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Lots Hict ft, but Pughinq ,ut now :
Shirt Waists ;
Straw Hats;
These are Koinjt at Cost.
Ladies Oxford Ties
At Cut Prices.
Dimities and Organdies
Greatly reduced.
Wi waul to von
till .-. I. at
Sam Sanger-s.
lawrsd M tha rwloOe at Brraa. Tuu,
wood (Um ull miliar.
MiLOOm Ciuu Ultor.
CMCBimo mm.
Per Week. 10o. . . p Month. 10c
r, JULY 16, Mm.
Texas haa cut 130,000,000 feet of
lumber during the first six month
of the present year.
Toe London idiot who wrote that
)' gunner at Manila were
Knglaaaiicu ought to he, mobilized
in thelrst hand v iii- in. ,i-;. mi
The L nl speaker .i . - thm
ibt Santiago o.'iit proves that tin
United Stales need not tear coin
pMiM of navies "witli any power
m the a i -rid. '
Thl whole political, cducitioual
nd etiiioercial interct- of the
UUktst and depend lor - .
OBttthe lenient? represented ii,
the rirmen' Congress. It should
thmare be encouraged to the t'ull
ettixk nl by all.
If anything tiner than tin- I dlow
iajjir"'i"ii f an Amerii in na
fain man i to be found in the
Mfcriag annals of war mi land ui
.1 n"i know of it.
rstoo P l.t describing the destrui
tua.1 fV.rvera's tleet. close. a fol-
mill i.l.il.l
Bafcbecriug ilicmselvc
Jfc. Capt. John W. I'hillip of
exas called his '
i4 , . ,, vritfa bw" Lead a'"1 to
,lt tO make public ac
If the naval battles ot the war
have demonstrated anything, they
have proved the utter worthlesenees
of the torptdo boat destroyers and
the torjiedo lsats. Of course no
one doubts that the torpedo boats
and destroyers could play havoc
if they could live long enough to
get in range, hut so far no Spanish
craft of this class has ever succeed
ed in getting dote enough to do
any damage, and their thin hulls
were easily tierforated by the long
ronge gun of the battleships. The
only naval disaster which the
I'nited States has suffered since the
outbreak of hostilities was the rid
dling of the torpedo loat Winslow
in Cardenas harbor. Assuming
then that torptdo craft arc not ef
fective, it is interesting to note
how the Europeon navies will be
affected by the fact. Great Britain
had at the beginning ol the year
29.1 torpedo craft of all classes,
France 26, Germany 192, Italy
200, Austria-Hungary l5, Russia
230. The I'nited State had but
twenty-four, while Spain had sis
ty-tive. The elimination of torpe
do loaU as dangerous factors in na
val warfaro therefore reduces the
nominal effectiveness of European
navies, wh'le the I'nited Stales i
only slightly effected. Considering
the superior armament and armor
of the American ships, it is not im
probable that in real fighting
strength the United States now
ranks second to great Britain.
Galveston News.
A Business Talk.
The Eagle has successfully issid
more than one special edition setting
forth the advantages of Bryan as a
trading point, and it is therefore with
assurances of success in the present
instance that we are now preparing
to get out a mammoth edition of the
Eagle and Meteor which will he li
tributed systematically all over the
trade territory trifutary to Bryan in
Brazos, Madison, Grimes, Leon, Bur
leson and Robertson counties. Our
representatives have made a personal
oanvau of territory, and the edition
will be gotton out on original lines
that connot fail to make it a trade
winner. We appreciate the encour
agement already received from (ho
bu iness men of Bryan and wish all to
be represented.
Our Mr. Palmer is now in Burleson
County, looking after Bryan's Trade
interests, and getting the people in
terested in the forthcoming Kagle
Meteor Special Edition. Mr. Palmer
left Thursday morning, to be rone
four or live days. He will cover the
territory from Mudville, in Brazos, to
Mum ford in Robertson, and to Cook's
Point, Tunis, Mound Prairie and
Brazos Bottom points in Burleson.
MttW .1 IIAIiSEllS.
dall km i. .f BICYCLE SUNUkll-s.
Cleveland, gambler
and Ideal
Wheels are the best.
We give special attention to all kinds ot Bicycle Kepair work
HrMDorM ".rih ofKxeliauge Hotel,
Kvcliuiiire Hotel Arrivals.
