated Press.
Washington, April 17. President
Wilson today appointed Benjamin F.
Sherrell United States Marshal for the
Eastern district of Texas. Robert
Wooley of Virginia was appointed
Auditor for the Interior Department;
Henry Breckenridge of Kentucky, As
sistant Secretary of War; and Wil
liam Harris of Georgia, Director of the
Census. -
N t
Would Punish Trust Violators.
By Associated Press
Washington, April 17. Chairman
Henry of the rules committee today
introduced a bill amending the Sher
man anti trust law by defining what
constitutes a trust with a penalty of
the degree of a felony foY violation,
ranging from two to twelve years, and
exempting members of 'organizations
that were not for profit and without
capital, or agricultural products, or
livestock In hands of producers, or
raisers. The bill is aimed at the Su
preme Court's "rule of reason" decision.
By Far Most Soulful snd Helpful Se
ries of Meeting Ever Held In
Bry ahTo Date 140 Have
United with Churches.
of the South
EN when French Mar-
; Coffee could be had
nowhere but at the old
French Market in New Or
leans a hundred years ago
it was widely known.
Andrew Jackson, Henry
Clay and the gallants of the
old South were enthusiastic
lovers of this rare old French
,coffee. Today the identical,
historic French blend is per
petuated by a
Unique Hygienic
Roasting Process
and genuine old French Mar
ket Coffee is packed in air
tight, hermetically-sealed tins
and delivered anywhere in
the world in all its freshness
and delicious aroma.
In the South, especially,
so creat is the demand for
French Market Coffee that it
has become "The National
Drink of the Soulh."
French Market
Coffee Unlike
All Others
The smooth, exhilarating"
quality of French Market
Coffee is totally unlike ordi
nary coffees.
The French Market Mills
have the great advantage of
the first selection of the best
of the Pan-American coffees.
These fine coffees have
never been exposed to the in
jurious effects of a cold north
ern climate. The berries are
rich in everything that goes
to make a perfect coffee.
tell Market Coffee
Perfect Process of '
Roasting and
The celebrated French Mar
ket Coffee process is quite dif
ferent from the ordinary roast.
It drives out a larger percent
age of gums and oils, while re
taining and intensifying all
the aromatic and beneficial
qualities of the coffee bean.
The grinding is done at ex
actly the right time to hold
the full, delicious flavor that
has always been such a fea
ture of French Market Coffee.
The market-men of the
French Market think nothing
of drinking 10 to 5 cups a day
of this deliciously aromatic
and refreshing beverage.
At Your Grocer's
in Air-Tight Tins
But you must be sure to
get the genuine with the pic
ture of the French Market on
the can.
Try it once, and you'll
agree "There is only o tie real
old French Market flavor."
French Market Mills
(New Orleans Coffee Co., Ltd.
New Orleans
' m
Last night marked the close of the
simultaneous revivals held in the varl
ous Protestant churches of this city
for the past two weeks. The interest
that has been manifested in these
meetings 1b remarkable, for during the
entire progress of the services the at
tendance was very large at all the
1 The revival will be of lasting ben
efit to the city, for besides quickening
the spiritual zeal of the members, a
large number of new converts and
reclamations have been made. The in
fluence of a great number of people
throwing their life and Influence on j
the side of right and morality, and
resolutely battling against those
things which go to degenerate and
drag down man will always quicken
the uplift and better their fellows.
The value of the results of the
meeting is incalculable. Numerically
they may be summed u,p as follows:
First Methodist Church.
The revival Just closed at the First
Methodist Church last night was the
best held in that church in many
years. The services were well attend
ed throughout, the morning congrega
tions being very unusual, and the re
sults most gratifying. There were al
together something over one hundred
professions of conversion and reclama
tions, and up to last night slxty-Qve
had given their names for member
ship in the Methodist Church and one
in another church. The preaching of
Dr. Holder was of a high order and his
labors in private and public mo6t ef
fective. He was greatly helped in his
services by the solo and chorus work
of Mrs. Hudspeth.
These workers left for their re
spective homes last night with the
god wishes and prayers of the many
who heard them during their visit to
First Baptist Church.
The meeting at the First Baptist
Church closed last night with an over
flow congregation, many being turned
away for want of room. Dr. Scarbor
rough preached a great sermon on
"Choosing Barabbas Instead of
Christ." The pastor baptized thirty
three last night and a number remain
over to be baptized next Sunday night.
With the professions of yesterday
and last night the number of profes
sions during the meeting reached one
hundred and nine, and sixty have al
ready united with the church with
others to follow. It Is the universal
opinion of the members that the
church never had a more helpful meet
As an expression of appreciation
of the services of Messrs. Scarbor
ough and Taylor, the church gave
nearly $1500 for the meeting and the
seminary to which Rev. Scarborrough
his given his life. I
Caucus Rapidly Finishing Tariff
By Associated Press.
