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Entered at the Postofflce at Bryan, Texas,
a second-das mall matter.
Subscription Prfct. ...(1.00 Per Angm
The special "Prosperity' edition of
The Eagle, 'which has been in course
of preparation for several weeks, has
been completed and is now ready for
distribution. It Is not the province
of The Eagle to praise Its own efforts,
yet we can not but believe that It Is
a creditable effort, and will contribute
no little to the future welfare of
Bryan. The resources of the city and
county are placed before the home
seeker, the manufacturer and Investor,
thereby bringing us In closer touch
with the outside world, and with thoBe
who are seeking new locations.
An effort is made to emphasize the
desirability of Brazos County as a
place to establish a home.jecause of
the fertility of the soil, the cheapness
of the lands, the splendid rural schools
and churches, free rural mall delivery,
neighborhood telephones, plenty of
water and other conveniences and ad
vantages. The advantages of Bryan are shown
In its splendid educational system, its
churches, Its municipally owned pub
lic utilities, Its Industrial enterprises,
its elegant homes, and a comprehen
sive .exposition of its business and
professional firms. The social side of
Bryan Is . also represented, together
with Its lodges fraternal, benevolent,
and social.
In size it Is the largest publication
ever Issued In Bryan thirty-two
pages, every one of which Is devoted
to the Interests of Bryan and Brazos
In this connection we wish to ex
tend our thanks to the Bryan Com
mercial Club and its secretary, Mr.
L. ,M. Hewit, the live business and
professional men of Bryan, the good
ladles of the city, the ministers and
teachers, the officers and faculty v of
the A. and M. College, and all others
who In any way contributed to the
success of the Special Prosperity
Dear Sir I note In your issue of
the 17th Instant an article in which
a m
For a genuine leather quarter, extension top'
surrey, handsome style, wide and roomy and
strongly built.
for this genuine quarter leather top buggy.
An easy seller at $65.00
you say that "To save our life we can
not Justlfj-the wearing- of (women's)
hats in church." I am much surprised
that you, who profess to be a son of
God, a member of the church of the
Lord Jesus, can dare to advise the
women to disobey the express com
mand of our Lord and King. If you
will read the eleventh chapter" of
I. Corinthians you will see that Paul
begins this chapter with the command,
"Be ye followers of me as I also am
of Christ," and beginning with the
fifth verse be commands that no wom
an sboud pray or prophesy with her
bead uncovered, and if she should do
,so she is disgraced and her head
should be shorn, and he gives the rea
sons for it. The whole of the eleventh,
twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth
chapters of this epistle are written to
give us directions for the public wor
ship of God, and Paul concludes-with
the words: "If any man think himself
to be a prophet, or spiritual let him
acknowledge that the tilings I write
unto you are the commandments of
the Lord." "Let all things be done
decently and in order."
Bryan, Texas, April 17, 1913.
Sure brother; we have no objec
tion to them keeping their heads scrip
turally covered, but we do most vigor
ously kick at them covering the entire
community. Dear old Paul, when he
was giving that advice, was not look
ing down the ages to the time when
the praying and prophesying ladies
would wear hats as big as the State
of Rhode Island. Red bandanas were
the style In Paul's time.
"The people of Bryan little realize
what the interurban and its connec
tion with the Houston and Texas Cen
tral to the west Is going to mean to
the commerce or the city. I drove over
the line from Giddlngs today, and it's
a wonderfully rich, well developed
country, and it will be at your door."
Col. E. B. Cashing.
The above expression from Colonel
Cushing is certainly encouraging and
cheering to the people of Bryan. Col
onel Cushing Is a man not given to
idle statements, and his wide experi
ence gives weight and value to his
The promoters of this extension of
the interurban to the bottom need
every encouragement from our citi
zens. They are doing a great work a
work that will benefit Bryan far more
than we now Imagine. Let every hand
be outheld to them, let every assist-
ance possible be rendered, let every
bonus subscription be paid promptly,
so that this great work can go forward
rapidly and without interruption. '
. " ... .
The Tenaha Messenger says: "It I.
the East Texas style to raise cotton!
jo ouy ie.iut .M ur, couoa. mhQQ m mf.
The farmer who can not learn that jlnexcUBable protectlon of New Eng.
