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Don't practice false economy during the summer months to
your sorrow. "Quality reigns supreme long after price is for
Rotten." That is why American lleauty Flour, Folger's Golden
Gate Coffee, Richelieu Canned Fruits and Vegetables, National
Biscuit Company? Cakes and Crackers, Armour's Shield Lard,
Armours Banquet Bacon, Swift's Premium Hams and Breakfast
Bacon, and the courtesy and service we give have such a warm
place in your hearts. We want your trade for June on the
quality of our goods and our business methods.
The Quality Grocer. Phones 111 and 179
Bryan Daily fcaijlr
ntered at tn PoatcS" In Bryan,
Texas, at second claaa matt".
Ratti of Subscription.
One month f .40
Three months 1.00
One year 4.00
son was governor of Texas just im
agine what Mould have happened.
HaHslBBam saMHntaiW
Democratic newspapers that have
been naving spasms because they
feared that Bryan would lie a candi
date for president again should rest
easy now since he is an avowed can
didate for the national senate,
Advertising rules on application.
is feade
Subscribers will confer a favor on
Jie management by telephoning tbe
office promptly when carriers fall to
deliver the paper, or when change cf
residence occura.
Advertisers will please take notice
that to Insure the appearance of the I.
ads on the day the copy Is brought In,
copy for Dally ads, both new and
changes, must reach the office not
later than 10 oclock a. m. on tha day
the ads are to appear. Copy for ads
in the Weekly must reach the office
by Tuesday afternoon, not later than
All notices of chuich services, and
all other notices, must bs In the office
by 12 o'clock of the day they are to
It Is our purpose to make the Eagle
prompt to the minute and to this It
Is necessary to have fixed rules. Our
friends and patrona will aid us greatly
by complying with the above.
June 12.
r,'ii. (Jane lsiifj a .i(i In illa
tion declaring Massachusetts under
martini law.
17H- New Hampshire ratified the
constitution of the 1'nlte.l States.
joH i onprenN ihxk'i nn act crea
ting the new territory of Iowa.
1M1-Slr Oliver Idg noted Hilt
Ish scientist, born.
lfc14 Grant bgnn to move bin forces
across the James, river In order to
attack Richmond from the South.
1S7I Great storm In Galvcxtnn.
JS78 William Cullen Itryant, famous
poet, died In New York. Horn In Cum
mlngton. Ma., Nov. 3 17!M.
I!t0.i Sweden protested against
American recognition of Norway's In
dependence. ; ;
If a man had beaten another man
to death in the p'e.nce of hundreds of
people including the sheriff, two depu
ties, two state rangers, the chief of po
lice and other otfiters in the capitol
city of die state while Charles Culk-r
County of Rrafos Whihai, by sir
tue of authority vested in me, J. K. Attin
at trustee named and appointed in a certain
Peed of Trut, recorded in Volume "I."
n paget 395 lo 3Vd, Recordt of Real Ft
'tats Mortgage of Hraiot County, Teiat,
executed and delivered to me on the ti
teenth day of May, A. D.1V08, by V. K
vjoiii ana Miry M. cavitt tor letter se
curing the pavment of one certain promit
tiry note lor Eight Thousand, Six Hun
dred and Thiity-one and 1-100 DoUan,
more fully detrribed in said Deed of
TruM, executed by the said W. K. fault
and Mary M. Cavitt, payable to the order
of Oakleigh Thome ( the County of
Dutches, and State of Xew York, payable
at the otiire of the Pioneer Trust Com
pany, Kansas City, Mo., due on April
lit, A. D. 1V0V, bearing feven per cent
interest per annum from date until paid,
intercut payable temi-annually, and ten
per cent, interest thereon after maturity tin
til paid at it acrrrue , and that in the event
default if made in the paynent oftaid note
at maturity, also providing for the pay
mrnt ol ten per rent, additional on the
amount of principal and interett then due
at attorney's feet if placed in the hand of
an attorney for collection or mil is brought
on said note.
Aso WHtatAt, the taid Oakleigh
Th'irneiilhe legal owner and holder of taid
note, and taid YV. R. Casittand Mary M.
