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Something,; that
Ami they nirr f
'Miry are all tin'
go, wherever in-troilm-dl.
Ciitn il
luttralu only
ptrtlN at tli' line,
which include
Men's Shoes.
Call to tee them.
II Jt T. Time Card, Mryiui
Xortlilxinl No 1 12 I pro
f.iuthbounl So 4 O.i p in
Northbound Nod 2:07 a m
raHwMawS4 1:4ft a in j
I. At. N. Tune. Titblr. f
wger aocD.: 1
So. I learea. ..Ifl6 a .
No. . 'I leave Ii no a. in.
B"T bucko.
No. 2 leave .1s&3 a. m
No. 4 leayrs .4:3 p m
nrrwsrs m taa asd sax antoM"
No. 1, leave Hearne .1 10 p. in.
No. 10, arrive at Hearna . II Vi a. m
II. AT. V. Time Textile Untrue
aoani kii'mi.
No. 1 arrives Hot) p. in
No. 3 arc fevfteV
The nights are becoming cooler.
Mie Nellie Kohde la visiting in Nsv
aaota. Itichard Knolilaurh has a toaition at
Ker note's.
I'. C. Shelhnrna liaa lern sick tba
paat week.
Two tip stairs rooma for tent. Apply
to Ira 'iooch. tl
Miss I.ila Shelburne left yesterday to
visit in Marlln.
I'rof. K. K. Hotline wss here from
lletliel vesterday.
James iKilirovolny rrturnrd from
iialvesUin veaterday.
Mr and Mrs I I, Hart arrivnl ya
terday from ban Antonio
II. L, Until and It. T.Seale of llencb
ley, were in tiwn yeaterdsy.
I. M l ook of Ste Hollow, waa a
v isitor to the city yesterday.
Miss Williams of Hrrnbsin, is visit
ing Mr. and Mr. T. K. Castl.-.
Kor i'nt-Tlie house adjoining mv
residence. Mrs. W. II. Wei. I.. 214
Deputy Marshal It II. Smith and wife
returned from lialvrston re.terilay
"Itoyal lllue ' a etrictly lirat rlaaa V
rigar mid only by t ti, Paraons. ItiAtf
Mrs. W. h South and Mr. Horace
South left yetenlay to visit io Auiin
PTIkM you want to enjoy a nice drive
get one of Iratiooch'a nobhy turn
outs, dtf
Col. It. K. Chatham returned jajgfH
lay from attending the ialvetnu un
ven lion.
Mr. John A. K night returned to
Dalla yeterday after a visit to Mr.
K. ('. I'enrson.
Mi. ami Mix. W. H. Wllsun an t Mas
tci I rank dart tier are aojourtilng in
I,ouisville, K).
Tli) lirat part of AiiguM mav be a;
little dull, hut after the lifter-nth I. ok,.'
nam will begin hi liotn.
1 have new wagon scales ul my table
andwilldoallkimlaofnitble weighing
I li.ll price. Ira t.oorl,. aMtl ,
I'lIM'. lOOt I. OIH
Itoh Holier t l now in charge of Al
lien Harlier' bicycle house. Iteail Mr.
Hi1.! - al for hargaint In wheals.
Having ordered a large refrigerator
for the city Market my smaller one is
lor mle cheap. H. W. Buchanan. I'll
For pure fountain and bottle ,ida,
Dr. rvffsV, anil all the lateit iced
drinks, candies, fruits, nut, etc , rail
on 0. ti. Parsons. VlUki
l(nad John M. Caldwell' ad M
no'.lre of his removal tale tliis mouth.
He will he loci'led at Kead's drugstore
alter .'.tigust. lrwtf
News was received here yeaterday al
ternoon that a negro hoy named Jim
King, who lives lu re, wag killed hy
train near Hearne yesterday.
