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Lab of Hies Sees, fart Pushing jutt now :
Shirt Waists ;
Straw Hats;
These are going at Cost.
Ladies Oxford Ties
At Cut Prices.
Dimities and Organdies
Qreatly reduced.
W i wnnt to von
tlilH WueU at
Is tared t U assesses e Brrsn. Tiih,
BtssBsTlese mn tastier.
UtumViMU Editor.
cbbsi.tio nucji;
Per Week, lei Per Mooth. lOc
-I'XDAY, JULY 17, lhttH.
greeting m
(Oini to hold a
(all-Mine Boon.
Tin' summer mi far has lieen
somewhat remarkable in the mat
ter of rain J tint what thii will
terminate in in yet to be learned
but it is to be hoped not into a
sickly season aa tome of our
prophets seem to think. However,
we hould not lie off our guard in
the matter: each individual Bhould
take every precaution and be pre
pared. It in a matter that aiieet
every one and h a plain duty
that does not need to be told of. If
you will take noine medicine before
you get down and try to assist na
ture a little to keep well; then again
keep the premise clean. Cue
lime; burn up trath and Bave the
cost of your trouble in doctor's
bills, often u hundredfold. Also
uae common sense in eating
it is no use for eople to be bo in
different to their health and then
expect doctors and friends to pull
them through a spell of sickness.
Hearne Democrat.
There is hardly a power in Ku
roD'j now which would relish a na
val emraiMnent with the 1'niUi.l
States, nd when those four or five
new battleships arenlloat.oh hush!
Itii s p uliar fact that heavy
rsins in Jane, such as we have been
h'.eMsd with this year, come in cy
dm of seven years. A r ecosj kept
by Tbomsi McCall of Klen shows
thatJunsWMO very rainy month
in lbs years 1881. '01, and now 'H
continues the record. V y pecul
iar, but nevertheless a i.i. t. Han
Anfsle Standard.
An English per says the
merlran is an ' incurably cheer-
Waui. He is also incorrigibly
active, persistentlt i .ventiv.-.
pekwily patriotic and irretriov-
"lTmi.iitt-l I"' loc. me that
iiooonfy ha amission lobe loy-
aily and courageously fulllilled."
i Twi-t ii
. v,..i will that (damp
sou .uru iv nm
MtUlnp ipular still, w. reuu
tlutajHtoflhe democrat- in I on
protested against
nuitsnet Then- n..n.t
opetMlvoand troublesome ..y
inwhkhthe same amount "fraonl
v cook have been raisei!."
Tan, will fumil millions ol
bu.hsl.of wheat to nke Hour to
fesdlksioldiers; n.ill.o " !-'';
dien'lfcorses; million, of bales ,1
of 00. to make brown cot
,ondk uniform- the soldier
tow: and furnish mlUtonjd
besvifcrthewldiersto-at .. Tjj
u ft,, every thing bythn
lion. Orand old Tex..-co
In bis address at the New Orleans
1'ree Club, recently, CardinnUiib-
bons said "If I have one piece of
advice to give a public man more
than another it is, be frank with the
reporter. It has len my privilege
and pleasure to come in contact
with ami to know a great number
of reporters. I have steadfastly
adopted a lsdicy of absolute frank
ness with them, and I have yet to
have a confidence betrayed. They
have never proved themselves un
worthy of the estimate I placed on
iheln a- gentlemen. It l theitlb-
Hc man who conceals, whose very
act of concealment is perceived by
the reporters for in the very nature
nf their business they must he quick
to perceive, it is this very conceal
ment which induces the reporter to
further condui t his investigation!
and often to gel wrong what, had
he been in the confidences of the
man whose manner provoked in
vestigation. he would have under
Mood and written intelligently
about. And it i in thi ery man
ner that much of tie- complaint
against the reporter originates
Tell the reporters the absolute
truth. Never declVc them."
Aii e
inl tur
A Business; Talk.
The Eagle has successfully issued
more than one special edition setting
forth the advantages of Bryan as a
trading point, and it is therefore with
assurances of success in the present
instance that wc are now preparing
to get out a mam moth edition of the
Eagle and Meteor which will he dis
tributed systematically all over the
trade territory tributary to Bryan in
Brazos, Madison, Grimes, Leon, Bur
leson and Robertson counties. Our
representatives have made a personal
canvass of territory, and the edition
will be gotton out on original lines
that connot fail to make it a trade
winner. We appreciate the encour
agement already received from the
biuncss men of Bryan and wish all to
be represented.
