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Vol. IV. No. 158.
I'rico 5 Cents.
The Only Way to (Vnijuer the 'a.
tii.. 11. . in.:i:. . . .
lion, V
t re- -p.nt
' in 1 .
of f5 '
June 1st
Will lo a good time to licjjin trading with me, if
not already ;i customer. Your neighbor will toll
you our goods aro -the host, always (satisfactory
That they cost no moro than what you pay else
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article to give satisfaction or will gladly 'xchange
it. All goods delivered freo of charge no matter
how small a package.
?ssAlways Cct What You Pay For.S-
....ON ICII!
In Hulking CiikiH OLOIlY Fl.Ol'U will mil you voxU
no more than inferior ura.le. If you wmit tlio I'cat 'jilioni'
ami currr.K uiim:KH
Thousiinls of Si II it-r (iravrs Strew E
Villi I'lowcr in the Stales.
Tlir (imml Army iif Hie Ilepiilillc Plural
('imiinlttee lb-fuse o Accept
Plural :ff rlnir frum Sutue
"Hi in me 1 11 li 1 1 jri u y
, I
Onicl.il Admit Hi Font U Insufficient.
A (nil .May lie J.-ued fur
PrinMonnl Army of
Twenty Thousand.
1 still have many beautiful pat
tern hatrt which are heing Hold
at very close figures; also an
unkroken htock (f new and tv l
lih millinery which' i.s sekVe,g
equally low, and within t ho
reach of all.
PJlrs. C. RH. Proctor.
Columbn. )., May 30. There win an
incident hero today which wa a di
rect sliut to Confederate veteran,
which created a wnsation In l x-a)
(irmul Army of the ICa-ulIio circle.
The niiul) consisted of the refusal of a
niNKilitvtit Aural tribute, tendered by
ttltt-ra-riM, tt be jiliuil on the grave of
th union ili'ud at (.iretmlawn cemetery.
The tribute, in view of the event of the
past year, wan iirtii'TlitrIy appropriate
representing thi) north and eouth KrI
iiiif t!! 11 n i hi rliitf. Tho tender wa
made by x 'uiif,MWiiU"( who appreci
ated tho effort which have Iwn miwle
to cement the north and Ninth, but
w.-n the matter wa laid liefora th
IfiHTiil Moral committee, rcpreeentinx
tin. ir 111 1 Army of the IU-piiiiie posts,
and thi.y de lined to uecept. I i. fore thi
matter could ls brought W-fore the Ken
cral mml-rhip of the different jxixU
and undoiii'. the il-hi(f iw a c. i,t..d bj
Hih fx jvildiiinnitid S.t.lnrV antoi-iatioii,
who tin'd it in thi'ir eierriw.
Tli" 111ar-h.1l 1 ,,f th parade had inrib-d
thrt fx ('.ni.Vrat to purtii iatn in
th fi. rriMn of th (iruiid Amir of th
1:. pul, In" and i;iiit.. a iiuinlx rof thfiii
I!'l l NTore tlu-y b arm'd f tU.:
miiilv Thi-y thcti wttlnlrew immediaU-1
ly. Imt joini-d thefx-iuildiiT and ailom.
Tli'-re l liT'-at iiidik'naticti amoii th 1
viirtoim nii-inl rH of the (Jrniid Army ol
the lb'ptiblic po.t mid mntlwrniTu hav
wii aoaurinl th'j action of the oimmit
ti r''prt-m-nti.. only an Individual opin
ion and not the npint of the varioui
it. It i highly probable action will
be taki'ti in ri'Kular form to dinavow th
I All (llVINa '5PI3CIAL
4 Sale i Haass Repairing
-jrAJI OA!,',,, vvilJ TKIMMIMCi.
And can make or order anyl r! d, tlPth in my Una at Ueaaonabls pricci.
r u v n 1 a. vi' j
! ulo.ndI"f I 111 J .r, . I
tli win lToriion
hottest r.io,"4-v;'
rsclf hy pure!
Ml the now ICCS ami Iced
iliinkt tastefully served.
The finest....
Candies, Fresh Fruits,
CUIH THE ft' 5
Phono 202.
At V.hlnalii.
