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Doremus & Butler.
Law Offices.
1 M 2 Park Mr
bnvmn thui
Wa are authorised to i
M a candidate for Coonty Attorney of
Braaoa coonty at the ensuing November
e Uoa.
Hm T.rns-t
(aaSUa . Far,
,rtr, rr wawe
I Tkwkhk
You wMI tad war Slock ilwtr '! with
paltner, Jeeley's, "Viola and California
Perfumes and Violet Waters.
Abo Ihe ritie.i lUMk of
Combs, Brushes, and Facial Preparations
in the City.
I iu ; ( (
We want your PRESCRIP
TIONS. We otter Compe-
1 1 Settle and Pur Dnxionli
New York, .1 11 i r IS. -A (pecial to The
Tribune from Washington eya:
Tbe orrendcr of Santiago, following
within 10 day the destruction off south
eastern Cuba of the only formidable
natal squadron left to Spain n the
high aeaa, marks another notable milt
port In this country' proceaalon of lb
Spanish war. By the term of General
Torel' capitulation uot only doce the ( ineral K.mlio Nunea. wa killed, and
ntr of Santiago, a naval and military Wlnthr t Chandler of New York, waa
baae of the utmoet importance fall into .hot thr uuh the right elbow ami fire
Aaarrioan haada, bmt pnassasssa of the j Cubans 'offered trifling injunec How
whole cnetern end of t'nba i ced.! to irmny StwnUh Hvwe answered for these
Key Watt, fla, July 15. -The
pton flht ueterrra. the Florida and Fa-
nlta. under convoy of the auxiliary gun
boat Peoria, hare landed the Urgeit and
probably the la "trillion aent to the
inrargenu It wan a taak beeet with
parti and tlfrja-nlty, mating 'me man hi
life and Luanda to half a doxen other.
Captain Joss Maine . None, brother of
We an autboriied to announce
aa a candidate tor ('oonly Treasurer oi
Braaoa county at the ensuing November
H. A T. C. Time Card, llryaii
Nortbbonml No 1 lt:l p m
Southbound No 3 4 KB pa
Northbound No S 2:07 am
Southbound No 4 1:44 a ro
thi itiii.n ii'i r limts.
n- I'rospee'liig for ("oal at
rrospcc'liig for
the Amenean force, which hare within
a month and in tbe face of almoat in- .
tuperable obstacle succeeded la radue
ing a stronghold second in defenaire
trength on ihe island only to Havana
itaelf So brilliant a culmination of the at La Tuna.
waanot known, but there were mora
than enmgh to balance the eonre The
dbaxkl...u waa effected on July 3, at
Palo Alto, on the s.iuthern coaat of
Cube. I ut Minting orcurred before then
.Mr. Ward, vice president of the
. t i. N. Tims Table, lleariie . ThiirWr, Texas, coal mining com
pany i at Wellborn with the
No. 1 laavee. 1 m
Si,.. :i leaves ;(Wa. ui.
2 laavee MB m
4 levea 4:3 p. m
No. o, leave BaMM, 3 10 p in.
No. 10, arrive at llearne . .11:65 a. in
II. T. C. Time Table llearne
nci-Mtary machinery to continue
investigations! of the coal deposit
thin- lie will ink n U""
tl.afi in Mr. P. X. Causey's
pasture, J list lielow town, tiling a
iJiauioml drill. He ha two ex
perienced drill nun among the
Kill atll'M'
No. I arrive
No. 3 arrive.
him, and will
in estimation If
I: II. Sele waa her,- Itom
rresh mackerel jut received at I: M
Wilton'. IW
V. K Mi.troi returned t. II union
Two up ttair room for tent,
to Ira ioocli.
Ilr. J. V. Kaves u hen- from
i an vrsterdsy.
Mari ne Miller wa here from m
ataad yaalerday.
employees with
1r.'p "I make i thorough
coal I IoiiikI in paying
the KagU-learn that mining opera
turn will be carried on there on a
law scale, in which event Well-
Benchley Ihirn will enjoy a big boom and
rapid growth.
i xiiciuiii rxitrv.
4fltrn by
Mr. nut
t arlton.
