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and PilcS
B2YAN, "Texas, Wednesday afternoon, septemder is. m
None like NunnallyV
TT3 till
Inviting you to the opening
'' of our
Will be published in the near
53 53 53 53
During the intervening space of
time we ask you to prepare to be
agreeably surprised at the-
Ladies9 Fine Coat Suits,
Tailored Costumes, Shirts,
Waists and Millinery
It will be well worth while to await
this event before making your
fall purchases
& Co.
A complete assortment received
by Monday's eipress.
HOWELL d r:EWTo:j, Inc.
Barbtr, Afttr Firing Shot Into Back
of Fitting Woman, Drank Pol
ton and Made Ctrtaln of Sui
cide ly Shooting.
Special to th Eatto.
Fort Worth, Texaa, Sept. 1j. After
talking to the woman over the tele
phone for half an hour or more. Char
les Eaaon. employed In the Congress
barber ahop on Main street, proceeded
(about 7 o clock Tuesday evening to
the home of Mrs. J. II. Doughty at
914 Florence street and afttr quarrel
ing with Mr. Jessie Cable, to whom
he hadaddrcsted hit reiuarka over the
telephone, fired one ahot Into her back
aa she fled up the atalrway. and after
emptying the remaining four bullet
I of the 38-callber revolver Into her bo
dy aa It luy at tbo foot of the atalra
drained the content of a two ounr.
vial of carbolic acid and producing
another revolver, fired one ahot Into
the wall and then turned the muzzle
of the weapon to the center of hi
forehead and pulled the trigger, lit
fell and died almost Inatantly with
ue hand serosa thj body of hi vic
tim, who lived aeveral minutes, but
died, before a pbylclan. rushing to
the cene In a taxcab, could reach her.
iiEii CO
Largttt Enrollment In Hittory of tht
School All Availably Room
fth elevc
f n Acadenv
7l3 cmuii:::::: '
A aaaat It C CmftnZjr nl Ct Cjuk-j U Cm t"
taaafatM Jir 14. IZZX
Loam and Discount C
Overdrafu IMZZ
Advances on Cotton
U. S- Bonds and Premiums-...
Bonds, Securities, tic Zl . 3.17
Furniture and Fixtures 2,C 1 Z.I 3
az:i i: 3
Toui 3
Capiui stock. 3
Surplus and Undivided Ptof.S (net)...... l':,l'.'.Z'i
GrcuUtion 3
wmstym r "
IrWUrfill'io V , - - -
Total ... ..wjC-- 13
STATE OF TEXAS, I, Albert W. V:. l n, C. 1 t
County of Braios. tA tht abort naroi LV, j .' j
, swtar thtt tfct abovttc:jxai :a --
to the bet of my kmmkdgt and belief.
Albeit W. WtLKiuon, C-!.'.jf .
Subtcribtd and iworn to before mt this 0th dar of &jtnsl;jr, ".
Fied. L. Cavitt, Notary Public tVsxot Cctr.ry , TV s.
Correct Atttst: C. S. PAtitt, j.W. Edcluh. E. ti. -m, i.
Of tht Cattlt Raittrt' Aoclation of
Rpcctal to tht Exit.
Fort Worth. Teiaa. 8.pL 15. With
the exception of the election of the
Agricultural and Mechanical College
to membership In the association and
the hearty Indorsement of Sam David'
son, one of tht vlct presidents of the
association, a census enumerator for
the Twelfth congressional district on
ly minor tnatteia occupied the atten
tion of the executive committee of the
Cattle Raiser' association of Texas
In the third quarterly meeting of the
Several minor matters affecting the
Intcreeta of the cattlemen were discus
sed by the committee, but do definite
action was taken regarding any of
Dlacevtry Made In Uncovering Buried
City In MmIco.
eipec!! to tht Ee.
M exico t'lty, September 13. An 1m
porlant archaolcg!cal discovery was
announced here yenterda7 by Prot
Ramon Mcna, who headed a govern
tmnt oxidltion to Otumba In tho
State of Mexico, which has uncovered
a burli-d city of great antiquity..
pyramid similar to that uncovered a
San Junn do Teotlhuacan has bran ex
rosod. The pyramid U sixty feet In
height nnd txaflurcs 100 feet square
at tbo baso. Tbe remains Indicate
tha the city was built and occupied
In the tlrjo of the Toltec.
(tilh annual session of Al-
Academy oiened at :30 this morn
ing with the largest enrollment In the
history of the school. It was Indeed
a flattering beglniiTEj and one of
much gratification to the principals.
Many of the old boy are back, yet In
the assemblage this morning many
new facet were to be seen.
The most cordial invitation of the
principal to the cltisens to attend the
opening exercise, waa accepted tn
the spirit In which It waa extended and
a large and representative audience
waa present
The assemblage waa called lo ord
by Prof. R. O. Allen, who stated th.j
greatest enrollment of any prevloui
year waa 90. while this yecr It woud
reach not less than 120 and perhaf
U25. This meant students from a dis-
N. . . m . . .
tance ana naa no rererence to locai
He felt that the young men who had
come here not on!yJrom Texaa. but
from other sta'et, were not alone com
mitted to the teachers of Allen Acad
emy, but to the citizenship of Bryan
Jointly. The conditions the cltisens
help to make would help largely la
the future deatlny of the students.
