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idlii IS t
Hut It pays to bajr your (jrocerie where you knw hv are lrehrt.
It ! not bat you pay, it la hat you f t for what jroa pay ami any
article you buy from U that doea got cme up to uur guarantee anil
your ei(ectation, will ronaider it a favor fur you to teporl aame
promptly aud a will gladly exchange it or refund your money.
AlUlroaa flour Nrw .h!,tni-nt !oilcn ro-y .kit n.
Chaa Sanborn' a ruaVaa and Traa I're-atr
farnilele IUt Satin frr.h Pra-mlum Haaat ami llrreiU.t
AtpararnTIi. Heroa
lira tut P.iih.U. s,w Ma kan-I and freab Calflah,
Slrawbarrtta. Kir. Raj u4 White Cloud IIhh od Ira,
Try i
ill a I
, !;: Pair i
' ! ; of I
Our . r-- 1
! Ml
i uuuuu: ii
MFWhen down town nil at our a'ore ami inspect our good.
CtUptoit 106.
There Kill I a atiecial arrvlca of the
pi Holy ComiDUiiion on Wednesday morn.
Ml lug at 10 o'clock in 8t. Andrew's Kpia-
XTXCttCtCXaCth, roj al C'liurcli. It ia hoiied that all who
Mra. W. 8. South went to Koe yea- can H be preaent. The H'-cior (Dr.
Ilowere) will otfliiate ami the offering
illl (or Tb Church Cnlty Society.
Lieut. (Jov. J. N. Drowning viaited
the A. and M. Colleen yetterday and
entered In a aon aa a aludent. Tlie lieu
tenant governor la erting governor hit
iov. Nayer i amending the fit. Loui
truat conference.
M rayed or .Sloleu Kmiii John M.
Caldwell' paature, one Jeraer heifer
yearliug, light tan colored with while
apota. Iteward .'or return to J no. M.
Caldwell or information leading to re.
covery. ft
K. T fiallatin, J. T. daliatin, Mia
l eail liallaliu, Kie l Lke, T. M. Tur.
ner, Will Ku laanl, I.. M. Manford and
J. N Manford auii other were hire
from Cottonwood ye'.erdy.
1 i vine aemce hiving U a reaumed
at ht. Andrew' K.piropal rbrui h, you
are cor lially invited to attend the same.
Itev. Id rl.eit K. I wrf, I). !., I.. 1.. D.
lctor. tf
Madame Montgomery of t. L'jUI, it
in llryan ani haa iliaro ol liiluiore'i
tlreaa making jiarlora where alie wiil I
:rainl to inrat tlioe in nt"i of lu f
Miea Orelle Doren.tia li-ft yeatrlay I I'liaa. flmlmrtf' reaUurant in the
for Auatin to all n lt. Mary'tiiiilitulr. ',,.,, ,lgt , k ia now onn day anil
Miaa I.imnore Nail returor. yreu-rlay Wtthl. Iuu!al mealt M ceuta. Mioit
fr-.m viaitinn at Xavaaota and Coiimc. 'rdi-r luuchea at all houra. tl
Mra. Urn Imkeof Malano, la vieitinu ' For atcid. i.l an I life inaurance ait k
Mr. an I Mra. KJ Cienaha of thla city, or riiierl b. nrl'na eithfr in lo.lrf.t or
.M...JAeMi..,ira.ndMvprSl,ai.ira 'r'fl' rouipaiiie. e Joe B.
were iirre from Madinu!.e mi lay.
V. (i. Uniiai and hiMr.-n of Wi
aha hie. are Iirre M-itni Mr. Mid Mra.
J'.. 11. I.omai.
Mra J. II. Wh te ai.d .U'u! t-r Mi a
ieoria, of Wlrkaon, mi r- Ma.t'.ia tn
JSryeii veaterMay.
11..... f.tm ...it i' n r.u.ma
lirunvi.il ' ' . r....., ix ""' tl'T'laV
well, ai rvuiit Iiuuaat an.i orn. -M'ry
t i Joe (ir.'kMiil.i. I''1
fait. It. T. Hoy la Hr. ialn-i Marlln
K-e tlonnevill't nrw ctin k, pretty and
up to date 2V.'
K. (iandy waa bert front 11 m k I'rairi
La n K, the niat hiiii't, at Carr'a Hard
ware a tore. dil.
Hugo Kuolilauili waa here from
Calvert yeteiday.
Drli.k Mount Vernon I'ure Itye at the
hipoeili'in aaloon. lnf
lni Uailey led yeaterday for onth
Mi Aliiater, I. T.
Capt. Hob Hranitry waa here from
Somerville yeaterlay.
3 pounda lndivtha new crop turnip
reedaat Mawhiiilipy'a. Oi-lH.
I'r. T. ( Curry waa here from
Whetdink yrat-nlay.
