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Have You Seen
We are receiving New FALL AND WIN
TER OOODfl daily, and invite you to call
and see them. We wish to call the espe
cial attention of the Ladies to our line of
We have the Finest Qualities at the Low
est Prices. We have the BBSTofl every
thing you want in our line, and wlill not
he Undersold.
II. AT. C. Time, Carrt, llryaii
fforthbonnd No 1 U:lpm
Houthbonnd So 1 4 :0.1 p m
0mMMMVm4 J. & Francie (M
hen- f r nt 'Mi.nx l vcnierdav
l-eave cell for F. ('. Cain, all round
Dr. Foal r returned from Dellaa yen
Mil' Lerenla MeCoanleo la vl.lttnf
in H (ration.
Mra. M J. M i lelt v -1 -r ! jr lo
vi.it bar iud at Montgomery.
Mhertff ud Mrs. T. C. Nunn return)
from lb I m. . ! i r yeeterday.
Dr. T. H. II 4"ton will be at bl. of.
flee in Bryan Fr! lay, Oct 14. 270
Prol. and Mra It. II. Wbitloek, Col
llarriaon, Ir. M Fraud, and other.
weia hern from College veelerday.
There will be a meeting of the veetry
of 8l. Andrew church thla evening at
.'o'clock at th offl.-e i if (i. W, Hmltb.
flag-ana W. William. C T. Dait, J.I
D Williama, I. I. Italn., J T. Dyeea j
and otht from Harvey, war in the j
city yte"lay.
F. C. Cain ha. a complete arlcraian I
wall mittlt and "Kara hia eervice for
Inning walla of buy daplb. Corree
pondence aolnitr-l and eat una' en fur
niahed. M. D. Keay'a atore iv atrurk
bv liifhtiiiiig at Connor. Madi-
aon county, Tueeday morning ami
hurned Loe on etock f'iVJO and on
building ofo, with l(W0 inaurance.
Manager Mike canceled a ahow which
ha had f r tha data now held by Ten
neaaee'" Pardnnr, Oct. 10, Madid thla
althnng aked to play Tenneaaee'a Card
ner on a guarantee, at a high figure,
which ba will not gat out of the allow
unleaa ha geta a good bout. Tha puh
lie have an opportunity now to ncourj
age good attraetiona if they wi.h 10 do
an, by giving Mr. Mika a good attend
ance at Tennea.ee'a Pardner. It la a
One .how.
NorthlHinnd No (
S ir? a in M n hini-t, at the M. A P. lank
Southbound No 4 1:4 a in
I. A . N.Tlllie Titlile. Ilenrue
aaT B"t'M.
No. I leave.
Mo. 3 leavea
1:0ft a m.
W "' a in.
ga.r aoi'Mi.
. AM . m
AM p m
J 10 p III.
1 1 Vi a. in
o leave.
No. 4 leavea
eatwmt UiM MB
No. M, leavea llearne
No. 10. arnv". at Hearne
II. X T. 4! I I ladle llNtrilw
.am rm
No. I arrlvea II M P-
So .i arrive) -
Mi.. C. A. Inn i Matting in Hal-
J. Wooheed went t Milano yeatcr-dy,
lloue tor rent
11 'i for rent. Apply to II w
South. t'i
J. II. Holdan of Tbor, aa hen- yia
Urday. Good .tore hou.e for lent. Apply to
Apply to I ihn II ,, ,oni.m.
. 1 "
Walter Wlppracht want lo Au-tin
Major W K. Cavltt want to Dal la.
yeater. lay.
liny your hav from W. II. Yale
Forney, Taiaa. lift.
eU. P UktUtWI Ot II irvey, left
"Try lor A bill ne.
John Henry aa here from Payne
Prairta jcelerday.
The McClelland pi n e for rent. Appll
to Miaa ue M I m l I l-w
Sjuire J. M Z mmeriiiaii of Kurten,
waa In the ejt) yeeterday.
Cotton aned hull and meal for ale
bjr C. F. Moore PIMM M. .74
K. II. Hickman, Tom OaHetin and J.
Caatlr. of Cotlonaood, were in town
For Kale My atore building and lota.
gornl well id water, etamV, etc. J.N.
Mr. I'M, ilia And lew. and daugh
ter, Mtaa May, were here yeaierday
fioui llaivey
Freah ll.ti and BaVtrtl k hay oyaler
every Friday nd .-atunlay at Parone'
re.iaurnt If
J T W. lor, lepieaenling the Waal
rn NewapaKr DfjiN of llniiaton, waa
I in ihe 1 II) eterdy.
t,i . l am will tlx your wind milla,
Dinm and ma. Inner BtWBMlf
and at r a-onahln rate. -
John Fergueon, J. T. and H. T. Pate,
John F.adn and Elijah Pale of Betbal,
were here ) i-.U-rday.
