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and Pilot
nujliejlr ::d
Present Conditions Demand the Construction of
a Line Establishing Rapid Transit Between
- Bryan and College.
Szccess Almost in Sight. Bonus Nearly Completed. Company Ready
to Organize and Proceed at Once With Construction.
The question of rapid transit be
tween Hryan and the A. and M. Col
lege waa first suggested through the
public press of this city several year
ago and since that time has leen
a live issue and the subject of con
slant dUcussion. The chief reason
for rapid transit between Hryan and
College when it mas first suggested
was for a more frequent communica
tion between the two place, made nee
eaaary from a business or commercial
standHiint. The Importance of the
two places to each other, the large
amount of passenger traffic, and thrf
great volume of supplies transported
from Bryan to College, made a more
frequent and more convenient sched
ule absolutely necessary. There be
Ing but a once a day train service
from college to Hryan and return, and
none from Hryan to college and re
turn, forced a large majority of the
communication between the two pla
ces to be done by buggy and wagon.
which was slow and very expensive
nn account of the enormous Ion of
These conditions suggested the ne
cessity for rapid transit and frequent
schedule either by special train ser
vice or a trolly line. While the
matter was under consideration from
this standpoint, came that other and
still greater necessity providing am
ple room for every son of T xus who
wishes to avail hlmclf of the techni
cal training offered by the state Ag
ricultural and Mechanical Coll.-ge.
This necessity haa develops! rapidly
and now overshadows all others. The
college Is hamered for lack of room,
and It can never develop and meet
the great demands of Texes until thli
room i In some way provided. I'n
ler the law as Interpreted by Gov.
Cempb.dl. the legist ure Is estopped
from appropriating any more money
for the erecting of dormitories. Cnder
these conditions not another forward
atop can be taken and the fate of the
college hangs In the balance.
If. on the other hand the legNlature
could go on appropriating money for
additional dormitories, this would
not meet the exigency of the situ
lion. The demand for room grows
faster than dormitories could be built,
hence the question must be solved In
some other way. and the only logical
solution it rapid transit between Hry
Un aud college. With such a line
every aon of Texaa and all the other
states who so desired, could be educa
ted at A. and M. All who desired to
board at college could do so and the
hundreds of others without limit,
rould board In Uryan.
The Advantages.
The advantages of such system 1o two points would be a veritable net
both Hryan and the College are so'orjt of inlutry. Numerous truck
many and ao oient. The Eagle will farm and dairies would Im established
not reflect upon the Intelligence of .and hundreds of families would settle
its leaders by enumerating them. That
It would Increase the attendance at
A. and M. to several thousand and
develop Hryan Into a Hy. I P fore
gone conclusion, became we have seen
It at Amea. Iowa and Unslng. Mich
ignn, near which place the A. aud M.
rotlge of those state are located,
and where the towna have been con
netted lib the col'g.'i by trolly
lines. A more extended account of
M .wCV Willi"1"! 1 U - f?V- VyinJ,r I
The Bryan-College
each aphrs further on in this paH-r.
If the A. njid M. college had two
thou a nd Htiiilents and half of them
boarding in Hryan as well as a hun
dred or more professors. It does not
Ueed a prophet to foresee the result.
Hryan would have from ten to fifteen
thousand Inhnhltants In five years and
:the intervening territory lietween the
along the line of the trolly for J he ad
vantages of our great educntional sys
tem. The public schools and train
ing schools in Hryan and the A. and
M. college make an educational sys
tem th.'it Is as, near petfect ax U pos
sible to collect In one community,
and the people would not be slow to
see It and come here to take advant
age of It.
. The possihllltie of development
Trolley Line in Operation and What is Meant to Bryan.
Pointing us to Our Opportunity.
along every line are bejoiM compre
hension and the imagination cannot
conceive the wonderful changes that
would take place within the next few
In this connection The Eagle would
urge the ioople of Hryan to action.
