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Season Tickets-Sell daily, Oct.
15 to 50, limit Nov. 1, $5.95.
Sell Oct. to 31st, limit 2 days
Sell 1:38 p.m. train .16th and
1:02 a. m. train of 17(h; limit 18th,
rate $3.60.
Sell 1:38 p. m. train Oct. 23rd
and 1:02 a. m. train 24th, limit
25th, rate $3.60.
V Take her GUTfl'S its
(A the best. Chocolates, As
toned Nuts, Almonds and
Bon Bons in 2, 1, and X
pound boxes;
! Drurj Store
We have the Lagest and
Swellest line of
' Framing quickly and neatly done
Try Ui Phone 35
Cmith'o Gtudio
Up-To-Now Photographers
o (ids cf i:;sunAt;cE
Telephone 111
l-iUiri in the Parker Building
Office upstairs ever Smith Drug Co
At Dallas 0pens
Runs to -
W'CCer, Better, Grander than
ever before. Finest Collection
of Exhibits ever shown in Texas
Ofllce In Taliaferro building. Opposite
Court House. Phone 37
Have lu office the only set of Abstract
Hooks of . Tlrasoa County Land titles
Well built 10-rooni .residence .a ml
half block of ground, located 4 blocka
from 10. N. d.'ot. Good servants
room, barn, garden, large shade trees,
two cisterns and city water. Price
3,000. Small cash payrucnt and bal
ajjoe on long time at 8 per cent Inter
Agent in Bryan.
Penny Prices!
Ont-thlnl ctMiwt ttvui all eontpttttfao.
Strictly hh dM mrk. Attrartm rf
PMtrtoa foe tight mtu Won lor tnn.
-.:t cf tit eecj ct Ha r?anai
.tectloo to his farm near Lake Ge
neva, Wisconsin, Coach Wcrrlam hut
resigned and returned home. He was
under con'rart to etay through the
football canon, but another roach be
ing available, he waa cleaned from
hli contract.
The new coach la Mr. ('. H. .Moran,
originally from Nashville, Tennessee.
but baa coached the leading teams of
Kentucky, and North Carol Inn. He la
not only a flmgajissjssssssssssis,. play-
er, aiKtTcuni la exacted to de
velop rapidly under bla management.
A. and M. haa two guinea at College
before going to Houaton to play Hay
lor on October 301 b
Tbeie gamea
are Ixiulsiana State. Oct. Slat.
Ilflbkcll Indians, Oct. 23. The big
gamea, however, are those with Var
aity at Houaton on Nov. 8th and at
Austin on Thanksgiving.
Cotton baa been received by the
various warehouaea In Bryan todate aa
Lawrence Warehouse 7570
Karmera' Union Warehouse .... 2886
Prick Warehouse 2310'
Hound bales 832, equal In
square balea
Grand total ,
Cotton seed 124 a ton.
The cotton market advauced today
and acid on follows: Middling 12 7-8;
strict middling 13; good middling
13 1-8. Market cloned 7 points up.
Extra large hens $3.50 to $4.00.
Big Springs 13.60 to 3.75.
Largo fryers $3.00 to $3.50.
Medium fryers $2.75 to $3.00.
Droller $2.50 to $2.75.
Good demand for turkeya at 8 centa
for fat atuff, lean not wanted.
Gulneaa $1.80 per dox.
Ducka $2.40 to $3.00.
Geese full feath.red $3 to $3.60.
Fresh yard eggs 20 to 25 cents.
Very scarce.
Fresh country butter will find ready
sale at big j.rlce. Not bulf enough to
supply 'be dtmnnd. 25 centa.
Geo. W. lllgg .
Many a Bryan Reader Will Feel Grate
ful for Thia Information,
When your back glvea out;
Becomes lame. weak, or aching:
When urinary troubles set In,
Your kidneys are "In a bad way."
Doan'a Kidney Pills will cure you.
Here Is evidence to prove It; j
Mrs. II. P. House. Franklin. Texas.;
aaya: "I had aevere ajiells of rbeumn-.