Cavitt hate made default in the payment
of taid Eight Thousand, Six llundied and
Thirty-one and VI -100 Dollars (M,6.M.I)
as abost descrilved, due on April 1st, I'MW,
and the tame i now past due and unpaid,
p'incipal, interest a id attomey'i fee, by
reason thereof. a provided in taid Note
and in taid Heed of Trust, the said Oak-
leigh Thorne has declared said Note and
all tfsaidmdebtedness immediately due at d
mature as stipulated in said Deed of Trust
Axis Whisias, the tai.f Note it now
pa-t due and unpaid, principal, interest
and attorney 'a fees;
Al WhltlAs, I, J. R. Astin, Trustee
as aforesaid, have !een reoueted bv the
taid Oakleigh Thoinetoenforcesaid Trust,
therefore, 1 will offer for tale between ti e
Irgal hours thereof, to-w it: between the
hours ten (10) o'clock a. in. and four (4)
o'clock p. in., at Public Auction to tie
highest bidder for cash on the first Tues
day ir. July, A. U. l'tw, (.nut being the
sixth day of said month), at the Court
Mouse Poor in the town cf Itry an , in
Braos County, Texas, the following de
scribed property, to-w it:
THE Z. I'M 1 1. 1.1 PS I.F.Atil'F. Sl'KVFY
First Ttact:
center of the Air Line road leading from
the Citv of Hrsan to the A. and M. (
lece being the most Westerly corner of f2
acres coir eyed by Hartev Mitchell to J.
M. Stockton with well marked Vearirg
t-ees near the S. bank of a branch; Thence
N. -Is F. 1531 srs. to a stakeat said Mitch-
e I s pasture feme; Thence N. 4S V. 1 1 es5
vara to a stake near the same fence from
which a clump of Pott Oak bushes in the
i) sine bears S. KM 1-2 V! Tlirm-r S.
u-kar s m;iii L-nmi'. nL.-ii tl... n 1.. I ' . - ... - .
" ""' '" ' west ft.: saras to stake in aanie;
the state. A one idea man his no bus
iness in the executive . hair in Texas.
-West Times.
A new record in revivals was
by Billy Sunday in a six weeks series
of meetings at Decatur, III. The
visible net results were 6,20l converts
and contributions of money amount
ing to $11,37.50. There have been
skeptics who doubted that 3,00(1 were
converted on the day of Pentecost, but
in view of the achievements of latter
day evangelists the Hible story is not
at all improbable.
There is but one good move for the
penitentiary system and that is to re
move it from politics. Huntsville
Post-1 tern.
An aspiring office-seeker in an up
state county lakes the people into his
confidence and says that his thirteen
year old boy will be old enough to do
most of the plowing next year, so he
expects to run for office, leaving the
lad to do the work. lJeaumoiit Kn-terprise.
An exchange has discovered that a
poor girl has to be awful good looking
to be pretty, and a rich girl has to be
awful homely to be ugly. It might
have added that a poor man has to be
awfully Vmart to be intel.igent, and a
rich nun almost a blockhead to be ig-norzr.:.-
I'ler Courier.
Some piople think that all the qual
ihcatlons necessary for a povcrnoris to
be on the right side of the prohibit 0:1 i
question. What we want to know is;
" 'I
bv E.M.Pci'eto Win. KCasitt by PteJ
tecorded in Rook "X" age l7 of the
Deed of Records of Rratos County, Texat.
Fourth Tract! Resinning at the most j
E. corner of the 5KU acre tiact laid off to I
taidGroetbeck Haker Hutchina and Kite I
it the partition of the taid Phillipt League j
which it VOV via S. 45 1". from the S. cor
ner ot the Phillips Addition to the City of
Bryao; Thence S. 45 E. 45S vrt. to cornet
a ttake in prairie in the present N. W. line
ol Mitchell's 620 acre tract; Thrnce K. 45
E. 73 vrt. to corner a ttake in praiiie;
Thence N. 26 W. itit vrt. to corner of a
25 acre tract told taid Mitchell; Thence N.
45 W. 334 vrt. to corner a ttone in the
prairie; 1 hence S. 45 V. K56 vrt. to cor
ner a ttone in the N. E. line of taid M0
acre tract near the bank of a large diy ra
vine; Thence S. 45 E. 234 vrt. with said
line to the beginning, containing KMiacrti
of land, and being the tame land conseytd
by ("has. Frhardt to Wm. R. Cavitt by
Deed recorded in Hook "T" page 2IY ol
the Deed Records of ldaot County, lex.
