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I ae
Or.., Trlki.
"rlBa cii,.
. bland f p,, Hto , , He wrote a latter to the king
AV tm . , IckWilluu... offering htm hi.
... ,.7tl 7Th" mtr ud life. The king Mw hint
.7 v tmmmmm Nana .mn nhrT frlTtim
a UD1UK1 HlAla. -lt.
TUy tbecltiientof Bortn
Uattt id ,e of her moat be.ut.fnl
The .nn of Aoi.no thine, unon
moontalna and valley. thU (Uy of
Ti JK It la a day of irlomma ra.
limbraace for aach ion of thU i.l,,.,t
. beceuee for the flrt time there
mvMm over her the Haa; of the itu,
jilted tn the name of the k-ovemment
r'n-L r
i.ften at
mi Imur'i
ride by rail from IWrlin He j . . . - i the
revolutionary .umiuer t Htolpe, . n the
Baltic. In February, lHV. hii native
Brandenburg region eetit him to the
chaml rt Tin- l(i v allate made gain..
PoppAi of reapec tah', ante, edentaronld
not hroolr tbe famUurity. laa loaggar
and t It-- arpetual tlifMenuig i ' it mod
where till lM Iml in -en eerfdom in I
phaae nearly etpial to that of Ku--u
"No word ha. Iieen nnm- wrong!)
boar whether I lutd not bettor abandon
life like a dirty .birt."
He urged that the Pruaeian army be
made very .troiig - ready to jump into
Auatna, which un.lervalued Pniaata
The war between Franca anil Auatna oc
curred Pruetla did notrettch in. and
Hi. mar. k in 1SS8 wae rat ailed. He had
become well acquainted withold Mettcr
nich. Bit life in Frankfort made hiui
the lie.t political reporter in Germany
Nnt t once to St. I'eteraburg, ue waa
runted with fierce rheumatiauM iawl waa
uumed by bit 'if" bar native Rein
feld. in the Baltic land Hbe waaattrong
l.aiking woman, "f ae much character aa
hunaelf not hanilaome, but devoted.
She wa. it fine iiano player, and ha loved
li.-r mil- In tln-y all went to St.
1 tanbarg, ami Himmirck began at once
t i -tn.y Um Kuwian language with a
tnaater. He waa a achoolmaater to hi
own children ami attracted gnat atten-
the I'nttadSeaeaaor Amerte. l th. ooed." v. if-rated Biemarck. than th
llor general t the .m.e wn w"" I1"'!'1' Everybody ha. held it to
I orto Klcana, we are by the uiiracu-
intervention of the I iort ,.f t lii. ..,.1
wen back to the home of oar mother,
Bnerioa, in whoae water, nature placed
l aa people of America. To her we
gtven back in the name of her gov
Smment by (ienaral Mil.-., and wemnat
fcnd our rrnart expreaatve .alutation of
uenme affection through our conduct
wanla the valiant troop, n-preaentud
SdUtlnfuiahed offlcen and command
by the lUrutrura) Geqeral Mtlea.
"Ottiaena, long H?a the government
e the United State, of America. Hail
tb their valiant troupe. lUil forto Rico,
iwaya Amarioa.".
The i nil
M.ke Ureal
III. I'epull.l. In That
'Birmingham, Ala., Aug.
tleln. liver
JohiiMin, Democrat, haa lut-n re-
acted governor of Alabama. DMbM
i retunia from I0 or iV coantiea in the
ate indicate a Democratic majority for '
be atate ticket of Mk.UOO. The chair-
nan or the lemocratic committee
laima . ..'-'
Initli-iitlon. are that tn- l'oimiit r.ir
Bed not exes-ding u emuitiiw for their
Hie ticket. The I'oimltata, however, car i
I'J countlea for local offlci-r., the con-
at being over probate judge i'rotnte
irea hold office aiz year. In I Hit.' the
lUllata -lectil 34 proliaU) judge. The
I i,i. -i Monday w a U-tween theae l'opn.
list, and Democrat.. The Demia-rata
ron all but 13
The I'opuliat manager, concede the
lection of the le-mocratio atate ticket
nt claim they will elect i.ot Itu than
.' probate jliiigen
The lower hon of the legialainre
rill conaiat of '. Di'inocntt. out of a
Dial of Itaj. The Popullata elect bnt
wo tenatora.
llrllliirr.l. .ilrceMlul.
