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VThta preptrly niI!-J ii tl.3 C:t
The Hungarian system of milling has lor 2 ktrn recognized as (he
it, leaving all the nutritious properties of the wheat b it still
hitenir.if it so it makes the nice, light, white biscuit and rakes
tkat are the delight of all good house wives.
a:jca:i cum ncii
is milled by the Hungarian process. A fresh car today.
Try a tack.
I.J. 'FOUNTAIN 'ggftgg
' CrJjj urk
t::i eagle printing co.
zU.:l at the Foatofflce la Bryan,
Zzzzs, u second class matter.
Hits .f Cusecriptlon.
Crj trrrth 9 40
TL::a tenths 1.00
Cz year 4.00
JLirertlalng rates on application.
C.trcribers will confer a favor on
the c:ir.;-ament by telephoning the
oCLs promptly when carriers fall to
dc"r r tie paper, or when change of
it'' 1 zia occurs.
Cr.TAN, TEXAS, AUGUST 2, 1909.
L'ay be our sewerage system
be sewering by neit summer.
To i-iccre the trade of the surround
i ; counties Is where a Euslne-a
Lr r.'- would be a gi eat help.
Tie schools will open soon and tbe
cJ town wt:i again be full of students.
r.:l.t-s their return will put a little
::: irto tfcisra
"Ixior omnia vinclt," and without
' r notilng is accomplished. What
.t Ij Cryan making to secure the
". frra surrounding counties?
in the world.
1 U now suggested that Sunday
" z'A times be oencd with prayer.
-'.'- to Invoke the Divine to swat
empire with the sword of the Lord
; 2 Cieon If be should go crooked In
.' j decisions.
A man's political faith Is largely in
. :ci by his pocketbook. The Den
t:r rlstform declared for free raw
. J, The democrats of Texas
C I tot want fre hides, and Culberson
cleaned the platform and voted for
a d-ty on hides, and Culberson is
Ce noblest Roman of them all.
Vlnkablink Is the nam of the new
est drink In Alabama, and It Is claimed
tvt one drink of It enables a boll
c.;i to crack a coconntit at one
crack, and two drinks makes a lone
tzza ttlak be Is ,the whole American
trzry and navy In a combined en
Crraent Palestine Herald.
It evidently touches the spot.
The boil weevil Is doing bis level
best to make tbe farmer see the wis
taxa of diversification. The crop is
short and tbe price Is high. The so
lotion of the situation Is to let the
crop be abort every year and raise
feces, potatoes and plenty of feed. This
course moans prosperity. All cotton
means poverty.
The farmers of New Englund do not
sell many hides, but the manufacturers
of New Englund make oodli of leath
er goods. Tbey have put hides on the
free list and shoes are not on tbe free
list The manufacturer of shoes can
thus get his hides from South America 1
and force the American farmer to aell '
him hides at prices competing with
peon !abor, and the United States
fanner himself will pay the same old
protective price for a bide from his
cow made Into a boot, bull r bridle.
This la a nice, large dose for the free
raw material advocate to have to
swallow. rolllnsrllle Times.
.Northwest Texas osbcbcs a Cluy
county and a pott or county, but the
clay will soon be too dry for working
purpose. Wichita Times
Northwest Texas never gets too dry
for working purposes "working" the
suckers whome the land boomers
bring tbere from the North and East
Bonbam News.
Montague county aand Is neither
too dry or too wet for working purpo
ses, and our people offer every one
a square deal. Come to Montague and
avoid the extremes. -Montague Dera
Tbe Oracle would suggest that If
you would go to an Ideal place, take
no chances, be certain you are right
and press forward, come to Young
county, locate In Olney and prosperity
will be your portion. Olney Oracle,
Is there any jealousy In any of the
above paragraph? If so cut It out.
Texas must be one common brother
hood of counties from Texllne around
to the gulf, Sabine Pass, up through
East Texas to Cus Shaw's big farm.
thence west through Bonbam to Wlch
Ita not forgetting the big county of
Greer that the government took away
from us and gave to the Indians. Any
where In Texas la an ideal place to
the man who Is satisfied with his
honii.. Fort Worth 8tarTelegram.