CM. Henderson Go's
Wears Well,
Mr. W II Kli.H ti returned to liai
se yeeterdav accompanied by her
Isugbter li 'lertrud- sri I il i.-,
" eon, Will Flipped, after a bfM
'' '" 'apt. ami Mr, tie.. W -mi'h.
J 1 " o.
1 '" f"r ' "' "" " ,,,D
74 '-to Pr 100 ", rotton -ed
meal at cent, p.-r ii poajajfja, ,.N
oata at 274 rant, a bueliei. l. Mike.
Joe B. Heed's insurance compei
have all adopted the jkiIIcv of paying
leatli claima arising Irom the war with
Spain. Kur accident and life inenien.e
eith. r ,,,.,.
I aligbtfol party was g ven laal
night at the home of Mr James While
in the southern pan gj town. Thera
wa a large attendance of yonng pga
pla i.aoveew.re enjoyed and cream
and cake served.
Ijeut. Todd, who i a Collage, has re
reived word from his father st Jefferson
of tbe srnvai of In- . ommisaion a- sac
oml lieutenant In the I'm ted States reg
ular army. He haa aleo received ordera
to join the third regiment at Atlanta.
I'ou't iniu seeing "Casters Last
right," a magmflctent reprixluclioc of
Adama famous painting of the maae
re of i ian. OMfj and In. men by
Indiana. It la now on eihihition at
the bottling arorke of John M. Law
retire A Co , in the Ihinn I )alv
hlork. 2
l.xrhaiijfr Hotel rrivulg.
Jss S I'raslr. Ig. , t l.-ul L I Men
ilola. niy, I U f.K hran, st l.ooi: Kd
II MajaMg, War.. R Clapp, N. w York,
(i II Mil. he. I, Houston . Abe K iel, ital
veston. W P Taylor, Hoast .u, W M
forwin New York; W I Hrlii,
Wa.vncsl.or., I' James Houston,
tireenhorg, I .a.
A Kcrcptloii.
Mr and Mr-, i. Parker tendered a
reception at their t.eautitul home last
evening to Mr and Mr-. Thomas K.
Csstles. I'atrioto deroratlona pr. -valle.1.
There m a lurge altemlame
of married and unmairieil ieple, and
the evening wa delightfully emphiyint
In playing progressive euchre. UgM
refreliuients were terved.
Nrw ol tony aril In Hryitli.
Mestra. Howard Harwin and J. K.
P unier wi I run s ctlonvard In llryan
lielween Parker's gin and the oil mill,
nest M the railroal. Two good hotieee
in yard and plenty o room to ramp,
these accommodation, without charge.
Farmers are Invited to call and aba tin,
ami let us weigh then cdton. We will
treat you right.
Harwin A Ponder,
i ea.
llart.-y New,.
Haiti i- ii Ii il
Stock water m lit-i'iuiiiiiK acarrc.
The N.irn.'il .i.o.i.t.. ..I.. -...I
, .. . , , K K ' '
h r"' ' 1 w " "'"'M ''V a
very lup arowd. Kgaininat
wen- held on Thursday and Friday
and crrtili'Mti's were k ranter I tn a
Ltffl DWlM of young, men and
lailii-H. The ivrtiliuabw were of
livo radcs. Tlit'c-liMinR egeri ise
with held on Friday nijnt,
lur ('ommiiniu now fieg an if
"f our own .e,i,.. ar. j-on.'
etBM UN tfiiihrr and their
Utndante from other plaiT. UUe
di.erH'd. We fn'l gruteltll f,,r .
Nidiool and the nio Indies mid Wy
tlemun who attended and also thg
iMtlUOituUI given, the preaeneaf
which is shown hy our niui lifin
proved singing olikM, Ktx.
I had an experience with a burglar
night before lait Mr family ara
all away, and I hart bean llrtng
alone In the bouse, a datacard villa in
New Jersey, for upward of a montb.