M M Mat-Be: . Philadelphia; K
MUregory, Denver. Kd (ierrande,
II S MacNair. Houston; l V
Shank". A II Fori-, C 1! David
son, St. Louis; M I'inski, New Or
leans; J H Shelly, Dallas; J P
Smith, S C'berdorfer. Baltimore.
Kslrav Notice
I a. en on Ijv V. II N.-wm oi an. I ..
trayed bawiS) V. II McMirhael, J. P, ' Jo" M. Lawrence
i l.reciuct N.i. I llraoa
one black mare with Mark mane ami
j tail, 4 year. old, 14. hand high, no
hrsnd viallile and appraisel by P. T.
j Moon .ml II. P. Mood at 116.00. Liven
I under :ujr band ttii. .-.a. I .lav of June,
. U.W.McMa rail,
in DO li KM.
Mayor, C. A. Alaiu.
Marshall. T. P. Boyett.
lVpiily Maubal. It. II Knilth.
kSMM) tad Trea-iin-r. II.
City Sexton, II. II. Jones.
Con.table, C. I.. lUktr.
Aldermen It. '.. Tabor. W. 8.
! Howell, W. IV. Ilarri.. C. II. Wy..
Com pet It it r Kiitiulnat Ion.
There will I a competitive eismioa.
tion (or applicant, to tbe Sam ll.xiaton
Normal at llrv.no,, Jul, 3 B 2 ..'clock ' 0"""",on'' J I Vena, Peter
p.m. The I H will be con. TUom ,''"l'l-. P. II. Wring-
ducted by I'rof S. If. Hickman of
oMRftf atw sn.
lodge, W. B. Haruian
Clerk, .. W. MrMicbael.
Attorney, A. ii. Hoard.
Tat Collector, J. J. Ailams.
Tai tmmm, It. M. Nail.
Mirrur, T. (,'. N'una.
Treasurer, it. W. I'srr.
I'l-in, t cirtk .1 t . Wiihatna.
t'oii.mip.ioaer. It J. Urena. Peter
L Ukas,
Itep. H.t.
MM ii!an-riON .
Baptiat-W. C. Kriley, pa.tur; Set.
vice, every -,t. : a. w. aad 7:15
p. m. ; Mand.v school 9 V a. m ; pray-
BSMtaMJ Tl.ura lay Bi(l,t.
U.ai It.. e a. ...
nerfeet.on , railway service by , be , ser.1CM .. m. and 7 p CI '
It':- N:K. K-'llrnKin..,r-UB.,.y ..hool 4, .. 1 . 222
Another bid is made for publi.
ioran.l another stride toward.
iaitoe mu.lay 4 p. m prayer-meet-inn
Tuesday night.
Preabr.tenaa-J. , West, paator.
eVrviree ii,rnin an.l eveninu 1st. :tfri
and 4th unday in each moatli, Sunday
ation on its day trains between Bta
adidqio and Taleslioe elegant up
! to-dale I'arlor Cars in lieu of tho
i'ullmau Sleeping cars heretofore
operated on these truina
I riM BBSS '
i ilia r rvai fw I'ttrm .... - . .
ii j V . acnoul v Ii a. m
.... v.,..t, .ravel ny ,lay, Christian. J. L. An.i-
wirr iinrnuii on i i
.a Ha
dows artistically furnished and
ntted throughout, each compart
ment or division has a movable
table, loot cushions, rugs, pillows.
e,c-i ltory in either for ladies
, .
1 thinir for all nersons to bav a !here U. eTr.T convenience that
xh. WmmZTZm. w, rl0:
Me,-t at the V A U A. f knowle.Ige of elementary fort and pleasure of the traveler
j law comes in mighty handy. a A uniformed mrter looks after the
"" j thia connection he remarkel that ''r ""d politely attends to tin-
At a general meeting of the j he wanted the people f Texas, the I wn!,of ,no Passenger.
Farmers congress held Thursday taxpayers, u, feel that tho agricu'-1 Pi! ?W "yrTyHiT 'ld nat
night the agricultural, horticul- tural and mechanical college be- Hot ! ,Tl!.T ?' "i" TU
otewart. paator Services every Sun.
day night in each montl, -unday
school 10 a. m.
