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Landredth Turnip Seed
25 cents p:r p:;r.d
Dill S. Miggs
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D. S. HEARN, Gr.dU.t. Ey. Sight Srcisli.t, with'Jno. M. C.ldw.ll.
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Ip Organ Eagle
Sntarad at th Pottofflce, Bryan, Tex
aa, a aacond-claaa mail.
Bryan, TEXA8. OCT. . 1909.
A politician ta a peraon who wanta
to live on the government Instead of
under it
mbsbwssbb Bssssssssssssaai
Rellaion (wo use the word in its
wideat senae) ia either man'a best
friend or his worst enemy.
Taft's Minneapolis speech convinced
tbd Republicans who favor tariff re
duction that a man may smile and
smile and be a flunk-out.
The people of Teias are paying Os
car B. Colquitt f 1.000 a year to serve
them as railroad commissioner. Mr.
Colquitt ia putting In most of his time
traveling over the state In the Inter
est of hi candidacy for governor.
BaataaaBB,a' BassssaiaBSB
Brodle Duke is the head of tin- to
bacco trust, whose extortion was the
causa of the night rider troubles In
Kentucky and other .states. Brodle
Duke gavo a North Carolina college
$50,000, whereujion the president of
that college proceeded to hold hint up
to young men as a model of a man
of high Ideals and altruistic motives.
Kansas City Stock Yards. Oct. 4.
Although the cattle run was heavy lasf
week, and the proportion of quaran
tine cattle fully up to normal, the gen
eral market ha a good tone, and the
close waa ateady to a shade stronger
on everything desirable. Run of
quarantines today la 93 cars, market
steady to strong. Total cattle receipts
today are several thousand head less
than on recent Mondays, and as the
demand la now keyed up to extra high
catiaclty, everything U quickly dispo
sed of today. Nearly all the steers
in quarantine division are medium
to lteht weight, and prices are from
$3.40 to $4.00, with one drove of good
weight steers at $4.8r, and several
strings weighing under 900 pounds at
$3.75 and $3.80. Cowa sell at $2.75 to
$3.50. heifers up to $3.73, calve $3.75
to $7.25. bulls $2.80 to $3.15. Country
buyers took out 1020 car loads of
stockcrs and feeders from here last
week, containing 80.000 head, by far
the greatest week's business in that
trade this season. Prospective feed
era are better able to figure on the
price of corn, and the amount availa
ble, than heretofore, and the senti
ment In favor of feeding operations
the coming aeason Is growing all the
time. So far. Illnola and Iowa have
been the chief buyera here. Illinois
alone taking nearly one third of the
iniii nut o of stocken and feederal
last month. Frost haa held off well In
Kansaa and Missouri, this fall, favor
able to late corn, and the yield of corn
will be. In all probability, more than I sulta and whllo you are getting yours
(To my comrades in the Confederate
Just sitting 'round waiting for death.
That's what we are doing my boys
Just waiting to draw the lait breath.
For long since we've done with life's
NVell death's no such terrible thing.
Except to the coward and slave;
The monster posseises no sting
For men with one foot In the grave.
When In line of battle you stood.
In the glorious days long ago.
And fought under Jackson or Hood.
And bared your brave breast to the
You went half the way to meet eduth.
When the fight raged deadly and
Each bright sword leaped forth from
Its sheath.
And you defied and feal-d hi in not.
Ken then In the heyday of youth.
While life for ui all had charms.
You never shunned death, but In sooth
Each man bravely stood to his arms,
Then why fear the grim monster now,
Or blanch at the death angel's call?
In this world we've no place. I trow.
The grave's the best place for us all.
Far better If We bad all died,
ewora in nana, ere our banner was
Than on tbla earth to ajtide
When we have no place In the world.
I care not how soon 1 am free
From this world it cannot be long
And "welcome death." 'tis haunting
That old fragment of Scottish song.
Taylor Thompson.
Austin, Texas, Sept. 26, 1909.
Of Bryan, Texas
haunt; moved into it. new qua ter., irUile itt friendt and the public generally
to call. The otiicem and director, will take pleasure in .homing you through
snd explain the niany facilities we hsv to urlrr our cuitomet. in th tram,
action of any butinci. that may com. to ui.
We feel that we have one of the niotl elegant, convenient snd np.lo-dsi.
banking office in the Slate, the facititiei of which w tiu.t our friend,
will ue freely. 1
A feature of our buiincvs, and a new departure in banking in Ki)an, i
our Salrty l)rpiit Hoxr which olfer lor rent at very reasonable ra'ei.
J. V. HoWFl.L, Present
II. O. llOATWRIlIHT, Vice President
(JUY M. DRY AN, JR., Vice President
I L. MclNNIS, C'a.hier
K. V. HOWELL, Assistant Cashier.
The time is here to buy new fall
waa figured on a month ago.