Jeveral burglaries bar ocrurrrd In th
Night before laat I wat awakened
bout 4 o'rlock by a nolar made by a
clicking door, and opening my eyas, I
aw a mouth-fared, determined-looking
man at the bedalde. I did not rry
out nor bide under the bed rlothei nor
do any of the conventional thing that
one doe when a burglar comes to blrn.
I looked at him calmly tor a mo
n.' i ' anil then I said. "How dedo?"
An eipreaalon of aurprlae paaaed over
bli Intelligent faaturea. but lie aald
mechanically. "Pretty well, thank you.
And you'"
"Ob, I'm aa well aa rould be expected
tinder the clri umatances. Are you the
I burglar who baa been doing t his vll-
I lage?"
"I am." aald ha, drawing up a chair
land lifting down.
"Why don't you deny it'" I asked. 1
waen't afraid He amused me, tbti
nonchalant burglar.
i .1 i... nmr I m not .turned of
I my profeaalon for one rcnon. and
mainly lierauar I waa brought up by
my lather to tell the truth "
"Yon letl the truth and yet you are
a burglar How can you reconcile
those facta?"
"They are not Irreconcilable." aald
he taking a corn cub p,x- out of his
pocket and filling It. "I am a burglar
, and my father waa one before ma, but
be wai a perfectly honorable man. He
never lied und I never lie. I ateal be
cause that la my profession, but I make
It a rule to tell tbe truth upon
aelons. Why. If tbe inc. ess
"Top drawer of tbe
There was a iu.igr.iUm.
about the man that aptlv
"Are you armed?" sskt
I bonhomie,
I be, as he
puffed at hi pipe.
"If I land been I'll bar winged you
before this." said I, laughing.
"I l.eileve von and I honor you for
I being perfectly frank with me."
"Why, as to tbat I'm not to be out
done in frankness l.y a thief."
' That will make my task so much
i the easier After I've flniabed this
pipe I want you to give me your word
tbat you'll lie atlll until I've taken all
I I want."
I admired tbe mma'a nerve and aald,
For tbe time being 1 ronaldsr you my
guest, and. Spanlab faahlon. my bouse
Is at your disposal."
"Imn't put it on that baal. or I will
leave at once Tbla is no time for ap
ing tbe Spanish"
"You sra right. But I tell you can
didly tbat I would far rather have
found out that you were a liar than a
burglar Your Ilea would not be likely
tn injur me. but I'll be out Juat so
much by what yon take I'd much
rather you were a liar."
"And I would not. If I ateal t do but
take something tbat. to paraphrase
Hhakepeare. waa rutin, la mine and
ha been lav to tbouaand. but fo lie
would be to 'lay perjury to my soul.'
and that 1 would not do. no, not for
"I see you know Shakespeare." aald
I punching my pillow so tbst I could
be more nimfortable I was reading
this odd fellow, and 1 believed that I
could dissuade him from bis purpose."
"Know Sbakeapeare? I waa an actor
1 felt that I had him. for I know act
ors lietter than he knew Shakespeare.
"Did you ever play Hamlet?" 1 aak
ed, anting up In bed
"1 did. and I made .m b a hit tbat If
It hadn't been for the venality of the
preaa and my arnse of honor I would
ti an neen adjudged one of tbe greatest
Hamlets of the day."
"tilve me the soliloquy give you
my word tbat ordinarily I rather'd Ire
rohlied than hear It, but I like your
vohr and I believe that you can do It
Justb "
A asir-satlsrted smile Illuminated hla
fare He laid down the pipe and gave
m the Mdlloquy. and It wasn't bad.
' Holly'" I said when he bad Hnlshed
"Why man. you make an Indifferent
thief, else you would have decamped
long ago. but tbe stage has lost an ac
tor that would have In time compelled
the unwilling admlrntlon Of the Bf
An to I Jollied him. and he gave me
the trial scene from "The Merchant of
Ven.i'snd other selections, until
dawn began to show in tbe cast, when
be picked up his bag and aald. "It
would lie n ahame to rob a while man
like you." Then lie bid nie good-bye
and left.