Alto a part of the John Austin League in
Kiatoi County, Texas; Iteginning at the
most S. corner of a 270 acre tract purchas
ed by J. P. Mitchell from Win. Mcintosh
out of taid Austin League a stone from
which a Post Oak 24 inches in diameter on
the bank of a wide revine leari N. VX.27
vrt. Thence S. 45 E. 33 vrt. to a ttone
tet for theW, cor. of S. W. Montgomery's
100 acres; Thence S 45 W630 vrt. corner a
ttorein prairie Thence N.4S W. VON vrt. cor
ner a ttake. Thence N. 45 E. 460 tit. cor
ner a ttake un the S. bank of Pin Oak
Htanch in llannamas S W Line ttake and
bearing tree; Thence S 45 F with hit line SB
vrt. toll it niostS coiner;'l hence $45 WlOll
wt. to the place of hevinnini:. containing
177 acres, Vid being the tame laudcontey-
tl by j. P.Mitchell to Mary M.Casitt by
Deed recorded in Hook "K" pages 3v4
and 35of the Deed Records of Hiais
County, Texas, less 5t acres sold otf of
taid 177 acres of land, with all rights,
members and appurtenance thereto belong
ing. Witness my hand, this the twelfth day of
June, A. D. IWt.
J. R. AM IS.
Bryan Wood Yard
Dry Split Stove Wood. De
livered in any quantity.
Phone - - " 339
Omcs upstairs over Smith Drug Co.
The Miller House
Nr H. fe T. C. I'troi.
Col.iM rHnt. extra t ! Iw.lltr t
ds; five .llift fr k. The rt'rnf ol the
put-Ik It nii-tl rsrilully tolMtrd,
Physician and Surgeon
Spc-clal Attention to Ootilto-Uninary
Oigana and Rectum.
R.-aldoiice Phone 16. Offlce pion I
66. Calls anawerej Prt.mitly Day or
V. 11. Hudson V. Wilson
Ilryati, Texaa. F'ranklln. Tex.
. Attomeyaat-Law
Hryan and F'ranklln, Teias.
Will prin t b e In com.ty, state and fed
eral courts. Special attention to buhl
ik'nii In Itruzoi mid lid" rtsoii routine
Announces Low Ratei to
Houston and Galveston Satur
day evening, June 12, and Sunday
morning, 13th. Raft; $2.20.
Summer rates to College on sale
June 12, 13, 14 from all points;
limit July 31.
Galveston June 15 and morn
ing of 16.'
Waco J"" 17,18. 19-and 20.
Dallas June 20, 21 and 24.
Ft. Worth June 21 and morn
ing of 22.
Mexia June 21 and morning
of 22. a
Wharton June 21 and 22..
Don't forget Farmers' Congrets,
July 27 to 30.
No Limit.
There Is practically no limit to Hie
variety of work tbat can de done with
a Singer Eetsitif Machine, whether
for the flneat embroidery, the plain
est home mine, or tbe most elabor
ate tailoring, the Singer Is equally
efficient. We sell for cash or on small
monthly payments. Also rent and
repair machines. Phone 103. T. A.
Salter bite, Salesman.
1 1 Ti ncres cf In tul In the Monet
i Hughe survey, near Kdar. Price and
terillH r'HOll!ll!
Half t re of hind with Improve
ments, one block ea.-t of my honje.
M) acren adji'lning A. and M. College
land on west hide near Providence
chinch. Known ns the tleorge PN ter
l!"i acres. Including Double Sulphur
Spring, on Nataxota river.
All Kinds of INSURANCE
Telethons 101
Up-ttairs in the Parker Building
To be Pulled Off in July
I lie winner of the first prize to be
awarded a vidua ted Moon llrothers'
Huggy worth $MMi0. and a fine set of
hand-made full luas trimmed Harness
worth yvUKI. First prize worth $1.0.00.
Petzmning at astake in lhe ; 1 j y'TZ .'"T T.
i- Ji x A
Thence N. 45 V. 4.'Maras to ttake stun'
marked bearing trees being the most Fast
erly corner of MI acres ct ai a-t to the!