Our Mr. 1'almer is now in Burleson
County, looking after Bryan's Trade
interests, and getting the people in
terested in the forthcoming Kagle
Meteor Special Edition. Mr. Palmer
left Thursday morning, to be gone
four or five days. He will cover the
territory from Mudville, in Brazos, to
Mumford in Robertson, and to Cook's
Point, Tunis, Mound Prairie and
Brazos Bottom points in Burleson.
And til kin ,f BICYCLE SUNDRIES.
Cleveland, gambler
and Ideal
Wheels are the hest.
e give special attention to all kinds ol Hirycle Itepair work
I'll ! 1 . i m North i I : lui iiy ITotslli
There Is a poor drunkard live under
the hill.
And if he's lot dead be lives tbtri,
Whisky galore Is the chief or bis diet
And his nervaa are so shaky he can not
keep quiet.
"Cold water that comes from the wet:
Is my drink
The healthiest, purest, and sweetest,
think; -.
It navsr makes dninkardi. It ncvei
brings woe
HI pralie It. and drink It. wherever I
irv .'in. KM.
Mayor, ('. A. A.lema.
Marshall, T. 1. Boyett.
Deputy Maislial, It. II. Smith.
Secretary ami Treasurer, II. ti.
City Heiton, II. II. Jones.
Constable, ('. I.. Hiker.
Aldermen It. 0, Talior, W. H.
Howell, W. W. Harris, C. II. Wyie,
Jno. M. Lawrence.
, ii stv rrn BBS.
Judge, W. If. Hirinan.
Clerk, 3, 'V. McMichael.
Attorney, A. 0, Hoard.
Tas Collector, J. J. Adams.
Tai Assessor, It. M. Nail.
Sheriff, T. C. Nunn.
Tressurer, It. W. ( arr.
District Clerk. J.I'. William.
Commissioner- It. J. Deens, Peter
Tliomss, Mb Phillips, V. II. Arring-tun.
(nearajararr nf I m I .. i I . 1 1 .. n
Did the rulaous effect of Intemiier.
ance pertain enly It the physical na
ture It would) lie sufficiently sail, but
the blighting power atop not hers
To trust, tu revere, to prsy. to aipln
to be patriotic, benevolent, rhlvalrlc
to lovs home and rhlldren and felloe
men all these pure ami noble emo
tion are movement! of the soul. Anl
there Is not one of them wblrh th
lust of liiteaiM-ranie does not wai
agalnit. Maddsnlng liquor devours
the citlxeu'i patrlotlim. The start
and the mrlpee algnlfy nothing to him;
the Nstlonsl wing reaie to atlr bll
spirit. Intoilratlon deitroyt all
sense of truthfulnea. No rellanrr Ii
placed on the word of an Inmslcatec
Individual. Prevarication, pretence
all falsehood, not only In reference t
the appetite which enchain, but foi
the sake of Its gratlnVallon who hai
not een much of thl' Kindly In
stlncta are blunted, senilbllltlae ol
sympathy snd affection will dry up
and the sufferings of othsrs. even tu
family' deitltutlon will make no con-
trolling Impression Whatever bene school Uih a. m , prsyer-meeting
i mi ni n-KU-riOHt .
Itai'tiat-W. C. Frlley, psitor; Her
vices every Sunday II a. m. and 7: 15
p. at. , Sunday school Vt a. m.; pray
er inei ting Tbursilsy night
Meiliodiit-J. Cochrsn, pastor:
Service 11 a. in. and 7 p. iu ximlay,
Sundsy school ! tii a. m . Kpwortb
Isesgue Sunday 4 p m. , prsyer-meeting
Tuesday night.
Preehvsterian J. H. West, pastor.
Services morning and evening lat, 3rd
I 4th Sunday in each month. Sunday
The latest comprehensive rail
mad statistics shuvr that tin- Tint
ed .States is still leadinu the world
in mad eontrui tion. It has
mile ol railway for every in miles
of territory, we have grand total
of 1N4,(K)( miles of road, tier
mai.y and France follow with
nhont .'s,,-00 and Jii.tXXI miles re
spectively, tn miles of railway
per 1 0,CX inhabitants South Aus
tralia mid CJueonstown lead with
S8.il miles; tho I'nited Slates has
Jfi.ii miles, Franco !., tiernuny
,r.'i and the Unih-d Kingilom 5.1
miles. In length of railway jier 100
sijuare miles, Belgium leads with
.o.0.3 miles, followed by the I'nited
Kingdom with 17.3 miles, Holland
14, (iermany 13.7, Hwitsorland
13.t and France 12.1.
