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which include
Men's Shoes.
Call to tee them.
CM. Henderson fcCo's
Wears Well,
fslllea' 1
uncc 1
It 11..,. ..If ..I In II. w.y, M.rrMt urf
nasal WlUaise, but Will Olfe
II. MM nn AI4.
ii... Will M. Maste Larger, IM .
I.. ...! ....i ....i n.. ....... ta
.i.i.... Keels.
We are authorised to Mnouoc
I . I - l 1... ( ' ..I. I J. V I . f
Braxot r.Mioty t tb utaio NovemtMr
New York. Aor -A cablegram to Washington Aug a -Tim qneatlort
Tim I j Mint I I ...... fil- .mH.r .tale nf of tlli atwd 'if the IhrM tail ll.ahlna M 1
Jnljt , via ling Knii(f, reports th vlded for try tlm now tun I programme
correspondent of 1 hat itwaxpr pent bM Wn reopened Main. It U iropoMMl
two day Interviewing in. urgent lead- ! now to ( hang tlmae designs completely,
it. Aa a p-tilt the rnrn -apniidont mv to ilrop even thing that him been dona
1,. 1, ,1. ..M.... ... .,( j.n...t.) nf end start ell 1 er again xftth III Mv
the American invasion, hot no actual lion of making tha imw war tmull
antl-A.nrnoati fooling Tim dispatch lr' r "sn wa Intend!, anit reedler
,i,i. 1 I and consequently cnatlirr. To do thu
"Aguinaldo u respectful toward will requin- in amendment to tlm law
Dewey, M. rritt mid Consul V.'ildman, ' providing forth building of tha three
and will go any length to P lain Wild-J battleships I hat law ays they shall
111a 11 ' MI titi ii. Inil holds Wk from 1 of a 'liapim . nmnt ..f "atiout It,' on
.giving 1 ii. rgetio I.. ,i to I ' nlr.-.l States . ton. ' ' not cost more than lit,
I forces. Hn gives only a negative ort of , iwn.oon each
llm propo.it mr, now under coimiimni
Hon la togi, t). propiead ship a ill,
placement of 11,0)0 MM Instead of 11,.
UK) and to a ilmir minimum speed at
In knot instead of IK.
Tim now win-mi. contemplates a initin
battery of I in. Ii and H-lneh gun in
toad nf i:t inch ami A. inch aa In tlm
present design, thli change being
Sow York, Aim '.' -Tlm steamship prompted Wi ,y dm eona learned
Wo.tornland lima arrived in thta port I from tlm Santiago engagement
una those mi l.mni r. .iri inai wimn no
mllo off S ii.l" talainl, and within MM
nolo of 1 ho spot wlmro tlm Hour-if-
ogim wont down on Julr 4, th"
WmH of M moil and two wotimn
wir.' flontinK Hi 111' st'T I' i
1 a mirnltlrant fart ilmt alimxt all tlm
aulnlani'o until ho know thooxart form
whirh tho Anmrloan ollry will lako
II Ii ilUturll hr tho tplegraphlo ra
mrt thai tlm li'nlM 8latawlll alnn
don llm ialaml and rotorn tlmiu to
Hpaln. Tlmro aro omo indlratlon of
a rlaah hotwvan Morritt and Akui-ualdo,"
lgl,l..l Iw.i.if llfl.l l'l
o l.nllr. won
in won- ailor
A furthor and a moat important
rhano in.. t ) (,, the now hipa
l tlm addition of roppor baathiiiK. Tha
oxprrioiiranf tbr fmt in aoutlmru walor
oiiiiiii.- ti nr w In n tho tttl
hlpa and nn.. r. haro toadllr lot
IflaWM with what prod ihar .tar tod with a tlm re-
Wa r anthorliod to announce
e rendnlata lor t'ounty Traaanror e4
Braaoa rounty at theenaulnv Novemlmr
We are euthorlwd to ennoonra
aa a candidate for re-election to the
oftVa of jnatira nf the ieece, Proclnrt
No. 4, rlraio ooonty, ai the enmmiti
Nootiiliar olection.
m. J, OLVTM.
Tin- Bad ol 11 l.onir Anil Vnrl. il
( arcrr.
Mr. Solomon JefTora Clute 6M
ul the KpiMCopal iiareonegi in thin
city Monday evening at 8:H0
oVOQOk, at the advanced age of 71
Ml nmi 7 month, end wn
bur ic I yeaterday morning at Hie
citv ei'meterv. IW J D. Wet
e r w -
oondiii'ting the funeral aervioe.