The enterprise Is almost within our
group and just a slight effort on the
part of the people would secure It.
We should act and act without delay.
We cannot afford to mis It when It
Is so near achieved and success Is si
moM within our grasp.
Progrtsa Made.
The first direct effort made to es
tablish a trolly line between Hryan
and the college was In llMWi when a
promoter from Houston came to Hryan
Mid prooN to orrnnlxe a Mock com
pany to put in an electric line aud al
so an up-to-date light plant. His
proosltlon waa for Bryan to sub
scribe IIj.OoO of the capital stock, one
half of which was to be deposited In
bank and the other half paid upon
the completion of the road. Ill pro
poult Ion wm accepted, the Block sub-
crlbed and $7,600 deported in bank.
The promoter theo went cant to nego
tiate for the necessary capital to put
the enterprise through, but the ahadow
of the great panic was beginning to
loom, he could not raise the money and
tho fnt Mvriac feli through. Here
the n. alter rested until a few month
ago when It Main began to take tan
gible form.
Malonty's Proposition.
At a meeting of the Retail Merch
ants Association during last spring
Mayor J. T. Maloney made a proposi
tion that If Dryan would raise a
bonus of $10,000 be would organize a The committee li also to collect the
stock ctiniiiany tnd put In a motor line. bonus at soon as completed and se
The Association accepted the phropo.leet one of their number as trustee
lit ion and President Edge appointed
a strong committee to raise the bo
nus. They have worked at the mat-
ter at Intervals since then and sue-
c as is almost In sight.
At a recent meeting of the Mer-
chants Atsociatlon. report were
made and the matter discussed as fol
lows: Chair:uan &r under of the bonus
committee rcMtrtcd that $9,100 had
been subscribed, leaving a balance of
only 70. Before the meeting ad
journed a gentleman subscribed $0
w hlch left a balance of only Ifi.'.O.
The matter wai discussed at length
and Mayor Maloney who Is projecting
the enterprise made a statement of
v.-;.at he would require before begin
ning the work and outlined his plans
of procedure. He stated that be would
require the full amount of the bonus,
$10,0oo. to be subscribed and then
collected and dciolted iu bank to re
main there until the road waa com
pleted and In operation when It was
to be subject to his ordr. As soon as
the bonus la in the bank he proposes
to begin the organization of a stock
company, and when the necessary
amount of stock in aubscribed, the
company will elect officers and di
rectors and proceed with the construc
tion of the road. If the entire amount
of the stock could not be sold, he
proposed to borrow on the road by
bonds whatever balance waa needed.
On motion of Ms J. L. L. .Mclnnls a
committee of five waa appointed to
represent the Merc harm Association
in the negotiations with Mr. Maloney
In the organization of his stock com
pany. In case Mr. Maloney fails to
organize his company, then this com
mittee to negotiate with other parties
with reference to building the trolly
' of the fund.
President Edge has named the fol
( lowing gentlemen on this most Import'
ant committee: Ed Hall, A. M. Wal-
drop. I Mclnnls. A. W. Wllkerson.
and W. E. Saunders
Goddess of Fortune
The executive committee of the
Hryan-College trolly line met Monday
night at C - home of Mr. Ed Hall
chairman of the committee. Mayor
Maloney was present and talked the
matter over with the commltt e at
length discussing every feature of the
situation as It now exists. Mr. A. M.
Waldrop was elected trustee of the
bonus fund and Is to have charge of
the fund after It Is collected. A res
olution was passed that the bonus
committee be notified that both the
executive committee and Mayor Malo
ney were ready to act as soon as the
bonus Is completed. The committee
will begin collecting the bonus as
soon as It is all subscribed and every
body who has subscribed to the fu
In urged to be ready to pay pro
Ir when called upon so there may
as little delay as possible la gettln
tha work started. The executive c
mittee will bold another mmt'.zz 1
Thurmdav nlvM mt thm hnnu rf "
Hall and it ia expected tbe boncx t
mittee will heve their work core;!.',
by that time and make their repcrt t
I h M AVfutittlv. AmmlftAA a t V
Prospect a for the trolley are f.
ing brighter every day bow and CLJ:
man Hall of the executive come:;;
says be believe the matter U t'-'-'Z
to be pushed to a successful teml:
List of Subscriber to the Bryan-C:S-lege
Trolly Line.