St. Joseph's Cstholict hnn h Kalher
Prlnar. paator. Mass at a and 10 a. m
tact that it reiuin money to run
tins in stitution: that if thev de
tural. dairy, cattle and swine grow
ers and other kindred organizations
A Chins esaayi't thus describes viWlttl Mnl orRinirttion grfth
the American people; -riiey live the ele,.tlon of ,ht. fowinK
months without eating a mouthful ollicers-
of rice; they eat bullocks and sheen i i n , n , .n.. 1 i . . . . . ..
. i w.uvtn, u. ii. .wiii,cii,vuiivv; rue i iu iracoiut-mi lactor in me
in enormous MUMUUes; they have! !aJgfiiBJTl DM . Lively, Fort development of agriculture that it
to bathe frr,,uently; the men dress Worth; treasurer, Frank P. Hoi- ought to be provide proper sup-
.., a.iae, ami, to ju.ige irom their UMah. vil.e.ir ,,., ,, . V ,,,,. 1, the farmer, of Tera. will
appearance, tney are an enoi.es; Kirkpatrh k, M. Kinney; T. C
neither are they ever to be seen Hlangliter, Collin county; J. M
carrying a fan or umbrella for they Vanoe, San Antonio; W. R. Spann
iiiiuiih-i tneir U'li.u.llil roiileintit
I1..II.... V !..... . .1 .
. I abulias, aa. u. a civ,., vWlvrrfc.
of these msigula of a gentleman by 1 A on ,,vlaw. an,,
leaving them entirely to women; itu,i((I1 vva, ,,,,;,, ,, nn.
none of the,,, have linger nails llUa meetings will he held at the
more than an eighth ot an inch (;0ie(,(.
long, they eat meat with knives A resolution was adopted pro-!
and prongs: they never enjoy then,. , vidj , ;( . , , ,
When the battle was over, ny sitting .,uietly on tttsir guiuUoni intcresb l In agricul-j
America., crews , -' uravm, hut jump an.ui.d lurili nt.r-.iit- be invited to oar-
and kick balls a-;f paid to doll, licjpaU. in t. (tnar,- congrog..
and th. y have no dignity, for tbey organixationa are to be allow
may found walking with worn- t.j ,,ut lv0 memlars in the execu
''" live sessions.
In response
The imnortauci' oi the i irtm-r- l'reident L. I.
MM! Mimxi.a.
Ivaahoe Commandary No. s, Knight
Templars-Meet :'nd Tuesday ,n each
month. A. M. Ithwle., K. C ; H (.
Ithodes, Secretary.
W.T. AuMtn fhspter No. H7, R. a.
M.-Meets third Mon.lay in sad.
month. John ij. Tabor II. T .JosB
longstothetn. He desired them , who appreciate su.l, service a nom-' TrasTJalge No Isj a . , a
to make suggestions when they mal charge of .mts per pas-en- i,.( '. .
felt like ,t. He referred , t. there,, ,n-r,g J, lu.'u , TuLTVV
in .a I - . , , i i it- I i.aai
oi .i inrnaiire at leasi. I Sec'y
This I'arlor Car Line is run in' n..'.. i .
connection with Pullman 1)2 , , . .1 ? K" "( P-M:
tween Galveston and St. Uuis v . " K ,"f 'V'
.h.u.gehen,g,4.e.t I'ale.t.ne ,,' v ''-' N"- " A . 1 1. I u
8:00 p. m. arriving at St 1.,,, "'V '"''""'b Thuwds, .
7:1. .... the followingdav Z ir',rnlh- ,M "' W'
K,mg..,.e.lUa.,e,l .brolgb s 'tZZ'IZ-.
WBt UOOM Via . AC H 'III. I Ir.m I .. --"""-, I. Ol II.
Mountain Itotite.
Co those m ho travel and wi-h to
enjoy a delightful ride we recom-
mend Siese clean, cool ami elegant
i arior i ars.
right way they
demand it in the
will get it.
Colonel Foster's remarks were
loudly applauded.
Hon. Frank P, Holland, in
response to an invitation, also ad-dre-sed
the congress, and heartily
approved the remarks of Colonel
Foster. He said that he did not
deplore the fact that not many
farmers were In-ing turned out by
th- college, as quality and not
qOMstj was the aim of the institu
tion. He -aid he regarded the
meeting of the farmers' congress
here as one of the h. -t thittcrts that
to a., nv.tatiou (V(.r ,.1e(, ,r lh). inllttJol
I.'...... ..' il. r'
i van. i "l llic wo- .,. ..! ;... ..II I I... f ,
Am I w in
u.lPi,,ent here that I be -V(
" . ..... i . " , ,1 . i . . resonmoii was oitereii i,y .1. t .