I com
know led
gan to
fellow h
I woke,
ratnlated myself upon my
te of human nature, until I be
Iress, when I found that the
ul finished his burgling before
II till lie has llll mv tllver
Charles Kartell lwmls, In The Crite
rion. ..
V lerfwl llaneina Krai.
A wonderful feat in dancing I re
corded from lierllQ. At a recent ball
a prize of n gold rmg was offered to
the lady wh wnltted the longett with
out stopping. Twelve couples compet
ed. They began woltilng at 12 30 a.
m. iiinl It was .'. . 4T a. m. before the win.
ner und her partner stopiei waltilng.
Hy 2 :2 five couples dropped out, and
at 4 1T. another lady fainted. Two
more couples dropped out at 4:46 and
at 4 no only two couples remained on
the floor
A curious plant Is found In
Grenada known as the ink plant,
Juice of which ran be used as rmrSv
out any previous preparation.
LaUlafr ! la Rraijki,
fs If I bmII'4 Fee.
"f caa't help aaylag to yon," remark
td one of the old members of a mora
la august legislative body to a
rural recruit, "that some of tbe re
marks yon made yesterday were un
called for, entirely uncalled for."
The other looked latently at bis col
league and, removing bis bat, aioppad
bis brow with a rod handkerchief.
"Iioky here, friend." be proceeded
after thinking for a quarter of a min
ute, "do you realize that I am on the
minority side of this here house ?"
j "Yea."
"And that the place is chock full of
people who are full up to tbe necka
With speeches they want to git de
livered ?"
' There are many aucb."
"It's occurred to you. mebbe. that
tber is a limit to the time that a man
t baa In this life fur doln' things."
"That haaa't anything to do with
your remarks yeaterday "
"Yea. it baa. You find fault with m
because they waa uncalled fur. Hut I
want io tell you sometbln.' Kf I had
started gag In politics aa a thrlnklr .
j modest violet I wouldn't even have got
a nomination. An' with all them peo
ple, with both bands in the air, try
in' to (it a word In edgewise. I can't
afford io take no chances. I know
them rrmarka was uncalled fur, but I
leave it to you as a fair minded man,
If I held onto remarka till some of
you f!iers gut up and clamored for
m. what would my constituents think
bad become of me?"
An dti majfjsjaa
"Ys. air. Yrr right; there ain't nc
money m farmiu' now days, en tb' only
thins fer i ii en nie to do ta to go to New
York and marry one of tl m there rich
beiteai "
gheteed WeS Bn llakkam.
' Wky Etbel. what sre you doing
wltk that big medical work In your
"Veil, Arabella, you'd never guess.
1 al .tllte Mire '
Ton are not going to make a physi
cist of yourself, sre you"
"Not at all. I am trying to And out
witch of my two sultora I love enough
to marry. What do you tblnk of
"How can a cyclopaedia of mrdlrlne
help your'
"Well, It' this way. Mr. Apondu
Urks Is flfty-sevan years of age. He is
worth fioooon, and ha consumption.
Mr Irukkata Is sixty-Are years old. He
worth I&MmhiO and has incipient gout
j I thought, perhaps, this medical book
would help me to make up my mind.
I kave about decided that I love Mr.
Dakkats tbe better. Which would yon
v lii..r.iali., f avajejajej,
Henry Hoglot - So y think ole Al
vli ought tar be eipelled from our so
ciety' What's ha been doln ?
"' el Stu ile. W hv hi - ,1 infl
drl' Henry Hoglot Infidel: What's
thai What does an Infidel do?
Samuel Stubble. He don't believe In
anything. Now. ole Alvln said laa'
Pall that tbe eornbusk an' hog-melt
theories fer prognosticate' hard Win
ters waa all bosh; then he said tbat a
man might aa well grub up briers In
the l.ght of tbe moon aa in tbe dark.
