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V' "-irro, r t f-'
Summer Brings Pain
M well as pleasure. The jxisHes.
lion of etock of PUKE DKL'OS,
with a knowledge, of how to com
pound them enaUe u to produce
a remedy for the prevalent com
plaint. Our
Hall's Baby Cordial
For ChiMrra
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has no Urriir in c.i-i-s of t h i
character. It works a cure and
helps nature to sueni;then and
build up the svhti iu. Price 2'c
per hottle. We carry a full lineof
Proprietary Medicine 01 ei-tab-lished
reputation. IK) R A T K D
TALCUM POW'DKKS for I'ricklv
When you want satisfactory I.aun
drjr nend us a postal or 'phone us
and we'll cet the bundle iaid return
it when we promise it to vou. If
it in not fat i. factory don't pay foi
American Laundry,
Two doors south of Klfhangt hotel.
Telephone 141.
Or rnil lirlnit our U-sm
liarber Shop is the largest in
Bryan. Four chairs-no wait
ing. Shave JO cents. Satis
faction guaranteed. Next to
Dunn & Daly's.
Best Passenger Service
"I trosbU It auw.r qniti.iii,n
St. Louis, Chicago
....and the Cast.
Only Lie (tunning Through
btMptr. I. nCfl UnLCAnd h.ng.
Superb Pullman Wttibulcd Buffet Sleepers,
Handsome New Chair Cart (teats free).
Ofxr.tw. of MsgnMc.nl New Train,
"Pacific Coast Limited,"
Ssml-w.rl.ly, brtwrea
Chicago, st. louis, Dallas, rorr
E. r. BrflHEH, Tnt riaMfW lf.il, FT. WMTI, Ttt
am as ffjjy !J PAonc
L. I. TI0B5I, B. P. Tl'IXIl,
Wrra tial lu'l liurt, Sai l hml ui k(.
OrlS. west fa Ilea rerttae la k. aetata?
a SJe-g.r ritau.
London, Kv.. Sept 11 The trouble of
the Griffin and Ibilpot faction in day
county broke oat afresh Sunday night
The boose of Ma Su.an Chad well,
widow of Eran ChadwelL, the latter a
brother of the leader of tha Oriftln fac
tion, wan tired into from all aide Mr
Chad well e-apd by thtowing herself
on the floor. AH the stuck on the place
ih killed ana a notice wa poet. I on i
ber il'xir giving her let hour to leave
under penalty of death.
The jail here, in which two (jriflioa
are connuel, la heavily armed with
A, rumor is 1U1 current here that a
battle was fought in Clay county, in
which (our men were kiliel and seven
wounded. The rutnor locate the bat
tle on Itedbird creek. 1 mile from
Manchester, but ha not been confirmed.
Ska Harwell Ullknl I' sou.
Areola, 111. Sept. 1Z -Carrie Lentz.
aged about is Tears, a daughter of S. It
Lentz, ticket agent fur the Illinois Cen
tral at this place, committed suicide by
booting herself throiiKb the b-jart The
young lady wu apparently in cheerful
spiriU and assisted her mother and sis
ter in getting ready to go to church.
After they had departed it appears that
she went to her room ami, barring the
door with a portion of the furniture of
the room, took a 41 calilur revolver and
shot herself. At the coroner's inquest
nothing developed to reveal tbe cause nf
the rash act. The deceastd graduated
from the University of Illinois in 1"'J7
With the highest honors, and wan con
sidered one of the brightest young
Wouihii of Central Illinois
hl.)h.a'. llaalgnallua Arr.il.cl.
t? .... I t.t Tl...
f tiiioi)(ioii, r'iL. i 4 liw eiait-ue-j
partinent ua ao-epteil llie reinitiation
tit Theodore iL hU-phan, vice uud di'pn-
ty coimiil at lireuieii. This action i
preliminary to removal of Louis Lange,
tbe conmiL Tbe department is reiiceut
about the charKes made axaiust the con
sulate at llreiueii and nothing lurthei
could le learned Henry W. liiedrich,
conxul at Magdenburir. will lie tismt
ferred to liremen as consul and an ofli
cial recoiuuu uded by him will tie desig
nated as vice anil deputy consul to suc
ceed Mr. Stephen.
t'a.terf aad hawmlll Hura.4.