Buch a "style" will keep him poor to'. , . ' - , A.. ,
r lonrl mamifntfiirora una la nnthlnv lauci
the end of his days, no matter how
hard he may work, is incapable of
' "
jcraimug auj lums.j iaei ivias ieg
Amen! The Eagle has been preach-
Wg diversification for many years, and
while it is being practiced much more
AvtAiiolvAlv than tn fvma Hmas
extensively than in former times,
there are still some farmers who stick
to the all-cotton Idea. They are tie
ones whose names are registered at
the courthouse In connection with
crop mortgages, while the diversifies
tionists have their names , registered
on tne dooks or tne Danns witn good,
healthy balances opposite.
riBmiMe.TANr.Fft iitpr r.Asrs
"Moralitv la a matter cif eeoeranhv "
savl the ClebMM Enterprise Quite
correct- a grea " many Nort h Texas
correct, a great many jNonn lexas
? Ln,5.J I n fn n.. rim
to murder a man in Dallas. New Ulm
The moral of this is in the applica
tion of it. Houston Post.
Much also depends on the viewpoint,
and the viewpoint is very frequently
influenced by conditions and environ
ments. For Instance, a man ship
wrecked on a cannibal island was
dying from hunger after remaining in
hiding for several days. Seeing a
ding for several days. Seeing a
smoke, he approached it cautiously, 'product8. For this reason they were
and hearing voices, stopped "d "a-, f d - ,th the,p merchant
tened intently to catch what was said. ,
A voice perceptibly louder than the at the beginning of each year for sup
others suddenly said: "What in the 'plies to run on and give a mortgage
h did you play .that card for?" on tne crop to be grown. They are
1!.? better now, and also that it
Knees BUU luauacu uuu luub v "
in a Christian land.
Secretary of State W. J. Bryan and
Speaker-Champ Clark have buried the
hatchet. The trouble between them
dates from the Baltimore convention,
where Mr. Bryan javelined
Speaker and prevented his nomination
for the Presidency after he had re-
ceived a majority of the votes. Mr.
Bryan In his pipe of peace statement
says "he has always regarded, and
now regards him (Clark) as a good,
clean, progressive Democrat." Mr.
Clark says that "while Colonel Bryan
nor anyone else can correct the in- j
jury done him at Baltimore, still all
personal and selfish considerations
must give way to the duty all Demo-
crats owe the party and the country."
TO MAKE ROOM for several cars of buggies to
arrive, we must sell a number of styles we now
have. These buggies must sell at once. To be
sure to move them, we have made the following
One Bleesc Top Brgy, excellent style, genuine quarter leather four
bow top, best quality rubber tires. A good value at $ 1 10, OC ffj
special sale price. WuwiUU
One Sle:se Open Surrey, the prettiest and lightest surrey we ever sold.
Regular price $129.50, special sale price Si 09 50
One light Cutunder Canopy Top Surrey; we have sold sev- PQC CQ
eral for $114.75, special sale price OJwiwU
One automobile seat Staver Buggy, built with a three-bow OQJ CQ
extension top, regular price $110.00, special sale price .. OirtiJU
Two Staver Runabouts, 3 4 wheels, 20-inch bodies; a young 07Q Cf
man's special, regular price $90.00, special sale price fl,,u
One Bleese Runabout, light and handsome, regular price ffJC CJ
$76.50, special sale price UUwiwU
One second-hand Moon Bros. Phaeton, good condition, OQjj fin
well worth $50.00, special sale price OJwiUU
Many of the best styles for $47.75, $49.50, $55.65, $57.50 and $60.00.
Editor Ousley of the Tort Worth
Record is of the opinion that the Un
derwood tariff bill has teeth In it. He
think it curries favors with the North
and East at the expense of the South
and West, and that If passed in its
present form would wreck the Demo-
cratlc party. In an interview Mr. Ous-
, eM. Underwood W1, , tne
dl8aBtr0U8 plece of legl8latlon
I,. ,
' . ,,. . .
Snnthorn anil Wpatern nrnrtufora "
A Mrs. Cramp of New York, a
widow, has given out the information
that a woman can not llve on 25.000
'a 7ear colonel Bailey of the Houston
1 '
Post says there are many widows who
would not feel cramped on half that
sum. So far as we are concerned, we
ldo not know the klnd of wldow Sl8ter
'Cramp , wnether or Bod, but in
lelther case wth 25000 per annum at
' her dIaDOBa, 8he could E0 80me.
Wool, cotton, sugar and meat are the
schedules constituting the bone of con-
tention in tne tann reduction ngm.
BI& dividends have been declared
through tneBe nd t0 retaln
th8e dividends is going to precipitate
aght t tne death on the part of tne
We the Wct f tariff reduction)
,. ' 41w, jiiHnH- .
stead of from the prices of the raw
material and labor, then the Demo
crats will be hailed as the savers of
the country and will remain in power
for all time
Farmers used to think it beneath
.them to sell eggs,
wood, vegetables, am
chickens,' butter,
wood, vegetables, and other diversified
is far more honorable and respectable
to sell truck than it is to give a crop
Present events are demonstrating
that Richmond Pearson Hobson's
'views on the probability of a war
with Japan were not as wild and
visionary as many supposed. There
is hardly the least doubt now but that
it will come sootier or later. If not
over the California land owning law,
the present disturbing element, then
over something else that is sure to
- - -
Governor Colquitt may not have had
a two-edged sword, but it is a sure
thing that his pruning apparatus
worked like greased lightning.