Tbe Star-Telegram la right It all
depends on the man being satisfied
with his home. The Eagle assures
the farmers of Eraxos county tbey are
living In the "garden spot" of the stato
and earnestly urges them to bo s:ii In
fled with their surroundings.
A scientist has announced that lit)
has discovered a bacillus which, after
it Is injected under the skin of a home
ly or ugly woman, will make her beau
tiful In a few bourn. If such U tbo
case that fellows fortune Is made.
Yet he need not come to Archer City
with his beautifying bacillus for the
women of this city are- pretty enoush.
Archer Dispatch.
That fellow's discovery would be of
little value to blm any whore in Texas.
It would be out of harmony with Na
ture for Its native bom women to be
ugly In this state herc the breezes
are health tonics and bear with tbem
tbe odor of millions of awcut flowers
that bloom perennially and where In
numerable birds fill tbo home and
farm and forest with mudc sweeter
than aeollan strains. Oh, no. Away
with that fellow and hit beautifying
bacillus. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Hell never sell a dlmo's worth of
tbe stuff. There are no ugly women.
Of course some of those Eastern In
dies have large feet, but as tbe pana
cea Is not recommended for a reduc
tion In sin of pedal extremities, hell :
find no sale for it.
End of Year
Reserve Fund
v $ 43.33
1C00.... 5.C34.85
1C01 16.270.43
1C02.... 23.435.10
1003 42.617.18
1004 64.834.54
1005 93.721.63
1003 149.793.43
1C07 216.742.42
1003.. 273.799.63
The above table shows ten years growth of the Reserve
Fund of The Modem Order of Praetorians. .A Texas or
der whose National headquarters are at Dallas, Texas.
This Order is now organizing a council in Bryan, and a
number of Uryan'x prominent business men have already
Salient features of this order are:
1. A Texas Order.
2. A healthy, growing Reserve Fund.
3. Ten-pay, fifteen pay and twenty- pay certificates.
4. Paid-up and extended values.
5. Both Life and Accident protection.
6. Men and Women on equal terms.
7. 43 per cent increase in membership last year.
8. Lead all other orders, doing business' in Texas,
in growth last year.
9. Rates are level and have never been changed.
10. An absolutely spotless record.
11. Insurance on a scientific basis.
For further particulars see (
Stats Orginizer Cryan, Texts
oaoooo ooooooso
Tit Rrt I.-:.' :J c.
employs only such tztilz j as make
banking icttitutiona cf pcxhive value.
The manaccent of this izr.itution believer,
that above everything else. CtiUIity and Faithful
ness are demanded on the part cf a well raan:d
bank, and upon this basis we invite your patron':
J. W. HOWELL, President,
GUY M. BR VAN, JR., Vice President,
H. O. BOATWRKJHT, Vice President,
L. L. MclNNIS, Cashier,
R. VV. How ELL, Ass't. Cashier.
Don't ldtttort Ccttsu Crc? cdt y ".f" ytxmlt h
Flre DiiCtsirasuco
Dry, dull years generally prove the most disastrous ones from lire
standpoint. Cotton Gins, Cotton, Country Stores acd Live Stock
are our specialties. Call us up day or night, our time belongs to our
friends and patrons.
No Trouble to Answer Questions.
oorc, Adcrno Ci Gordon
Phone 283 Parker duilding
If we want to hold our trade, if we
want more buslntwn, If we want addi
tional enterprises. If we want to build
up our town, we must make an effort
and a strenuous one In order to do it.
We cannot set around and flgbt each
otuer, and eo our trade territory en
croached uion from day to day and
xpt'ct to hold our own. That In an
Residents of Bryan Cannot Doubt
What Has Been Twice Proved.
Hew Standing Armita Originated.
