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American Beauty Four
Pure, w holesome and nourishing. If you do not know
the merits of this wonderful flour try a sack, and if not
perfectly satisfied we will take it up and cheerfully refund
your money. We know that it will please you.
The Quality Grocer. Phones 111 and 179
Drpu Daily Eaglr
stared at the PottoS" In Bryan,
Texas, a second dan matte-.
Ratta of Subscription.
Cue month I .40
Three months 1.00
One rear 4.00
Advertising rates on application.
Subscriber! will confer a favor on
Je management by telephoning tbe
office promptly when carriers fall to
deliver tbe paper, or when change cf
residence occurs.
Advertisers will please take notice
that to Insure the appearance of thel;
da on tho day the copy Is brought In,
copy for Dally ads, both new and
changes, must reach the office not
later than 10 oclock a. m. on the day
the ads are to appear. Copy for ads
In the Weekly must reach the office
by Tuesday afternoon, not later than
All notices of chutch services, and
all other notices, must be In the office
by 12 o'clock of the day they are to
jt Is our purpose to make the Eagle
prompt to tho minute and to this It
la necessary to have fixed rules. Our
friends and patrons will aid us greatly
by complying with tho above.
tbe farms is Increasing. At the aame
time the price of lumber ha a.lvanced
one dollar per thousand since Sena
tor lialley Joined the Republicans in
refusing to put It ou the free lint.
We boast of our guna with a range
of twenty miles but'forg.t that every
shot fired from one of them routs
enough to build a comfortable house.
The Roll Top Desk.
BRYAN, TEXAS. JUNE 23. 190:.
June 23.
1757 Battle at Plaasey, which laid
the foundation of the British empire
in India.
17S0 In a skirmish at Springfield,
N. J., the Brltlnh wore defeated by
the Americana under General Green.
1S.".4 The Sioux Indian war began.
1SG3 The Confederate entered
Chambcrsburg, Pa., ami compelled the
Union troop to fall buck.
ISSfi Member of the Orl-aus and
Bonaparte families expelled from
1S92 Democratic convention at Chi
cago nominated Grover Cleveland for
1897 Great naval review at Ports
mouth, England, In celebration of
Queen's Jubilee.
190S The United States severed di
plomatic relations with Venezuela.
Confidential Banker.
The roll top desk now takes its
place In the attic with tbe four-pouter
bed, th candlestick, tbe door knocker
and other articles of an heologlcal in
terest. It was the acme of the sys
tem of keeping "work on the desk."
Under that system places were to
be provided for the things we were
going to do at Home future time.
There were pigeonhole for "bills to
be paid,' lettera to be answered," "or
ders to be filled," "letters to b filed"
and like Mxtponments. It was a dog-
nest with a lid to bide Its shame and
disorder. Every alx montha the wnste
basket was bucked up to the roll top
desk arid moved away time and agRln
filled to overflowing.
Now all Is (hanged. The world wants
men who can "get down to tbe wood"
I every night: whose desk Is at even
Ing cleared for another battle. Tlx
flat top dck Is the true work bench
of such a business artisan. 1IU hi or
age fncllltlea are arranged In orderly
files of things accomplished or up to
the minute In progression.
With the roll top desk to the attic
go its "pigeonholes," that word now
synonymous m it It Inaction and pro
crastination. The man at the desk
who has to have pigeonhole storage
for the work he has on hand Is either
ovet rated, overloaded or underMiwer
ed. all of which are one and the same,
In the picture of the uiMo-the-inltr
me prize office of limit, the Janitor at
G p. m. contemplate tier cf glistening
flat top desks swept entirely clean of
the day's carnage hh-1 ready for an
Negroe's Dog Killed and His Gun Torn
From His Hand.
Hprclal to the
Hempstead, Tex., June 23. Yester
day during a heavy local rain and
electrical display, a negro man, Henry
McKlnney, waa struck by lightning.