I in- oil mill la nuking a good re-onl
thl aea.on and ha in ! alimit "
galon. ut on ainca .Uiting up.
l tiarlie Ntti h, after living in llearne
haa relumed to Ury.n
and will make hi home here.
t tt n e l II .. . f r deiner. I
ami a. cheap a can be bought any
where. Apply lo Ira (lah, Phone
60. 271
lu tha di. ti let rotirt yeeterdny a mo
lten foi a new trial In the David Milu
toeh will caae a overruled by Judge
Mr. lieirge Dunn, Ml Nannie
Dunn and Mia. Uuei.a Brown of
Wheelia'k, were viaitoi to ilryan yea
ierday. I have rented the 1 iede Mithell pa
tun , ."i . ' . ..1 .t 1 . .ti,. I waier
Kate for paaturage cattle or boraea 6tk
a heail per month. Apply to lb H.
"Tentie--re Pardner," which enmea
to the liran I Bfjafl In ue Del. H, with
Aithur C. Ai-ton and a line company,
ia a auperi attrai lion and one which
tbeatie goer, cannot afford to mi.a
4 otton Itci dpt..
Following i the number of halea of
cotton In Bryan yarda up to Wed
newlay morning
Lawrence Warehooee AH3I
Karmera' Cotton Yarl 4WH
Kernole C iton Yard 22AO
Brn k Warehoiiae. . 247ft
Daiwin A Punier 2356
Dawaon Yam 1210
Mike'a Yard 244
oi. riaoti'. Yard 471
Bowman Yard 14
Price were quoted here yeeter
dny a follow.
Ble4ct lojf Midding 4.
Middli ,4?4.
Strict Middling 4C.
IrOOd Middling 4jc.
Cotton rSeed ', :,n pr ton.
KKg" H' r doxen.
Chicken f 1.75 pr dozen.
Ileeawax lHc ier j s r j I
Turkey 50c ench.
Honey 7i 1 pan ;. ,.,,
Country lard 7jc jwr oiind.
Hutler Lie j N'T (Hitind.
Uncoil. t;j,- per niind.
Iriah PoiAtOM Ml er huahel.
Sweet I'ol.itoc .Ilk' per bunhel.
Inion. .' per pound,
lirieil I'. 1- ;;, p. r pniind.
Corn U to ;ik wr Imahel.
I lay 17 per Ion.
Wood It. 78 per cord.
Win it. ami Hint:..
Wool averagi. 10c per pound.
Hide- ;retn lc jwr pound.
Hide. tlted tic per ound.
Hide- .in . I,, ), r Kiund.
Bone. 2V a r Hi pound.
Cow from 17 to 120 per head.
Yearling, patt 110 to HI per
Mng Ui4?c )ier pound groan.
Wimp WA ier head.
Itryau fMffl
The output of the Hryan gin in
hale aim- the cotton aeaaou Ix-gnu
up to yeterday morning ia aa fol
lows: W. P. Walllull . M2
Jacoh I.uu , HO
finrth. Ilowei: ,V WVhb 1100
(i - P.irker MM
Mnw on M hk Not avrrrrin. 00c
be taottfol. hut the i.De.i far la
man allrartlve by a clear, pan .kin.
Guaranteed to rnmove FreoWlea, Tan and Dark
Sph1chas from tha Fact and Handt. or Monty R funded
Manufactured and for Hale at
XXaELll'js IDruig- Store,
Mnirer Mike annonncea that "Boy
WintH" will lie prevented at the opera
houae here Wedneeday Oct. 11, be a
g.iod ii'mpany of twenty ieople. Mr.
Mika aaw the -how in Hon. ton Ihia
week and va he wa greatly pleaaed
with it.
Alexandria i eight mile-, from
BfyfJa. They have winging there
evi ry tit-' and third Sunday even-
lap and the choir haa ordered
aotne new laioka.
Mr. and Mr. Zerah Iwi arc
vi-iling hit parent. They will re
turn home thi nfterniwn.
The young people pent a de
lightful evening at the home of
Mr. aiul Mr- Mi l.ane lat Friday
night at an ice cream -ii'r.
A large crowd attended the
ainging at Alexatnlria la-t Sunday
Mi" KlU (iannway hua been
vi.iting friend at Bethel.