Mobile, Ala., Aug. J. -The lateat re.
I turn ahow that Jnhnxin for governor
land the entire Democrat!'- ticket ia
by a
aigntfy juat what iiitel hta own view.,
uanally aa a i rov.il of individuala whom
It waa neo-Mary t per.uaile.'
Nevertheli-.it he waa a political worker
and did not COM to parliament nor get
imecr lere iritheiet ."hcllilDir.
Ue 0nW)d the Frankfort imperial
"The Frr.nkfort crown may ! t en
brilliant, but the gold mint be ailded by
melting into itu composition the I'rnaaian
crvwn, which I oppoat."
The democrat . riltTUt again, were put
down in U' T'iij. bt a v.. 11. and a charge
of cavalry, "n- d Blauiaii;k:
"The motive principle of the year ll"
were far more aaewJ than national. The
envy the poor nal of the rich waa eidte.1
in proportion to the continued f.'edtngof
a apirit of licenae from high quartern
. which deetroyed the moral elementa .f
reaiatance in the iniinla of men. I do not
i believe that theae evil, would beavertid
1 by democratic conciniuona or by proa
' pacta of Herman unity The anund of
the tnmi t haa loat M charm for the
! Pruaaianear Fretlerick the I ireat would
! have turned not to ronatitutional union
1 from Frankfort, but to the nn ait promt
t mtit ieculiarity of Priraaian nationality
her warlike element."
It took 17 year to deiiion.trate that
"We do not BMit" he tuti.l, "to we
the Prtiaaian monarch) melt uu.iv in tie
filthy ferment of wnith ienmiii immoral
ity. I have never y t heard a Pnia'iati
aoldier atng. 'What la the (i.rtnan fa
therlaudr' The Thirty-eighth ttenn.-iu
regiment prem-rviil im from the Prank
fort parliament. We are PniMain. un.l
1'ma.ian. we deaire to remain."
From am h MHtMMal came the aong
i majority of iii"' 'j1'"' ,
ffrajiaCrirHrvyrT,Ti 1 t
pnblicana, anil Helton, i ..,., 1 1 -r toe
legialative i-ainlldatoa, were enow . . un
der. It Vta. the iUlete.t eleetlull III the
atate Not one third of tie wit.-, w.-i-
in lienor a the ir. I Maaat
Berlin. Aug. ..The funeral aenicea
in honor of the late Prim e lliamarck
will i.' .. ii' u Thunutav morning in
Kmperor William'- M. in . nil ehiircb
The funeral council, ineinlwr. of tic
relchatag and of the IVnaakan diet and
atate and municiiail authoritlea will be
r.np.rer Willi. in M.r Mel Oe.
Berlin, Aug. - B aeema donbtful
whether Kmperor William will go 10
Kriedertachrohe owing to the attitude
of Prince Herbert Blamarck, who i.,,t
,,nlv not I led hi- maj.-tv'- deein- f
hare the rtmalna of hia father bum-l m
Berlin, but who ... tn to hive n fn- i
Profeawir UmdUich perini-ioii to paint
a portrait of the it a-d, n- tie- "tup-
rorde.ired. Bcaid. - th'-. tbeconit n-
uliiiug the remalnaof PrlnM Blamarck
haa la-en c'.oaid -omi-tthit burn dlv
It.-r adt i- i- n l-'"l ror Wil.
Will go to Knedi Tl.ctinilie
Mrplr Ir.on lluinarrlt'a .in.
Berlin. A4T. Amlauaador White
haa received the following from Prince
Herla-rt lilainarck: "We thank vour
aacell. II. V mo-t devotedly for the warm
thy WHICH II"' pre"".. "
a .... m Ill ill I In .Oil .
name ot vom a".
cauaed to be cxpr. -ed to our famnv
through yon. Becc.vi. l tli-.am. i time
the hearttcat th ink- for your y I .mal
Marril. Main Ihjn.l.
