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I paving Purchased
The R. M. Wilson stock of Groceries nJ repleiiishfJ same
with fretdi (foods anl secured the popular stand formerly oc
cupied by him, together with hia services, we are prepared to
accommodate the trade to a thorough assortment in the
High Grado Klour, Hams and I'.reakf.ist Hacn, Lard, Ktc,
Canned and Hot tied Goods, Sauces and CondimetiU of every
variety. Good Goods at reasonable prices, prompt and courte
ous services are the mean we expect to u to got and retain
your trade and hope to be rewarded by at least a fair portion
of your patronage. Respectfully,
uo. M. Lawrence & Co.,
' " I -n ,assmamamamamsm, m s
PP in
Refuse to Excuse Two Absen
tees on the Dallas City
Charter Bill.
Point; of Order Made in an Kllui t
to Displace the Measure ia
trfo Senate,
Pino M - Plumbing
Warrant! for the Arrest of Absentees
Ordered Sent by Wire Several
Llills 1'ass the House aatl
the Senate.
Am well fixed to do good work, and will do your
work as well and at as low prices as it can be
done by anyone.- eBBsawr
WATER BACKS in store.
Leave orders at Ilortinan's shop (formerly YVonten's
chop.) All work promptly attended to.
Two doors South of Kx-
change Hotel. First class
work Guaranteed. Prompt
I and keep your Money at
home. Telephone No. 141
... XltY TIIK
Fresh Bread, Rolls,
Cakes and Pies,'
People Bet vigorous ami in
crease in weight by making a
a trip to Colorado "The Hu
man Repair Shop of America.'
The change in climate, freedom
from care, educational sur
roundings, complete thu
change in the human body.
provides homelike comforts
for its paBseneers. Luxuriant
solid trains, Fort Worth to
Denver, daily. Pullman Buf
fet 'Sleepers give you that
Iniuyant aristocratic feeling of
ease, and charms thoHo who
want luxury, comfort and
recreation. The ride makes
a new man of you, full of en-
ergy, new uiougnis, anJ
higher ideals. The Texas.
Colorado Chautauqua, at
"Iieautiful Boulder" provides
the highest class educational
: : T..I.. i icon
eessiunr, uiieiiiiii; juiv i, io..'.
and continuing six weeks,
Ask for free illut-trated litera-
ture. D. B. KEELER,
part of
Delivered to any
the City.
E. GR1ESSER, : Proprietor
Two doors lielosr Webb Bros
TUB and
25 Cents
Austin. April 1 The Dallas city
charter bill wu still pending business
in the senate at adjournment yesterday,
with a call of the senate on a refusal to
excuse two absentees. Despite the fili
bustering Unties, several bill were
Tlie chair laid tin special order before
the senate, a house bill relating to the
Investment of the permanent school
fund. Mr. Dibrell immediately moved
to suspend the regular and special order
until the Dallas city chartct bill could
lie disposed of.
Mr. StufTord made tho point of order
that the charter could not come up lie
cus it is a house bill and by iv .hit ion
it was agreed tliat each hotiMi would
consider the bills of the other on Wed
nesdays Mild Thursdays, mid therefore
the bill is pending business for next
Tlie choir overruled the point of or
Mr. Mell made tho further point of
order that in order to postpone the spe
cial order, which is in effect the regular
order, would require a two-thirds vote.
The chair overruled the point of order
and put the motion, which wan carriml
Stafford aptieiihxl from the ruling (of
the chair and on the appeal moved a call
of the senate.
(lough made the point of order that a
call could not be had on an appeal from
the decision of tlie chair. The point
was sustained and the senate sustained
the chair by a vote of 17 to 1 1.
Eleven o'clock having arrived. Mr. At-
lee stated that on a previous day that
honr was set for an executive session to
consider appointments of notaries and
he called for the order.
Mr. Miller moved to postpone the ex
ecutive session until Monday at 11
o'clock, nnon which motion Mr. Odell
moved a call of the senate, which was
seo.nded, and the roll showed two ab
sent and unexruscd. Lewis ami Turney.
Mr. (lough moved to excuse the ale
aentees. Lost-yeas h, nays io, a two-
thirds vote being necessary.
The chair ruled that the refusal to
excuse absentee was virtually a defeat
i of the motii.n to postpone and the senate
Immediately went intoexecutive session.