Mr. .1 i:
Mr. and Mr- J. II. Carlton gave
a jatriotic rty liut night compli
mentary U Mis Leona Rhode,
whirli wa- enjoved hilgelv hv ihe
vounoi-r t if Krvan. The lawn
ir fteat, t.raine hav i.eati all'. I. i wa he.iutlfll v dcoraleil With "T. ivmer lure n.-rnarej more
flral off -nive rampaign in Cuba aid
freah lurtre lo the record already ig
iml. y inaptniig, made in the anant three
mouth since hoatllilM opened by
.'.m'nran arm
To have undertaken, with force in a
meaaure raw and far from faultleaaly
f.N d "l01!1!1. mvaaioti of Tuba at a
;iint more than OH mile irom
neareat bate of aupplie and retnfrc-o-
menta ; to have effected a landing on a
rfuTirull coart and overcome without Ira
the moat rxtraoritlnary natural obrtacle
U the prompt etablUhuu-nt of an in
vartaaent ; to have larrie with nuinU'r
lull,' greater than tboae of the city' gar
naon line upon line of nfl- pita and
intri i him iil. to hav,. fought not
only Spaniah. but the uv r- luatdi'm at
tack of a deadly tropical climat- in tbe
flrt month, of th rainy miii and. in
apite of aurh di-)uragempnt ami hard
hip, lo have driven the tawny to bay
by a M-rWa of brilliant and deaperate aa
aault. ami to have him faal with hi
linea until aun-Hmier became inevitable
-thee a hievrmenu by tne Amrriran
trinp at .Santiago have lieen fitly
rrowned by a triumph a algmflrant and
deciatve a thai won by tbe gun of
IVw. y at Manila or by thoae of S-hlry
ami Hampaon in the water of lb Carib
bean tea
Tbe Klon,u and Kanita
Waal on Snarday June W.
convoy at Dm Peona, cr
Lteutrnaui T M. Byan On
left Key
under 'he
anded by
board the
Moore' feed (tore. Vfi
t'onatahle Bd Kaiuliar here tr n.
Wtilborn ytattrday.
Try tht old rtliabla Troy laundry.
K. B. Ixmax,agoat. Klti
Mr. and Mr J. I.. Batto returntd io
the Ilr no bottom etierday
Jutt received at Edge Broa a i-ar of
extra riot North Taiaa rorn. 1M
B. I., and J. H. Doa-hag ar htra
rttarday from twlow Collrga.
Mn. B. K Oandy and Mi Jolly vara
btra Ima Uock Praitie vritarday.
Ml Louita Kllle left ytattrday to
ait in llouaton and sn Antonio.
"Iloya'. MM " a atrictly tlrl rlaa H
cigar old only by 0L U. Parama. 16611
When you want to enjoy a nice driva
get oat of Iratiooch'a nobby tarn-
ontt. dtf
Mr. B. L Keel of Pitt llridge. H n
the city vitiling her mother, Mr. HbbV
Von get large achoontr ol fieth cold
beer f.r .'i leiite at the American beer
hall. I "Ml
Mia I. J. Adam went to Dallaa yea
ttrilay a the gutal oi Maj r i. A. juin
Ian on hi prlvata car.
Write your name plainly on all pa' k
iitet for tbe Trv laundry. K. H. lo
max, agaat. PhoM 7. IHiitl
Mi blelelta Weat. Woul-artr.
Order and pupil, raceivml. Sample
ol work at Tyltr liaiwsll', lwtl
Mr. I'tnn and cbil.lien, who hava
leen vi.iting Mr. ai.d Mr. Waller Wl
precbt, returned to Taylor yttii-riUy.
Kor Itenl Eight lot favuravly local-
ad for a cotton yard in northern part of
town. Apply to W. T. Young at uouri
booe. tf
W. - sin a. . nlorad, I irettu k up
cake walk to lit gian bv bit people
Monday night, especially lor white peo
ple. PJajaJ .loliii M. (.'aldwell't ad Xvlla
no'.lca of hi removal aale tbia luontb.