Horn and at auch times my kidneys
pained me intensely. I bad almost
unbearable pains In my back and was
often obliged to take to my bed. I
took treatment from several doctors
and received slight relief from the
rheumatism but my kidneys still pain
ed me. Hearing many people In town
seak highly of Doan's Kidney Pills.
I procured a box. After using them
a ahort time. I received great relief
and I have no doubt that If I continue
taking them, I will be completely cur
ed. ixmn a Kidney rills certainly are
an effective remedy."
For aale by all dealers. Price 50 cts.
Koster-Mllburn Co., Ituffalo. New York
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Millions of 8tomachs Refuae to do
Their Work Prooerly.
All over this broad land millions of
stomach owners are being held In hu
miliating aubjection Just because they
are so stubborn that they will not ac
cept a fair, square and broad minded
I.lf la short for all of us; It will be
shorter for those who let their stom
achs go from bad to worse.
E. J. Jenkins baa a famoua prescrip
tion called .Vl-o-na and he believes so
thoroughly in ita remarkable curative
lower that he says to every owner
of a distressed stomach that he will
guarantee Ml-ona tablets to cure
acute Indigestion and all stomach ail
ments or money back , and the price
Is only 50 cents a box.
And still there are stubborn eopIe
right In Ilrynn who wout accept this
offer but continue to suffer from gaa
on stomach, belching of aour food,
stomach pains, foul breath, dizziness.
h!!1iniint'ss and headaches just, be
cause that'a all, there la no other
Ml-o-nu tablets stop dispcpslc ago
ny In five minutes; they cure obsti
nate cases of Indigestion and turn the
old stomach Into a new one In few
weeks or money back.
Cores catarrh or money bock. Jan!
breathe it in. Complete outfit, lnrlndiiuf
lahakrfL Extra bottles 60a Druggist
feed tsaree.
"This c:ral:ir iIcK.-rllinj: the Mount
Id true saya you it.u sit at the dinner
table and see the beautiful mountain
peaks." aald the mm who contcmptut-i-olug.
v ,
"That la true." replhi! tbe tux- nlw
bad been, "aud tlmt'a Jut about till
you cau ee.w Yonkers mnii-miiau.
Ha Wouldn't Die.
Mrs. Peachlilow - Why doenyotir lm :
band carry tnh m trctm-tul-m MMnt
of life Insnratxe w hen he's In mich r
fect health? Mrs. I'llckcr-oh. 1mi to
tantalise me. Men nre iwturnllv nm'-l.
A On VuIuki. Man.
A curious exauiplo oi' yenrrouit ob
stinacy wni sum i UukUmIi country
man who inquired for a nice book to
rend "one with a story In." Ou sov
era I helmr placed Ix-fore Mm. be exuui
I ned them ntteutlvely and picked vut
tbe middle volume of a "three decker"
with tbe remiirk: 'This 'ere'a my son
Wbat'a tbe price?"
"Oh." was the reply, "this hi only Hie
second volume. Tbe story goes through
three. The set Is Imlf a crowu."
"Hiiuve u crown: Well. I'll gle ye
tb.it for Hint one book. It's a pretty
one enough.
"Hut won't you bnve the other two
as well? You'd better."
"Niiw I don't like tb' begliiulii' of
a story. I en n't gel fornnl wl' It. An
I dou't like Hi' etiillo'. I don't know
as 'ov II'k coined about. Put In Hi
middle on I'm Into in' thick of It rl!n
off No. I'll tak' th' middle tin. It"
set me tip for n month." And. train
mini; the book Into bis H-kct. he put
down his half crown and dlapenrcd
vrltb a "Good night" before tbe other
tulume retild be given to him. Cham
bers Journal.
The Diamond Remains a Mystery.
As a suiwtuuce tne diamond la oue
of the mysteries of nature, one of tbe
despair of science. Nobody knows
whence It came" or bow, whether It Is
a spark from a comet's tail or a crys
tallized drop squeezed In some horrl
bio Intensity of fiery tonvulslon from
tbe white hot Insurgent heart of tbe
earth. Nobody kuowa much about It
at all. except that It doesn't belong
to this world. Some kuown black dli
nionds literally were from the skic.
