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m vim;
Aren't they nice f
They art- all the
go, wherever in
troduced. Cut il
lustrate only a
portion f tin- line,
which include
Men's Shoes.
Call to see them.
II A T. C. Time Card, llrywti
Northbound No 1 J:1K p m
,l ill bound So "J 4 II! i in
Northbound No .1 2:07 a ru
.'ii, ' No 4 1:41 a m
I. .V . N. Time I able. Ileum.
waar aoi- u
No. I leave I OA a. m.
No. 3 leave tf.tiA . tn.
tir aol'XD.
o. leave s-M ,. m
No. i laayea i ,w t n.
anwaaa iirvavt am aToi..
No. '', lea II. am.- ; 10 , ; ,
No. 10, arrive at Heerne . . I1:M a. m
II. A T. C. Time Table lleatrne
SoBIH BolM..
No. 1 arrive . ... 12 it) u.
No. .1 arrive 2.1'. a u
Con William a her from Harvy
" , Two op-etaire rooma for lent. Apply
t. Ira Uooeh tl
Mr. J. J. Mittiot retarnet from Hal
eat. .n yeaterday
Mr. and Mr. A. J. Buchanan have!
gone t an Antonio.
W. V. Ilaaway o( liallaa, a a iit
or to th city yesterday.
Mr Baker an t Mia Mary Bittl wet
her from College yeaterday.
I ,r Kent The hoiia adjoining mv
residence. Mr. W. H. Webb, ill
Mr. Otto ILwhm anl chiMien ie.j
turned from Man Antonio yeW r lay
'Itoyal Bin ' a (tnctly tint claaa Ac
cigar sold only l.y C. (i. Paraon. ltVitl
Horn lo Mr i..l Mr W W I ,n f
JjKeliau. e. on Wednesday laat. a tine boy.
V. T. June of Keliance, wa a pleas
iint caller at the F.agle office yeater.lav.
F. NY. Chilaa. orgauuer lor the na
tional fraternity, left ye.terday for Kt.
When vim want to enjoy a nice ilriv
get on of Iiattooch' nobhy turn
outa. iltf
Mr. K. K. MiUot and inter, Mia
I4II1 Willaon returned from iialveitun i
ya ter.lay.
Mi Itoehl returned to Hockley ye
tenlay after a vnit to Mr. and Mr IV.
ter Winter.
J.T reward, John Mooring .ml I
V.. Bithop re uere Irom (inmrscoun
ty yeaterday.
Mia Mary Allen returned to Wa. o
yeaterday after a Matt to Mr. and Mr.
7 A I Buchanan.
Kev. . II. Iteddin, J W. Stephana
an.l K. It. Moely were here from Wil
low Hole yeaterday.
I have new wagon acalea at my atahle
and will do all kind of pubic weighing
al half puce. Ira I touch. 2UHI
Having ordered a large lefrigerat. r
for the city Mark; my auialler one i
(or aale cheap. S. W. Buchanan. I'll
W. II McYey wa here bum Well
born yeaterday with aom excellent
aample of tobacco which he lia raised
Una year.
llea.1 John M. Caldwell' ad giving
no-. ice of hi removal aale till month.
He will be lore led at Bead a druit.tore
after Annual. ltwtf
DM pure fountain and liottlr aoda,
Dr. 1'epper, and all the laieat irl
drink, candle, fruit, nut, etc., call
on C. (i. Parson. Iti'itf
Cha- Claydon waa here yeaterday
fd reHitl work going on towaid
tling the pole and digging hole for
the Mary, Kdgeajtd Tabor phone line.
Boggle, Ml Iw7 1, i. k and rloaed
carriage at Hooch 'a livery itahle. 11
. iu F'.''.y ou, iui m kiip u,ur. Oil
promptly ami at very low pricea. dlf
CM. Henderson 4 Co's
Wears Well;
I In ..the 7-year-old daughter l Mr
and Mra W. H. Itym of the Kcltano-
awlfwboil I. die.) Wednesday morn-'
ingat 4 o'clock and waa buried Wedne
day afternoon at Reliance.
Mr. Baldwin A. Hill return..) t , I. a
.l -nia yeaterday alter a viait to her.i. '
ler. Mi Ihckrrson nar llryan. She
was accompanied bv her MM little
daughter, and little
The rep-. r that I m King waa killed
by a train near llearne Y!nedy wa
etioueoua II, wa truck by a train
bowverand bad on -e( knocked out,
and a otherwi-e langeronaly hurt.
