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Saturday, Q Q
Game called at
t on. i r I .... I tnnal'larlaf a
Karl, Ion in II ih aa aa
lla . . 1 1 , i
Pari, O't i'. The court of ratantion,
which i, to decul'i upon tha iuettion of
raopeiiitiK thacaiH'of Alfrel Ureyfo,tb
faTtanuer on Devil' Itiand, who it It al
leged ha been falc,y convicted of tell
inn iiujHirtant inl.uary pian to ngi'iiit
of a for.'iL'ii iw r. oiieiielat ii-i-. ii
today. Tim hall wa Ullwl with people,
t there wa no dviiiouttr.it cm around
tbe latlace fif jutice. The irat WM
cloed, a a matter of precaution, and
only ticket holder, were a.itmtt. i I li
few pacta ton about the palaca war
kept ninvlnR by the police, and iiii :
the buildliiK municipal Kuard were ta-
tloniil in all I be corridor leading- to the
court room. Maitre Labori, who wa
couuel for M. Zola during the latter'
famnu trial, waa among the lawyer
occupying tbe flrt row. Madam Dray
fua, wife of tbo prlaouer, waa provided
with a teat at tbe corner. Sha waa
ie.r. -elite. t I v M uti M .niard
The Urcyfu appeal caae waa calliMl
imnn-dlately after the npeninK of tbe
court lleportcr llardocned the pne
ceeiluiK ly referring to tlm eicit inent
and the ncandal caual by lliecaae, even
before the appeal for the rev i. ion waa
lodged He then reviewed the hiatory
f lb. i ff .in the arr.-.t of Hn-ytu
and .aid In condemnation wa for one
of the crime which am looked upon
with uiitvcraal horror and u lruok one
in whom the counirv ha tic ncwl
oonlldence. Contllill llg M. Iltrd apike
of the effort mad., to obtain a revition .
of the ca referring with denunciation
to Major Ktlehnry an I reviewed Mine
Dreyfua' appeal for a reviaiou of the
In o doing, M Hard, aald the apa al
la laved on the aMliuiptlon that tha bor- '
dnrean wa written by Major Kterhaay.
Ho then Hiitited out that there wereaua-
plcloui facta which juitify the reiuett
foraitVMlon Mine. Dreyfua contended
bar buaband did not write tbe borde
reau, which all exiierl reported be did
write. The court, Ibereforc, would have
toexamini. lb. fa. t. and decide wheth
er a h'Vialon la Juatillcil M. Hani addial
that the apM-al for a i viiioii wa decid
ed um ii in coiietiieiice of the lute Lieu
tenant Colonel Henry' confeloti that
be bad forg-'d the document in the cae,
bat M. Hani raid tin lorgery wa com
mitted 111 IMHlnnd cnuld not alone l
regard d a ground for a reviaiou or for
an annulment of thu judgment ren
dered in IVm; Notwithilaiidlug Hie
fact, M. Hard aald thai Ueuletiant
Colon. l Henry committed forgery, hi
evidence waa mot cruthiug again. t
Orarf'i. but lie coiillUlied, that the cm-
about 3 p. m.
deuce of a forger it open to upicnu.
There a therefore, a preumptlon of
contciwice. laired um frh fact which
lad to an appeal for a reiion of the
rae and there were alto ground toaik
whether another new fact bad been
brought to hi, hi and if Drey
few wa really the author of the ,
Nirdcreati. the BOM written by Major '
K.ierhxy and found in tbe apartment
of Mine I'.iy. which the writer nked
what he mould do respecting tbe bor
dereau M. Hard read Colonel I)n Hatty de
Ciam-report of thearreat of lireyfu.
then a ('utilaiu f the Kreticn artillery,
doing Ktatf mitt .!, ih . ..loii. l .aid
Drevfua while waiiing hi dictation, !
frayed intenae eiii ement. Hut, M. j
Bard addril, amid urpri. of In hear
er, a photograph taken at tin writing
di' not give the uligbte.t indication of
Dreyfu .aliruig under tenement.
Drcyfu. M. Kant a1-, aaui, denied to
Celonel )u I'attv on Cam that he bad
never bad relation directly with for-
eign power. ( oionel I iii ratty oe
Clam' report further howiil tnat lirev
fut had to write incriminating docu
menta In in oifferent way .itting and
atanuing, with and without glovea nml
with onluiary and brvl pointed pena.