He expressed the thank of the prin
cipal for the presence of so many cit
izens, and especially so many business
men. -
Dr. M. E. Weaver read aa a script
ure lesson the 19tn realm and a por
tion of the 12th chapter of Ecclealss
tea. Dr. T. II. Morrl Invoked the di-
vine bleislng upon the school, the fac
ulty and students.
Short and Informal, but thoroughly
act leal talks, were then made by
ayor J. T. Maloney. Dr. J. L. Fount-
In. Mr. A. W. WUkerson, Mr. Ed
all. Mr. II. O. Doatwrlght. and Hon.
C. Davis. The talka were short.
but to the point, and running through
all of them waa a cordial welcome
to the oys to Bryan, to the homes of
the people, to the churches and Sunday
schools. Tbey were made to feel that
they were Indeed among friends who
were Interested In them, and who
stood ready at all times to give them
every assistance poestble.
ol. R. T. M liner,, president of the
and M. College, waa Introduced,
and delivered an address abounding
In fatherly counsel and ad v ice. 1 that
will wield a potent Influence irpwi all
the future years of the students, pres
ent CoL'M liner aald he wanted o
congratulate Bryan on having within
tta borders such aplendl l acboola.
There waa no better Investment in
which the people could put their mon
ey, and none that pays grerter divi
dends. He wanted to aay to the boys,
and especially those com Ins for the
first time, that he knew what each of
their mothers aald to them when leav
Ing home "Be a good boy" He also
knew what waa In their fathers heart
an relying interest in their tons, and
each father would rather aw his son
come home In a coffin, than to come
home expelled. The hardest duty aay
tenchcr had to perform waa to write
to a father that -fcls boy had to be
erpclled. lto urged each boy to make
up hi mind now, if he had rot already
done so, to to his full duty In the
school. They would then b in harmo-
ry with the faculty and a larRO ma
Jorlty of the student, for the majority
alwpys dUl rUb.t To be successful In
their studies, they mnt have good los-
?oooooo oooocoo c : ; c : ; : : :
1 r t
r r
sons, ana a ooy aiwaya iceia oetter
after he recite- a good lesson. They
murjV.go about their work earn.-stly.
Do everything In dead earnest, both
study and play. He urged the small
boys who have come from a distance
to make up their mlnda to be mother's
earnest boys in Allen Academy.
Through earnetness alone could come
succtaa. Bry--'t intenae erjaeuaeea
had made h: t-e leader of the demo
cratic party, and Paula earnestness
had made hla letters, after the lapse
of twenty centuries, the most widely
read of all the writings of the world.
Earnest men were needed more today
than at any other time In the world's
history. A great railroad president
had said 'to him that the world's great
est ned waa nva. There was plenty
of money, but a scarcity of real men.
Profitable positions awaited every
young man when prepared to fill them.
Must first be equipited and be in ear
nest and success awaits you. He re
ceived letters every week from great
conoratlona wanting young men who
were equipped, that he had more pla
cet than he bad boys. He closed by
beseeching the young men to to about
their work with that earnestness that
ultimately brings success.
After, announcement by the princi
pals, the audience was dismissed.
at, cf s.i:ch r.rzi L!j i-a U a c
Mr. Ttc-a rMzrr-l frtn V.. ;
ter.y nortlzj tzl wiJL:i ttj :
i ll estit":teit V.t exttzr; 1 a
few worfs cf cfUrj ari xzzt U lt
rear of tie p";ce. A (?f r.:::::'j t
ter a flitol ilot ws t t J t j
occu;-r! cf tie t'-rs r
pot ntJ fousj i:r. l i li V?
throe of death with a t;..t i. '
behind V.t ear.
Mr. Thomaa was torn la L; "
Englasd. in 1S55. Ho tad t; n a i
Ident of Texaa about twenty five y; 2.
He leaves a brother and four t'..'.'. 1 n.
two aons and two daughters.
o i:i::sEiF
Cameron Man Found Dead In Rear of
Son's Store.
Special to tht Eagl.
Cameron. Texaa, Sept 15. Wal
ter A. Tht maa waa found dead In the
rear of the store of Monroe ft Thorn-
Dtclaitd Ht Cave Himtc:f t rrt-
vtnt Rtpttitlon of tXe J-.n CzU
Una thootinj.
Special to tbc tgtt.
Corrigan. Texas, gept 15. Ctsjx-.
dler, the man belngrhunte.1 by so taacy
officers In Trinity county, to avoid
other Innocent men being killed ty
officers, surrendered at 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon to a few cUlze&s ar 1
friends upojj a guarantee frosa itcz
that they would take Us to Uvj
ston Jail and not let 11 c.T.cers tzi
the State Rangers Interfere.
He la now In the Livir;ston J-IL
A black overcoat Owner can get
same by calling and paying for tt.:
notice. A. Hensarling. 212
V 7. - T 7 r-i Tjic Lct Groceries conty
V V U J Li can buy. We have tia.
7 T 7 Them!as cheap as tfcty can
( C U j J QSl L heboid. We do it.
Givo m a czU
G. (I,
v4i; ttti : ::::a ts : :::::::

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