Hut the laat time I saw him he fairly
put the cap-sheaf on the shock.
Henry Hoglot -Do tell! What did
the blamed fool any?
Ssmuel Stubble. Why. he said that
a woodchuck would no more tblnk of
wskln' up for groundhog day than be
would fer Sunday school!
lilt Kernel.
"Here a queer cae," she said, look
Ing up from the newspaper
"l it?" he returned, for he was not
feeling In particularly good humor and
didn't csre who knew It.
"Yes. It la," sbe replied. "It's a case
where a bride was given aa a gernian
Rnther n stretch of the Imagination
t . : it a favor, I should think." be
of niiirae she got even with him
later tbejr always do; but this Is not
a continued story.
liar Wny.
Rev txingne ken- I with I could
think of some way to make the ,-nngre-gatlon
keep their ryes on me during
the sermon.
Utile Tommy Pa. you want to put
the clock right behind the pulpit.
Dewlewa wests,
"I'm afraid Wli. y think. 11 little bard
of me."
You're foolish. There's .1 man that
cuti 1 think hard n any subject."
a nr. in,, i,i ajeeaev
Ob. It' nice to write of farming,
Of the hoeing of the corn;
Of the driving eowt to paature,
On an early summer morn.
Of the cutting down of timber,
Wheh tbe snow is nil about;
Oh, It's nice to dream about It,
Uut to do it leave me out!
i ''iL-4 I i'H-
Wa ara authorised to announce
m a candidate for Coonty Attorney of
fJraxos county at tbe eaauiag November
We are authorised to announce
aa a candidate for County Treasurer of
bras eg connty at the ensuing November
We are authorised to announc
an a
candidate for re-ele Hon
to the
office of justice of the eare, Precinct
No. 4. Uraxoa oewty, at the ensuing
Novrmttr election.
l-ller Mat.
Black, Delphia Devi. Mary
Johnson. Pearl Kaiser, Mollie
Mm, Mr. ' A. Montague. Mre. O.
Nelton, Mr. H.8. Nowlin, M. Katie
MrDaniel.Mattie Iteed, Mis. Maria!.
Itnah.Mr. Annie Start, Mary
Smith, Mr. Margie Kcaddy, Itutie
Verdo. Mr. B. K. H.
Waie, Alice M. Warren. Fannie
'EXT Lttffi
(iranede, . T. O'Brien, A. I. ft
Koyal!, P. K. Kohinaoo, Phillta
shamtine. Albert Sheffield, J. U.
Wtdyttoune, I'onglene
AU ve list of letters remaining in tbe
Bryan oti.ffire fir the week ending
Aug ft a charge of one cent is made
on each piece of mail advertieed. tVhn
catling (or tbeee letter please aay ad
vertised, giving date. Very Keept,
Tyler Haawell, P. M.
I'rojM'rt Iturcains.
If you need a home or hare money to
inveat ftjaj cannot afford to mi-s this
opportunity. It will pay hargain-hant-era
to are me; I offer the following prop
erty very cheap
5 Louse, on lota 1, 2, 3. 4, 6, block 124.
being the halt block wrat ol ti. S. Par-
ker'a gin.
1 botiee on lot. I and 7, block lie5.
I house on lota I. ft 4 3, block 14V; (my
2 lota in block 127-loU, 7.
2 lota in block 14-loU V, 10.
Part of block No mi, Hill'a addition,
acres of land '.' uiilee from Bryan;
good improvements.
213-40 J. j. Tahok.
Buggies, surreye, hack and cloaed
carnage at lioocb'a livery stable, lie
can tnpplr vour want, in the livery line
promptly and at very low prirra. dtl
To Wood Haulers I have a large
amount of wool cut down on Carter's
creek, three mile from Bryan. 8. M.
Derden. 211
Aleahwl Wake. Llara.