Mr. Chile wea bom in the elate
of Now York ami w. iil to Califor
nia in 1H4U when the gnhl fever
wn at it- hisht with the now u-reat
John M. Caldwill
will occupy a por
tion of the North
Side of Dr. Read s
Drug Store on and
with elegant new
Fixtures and an up-to-date
Stock of
Jewelry etc. Dur
ing July he will in
augurate a
of which Buyers
will do well to take
HAT. V. Time t aril, Hrwiii QBI Mil: 101 in I VI:
.Vnrthtionnd No I IS:lKpmf V prominent repraaeniativo of tho
H-mthoOond No ' . 4 dtp in 1'iilinian I'alaia far i-oaipnuy
NorthlHiiin'l 'o
Milll hlHilind No 4
I. A t. N. I inn- I 11I1I0, ll-nriii-
waaT aorxii '
No. I leave
No. :i laavee
im MMm
.mi I leavee
'uf I leave
I'alaia far inmpatiy ih
J 07 a m mil the following lino for pahliMtltM
1:41 a m with profonn l apologioa Ml IM) an
tlo.r of Whoii iho frot la on tho
pui 11 1 ki 1. and the oont . in I he rhiH k
Wlro aail Nvllanrbrr. lrlhe.
I'lovoland. O , Aug '.' A utriko ha
l-oii fonnally doolareil liy tlm Koli-ratol
W'.re Tnwlo union at tlm work of tlm
II I' Nail romponv and tin- Amortrail
Vin roiuuny, l.ilh of whirh n' now
under control of tlm n-oonlly fonnod
wir mid nail tnmt Tin- utriko throw.
nit of mnnae irrowth on their hnlla. n.ilr..,l c l Pf !
" . ........... , . . . . i,utiti..B-
ha ronvin.-l ii,.. Unrd that, rrmtlr aa I . . ... ... ua. i
" in- i 11 ii- iii- i"n ,
Meffei and i now the only eurvi-
vor of that party which went from
New York into the golden weat.
Mr. Clute wa u man of mean,
h iving minlc iiiunev in manufart-
Iho Imathii..- ii will omual
in the long ron. .11110 It will i nahlr the
hln 10 retail ihoir apeed for an Indefi
nite pcnoi.
w in iw ffreaMI a AMeaai
Hen Kratirtoni. Aug 2 Hart
1 o "1 in.
u'i a m
I'oeta iiiayaingofihej .y.ofep.ing, ol ,hoiil Jli! umn out of . inployiimnl The foh. eonmikeioner of tuiuiieration at uring in New York. He had been
lliu kiiiiakiina I 1 I -1 ... I I ... I IKa ka. . I i...i..n.....
tho Miiiilune, tne treah and hud
ding tree
3:M a. ni
tm p m
1 Kiwai a llraMl ai 1NT0M0.
So. leavea lb erne 3 10 p m.
No. 10, arrirnt at Hearim 1 1 'A a. in
II. X I 0 I lino I Bklf llearne
MoBTH eot'Mli.
huh1 ol tlm tr lie 1. alh-g.ll to I. a gen.
) fragrant llow.' re. of .liady howere, of ,rml ru w'i P"r Mnt WW
the rharui ol lake- and ,
ri me there' a joy thai a greater tar
than the glamour of aea and .ky,
'Til when ' iii I. 00m 1' on lh- rorktall
and the r-k i 111 tha rye.
a throat to out H) percent more.
Ul B..II M iH.llana.
tbti port, . . 1 .natrurtioni
from Waahinflnn to treat all immi
grant, from itfaait aa alien immigrant
until MM time aa law caii Iw perfected
to govern them The rule will aetlle
Ardinore. I T . Aug. .' -The Dawoa 11 'iuetnn u in the oiitraui-e of certain
commi-.ion h i. arrived h.-ro and w gan race for the neie linK and will be a
No. I arrivea .
No. 3 arrivea.
IfcM p in
.' lie. u
l.on II olli.lay wa here from Milliran
1 ep atair rooma for tent. Apply
Ira (ioocb.