New York. Aur. ..-Marcu Mwon
of San Prancia-o i. dead at IhePrmc ,
hoanltal in thlt o,ty He wall
known in California d S"""
Amarioa. wlMK tk MJ 7 he waa
.mgoged in the maunfaotun- of plant.,
,, mlnnery for the cure and pre.
aervatlon of coffee. He alao waa a W,f
.I.. irfiriMlnctlon "f Amm an
lieer in --
...,...l,l.,erv. Mr .Mll-OM
aaaaaaaa himae in N'W
torv ill Worceater
..i....iioii in (Wa Kica and a f.ii
... ...... ii.. w.. ham in cruio i t
nglii. -r
inaiutiiiued a
York and a fac-
Ma , nu 1 had a
i farm in
.i.f,.r.n.i lie waa ooni '
... iv: and wa- a m.-'haiili'.il
by profeaaloii.
Ilrnte.l rnrlh.r Tittle.
Shanghai, A"lt. -Aoconlmg
., ' I, from 1'. Kill of llato ot .IlllN
v win,, n ( Ihtncae graduate of an
. .i .... . .i.-MMoti of t CM ot hi-
rnTanitii v
fur I It'll l.in-v mil " "K
that he hail rec. iveil
i i
.iipiHirt from un Mign"
awpplv the neceaaarv dtal.
, -aid Boa Yu rtyme "f "l"
4tnH.tora of the general bin
rood a in thef. of Kua.lai, opi-U....
to the loan broke off negotiation- with
th. Hong Kong bank, which .mpo.. l
to-upply th. capital for l.e bu...i.ug "'
an of Tlan Tain .d Shan
Waik Wau railroad t Nu Chwang.
I am a I'mwian! Her my rnlnrt (Iramlnc
The buw-k-wlillealaiiiiani Itnala le-darr me frrr.
Kor frre.li. in rtal.ia in fataara l.rart bkaal
atri-amlria -8ucii,
mark rat uh-.ii Hi. Iiuu-k end wiill. In
HIij.1I I llien prove acow.nlt I'll e'rr ba to lb
Tliuiiili it.) la dull. Ibnugli bud aliln. brlilit
un nv.
I am a PriMUtn. Irffl a 1'rua.lan he!
Iliamun k moved hia family to B-rtin
alaiut l-'iO. and there hia -un w a-l- rn
afterward t itle r - naxi.tntit. Ilia-
marck l.-canie it courtier and went
king . eatatca to hunt.
Il. became a imlitictan iw much t
(Voker m New York or yimy in I'. titi
ylvaliia and waa oft. u ni-n at it In r ci
loon, where once In- broke hia mng "Vi t
a nian'a IiiimI for in-nlting word, ulnint
the royal family, lie made n g.l d. al
of fun of Peraigny, Na.eon'a fellow,
who came to Berlin on a mi-.t..i lli
imirck wrote a gri it d- il (or hia own
newapaa-r-Thn New Priiaaiitu OtMMl
-and waa often found it t the office i f
night. He wua having an eicumloii in
In. favorite Poiueraiim when n.-w- . mi.
of Ina iipaiiiitinent to Frankfort. It wit
ngrciit. IkiIiI, .raotial ofnee. Ih" knit:
wua rather taken aback at Biaiiutrck'i
rapid deciaion to go, and an waa Man
teiifful, hia miniati-r.
Ho lighted ii cigar before the pp-anling
deputy at Frankfort, i. - Lit . Liu''
uncivil na-riora and r.-b- h..rw-bnck to
the neighlmring petty cORTtaV Ht infill-cnc.-l
tho preaa. Ill- t it 1-- vvaa einb.i ,
dor lie livid in a I'm- i.ui men liant'
honai' at Frankfort and r-c.ii.d tin
viait of the prince of Prilal.i. -ill.
iUelitly hi-warrior king, who .a-alil
tie dlaturlM-l at liiamarck'. nonchalance
and youth but llil I in. prim . I-. .
thick with liiamarck rood and waa god
father, to hia aoii Bill, namcl for the
prime in I to'.'.
The envoy n-liti-l an .:.mt i ilia, had
a thoiiaiiud cnmelliiiH in tie-flow, i l.
mid dinpeiiaeil fine hi-apitality. '.t
rul.-r with a at.it.- m am il. gr. ' i man
kejit it mlniater nt Frankfort. BlaMrel
I waa-anil with them all and with art i I
author- and mual.ialia. II" ill-, gave
parti-- to tint M-rvuiita to almwtlie Pom
eranlan way. He received many cr.
and atara to put iin.i Ina breaat, Im -i.Ii .
the life aavitig medal, and lent MM
to needy Pruawan travelera who MM
giilllblial at the bill ha he waa one dnv to
diacipline. After In o i l. a k at night I
dictatetl hia letter, for three or four
Inmra. At5o'ri-k in the morning In
went riding.