Hog run Is slowly Increasing, but
Is far below this period last year. Run
last meek was 55.000 head, and the
market cloned the week 15 to 25 cts
inwnr for the week. Run is 12.000
head today, liberal for Monday, and
although there was some strength at
and dressing yourself for Sunday and
the parties, don't forget the boys. The
little fellows need new suits too. They
like to look well when th y go out.
It gives them confidence in themsel
ves and makea them more, manly and
self reliant. Coulter has the finest
line of boys clothing to be found In
the city. The line embraces a beau-
the opening, the bear campaign being J tlful assortment of the latest shades,
waged by the packera became effect-1 colors an cuts In Buster Brown
Ive soon after the opening, and the iuiis wnn Knickerbocker pants. Two
close was weak to 10 lower, top $8.15, pair of pants with each suit. The ex
bulk $7.65 to $8.05. Packers are get-tra pair of pants means a great thing
ting scarcely enough hogs to fill the as the punts of a suit never last ax
ficjh meat demand, and It deiends a long as the coat. Prices range from
good deal on the run this month l3-50 to $10.00. ' Be sure to examine
whether or not they are succesful In Coulter's line when you go to buy the
putting th price down where they noya nem-stilts. 2.VI.51
want It.
I.. S. CorresiKjndent.
Eugene Oalesby of th. Picayune
Fore., Married Sunday.
Mr. Kugene Oglenby. a profesdonnl
typographical artist of the Picayune
force wua married Sunday morning to
MUs Inex Romeo.
The beautiful and accomplished
bride Is the daughter of a wealthy
The marriage of Mr. Oglesby wua a
grat surprise to hia fellow workmen
and mifny friends.
The Picayune force banqueted Air.
Oglctby and his lovely bride Sunday
night and all Joined In wishing him
and his beautiful bride a long and
happy life.
Mr. OfcfcHby. wife and his little
dniighter, Minn Ma OgleHby. have a
cozy cottage on San Antonio street
and are now at home to receive
friends Ileevlllo Picayune.
Au alarm of fire this afternoon Jum
as the Eaple went to pre. called the
department to a burning seed house
near the I. & (J. N. depot. It was put
Oft with little d.imuee.
Cotton has been received by the
various wareboiiKes In ilryan todateas
tawrence Warehouse ,"U5
Farmers' Colon Warehouse 2743
Blck Warehouse 5tfl
Promoter J. T. Malon.y Optimistic
Ov.r Outlook.
J. T. Maloney, mayor of Bryan, and j
the promotor of the Interurban from j
Bryan to the Agricultural and Median- j
leal college, la here for the purpose of j
consulting Fountain & Shaw, the en-1
gineers In charge of the road. Mr. Ma-1
loney feels very much elated over the
prospecta, stating that there waa not
the slightest doubt but that the road
ould be built. There I. now $20,000
of the $50,000 necessary to build the
road which has been raised. Really
more than half haa been raised and as
to the balance the promotor la very
optimistic. The town of Bryan has
come liberally to the front and the fac
ulty of the college has met the town
half way. Houston Post.
Special to the Eagle.
AiHlIn, Texas, Oct. 6. It was an
nounced by Commissioner of Banking
Love yesterday that cashiers of stale
banks and those having the ower cf
a cashier, under the new banking law
must furnlnh new bonds, the form of
which will be preicrlhed by the com
missioner and will be more stringent
than the old bond under which the
rpiihicrs are now operating.
At Dallas jOpens
Runt to
digger, Better, Grander than
ever before. Finest Collection
of Exhibits ever shown in Texas
We have the Lafett and
Swellest line of
Framing quickly and neatly done
Iry Ut Phone 35
Smith's Studio
Up-To-Now Photographers
The pluns and specification! for the
new city hall have been received by
Mayor Maloney and are now on flic
la Secretary lllnes office. The clt)
la advertising for bids for the con
struct ion of the building, and bldr
will be received until October ISth
The Eagle presumes the bids will be
opened and the contract awarded at
that time.
I Total 12,224
i oiton seea i.'i a ton.
The cotton market has bi-en very
eratlc the past two days. It lost 20
point! yesterday. Today there was
another 20 oInt decline, but rallied
right at the close and closed about the
same as yesterday. 12 3-4 was the pre
vailing price today.
Marshal Boyett had a lively chuo
this afternoon after three lift!,, ne-
tro boya who were mixed up In th
theft of some money from a prlvat
residence. All three of them were bn-:-
l'd and locked up In I'ncle Ti.m'.i
lrdome. The sum stolen was $15
jnd about $5 of It was recovered.
!:rsh Weathsr
t.!:hes RcL';h Skin.
We here many .plendid prep
aration! tor the .kin that msk the
fac. artii Laud: to a certain ement
proof sgaint th. weather and chapping-
Cucofcr Cream
t.zz:.i Cream
Cc!J Cream, Vasaline
Cera Cutter, Etc.
Our Hame on a I absl
same as "Sterling"
on Silver.
Thi. is more than a mere .tale
nient. It', s guarantee devilling
goin.-r out of thi. .tor. under our
laM ia up to a definite .tandord of
puritv and .trength. It amount to
thi: if we .ay a thing ia o, it'g to.