Mr. Holden died at hi- home ;it
Alexandria .1 lew day agn and
MM buried at AlexandriaCenieb ry
He leave, many friend and rela
HfUJ to mourn hi In.
Sunday IfaMT h
Th k CofjunruuM,
I.O-T A hi tie roan colt. II
iiintitli- .ild, MM on left hind leg
llewarii fur return to J. T. HlBM
Brysn, Ta. d 27'i.
OTTO BOEHMK, Proprietor.
-All kind of Freeh Bread and Cake kept
lonetantly on hand. Stipplie furniahed on
-hurt notice .,r picnic and harU-i in. I am
f j running a Free Delivery wagon and will
, -deliver your order at your dir. Mv hakery
7 i a home enterpriae and deaervea the patron-
age of the people with whom I live and apend
.' my money. My rate are 11.00 per day for
iMiard, with -cial jirice by the week or month. Phone 89.
to Drink at the
That Celebrated line of
All the Latest Style Lasts and Toes
TAN. Hm Hum Ltaa Of
lre.il of Trut.
W. A. Millican. dealer in gro-
- Mid li'imir- at W'lute Sw itcli,
in thi county, tiled a deed of lrnl
here Tm -, j, iy . naming ti. W. Iun
lap, trustee. Aneet f.liinatei at
1 n h . 1'referr.il creditor a follow-:
Heye A ('11., ;l?,l.',i;
lln U iii I Null, loO.OM li. V.
Dunlnp, II V.i, mi; GhfMl Move A" Co.,
I6M.19; Mayer, Kahn A Freiherir,
1M IS; .loe Terrell. .V..HMI; lie...
I, Mfood A- Co.. I17S.S7; W.J.
Uab, 1190.00; B, W. K.lmtrick
A Co., I9S.0D W. B. Weon,
MSyOO f. W, Br.,ig, I.Vl.00. To
tal, HMOrOU
(ot Ion wood.
Still nenling rain in thi part of
the world.
School will begin next Monday
October 17 with J. T. Mi (ice a-
Then were no nervier at the
BaptKt ' liur. h Saturday and fun
day, the pa-tor being ub.rnt, hav
ing gone to Warn lo attend the
Baptilt convention at that place.
Ournnging choir met Sunday
evening and apent part of the even
ing in ringing HM leader were
.1. D, fMm nd J.T. I'arker.
Mol of the young people of thi
community gathered al the reei
deine of Mr Thoiiia Sunday night
and apent a few hour in winging.
Among the group of linger we no
ticed Meair. Jnine Parker and
Till lie (iauaway of Alciandna.
Com again Imya we are alway
glad to pee you.
Mr. 1 K. Smith returned home
Friday night alter aiiout a two
month vi.it to relative in Karne
I'otiu'.v. He wu arrniiiliatiied
home by hi half brother ol Karne
cotin' v .
The gin l'louging to Mr. Gu
Stev.-: r caught on lire and wa
burneil. There w r a great many
that liil cotton there that wa
burned. Mr. F.d Klliott of thi
neighlirhil lot ix bale in the
fire. It il bad for the farmer but
wore for lie owner in the lo of
the gin.
Mi Kittle Fuller of Alexandria
wa- 1 1.. ' ;e-t "1 Mlw Blanche
and Kinmi Hickman Sunday.
CoTTosrn ki ft,
TAYLOR & COX, Prop's.
Cooling Drinks, Stengthenino Cordials.
Everybody treated Right.
Best Wines, Liquor and Cigars
when M in. .-'Mill ami Ul wile, who
lb re. frn ml, retarwed from a walk anl
fJMl 111 il.e tofjaj iene. The great man
advanced, with extended banda, and
nr. 1 1 1 in. . M frn tul 111 an impromptu
which ha htfMM familiar lo the read
ing world:
WMty a. Ilnrallu Flareiia.
A area! a Jscoliln u itrurrha.
Hti,.ri ihouih nut fa) a. Iiacchua,
aatad en a lull lack.'
Youth' Companion.
We are authorized to announce
the following named gentlemen a
candidate for ollice at the enuing
November election:
1'raellrnl I 1...1.
Mr. Tmilnti. taking her on to
1 arbool (or the flrl time, and, after fm
prcMing the iM'liiN.liiiader with the ne.
i oeaaitv of bl having a thoroughly good
education, tlm.heil up hy .ay lug. "And
ba rare he le.-m litin.'
"Hut. my dear inadaiu, " aald tha
achoolmaaler. "IjiIIii I a dead lau
"All right." aald Mr. Timkina
"He'll want it He', going to he an un
dertaker " London Tit lilt.