t)ur new tsissessions, the
Ladrones, eaptureil by the Char
leston June 21. comprise a group
of fifteen islands in the North
Pacific ocean directly east of ths
Philippines. A hmad channel
divides them into two gmujis, the
total area being about 417 square
The northern group ntimiBts of
ten and the southern nf lite inlands
of which i tiahan is the largest con
containing the onsv town in the
colony. San Ignacio de Agma and
a fortified harbor. The northern
group is mountainous, the southern
ninparati vej level, and Hurround-
I 1 1 v re fs. .Hi' total population
is roughly estT.uated at S,000 and
i- composed of iiativ'-s called
( h.in I bet arc i -. retched
lot. and little or nothing, of course
has been done by the Spaniards for
tlnir improvement, though they
have held tin- islands over two cen
turies. Nearly all the islands are
well wooded an J vegetntion is lux
urianl. The vegetable prodtu-ts are
are. a, eoconnut palm-, rnv ;naic,
sugar, tobacco, cotton, indigo,
bread-fruit, bnnaiias and i itor oil,
though owing t lie laim -s and
worth! '.-s of the 'ople agri
culture is almost wholly n '. ' ted.
They may be changed under Amer
i. hi inlluenccv. Chirag i Trtlnino.
r.slmv Notli-e.
Taken up by W. II. Newman ai .1
frayed More W. II. McMicliael. .1. P.
precinct No. , llrazos county, Texas,
one black mare wittl black mane and
tail, I yean old, H band high, no
brand visible and appraised by P. T.
Moon snd It. K. M at 1 1 ... Qlvtfl
under my hand this .".'ml day of June,
gM, U.W. M Mn iivsl,
:t6 0- C. C. B. a
wi i i i mi '
Another bid is made for public
favor and another stride towards
perfection in railway service by the
I. cV (i. N H. It. in placing in oper
ation on its day train between San
Antonio and Palestine elegant up
to-date Parlor Cars in lieu of thu
Pullman Sleeping cars heretofore
operated on these trains.
These elegant new cars are es
eeinlly dueigned to till the reijiilre.
inent of lirst-class travel b day,
as Sleeping cars do by nighti dayy
In construction they are smilar
to HleeMTs, large and roomy, with
seats arranged in pairs facing one
another, large observation ' win
dows, artistically furnished and
fitted throughout, each compart
ment or division has a movable
table, foot cushions, rugs, pillows,
etc., a lavatory in either for ladies
and gentlemen respectively; in fact
there is every convenience that
bruins, skill and money can pro
vide calculated to add to the com
fort and pleasure of tho traveler.
A tin, formed sirter looks alter the
car and politely attends to the
wants of the passengers.
Of course everylssiy would nat
urally desire to ride in such airs,
but in order to reserve for those
w ho appreciate such service a nom
inal charge of :;"i cents per pa--en-ger,
thereby iiiMiriiigcxclii-uv ness
ill a measure at least.
This Parlor Cur Line is run in
OOnneotloB with Pullman Drawing
Boon mid Hulb t Sleeper Line op
erated on "Fast Mail No. Ii" be
two n (ialvestnn and St. Louis,
change being made ut Palestine at
'si p ill. arriving nt Si. Loafa
7:15 p. in. the following day. thus
giving tineiUalled through service
to St Louis via I. A- ti. N. and Iron
Mountain Uoute.
To those who travel and wish to
enjoy a delightful ride we recoin-
in! these . lean, i on I and elegant
I'.ulor Curs.
volence of native disposition nay havi
been enthroned bes-omss encrusted
overlaid, burled. Appearances an
appeals wblcb otherwise could bars
reached the heart meet no response
This ruling passion destroys self-re
epevt and all sonse of personal honor
driving the being whithersoever It
will, bringing him to tbe lowest prac
tices and sinking him to the lowe
Intoilratlon obliterates, or at leagi
puts aside family affection and slayi
ths Innermost citadel of nature, until
there Is a reaalag of tenderness anf
oonslderateness as a helpmeet, or kind,
nees or affsctlonatenee or dutlfulnesi
ae a child
Only too frequent are the casei
where the want, the slckiine and suf
ferlng of an Intemperate mm' famll)
make not (he slightest Impression or
bis callous heart. That part of till
nattirn seems deadened.
Wednesday night.
