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(ill ttn Bugs!
Examine your potato vines ami you will notice that
the hugs are killing them. Now you can kill the hugs
hy sprinkling on tho vines a small ju!intity of Loll"
don PurpiG if ,'otten of Zuber it McDougahl;
whore you can also find anything you may want in
the Grocery line. Wo will send to your house a 40
pound box lump starch a first-class
article for $1.25. Only a few boxes left.
Zuber & McDougakl.
'PHONE 111.
II. AT. C. Tim Card, ryin
Northbound No 1 12 :1H p m
Southbound No i 4:0:1 p in
Northbound No 3 . 2:07 m
tiouthhonnd No 4 1:4 a rn
t. Jt i. N, Time Table, Itearne
a. 4
9t. 1 leavst..
NO. 3 leaves..
1:05 a. m.
it. tn.
So. 3 leavst J:M B
o. 4 leave. 4 :39 p. ni.
kvrwik RtAk.1l AND (til AMTDNIO.
0. 9, leaves II earns 3 10 p. ui.
to. 10, arrive, at llearna ...I I. to a. in
I. A T. C. Tlmw Tll Ileum
Noam aocsn.
o. 1 arrive. J2..'.0 p. ui
o. 3 arrive l" a. a
11. 11. Ieon, who wa memler of
Company I Konrth Turn, mu. tared
oul March l, ami who baa ine been
at In. limn n.ar Coilegejeft lat night
for l)allat to enlist in tha regular arniv.
Ha will go from Dallai via San
Kranii.ro tu Manila whart ha will an
er tha service with tha Twenty-third
infantry. Tlia Kagte wiahra Mr.
Deawm a proaperm. vayaj( and a aafa
return to hit oa'iva laud.
Mri. Mary fiherrod ami d.utfhtert,
Mi.ae. Ktbel and Ada, tilled at tha
Katfla olhre yi.terday while an route
Iioma to Thump-on crark after a vi.it
to J. II. Itro.1 of I'ethel. They vera a--. 1
companied home hy Mil. Lime Kiauith.
tr nf Ilelianre.
Rev. Mier., who ha. Ien roixlurtiiiK
revival, with marked m-iea Ix.tli at
Million and We.lls.rn, preached an
nr.' I lent a-ruiou nt tha Method!. t
church Sunday niht More a largn an.
lirui .
tr. T. II. Haimton i heie fiom Mar
Lrly S inl.iy morning flora u a
lively fik'ht among Ilal.an. at Ilia lower
H .. ,, ,, i . i i end of Mam atre.-t and a. a lean tx trr.
on. S. H. Ilendi-raon haa returned!
ai '! ui aniMtiit aixl nailery are
l-eudinv in Ilia jtil c court to ha dia
pored ui Widneaday.
Miani Mattie Ki.hcr and Mimae
I Ker-naon of Nataaota, came up Sunday
lor a M.;t to Mr. ami Mr. C. S. tiaii.er
Itu Aliatitl.
lohri Tauher wa here fioin he'nw
Wti yesterday, j
Jfinls Mount Vernon I'ure Kyi- at the
poaition aaloon. Hltf
J. h. Wl.ittiiiKton wa. hire fiom ,.)are a'ao viit-rtainini Mia Ali.a
liancayri.ler.lBy. ; Dunlap. Mi-wa Kiah. r an.l Kent'i..n
iira, !ar(; up ataira room lor lent. ritorul home )ti-i.hjr alteiooon.
ply to Ira (iooch.
M. S. ISroarli a heie Sun.la from
kirn to Mia. ami Mr. J. C. li!larl Tnhor, ai'Cmianll hy hit aiater, Mra.
)allat a flue hoy. l!IU Wntaon, who Irfi h.r her home
iua Mevtner wat am mg theiaitoit ln Montuomi-iy, Ala.
be City ye.ter'lay. j lU.aai ami Kiitari wiJI ahortly move
T. CaroDcf San Antonio, ia ti.it-, ,l,rir " ' gr'xenet int i the new I
fllayor C. A. Ailama. ,,ru huil.lnn at the lawer rn.l of lha
I.km1 ...M:. hi.. A.w .
Coultor. ii : Ileit'lrickt Conway (ell from upper
KlgaJ. W.ltoremu.lelt for a hu.. I '' ' Jo'k" 'reino.' te-hlenca
u. Amler-m ee.ter.Ue. .-atui.lay alt. n,o..0 ami hroka hi. arm
j , !
Dfa. JH. an. I K. (). Allen came
t ttn Ma.liaiitivillil Stinilav
C u t,.. . ... i ... ' i,.....,.. i io lo,l" '" "IK,' I'' -oupan.ea
k(twale Goo.
W Dr. U. T.
Itrinowil to liryitii-Opena'llilr
tPrntli Annual Si-aaiun In
$i to $3.00
25c and 50c
50c to $2.00
50c to $2.00
10c to 50c
25c to $2.50
5c to $1.00
$1.00 to $5.00
! at tha wriat.
for airi'lent ami life inaorama either
rne4 troni Dallas yeaterday. teouV
iaa Mary M. r-panu vi.itel frienda ,
ryan r-aturday aii.l rundr.