Tbe enrttVttt Kurupeun xtandlug army
wse that Jf .Macedonia, established
about 3.VH II. c. by I'hllip. father of
Alexander tbe threat. It wan the sec
otul lu the world' blKtory, having been
preceded only by tbat of Scsotris lha
raoli of Egypt, who organised a mili
tary caste about 1000 I). C. Of mod
ern standing armies, that formed by
the Turkish Jnulxarlen was first, be! tig
fully organised in 13tS. It was a cen
tury later that the standing army of
France, tbe earliest In western Europe,
was established by Charles VII. In the
ahajw of "corariegnles d'ordoonance,"
numbering O.Ouu meu. Rivalry there
upon compelled tbe nations to adopt
similar means of defense. In Kng
land a standing army proper was nrst
established by Cromwell, but was dis
banded under Charlca II., with the ex
ception .of a few reglmenta called tbe
guards, or household brigade. This
waa the nucleus of England present
Washington county baa. In the er
son of Miles Motley, of Cbappel Hill,
a colored farmer of unusual proKr
Ity and thrift. He has two thousand
acres of land, which be has accumu
lated by bard work. This year he
has about 700 acres la cotton and 300
in corn. His corn crop la about made
and the yield will be fifty or more
bushels per acre. HI rotton la doing
well, with very few boll weevils, and
he expects to make between 400 and
600 bales. One thousand acres In
cotton and corn Is a good showing
for a colored man. Comraairhe Chief
n.rr f
We solicit your needs fon the
strength of our havin; a most
complete stock of Horse Med
icines and veterinary snpplies,
such a
C!:t Ext Witch Hazel.
Lir.:::d L'sil.
PcJ. C:stitn.
i::rt3 C!-;:rt Etc.
Let us fill your wants in this
C: r.:r.:d::s
A full supply of
Glover's Dog Remedies.
Lister's Dog Soaps.
Peltry EftTdiss
Lice and tfiie Destroyer.
Chicken Cholera Cures.
A Girl's Prsaerednsa.
There la something very pitiful a boot
a girl. She weara calico, but talks
knowingly about fie latest style lu
silks. Uer home Is furnished plainly,
but sbe knows the latest styles In
furniture; she knows bow tbe v'Jrer
wart abould be arranged at dlnucrs.
tbe latest stitch for the marking of
monograms on tbe finest table dam
ask, tbe etiquette to be observed at a
dinner, a reception or a ball, although
sbe never attended anything more
than a neighborhood party In bcr life.
Ilcr father's monthly income is not as
large as the pin money a rich girl
would spend in a day. but sbe knows
what the rich girt should wear and
bay to be In touch with the times.
8be la, In snort prepared at any time
to marry a rich man and become a so
ciety leader Atchison Globe.
A Famous Peem.
J. C Francis, tbe publisher of Lou
don Notes and Queries, has brought
out a volume of reminiscences. One
of bis quotations records tbe editorial
rejection of Campbell's TJohenllndra"
by the Greenock Advertiser. It run
T. C Th tlne eamnMfictBg "On Lin
den wnen tbe sun was low" are not up to
oor tttnUrl Itwtrr is evUonllr net T.
Cs forts.
A Homo Body.
"So your husband always stays In
the houie nights? said one woman.
"Ten." answered the other. Once
lllrain gets nettled down la front of
bis flrtiilde you can't get blm out of
doors even to bring In an armful of
A Household Matter.
Housemaid Dease. air. will Tots
com at once? The drorin room's 00
Are. Master-TTelL g, snd tell your
In gratitude for complete relief front
ache 1 aud pains of bad barks from
have publicly recommended Doan's
Kidney Pills. Residents of Itryan who
so testified years ago now say their
cures were permanent. TI1I1 testimo
ny jtnlihlv lirni-Ai thj wrtrth gt TVmna
Kidney rills to Urysn kidney suffer
Mrs. K. B. Roberts. Moxeloy, Street.
Dryan. Texas, says: "A year ago I
gave a testimonial In whlrb I told of
the benefits I had derived from Doans
Kidney Pills. T gladly reuew tbat
statement now, realizing that so many
persons are In need of a reliable kid
ney remody. For sixteen years I was
a victim of kidney complaint and at
times I had alight attacks of rhn
matlsm which cauxed my llmbn to
become sliff and painful My kidneys
were aloo disorder and tbe pasHsges
of the secretion were irregular. When
I beard of Doan's Kidney Pills. I ob
tained a box from Euinul L Maloney 1
drug store and they entirely relieved
me. I have since enjoyed excellent
health and have no trouble whstevcr
from my kidneys or back."