Dr. Norman Karr. in (peaking of
egceaalva alcoholic Indulgence, aays:
"One of the moat distinctive features
of habitual and periodic Inebriety Is
aa utter disregard for tbe truth on tba
part of many Inebriates. Females
lose tbe sense of truth more complete
ly than do male. Seen tn the very
act of laying down tbe Jutt emptied
glast, patient have coolly and sol
amnly denied to me tbat tbey bad par
taken of tbe comente. Tbe percep
tion of truth seems to be destroyed by
alcoholic indulgence, the eonaclous
neaa of truth aeema to be loat In the
devotee of Bacchus Even when tem
porarily sober tbe brain may be so
dominated by tbe alcoholic obliquity
to truth that no reliance can be placed
on any statement made by tbe man or
woman whose soul haa. as it were,
been steeped In alcohol."
Femen ri..l.l.., Marred.
At the annual session of the Grand
Lodge of flood Templars In Worretter.
Maae.. Crand Chief Templar Joseph
A. Fancy submitted a number of de
cisions, one of which waa'
"If a plate of froien pudding, satu
rated with liquor, la placed before a
member and be partakes of It. be via
Ulee his pledge"
Think of a great state appropriating
t?u.nnn for the sole purpose of getting
rid of 11 certain family of moths' Tbla
Is what the date of Massachusetts baa
done, and tbe gypsy moth Is tbe eg.
pensive Insert which the date board
of kgrimlture seek to drive out The
creatures have proved such a peat tbat
It has been found necessary to employ
bundri'iU of men to do nothing but
destroy the Insert, their eggs, their
larva and their pupa. It ta eettmated
that I2O0.0O0 will be expended In tbla
way before the work of extermination
It completed.
Satin MaUtt r..r Cvralaa Wear.
Pretty satin waists for evening wear
ara covered with alternate ruche of
Jet and nioutsei'na bands, embroidered
In black silk and ataail ei bead.
v 1 nl. mi II. Heart.
A popular Cuban delicacy la codfish
prt I 1 1 hla vvnv Place .1 (able
spoonful of butter in a saucepan over
tbe flie, ami .it soon as It hisses lay
into It ar. onion cut In tbin slices. Pry
a light brown; add a cupful of shred
ded fish and turn in water enough to
luat cover it. Add a little chopped
green pepper and half a ran of solid
tomatoe. and put on tbe back of tba '
range, where It will simmer slowly for
an hour, tiarve on but slues of but .
tared Uaat I
John M. Caldwblx
will occupy a por
tion of the North
Side of Dr. Read's
Drug Store on and
with elegant new
Fixtures and
to-date Stocl
Jewelry etc.
ing July he
augurate a
of which Buyers
will do well to take
About Perfumery
and Toilet Waters
It part to be careful. The
name of tbe odor area
prove nothing. Note the
tending ol the lira from
which yon buy. frlfumge)
are a hobby of onn and when
yon get them of 111 you know
they are right. W hare
Palmer'a, Wright's, Crown
and othera, and are eeperially
the odor we excel in. Either
in original aealed bottle
with all their fragrance pre
rerved, or in bulk at yea
Prescription a specialty.
o 1 rv 1
home ml
Full weight lovea
of the Beat tfOAlify,
fllujaya frcahv and
Fair treatment is what
I guarantee
Phone M
Notice. 1
I can now furnish good ;atur.
age with aervice front my regis-tere-l
Devon bull for 30 days for
'Xki. Jlu S. M. Derdfe.
Doremus & Butler.
Law Offices.
I and 2 Parker Building,
Vi I "1,11 .11.1,
ii: iriNT.
Calls autwered Pay or Ni
II. S. Head's Urugi
Kesi lence 'Phoae 113.
Brvan, T
OtBoes over Jame
dance Pbu
wi in-
. . K ID
W f FnlAhlY
f . v

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