He wa hrnngbt home yetrly after
ioe B. Keed'a iacmanr .oiupauie
bave all adopte.1 the ulicv of paving
death i laima ariaing Iroiu the r with
-pain. Kor accident and life inantenc
either in lodge or atraight ofe o.mpa
nie ee Joe B. Heed tf
Marrtge licence llenderxtn John
on . Jennie Thorna. yltaater Cooper I
to Martha Wllllaiua. W In.arrettto
Annie Mcl'aalan.l, Benjamin Jonea to
Mra. Millie itilbert, W Prank Thoma
aon to Km ma I'reeley, Cbaa. C Todd to !
Mary B. Bittle.
Mr. Krank Thomaaon of Crowed, Kord j
county, aouth of tunah, wa married
yter,lay morning at 1130 to Mia Em
ma I'reeley at the borne of ber brother.
Mr Henry I'reeley, in thnrity, Kev. J, !
I . Wet officiating. They left on thai
noon train for the groom home fol-1
lowed by the het wi-he of friend and '
Kd M. Sin went to Caldwell yter
day to tl up the phone on the new
line from that place via Cook a P int to
Bryau. 1 I rang up the Kagle office at '
1 ' ' r l.iv 4ii 1 a , nnertioi ,tl,
him howel the line to Iu in eicellei t
hae. He ai.l he had leeu talking to
lola, a dutance of mile, and that
the reult waae. iallv raliafactorj .
. w .
lr mill Mr. E. II. Iiuui Ln
t. rtnln.
The round of mi tie and reception
thi aummer ,i ontinuoti, and the
young people are much indebted to
their enrertaiuer. I.ut f..r whoe
thoughtfulnea the inmuier would be
inautferably dull.
I.aat night waa one of the Mat plea,
ant thia aummer, with the inonn at it
prime and hreetaa cooled by timely
hower- jmt the kind of evening for a
party audi aa wa gien by Mr and
Mr. I . B. I -.max in honor of their
niece, Mia I -i I lie Hanaon There eie
about fifteen couple preacnt and all
enjoyed the evening thoroughly.
The hour and beautiful velvety lawn !
were equally at the diipoaal of the
gueit who pent the evening with
darn ing and conversation. Cream and
cake were served.
Mr and Mr. I.omai have a lovely'
home and know juat how hi enteit.nn
young ieople.
PruHTti Itiirgnin.
If you nei'd a home or have money to
Invrat y..u cannot atr.o.l to mi. tin
iPHirtuuily. It will pay bargain-hum.
era to a. e un I ,,:er th following prop- 1
erty very cheap:
5 bouaet on lot I, 2, 1, I, 6, block 121, 1
being 'I..-half block we.t ot (i.S, l'ai-.
ker' gin.
1 bouae on lot-. I and 7, block Ii.
1 house on lota I, I, .1, block I (my
2 lot in block 127 lota t 7.
2 lota in block MH-lot I), 10.
Part of block No. 00, Hill' addition.
i arrea of laud 2 mile fiom llryan;
good improvement.
ttM J.W.TAHoa.
Official- Say It bM What
Wan Expected From UM
Spaa lard.
It I- Said It Contains ' un:. r Prop,
osition ami Ask- Yr Informa
tion on Snc IVims.
The I're.lilent and the trench tniba
ador Hi. i ii.. the Matter, lull Scp
aratr Without liearhlnr Any
I ! ii- ."M
Waahington, Ang. 4 - A ftr a confer
ence on the jieace ueation laating an
hour Ivtween tin- pn al lent and M. Cam
l.ti. the Kreiich amlauaailor, the latt. r
acting aa the n-presentative of Spain,
Secretary Iy emerged from the White
Houm' ami announced that yeitertay
lonfen-nc- waa imoncluaiv.', wliervof
the rti. . lo it had agreed not to atate
publicly what had i- unvd. Tbeai-cre-tary
dkl pjaa appear to he diarouraged aa
he made thia autement, thongh he ad
tuittcd that no time tiad la-en aet for an
other conference.
From thu it u gat!., nd Hiat the long
rajiwted anawer of the Spantah govern
ment to the preaident'a note had turned
out to !.- juat :i it w eiperted -either
a . ounter prMjaitinn or a mjueat for a
fuller tatement in detail upun mine of
the rlauaea of the ir-ident'a note
Up to the middle of the afternoon it
waa atated by all artie concerned that
the Spaniah answer had not been re
ceived, that the only formal note that
had i-itm w hand waa one from the
Madrid cabinet to M I'amUm aking
for informatum upon aome (aunt that
were not clear lo the Spanish minuter.