Ilr Mill be lot cted at Bawd 'I (Irug(p)te
alter Augilit. lotf
D, II. I.awaon ol OMttMf li lieen
heie llii week atb-ning Ike farmer
bk r Mn,
American Hair and cilor- and "-niy in tne poimrai ten in tne pt.r...
llghteal br t'lillieies lantern. Thii Ut rtttdu of the fall of rauittag...
patriotic diaplav waa alao extended Enripean . pinion, certainly, if Hpain a
to the parlor. Thort wera about ' "urw i t., t Kuid.l by the friendly ad
fiftv preaciit and all nt a delight- ceof"otT power, will find in the
lul'rvgning with rautic. gamer and f Shafur . army at
i-onvemation. Punch and water- 'tnpbatir -onflrmatkm f
tnelona were nerved. hnptlttantta of Spain' rrugir:
Mr. Carlton undertand JUt tgwnrt the newly organised andovtr
how to make all the young people whelming ' of the United States
leel at home and enjoy themtel vea H bowever. th sucreaston of national
thoroughly, and a.e has placet! duar which began tt Manila h. not
them under manv obllgmtion to rst broken Spanish prvU, and the pre
br. enl losing fight is to be enallnueii, Spam
la likely to have fair warning from Ku
. . vn. , 7 - ropsan opinion that another u inontha
,'uujje ...ii u.. ivminpi uuui uuou
ISSStlliT were HA Cuban under (reneral
Nun.r At trooper of the Fourth Unti
ed Slat rivalry, uoder Lieutenant
Johnson ami Ahern and V rough rWlrr
under W.iithorp Chanler, brother of
Colon. : Whliam Aator Chanler.
The ar.'M were enormno and in
clndetl anna and ammunition
'Thrrv was not a Spaniard to be seen
when thse i peditiext reached Paio Alto
at daylnai on July 3, and the men ami
cargo BjaBj put ashore without a aingln
(kmirx, w ith tOOD men. wa known to
i be in ihtvirtmty ami cnuj humetl to
hi hm-. On Monday, July t, tbe gnx
sled old warrior appeared in person at
Palo Alto. An awning was spread over
the law of the abandoned wharf and a
conference was held.
The vetrnn commander in-chief said
be waa neatly pleased at tbe result of
tht exfaiinon which he thought would
exerrtae an important lufluence im the
war campaign, wblch be later submit
ted to l.ttctenant Ryan in writing, fnr
tranamuw n to Preaub nt McKlnley.
It was aubaequenlly learned that
during the fight at Las Tuna five
lanildinga in the town were completely
destroy! by fire from the American
gun, whi.e V, were partly deatroyetl,
and eight M-hoaoer, which happened to
be in range, were burned and sunk.
Wa are a i thorised to aaa ounce
J. T. CL08B
as a candidate lor re-eleclion lo tbffj
orTu e of juallce of tbe peace, Prerinctj
No. 4. Braaoa county, at tbr ensuing1
Novem'ar elei lion.
Career ( taw AatsVaar ef "Tfcere'e
a Llahl la Ika WlsSa ler Taw."
Tht Rev. Edward IXnbar, who wrote
Ue olu Sunday school song. Tbers s
a Light la tbe Window for Thee,
Brother." sleeps in a pauper's grave
at Coffeyvllle, Kan., wbert he died a
tramp la the town jail two years ago.
His name became a byword in tbe
plac.i where fee waa known, and from a
prison ell he went forth a vagabond
upon tbe face of the earth. In lit?
Dunbar waa arrested at Leavenworth
while engaged In holding a aerie of
revival meetings, and taken to Minne
apolla. Minn., where be waa tried for
bigamy, convicted, and aent to tht pen
itentiary for tferee years and tight
One night la tbe spring of ISM DlsV
bar applied at tbe Coffey vllle tail for
lodging. He was 111. and tbe authori
ties took bim in. He died tbt nest
day. Pipers In bis pockets revealed
bia Identity, and showed that be had
tramped all over tbe country Some
i burcb people have erected a marble
lab over his grave, on which these
words arc Inscribed:
"Here lie Edward Dunbar, wfet)
wrote "There's a Ught la the Window
for Thee, Brother."