J. A. Myers ,flCC C3
G. 8. Parker 230 C3
H. O. Boatwrlght 109 Ci
W. E. 8aunder 250 C J
Edge Dry Goods Company .. 1C9 C3
M. H. James ltili
A. W. Wilkeraon M C:
Tyler Haswell DC
W. J. Coulter K) C
Park A Waldrop tZi C)
Cavltt ft McKenzle 23 (J
E. J. Fountain U9 (3
J. M. Caldwell l O
Martin Locke II C3
Levy Broa 3 C3
A. L. Zanantt 5 0
M. 8aladlner 25 C5
Blgo Petonello 10 O
Allen Smith 69 1 3
W. T. James IC9 O
Sanders Bros S3 O
E. J. Jenkins 1C9 C3
Howell A Newton. Inc 159 O
Wilson A Derden 1C9 Q
J. T. Hanway 69 C3
John C. Vlck 59 O
Webb Bros 2i9 O
Brandon A Lawrence 259 O
Smith Drug Co 159 C)
B. Kacxer & Co 59 t J
Paul Battle 10 C3
J. Wagner Co 250 C 9
M. Bonneville. Jr 25 C3
Lawrence t Co 100 C9
Gordon Bewail Grocery Co .. 250 C9
Eugene Edge 250 CO
E. Rohde 200 C 9
Exchange Hotel and J. T. Ma
loney 100 C9
D. Perkln 100 t9
W. Batts 50 C 9
11. G. Rhode 20 C9
First National Bank 350 C 3
City National Bank 600 09
W. English 600 C3
Fred L. Cavltt 25 C9
Cole Hardware Company .... 150 3
Walker's 5 and 10c Store .... 10 CO
Bryan Ice Company 125 C3
L. D. Palermo $ C3
J. W. White 19 C3
R. L. Brogdon 25 CD
D. Mike 25 C3
P. L. Winter 10 C9
J. W. Howell 250 C3
Emmel Maloney 100 CO
Mr. Nannie Rohde 200 CO
C. G. Paron 100 C9
W. O. 8ander SO C9
Mr. Minnie Zimmerman .... 25 C3
Buchanan-Moore Co 100 C9
J. W. Coulter 60 CO
Mr. O. H. Astin 150 00
J. H. McCullough 25 CO
Bryan Cotton Oil Co 100 00
J. B. HIne . ; 25 00
C. E. Bulloc k Co 75 0)
W. C. Law son 25 CO
Chas. Vesmlrovsky 25 00
Engle Printing Co 25 00
V. J. Dobrovolny 25 CO
J. Groginsky 25 00
E. II. Astin 60 C3
John K. Parker 50 C3
M. Parker Estate loo O
T P. Boyett 50 C3
Lamar Hethea 23 C 3
R. M. Nail 23 O
If. A. Burger 25 CI
R. If. Harrison ico C"
If. L. Fountain 50 C 3
Robert Armstrong 23 CS"
. 1 1
nensarung tiro
V. B. Hudson IS f i
W. Wipprecht S3 C3
Bryan Press Co K3 O
Ed Hall c:
Bryan Telephone Co '.. 53 ( )
O. P. and T. C. Blttle tin
Bryan Cotton Oil ft Fertilizer
CI Tips
A ' b
v r
53 O
23 C j
23 O
13 a
J C v
13 O
t. Adams ft Gordon . . .
.. Carnes
E. Jenkins

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