WiinhliiK'Vm, May :W The national
capital di-mU-d Itwdf to the obnerTancss
f iKi'oration day. The dcpartini'nti
Were elowd ami itiblic and private bni
n.'. imNpendiML trwt filled with
Diarchinir retcran. national Kuarilmuen.
military and civic organization, all
moving Uiward Arlington cemetery.
At the KoldUr'i Home, (.'onTiiwiomil
and other ceini'tcriiMi there wh'-re
appropriate ntvkvh hidd and the )rravt
of the inli'iit army of the dead were j
atn-wn with flower. TluTe waa added !
i.'iiilicaiux in the ciTpmouii-H for;
the iit.'iiior. of th- civil war were alu ,
S'tle'l to thtee of the SpanUh conflict!
which Ktrvlled the lint of the aoldier and
uiImT ,1. ad.
The crn-mony at ArliiiKton waa not a
ble by the pniwnce of the president and
memlwra of bin cabini't and many lead-1
iiirf olliceraof the army ami nary aa well
aa oflldaU prominent in public life.
Al Chlrkainauga.
Chattanootfa. May HO. With appro
priate and elalmrate exercin the gram
of lil.lioo union noldiera buriel in the
National cemetery lu rw were decoratwl.
U-tilil ln-i le the dead of the civil war
ill thi cemetery are m-veral lmndr.-.l
idiintiiT of the Spauii.ll war w ho died
ut ( InckaiiuiUkM. I) oration day wa
a joint afTair particlpatel in by veter
an o both idc of the civil war. An
illipoettlK prCeiou, made up of Vet
rrau and local military men. inarchel
from the city to tlx cemetery, where an
Immense thromr waiteil the nalute tired
by a detachment of artillerr. and thou-
aatela of vfrVl' were tnwu with
In lnr(la ami Heulh C'arnllaa,
Atliint.t. May :iu. Memorial day wa
fltliiitfly obwrved in (ieoria and Smth
Carolina. The department of (bsirin
(iraiid Army of the Itepublic, embriio
in the Hi at. of (ksirxia and Smtli Car
olina, contain four ccmi'teriea, at all of
which appropriate aervicea were hehl
At Marietta, (la., there are t.2m
Krave; at AnderNiiiville, (la., i:. 710; at
lleauford. K C. US.VI and at Florence.
S. C. a 1 H i. A special train lrft at V
o'clia-k thi inoruinK for Marietta,
eurryina mi'inlT of Atlanta. (2a.,
Grand Armr of the ll. l 1 11 1,1 i c luiat. ami
f rieiida uuder the command of Alex Mat-
' Al lul.lll..
Ioiiiville, May ". -Although the
day wa iflootnv. th, irravea of union
Nililiem Who irlis'p in the ccliietericN of
Lmiiville and New Albany, Ind . wre
Uvin,-ly decked with flower The ex
erciiM were pimple nnd impreNsire,
Henry Wattersoii d.divered the addre.
Al NfW Yerh.
New York, May :M. -With holiday
inaUinif, parades, the living of II a "h,
pHirt of all kind, iixiiiil decoration of
graven and ppeecliiiinkin. Decoration
day wa well eelebrateil in the city of
New York and vicinity.
W'axhinirton, May 3D. -The situation
lu the rhilippine. inland aa d" ril-d
In recent dipat he U mich a to make
it almixt iieceiwary to raie at leant a
piut of the provinional army authorizel
by the laxt ooliKreiui if the United State
expect to aecure complete control of
the archie!aKi. The a.lminUtration
baa been bromrht to realize that It U no
loup-r war and diplomacy In dealing
with the iunreiitn, but p.ain wa." Di-p.nii.u-y
and thepa-ace coinii''."ion uiUKt
take liack M at until tne enemy h:u
b'n completely whipped and fura'd to
(ieiieral (ti ha not a atiftlcietit num
ber of men to establish thi en.l It if
believed that he ha so lnforuiel the
war department but the official w-il
not admit it. They admit, however,
that the outlook for an early peace i
very gloomy and that more trooji ore
ba lly nu ded in the I'hilippiiie.
J 11-t how to meet thi situation i a
question which confront them and re
quire prompt dviiou. Although (ten.
:ie .tate that h will cmtinun an iik-Kre-wive
cai'ipaistn during the rainy
san, it is appreciated that he will be
ile to little more than; xrrison pou t
of the point which the fore.- uudei
(ieiieral M.icArthnr and Lawtou have
taken, and hoM them nntil the rainy
aeaoii ii over.