Paris, Tex., Sept I 'A The handle
factory and sawmill on the Sulphur
Were deatroyed by tire. A Ure quan
tity of lumber aud seasoned timbers for
Working into handle was ato con
sumed The loss was about fWI, with
out any insurance. Mr. Waggoner, the
proprietor, arnved while the llames
were under headway, aud found it burn
iug III dltlcrenl places. lie is of the
upiuion that the tire was iuceudiury.
A Harloa. olllaloe.
Fort Worth. Tex., S,-pt 11 -A north
bound Santa Ke freight collided with a
biiCgy in which were an old and young
lady, at the Leuda street crosaing, in
front of 1'ulic Ilros. stock yard. The
buggy M'iih slightly daumged aud one
of tlit, hind legs of the animal was
broken. The side track was full of
car aud the approaching train was not
observed by the occupant of the buggy.
!:.. of iiillot.
Dcutou. Tex., Si pt. VI Three now
cases of smallpox are reported from the
smallpox camp sotitheaitt of Argyle.and
one death. Mrs. Henry i'uater, ou whom
the diseaae tirst broke out Owing to the
distance from this place no uueatiiies
is felt here.
Charg ea
Little Kock.
son, colore.1,
grand jury on
Ih wholesale
With l. Aasealls.
Sept. 12. -Charles John
was bouud over to tbe
the cbargoof committing
assault on Aug. 10 on
five women.
He waa identified by four
of the victim
If convicted the penalty
la death.
Fall Praia, a Wladew.
Denton, Tex.. Sept 12. S G Kaley.a
well known citizen of thi place, fell
out of a second story window o.' a hotel
t Pilot Point and was badly hurt It
is thought that be i seriously injured
internally, but the extent i not yet
Will II Cew.plat.il lr March.
Dallas, Sept 12. W. C. Connor, pres
ident of the Dallas, Fort Worth and
Uulf railway, say construction of the
road will begin at once between this
place and Fort Worth aud be completed
by March next
Criminal triatrial Judge,
Austin, Sept 11. The governor has
jppuinted A. C Allen nf Houston to be
Judge of the criminal district court of
Ualv.nton and Harris counties, vice
Judge Siuclail Tal.alerro, declined ths
Caa Ca.a Contlnn.il.
Denton, Tex., Sept 12. The criminal
d'H-ki t was taken up in the district
court here. The case of tba state va
W. N. C.mj was continued by the de
fendant (Joe's case came from Dallas
on a change of venue.
L list Itoth I....
South McAlester. L T., Sept. li-Like
Conway, a lirukeman on the east local,
was run over at Wilhurton and had
both legs cut . i IT, from the eiTecta of
which he will die.
An Old .N.gresa lad.
Pine Itluff. Ark., Sept 12.-Maria
Kelley, a ingress uged lit! years, died
on a plantation near here of senile de
bility. She had resided there for noarly
60 year.
laelar.d I acuailllutloaal.
Denver, Kept 12. Judge Johuson in
the district court her delivered an
opinion declaring the prize fighting law
unoonstltutienal and void.
attaatlaa at Jukm
Jackson. Miss., Srpt. 11 The state
loarj of health bulletin announce that
there are no new caar of fever in the
city or in the atate. The city baa quiet
4 down Major Porter is still danger
ooaly ilL
V.I lew Inn Kafef.ee.
Rirminghatn. ALa.. Kept. 12. Twelve
carlo Is of refugees from Umisian and
Mississippi paed through here euroute
to point north. The cr were lorkel
while Koint; through tbe Ute and no
one from any infected points was al
lowed to leave the train.