A toil of the tiro preaenre of the water
work plant wa made ye tenia v jut
niter noon and waa highly inoe-.fiil
hold to the tireiuen and tho manage
un lit of the plant. Tae miginncent
treaiua weie mainiaiueil from one hv
taking the coniii of thr Indiana Thla
la tlm laat roll of the Indiana pn-para-tory
lo allotment of llmir land. The
rimrokoe couni il la convened at Table
quab, I T , to act on Ihef urtia hill. It
la likely the Indiana will laaae the tall
Ailoiting iho land in aevcralty ibch a
warning to .itam.hip comiwino.
.Irani, riaing fr ahove the K..p, three. ' ,""f MjrPm
tory building. . ion. an Jenkine of
the Are department aid he wee rfe t-
1 aafeaae Ilia Crlaaa.
Sew York. Aug - William Waaaa,
ly aliiiie.l with the premie. The city ' who waa arretted in thu city for a mur-H-oini
to l.o In vaallv i...it. , i.,o. der ill C hirago, luu lawn turn. -I irrer to
Tank ' n . ,. akrllfhl
Dalbu, Aug. 1.-The fcnmlaiioa toe
Mi-Irrel tank, heing erected on the
f rowdu Ilrutr-iimuaiir' bolldine here.
gave way and the tank rreahed through nnd three ai.ter
the akyllghi i the Scarf & o'fonnor
building ailjoming, landing in the
laement x.one below. tine man
working on tb tank went down with
It. but owapid harm Scarf 4 O'Coo
nor pi.-.- heir loaa at about fMWO.
in Texan nhout twenty-two year,
reehling in Brazoria, Freeetone and
.on i iiuntio.. He ( lino to Bryan
from OakwooU nearly two yeare
ago He wit uiimnrried, and his
ot.lv relative here it Mine Jane
' Shehlon whom he raieed from
I chihlhood. He ha other relative.
, in the north, including a brother
regard water tupply and tire nrotec
lion than ever before Mr. l ain aaid
adetectltc of dial clt) The pria.ller
ha rniifcaed hu crime and ay he u
tl.. ... L. - w- . VI- .
Mil. Mettie Tabor left ye.t.rday fuf '. preea.iie given yeeterd.y ... only m nmRirM K Huachhaupt. a drug-
. una. j a.oi inn i-- mniniaineo wnn
out difficulty.
vllit to f rockett
B. I.. I'owen of Bundii k i Prairie waa '
In the city sua lay
Mn. W. A. IUe.1 and children re
tun el to Merlin yeetenlay.
gilt, on Mey 14 Waeaa' wife, who
wa divorced from him, waa married to
Mr. K. i, Muuion ii hare vinting
In r parenti. Mr. and Mr.. U. Mike.
For pur foanlain and liotile e I.
Hr. Pepper, and all the lateat ne.1
A. I. Kwing waa here lioui Myeri in dunk, candme, fruit, nut, eti' , cell ly to clarify the political attnoaphcrc.
I.iraoll.. ll,i(
r.iull.1 II..I.I ll.a .11. 1 .linn.
Lincoln, Seb, Ang I A night of
i-aiii'iuing and coiiferoiic. f ul.- I otitin--
on f . II.
moot. 11! lo the fuaion tat invention
1 W M.e.i ,, 1. 1 .,,,.1.1 t.. I - " ompna
iicaiiT, nowoTer. inai ino 1 opuuai. ar.
1 . . ,i III-.... I. 01 ill.- .1110.11011 a,i, , nu .ill mo'
. Iapneae plmna grown hv him on hle'.
lonna to the othi r two rtlo. to tritwr-
lurleeun county yeeterday.
I ... I-....I . TI.h lifinaa ailiinlonj ml !
1 1 a.'!.- r.!t.. o..l.r.l.v ..mhL. ..I .......
Hidence. Mr. W. H. Webb. 214 -- 1 ' " "
i..inoa. . .um grown I'V nun on nu
W. K. -aiiinleri hai returne.1 Irom a f,r, ,.. ,. ,.,, ,r,.itf(,
on tha llrai.
The hr.llirh waa aliollt I J
nglli ami plea-am viu 10 irginia. , ru,.,
Itoyal lllue ' a atrtctly lint claea Tr in bra long, and cnniaine.1 plum-,
Var ... on i-'ii 1 . !'! 11
f'lion foa want t" enjoy a 11 Irive
Let -ue of Ira tinned', nobby turn-
U, t- dtf
Mr, rinmet Uohde returned to
lleirne e-ter.iay, a roinpanied hv Mi
lary Itobda.
Je.a I. lodn-on the gonial repreaen
Itativoof the (irabam Paper t
t. L , la in the city.