"Each of ua," he aaid. pretenda to ..
lieve of hia neighbor that hula full of
thought, mid plana if he would Duly
tell, and lit the -.line tilim Hope . ( tin
know an atom more of what la going to
hapjaMi to (Jenininy tlian of next year'a
atiow Vobody, not evan tha moat ma
M-HAIi' I.
IHIS. l.-a atagARi K
tion aa a a.rtuiati. In IfMII he figured
at King William a. . r . nation Theerar
and bin metier thought much of Bi.
mar' a.
He Mill lotige.1 for war with Amrtria,
aaying to hia wife: "'n thta earth there
ia nothing but hypocriay ami jugglery,
and whether thla inaak of fleah la to lie
tnm off by fever or a cartridge it rauat
fall at hut. I - - .oid i m- ii a-k. I
. tuna I.N.k v-rt n. . b like one anoth. r
He waa only 41 w hen io le.aindetit and
Tie horrible i Innate of St. I', teraburg
tranaferretl lum t-i l'uria aa minuter in
It wa- n 1 r i.lv i nnaiilrr.-l to make
him prune initn-t- r
"I am more l iii.lv In the midat .f
great l'uria tii.in i wife, are at U li.
feld, and ait hen- like u rat In an empty
houae, tny "lilt ntiiu-ement to ntnl away
the cia.k for rli-.iting we in the M
H-th. .light I . . i - i-. ii la-antifnl woman.
"My ronaciciio .h-iir, repron - nn- f r
eeillg tn much that la lovely without
vi.u." He walk-al ..it tha aandaatBiar
ntx with Napol.-.n III. whom he wa in
eight yi-ara tn 1.. .11 a ruinetl priaom-r of
w ir
In l3 a rabiiH-t . riatacanie m Berlin
and liiamarck nt i; w aaaiilnln .n.l tin r.
from the pyrin-- to be the ln-od of the
goveninii-nt Mr w. i. called The Hot
ajmr of the Junker party. Said tie-dem.-ra-
. .'."I liiamarck' Tint t
th .up d' tnt!
f hia llfoof i mm '
t- to Ilia wife:
n k pudding I never at"
i p.Nl liver. Mav your
lb- w rk.- l ,ii i . i- niinent from m
oclock to 10 p. m. and -aid: "But h- alto
and anund aleep tremendona thirat.
How I love tola 1, and how I have to
Hi-un- rupulou. vet -mci-re charai t r
now cani" fully out I e ruled without
luw, but l r th" gh.rv and nltitnatu a.--ciirlty
of I'm i.i.
"The frontier... f Pru--i.i." begr.wlid.
are Hot favoral i) atate . ..iiti
tutioti. Id., t.. it ine-tinna of tin-day
ir.. not to I.. di . 1. 1.-1 by -peecheaand ma
jontiea, but by bl.aal at d iron."
A anldn-r Iiiiiim if In- moral cnnrag',
w . ti,i..r.l i. ir ii r.umpe II" i
th" Tei iiiiiM-h Miermmi . f that alilmd
the wat.-r. and th- year waathatof Vn ka
In the int.
at IW-rlui In
Such g.ai
and M-ldom
tuaaaof 1MB Btamtuvk waa aick. rheti
uiatic, undarmlBcd
Th 7th of May aa be waa walking
from the king pabace lie heard I wo
hota flreil behind htm. and one of them
grated hia aide. He grappled the aaeua
in by tha throat, who final another ale. t
that glanced from Human k a ihoulder.
(lutliging the revolt er to the left hand,
tba attaaaiii fin d again twice, one thot
litirning hia coat, another landing hia
nb and making htm for an uiatant rick
Ha handed the criminal over to the tol
diary, and tbia pt-raon, a aucial damn
rat, committed am. ide
Tlie city turned nut In Ida praiee. The
king and prince, went to hia houae. He
waa i'oni-!!ed for the flrat time in hta
life to apeak from hia window. Auatna
wanted to kill hnn
In five week, the PniMian column,
were moving. June 2U the newt of vic
tory arrived. All were ringing Luther't
hymn. Lightning liroke over Biamarck'a
heed, and be thi ailed. "The heavena file
a aaluter
July 3 waa fought Hadowaor Koankja
grati. Major Bwmarck, long under fire,
waa the flrat to dun-over the crown pnnce
coming "Tin are not plow furrowa."
he criatl; "they are uiar. hiiig linea." To
hia wife he wrote from the field.
