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( V ' . 1
and Pilot
Are arriving on
every train.
Ladies9 Hats
Dress Goods
New Ginghams
Kid Gloves
Riding Gloves
Jet Necklaces
Ear Dobs
Fall Shoes
New Trunks
And a full and complete
stock that it will be to
your advantage and to
your delight to inspect.
Get the habit of doing
your trading at
i A. J.
Why Vou Ghould Use
u ChGV55 Cooking Oil
Because it is cleaner, cheaper, more health
ful, more nutritious, is odorless, and it is
Absolutely Puro.
Hovell & Mevton
si or cook
Fourteen Charges Attempting to Show Cook
Did Not Reach Pole. Cook Replies.
PlHYliil to the Eaxta.
IJar Hibor. Malue. Sept. 29.-Com-mender
Peary and General Tboniaa
Hubbard yesterday again conferred
over the proofa which Commander
1'cnry gatLercd from the various sour
ce xto ahow Dr. Cook bad not reached
the North Polo. It la said the confer
ence prohatly continued all day.
Peary 'a proof are of varloua charac
ter, Bomo of which In a court oflaw
aculd be described aa direct evidence,
while other depend entirely on de
Forecast of Fcurtetn Counts In Indict
ment Against Cook. j
IJar Harbor. Maine. 8oj t. 2J. Krciu ;
Comuander Peary was obtained a
forecast of the Indictments he and
General Thomas Hubbard will draw
mlniil Itia miti n Lin a f I)r FriHnr.
... . i . i . i t . i a ..... '
li s A. V no tnai ne na ri'i ' lur
Nprth Pole.
There art fourteen counts In the
Indictment and they may be aummar
izi'i as follows:
1. That Mr. Peary and Matt Hen
son, either Individually or together.
talked wim every n ember of the
Smith Sound tribe of Eskimo and ob
tained testimony that coroborate
that of E-tuckA-idioo and A Pel Lah.
the bnya who accompanied Dr. Cook,
that Ir. Cook hsd not been out of
tight of land.
2. That lu violation of the rwonnli
ed culoni of Arctic exploration pr.
Cook hnd tiot brought back record
fr !n cairns at points he asserts be
hnd rcr.rhed. notably the one left at
Capt Thomas Hubbard In 1?"S by Mr.
3. That Di. Cook' story that 'he
traveled from Annatook to the pole
and tbeu back to Jones Bound, a dis
tance of nore than 25 M degree, or
about 1700 mile i. In one sledging sea
son Is lmoible. He points out that
this U more than twice the best pre
vious record of 11 degrees and Mr.
Peary' best record this year of 14
4. That his general equipment was
turn that It would be a physical Inv
lostalbIlity to have accomplished the
remarkable feat.
S. That Dr. Cook maintains that he
carried a glass mercurial horizon on
hla trip of '1700 miles, whereas Mr.
Peary used a cast Irou borUon so that
It would not only be saved from being
broken, but eould be heated when the
mercury froze. This Is necessary
sometimes. Mr. Peary contends, as
mercury freeze at minus 55. Dr. Cook
rejmrts finding It as cold as minus "3
6. That Profesor Marvin brought
bark from 86.48 duplicate records of
Mr. Peary ' march and of his own to
prove absolutely that Mr. Teary reach
ed that latitude.
7. That Captain Bartlett brought
back from R7:4S duplicate record of
Mr. Peary's march and of his own to
provo absolutely that Mr. Peary reach
ed that latitude. ' i
. That the sledge of Dr. Cook was
of such a type, not built on tho linos
of any Arctic explorer's sledge, that It
could not possibly have lasted for
march of a day with a standard load
of 500 to 600 pounds.
9. That Dr. Cook's anowshoe were
ot an Impracticable type for use In the
Artie and were not the kind that
would conduce speed.
10. That Dr. Cook's leaving of his
records at Etah waa a scheme on his
part by which he could claim they
were lost or destroyed and so could
escape being forced to produce them.
11. That no man who had carried
the American flag to the ole would
leave such a slight and easily trans
ported article In the charge of a per
fect stranger.
12. That Dr. Cook did have fresh
deg t.nuua from Etah and could have
carried his burdens to I'pcmavlk.
13. That when Hairy Whitney went
on board the Jennie he did not take
time to go back to Etah and get these
artic les that ho mftt have known were
valuable to Dr. Cook.