Get our label on all your
drug store goods. It's a
good thing to go by.
Hunting For Juttiea.
Jurtlce la ut course loudly demanded
by every llllguut in a court of law. but
It la a frequent lutlrruity of the human
nlml to coufusc Justice with oue's own
cause, lb lute Thomas U. Ueed. ac-
rordlng to a writer In Law Notes, used
to tell an amusing story to Illustrate
this tendency.
lie was once retained by an eater
prising client to prosecute an action.
Un talking with the plnlutlfTs wit
nesses Mr. I.'ccd found that tbelr sto
ries were fur from consistent, so be re
ported the fact to bis client and ad
fixed th.it the suit be dropped. The
rllcnt was somewhat perturbed, but
told the attorney be would have a talk
with the wltm-Mies and let ulin know
the next UK-rnlug w bat be had decided
to do. True to bis word, bo dmpicd
In brlxrit and early, wearing the cheer
ful look of one who bus fought the
"I've keen those witnesses.' he e-
plulued. "nml ll.ey any they must have
been tnlitnl.cn when they talked with
you. They nil see It alike now. 1 f
also seen m.me of toe Jurymen, nud
they think I'll win. Xow, If there'
such a this;; ti justice lu law we can't
Dont B. Humbugged With Cheap,
Worthless Imitations.
Since the Introduction Into the I'r.l
ted States, the sale of !trldnn oa;i
have been phenomlnul. Thl sacre.r
has led to many imitations sl:i.l!ir in
name. Iook out for them, they ar
not the genuine. See that the glil
with the auburn hair Is on every p:u!
age. You can always get the r.ciui n
at K. J. Jenkins drug store.
Parisian S&ge Is the quickest net ill",
and most efficient heir tonic In th"
It Is. made to conform to Dr. Sanger
bond's (of Purls) proven theory., thai
dandruff, falling hair, baldness nml
scalp itch are caused by germs.
Parisian Srgc kills lhec daudrulf
gernia and removes all trace of dan
druff In two wteks; It fti a f;.!ilr.g
hnir and Itching gcnlp and prevents
And remember tint baldness Is. can
aid by dandruff germs, those little
hard working pernUtent devils that
day and night do nothing but dig In
to the roots of the hair and destroy
Its vitality.
Parisian Sage I. a dainty perfumed
hair dressing; not sticky or greasy
and any woman who desires luxuriant
and bewlchlng balr can get It In two
weeks by using It
Beware of Imitations, look for the
girl with the Auburn hair on every
package. Parisian Sage Is nr.w sold
by leading druggists all over America
and Is guaranteed by E. J. Jenkins
to cure dandruff, stop falling hair and
Itching scalp in two weeks or money
bock. Fifty cents a large bottle. Made
in America by Glroux Mfg. Co.. Buffa
lo. New York, who fill mnll orders, all
charges prepaid.
nm.- in r.ii.r..r-A h,.imi., ll
Court House. Phone 37
Have lu olllce the only set of Abstract ,
!....!. . . 1 1 . . . . ....
wnin. in urazus iuuihj i-anu uili't
JM) acres yi the Burlesou Couuiy
Levee Diitrict all fenced; 235 acres la
cultivation; 8 houses. At half price!
and on rdfronable terms.
Eryan People can Tell Why It is So,
iKian's Kidney Pills cure the cause
oi aisease, ana mat is wny the cures
are alas lusting. This remedy
strengthens and tones up the kidneys,
helping ilinito drive out of the body
hi.' liijuld pol ons that cause backache
and distressing kldny and urinary
complaints. Bryan ix-ople testify to
permanent cures. I
Y. J. Walk r. Caldwell St. ilryan.
Texas, says: "For some time I was
compelled to rise several times at
night on accmnt of too frequent pin-
sages of the kidney secretions. I also !
had severe pains In my back and my
energy waa In such a low state that
I found difficulty in attending to my
dally duties. Some time ago I had the
gooa fortune to near or iioan Kidney
I Ilia and getting a supply at Eninicl ft
Maloney's drug store, 1 began their
use. Their effect was prompt and the
results were of a more satisfactory
nature than 1 had received from any
other preparation I had previously
tried. I ran recommend Ixtan's Kid
ney Pills highly, kn .wing from exiwrl-
ence th'jy ar a ipecinc ror kinney
For sale by nil dealers. Price 10 els.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, NVw York
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the nann Dunn's and
take no other.
Open forgBusiness
liTh to inform my fricmia that I hate Ik.iiIii out Mr. J. W. Huimint
Livery Hiuine. snd sin now open in the old Tahor xiaMe, North Main .feel.
G oocl Horses and BraodNcw Buggies.
E S II BoardingJIoncs alSpecialty-S 0 ft
Your Patronage will be Appreciated.
Made ai they should be
Fitting as they
should fit
Will wear as you
want them to wear.
OurJ Fall'Lines
areas nearly perfect
footwear as has yet
been produced.
And our prices aid
rather than offset the
other attractions of our

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