"If we iln not la-.'inie eitravagant in
our deuiaiida and do lint imagine that
wo have captured the world, we ahail
obtain a place wi.rtb tlm lulling At
Knenigagnitt 1 nala the tall naau. He
waa 13 hmira in tha addl withnut fi.l
d r My 1I waa on the naul with a car
nage cuahion,"
lb' tiiaJe pea.. t..-ae hi- .irmv fr-m
p. at in Hungary He and the king .top
ped in the caatb- of Nicolaburg, where
,,. )...).'. . ..ft. r Auat.rliti II
wan .11 yeara old and had la.-n in ailiti.-a
nearly M jTHMS Aug. 4 he waa back in
llerliii, tie- r- i'--t luali m i'.n r- To
tlm French iiuni-ter herald I rn ti.lup
a laating fnendahip. it It France! Th. i
will, I lm-. repri-aent the ilnaliani of m
telligence and progreaa."
I'nable .. get the anil) uppr..pllatlotia
from the lower houae, hecl.aa-1 the chain
here, taring the thing would rule hlmaelf
Four m-Mlniia of atrliaiii. nt he treated
in thia way. ruling without other than
feudal law. He awoke, however, the
ti. rmaii atudelit and attriotlc f.-cling
gainat the Dane au l l ut tin in b the
help of Auatrta and other parte nf Oer
muny. and then auddenly tnrnetl upon
Auatna and drove her out of the Her
man empire and eitemli d I'ru-ri.t in
elude Hanover. Hetae and finally ti-veral
other atate-
With a great army and the null-hi
.pi- ai-l he iii.-t tin- I r- in h and di.
t.lt. I the bar 1 t. I III- ( Ja ... e t. . t In 111
He colli.! lint UCi'C-l HI lltalollgii.il
til. t with Hi" atholic- and the ja.pe. In
lHT'.i he intr I i latii nnaii prnti-ctite
In l"it he began lenimn coloniea
l-i MI ha waa yeara old and aliim-l
au prime
III I'xshntlem.ilidial Iial uaimeii lot.,
atldi 1 to thi i.rmy
Aa Jllat la fore the Aiiatmni war Fer
diunnd I'ohi-n triid to kill liiamarck. h
in 1H74 aCathnlie tiiianiithattacki.1 bun
at Kiaainge-i
' -tliell iri r..:..-- .11" t'l I." I I.) the
rsti-naionof their country tin ) brought
ab-ail. Ill tlila view Biamiink alien d
ti n luapuf Kn rope more than any man
aim n Sapob-'iii. and lua hang. - have
j Fteischman's w
oompressea ?
"""" 0" Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.
.i in; u vm)Y ivt i nt n
ice mhf
and all
V -J
Chocolate Bonbons.
Frvih Murk
Frail, Mla. t.
Iiirraa 4
(It arii
Patrons and Friends
Of Brto-, Miiili-on. tlritina, KoliertMN ml
lltirlranii ('iitiiitiee :
The combined Capital and ttaet.. f cunpaniet rep
reaenteil bv me anion 1. 1 to mole than .
lii i. .ii. HM
what BtHtell
tcr lire oa
To lii- .,
dem.a rat, la
lie had a laid.". '.. - .- a rnnient. He
went tan.ilh to Pari- t take leave of
Napoleon in Atignat, l-ii.', at Ht. Cloud.
"1 lur relation, t.. A ii -trill." Iieileclan d
bluntly, "moat unavoidable changi- r-r
the U tt.r or the wi.r-.-- That D -iiuir
l draga ua by tin- halter," aaid tin
V i.-tin- m' at th. li.ini-h wur. Auatriu
u.-tit tu Uentiiarl; I ivat. Ii Pruaaia mi l
reciit erpn tigefi m In i . featain Italv
In l-i.l Ii I'll, . ii II i wav.-l mi lie
DajiMl rampart, it I)upiel, and l! -marck
wa- there with King William
Tin- en.. r. i . .. i ive him I he n
.b r of St Htepha and aaid. "Ah. If I
had but him'"
The Damafa wm a at an cxjierlmrnt on
the newly reorgiin;:e unity and the
in . dl -gun In ini- lli-inan-k waa mad.