However, juat after .1 o'clock the aer ro
tary of the French embaaay, M Thie
lavut. called at the atate department and
arranged with Secretary Day for a meet,
ing between the preaident and the am
laiss lor at .1 - 4A, as alreadv tu I. af
ter couferrtng for an hour the partie
eparated. having been unable to reach
a conclusion a to th acceptance by
Spain of peace condition laid down by
the preetdent and binding themaelve
to th observance of the atncte.t aaerecy
aa to the pnireedtng until further j n
greea bad een made Thus it u prac
tically aarared in advance that anv at
tempt to tate what orcurred at the
meeting al the White Houae would he
nothing more than purr goea work,
Waahlngton. Aug 4 The govern
iunt i uow waiting to hoar again fmm
Spam, and this time it i etpected the
anawer will he final The president ia
clined tlie eaxnet apja-al of the Fn-iich
amtaaaador to modify the I'niti! Statea'
denuuids, except in slight and con.
paratively uiiimMirtant respect. There
la no doubt but that ieac negotiation
are pntgreaaiug to the entire aatufactiou
of thu preaideiit and the lueiiibrr of the
cabinet The conference yeaterday at
the White Houm in which the president.
M Camhnn and S-.-reta y Day art., i
jatted. waa devoted aluioat entirely to a
diecuaaion of th detail which are re
garded by the president as unim;Mrtaiit
mid hence the niiieat of the French am
tauaailor. for the moat part, will be ar
ceded to. line of these was that the
commiaalon to be app(Hntet to settle on
the term of ja-ai-e to meet outside u(
tie Cuiteu State, and jireferably
France The president no objec
lion to granting thi reiuet and it i
aid to te practically M tilod that the
conferences will be held at Pans
The Madrid government, through
M. Cambou, propounded the ijuotion
aa to the time Spain will tie . ipw h-d to
. vn n.itc ' "ti! and the territory .-ednl
to the Cintcd Statea and what provialon
will !. mail.' by the l inted Statea to
linitect the interest of Spain and her
.ubj.M-t of t4leae lalailda while t.
evacuation i in progress M. t'aui!ei
waa informed upon all these Hint, pn--aumubly
to hi satiatactiou.
The one (toint. however, which the
Spanish atithnritioa, judging from their
communication to their representative
hen', failed to comprehend, and Secre.
tary Day's call upon the amtuaiior
wa for the purios of making perfectly
clear this point, which was that the
evacuation of t iha, Porto Kico aud one
of the Latdron. .land, to ! selec'ed by
Dlliatd States, and tha permanent ii.
atmi to thi goveniment of all of theae
talatida etrept Cuba, wrm made a con.
dltlon pns-edeut to all pi-ace negotia
tion, and that not until the term had
been fully compiled with would Una
government cotix-m to entertain any
peace propmitiona w hatever.
i i N.n, Mel ar i hlld.
Tyler, Te, Aug. 4. In attempting
to save her baby from her hurniug houe
nere raster lwls. colorvil, was so badlv
burned sb is not etpected to live. Her
baby waa cremated.
I .rr mm Her W.rk
la ik Paxrt K a .! Ilea.
Mr. Ledyard 8tven. areaidaat of
S eoanaiMloa of women who are
working for a woman department at
the Paria tipoaltioa of 1M0, 1 one of
New York's leading iplrlti among pro.
grcaatv women. 8b u a uUn of
South Carolina, and toward the clone
ot the -i m war was snnt ai a child to
her grandmother. Mr. John W. ('hau
ler In New York, on a perial paaa le
tued by General Sherman
Through th Chanter branch of tha
family Mrs. Htevena it n line descend
ant of John Wlnthrop. governor of the
colony of Maaaachusetta. 8be la atao
desccLiltci from Peter Stuyveaant. tha
auraai. sttv.
Dutch int.tnor of New Amsterdam
Tbrouik her father. Dr. OrUvlua
White tkr ii connected wltb the best
families of the south.
Mra. 8t.ns is a paragon of fash
ion, and i. eminently Hlted in an in
tellectual an.l social way for the large
and Important work sbe bas undertak
en. II.-H MS Tawlea.