A NMfMifM l Kaltate.
Autin, ( let. i7. - The railroad com
million ha furniahed the attorney gen
eral 'a department with the ueceaaary
data and evidence upon which to bate
uit again. t aevrral more Tela rail
roan, for alleged rebating Tbene new
nut- will aggerate .'ill in number, and
they w ill be tiled in a few day.
Dr. II (I. McKowan, who i accutml
of the murder of Luiu Hud. I in Wool
bury county, la , ha been releaaml on
bond at Sioux City.
At Untotiville, Mo, ..la (.airing, r
and Jim Johu.ou wi ro aeiitemed to the
penitentiary for two year for burglary
While two I ndhera, Jvldl and Jeae
I'oindextur, were out hunting crow,
near NeUou, Mo , a abotgun in Jaaaa'a
hand waa accidentally discharged, aen
otuly wounding Eddie
Henry E Shading and Albert Ham,
bald under peace Uilidi, mad., their et-cap"-
from the county jail at ('beater.
Ilia., by breaking the lock otT the main
Near Heamaii, Mo , Tueeday, Mr
Martha Hlackloiu. had her left hand
caught In the roller of a ugarcane mdl
and mangled o that amputation waa
Walter Hutler and Hruurr Black,
neighl.it- retiding mar Maniilligton.
Ky . Iiecame involved in a iiiarrel over
aome tm il matter al Coyle'a mill, when
Black drew hi. ptitol and ihot Butler in
the brrati. inflicting a fatal wound.
Edward llawman, iteam litter, in tb
employ of the Cuilahy Hacking company
lu Sioux Cilv, 1,, waa caught in the
heavy and tapidly moving machinery
and killed !. wa mangled in a hor
rible manner.
It Ma at I'hlla.l.lphl fbfff
Mi. Prwliwiil b Atifnuiiuc
Peace JjiiiiliT.
Would give out
A .. i mi Mt--nir'r 'onvt'..l -'.me
lini" ri .h.i Im From Sen :.irv
Hav Anion IWMMM.
Nothing l'tlnllf l onld II Obtained.
bill Hi- Hi l-. r I -. , p
rial Trala. II l i ..nni. i . i
I mi I ... r 1 .1 11 1 .
1'htUdclphU. Oct limn. liy
after the reception to trie pcei int at
tin I'm. hi l.igu laat mgbt a meeting
of lbs chief executive anil cabin, t offi
cer, who an in atbii'ianoe with him ut
111- ;. .. Jlll.ll... W I. "Ill at tl. I lotfl
Bcllevua Tbnat prcMtit heii.ie. ttiti
president were IWniaatar (. ..
Smith, Secretary of War Alger, Secre
tary Wllaoti anil So.l.itor liciicra. It ' ll
at. ;. in tit. f Attorney Innernl
Origg The utniiat aecracy attended
the ir.-ccding and il we Unix- to
learn for what purte the mectii i wa
called nr what iihj. ' I wen- di.
fltm an unofficial, though onli
reliable aource, it waa gleanad tha
K"llok'g. private r. ' irv to S. .
Hay, reaclml here at 10 o'ch
night U-ariug imiiortant diaputch. roin
, tha ttaie department itber It rta
ry I'orter nor anv of the cabinet nltlcer
twild li M after the ineetuik' ha I
einie.i and no uiformatioii from ..ther
ource could le obtained Tbe meeting
laaieii nearly an hour and waa bed in
the preaulent' room in the hotel Local
detective prevented any one from an
preaching the vicinity. After the prect
dent ami tb cabinet bad oonclndul their
delll.Tatiotn Mr Kellogg left immedi
ately for Watbingtoa in a pecuil car.
While it i impuMohie to find out on
juat what grou nd thia eitra e.i.m . f
the cabinet waa held, it la believed It
has connection with the nrgotiationt
of ieace at I'arta and that the American
peace com on.-. u i- nt im iinirt
ant infonuatlon a to yeaterday'a pro
I'aar tiiraiili..i .till II. hi i i Of)
Ilia lll...lll .n . t tha nban
li.lil J.iaillun.