Having ordered a large lefrigerator
tm the city Market my tualler one la
llor aalo , deep. H. W . Buchanan. '.'14
.Col. and Mra. A. M. Hecliman re-
turned to Woxabacbie yeterdy, ac-
uiipatiieil dy their eon, who li an offi
cer of the Fourth Texan and came up
from HoiMton on a lurloiigb yeiterUy.
Mia Idolelte Vet, VV I-, arvei.
den and pupil received. Simple
irk at Tvler llaewMl'e. limit 1
ea tine and large aa tin IMMM plain
overgrow. A. hortu uiinral peatttM
lion. l. J.tpaneee plum MMM t be
itii ceea in tin a maty.
It .. I. i. Tanner and wif- relnrnel
to Navaila yeeterday, after a s imt to
Wheel, 1 k.
Mr Pink White Int. relumed from
,,f a visit to her 111 - her 111 the Itr.iroi hot-
Antom 1 Trovino, n uge.1 Metl, an.
tile an agn-omoiit
Mkal Twn Wan.
Sew Ynrk. Ang. 'J Carey Bate, col
oreil, .hot and aorlimaly wonuded two
men 111 the "Hell' Kitchen" dial net
and incidentally .tarti-d a riot among
the native, of that locality, w hich later
broke I. .me in al, ita fury and evcra!
people wi re injured, olio of whom will
Kipe-aa 1 paa, ..,..1.
Han An las 10, Aug .' -United Hutaa
Imtnct AHnrney Terrell bae drawn tin
two rxmiilaiiita againat one of the t
proaa ontnantae ope rating in thta city
for allege tiolat ton nf the internal reve
nue kawa refQiing to affli revenue
aUmpa lorecelpu for package ahipped
over their line
Mr. Clute was a Mason and a
man of strong and omewhat re
served character. He took an ac-
tire interest in his business itVur-
up to the time of hi death.
About Perfumery
and Toilet Waters
It psya to Ire CStlfol.
name ol tbe odor
prove nothing. Note the
atanding of the Hrm frost
which yon buy. lVrfssMt
are a hobby of our- ,,i,,l ahes
yon get them of 111 yoe kao 1
they are right. We have 1
Palmer', Wr.gbt's, Crows j
and other, ai d me eipecially I
tbe o.lori we excel m. Either
in oiigmal e;ed tedtlet
with all their fragrance pre.
aerved, or in bulk aa yoe
Prescriptions a specialty.
Thompson Creek.
To The Kagle: Hot dry times.
Crops are sutTering for rain.
Cotton i oiening and is almost
reaJy for picking.
Tlie protracted meeting ended
last week with nine additional
Kev. F. M. Walker, who assist-
home in Hays county la-t week.
The VVorkeri Institute convened
at the Thompson Creek church
last Fridiiv, Saturday and Sumlay
H .... gall On a San.
Bowl, Tot., Ang. V - While C. T.
Hutchiuten waa dnvihg a bull
the animal grew fur nun and overt timed
both bore) nd ruler, the hor falling ed 111 the meeting, ri'tnrtie.l to
on iiiiteaiii.i n inreo ot Mr iiutcbin.
on' rile were r n and he 1 - 1 -m
ly lajarei
llii.l IX l.ila 11 .. 1. . Teala.
Lovelady T, i . Aug. t. -S. M Kay
Isini of thu place waa seriously hurt at but on iic.-ount of so much sick-
I Druggist.
Ik.lge while attempting to liiord the
north boned flyer, which tba-a not atop
then-, Isil alow up for mail One leg
will bnreto He amputated la-low the
Jiimnort rr.im the T.nll, Mr.
Sew York, Aug. 1 -lioorge Tild, a
wealthy realdeut of thla city, committed
suicide dy jumping fmui the tenth tory ' , , nigkt'a rest
die.1 here y....el.y,.,r,..ng.i ... early ,,..,,,,..,.., , moU..chol, for
tiour. Ileaaa a native of Monteiey. ,,.. He was a brother to J. Ken
nd had liveil in Bryan four tear. He nedv Tiahl
leave, three ons, Irank, IVlar and
Kan, on Trevino.
f . B Heck went to Coraican ysater.
Mr H. A. Ilylmo has relurnel from
Mi, hi. 11 M n tin return.1,1
tak.n lie Ilia i ..... ha.