They came Imbedded In meteorite
cast U(iou Arizona ami Chile by an
unidentified star. One doca not proa
pect for chips of stars. As well si-arch
for the end of tbe rainbow. .Wither
Is It practical to hammer all sorts of
eruptive rock and conglomerate where
ever conic uhu. Earthquake or vol
canlc upheaval diatrlcta are not neces
sarily the most promising, for often
diamonds Hint seem to bare bad vol
canic origin occur thousands of miles
from the probable plaee of extrusion,
carried I hence. It I assumed, by
glacial drift In some far lack geolop
leal time. Franklin Clarkln In F.very
body'a Magazine.
Struck a Bargain. .
An old woman, recently entered an
I optician's, shop and asked to look at
some spevtnele. t noosing a pair, she
asked the price.
"Five shillings," was the answer.
"And bow much- are they without
the rase?"
' "I could not sell them for Icm than
4a. KM.." said tbe tradeniiiau. who w
determined to get all be could.
"Io jiwi only take off twceine foi
the easeV ll-l li-t W woiuni.
'Th.it U ill. The i-nse'ls worth nt
more than twojienee." wax tin- leply.
"That in K""l newsr ejiieiilnled the
old lady. lili a slh of relief "It'a
tbe case fot mine which I have lot."
So saying, she laid dowu the two
pence ami mntvlntl off with the covet
ed cane U-forethe nMonHicd hopkep
er hud lime to Interfere. -Umdon Mall.
Taking Attar Father.
"It has I's father' nose:"
"Aud lu mothers eyes!"
"And Aurt Allies mouth!"
"Aud 1'ui !.' Elieucxcr's eursT'
Six-li. uinitiilied by ubout a hun
dred, wrn the crltk lama leveled by
kind friend ngnlnst the Fitzloolle
Then the unconcerned baby liegun to
t-ttlmly chew bis big toe.
"Ah!" tturmured Mr. Fltzboodle.
"Daby la certaluly eudowed with some
of my w ife's chief characteristics!"
''Not to meutloo you. Frltt Fltzboo
dle!" auapi-ed bla wife. "Ilaby never
opeua his mouth without putting his
foot in itr
Maternal Instinct.
We talk about "maternal Instinct."
There la ro su h thing. To be sure,
there are things that have to do with
young wbkil females possess and males
lack. Tbe wap lays Ita egg on tbe
body of the caterpillar for the larva It
will never a-e. The heo uli twenty
one days on any roundish, whitish ob
Ject of the proptr sise. I have aeen at
a chlldteu's party every little girl
leave th supper table on tbe advent of
a baby and every little boy go stolidly
on with bis supper. Hut each kind of
mother baa Its own bundle of Instinc
tive reactions. There la no "maternal
Instinct" In tbe abstract McClure'a
Worrying About His Gas Mill.
"Madam, your husband has gas
tritis." "Well, I do my best, doctor, to aeep
blm away from the meter, but he will
spend a lot of time In that damp cel
lar atndylng lr.-Xew York Press
8s There.
"Of coures you will get a tint when
rwt arc married and keep house?'
"George isn't such a flat aa soui"
people who are envious thluk he U.
and It's uotie of your business If
kep hooe tfr boerd'- Kxctnne
A fleet ,lKtie Animal Favna" Amena
the Saod Hills of Arabia.
Uow long tbe Arab baa luhablted tbe
deserts of tbe near east is a much dis
cussed question. How long be bas in
dulged In tbe old time sport of falconry
It la equally difficult to say. Sure It Is
that tbla keen blooded race baa not
lived all these centuries In those auo
seen-bed wastes without some sort of
recreation, and bla delights today are
probably much the same as those of
bla ancestors a couple of thousand
years ago.