Alaiwma ha altoqnarantine 1 aniitt
Jacksoiiville and Tampa, i'la.
T.tln N.w t'am.
Key West, St-pL 11 The total num
ber of yellow fever caeee up to date 1
lr9, 1J beiiiK reportel in tbe pa.t '.'4
hour. Nine ranee are being treated at
the j allow fever hospital ami the re
mainder are in private families.
M. .w .... Uevalea,
Tampa, n..' Sept 11 Since the
death of John Welsh from yellow fever
at Port Tampa City, Sunday, no other
suspicious canes have developed. Port
Tampa City I ) 1 mile from Tampa.
No appreben.ioa is felt of the fever
reachinK here. All trains between this
city and the port are stepped. All other
precautious are taken.
Italy NeaiOrlaa ('
New ( irleans. Sept 12. The state
board of health will meet today to
Consider the quarantine question, as sev
eral Iuititia towns have annoiinivl
embargoea. Several caws of fever are
under olon rvation here, but no positive
case ha lieen reported since the third
case, which is now nearly well.
A special from Mississippi City s.iv
there were no new cases there. Advices
from uear'y all the principal towns of
Mississippi tell that step have been
taken to enforce quarantine measures,
requiring all doors and windows on
trains from infected points to be kept
closed tight and of the swearing in of
quarantine guards.
Vickslmrg has nivlx ample arrange
mi nis to carry out a strict quarantine.
Natchez, Miss., will not even allow
trains from suspected localities to stop
within the city limits.
ease 1'ar.u.a Will Agllale Thai In
greae Hat Iki.i aa I'arl. S-'.la!llua.
Washington. Sept. 12. It is believe 1
by many that when congress assembles
there will Is- considerable agitation f
propMition for this government to
abandon its participation in the Paris
expedition. It is known that expressions
hostile to the exMisition quoted from
Senator Stewart are very widely syui-'
pathized in and it is thought that if
tl.a e.ivieti., ,.f tll.rft.s 1. Iiarmi I f ...I
to stand there will Iss varv little friendl v
feeling for Fram-e among iiieinlM-rs
of either the house or senato. Such
move, however, would lie a grave una.
It ts rwii.iteit nut that to m'ithilrsur fruii. '
participation in the exposition would 1st
regarded as an official insult to France.
Prates! Against the lira, fas Vardlat.
San Francisco, Sept. 12.-The follow
ing messuge wss sent to President Mo
Kinley by the F.piscopal clersy of tins
"The dericus of the Protestant F.pis
oopal church of San Francisco ling
profoundly moved by the verdict in the
Dreyfus case, most earnestly request
your excellency to take such action 1. Hik
ing toward a reversal of the s-ntein-e im
compatible with the diplomatic rela
tions existing.ls'tween the two nations."
The Philomath club, representing all
the Jewish women of Sau Francisco,
sent a cablegram of sympathy to Muie.
Was Agalast llr.rfaa.
Paris, Sept 12. -The Journal say the
duke of irleans bas cause to rsgret the
part taken in the Dreyfus affair, adding
that the F.nglish royal family has de
clined to attend the marriage of the son
of Duke Charles, and that the king of
I1 gin in has requested that the duke
of Orleans iIim-s not stay in Itolgium and
the king of Italy ha forbidden his
nephew, duke Awta, whose wife is the
sister of the duke of irleana, to receive
the duke of Orleans if he comes to Italy.
HII1S llorrntthig Krsnr..
London, Sept 12. The Movement to
boycott the Paris exposition continues.
Several additional firms have announced
their intention to susjiend preparation
of their exhibits until the "Dreyfus blot
i wiied out."
lireylu. Il.eal.a. Many lati.r.
