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Bryan daily eagle and pilot. [volume] (Bryan, Tex.) 1909-1918, June 22, 1909, Image 4

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Imuie Willi me. I rc;iceiit t'ie oldett and lttrt Companies
Your lnuiiir ifivcn mv pertunal attention and appreciated.
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I Tfca African Btffal.
A w..o:i:l l.tjffalo la vastly m
dangerous nbn he rnna away thsn
w htn he ehire. fcr la c!a ra oaf
f ten eftrr a dah that nsy t for a
handmJ yards c r to;! be will j
revengefully cirri back lo nn Infer j
f.fl. of Ma own trail, tttr l hl.'.den j
In graM or thfc ket ontri Ma p-jner
comes pbaMlnff along t frsii and'
then charge upon hlro. !pt the
flera temper of lone lull, M aivase
running awl bl great, eb.ircirig bulk,
t tIJeve hlrn much les lftr r-tjf
than the- lion, for be baa far ! speed,
lark a th ll'-o'a poisoned riant and 1
a rnch bigger target Tbla oplr.lon 1
sahstantlated by the Indisputable fart
that at leant tn men are k IJ:-5 or
It la tha Mast Picturesque f the
Highway of Pari a.
We bar beard almost too much of
the ativeta of I'arU and not enough of
that atreet moat distinctive of all tba
river Bel.ie. Flowing through the city
fgr elx tailra. It U a highway, with 1U
batatas mooches, Ita bridge and it
quays. Of a dark night the Brine may
seem to lugubrious fancy tbe symbol
of death lu the clty'a Ufa aboundlng
niurky death and luky crime, oozy and ,
alient wickedness. Vet normally, even
perhaps to suicides, tbe Heine la but !
tb mirror of a clty'a mood. There are
Mgbta everywhere lights lengthened
- 4 i
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mauled l.y Hon to one killed by t.nf- ? In the water. Tbe Louvre and tha
it vim akk Norwi iM ii i wmi riii;iUAi.n v of
)uiijln been Inlying, u ajtiial.
vf. ri i Asr. iak t icui..ki'i ori.r
falo. Ed?ar lumber Uronann In Cen
Tha Temple of 2ua.
All that n-nmlna of the prrat temple
of Zeoa. wblrh w aa 7'JO yeara In butld
Injc. la to 1 found aUnt l.V) yard
from the fv,t of tbe Acrorw.ll at Ath
ena. Tbe nilna conlt of "hist,.,-:! oi.
nmna of the forlnthlnn ordt-r. mid
ontbalf f.-t In diameter ami Mtjr
feet blfh. ft waa the aerotifl lnr.vt
temple erected ly the (Jre k. one au
terlir to It In ulate Ix-ln Hie temple
of IMnim at Kplii-aua. Am.rdl;i'.' to n
lepoiiil, Ita foundation w.a I :il!t r
I'ukallon, the Jreek N(nh. h-jo from
tbU tfpnt wttnetiel the wvoni -.f the
(IimmI nutrflili. An rtlH'lih-ir In the
ground H an Id to Ut the orifice through
which the AihkI dlNnppennl.
lluv a I lanuiKH k ami 'our
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Wh' H a II l a T. ( .mp.iv. ht nl plul mni Surplu. and will kf. r.in nonrv '
T. li)H aill tipltin lh 4lrn! plan, ini ra'rt, tmi an wtil AccUrin anj Mi a
Hnafif lniran with h ratt inpani.njiva what y.tu ai.nl.ani viu will know what vou art
Idling fcvr nan anl vtman ynilar H, In i l tiaa'ih, ah nii I nn I Hvnct In N4 Vx llv. ManJ
art - am i.lna lha litiia'iK "I I Ha Imuran, t thai aniili n il, II n I lai my an irtt.
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In n la-Mi of muxlcnl crlilchui the
author alluded In flntterln:; ".erin t-
the wnrka of ,U friend Iletr J I n
fortimntel.v during the prlnll-ic . the
volume tin' two frlemN iu.i reeled.