He la In a very critical condition, but
chances for a recovery are bright.
What aeems very strange about the
Incident waa that McKlnney had a
shotgun which waa torn from bis
hands and literally torn into pieces;
also his dog which followed him, was
killed and be Is still alive with good
chances for recovery.
Trac3 Tal cf a Tragedian.
"Tie uV.iulest and the funniest
stng wait I ever lived through." said
a sprightly Ungllah actress, ' was when
a certain well known London actor
malinger, wh-me name I dare not
divulge, was doing a tremendous cure
scene on a darkened stage, lie had
the audience spellbound wltb his
sonorous declamation. whP'h, of course,
they didn't know dcctided largely
npon hi ample mouthful of false
teeth. At the Very climax of his blood
curdling maledictions. the entire dental
collection dropped out suddenly In the
excitement of the moment and bound
ed Into some obscure hiding place. The
tragedian's mighty voice died down to
an unintelligible mumble aa be groped
about frantically In search of tbe ml
Inn masticators. We were all too help
less from laughter to t of much help
In this erltl til situation. At Inst, after
what seemed like half an hour of tho
most hysterical aunse, the stage
manager located tli teeth with the old
of o dark lantern and restored them
to the frantic star, who clapped tbem
Into his mouth and I feat) enrslng
again with ri-d-ubled earnestness. 1
never knew what the audience thought.
and no one ever dared to ask the actor
manager. "New York World.
Material progress gained at the ex
peuse of spiritual decadence U dearly
The country life commission might
Inquire why there are more files In
the average farm bouse than In th
average house In town.
Why do tbe American people per
mit their government to spend ll.Olto,.
000 a day for the army and navy when
there Is no prospect of war? Simply
because they don't realize that it It
A new item says the demand for
lumber in the country towns and on
The Southwestern Life Insurance Co.
of Texas, with It" home cVue at Ind
ia, has filed with the Commissioner
of Insurance and Hanking, an amend
ment to Its charter, providing for an
Increase In its authorized capital stock
to two million dollars. The South' ra
ter n Is cine of the strongest Texas com
panies and Is growing fast. Joe it.
Heed It the local ag-Mlt.
Bryan Grow by Patronizing
Home Industry.
Spray them with Tarsol!
1 part in 500 of water if you
want to make a good job of it.
It is very esvential for the wel
fare of your Houses Plants,
Shrubs and Trees that you
spray them this month or they
are liable to become the sw arm
ing place of destructive injects.
Tarsol is a harmless and pos
itive death to insects.
& Moloney
Pure Drue Dispensers
I am now operating my Ice factory
and fan system Jointly and am pre
pared tit supply Bryan and all the sur
rounding country with lee. I cannot
dispose of It however and am compi
led to close down at night. There is
no necessity for shipping Ice Into
Bryan from Houston or other ou'tide
points when we have a factory here
for Its manufacture that can supply
every demand, that gives employment
to labor, that helps the business of the
city with t payrolls and pays Its
taxes to help supMrt the city mid
county governments. I want the peo
pie of Bryan to know they get their
money v worth when they buy b'e
from the Bryan Ice Company. .My
Ice weighs 31U pounds to the block,
yet I am selling It at the rate of 210
pounds to the block. Do you not think
this liberal treatment when 70 pounds
out of every block Is absolutely given
away. You will not find another Ice
plant that will do this, therefore when
you can get this liberal treatment
and cheap prices why help to ship Ice
Into Bryan and thereby tear down a
home enterprise, 1 have sold to other
Ice dealers lu Bryan but seven blocks
of Icq In seven months, notwithstand
ing the fact they ran buy It from me
at their own figures. This forces me
to close down at night when the fan
circuit U off. which throws several
men out of employment, anil also for
ces me to additional expense of star
ting up the machinery the next morn
ing. If the people of Bryan will by
their patronage, keep the plant busy
I manufacturing Ice during the summer
months. I will place fana in every res
idence where desired at one half
Manager Bryan Ice "ompnny.
it -
The ore from which quicksilver Is
obtained Is a brilliant red rek known
as cinnabar. When of high purity It
Is actually vermilion In color. Cinna
bar Is the original source of the pig
tnent known commercially as vermilion-.