For County Attorney
Jesse G. Minkert.
For County Treaurr
A. W. Buchanan.
For County Treasurer
J. H. Black.
la lulnl .nl..r.
A 11 l. tr .t.it In -h judge mire paed
k nt. in 1 1:1 tin 1 '! in.' iiiaiim r The
primiier v ,i. ,1 roller w ho ha.1 len
convicted of .leallng hi. maMer'a wine:
"Dead to every claim of natural ffec
llmi. I lind to yonr own real luterv.t.
yon have tmr.t t. trough ul I the reatrninl
of religion and morallly and have for
mntiv year- hi hi feathering your own
ne.t with your maater'ibottlea," Lou
den Telegraph
For Sheriff re-election
T. C. Nunn.
For County Clerk re-election,
Geo. W. McMichael.
In all the new Shapes and Colors in
Soft and Stiff Hats.
Webb Bros.
I'm 'Iiiiiik Hotel Arrlviila.
S. B. (iouily, Diiroil: J. V.
Daw Mm, San Diego, I,. Holliduy,
Millican, J. W. Buck, St. I.oui-;
Id II. Kfjrdin, Waco: W. Mi
lam. Dkllw; I A. IhinaliUon, Chi
cago; J. T. W, Lot, DtllMj Frank
Eckell, WwOOj W. M. Ingram, St.
LowU) J. W. Sullivan, BwHeVOBj
T A U.ir.lin, (liilveht'iu: llany
Alexandrr. F. i. Brahun, HlWI.
M F. M. r-pringrr, Hoton; J.
Hhapira, Madiaonvile; W. Pitt
lUrtie-, St. Lotli: I'. II. Meade,
New York; M. M. M.Farland,
Dal la; I'hil Hunt, Advance for
Tonne' I'ar.lner Co.
t M In Mower.
Tin- largent flower in the world, it I
aid, 1. the holo, which RTow on Ihe
lalaud of Minilanao, one of the Philip
pine group II ha five ictala, un-a.ure
nearly a yard in wi.lth. and a .ingle
flower ha lieen known to weigh ii
, pound. It grow on the highmt plnna
cln of the land, or at. alt g,.'ilKI feet
alwvii the level of the .ea
For .lu.tice of the Peace precinct 4.
( Be election.)
J. T. ClOSS.
For JuRtice of the Peace, prec. 4.
W. Gillie Mitchell.
-..I... . ... 1 1 1. . left .
S4y.lt.. v Smith wa very hup; v 111 hi
count rv life, nud hi chlldrn caught
hi .pint 1 f delight over common 1
thing. They loved animal and . nt !
long h ir- 111 training them 1 Hie little.
hea.l, a h.ihy donkey, Ix. nine under!
tin ir tuiti 11 perhap the tin l :i ' mil
pll.he'l . f In- .pei ie. and mi' n-i ton.
iy gave rtM In a quatrain win. li now
belong to 1 he fame of iydney ttaitft.
The dotikev wu a well eilu catiil chap ,
He won.. I walk up lair-, follow th
family lu their ramble like 11 dog nnd :
when they eiiterwl bl meadow run H ,
meet 1 tun 1 with ear down and tail
erect, hrayitig joye Af,
ne day, when Hilly' head waa,
crowned with tlowera and he lu iiig
tr.uiie.l w it!. iiiiii.llo rehief i 1 ,t l.ri.lle,
Mr. JefTrev uneiiavtedly aimed. Il
join. . I in the .port and to the children'
lutluite delight mounted Billy.
Tbua ha wa proceeding In triumph
i r.ener.
"What It vonrname. Mr Throgwm?"
"Mv mime 1. Ai'.am. Mlu Well
r M ER( ! 1 1 A M
me' n it n w nai a reiuarK.inie coin
ciilein . ' -i Menu 1 Trihuua
I 1 WrHI.,1 .kill.
Maater I-ate attain. Sandy! t'an't '
yoQ manage to get hare m timer
Sandy (with a doleful hiinlarhet 1
canna lerp o' ulchla, .or. and an I'm
loath to get np In the ne rum.
Bryan, . . . Texaa
HMter Kl. man, .1 -'Why All work Unarameed and done promply
nn't yon ron.iilt a doctor and get at Ulve him a call.
th"i cnnne'
Sandy I get al the enure wee I
enracb, hut it'll no hui up. It
wowk auldaiid an awful Teller. (.!
gow Time
Tim pajaj enrrent. rontn'ti lea nlt
t tin 11 thoae from the equator.
Afghan women are never jealou. of
each other
IMIoDBH Saloon.

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