Pari, ( lot t' Nothing waa accom
plialie.i at the j nut !. n of tba peaci
coiiimn..ioh h. ! ve.teMay
I . .il-- :.., !, w i- r ti." d:te.i
tlon of the Cuban d-bt and when the
American cotntuii u pmitivelv alllrin
ed for the (bird tune that none of the debt
would la- a.inn.l or guarant d by il.
United Statei. it laaai.i a rupture almo-'
la-curred, however, tile 8iaiiiil flna.l.
agree,) to give a final anwer on tin
IMiiut totlay
Under the . inting .tale of affair it
would urpr.aa no oue here ir pace p
gotiatlon woul : coin- to a-i abrupt end
before the Philippine iuulioti it ever
The S:.ati..:i are tierotuing mora ol.
durate ami are dupoam! to delay pro
ceaduig, lb - principal play 1 to nci -the
aympaliit of tb iwer and poaattv
get aouie European country to beg leii
ency for Smiii rather than have Spi i
to do it.
Welraii II. ,,4 J il,. Tlakal.
Denver, li t The committee to
fill vacaiK ih nn the anti-Teller allver
Itepublicau ticket decided to place
Henry 1 Wol ott, tic Republican
. an. 11. late for governor at the head of
Ibu ticket in pla. e of Simon (iuggen-1
heim, reiigmil Several other vacan
ciea were alao llilwl by endoniiig the
Itepublicau nominee.
aerleu 11 acrbleat,
laletlni'. Tex , ()ct- il - Wade II
Butler, a well. to-do and proaperoii
farnirr of Anderson county, who wm
thrown from a buggy and bail both lr-
and bia ami broken and received a
vera blow on hi head, died uf hi tnju
aieaiil'l Inula k.
Michigan Cnv, Ind , i let. 7.-Tb-teuiuer
H. A. 1 utile, i .uiiken 111 Del
mouth of the river, a total w rack. The
crew were taken off by the llfeaavei.
alter .'0 hour of extreme .ril.
rrani Stint.. w in Ml, rhrnat.
Marion, Tex., i -t. Hi A renter on
Krank Weiter'a place mi tbe Clbohi .
nam. d Kram Ziitizow, a (iertnan, com-1
muted kuicidaby cutting hi throat with
a poi ket knife.
kaa far llaaiaga.
New York, Oct .1. -The American j
Cycle Ha. lug .latum ha ued the.
L. A W lor '..,oim for injury to bn
bu.ine. by warning cycltat not to
patronite it.
Tkef Waal ta tall. 4 Malaa la
the i.i... i unr la Than at
mm Karir Date.
Santiago. Oct. t?. Major I'etit, In
command of lb United Hlaur troop at
Manxanillo, and military governor of
it... city, telegraphod that thu Cuban
general, Hioa, offer trumi man to aaeiat
Ibu Aim r.. an. in preaerviug (inter,
merely a. king ration in return, io n
Wood M'nl the foilowina; reply:
"Certainly uot. The only -nnd.tinnt
on which ratlona am to tat iued are tha
complete dliarmamcut ami duUndl
in. ut of tha troope."
Mom.- ..f the Cutaxna here coniidcr that
the United state la treating allta
badly in not allowing the Cuban force
to remain armed. They contend that
tha Cuban aoldwr who bate been fight
ing three year and who ipeak the lan
guage .if tbe coautry, are better lilted
for garritou datr than "untrained vol-
an teen."
Tbe Cuban general. Maria Kalnguea.
virtually voice the Miitiment of the
Cutatn army when ho ayi; "We thank
the United State for the aaatataucn It
baa given u. but tbe time ha now
armed lien the Cuban abould l
placed in the bigheet ofllce and abould
prepare to take oter the uland on the
departure of tn Spaniah "
Culaiii eitrenn! here am jubilant at
tbe reported attitude of tbe Cuban at
embly at Santa Crui d Sur where tbe
delegate, while eipre.ing tbeir gratl
tude to the American, iirarticaily de
mand a di.Miictivi. ruUiti government.
The ('u'nan moderate, on the other
ban. i. regret thu aland, thinking it l't
that tbe United State authnntie ahouli
have charge of affair for a year at
leaat. ...a. to Mt thing generaJly and
to prevent auycomplicatii.il with for
eign government.