When Dunbar waa a small boy bt
lived In New Bedford, Mass . and work
ed la a factory. Hla mother lived at
the foot of tbe at reel on which the far
lory waa located, and aa tbe lad'a work
kept blm away till after lark aba al
ways plsced a light In the window to
guide bis footsteps homeward. One
John M. Caldwell
will occupy a por
tion of the North
Side of Dr. Read's
Drug Store on and
with elegant new
Fixtures and an up-to-date
Stock of
Jewelry etc. Dur
ing July he will in
augurate a
of which Buyers
will do well to take
OBet Frost Beta ivar T
-H1-Y VOI 14
day the boy took a notion to go to sea,
aad off be went for a three year Arpari P.akpc Rfilk Ftf!
. vi uuu wasnvw nvnvi - . v. ,
.. Ma mnlh.r ' ' e
gov b
'Hi.iMHt, Hlil, Haas
Herel.a mi a n. .......
a ... . . i oi, strum,
of warfare will probably see Hiaio Hino
and the Canine and central Tube, ami
an Amervmn a:my slowly but surely
fighting its way to tbe gate of Havana.
W. iM'oanelly wa on Ihe tick list
U.J.McClung aas here Irom tola
yesterday. unable to make any positive statement
.Inn Mike wa. renortad on the ... k of tbe pUn they are maturing to solve
list yeetrrdsy.
Wishing'. n, July IS The subscrip
tion to the new Z per cent war loan of
gCi,',. ia whirh osM it 3 o'clirk
yeawriay afrrnoon. including tbe off ers
mads by syndicate, will amount to II.
:t' '"" or more than sis time the
amount of tht laane. Tbe subscription
represented by cheeks or other forms of
payment, it taeattmated. will aggregate
Tbe war department authorities are bo,t fleO.Ot-i.isJo, or three and tbree-
(usrters time the amount of the issue
It a thought at the treasury depart-
Jease Moaeley returned to Cherokee
county yeaterday.
W. Duckworth was bete lrm
Burleaou county yesterday.
Mi s Kate Hani ol Rusk la visiting
Mr ami Mr. W. T. Jam.
Willis ICoger an I Mia. Limine iu.
era ui Waco, are waiting in thinly
Tbe MrCortju alalt family reunion
the problem of (ending the HpanUh back
to Spain.
The prtumrr will probably m em
harked inide of Santiago harbor and at
liuantanamo. iml no effort will be
l-ared to get them out of the way with
in the neit 10 day.
It ia aunoumail that General Miles I
will atart for Porto Rico within
week. With the president' ap ,
I oval be utrfaulad all arrange
menu for hie iia-dition to aeiie
rrulae. During bit absence bis mother
fell III. and waa at death's door. She
talked Incessantly about her boy and
every night sb aaked thoae around
her to place a light In the window la
anticipation of his return. When ibe
realised that tht cad bad come, she
said "Tell Edward that I will set
s light la tbe window of heaven for
blm" These wert her last worda
Tbe lad had grown to manhood ert
bt returned home and hla mother's
dying message had such an sffert upon
blm that be reformed and became a
preacher In the course of his refor
mation ht wrote tht song, "There's a
Mgbt la tht Window for Thee. Broth,
Tbe Rtv. Edward Dunbar married a
young lady of New Bedford and aeveral
children were tbt rsault of the union.
The young divine soon made a rtputa
tlon aa a brilliant pulpit orator, and th
public waa. thcrtforr. graatly surprised
when one Sunday morning he skipped
the country, leaving bis wife and chil
dren behind. He came to Kansas,
and after snatching brands from th
burning in different parts of tbe State
he swooped down upon the city of
Full ujaight lovaa
of the Bast quality,
Altuays freah. and
Fair treatment la rjuhat
I guarantee;
meat that no individual aubacrlber a
high a 110,000 will receive an allot
meat of Umds.
Aaostani Secretary Vanderliti. who Mnneapoa Mtnn M0 to Aow
tbt people the error of thtlr way.
tll, .!.. I .... r.. I.. !.., W..l...
ws.btld yaterday at M.nter Kptings .d the pUn will now W prompt I rear-
rtel into effert
Knhird Naali, I'rlet
rn were here Irom
Of, liregory,
Moore, snd J. K
Klga yeatenUy.