Sew Ynrk, Aug. -Dr. Hoty, lbs
health offci-r, vi.U.hI the foucho n
found all 1. wnl n.nch unproved after
tlim humlnsl and
Iwenty-tlvi of the cnnvalescvnts were
tnv.i.feri'd to liotT.nan laland
I let." I II. 1 . it.
ncss the atteii(Un-e was small.
Tho.,. who itttendetl from a dis
t.iip were Mr ln-itli-v trmii ll.-li-ance,
Mr. John Shepherd of Tryon
and Mr. T. T. (loodwin of I'rovi
dene'. Miss Linie Casper of Milam
county, is visiting Miss Lillie
Mis Mattio Beard of NjM
1 11. 11.,. -- '
w The ineinber. of the Bapti.it 1 hurcli I ' '
are curneitly ro,iieited to attend the
pravei mooting on m-vt I buradav
I rum tmlay until ail mv loe.l 1. gone,
I will sell for spot cash or 110 go, drsn
at IV cents ier 100 pound, cotton oeit
iiu'sl at ho cent" per Mk ihiiiihIs, now
1 '-'. t- a d ml, el. I. Mike.
Bhreveport, La , Ang. J -Mamie I'rnirie, is visiting her mother.Mrs.
Mr. ' Will McClung of Bethel,1
with the tonus of the fhl. ago agm- wlll,.h tUv pTa direettotu for the dUpo. attended church here last Sunday
-iiuv Yorii
Bread. Cakes Rolls. El
Full weight
of th Beat qui
niitsLya freah.
Faie treatment
I guarantee
I can now furnish go
age nun service iron, my regu
tcred Devon bull for :U) davs foi
'ik. Jlti s M Derden.
Ilo.lh.r MefhS .'...hal.la.
I'ltt.durg. Aug I If the coal oists-
lora of put., ure dtatriei do not eiinforn.
Ilodn ended l or career by taking mor
phine Me was only J I years old and
waa from Tela. She left a note in
t r. 1 in
Mra A. Worley and daughter have
rcturiieii (rum Merlin.
Numbers of llryan people Ml going
,,vor to iittend the Madiaouvtlle retin
ion, and many have already gone.
I have new sagon acnlei at my ateble
ami will do all kin, la of pulilc weighing
at hall price. Ira QtW h. JiMtl
nicnt hv At, gn.t to, minor, will I-
orui O'd to atrtke. This is the deolaion
of the convention of uniteil miners of
tills district, HOW 111 .oaainlt hern
sltlon of her jewel, to relative.
Jsrk ll Haal.'i Itaalh.
QeJhaMon, Ang. 1 Jack o'Keefe.a
telegraph o. ratnr, whUe nl Vlrgini
Point, .. ni . 1 11 eitllla-r hnllvt cniahing
tin u. In- nratn, killing blunadf in
stantly. No cause is assigned
Bead .loliii M f .tliUell'a ml giving
loo B. Heed's insnrgice oODpaillsi no:ice of his removal aalo Ibia montli.
ve all adopted the policy of paying He w ill he looeted at Bead' drug. to...
deatli claims arising Irniu UM war wild
Spain. For accident and life intirence
either in liMlges or straight life compa-
I, , ee loe II. Ko, .1 II
The Ul-montbs-old on of Mr. and
Mr. J. La Tbomssoti, died Monday
aiti-rnoon at their home in the Alex
a.idria neigbliorbootl. The remain
were taken to Klllott, Bobertaou coun-
ly, foi burial.
Duii't miss seeing "fuslers Last
Bt," a niagultlcient repnxluction of
lam. falnoti painting of the ma. a
ere nf lien, fuater and hi. men dy
Indians. It is now on eihihitlon al
tbe bottling eorks of John M. Law
block .
lllll'l VllgllSl. Ia'l
W . A. Betry, tieorge lionabo, .1. II.
I.aferte, iji.lnee Adatni. John steed.
Neii I Half air, A. M, Hill, 0. A. OrUtln
and daiiglitcr, .loin. Windor and nlhoi -
were heie irom Miidiaon cotin'y yester
day. r.xcliitiige Hotel rrl11ls.
A. W. Ileiitiett, St. Louis, II. I). Side,
Dayton, 0. J. A. O'Brien, St. U.uis; K
M.tiregory, Benver, Mis M. Yelta
Brluolari, lliui-lon, J N. Henderson,
Austin. Oi W. (arr, llouitnn, K ti,
BtKdiow, Houston, .1. I.. Johnson, Dal
las, Ii B. Holland, Houston; W. H,
,x Co-, In the Dunn . Daly A.hwortb, L mlsville; W. ). brown, Ii
HI Wyne.