Christian, J. I.. Andrews, pastor -Services
11 a. to. and 7 I ft p. m. San
day, Sunday echool Me a. m., finis
llsn Kndeavor .'1 p. m. Sunday, prayer
meeting Wedneedav night.
Kree Communion llaplist A. M,
Rlewart pastor Servieee every San.
day night in each montl -uadsy
school lo a. m.
St. Joseph'sCatholict hurcb Father
Pelnar, fHmtt, Mass at a end 10 a. in.
(vanboe Commandery No. s Knitflit
Templars Meet '.'nd Tue.lay in each
"eoitli. a. M. Ikasjaa, y c., II
Ilbodes, Secretary.
W.T. Au-nn ('lisi't. r No. H7, R. A.
M Meets tMsi Monday in eech
lllontli. Joint " lal tor II. I t II
Shakespeare describe drunkenness m.l Sec'v
a devil put In the mouth. It inflaroei irtJU 1,1,,,. , i ,
ii iMiit-i (Niaaioiia. nura u i NiriiH nuc
anger, excltee pugnacity, breed flghti
and brawl, and It I the direct occa
sion of many a homicide. I'mfsnlt;
sems to go naturally with It, evei
. V. I A. St.
-Meet f .urtli ..ilay in each ,,,...
S. B. Hurh .nsn. W. M.; Joe B. Itee-I
Bras'ia b.Mlgi. N L K. of P. Meet
though In sober Intervals the pool "r1 and third iut-sday in each month
drunkard Is not given to swearing, i-A. M. Waldrop C. (' Ii. C. ),.
How easily, too. It links on wltb ob- Man t, K nf l( a g,
scene speech, and with the practice! Vulcan Lota n ,- ...
of impurity u. even though .UthU Mee, BSS 1 .,. fourih .liurilav ,
brood of vice should not follow everi mm.., ., ,, , ""irsuay in
Instance, .he practice I eure to f.est I V11'' ' "'J""e"- M
a readlncu for low and wicked mo. ' ""'en. r.-eorder.
fl.n.ons. "'yen No. UMge !'.: k ,f Mr,t
Drunkennss harden the Individual i "r,t ,,"r'l Thurmlays in each
against the appeals and claim of ths month. A. Kmden, dictator; A. J,
Uospel. .Siu red Henri Itevlew. I'Utner, reporter.
m- I1 ,,r1 0m No. irn, W. of w.
A I lillil II... ..I l. .... i i ,
One h. said there I. a child" h.nd " " " I '"n" ' r"My '"
on Uie door of the nilllenUiim. II ' S M,url ; Jwel
that be o, let us give the child powei ' '
to open tii dior and enjoy the bilsj) 1 ry" r,'nt S"- 'i K. 0. T. M.
j of a regained parudle by icmovlng tbi M,,'""'ig nights lirst and tlnnl Mon.lav
saloon, which I to millions the gate- month. Ham B. Wilson, 0.) Joe
way to the ctty of destni' llon. I B. Itee.1, It. K.
And while we thus teach the youtl; Bryan Lodge No. llsn, Home Forum
the principles of total abstinence from Meeting night , ,,, ,,, ,
, all that can Intricate, let us as tru, We.lne.dav eel, montl, I a V
patriot, remember that ae the llquoi 2Z ...;. , ' ' '" A' s,u"-
i traffb oims by law II must go by law. .. ' 1 ' '"" 1
, We may sing "Rescue tin. Perishing' ' ,y"" S"' m- National Ail
ever so swiftly, and "Work for tin ""a 'g"is oral ami Hurl Wednes-
Allan's eelubraleil iieratuum llorated
Talcum Powder, 16c a box. This posjs
der sells lor '.' elsewhere. Hold only
by .on II. Wilson A Co. Mltf
Night I Coming" ever so often, but thl
traffic v, still flourish and fatten up.
on our dear ones. We may pray evei
so fervently that 01 will remove th
stumbling Hoaka but the walls of title
modern Jericho will remain as solid
as ever.
Wlien Orslnl was staying at Htell
lls'.l, Kngland, with Mr. Joseph t'owen,
be complained of headache. Holng tc
bis bedroom, they nsi.ed blm v hat hi
did about ibe ga beforo he totlred
Orslnl said, "I blew It out."
Door readers, moral suaalon wlihoui
legal suaslao la blowing out the gaa
If we want to aave the children wi
must turn off the tap.- National Tem
perance Advocate.
A t -
"y i each month. W, ,)1An
pres't; W. S. stuurt, ,, 'y.
Bryan, . . . '
Jke t

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