After remaining in executive session
from 11 to 1 o'clock the disirs were
thrown open and progress was announ
ced on the list of notaries, but the work
was uot tinisheiL
A motion to adjourn until this after-
msin was promptly voted down and on
motion to order the previous question
the senate went under call and refused
to excuse absentees.
The Dallas charter being thus side
tracked. Lloyd secured the dual pas
sage f his bill reducing from 13 to 1
months the time within which estraya
point of order raise I by Mr. Jones.
The bill waa debated alt tlie .forenoon
sroxion, but nnflnisheiL
When the hnse met in the af tern s.n
the shaker laid More the houe as
pending business, the general vupa
(i,.n tax bill. The rail was paed
Mr Perry's bill to amend in act ol
th Twentv-tifth legislature entitl.-d an
act to amend article S.i;. chapter 1. title
S.1 of the revied statutes relating to
county finances, wasdcliatedund passed
Several l.s-al bills were passed.
Tht Hot Soring SUuoOus;.
Little U sk. April 15. --Th granl
jury at II it Spniigs has reported to
Judge niimn that after a nui i
thorough investigation into tli. riHV'iii
riot in which Chief of I'o e T.P.Toler.
T P. (loKlee. jw Hinkle and J. h.
Hart lust their lives, that they had di
misse.1 the charges against Coffee Wil
liams, Kols-rt U Williams. Kd. Sjsar
and Will Watt, held for the killing.
Judge Unfile thereusm ordered ail the
defemlants released from NiiuL
(Irani a rarther lielay.
Koine, April 1.1-A semiofllcial noti
says that at the request or tlie govern
ment of the republic of Colombia. Italy
has decided to icrant a further delay of
three mouths iu rarrying out tlie eonui
Hons of her ultimatum, at the same
time Insisting that during snch interval
Colombia must provide for the complete
execution of lrsident Cleveland's award
by the payment of the LVrrutl debts.
id isl Liw
i oiiej
Traffic Me'r, Ft. Worth Jk Denvci can be taken up.
... -i m Several efT irts were
uy uy. iv. ttorin, irxas
August llunle Oruwesd.
Winch.t..r, Tex., April t August
Ilnnte lost his life by drowning in the
Colorado river. From evidence at tli
coroner's inquest it developed that as
soon as tin arrived at tlie fishing point
on what is known as ( lid river, he nn-
dresmil and swam across the stream and
on attempting to return bsik cramp and
drowned More aasistamv couM oe reii-
lereL Mr. lluute was 0 years and a
( iertnan
Nerretarr Alr Will Nl Its.lga.
Washington, April 1.1. Secretary Al-gi-r
has put an effective quietus mi the
perslst4-tit repirts that he coiiteiiiplatiil
rotirenn-nt from the cabinet by a s-si-tive
and nitjiiiviM-ul statement that the
reports were absolutely witliotit rontnla
tion and that unless some unforseeti and
nnlisiked for iimtingeiicy arises he will
go out with tho present administration.
Heulenreil to l'r a Hue ( "sl.
Wilmington, Ivl.. April t.V-In the
I'nit.'d States district court William 12.
Cotter of Philadelphia, convicted of con
spiring to aid and aU't William X. Hoggs
in the latter s theft rf f loT.mW from the
First National bank of Dover, of which
Hogg was paying teller wa sentemvd
by Judgo Kradford to pay a fine of fVHHi
and by imprisonment for H months.
Another 'al t'onilils.
Pittsburg, April . -The big combin
ation of all the coal interests on tlie Mo
nongaliela river is now an assured fact.
Options have been secured on prnctical
ly all river mines, mine property, canal
boats, tow Isiata. etc. The brokers en
gineering the scheme say the combina
tion will 1 capitalised at fl,'Nai,(Ssl.
iMity I'yrll.l Itruwasal.
Indianapolis. April 1 -Miss Hcrtha
Shenneswy, while riding on the cycle
path on the canal bank wa thrown into
the water and drowned. She was rid
ing with Mrs. (leorge K l.atch, and was
precipituted over the handlebar into
the canal and drowned liefore she could
be assisted. I
Larsilu Hnisllpua Sllnsllon.