14. That If Dr. Cook did leave such
pricelers articles at lh) tnklmo vil
lage, Mr. Whitney would have been
anxious to hsve rushed them to the
I'nlted States.
there. Considerably to the west I did
seo a totk which might have bom a
cache, but It might have been merely
a clump of rocks. I was at a vry
long distance from It and there wa
uo .reason why I should have searched
"I left a cache of provisions close
to the beginning of tba cliff of what
Sverdrup puts down as Svartevoeg.
There was no indication of 'a cache
near where we Ml our provisions.
The other points of the so-called
charges have been replied to In detail
on several occasions. 1 will answer
evet) thing In the most formal way
when Commander Peary prints or
makes public his other points. My
reply will then be given out as a writ
ten statement."
And Found Child's Body In Flames
Horrible Tragedy at Vernon,
8p-clal to the Er.!e.
Veinon, Texas, EepL 2. The sev
enteen months old grandson of Ed
Dalit w was burned to death yesterday
morning when his dress caught fire
from a stove o. coals. The babe's
mother had gone to a neighboring
bouw for water, leevlr-g the child
alone In the kitten. In her absence
be drew open Jff hearth of, the cook
stove. Hitren(ruTmoned the
mother aiettfhbora. but the child
died almubt Immediately. The body
was ehcrred.
Answers Some Charges Made by Mr.
Peary Will Reply to Others.
New Tork. Sept. 29. Dr. Cook gave
the Asioclated Press a formal reply
to some of the most material of the
chances brought against him by Com
mander Peary. A wore complete de
claration will be issued by the explor
er when Commander Peary makes his
accusatlonr over his own signature.
The statement I- as follows:
"Commander Peary says thai my
sledge were not fitted to Arctic travel
and thr.t he would not rare to voyage
In the Antic with them. The only
sledge Commander Peary aw was
hnlf of on. which I had given to Mr.
Whitney aa a souvenir. The remain
der of It had been used to make bows
and arrows.
"As to my reason for I .avlng my in
struments with Mr. Whitney, he told
me the Eric was coming to Etah and
would take him over to the American
side to hunt big game, and would
com back later to Annatook. The
dtHtauce from Annatook to Upcrnavlk
by the route which I was compelled
to follow waa nearly seven hundred
miles. In that Journey I had to travel
In two places with glaciers and dlffl
cult placei to negotiate. The Ice was
extremely rough and thero waa a good
deal of water to b expected that
would have subjected the Instruments
to a risk which waa entirely unneces
sary when Mr. Whitney awaited
ship to go to Etah for him ou which
he expected to return direct" to Amer
"Uy going to Upernavik I hoed to
get back by the end of July or the
middle of August. I wanted to see
my family a soon as poislbli?, aa I
had been separ. ted from them for
over two years, while Mt. Whitney
did net expect to get back before
"As to the charge that 1 had not
found traced of Commander Peary'
records at Capt Ibomas Hubbard, the
cape Is a rtund promontory and It
wtiuld be difficult to find any distinct
point which could be positively recog
nized as Cape Thomas Hubbard.
PFrom Commander Peary' map I am
absolutely unable to locate Cape
Thoma Hu'ibard. We did not search
for any caltn where record might be
in fact 1 did not know that Com
minder Peirv had left any records
the cm ryi5T5;.T::
A mail e aW f ir.Tfr Ct Cmacj at Ct tla
Loans and Discount! 2!1,C'7'5
Overdraft! IMLZj
Advances on Cotton-.. 15,' '3.1
U.S. Bondi and Premium! 1C2,CC?,.3
Bond, Securities, ice 8,5', 2.17
Furniture and Fixtures 2,C2.C3
casu : 2:o,c:3.o
Total $5W.030.18
Capital Stock $ 50.C03.CD
Surplui and Undivided Profits (net) 1C0,264.Cj
Circulation , 50.CCO.C3
Total "...S586C:iI8
STATE OF TEXAS, t I, Albert W. Wilkmon, Ca!ier
County of Iiraiot. of the above named bank, do solemnly
war (hit tt above statement it true
to the bett of my Lnowledj; and belief.
AistsT W. WaxitfOM, Cashier.
Subscribed and avrorn to before me this Bib dav of September,
Faro. L. Cavitt, Notary Public ficaxot County, Tirt.
Correct AttMl; CI.S.PArt, J.W. Engliih, E. II. ATI, Dirertcr.
fees:, c:::fi::t
Much Interest Being Taken In the
' Work and Valuable Information
Much Interest Is being manifeited
in th work of the Institute by the
teachers lu atten lance. Special at
tention Is being given to professional
work. "The Recitation" by Hamilton,
and the atste course of study are aied
as a basis of work.