) "il Y.L Piano in !nI condition.
If w Uiiia'JoaephioeClaika. l'.l
Iti Snmnierlatte returnel from
tiuhut and fau Antonio yeaterdav.
ir lUnt Nice Ure cottage conven
lo nhool. Apply to 11. 8. Wehb. tl
Alao el. rJtiar, rii-e and
n i
W. Z. Salior. ha. Mfht in (rout ihe
liottoiii a cotton bloom grown on hi.
place Irmn Johnaon'a hig howl cotton. I
Iiliic ami IShii'k Srrt Coat
uinl 'ct. White Duck I'unt.
i'diK-r Wash Vc?, Itc.
I'xcliiini:' lloti-l ArrlvkU
J K I'.utlr. U II Oliver, Citv;
Marriaga liceatea: lien William, to I A j. Vil,1ni H,,,,.,,,,,. ,) A!!c'n,
Vina Martin, l.uca 1'etr.mrlla to Maria
J II Allen, Miiiliconville: Ln
V (fliTlue 1'ri.ey lrfl yeaterilae for
Vita wber la will teai h neit year.
UvjU.T. I'a'iiner preache.l at the
lw Itapti.t church here Sunday night,
ok General Arthur rigart tiett
twrth told at the i:xoaition aa-
n f llltf
L ami Mrt. W. A. Wither, have re.
nd from a two weekt vialt
I a . I -
Marino. Alf Caloa ae to I.irie Mi l.t i
1 1 1 1 . , 1 1 . 1 1 liii'l'n, K'M-kil.ile; A llarnmti,
Jill JiililiaViin liatai thai a" hatii tuaatl amnal ' '
6ue.t aampleaof wall paper and room i !'! t iinor-; 'I 'J Curr, Dallas
uioulding ever een in llryan.
Ih'vival aeiviret are annonnrel to h
l'ickleaiid pr-ai-rvet, all klmla, in g n t t,a Metho-liat church We.lne.
Iiottlee, Jnat received at John U. Mike'.. day, June 14,
Theaa roo.1i ara fin... HMf For K.-nl-Afx-r the l.t of J.me, a
Wanteil To huy a gool c.imhiuHtion ! 'm reaidence. Applv m Mr. K.
riding and driving hoiae. Apply to 1
Dr. Il.T.tou.ter. 1W
Mia Inn a Chlnaki returnet to Neva-
to acta huii'lay after a week vi.it to
I Mi.ee. (.'milter.
It. Koheria. Untf
I J. I'. Heard, manager for J. II. Wo!
ley at Hover. Prairie, ia here.
Dr. Ilairtton, who it her from Mar
tin, aya the hot well, are in full Ma t
a;ain and all leakage Hopped.
jook Out- For June
t ; ;. will he the hottest month this year. Prepare M
V; yourself hy purchasing a box of :'i
llleii's Celebrated
gomed Xlcam powder,
!l i tU'ood as the best for half tho price, 1'J-J Cents t
Hvjx. Savon do Violet and Hellio-!'
i The folloviin announc-ini tit haa
I Im il ma le tr the iirini ija! of At-
' le Acmli-iu v:
! e take thN meaua of annuun-l.-iri!:
to the jmlilic that n.'jj'itiations
' liave t-n .m iKt il for the re.
1 moval of Allen Acmleniy to llryan,
Texa. ln Setitctiib.r next the
school will ojien there it thirteenth
aiiiitiiil !o-Mun, iUarti'rcl in new
' an. 1 cointno.liiius huicliii', enjoy ,
'in hiryt-r facilities, anl i)l!'ringi
jili'Tia-nl Advantage to young incii
ie'kin thorough eilticatioii.
j For tw.-lve year. Alien Aculemy
ha heen under the same inanane-
ini'iit, and each vest it has raided
1 its work and extended the rpherc:
j of it iiilhienre. During the jireient I
term we have enrolled more than j
two hundred etudents, etity ofi
theie being lioardera. We now
reek a larger field and be'.ter facil
ities for our life-work the n-tal-lif
hn.etit of a training cchm.l sec.
ond to none in Texas. The jieojde
of Iiryan are i-nthueiaNtic in their
nif port of the school ami have of
fered large inducements for its lo
cation at that place.
The tiiiniher of ftudenti admitted
will he limite.1 to eixty. All the
work of inatructton will be done
bv the tirincit.als. It will be our
aim to rtudy the peculiar needs of
jeach 1y placed unhr our care,
atel weex-ct to acioinpli-h high
er reu!t than heretofore has Ltt-n
j poa-ible.
To otir friend" and former pat-
I ton-, we de-ire toexptei our ap
1 preciation cf pa-t support and in
terert. V hoie to carry with us
I in ur new lk-ld your good wishes
I and your patronage,
j For full announcement of plain.,
Jcoiirre of study, exlene!', eto., ail-'dre-s
J. II. All KS,
j K. U. Au ks,
j Principal'.
j A meeting of st kholdrr of Al
ilen Academy was held at the opera
1 1 ;., i- .. . o."n . t
noi.e.- in in .an a. .o'aiav. ...on
day, .May lS'.i'.t. tin motion
l'ruf. L. L. Mclnnis was elected
chairman and Malcolm Carnes ap
jMiinted secretary. On motion the
stockholders went into the election
ol a hoard of seven din-ctors, the
following names l-eing suggested
for directors: M. Parker, J. V.