Ark.. ... Vlrrrl.anl
Little Bis-k, Aug. 'J. John T. Orr. a
wealthy hardware merchant of fbireri
don, died Sunday uftornooii fnun tln of
firt of gnii.hot wounds inflicted by an
unknown iiaaain I'laaoa am acouring
the i-.iu.itiv with bliNNlboiinils and a & IVi. nf tin. cilv. xxhoare niiimiu the
llnot a 11. 1 li..a laaslara taalgll.
Iloaton. .- : II ,11,, I I o 1 llltgtott
lynching la it. the proa.-i-tn.
Iluke anil a 1'r.are.a Xlsrr.os.
foliurg. Aug J Duke Krnest (.tin
tiler, of Schloaw ig-Holstol... drothor of
the empress of Oertnany, was iinrrted
at Court church here to Princess IWiro
the M m Henrietta Anguatliie 1. .,, -of
MfSMe s)m ctisiioiigsr.
Loudon, Aug ; The honorary sec
retary of the Hovel Yacht clnb, Kelly,
largv.t mid shoe dealer, in Sew
Kugland have aa.ignml The lladlllttaa
an- estiln.xli d at f.'itfl,( 11
lalal Sua Hunt.
Hattult'ii. Mo, Aug 'J While at
tempting to dig a fox nut of a hole near
lien- tht" voin.g men v,ro killed by a
cave-In and throe others eniiiily in
jured. I Light Tra.a H'rarknl.
Jacksonville, Tel., Aug. 'i A freight
has tolegrnphed the Loudon office of the train xvaa wrecked about the mile, soutn
AssoriatiHl Pnss saying tbe challenger f hero leu cats It, tig ditched, aU
f.,r the in'-rie.iti enp 1. Sir I lionma nail car. hut one
N'oIh-Iv was hurt
I larltniia In . i . ,
I'aria, Aug. J The elect ion. to the
councils In general tint far have re
in I ted in the return of ;ha' Itopuhllcan
and ts fonservanves.
Ha.l 1 by Are.sniallna.
Portland, Me , Aug. 3. -The BMN
ttcaua renominated Thomas B. Keed by
acadaeiatloa amid much enthusiasm
raruaatas Instant r Hlllid.
Montague, Tex , Aug J. M Moore,
a carprnter no vizirs old, fell front the
hnuao he wa. enveri.ig here and was al
most Instantly killed
MMMMM Ktlla.1 In a W rsak.
Beaumont, Tel., Aug. 'J. -A wrack
ccunvd on the l iulf and Interstate near
lor.- in which a brakemau named J. H
Woodall wa killed.
Miss I 'ear I Dehartof Alexandria,
vi-ito, her -i.ter, Mi- Maggie
Dohnrt last Suiidav.
Henry Conway has htcn very
sick the pnst wek with black
Hiiinili, e. He is able to be tip ul
this writing.
Health i- lint good lit nil.
Boggles, surreys, hacks and closed
1, ttriages at tiooch's livery stable. He
1 an supply MM! want, in the livery line
1 promptly and at very low prices, dtl
DrKiiiiiuMtlou National l-'ni-
tcriitt i .
An organization of National l ister
nlty waa instituted by K. W. Chiles,
slate deputy, n Monday night, Aug.
It, with twrntv-ilve charter members.
The loll., wing officer, weie elected and
itiitalled . (iiiardiau, l), K. Saunders ;
Vice Utisrdiaii, William P. Woolen,
Accountant mid Cusbier, Jlleo. W.
Smith; Page, Benjamin 1'. Wilson;!
Master of ferenioniee, William T.
James, Doorkeeper, Hugo Knoblauih. 1
To Wood Maulers I have a Isrge
amount of woimI cut down on Carter's
crerk, three miles from Bryan. S, M.'
1 i.i.i..., H1
Doremus & Butler.
Law Offices.
I and 2 rrker Building.
w. C. Fountain
()l KU I oVKB
UH'iDK'S Sal
1 radi aaas
Scientific Hmc
X hsn.tsi.malT lllii.ir.ii.1 wklr
.-.ilsllen ..t an? aotaiiliB.- (..noial.
ne.Mllia i IV.IJ uj all
BfALfjer .mil,, tl.
m . Waakl
I ' I

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