(Sreaaltea of the akin generally
arise fromi lark of rleanllne or de
bility of the akin. Only an astringent
1 haa an elect upon It. and a very sim
ple and eitlrely harmless one may lie
made fro . ni. pint of roaewater. halt
a pint of shite wine vinegar and a few
drop of the esaence of roae. Thi
lotion akeuld be applied with a soft
linen rag or a One sponge.
Blackheads are difficult to get rid of
ance Ibey appear. They are caused by
the closjlag of th pore of th ikln
by dust or foreign matter. Alcohol. M
per cent, applied by means of a piece
of chansais akin, will give tone to th
skin ids remove unsuspected dust and
dirt, at th same time stimulating the
small glands and removing, by con
stant aw. the blackhead.
Tan aid freckle may be removed by
the following lotion: Two drachm of
powdered sal ammoniac, four fluid
1 drarbaw of cologne water, one quart of
distilled water As home remedies
both lemon Juice and borax are vary
tfflcartous for th aame purpose
For some skins which cannot stand
condstt waahlng. but needing to be
rleaassd after a walk or ride by other
meats than aoap and water, lalt vir
ginal Is s delirious preparation, and Is
mads as follows: On pint of roe.
orangt-flower or elder-flower water,
half at ounr of th simple tincture of
beniolD snd ten drop of th tincture
of myrrh
After exposure to a harsh or chilling
wind It is well before retiring to rub
a quattlty of fresh cream on the face,
removing after Ave or ten mtnutea. to
be again applied, followed by a gener
ous ptflnx of rice powder Remove In
the morning by lalt virginal and tepid
'!"" WHSelmlea
Queen Wtlhelmlna's well-known dis
inclination to provide Holland with a
prime contort by marrying I atd by
knowing one In European court to
bave a tangible prartlral reaaon.
Th young Queen I now eighteen
years old snd Is to be formally crown
ed this yrar and assume control of the
fat. rkh little kingdom to long admln
Isterrd by Queen Keren: Rmma. Not
having yet tasted the bitter with th
sweets of power. Wllhelmlna Is In no
hurry s yet to contemplate giving up
the reini of the kingdom
If she should marry and begin at
once, in the provident Hutch way, tup
plying Holland with belra of th royal
houae. wime of them would doubtless
be boy The eldest son of Queen Wll
belmlna would, upon hla eighteenth
year succeed her on the throne.
The liutch law doe not contemplate
the possibility of aurb a case a tbat
of Queei: Victoria, who hat ruled for
thirty-five yeara lieyond the legal ma
Jorlty of the F.ngllah Crown Prince If
thia were the law of Holland po!bly
Wllhelmina would have leu objection
to matrimony.
The i.amai f .ln,ralra.
A housekeeper who dotes on "col
lection ' and who has run the gamut
afsoiiw mr (poons.Jugt. nip, beer mug
and can.lle-atlck. I now turning her
attention to plates, and pronounce It
the moat fascinating of all. "One never
can at VI too many plate," th de
clares, 'and everywhere you go you ar
sure to find a variety of pretty and
artistic one to choose from."
Woelra el.
I A woolen net I a decidedly new fab
ric, ami netlike In pattern ape some
awfully fetching fabrics that seem to
be of silk and wool, very soft and
clinging to th touch, and In various
nctlike or lacelike mhe Theae ar
luitr the smarted thing poiilbl built
tvrr soft satlna In rloly clinging
A Quiet H . ii ding to Take Plmrm
at College Thi Morning.
Lieut. Cbarlei C. Todd ami Miu
Mar fi. Kittle will be nMrried at
college thi morning and will leave
on the noon train for Atlanta, Ga. ,
where Lieut Todd will go in re
Mnae to army orders.
The wedding will be very .juiet
only relative and a few friendn be
ing present, and Dr. T. 0 Bittle,
father of the bride, officiating.
Lieut. Todd in one of the most
distinguished and deserving of the
graduates of the A. A M. college in
recent years. He was flri-t honor
graduate of his class, and in con
seijuence of this distinction was
tendered a commission as aecond
lieutenant in the regular army,
passing a highly creditable three
week examination at Iaven
w rth, Kansas. Prior to this he
as an assistant professor of ( hem
istrv and after the deperture of
Lieut, liartlett, was commandant
of the eorjss of cadets at college.
He is held in the highest esteem
by the faculty, officers and stu
dent body of the college, has anl
excellent rank and a bright future.