Praaalan oount He had an Intrlgu'
with it celebrated , ra linger, it M
la-liev.il, and f .-ir i t'lre. were .hot..
graph.- ! together like old Dutnna mm)
Ada Menekaa,
He wua an tlltfnated in HH that In
aaid 1 mi-Ii i i.i! I,,, intrigue would
liei-eaeltiite an. I lur miniatry, ao that I
might hoimrahlv turn my latck upon thlt
liver of ink Tin- re-'leaaneaaof thia ex
lati n, ii la uiila-anihl.. regmrrl erwy
one a. a la-ncfa. tor who neck a to bring
alanit III v t ill "
The French ..iili, ,. at even tlii-ii
i clamoring for war
S pt .'.i. a- I,. . major general.
Blamarck r.-b- into It rlin with the vir
ion.. ua iinny. lie wore a white uniform,
orange aaah, ellow collar and helmet,
and waa in nu h la-hh pain he could
hardly kiip the -el ll. .'ur a gal
while he Wua . rv ill in th.. , ..untr
In 1-aVl he at cniilpllab. d the final unit)
of Italy by hi. aid. caat Auatrta nut of
Germany and tiaik all Germany le-aid.-.
Into n Prnaaiati empire
In IMTUthe Kreii.-h. cimt into tlm ahaile
by tlm magnitude uf 1'ruaaia'a ware and
anio-xatnaia, uunle an laeuc with Ih
m in k inanlelitlv on the aln.ill matt, r ..f
Hin offering her va.-nt crown to a
pnnce of tin- family of Hole ii.ollerti-
Tli uaeiueiicea were heavy l-'r.in.
1..-1 the fine provinc.-a nf Alaace-U.r
raine. with i iti a like Metz, .Mulhaiiaeii
The capita! and tt-et- of Q mptnie- I tepretaiit
writing IHNM Miosn aon man . . .
am! dn-aper
lliey City,
I .' ilifiilcntlv believe Unit I can -erve y'tl lietlci
than at ..ii.- el-r i () l.lar of Klaltt, lie
town ur .ti 1 1 1 r v
I have un efficient nflbl Ion . Lbl nttaira d' whicli are under the
Management nf Kit ASK W M ( (tNKICO,
I lllaal
York ,
Tin- Germ an) n m b- by lli-inank
haa IT.OOO.tUt) ieople. Out of alaiut
1 1 w i at m annual emigrant, from thia em
pire 1. 1 1 II. 1100 Collie to the L'uiti-I htati a.
Til" ,-ltiea have ellorillollal)" gToWII, IllT
Im near 1,.V).NK1 and ".':'. citua ulaive
IW.OOTi The army l oat. in-iir $Ht'.iaa.
(tK) a yiiir mid i- alwuya w ar ."aai.iaai
men -trong Al-a. .- I,, rraiiu- added near
I iHal.iaai t.. tin- . pulnti .n
Biamari k'a uidliin iMb ; MMl tSOM the
field and mail., the ten ible di inand. on
K ranee which, but for Law gifted nature
of til" people and their "nil ami ay-telll,
would have nitll'il her He placed IV
kni-er'. crow i and iiuiin- illaiii hia king
r.itiitalilt- Idle A-.uruici- Stwiety of New
Pieiflo Muttiul LUi Am Uoiow Life;
Ki l- lity ntnl CaHtialty nf i-w York,
fur wkl. Ii I tot Ih. antr iithorlw.l rnl la Brjraa. I re-pertrullr rah. ilu4 will
a..rre.l4- ; inir triallieaa,
a. id. iM:oooisrivrioo.
Malcbi d bv
Thla liiamarck did not prol nl.lv con
leiuplnte I t. iii. I ow. .1 hat humiliation
t th.. deaii- for annexation win never
ahe found tnv nctglib. i making n). In
taking Ha Vol and Ml t from Italy tli'
it Alaace l.rrauie
After theae great act - nf Biainarrb he
fell uan the i i-idtic . I ditva. Ileaaaiat
cd to curb Kn-aiit and -i.ildialn I an alii
ance with Italy mid Auatna. but hia
aged aoveretgn dying in I met he under
tool loanjajtUMMd tne i . uiitrv and con
trol tin- reign of Freilern k. win. dieil in
itlaiut tlm-- nioiitha
I'n.lerick - -on. it half Kngli-hman.