I !,.. Kiither Alllllirbtv. I I oioTC-S Hist held it til" A. and M. !.,. ml.lr. I (lie m, unnn I .. . -
ni, iii- .1 - - " n illlir i ir r.n-iri ti.r ,i, i,mi ..I .
you, officers and men to lift College can .hardly b- properly , s- ,h, aims and objects of the oollege. .M.rill,lt u,m ln T
4dIWOiyourra.-o : ,,.,.. ,,.H..s.niT mem- uesn.it that in his opm.on tbe vidina for a emmitt,.,, to ,,re ,
ant thanks to the Almighty. hers ol the van,. n.ons prime ,vatur0 in the work of the a ,....., ,,,:, '',,
parncipating win ... me miure ,,,-titut.on -hould he to promote .llbj,ct t, tho l,.giMature and to
work for their common interests the agricultural interests of the de,ig,mte tlu. vbm th,.v
and for the mtesests of the oolltfa la aj tht it would be hkiim w nwdrt
an.l experiment station. Long live to emphasize it as an agricultural ' '
the movement. Let the weekly pa-1 college. He said that while it was
tan nf t)i ulntj. talre it ill. niil lend . .. . . ..
' . . , V. . iirueiuaiaoi an me young men, ,. ,rrev.. hacks and alsMa
. r.w to a man removed th' :;
i i. ... it, mvstcrv l 1 "el . I
. , i
ttles and then impulsive,.
... ...o heartiest cheers tor
. hi.. .iwiiM.r ivii cai
. a.tamnn
I 1 L." ' ' ... .
iiui mi
I iu...
a l.:. Aiaia not at all.
u mmm -
..., uaiaawv. ,v,-... ,..-.mK b- ellucJlU.(l nore icame tarmers.they I carriages at tiooch'a livery stable, lie
sequent meetings even more -uc- ..xett.d a beneficial intluen.o for;
AJ a S a .a l -..1a I 1 . a . . .
cesslul than the nrst
. exerted a heneiicial lnlluencu fur I can supply vnur wants in the livery lin
agriculture, and he thought it a ! prompily and at very low prices, at t f
lianuliiu tUf l.ra.le eg fB
Without waiting for the completion
of her great drainage canal, Chicago
propnirii to atop the dlM-harg of her
sewers Into Uke Michigan, which sup
piles her with drinking waist, Two
new sewers are to be constructed, emp
tying Into the Illinois and Mlehixan
I'annl. and .light changes will be made
in some of the existing itWSfl to adapt
them to thla new plan.
A tather curious featurs of the work
In linud Is an alteration in the grade
of a section, 104 feet long, of an old
sewer so that lis contents will flow
westward Instead of eastward. The
Inclination I. very slight, and the re
quired modification will therefore be
trifling. A lloorliiK of concrete will bw
laid on the bottom of the great six
foot conduit It will be nearly eigh
teen Inches thick at what Is now the
lowest end, and lea. than alx inches
thick at the other. This difference will
he sufficient to give a slope In the op
posite direction. The flooring will
not be fiat, but curved. o ss to form
a furrow of less width than the orig
inal sewer.
lirst and third Thursdays in esch
month. A. Kmden. dictator, A. j.
Plainer, reporter.
brans Camp No. 101, W. of W.
Mset second and fourth Friday j ,
month. W. S. Stuart; C. ;., j,. ,.'
IteeU, clerk.
I'.ryan Tent No. in, K. O. T. M.
Meeting i.i...his lir-t , ,t., Mgsjdaj
each month. Ssm II. Wlls.,,, ,
H. RtMSt, It. K.
Bryan Lodas Ko. IStO, Home Porta
Meeting nights second and fourth
Wednesday eaeh month. I,, a. sun'
lers.pres l; J,. g, HH ,anncitr
Hrysn lhlge No. Ml, .N,tio0, Ail
Meeting nights lost and third Wcdm .
day in earl, montl,. . w. Qajaua
pres t ; W S. smart, Scc'v.
Ail work tiiiaranteed snd done urotnn
ly. Uivehimacsll. v

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