Ssth DeMaret fell fioui a running
i horse vester.lay and the animal atepped
nn hia ankle, bruising it up consul
Albert llannemaa. who waa aerionalv
burl at the oil mill a fsw day ago, waa
, able to lie out again yesterday.
lol Ml - At College ju.t alter com.
iiitiiceuitnt a lireek' letter fraternity
i pin. "enercau get same a' thia of.
ilea. Jfi
The Kagle force retnrna thank to
Mt S' r 1 ' r'l fr a nli-e lol ol cake
thoughtfully sent lo the offios yesterday
Uo-s f.i'art, a n of 11. v. A. M. S'cw.
art, wa thrown from a home yesterday
inurmng an I painfully injuted, being
lini'Oliscloll for a tune.
Allau' ieli brated titranium I - .it- i
I itictlin I owner, ioc a ln. lln- hiw
der cl!i lor
i.;-,- I, ere
Sdd onlv
llltf '
i oi.gteaa and visiting Ilia
J. II. CiM'hran.
For pure fountain and bottle S'hla,
Dr. Pepper, and all the latest iced'
drinks, csmlii's, fruits, nuts, etc., call
on 0. it. Parsons, 1 '".! t
JsinesCliriatmn asvs Hurt and llow- brSaB R. WilmAO
ter, hla lire horses, weighed 337S I Ray. J. M. Bullock a ill login a revi.
H.umla yesterday. jut 100 ponml more ' al meting at MtaBre tonight. Ha
than they weighed thirty days ago. 1 will lie naaiMed by Rev. Call Mi.ilh o
Joe B. Reeil's insotam-e . ouiisiits H'lbbnrd City, who arrived here ytjataffs
hive all adopted tbe polirv of paying da
Mu('!rii Briiali ban purcliated toe
Mis M. Imiii Mill ry biiMiieas Mie
I St. I.eon, who leave tialav for Ihe .
will have the man.igenient ol the buai.
death rlaima arising from ihe war with
a- ta u, 1 . . t I
iaiu. ror arcioeui nun nie iiiauieui e
either in lodges or straight life compa
nies see Joe B. Reed. tf
Mi. Jobl I'eek and Mist Kline llsn
!ey were married at Reliance church
Ti.nre.lay night, Rev. .1. M. Bullock ol-ili-iating.
They have lived In this coun
ty about a yrsr, having come from Alabama,
Hurl Norwood ha a large abick of
ready atamied doilies and twelve
U'auiilul colored plates or studies ol
I Richsrdsun's exquisite llnwet sliadiug.
lion l una seeing tliem. U7
.11... lie. i.i .at Ale .i..i, ....... ah.l nil.
Hi... I U Tb.lr tell la Jul
al MMtUealU.
Little Rork.Jaly H A double lynch-
ing, in which Jim Redd and Alex
Johnson, two negrnea, were the vic
tim, occurred at Monticello, Ark , at
early boor yesterday. A mob of men
Irok.' now n the diaira ..f tl1 )ail and
etiter-.ng tbe oell room poured a volley
..f 1 M into ihe cagi'a where the men
wen confined. Johnaon kj dead and
Rtld i fatally wounded The killing
of these men 1. the ol.tcniiie of the
death of V y. Skij.sr a rich planter
and merchant of Baxter, who dianp
neen.l fimr yiar. ago. A week later
111 tsy waa found on the Innka of
Bayou Bartholomew, hla right hand
clulc!. ing hi ii. n revolver A venltrt
of suicide was rendered st the iniurt.
but -.kipper partner wa not satufled
and employed a detective who arrcetml
Redd and Johnaon. After a long trial
thev .! convicted and nt. n ..1 io
liatil.'. Tvvii-e they appealed to the an.