Curious to see- what natural sjtort
these barren regions could afford, lb
writer accepted au Invitation to Join a
party of Hyrian Arabs for a week's
buntli'tf. Our quarry waa the rock
bare, an animal about tbe alze of au
English rabbit, but with very One tie
Teloped ears, wbk'h frequeuta thce
deserts In small numbers, living on :
what scanty herbage It can find
We started straight away In search i
of It by forming a chain about a quar ,
ter of a mile long and drawlug like-!
ly tracts of desert lu long semk'lrculiir i
sweeps. The herbage wna very scant ,
Indeed. These aand hllla. being aeorrb- I
ed by a tropical sun and having a ;
yearly rainfall of only some throe
Inches, support but few plants of any j
kind. I noticed a few Insectivorous I
blrda pursuing their prey wltb keen
voracity, aa Iheugb tbey found It bant
to make a living, but snw uo trace, of
wild animals. j
On we marched lu silent order, mere
ly following : the lead of our falcon
bearer, whose face seemed Invariable,
bis manner unmoved. Hours named
by. It was now 11 o'clock. The sun
was hot above us, drying op our
parched lips. I began to think lhat
rock bares must be a myth when sud
denly the bound leaped forward wltb
a great bound, our horses Instinctively
following at full gallop. Rut we bad
not far to go. It was only a "gar-:
bour." Tbe bound waa soon up to It,
and 1 thought It was all over; but no
the little creature leaped, aa it were,
right out of bla mouth.
One spring brought tbe greyhound
alongside niralu. but again this agile
quadrticd bad slipped nut of th I
grasp of his sharp teeth. Tbe speed of
tbe tiny thing was so great and its
actions so sudden that It was aa much I
aa the eye could do to follow it at '
all. Again Ita great pursuer sprang
upon It; again this nimble animal
slipped from his very Jawa. Put It
waa no good. It was vutclaaaed In
alxe. These great leaps shook the very i
life breath from Ita frail body. ,
At last It fell an eay prey to Ita re
lentless enemy, and one crunch put an
icn pin RD
an inter
about the
end to Its miseries. It was
estlng little boast. Ita body
aire of a rat. It carried a fine long
coat, waa gray on tbe back, with white
under the U-lly. having a long bonj
tall nlth n pretty tuft nf the end. Put
ita hind legs were Its great feature.
They were very long, being, like those
of the kangaroo, specially adapted for
Jumping. I noted, too, that each bind
foot was provided with only three loea.
whereas on those of the fore legs,
w hich were very short, there were the
normal five. Altogether It waa a most
Interesting nnd sporting specimen.
"Near East."
Descendants of David.
Tbe bUtory of tbe Sassoona la one
of the most dramatic lu the very dra
matic story of the Hebrew race. The
original Sassoon waa a Ilotntay mer
chant, but tbe family Is descended
from n group known as Ibn Khnshan, j
who at one time held the position of
nossl of Toledo. Tbe name Shosban. j
which signifies "Illy" In Hebrew, waa J
gradually transformed Into Sassoon, 1
signifying "gladness." Tbe family I
claim Da v Idle descent, and Abraham
Kasaooti. who flourished In the seven-!
teentb century, stated that be waa a
direct deseeudant of Sbephatlab. the
fifth son of David. Not only are there
many references to tbe name In He
brew mediaeval literature, but men
tion of It la mado in tbe Talmud. Loo
don M. A. P.
Hem Helps.
When one baa an old barn roof to
remove do not try the ancient, .abort
ous way of pulling out tbe nails. Take
a magnet and bold It over the bead of
tbe nail till the nail comes out.
To keep the bands perfectly clean
and white while tbe stove Is being pol
ished let some one else polish It. There
are other alleged methods, toot tbla
will prove surest
Tbo best way to mark an umbrella
Is to embroider tbe name of tbe owner
00 tbe little strap for fastening It
when it la rolled. Then tbe person who
swipes It can destroy tbe mark with
out mutilating an vital part of tbe
To dlagulao tbe taste of castor oil
put In three drops of bitter almonds, a
bit of aaafedita. a toacb of rochelle
salts and two drops of sulphuretted
To keep red or pink or maroon or
rerlao anta out of a refrigerator build
a trough entirely around It and fill tbe
trough with sorghum molasses or ma
ple alrup or sotuo other form of mutl
tag Chicago News.
The Finisher.