'I ho- who a.iv.-iite annexation in
the I mo d Stale, tirecitrenif iy anilotit
aa to the outcome prominent Cuban
now emploved tinder our governniei.t
who i a iuilrrat and wt-.l able to
judge of the feeling in Santiago taya
thane three rtie are well ilellned an 1
would iill uUmt (uaily but thu in the
event of the etlreuii! endeavoring to
fore an i. u a majority of nob-rat.
would join the annesationlata.
The foreign conau.a are conaidtnng
tha uovitabillty of appealing to the
power to prevent a too baaty recogni
tion of the Cuban government
(iemral Wood i fully n-tolved to al
low no more pauper to land hra, ea
pectally no more from tbe Wiai ludlei,
a claa entirely uuwil.ing to do hard
work. One arboom-r from Jai-ian-a ami '
one from llayti batded with negro emi
grant have t-en ordere.1 to return with
their i.eiiger. to tmrla of ciiilwrka-
Three Man Itllla.l, Oaa an...i.l)r Hurl
ami Kallroad I'ruaarl Itaairarart.
Omaha, Oct. t. A rear und i ollii on
on the Union i'acttlc raiirud here re
sulted in (he death of three men and m.
nou injury of one other
The dead are :
Samuel liliidman, engineer
Willi.nu Haiia, liremati
H Miami. hi, brakeinsn
John I inning, brakemuii, waiaenon
ly injured.
An extra freight train atauding on the
idetrack and the. witch lo ng left oiu,
freight tram No .'7, going at agixtl rate
of ih' ;. cr itned into the renr end of
tlm extra. The engine wa Ittuiy
wrecked and four freight car were re
duced aimot to kiiioliiig wood.
MajMM fall trrl.lanl.
(iaineavule, Oct. 37. New ha Jut
reache.i In, city of a ern.u accident
that baJUl a young man by in., name of
lr Aiidenuui at Coeadcld. While rul
ing horaebai k lie hor." ti r. w Ander
on, catching In fiait in the itirrnp. lie
waa draggati a ounatderable diitanoe in
tin way by the thoroughly frightened
borne Eventually the foot waa d
lached Tom it. faiteuing and Andernoii
wa ,eii i. hum. I, b.icdiag and uncon
1 artou upon the ground, where he via
found I iter. He wa taken home, w here
be i now iii a preoariou condition
r.nklltti ahlnal Meal.
London, Oct. 27. A cabinet counc I
wa held at the foreign ofllce tialay.
All mcmlaT of tbe cabinet were pre
ent and the meeting late, two hour..
When the minuter left the foreign of
fice they were muling und did not give
any indication of aerioua aiiprehcnioni
fur the future. The French ambaiaa
dor, Baron de Critirol, aw Lord Sail
bury imtnediatel) after conclution of
tbu cabinet meeting
Nagree Ordrit to leave.
Clarkmlle, Tel., li.-t. S7 Negri-
in the neighUirlio)! of Bogota, in (hi
county, have laten ternlny friglitemal by
notice KMted on the diair of ouie in
tlm while i itir.cn in tllat vicinity warn
mg all negn' there to leave the conn
try. Tbe beat citixn of the Bogota
iilghlrhood do not aiiticipalu anv
H'riou troubl, how e. r. ever t.r. cautioii
ha In ch taken to prevent any outbreak
M il. .... lu.Hr linrnatf.
Bonham, Tel., Oct. it. -Mr Oeorge
Hearn wa laully burned here and will
douhtleaa die She I anbject loepllep
iy, and during nn attack fell in the fire
place at her home, and before ibu could
btctied wa horathiy burned.
N, Ikangav la Navada,
Anitin, Oct. a7 - The reported Indian
outbreak at Mlda ii greatlay eiagg. .
ated. There ta no danger at prevent
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a a
Patrons and Friends
f Ilia..-. Ma.li-oii, (iriinee, Holk-rt oti ami
liurlcMin Ciiuntie :
The coiiibincl Capital and MMtaof com pan le ren-
re enied by me an, i, in t lo imne than
The capita! und -ei. of I
wr.in g itINS
tiipinie. I reprearnt
.. more Man
MBdmtljr mntTt Rial I enn
tliaii M M kn in II)
r ft
town or Conn try,
I Imvo nn . ill. ,, t,i ,,fli. c fnrr. . tlic u flair of which are Miul- r the
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