Ilennes. Sept. 12 Malthieu Dreyfus
returned here and visited his hroth.-r iu
prison. Ho found him still Wring up
well. The prisoner has received an
enormus number of letters of sj uipa
thy since Saturi.ny and he pse the
greater part of his time readii i them.
t.rdlal ll.r.lrad 'jill.tlr,
Paris, Sept 12.-- At the cabinet coun
cil the premier informed his ciill. aiii s
he had received resirts from the pre
fects of the various departments which
showed the Verdict of the Kennea court,
martial had U-en eery where received
took no action in the Dreyfus or
matters of great importance.
Tlia Dossier Krai lias I si Is.
Paris. Sept. j j -Tho dossier of the
Iteiines coiirtmartial pr.Ki-e.lings have
arrived here for submission to the court
of revision, consisting of General Mar
cillo, Colonel Ooiirboboiee, Lieutenant
Colonel Ladrene, Major Coppand Major
AIlanL It is said that Mathieu Dreyfus
intends to snpplicat Emperur William
to order th publication of the docu
ments enumerated In the bordereau.
taeaer.l MUM 1" "- Taaa, la
lie mi Ma ala.
New Y rV. Sept. 1J -Major (..'iieral
Mile said of the recent teat at Sandy
Hook of high explosives as projectiles.
"The purse of these testa was to as
certain the force aud power of new ex
plosives, the effect nf the concussion as
well as the power of breaking projec-til-s
into fragmentary piece. Tbe pos
sibility of throwing high explosive
through armor platu was also tested
with safety and the fact was demon
strated that projectile containing high
I plosives ran be thrown long distances,
10, li audit miles, in fact, as far as
poasilile to throw any projectile from any
kind of a gun. EUch trial and teat thus
far has been entirely satisfactory. All
of these tests were made at tbe Sandy
Hook proving grounds under the super
vision of Major Frank Heath, and they
have demonstrated that projectile con
taining the moat destructive high ex
plosive can be thrown any distance
with sufficient force to penetrate armor
General Mile spoke with much satis
faction of the practical headway that
had been made in the experiments at
Saudy Hook with heavy orduance aud
tba uewest and most powerful eiplir
lve. He said that very valuable re
mits had lieen attained. Tbe details of
these results will 1 embodied in official
reports to le submitted to the war de
partment In rcasjnse to a renewed
inqiiiry whether there was any prospect
nf his going to Manila to assume com
mand of the United States force there
Ueiieral Miles said:
"I cannot tell. There are no new de
devel.ipmeiit in the matter so far a I
know. Certainly such a mission would
be a serious aud reppoiisiblo one, and 1
don't think that anybody would ask to
be sent there. A variety of complicated
questions await solution in the Philip
pines." When asked if he would not like to
go out there ami undertake the solution
of these problems, Deueral Miles sun! . I
and replied: "it is a soldier's duty to go
wherever he is sent and to do the very
best he can when he get there "
Swlnill.d la Msp uualrlM.
London, Sept 12. The police of Ge
neva have in custody two men, Kdward
Wilkinson, said to bo an American,
and John Koiian, an Irishman, whom
they believe to I the c'uirf. of all inter
1 national gang of swindlers, who have
txi-n working the whole continent of
LuroM. this year with rein.trkahle suc
cess. The daring gang showed excep
tionally brilliant form in robbing anple
on l.ank premise. At Milan they got
fUUNKl lire, at Turin alsait the same, at
Itome iio.ooo and at Liicernn Im.issi
francs. The men are also l-!ieved to
I be the authors of the big jewelry role
1 berlea at (Men. PrUssel:
1 ale and llam-
Ih-tectiv.s from a mure of cities
have gone to ( lem vii to have a look at
the interesting couple.
Trarellna lsa Killed.
Miiucie.ini, S;.t. 12 -G.s.rgeN.
Ita-ed was found dead hear the ilig Four
railway, thru, miles west of Muncie.
His back was broken and crushed Isdow
tbe hips, a leg was broken and there
Were evidences that the pilot of tiie en
gine struck him, but trainmen did not
seethe H.videiit. He was a traveling
sale man for a I-ingtoii, Ky.. whisky
house, and his sample case w ith tilled
bottles, is missing. Siimi Is-lievn that
tramps in a Isiicar stole the case and
threw bun off while coming from An
tiers. jit to Muncie His wife resides
at some place in Kentucky.