It la also plain that there will be mor
or h-M UlneiMi during thi period of lad
weather and that when the campaign 1
reuuied the for'-e enpableof active war
fare will be materially rednctML Includ
ing the Tooo trooji. now on their way or
under order for nervine in the Phillp
pitiea, (ieiieral ( tia will hare only 2.V0O0
regular troopa nnder hi oouimaml
With 20.OUU regular troop in Cnlia and
Porto Kic, there will l only 17,im
regular left in the United State. The
queation then-fore hinge on wheth
er it will Iw prudent to further draw on
the regular force in the United State
in order to augment General ( tia' force
in the Philippine.
Thoe opp.ed to organizing a provis
ional army favor pending more regular
to the Philippine and al-o eiilipt ngi
otiie of the pac-ful Filipino. Hut j
another element in the department i
ojijHwd to half way measure in deal
ing with the nituation. They are urg
ing the president to iiwne a call for at
leant sD.ifKl provisional army, no that it
may orgauiz'il, trained and eut to the
Philippine in time to liegin an aggre
uve campaign In the rarly autumn. j
Se-retry Alger ha N-en advil by !
General Oti. that hu ha aplsdnte.1 a
a tsianl to pa upon all claim against
the United State. Lieutenant Colonl
E. H. Crowiler, judge alvocate; Major
C U. Ganteiilieiii, S-cond Oregon Vol
unteer, and Captain 1L A. (irwne.
Twentieth infantry. Thi Ismr 1 ia to
also meet a commission repreneiitlng
the Spanish government to exelite the
settlement of the claim of Spain in the
Philippine. It i cxpeete.1 that the
joint comuiisiou will consider theque
tion for the compensation for the arma
ment around Manila, that should be
allowed to Spain under the term of
treaty of jieaee. -
bale ef Itop.rlare ,.l H.l. Neither
II lie Mapped Out IIU Mauls.
H011H Kong. May Ho. Snice hi ar
rival here on May i'i, on board hi Mag
ship Olympia, Admiral Dewey ha im
proved in health but sti',1 refuMH all
invitation of a nocial nature. The
admiral ha also relinquished all oftlcial
duty ou hoard the Olytiipia. The dab
of hi departure for houie la Mill un
certain hi intention being to remain
here nntil he baa thoroughly recuper
ated. The air 011 high gioiind here I
mneh cooler than can be found at any
place Imtween Hong Kong and the Med
iterranean sea.
The programme for the Olympla'a
voyage to tlie United State ha not
Is en defluit ly decideil 11 jk n yet It ha
Ui'U detiTiniued, however, to make a
stop at Pireaus.from which poit Admiral
Ilewey will fo to Allien to pay hi
resjxH-t to King (iiHirge of (irueiv. The
Olympiu i Wing painte 1 white Instead
of dark slate color, which wa applied
at the breaking out of the lute war.
I(.,lr In Hall,
New York, Mav !! 1. A dispatch to
The World from Hong Kung ay Ad
miral Dewey' flagship, the cruiser
Olympia, came out of .In ' k Monday,
the needed repair U-ing auishvd ami
war paint removel. She i now ready
for her leinrely trip to New York. The
admiral 1 regaining hit health rapidly,
but he i atill at hi luiiol
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l'.. Hallway Culll.liin.
Seattle, NY ah., May HO. A local paa
enger train on the Northern Pacific
and a Grant street electric street car,
collided near the Washington Iron
work her, precipitating about 25 Her
eon into the bay. One passenger, E.
Broad, died on the way to the hospital.
Another passenger named lloffedlu wa
aeriously injured. Some of the other
pamieAgera were seriously hurt
Phsladelphia, May II'l. Memorial day
wa more elaborately observed in thi
city than for a nuinU r of year.
(lead bunt riiwi a Droirulng.
Outhrie, O. T.. May Samuel Ca
ple, aged 20, waa drowned in lieaver
county. lie wa at work on the aide of
the Paladne creek, when it uddeuly 1
gan to rise from a cloudburst Hi
bouse ls'inp, on the other aide, he at
tempted t j swim across., but waa car
red down in the flood.
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