Johnoii, 11. S. Wehh, Dr. J, I..
Fountain, L. I.. Mclnnis, Walter
Winprecht, Dr. J. W. Howell.
Thoe named were unanimously
elected directors by a call of the
stockholders present, eighty-five
shares being represented in the
vote und one vote being allowed
for each share of I23.0C. A motion
then prevailed by w hich the lioard I
01 .nrecior were riven plenary
powers for conducting the Allen
Academy for the ensuing year.
Immediately after the adjourn
ment of the stockholders' meeting
the hoard of directors held a meet.
ing ond Prof. I.. L. Mclduis wa.
elected president of the board;
Walter Wipprecht, secretary; Dr.
W. Howell, treasurer. J. W.
2pQ TOIlCt bOapS tltrec cukes for "J. cents.
cato and Lasting Odors, quality superior to
S5highcr price sap3s-3j
Howard Krets mada a .n.vaaafu'
jump from I'lrouklyn bridge Into Eaal
Two ji.-ra.itia were werionaly and font
alightlr linjureil by the breaking down
down of a table at a cake walk at Mai
Antonio. Tbx.
John ('. Twomhy has been appointed
poatmaater at D.-nver, Colo.
W ,liam H Lyons, a prominent rail
road man of Mionn, diiil at Canyon
City, Col.v
Frank D. t'ntfl.-a hna lieen appointed
piwtmiiater at lliirt'hornn and Joaeph L
Wort lii ngtoii. at Tahleiiiali, 1. T.
Seven men unpinned to be In the white
cap gang at ntliii. (ia., haan lieen ar
rested and jailed tin-re.
.1. M. llo-s. Sr., waa shot and killed
he aome unknown p.-rsoii at Kodcaaa.
Villiam June wa admitted at Mua
kogmt, L T. . of having a baud ln the
burning of the two Semiuuhi Indiana
The pintoHice at AYiuthrop. Ark., wan
TuhtK-d of fTuin canli and f l.'iO in stomps
Bryan, Texas.
it fc-V-. ti
OlBc lover Jame. Drag 8 tore,
deuce phots 131.
CAN UK KASII.V settled ns to
whether w keep the best TS,
CofTee. Canned floods, etc., by
giving us a trial. We keep every
thing in our stock of a rtandard
an t...rl.r n 1 t t a... I ....... .. .
...... .... .iu4l.ll, mil. C.l. TlillQ -v'- .
agree that we "till the hill " to
their entire satiafarlion for et- iV'SJ
celletue.low j. rices, and prompt
service at all times.
Commencement Program
Johnson and Dr. J. I.. Fountain
were appointed a committee' to
look nfter the matter of securing
a charter.
Profs. J. H. and K. 0. Allen
were present at Isith the aliove
meetings, and by invitation the
former addressed- the members of
the board on the interests under
discussion. Profs. Allen, in com
pany with Messrs. Parker and
Johnson, visited a numUr of
places available for the location of
of the school yesterday morning,
but as yet no selection of a site
has lieen made.
F.ic iiraloit. I
Houston and Galveston spec ial j
train leaving Bryan 1..1S a. in.
June -1th l v.l. li. k T. C. will
sell round trip ticket to Houston. ',
11.7.1; Galve-ton, -JJ.0O. Good to'
return r regular trains tip to and
including tint 0:20 a. in. train from
Houston Juno illh and from Gal
veston, on trains lcavine 7 n
i w
in. Jnne 4th nnd 7:00 a. in. JunoiN
5th. W. 8. Wilion, Agent,
White Organdie Dress; Dainty White Parasol;
Twenty-Five Yards Lace;
Three Yards No. HO Pearl White Satin Kibbon;
Pair Ruth (.loves;
Kmbroidered Handkerchief; Pearl White Fan;
Uelt Buckle;
Collar Clasp; Drop Stich Hose;
Holton's or Haniilton-P.roVVn's Ties at
Having purchased the Anhcuser-Busth Beer agency
of John M. Lawrence & Co., 1 have consolidated the
same with my agency for the American Brewing As
snciation, and am now sole agent for both keg beers
and for ....
Bottled'Bcers. My price for Beer and Ice will re
main the same and Ice will I delivered promptly to
all parts of the city. Respectfully,
Telephone 94-
aTWe are making special prices on,
And have a new and elegant line of
To select from. You can save money by tak
ing advantage of our present prices for any
work you have in this line.
OTTO BOUIIMn, Proprietor.
All kinds of Fresh Bread and Cakes kept
constantly on hand. Supplies furnished on
short notice for picnics and barbecues. I am
running a Free Delivery wagon and will
d Jiu-r your order at your doors. My bakery
is a home enterprise and deserves the patron-
nge of the people with whom I live and sjend
my money. My rates are 1.00 tier d.iv foe
board, with special prices hy the week or month. Phone 9

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