It Is a comMiund f sulphur and
quicksilver, and In order to separate
the latter from the sulphur the rock is
roasted. Passing off In the form of a
gas. the mercury Is afterward con
densed and flows out In a fine stream.
Uko a continuous (H'ticll of molten sil
ver. Like gold and sliver, mercury Is
occasionally found In a native or pure
state. Sometimes the miner's pick
Ienetmtes a cavity that contains a
cupful or more of the elusive and lieau
tlful fluid. Miners suffer much from
the poisonous effects of the quicksilver
fumes. Extreme cleanliness Is the lcst
safeguard for workers l;i this danger
ous occupation. Use Is also made of a
sort of lemonade which serve to a cer
tain extent ns an nrtld"t. a strong
acid taking the place of lemon Juice
In the coniiof.ilon cf tli" drink.
I All Kinds of INSURANCE
Telephone 111
Hp-stairs in the Parker Budding
Physician and Surgeon
8peclal Attention to Geclto-Unluary
Organs and Rectum.
Residence phone 136, Office Poouj
6(5. Calls answered Promptly Day or
Bryan Wood Yard
Dry Split Wood, all kinds, de
livered in any quantity.
- - - 339
Office upstairs over 8mlth Drug Co.
The Miller House
Ntar H. ft T. C. tWot.
ConlufiM rxi. on fool (art. Itallar fi
day; hv dollar, ft' k. Tht rational; c-l tht
public li ( rpifully lolkiLd,
Ho Limit.
There is practically no limit to the
varMy of work that can de done with
4 Singer Sewing Machine, whether
for the finest embroidery, tbe plain
eat home sewlug. or the most etabor.
Hie tailoring, the Singer Is equally
efficient. We sell for cash or on small
monthly payments. Also rent and
repair machines, rbone 105. T. A.
Satterwblte, Salesman.
Offl. v In Taliaferro Building. Oppcuiuj
Court House. I'bone 37
Have In office the only aet of Abstract
Hooka of Brazos County Laud titles
Two lots and five room house, h
cated on east side of town, In good
neighborhood and close In; shade
treea and good water; Improvements
In pood repair. Prlct 11050.00. Terms
7 A 11
You and
v Your
f k ami 1X7
A. UlaVllA.7
V. H. Hudson V. W. Wilson
Ilryan. Texas. Frsuklln, Tex.
nryan and Ftanklln, Texas.
Will practice In county, state and fed
eral courts. Special attentiou to busi
ness In rtrazos and Robertson counties
HTtf acrca of land la tie Moses
Hughes survey, near Edge. Price and
terms reasonable.
Half aero of land with Improve
ments, one block east of my home.
SO acres adjoining A. and M. Ccl!e;.-e
bind on west side near Profidelwe
church. Known as the Ceoree IMetzer
190 acres. Including Double Sulphur
Springs, cn Navasota river.
Cannot drink a more delicious or a
more wholesome, pure and beneficial
beverage than
Lit us rencat thoc worJ.--. delicious, whole
some, pure and b-neficul. Do you like a nice
c. cup of cotiee U r iTcakii: t ? It
cr helps the thy rut, doe:.'t it?
t- Cocv.-C Lik-twc-n meals is just
cs (UlitT.". nr..! l-er'cLl and in-t a particle
more hari:.: 1 t!:.:rj ile irfTee, t:-, milk or
cottc you t': . '.v--v d .v." of yrvr life.
At Soda Fountains or Carbonated in Bottles
Fresh Water ard Salt Watr
Fish received daily. Free de
livery over the city. Wholesale ;
and Retail. Phone 364.