Washington, April 17. With the
ngnt over free wool and free sugar
settled, the Democratic caucus today
resumed the consideration of the Un
derwood tariff bill with indications that
It will be ready for the House early
next week. Several members plan a
fight on the provision permitting a
discount of 5 per cent of duties on all
goods imported In American vessels,
on the ground it amounts to a ship
Made. Attack on Newspapers.
By Associated Press.
Washington, April 17. In lntroduc
Ing the bill making it unlawful for the
District of Columbia newspapers to
publish the details of crimes, acci
dents, and tragedies, today, Senator
Works Of California attacked the pres
ent-day newspapers and journalism
throughout the United States, declar
ing a majority of their readers would
prefer to have such news omitted.'
church. Two additions were made by
letter and three reclaimed.
Rev. Stalker left last night for Ken
edy, where he wity deliver two lec
tures. He will then 6o to Webb City,
Mo., and lecture previous to going to
his home at Tamaroa, III. Rev. Stalker
13 a most powerful pulpit orator, and
made many personal i friends during
his stay in the city. '
Presbyterian Church
Rev. O. A. Browne, of New Orleans
conducted the services in this church
during the first part of the meeting,
but was called away, and the pastor,
Rev. J. R. Finley, with the able as
sistance of Dr. T. C. Johnston of Hous
ton, continued the good work. Two
professions of faith were made and
the entire membership of the church
greatly inspired. Dr. Johnston re
turned to Houston last night.
Christian Church.
Rev. Chalmers McPherson of Fort
Worth assisted Rev. J. N. Thomas in
the conduct of one of the most helpful
series of meetings ever held in this
church. Three members have united
with the church b profession of faith
and five have united by letter. Rev.
jMcPherson returned to his home at
Fort Worth last night.
Little Melvin Edge, the two-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Edge, died
at 6:30 o'clock this morning after a
two weeks' illness with measles and
pneumonia. The death of the little fel
low deeply moves the loving hearts
that were so happy in his love, and in
sorrow the parents have the tender
est sympathy of their friends. Mortals
can but bow to the will of Him that
knows the things that are hidden from
man, and though ofttimes to human
understanding God's ways seem hard,
yet He has promised that all things
shall work for good for those that love
him. In His wisdom He has seen fit
to spare the burdens of life and take
the spotless' soul of the child home to
the place where pain is not known.
Funeral services will be held at the
home tomorrow (Saturday) morning at
8 o'clock, with Interment following at
10 at Wesson Cemetery. Rev. Glenn
Flinn will conduct the funeral services.
Free Will Baptist Church.
Pastor J. J. Tatum, who has con
ducted the revival services with the
assistance of Rev. C. F. Stalker, has
received into the church five new
members and eight have signified
their intention of uniting with the
The Commissioners' Court has can
vassed the returns on the election to
increase the school tax of the Milllcan
school district, and found that there
were but few dissenting votes. It Is
the Intention of the trustees to add an
additional room to the school building
and employ another teacher.
The court agreed to furnish George
Dunn with the cement provided he
would furnish the labor, to put in two
concrete culverts on the San Antonio
The court spent the afternoon can
vassing the returns of the recent elec
tion for school trustees. It has not
yet completed the work. John Hicks
and W. R. Parker have been elected
county school trustees.
San Antonio Spring Carnival, April
21-26 Battle of Flowers, April 25.
Texas' most unique attraction ab
solutely unrivalled. Tickets on sale
dally April 20 to 26, inclusive, limit
27. Special low popular excursion
fares for special days. For further In
formation see ticket agent I. & G. N.
For Making Pure,
Home-Baked Food.
Glairing Feeder
Fine and Wholesome Biscuit.
Delicious Cake and Pastry
No Alum
No Lime Phosphate
Loveslckness may be temporarily
cured by absent treatment, but mar
riage Is said to be the only infallible
Corei oil torn. Other lesedlit ln't tin
The worit cates, no matter of haw Ions funding,
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter'i Antiseptic Healing Oil. It reliere
Fain and Heali at the aamr time. 25c, 60c, (L0Q.
J r'HKV' ' i ' ',!
The Imported German Goach Stallion
Ho. 3989. Cost $3,000.00
Colts sired by this Imported German
Coach Stallion. Spicn, 3989. are at
tracting attention in every neighbor
hood. They are kind and gentle, eas
ily handled, have good bone, fine shape
and are large enough at 2 years to do
as much work as other breeds do at
three. Save a year's feed bill by rais
ing German Coach Horses. They sell
for more because they are worth more.
Try to buy a colt sired by this stal
lion and see what they sell for. For
the farmer they make an ideal horse
big enough and strong enough to
pull any load loose at both ends. For
style and action they are unsurpass-'
ed. Ask the man who owns one.
Terms to Insure Colt $20.

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