MM court, and a few day ago that
tribunal tor the wvcond time grnnteil
them a hi m trial I; i n.He d that
Ihe nu n i'insiiug the mob la-came tin.
patient at the action of the supreme
court and t.aik the Inw Into their own
hand A feature of the case is that
! Skipper' life wis insured forflli.tSiO and
the insurance con, pun. - arc resisting
payment on the grouiid that Skipper
conuulttett suicide Thia case is still
pending In court.
has managed the work of placing the
Uinda of the new war ban, announced
that the Is. ik had been closed "upon
the mot ucreeful loau ever floated by
tbe government " He said ;
"It la, of course, impassible to give at
Ha hour the exact line at which allot,
menu will lie announced. My estimate,
however, i thai it will be around fMiOo,
thai u to asy, that all application for a
mailer amount than that figure will be
allo'tad in full, while application for
larger amounts will receive nothing. At
10 o'clock but night then' had actuailv
been luted M,0,ii of the f&oo and
mailer cuhacriptlona and the amount
BOW on tbe tablea will carry thai pro!.
bly mat above a,000,000 Th amount
rbednled and totaled in the subscrip
tions larger than AMXl u at thi hour
sWn.iUii.MO, and I estimate it will reach
ITS-' '"' Thu. the total aula rlp
tton. including the $.VSi,noti,iam ,,f the
syndicate hale, will reach $l,:i'.'i,UX),
ii Train It. 1.1 t la etat.
Reno, July 111.- Passenger train No.
I. , istlirmnd, was held np Wednesday
nigM one mile east of Humboldt The
express car wa blow n up and the af
blow n open The robbers en-aped. It
ha- n"l lieen given oil bow much they
arcun-d It is thought th. rotlar lawrtl
ed the train at Reno.
Kllle.l l,r i
I lalvcaton, July
engineer employed
the cotton m
jur - recelv.
bjrdl .exirac
revolves at tl
tlous a mill ii
constant ua.
'1'hc iiuicbiu.
,, Kti.lMsl.m.
I 'i Harry Kirk, an
in the dye house at
lis. died as the result of in
it from an exploaion of the
or. Thia ia a machine tlial
e rale of about "son rertdu
n, and luis been in alnne-t
for the past four years
wna well oile.1 by Kirk anil
the cauee ol ihe explosion i a mystery
e ., li.n Train W reeked.
Little Rock, July ii. The northbound
I'otton Belt passenger train from Mem
plus waa wrecked near Bnnkley by
striking a oow. Fireman William Ma
aou waa inatantly killed aud Engineer
Si ,m Kyle was fatally scalded. No pas-
mftr were badly hurt
A great revival followed and hun
dred were converted Mi Eunice
Been Lewi, a handsome young heir
ess of Minneapolis, waa on of tht con
vert. She fell Id love with tbe evan
gelist and married btm agalnat tbt
wlahea of her friends.
Shortly after ths wedding Dunbar re
turned to Kanaaa to fill an engagement
at Leavenworth. While be waa away
tbe friends of tht bride, who bad mis
t mated the evangelist all along, laid
their suspicions before W. D. Webb,
Istely Judge of tbe Second judicial dis
trict of Kansas, snd Judge Austin H.
Young, who wert lew partners In Mln- 1
neapolis. and tbty took tbe case The
reault waa that thty soon found tvl
dence auhVient to warrant an arrest,
and Dunbar's ministerial career waa
brought to a sudden cloae.
After Dunbar's Incarceration Judge
Young secured a divorce for Mrs. Dun
bar and married her himself. They
now live happily together In Mlnne
snolls .
Xparha i , .. ihe Aas II.
The Church of Christ Is founded In
faith, rslsed by bone and flntiht-d by
When tiod wants to make an oak
He takes a hundred years, but he can
make a gnurdvlnt In three weeks.
The reformer who expect to recoa
struct the world In twelve month for
get whsi tough material human na
ture la
Honor must grow out of humility,
freedom out of discipline, righteous
joy out of righteous sorrow, trua
strength out of true knowledge of oar
weakness, sound pence of mind out of
sound contrition
Iton't try to raise too large a crop of
i ciinton on too small a plot of ground.
Increase your territory ns you In
errant yeur seed.
The soul has uot much ut for ready
made comfcet or shop-worn consola
tion. It flad most sweemeis In that
whirh comes direct from Hod's own
anting, wblch Is gatbered by Its own
toll and laid away trustfully for Its
darkest hours Any middle man be
tween Itself and ths Almighty rubs the
Itvlns gift of half its value
Tho experiment loes not
cost much. We sell guar
antee. Razors all the way
from $1.2.") to $.)() each.
We also keep in stock the
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