5c Everywhere
ttA I. A I . V . . T. I' . 1'
. fi- J i i i a t.. i ti v T r4f
ft (! I ! -' a i ii t i . t - . , Mr
MC - ! I 4l . I I . I i f . - . . i .4
(..... v .( at. , i.ltl
ill' il'ri'i i1 1ia'..t,li.f i. . m m
la. . i 1 1 . .-r k , . v i : u -a-. it) m
U- t 'm a 4 1 1 1 h ? f-l r 4 . is -. t-m t m
f r . -i . - it.- ', .!. f-' I g
n .ri s.r.it i --n "a it - i - a i, M M
Ins ( nf n id itl'yii (. in U jt ui if M
X ihfif . Vi'i ? iio i ' M
you tee aa
Arrow think
d Coca-Cola.
Mutt Kep the Curtiins Up.
"In Iuul-m It Is strlrtly- anlust tin
law fur th drivi-r of any ptililU1 mn
vryame t allow the curtains of his
vi-hlrlf to Im puImmI lown.H salt a ni.tn
v.ho his visits"! the Knellsli metropolis.
"Hy day or night the windows of raits.
hatis-mis. carriages, or what not, wheth
er drawn hy horses or projiellotl hy
ekctrl jower. nust le so opt-n to
I'u!)ll- InsMHtln as to allow a plain
view uf thMH on-apylnir the Interior.
A closed rU wouldn't iret a l-l-s k U"
fore n Indon lM)bhy wouhl nah lt
driver and hale him to a magistrate's
oflli-e, tbere he would get no mcroy.
Tlie law Is based on the theory that 1
closed vehli-les leud themselvea easily
to tbe commission of robbery or mur
der and that they may also assist a
crlminul to uia-w hla cacape." Balti
more American.
ItSU is
a. ITa JkfW XL a jtrT araw m i - w a - m i
The Gorgon.
The (Jorgoiis were creatures of JrevU
mytholoiry. mvnthtned by Homer and
Lurlpldes as beltiK of peculiarly abhor
reut osiKct. Their hair waa coinifwed
of serpent, their 1-sllea coverel with
scales and girdled with reptiles with
heads erect, vlbraUiij; their tongue
threateuliiKly, while the bands of the
Oorgons, adoruel with sharp talous,
were of brass. The naxe of tlie mon
sters was deadly, all uin whom they
fixed their eyes lelng turned to stone.
One of the three terrible sisters was
conquered nnd leheaded by Perseus.
and as he took eight In the air en route
for Ethiopia, holding the severed bea 1
In bis hands, tbe drops of blood which
fell from It became BerpenUi, which
ever after In f ted tbe sands of Lybla.
New York Telegram.
Avoided tht Conventional.
"it U a wonderful story," says the
publisher to the new author, whtwe
manuscript baa just been accepted.
"but you have failed In one luijtortant
f eajure. Yu d Hot describe the way
the ueroine was uresseu wncn lue uero
first met her. You'd better write In a
paragraph about her clothes, but try
to avoid the conventional."
The Ingenious author, knowing the
sameness of costume descriptions In
tbe best sellers and also knowing how
to make an appeal to the feminine
heart, wrote:
"Helolse floated toward him garbed
In a $'.' dress, a 1250 bat. with a
$0&73 mantilla over a 3TT lace coat."
Chlcaro post
CaeroiM and latino.
There can
aattcc Neither
To be Pulled Off In July
I he winner of the hrt prie to he
awarded a i elihrated Moin lirothers'
Hucty worth SMi.Od, and a fine set of
hand-made full hra trimmed Harness
worth $30.00. I irt prie worth $1 10.00.
sc ' .I' '- - f - " ..r
Bryan's Big Furniture and Buggy House
Both are now on display. We want everybody to come
be uo eieM. without , ancj jexaiTitne this First Prize.
ier ran there be any eat-
to, wttnout ,rrt.-Oood Healtb. fommm44 0oS

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