Laredo. Tex., April 1.1. -The smallpox
situation in this city bus improved con- !
iiilerably in the past three days, there (
Isdng five new cases found and two j
deaths. In that time 40 patients were ;
fumigated and discharged from hospital 1
No. 3, the only hospital out of the tlir
left The others having discharged all
their patients.
ttll iHWl wild K !.
Jewett, Tex., April IV-John Shaw
ami a young man named Yancey, who
was living with Shaw, fought with
knives. The result is Yancey is dead
anil Shaw ia not expected to live. The
cane of the difllculty not known. Shaw
Is a farmer living about nine miles east
of here.
Not Approached by the Contract of any other
(In March H, ls's.i, the Pi km Miti al I.kx Ivm a Comimxv made
a radical departure. While retaining all of its great variety of plana
of lile insurance and. for the ptirposn of seeming full information in
order to judge of the acceptability of applicants, adhering to ill pres
ent forma of propoiala, it decided upon the issue of any one of its con
tracts of insurance it would immediately endorse thereon the following:
"This Policy is Absolutely Incontestable Irom date ol issue lor
any cause except non-payment ol premium, anything in this contract
to the contrary notwithstanding."
While the Company will scrutinize carefully all spplications, yet
once agreeing to accept a lisk, It is accepted in its entirety, wholly and
irrevocably, without provision or condition, except the payment ol
Tneendor-einent which it now put upon its polii-lea ia nut limit
ed to a special class of insurers or to a few special forms of contrai l.
All Rood and acceptable risks are treated alike, Ihns preserving a
proper mutuality. No one is asked to foretfo his dividends they may
he used in reduction II he desires; no one is pot into a special class ;
no invidious or unjust distinction In the in rnlrship is permitted. The
contract ol life Insurance is so broadened and lilieralized thai it is a
simple and inviolable promise to pay at a given dale, or uis.n death,
and vrniiNo is u ok icu.fi rv oa i met tim ua condition can ios.
siiii v i:rT it. It is the crystallization of the idea expressed in the
few words: "You pay us; we pay yon." It is freer from conditions
than a UmhI of the United States, and is ss unfailing security.
The effi ct of the above endorsement ns n the policies of the I'enn
Mutual ia to mske them i rorH.vMt nntmct, (r,t f.m all r.....et. m
to miilrurt. .-.-..;'..m, trm, hol.il ol Uir, an-l at to m,wrr, hmt or flan
. ikolV It is the ultimate in life insurame, for no contract ran pos.
sibly go any fniiher than to be an unconditioned promise to pay.
Without any increase in premium, or without any stipulation as
to the use of dixidends, the policies embrace:
First Automatic extension the longest.
Second Paid up insurance the lare-t.
Third-Ca-b or Ix an Values the most lilwrsl
Fourto No condition" as to lefldem e, occupation, suicide, duel,
ing. violation oflaw or military or uavsl service.
Fifth-While a' foliitely incontestable f. r any cau-c, ec pt non.
pavn.eiit of premium, they prnide f.r immediate payment upon le
ceipt and approval of proofs of death; for reinstatement in rase of
lsp-e at any time; premiums ate accepted within thirty dvhe
date due, if the insured is in good health; notes aresm- V.
ment; every oesible consideration is shoan ll. e i:!- i
r-ixth While the poiicy itself ia the complete ouiiacl, a copy oi
the application ia furnished lor the information of the insured.
Nothing has heretofore Wen done in life insurance which will
command such world-wide attention and instant approval. It ahows
that the I'KNN .MI'TC AL has reached the goal toward which others
are sauntering and fir in advance of all its competitors.
The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.
vicTou c. iiAmuiNii-:ii,
iiVis IlTj., Sin Antnnin, Trial. W Ajt- frSmth Tun:
Special Agent. Bryan, Texas.
Vi'- 1 . ' L I ! .' 1
Can be
Obtained at
At The-
All House
V-r-'M Hi
-t. ! sT '
Rrvnn WltlT ff. 9
Uljii" MUIV.II ov, ....
' -
Bryan, Texas.
Office over Jamei Drug Blow,
denee photej 131.1
nediclne Por Children
Ilall'H CVlehrated Hnhy Cordial for
cholera infantum mid all summer
coiupluints of children. Also good
for adults.