For sale by all dealers. Price toe
FoNter-MIlburn Co., nug'falo. New
York, sole agent for the United States
Remember the nnmo Doan's and
tako no other. tf
This school offers extraordinary optxxtunitie and advantage for lbs
tudy of the most modern and up-to-date OentUtry. It it purtly a College of
MentUtry, not auoriaied or connected with any Medical department! a Mem
ber of the National Aworiaiion of Dental lacultin, and lit com recognired
and accepted by all the Leading Dental College in the world.
For ratalogua snd full information sddreu
The lYlillcr House
N.r M. a T. C. Dri.
CwluruM ro, tr toad fare. tMlar ft
Say; Ave Sotlaft per k. The patron lit Ote
piiHk la ami rta-trully aolMtea,
Bryan Wood Yord
l)ry plitWood, all kinds, de
"livcred in any quantity.
Phono - - - 330
I have an extra large
stork of Imn (UiiS
w.i iiiiu iiu am Kii
inj; them at CJrrst Hargains. lie sure to look at my line before buyine.
Wo To 3 m m
Stevenson Machine & Repair Works
There ntver waa aucti a ntarveloud
prescription for stomach distress and
Indigestion as Ml4-na.
No doctor ever wrote a better one;
it'a doubtful If any doctor ever will.
It'j so good that E. J. Jenkins says
money back if It doesn't cure.
A woman In Maine calls Ml-o-na the
aunahlne prescription because she has
seen so many sour, miserable, aggrava
ted dyspeptics turned Into happy.
cheerful, sweet human beings In a tew
days by taking Ml-o-na.
The stomach Is responalble for three
fourths of the nervousness and half
tbe misery of the world. A.woman can
have a first class stomach and yet be
mlsetrable if abe has a husband who
Is a neroua dyspeptic.
If you have Indigestion, belching of
gas. heaviness after eating, drowsy sen
sation after eating, sour stomach or
any miserable stomach disturbance the
prescription called Ml-o-na will put
you right, and bring aunahlne Into your
life In a week..
A large box of Ml-o-na tablets cost
only SO cents at E. J. Jenkins' and by
leading drugglsta everywhere. They
are amall and easy to swallow.
Gentlemen "Talk Frfcndly"
to Joe Kosh who is hcadquartets for the very best Wines, Liquors
and Gears. Cold Fresh Ueer always on tap. Hot Hamb irgct and
ham lunches every night until 12 o'clock. Come to see me.
kon u tit sounnmnxti un insurance co., DiSo, tu
Why Btcaui h la a TaaOa CMapaav. kaa Caal a4 .nlui ad tl i."P Tata awe a
Taaa. Jna B. H4 wtll taplala the 41mn1 plaat Mntn, at) l. n mif wrm 'Ckiieot ea4 SI'S
Mt Invaraara ltb he healoMaaanlaaaaairlva mm tml hal vw ., l.xirtiii'l hn- what ya a
ttnta. kwrt mm a4 vaataa a4ar SO, M rotv4 health, shoata !. Hini-i; SeaS Sortety. Maar
art ao atla( the Hut hit of Lite l.turuK that au4 aai. M A tax ar ..r't.
Joe B. Reed.
Can explain lo.arance in the different addes. Do net give your it turanto to a
stranger who does not look to vour tntorett but ut kit own.
Ca It C:to
Not "JUST AS GOOD ' bt buttr-
letter, faMee. Jwr, Teairrer W CM SsmAj oaaf gaawtl
Nothing but the very Vt moait an J all Ihor- .
oughly refrigerated.
The only First Clau Rtatiorant In the city in con
nection with market. Next Door to Cote Hardw are Co.
G. Vs.
UU irs
Cu:r catarrh nr tEtnoer Back Jaat
Von i now I never Interfere I breathe It In Ormpiteonta iucliKllug
Buy a Hammoik and Vour
Fining Tickle U
CIcsivciro Cook Ctoro
'n NH!K-Ii1 mutter.-I'bocu

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