Houston and 'letas Crntral Kailtsay Com- j
I pany in the partition of the . Piiillictj
Senator liailey is easily recognized ! League betssem said Railssay Company and j
as one of the brainiest men in the!E M. Piaseam! II. Mitchell; 1 hence '. '
I'nited States, and the fact is dul.vmp- w- ''' 10 ,he iJ Air 1-tnetoad; i
Dreciated bv his ensrirutienrs ,br..'.,.b. i 1 hrme 1"nK lhr ctn " "f ,,me S' '-2l
sTIIlt I pVjs SJttaf thu mi, k ... k
-s- . v uiv in.- (-AllilM
A well appointed
Bath Room
A complete bath room equip
ment of totia embraces such
items a:
Fltsh Bruthtt Nail Braihet
Hair Brashtt
Spongtt Talcumi
Frutrant and Antiseptic Soaps
All these articles )ou will readi
ly find in our store as ve keep
a full line of such goods always,
yet handle none but the ln-st
quality even though our low
price may not convey such
thought. Let us have the pleas
ure of an order from you.
Pure Drug Dispensers
ted the other days laing it un s lit
tle too strong for even his most ardent
admirers. What makes the fellow
act the damphoolr N'avasota Kxan.
The IlllnoiH farm m boot wan flrxt
mlb d the IllinoU Indus-trial I'nlver-,
nity." Hut Koine of the swell young- j
Mem KtudyiiiK to be lawyers, dot tors. '
to the becinnini; and coMain ne
acres morror less and be th; tame lard
comeyed by Win. R. Arnett to Wni. R.
Cavitt by Uted recorded in Pok "X"
panes Ml. MS and 516 of the Deed Rec
o ds cif Kraos County, Te.as.
Second Tract: Keginning at the .Vest
corner of the said h2 acre tract comeed by
Haney Mitchell to J. M. Stotkton in the
center of the A. JV M. College Road; and
near the South bank of a bram h oer hich
tliereisa bridce on aid roa.!; Thence
Southrat ssiih said road 2(1 lata- corner
a stake; Thence X. M L. .V(1 saras corner
a stake; Thence N. 12 1 F. 22 -
Bryan's Bi - Furniture and Buggy House
cc. ui.mi ime tne terin "imiustrUI;" corner s stake in the N. V. line of said tO
It sounded too 11) lie ll like Work It a re tract from which a Post ( ik 14 inrh.
t-ouied, so to sneak on their "deliea- ! in diameter marked "H" brs. X. 42 'V. 7
it.." ..,n,ni!.i , . , . .vrt.; Thence S. 45 W. ?15 vrt. to the b
tsse sellHiitillltleH nnd they beefed . . . . i
, , I ginning and containing 5 4-5 acresmoie or
nluiiit I, .....II t. ..II... I . I f- r f
, r. .inis-u. ln(j jng tn( ,ame land conveyed s y
since when It has been called the Cnl- j j. m. sUKktonto Wm. R. Casitt by De'd
vcrslty of Illinois." And the same sort , recorded in bixik "W" pane h of the
of pang are at work boring Into the : ,rd Kes-.rds of Braaot County. I eat.
farm school of Texas. Can t they see ' TMidliacis Heginning at the met
somneriy corner or m i nnnpt .-iciuimn
that the university of Texas Is over-
to thecity of Rran; Thence X. 46 F..ssith
stocking tne range witn lawyers, doc- the Southeast line of.aid addition V.vn.to j
tors, editors, school teachers, and such ' comer a ttone in the prairie; Thence S. 45 I
! like? If e ran t have the A. and M. I F. (85 vr to the X. earner of the 100 acres '
I Colb-av devoted to the education of told to C. F.rhatdt a none in the prairie;
j farmers. hat la the giMd of It? And , Thence S. 45 W. h56 vrt. ssith X. W. line
If it is to 1m- dominated by politics and ' of taid 100 acres to the W. corner of tame;
debilitated by dudes, how the dickens
can It educate farmers? Southern
Thence N. 45. W. 65 vrt. to the place of;
beginning, containing 10.1 ,V4 acres, more
or lest and being the tame land conveyed i
Both are now on display. We want everybody to come
and examine this First P.rize
M t44444444444444
II $25,000 WORTH OF r '"l0 v n - . GREAT CROWDS
.High Grade Drv Goods. Shoes ! oiWfi CmDIiIE
and Millinery has been thrown JU U 1U JiLi Are tak.ng advantage of this
on the market. ON THE CORNER jjjeat opportunity

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