1'anla oa a Hi real Car.
New Albany, Ind , .Sept. 12. A negro
named Ilrown created aluioet a panic ou
an electric car Is'tw.en New Albany
aud Louisville. As the car was crossing
the Kentucky and Indiana bridge, the
liegro Ixcatiia WiistiToiis, uud when the
conductor tried to quiet hi iii started af
ter him with a revolver. The coach
was crowded with women and childern,
who rushed toward the doors and win
do. The negro a. ted like a demon.
He wa finally sulslued by the conduc
tor and brakeman. who struck uiiu with
heavy piece of iron, knocking him
Klllsd v a Tiala.
Loganssirt, I n.l. . Sept. 12. A west
Is ai ml Panhandle passenger train ran
down mh 1 instatitly kill "! Mr Harris
C McVetty and three children at
crossing east of Iigansport Mrs. Mc
Vetty aud two daughter, aged tit and
in, and sou, aged 12. w r coining U,
town, aud as they started over a cross
ing in a deep cut, they fulled to note tbe
approaching train.
Ial,',tias Ara Arriving.
Chicago, Sept 12. - The Texas am)
Mississippi delegations have arrived here
to attend the civic federaMon. Inward
Hose water of Omaha, and ex-Ooveruol
Cruiuisc of Colorado, are also among tin
arrivals Itryan is elected Thursday.
No Attempt of making a prograinmr
has b'l.-h made.
Msttre.. I si-tnrv lliirnail,
Waco, Tex., Sept 12.- The mattresi
factory .if the Ivnni Manufacturinii
companv w,.s partiaily burned, sustain
ing itamage to the amount of (soon,, ,,v
ered by iusiiranee.
A I aril, I I'li.l Itlaratared.
Diirceloiia, .Sept 12 Dis.uiiit.'iit ovei
tho new taxes continue. Carlit plots
have Isi'i. io-.vM.nd In iie!,.lsiriliii
Tillage and the surrounding lieicjib
have la-en invested by civil guards.
Uia I'lsgu. at "I'.rlo.
Op rto, Sept 12 - -There has lsMn on
more death trom the plague, but tin
situation is unchanged. Dr. Irving, the
American, prououuee the plague to tw
of mild form.
Ar. Hi. l.e..l. i. ill
We are now re.idv.ng daily our K I I.I- AND WINTF.lt
STOO in ill ng the liest Line of C'AIII'KTH,
ia iTiNti, iii;.m. i.kxoi-iitm ini
DltAl'KIt V, which e would U pleased to have
you cal! and examine.
orrrrrrrrr r rr r r rri'rr re
HKiNii is vm it
EAT 0000 MEAT !
A ,1. WAU.ACK l-uril.a.l tl,c
V. P. TKANT M.iik.t. the Newest, Cleanest and
1'cM Meat M. ii kit iii toMi. ami will fuiiiUh
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Muliev .i tun mi in I u. s.ll. To do lliis, t- will
No exceptions, in Lam nf .iiil.iuK , 1 1 litisiiu'ss,
soli, ill .1. on tiie li.isis nt oIIIM me, its ,,t (.(it pint-,.
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AND ri.rMiuv;
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Fitting up Rcservois
Bath Tubs
llcse Repairing
Leave orders at Orlio A .lim n rmmi i
nnii. Ail ..oik pruiiiutlji 1 1 1 1 t.
Nrw "!
l!us and mIK C'hiik- 2
ens and 1'. W'v p;rt
tlictn fu-sli and si ll tlutn
(iiiik. ()ur prices mc
low ii n.l tin v iiic Ixniiid
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sample of our pii.es.
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Fresh Bread, Rolls,
Cakes and Pies,
Delivered to any )art of
KT?,1rK,,,I Pr"l-riwll
amcss: McDoiiffah
Bryan, Texas

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