Soothing Syrup for tortured lit
tle bodies, tientle hut efficacious
remedies for youthful ills. lotions,
ointments, toilet powders, pulls,
sponges, ceiiilis, hrushes and nil
articles for the nursery are hero in
great quantity and pood quality.
livery thing in the line of I'O UK
Hall's Drug Store,
imtde to excuse
absi'iitees so a vote could be had on tho
Dallas city charter bill, but all proved
fruitless, however, the president of the
senate was instructed to wire warrants
for the arrest of nb-s-utws.
The following bills were finally dis
posed of:
Senate bill relating to the bond of tax
collectors and seeking to reduce the
amount of their Ismd by at least three
fourths of the amount required at pres
ent ,
The senate bill Increasing tho siilury
of the stuto health ofllccr from J.'oo to
tiHM) a year.
House bill creating a more efllcient
road system for Lamar county.
Hill to punish any person who shall
knowingly purchase for a minor or sell
him any intoxicating llipmrs.
Hill repealing the act incorporating
the town of Han Patricio.
Itill providing that where liro insur
ance companies refuse to pay a loss and
fail to sustain their defenses in court,
they shall pay a iH'iialty of l'J sr cent
and attorney's fees.
Every memls-r of the senate was pa
roled pending the call i f the senate on
the Dallas city charter bill
Davidson. Morriss ami Miller Intro
duced a bill which is almost identical
with that of the Arkansasantl'trtist act.
The bill is entitled an act to provide for
the punishment of (khiIs, trusts and con
spiracies to control prices, and as to evi
dence and prosecution in such case.
The general appropriation hill waa
pending business in the house. The
Ending amendment to appropriate
Ms 77 for the payment of the Hoeg
tl Robertson fee, was ruled out upon a
llmly or llanrk Fauail.
elicity, ().. April 15. -The lssly
The Photographers,
Now have the largest Mock of Picture
Frames and Moulding in Central Texas.
Any r-ie frames to order on hort notice.
Itig stock, low price.
E. Hawk has l-en fonnd lying not far
from where the altercation isvurred by
which he shot and wounded his brother-in-law.
AllsTt Cox. It apiesrs that he I
went to this outhouse and sli.it himself, j
Cox's wounds are probably fatal. j
Murphy Turned Over le Mesli-u. j
Kansas City. April 15. United States
ooinmissioiier NuckoN decided thatSan- I
tiago Morphy, charged with einhexgling I
$T0,(HSI from tlie National llahk nf the
City of Mexico, should Isi turned over
to the Mexican ofilciuls who came after
Culms Arm; Mu.ler Hulls.
Havana, April 15. The Cuban army
muster mils were delivered Thursday
evening to (.overnor lieiieral Hrooke
show on their finv 4S,(ltsi names -iihm
I'omillissioiied ofticers and 4'2,IKM1 iioll
rommissioned olllcers mid privates.
Nlfrn 'uuli-t KMlsil.
Wharton, Tex., April 15. Another
convict jumped into the brush at M
o'chsk Friday morning, the sergeant
was too quick for liiiu.helireil, snooting
the liegro through the heaiL Ho died
lisve llonil suit Warn Iteleaaeil.
Iloiiliain, Tex , April 15. - Clifl Hayes,
who has ln in jailon a charge of high
way robls'ry, has given Ismd In tliesum
of t'JOOH and been released.
Knilnear's tout Creshsd,
Cleburne, Tel.. April 15. -Engineer
Thomas Htadley had the mlsfortuae to
get his foot badly crushed at. Fort
Is it fuiKlaiiU'iititl principlt! of hich-ss in lmincss
mul a watchword in every well riulatod htni.so
hold. To lo punctual you must keep tliocorrect
time. I have tho I1K.ST and Largest tdock of
CLOCKS in lirv
an, and my repair
work is uoiio un
tier ahsolute gu:
antee, I'r
convenience of
h ou hi keepers) I
have put in a lino
automatic electric clock and the correct time may
he ohtained from it hy ringing tip "Central" at
the telephone exchange. I have a large Mock of
NOVLXTIPSofall kind, all frenh new goods
which nhow for thetnuelvefl, at very low prices.
is- IV. V
JOHN M. CALDWELL, Tht leading Jeweler.

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