A law
o IF3
If free raw wool will only reduce
the price of a medium grade woolen
suit 60 cents, and free manufactured
wool will reduce it $5.00, why did not
the Democratic ways and means com
mittee put In the bill free manufac
tured wool Instead of free raw wool?
It looks like discrimination against the
sheep raiser in favor of the wool man
ufacturer. Seventy-seven years ago today
grand old Sam Houston defeated the
army of the proud Clnclnnatus of the
West, and made Texas free. Of the
brave Texans present on that occa
sion, but one survives that grand' old
hero and patriot, Capt. W. P. Zuber
of Austin. The others all sleep with
the fathers.
It is just as honorable and just as
important that you sell on the streets
cabbage, eggs, butter, milk and fruits,
articles that you haveproduced, as it
IS for merchants to sell nails, soap and
lye, things that they did not produce.
Both are honoiable and there Is no
use of false modesty In selling what
we produce. Farm and Ranch.
Farmers of Brazos County know
nothing of the water troubles experi
enced by farmers in the dry sections
of the State. It has the Brazos River
on the western boundary, the Nava
sota River on the east, and a number
of large creeks. There Is sufficient
rainfall to keep the tanks well filled,
and good wells can be secured any
where at a shallow depth.
Within four months Bryan will have
an Interurban extending to the Brazos
River, and running down the rich val
ley for twenty mileson the west side
of the river. With, a convenient sched
ule, running cars at frequent intervals,
it will bring the trade of that vast
territory to Bryan and pour a veritable
stream of gold into the trade channels
of the city from year's end to year's
Brazos County has every requisite
for the making of a perfect home.
Good lands, cheap lands, good rural
schools and churches, free rural mall
delivery, neighborhood telephone sys
tems connecting with Bryan, good
health, a mild climate, adequate rail
road facilities, and a market for the
products of its farms.
The punishment meted out to old
Floyd Allen and his son, Claud Swan
Bon Allen, was, a little hard, but you
can count on It that it will make the
other mountain outlaws of that section
sit up and take notice.
J?) Is'!
, rm
for a style of surrey like this a style that
meets every requirement
for this stauch little runabout buggy. One of
the best values we have ever shown.
"Do you realize the power of the
mother tongue?" asked the young man
who professed Interest in literature.
"Yes, and so does father." reDlled th
young woman. Buffalo' Express.
Japan should be careful not to get
too foxy with Undo Sam over that
California statute recently passed de
nying the Japs certain landlord priv
ileges. The BDlrlt of "Amrlc fni
Americans" Is strong in this country,
and if the people should be riled un
on that question they might get real
, iiuuiu-im uBBUBBius littve plugged St
King Alfonso of Sixain three tlma
nrA..u - i i . .
since he mounted the throne, but so
far have failed . to perforate, The
Houston Post, In commenting on the
poor marksmanship shown, says it ia
fortunate the TDnllnn ahnrnahnntora
have not markei him for early transi
tion." There never was a time when the
Texas treasury could rapturously re
ceive that 1100,000,000 demanded of
Old John D. than right now. Accord
ing to reports, whin a silver plunk ia
dropped into the strong box now, it
can be beard two blocks.
The railroads should be ashamed of
their effort to gather a few more dimes
Into their tills by boosting the rates
on the old vets to the annual reunion.
Heretofore they have carried the old
heroes for one cent a mile; this year
they demand two. What they ought
to do would be to carry them free.
To make a long story short, if Con
gress wants to do the square thing by
the country, it 'should cut the price
half In two on everything we have to
buy, raise the price of everything we
have to sell, and make the millionaires
pay all the expenses of the govern
ment. 5
Postmaster General Burleson has
shot a thrill of Joy Into the hearts of
the Republican postmasters, by an
nouncing every fellow can hold his Job
until his time is out, unless convicted
oHnefficlency. Of course they'll all be
efficient or bust a gallus trying.
Keep your eye on Chairman Daly andj
the streets. There's going to be some
thing doing. He believes in good
streets. He thinks about tnem aunng
th dnv and dreams of them at night.
and when a man becomes thus thor
oughly imbued with a subject you are
going to hear from him.
The new physics and chemical bulld
nsr nnri laboratory of the Rice Insti
tute of Houston, to be built and com
pleted this year, will cost iZZO.UUU.
Prove all things; hold fast that
which Is good. I. Thess. 5:21.
There are many who are not much
on proving, but are long on holding.

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