Prof. O. E. Tandy of Austin, was
present at the opening of the Institute
and made an interesting and helpful
talk on "How to Teach Geography."
Prof. IX M. Lawrence of Willlamaon
county has been present since we
opening of the Institute and has given
tome very valuable talk before the
Supt. W. 11. Blxelle of Navasota.
will address the Institute on Thurs
day in behalf of the Conference for
Education In Texas.
Prcf. J. E. Rogers of Dallsx. repre
sentative of the Texas School Journal.
will visit the IniUtute Thursday and
Friday and will conduct an exercise
on reading and give a lecture on
Gaining Strength."
Following vat the program as car
ried out today:
. Morning.
1. Review, led by Miss Daisy Lee.
2. Punishment Object and ntodea
of J. M. Moore.
3. State Counv of Study T. W.
4. How to secure the co-operation
of home and school Mr. J. W. Hill.
1. Why such poor penmanship In
the rural chool. How It can be Im
provedMis Cora Dulaney.
2. Essential of the recitation w .
C. Law son.
3. How 1 teach percentage J. W.
4. Relation of social affairs end
tho school B. R. Cook.
0000000 oooooojooooooccc :
! Landredth Huron 8:
wft ft r a
4 VlXUJSt. 142
5ooooooooooooox3 ocooooc
and Mayor Maloney who Is projecting
the enterprise made a statement of
what he would require before- begin
ning the work and outlined his plans
of procedure.- U stated that he would
require the full amount of the benur.
110.000. to be subscribed and then
collected and deposited In bank to re
main there until the road waa com
pleted and In operation when It waa
to be subject to his order. As soon as
the bonus Is In the bank he propose
to begin the organization of a stock
company, and when the necessary
amount of stock Is subiciibed. the
company will elect officers and di
rectors and proceed wl'h the construc
tion of the road. If the entire amount
of the stock could not be sold, be
! proposed to twrrow on the road by
t .
bona whatever balance was neeuea.
On motion of MaJ. L. L. Mclntils a
committee of five was appointed to
represent the Merchant Association
In the negotiations' with. Mr. Maloney
In the organization of bis stock com
pany. In case Mr. 'Maloney falla to
organize hla company, then this com
mittee to negotiate with other parties
with reference to building the trolly.
The committee Is also to collect the
bonus aa soon a- completed and se
lect one of tbelr number a trust,
of the fund.
resident Edge has named the fol
lowing gentlemen on this most impor
tant committee: Ed Hall. A. M. Wal
drop. L L. Mclnnls. A. W. Wllkerson.
and W. K. tau:r. -
The bonus as ubcribv'j U ;
ble Oct. 1st and the corarrtti li c
peeled to have the full arc: vzt t -crlbed
by that f.zoo so tilt tl c i
all be collected on the day it Ij C
Mayor Maloney has re:.-;l C. : i
bis engineer, Mr. T. L. IV: :.'y n
estimate of the cost of cc: i
and equipping one of tt rt ) r
veyed. It U lea lira: ta c
and Is bctwen SiS.C:) and
esttzale on li-t ct.r rt : j ; : : :
been received nor tie ei'J ) t T t '
cost of operation, and the v
revenues to come front tie i '.
The matter took now aa if It lit)' j
doted up at once and push, j in c.
The Tom CioBs case was cr:lr '
to next term of court on accent i".
thv absence of the witness Ct
Moore who was fined $100 ty
Howard Wallace, colored, i!
gullty to manslaughter and w: i : '
two years In the penitentiary.
Th Jury for the week was C.z'
Jubt received a Shipment of ri-lcira
wheat and mixed chicken feed,
sarllng Rros. Phone 251.
Just Received: NEW
Clftor Holdero end Pipco
COc to CIG.00
M. H. JAMES onucciGV
TION. Short but Important Session Held Yes
terday Afternoon,
The Retail Merchants Association
met at Carnegie Hall at 4:30 yester
day afternon with President Eugene
Edge In tbj chair and Secretary Hlnes
at hi desk.
The question of the trolley line be
tween Dryan and the A. and M. Col
lege waa the only question discussed
and It was taken up at once.
Chairman Saundera of the bonus
committee reiwrted that $9300 had
been subscribed, leaving a balance of
only $700. Before the meeting ad
journed a gentleman subscribed $50
which left a balance of only $650.
The matter was discussed at length' Vil
m i MiiithM44TWit;::::::.
n m r M Is r- A The ,bcst "Groceries cz-zy
VOU! UuSllL can buy. j,Wc have tlzzi.
X V C3J U U 15! lJ U be. oU Ve it.
Givo usla czU

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