Mis Kittle is one of the most
charming and popular young ladies
of the campus social circle. Her
beauty and sweetness of disposi
tion have endeared her to all and
her friends an- legion.
The Eagle extends its heartiest
congratulation and hopes that the
young couple will realize the full
measure of happiness witb which
their future is so roseate.
9m h Prairie.
Warm weather it my disagree
able. Rain is badlv needed in this
part of the conitnunitr.
A great deal of sickness now,
some very severe.
Mr. Lil lie Carl has been very
ill for the past week, but we hope
she is improving rapidly.
At the home of Mr. and Mr
Bolton on last Wednesday night.
Mr. Trave Coddy entertained
iUite a crowd of his friends with a
grand ice cream supper which waa
delightfully enjoyed by all present.
The writer will name a few that
were there: Misses Emma Tuck
er. Lillieand Dora Kattle. Janie.
Fannie and Kmma Hovder, Pearl
and Coma Gandy. Iternice Good
year. Zuma Jolly, Kmma 1 season
and Laura Koyder of Wellborn.
Messrs. K. K. (iriffin, A. J. Tabor,
Author Williams, Claude and
Eamey (iandy. Klbert Barron,
Albert and Mat lil Jolly, KdTuck-
j-r, Homer McCullucb, G. C. and J.
C. Koyder, Charley Clint and Joe
Atkins and also Messers. Jessie
ami M Brenham of Lee county.
Dancing began about '.) o'clock and
waa enjoyed until a late hour, and
then the tabic was spread with ex
cellent cream and cake and six
couple inarched to the Uble while
the rest still kept dancing. The
cream was greatly enjoyed and all
had plenty. The dancing waa
kept up until about 2 o'clock. The
music was furnished by Messrs.
Trave Coddy, Will Jollv, Kd and
Jesse Brenham, and it was grand
too. All seemed to have a grand
time and thanking Mr. Trave very
kindly, all returned home, hoping
to enjoy another soon.
Miss Kmina mid Mr t btcar C.irl
of Bell county, are visiting their
brother, Mr KdCarl, of this place, j
Misses Callie and Mattie and;
Mr. Clum Foster of Provi.'enco, !
visited Bock Prairie last Sunday.
Misses Beltie (laiidy and K'tnma
Arnold, in company with Messrs.
A. J. Tabor and H. T. Palmer, at
tended the concert Friday night at
Mr. Will Pate of Bethel coin,
munity, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with friend here.
Mrs Bolton has been quite ill
for several days, but at this writing
is better.
Mr. 11. T. Palmer n visiting
friends ut this place. Tulip.
exchange Hotel Arrival.
W V llaoway, John Btrnet, P Wil
son; Dallaa; John Williams, Corpu
Cbmti; J II Shang, Chicago; D p
Sn.MlgraM, (itlrciton, II B Enington.
John M. Caldi
will occupy a por
tion of the North
Side of Dr. Read's
Drug Store on and
with elegant new
Fixtures and an up-to-date
Stock of
Jewelry etc. Dur
ing July he will in
augurate a
of which Buyers
will do well to take
About Perfumery
and Toilet Waters
It pays to be careful,
name of the odor
prove nothing. Note
tending ol the Arm
which you bay. l'erft
are a hobby of oura and when
yon get them of u you knew
they are right. We kg
Palmar, Wright', Crown
and other, aid are especially
the odor we excel in. Fit bar
in original aealed buttles
with all their (ragraaea pre
served, or in bulk aa yet
Pretcriptiont a specialty.
i S. REM),
Bread, Cakes Rolls, Etc.,
Full weight lovas
of tha Beat quality,
Hlrjuaya freah, and
Fair treatment is uihat
I guarantee
Phone M
I can now furnish good pastur
age with service from my regit
tered Devon bull for 30 days for
I6i5a 21ti S M. Derden.
Doremus & Butler.
Law Offices.
I and 2 Parker Building.
W. C Fountain,
ii n i t - r.
H 'I'l - -alooa.
Itll V'aJ int t V t I x ..' la a I '
i 4 vi. i.i . i ' ri Mir.
aw. an waaa "wuci J as tt .llVlia, ty
II. s. Head' Drugstore.
Ivesulence Thorn II It. - Bryan,
r r riini r a w
Un. r HI 1 1 IU nil T
Bryan, Texas.
danc Pbon 131.

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