Lawyer What Is your occupation?
Witness I'm a piano finisher, law
yer Be a little more definite. I Hi you
pollab them or move them? Uostou
The Gossip.
Nell She's an awful gossip. She
tel'a everything she bears. Ilelle Oh.
the tella more than that-l'bilnd.-lplila
Do not mako unjust gains. ' Tbey are
eqnnl to a l..-Holod.
us is of First rr-cr.-rro
and the MOTTO of our csncy
is to serve our friends and. patrons
vith promptness and efficiency. Trv
(j pur service with
No 1 rouble to Answer Questions.
Moore, Adams l Gordon
Phone 265 Parker Duilding
Eye Uoo
'I hoi tired tyrn of yours will stand lots of abuse, yet thme Is a limit
to their pstience snj their power. You niav worry along for quits a while
but there wilj, coins a time when you will regret jour present indifference. '
Here are a lew hintu Headache, Diiiinens Aversion to Bright Light
Sleepr reeling while Heading blurring of Objects either at close range or at
dixsn-e Frowning or Squinting - Smarting or Kurning Sensation in or around
the ejre Fatigue or requiting stronger light when reading Dark Spot float
ing or Bright Lights flashing before the eves. 'I hete are but a tew of the
many Svmptoma.
Juit think It over. I fit glasses for defective visions and eve strain
that s all, but a little piece of glass will work wonders.
I rhsrge nothing for consultstion. If glaases are not needed, I will tell
youj if -hey are I will lurnith them at a reasonable price. A trial is all I atk.
Neither can you relieve the strain by "hoping your eyes will become
stronger. ' Weak eyes, when in need of glasses, always go 4 1 1 e
J). S. HEAKN, Graduate Eye Sight Specialist, with Jno. M. Caldwell.
on hand and am sell
ing them at (ireat Bargains. Be sure to look at my line before) buyini.
Wi-T. JAM tS
Insure with me. I represent the oldest and Best Companies.
Your business iven my personal attention and appreciated.
Residence f RnVCTT Oflicsj
I'hone 257 H. DVJ I L 1 1 Phone 372
j B Fire, Tornado, Accident, Plate
, U
Just Received: NEW SNT
Cigar Holders and Pipoo
50c to SI6.00
M. H. JAMES oRucci
Whyt BacauM M It a Taaat imhw. tut anal CHI a4 Sarahi titd west kae Tua exa !a
Taiaa. Jo B. k4 will tipiaia th SlStrwil alast a4 rafat. aM cas ai vrlia Aci4ol u SlcS
mat Inwiraare th tie traiafiman4(1va lax vhai rwi vaat.aaa rom will ktw vkat yaa art
rtnme. tr aian aaS voaiaa aadar SO, la ea smNS. thoaiS torn -rla'-iii-hae Vwtary. Maay
ait apv tnlmrlsc tht fcenrltta of Lira Iswiraace tkat vovit aol, SaMhrer aSorit.
Joe B.
Caa ruplain Intarance in the different
Hanger who does not look to vour tntereit
We ziz ready with ths brgst z?.i m::t ccn
piste stcck of Booh an dSchcd Supplies ir.Cry:.i
Hooweiro Book Gtoro
Excellent Fare. Nice Rooms.
D,rli9n9n Not "JUST AS GOOD" but better
uuenanan , Bttttt FMtr Jmcit TnJrrtt CMtt
HaS It Better Nothing hut the very beat meatt and all thor
( oughly refrigerated. '
he ml) fiit CJa Roiaur ant in the city in con- Wsj
nection'with market. Nest Door to Cole Hardware Co. BllChnnOn
. . I
your next insurance.
and Abuso.
Glass, Bonds and Live Stcck U
Meat Markets
Caper Morsel Fleas 39
Imm Jtoeef fteae 32
Choicest or Beef, Pork, Veil, Mutton,
andSau age. Your trade is appreciated.
Lodges. Do not give your insurance to a
but utt his own.
Bryan Wood Yord
Dry Split Wood, all kinds, de
livered in any quantity.
Phone' - - - 330
?.ac Repair Works

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