UH. P. Fnklin & Son,"
Butchers and Meat Dealers.
We Buy Hides, Wool and Pelts
.1 DM
.. b.
ad alleging
at :t I aple-
DQg bl- tn.i.
tiod totni tin.
nut Htrong w ine, in
i-hanBagna of II
ly ii ml left not Inn.
Wktn now Ml
1 II .w man)
Ml I thin Itirteii.
ow much la VMM r
1 then ridfcraJoJ I
aw n man who enn-
aidera lua own luttur. , mid yet kliow
ii illiing o Go l ami will know- nothiiig.
can cnduii hia ci-tcncn Irotn contempt
mid wearianiiieneaa. 1 ktrnw not how I
i mild formerly e1IJ.IH.rt it. Wen- I to live,
I .then, without I b"l. without yuu, will
Tin- writer .
iii J ill v or At
wua in llerlm
Mi note I iln-
! BiMUrck'i
I ir. Jacob!
rott petition
V.r. BJat.l abd Mia-an-
I i.r,r.l With wli
drank and ilk ii H
abln tn un i.ov thai
i .inn it lltidi rat and h
arm. -I lailicv
whom I rial tod, gave up ti,
with audi a lion ... E ioarel
And ) I. ii " i in-. I., i.i
iii b r and auld new, ii.itut
thing., but without uiiii p
Julie, IMW, lie waa in Par
king mid nam after un
uf the North German ufe.1
IHtVS he raa iued tn la- a total wn-ck from
overwork. Ill- h.t-. tieit fell iih.ii
him. He lived iii ti gn at yean In u
l atory hiiiiae in Iii tlm nh I .' window.
In front. He drnnk red Bordeaux wino.
lie laiiight cat ill n ar Ilia wifn't at
ver wua an
il, nffllillnl
atvle. In
I a with Ilia
i hanccllnr
i d ion. In
came into pow . r in !--s
Hie aiamaiin ol olln
ti.-irge ill. Bhutan k i
could not hr.aik the I
iintagoiiin d i 'hiinci-llor
try, and front laungthn
laill rnVllll-ta bOttMM I
tin- agrarian. Hit l nt
i.w.-r had grown to I .
II- I" "'on. at.p
deinia-riitic, but not tba
Kiatent ami Inexorable,
i.u-v iii ii. rrnan jh .in i
If hf ba.1 any unakl.il
biuatioii ..I l 'a' .ur aii
terrel movi r ani the -ably
hta moiW waHfe.
theiurgreaaiveaoill mid
aill allowial
Ml trait, ua
diaplaced and
dilation. Ha
iprivi'a DttBB
.knfthe lk.ur
prompter of
r pmitka and
. . ..lid nature.
liable, in 01
- proud, r-
, he w :i .1-
Markets under Academy of Music and next
door to John Mike's store.
nt my children. 1 ahould not indeed ! Variin. By the gn at year In hia for-
i iiealc!. n vvii- in the com
ai . air. and I .arihiildi. the
,n,l tMetvur I. More pr .b-
I vtacW-leru-k the I.I. it.
...ill and -wild of 1'riia.ia
a ccntnrv I .Ton In-nieli wn n lin-r
chant ttatetman comparod to wttnar I
H wua more lia rtcluikof of Bu
Mia, In-r ext. tiding apirit, and in in. i.
patti la mon like I roogwoll Ihu any
ttaterimui the eonttnenl ha. akowB.
liiamarck la-long. In the Inglii at ortb r
of aggn-aene piSliticiant, like Kenliiiand
ot Bpain, Uii h-lieii. tiuatavu- Adolphtw.
I'.-t. r IhoOroat, William of i iraiigc. Na
aoleon. We inu.t paa from itmniig uiiii
i,ter tn chiaa him tnily and comparo
um with kuiga.
I have added I new line of
to iii atiM-k of Hook., Malinnerv. Wall l'ape
THE NEW BkSioNH.' '' ''""
Tyler Haswell.

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