Then the offended author hnd Iniw-rted
In ein h ropy of the hook n allp of pa-j'f-r
with the following note: "ICrrnfutn.
pnee !.. line Z. tr "llcrr ( . the ml-
ncnt composer nnd dNtlinrulsliel muni
chin.' rend Mlerr ). the pretelitlnu
liill:ilt atid linpuileiit nnd lum.sr
lnsl:irUtr Tendon Mull.
A Diplomat.
IWIWc (llent-Atid la the district
at nil inn hit inl? My IiiihIiiihI nske.1 tne
tit Im- cnrelul to Imiulre nUut tlmt
Afcetit-l lint Ih our hUKliimd"a
hujlie. undaiuT IViNlMe Client-II"
U n phynl Ian. Airent-llm tii-well-er
truth coiiieli me to admit, nntdam.
that there tina Ui-n n kinhI deal of It
atiout here of ln?e jenra. I.lfe.
Ook (anirrllyi 8e here, you little
Imp. did you take that rake off the
abelf? Small Iloy on of an attorney)
I decline to anawer any queation
onttl I tiaTe conferred with my law
fer Chicago New.
Conclertrerle abown In tbe atream are
thins fairer than their original. It
la better to look upon tbe eddying refit.-(loin
of the bridk-ee here than to
! atand In the I'lace de la Concorde,
brltcbt with Its oraiifce lampa In honor
of an auto ahow. Tbe llglita on the
Peine and Ita Image are moro alluring,
more Innately of fairyland and I'arR
than tbe glided txiuletarda.
Nor la It only In the moonlight that
the Kelne hn chnrma. The holiday j
sculler flnda It a panidiao for mile i
alxive the city, and there ure ever aiteli I
Cnhermen aa MaupuNannt'a Itennnl.
Line tithing la more than a mild xrt ,
at I'rtrln. Kren to watch Its ! "!
Mem to amuxe your true TarNUm. A
legend tella ua that In tha commune
(liijn, when the lli'tc.1 de Vlllu wa
fired on nnd a dark page written In the i
clty'a hlNtiiry. the Seine flaheruien pur I
aued their pafttlme, lmierturlinlle '
And the tale neema likely enough at
the anunterer watchea the Usher folk.
whoe lelNiire may he envied tu'Te
than their occupation and who are
found not on the city quaye alone. I.nt
In the Imnlleu, where the Selne'a gre-u
bnuk la dahlwd with village In brown
and rod and gray nnd where one atop
to watch the eaxnuti bathe thi-lr
hnrae In the tream Itmlf. rulihlni:
thetu down ain nflirword by the riv
er's brink. Within the city there are
the men who clip ood)ea on the Uiy
and hlfLer Imok and picture utaliK
with t fir menhant and shifting
groups X bargain hunters the Odeon
arcade for new txtoka, the riverside fur
old. Scrlbuer's Magazine.
New stotk juM received Call and tee them liefore )ou buy.
1850 1909
Manhattan Life Insurance Co.
Testing Dtar Littl Fido'a Milk.
"Algy. dear." remarked a young
wife to her huaband, "I wlnh you
would tnsto this milk nnd see If It l
Iwrfectly aw.eL If Ifa the leant bit
sour I mustn't give any of It to dear
little Fldnr-Londnn Tlt-Hlta.
"A man'a religion never dies so long
a he uses the Colden Itule In ireasur
In his actions. "
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Camphor, Red Cedar Chips and Moth Balls.
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Mr. Merchant.-
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would greatly benefit your business. The readers of the Eagle would read
your ad just as you are reading this. The object of an advertisement is to
bring the buyer and seller in touch with each other. Tell the people what
you have to sell and what you ask for it and some person will sec it that wants
that very thing. Naturally he will go straight to your store for it.
A well worded advertisement is to a business what the heart is to the
body; it sends the life principle tingling through every fiber of its being to the
fartherest extremity, and instead of stagnation and death, there is the rich red
blood of life and activity. Be introduced to the buying public through an ad
in these columns.
The Bryan Eagle and Pilot.

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