Smoke (iem-rnl Arthur ritrara aold at
the f.ipoaition aalimn. tf.
H. W. F.ltre h fi Sunday 1 1 attend the
Sain lloinion Normal luaiitule.
rVe llonneville'a new line of r-ady
maile rhirt waiata and akiria. -'-
U.f I. IK-a ao !. Hour. tf
Kirali cold I 'in and liinih, Wooten
W e. la a nU water awavaon dan I at V
C. Mri k'a m t diHir t haundera A
Jolinaou'a. Kill
W. II .si diiiiiiirhire, Frai.k Me kina,
)irk rdanla, (ieoiie llillilap and J
1'.. Koiltt were here fro n Mlllirau )i-a
The k'raud jury waa rwonvenid yea
t. r.Uv. 1 lie rriuiiiial iIih ket waa tjken
!erral plraa of K nlty were entere-l , ((, t(J , ,IltII1t.r ol run aet.
f.. I . ...a.. ...... a i...t. a tatr
... me .ori"...oo .,.., ; j, W. Coulter re-eive. a han.laome
uiornimr l.efr Mayor llarn. ... (r tll, a.a,,l.y of Ud.e.1 hata
It. U. It oyadof Co. li ve Mali m, i all , y tcr.ldy .
aave you inoiu y on fruit ainl ornament , Wa ter M. l.a.'lt, general tnaidiiniat
treea. Kead hia a. I in tloa paper. dt Cai r'a Hard w are alore. I'liolie 41. dtf
All kind of line millinery very cheap
For accident and life inanram e either
at Mra. C. M. l'r.x tora.
n lihlff ol atraik'ht tile comt'anira rx-e
Joe II' llawd. Ala ei-lla tliiur, rneaiidl Hire) ed or Molen-Onx brown 2 year
'"Ih. " ii, part Jerey cow uiunarked, no brand
Marriaje I.irene: A. C. Carter to diali faced w iili abort crumpled l orn.
Mra. Vicy Uiice, (ieorne Todd to Mr-, may hae calf. Liberal lieward for
Iioralioud, Waiter C. I-ewie to Io.a return to Jol.n 1'. t,oniew. or lor in
jjetr, format. oil leailing to recOM-r) . o;
School Supplies! I
WlVtty Kuiuli It.i'ktls t'H, .'Si'. ""'I 35c-
JVirl'ritty School S.ilclul-, all th-, ioc, joe, :5c ami 35c.
InrlVmil and Ink Tablet-, pretty edm-, S-.
ill Hi; 2 Zi ilii 'iZLji -il. Utl 'iLm Llitl'J JX iMUJMiM
.The Best Tittinz
.The Best Wearing
.The Best Looking
We have ju-t received
thit tclclir.itcd i-line.
No Oalalai Kepeat.
Key Weat. Fla.. Sept 11-Tbaphyei
etana niatle n? repoita Sunday but a
RTtMkt Uiaxiy caM of j.lkiw fcrer are
known to hate occurred and oua death. '
F.aar Re1d a4 Haltleaberg.
F.iiiaille, Miaa., Sept 11 Tj report'
that there ia a caae or two of yellow
fever at Hattieaburir. 20 mile aouth of
br-re, cauaed little aneaaiueea among
Elliaville cttixeua. The city council
met early laat week aud ijnarantined
ir.in.t Mieaiaaipid City, the Onlf porJl
and Ni-w rleana or any other city of
town that may herraf U-r uhcoum infwted
with yi-llowr ffer, and no pnraon of !
baKifaife are allowed to ornie Into Kllbv 1
villa from any infwted diatrict UuhM
the aituation Imooiuea much more alarm
ing tlu-re will be no quarantining
aKainat the country.
Mtealtoa at Jarkaaa.
J ark aon. Miaa.. H.-nt. 1H Thxre waa
! no new or aupiciona raam of fever re-
; portal in Jackaoti Hunday. The olllciai
; aimonuii ine.it of the trd of health ia
that Major I'orter died of yellow fever.
Ma Saw t'aeaa.
New (h-leana. Kejit 1H. No new caaea
of yellow fever were reported here or at
any iut on the MiMlanippi cuaat Sun
day. Klghlf Mllaa aa Hoar.
Buffalo, Spt ia With newapapel
train carrying the New York Sunday
Papera and ronaiiting of three baggage
car and a locomotive, the Lackawanna
railroad Sunday lieat all reoorda between
Xhw York and Uuffalo for a train, cov
ering the 410 mile in the actual run
ning time of 7 hour and UV mlnutea.
Parte of thia diatanr on the level
tretche weat of Iiingbampton wer
eovtrail at a apeed of over W) mil.a an
hour and on a part of the line eat of
Ktmudatmrg. where the train climb tha
niountaina, 77 mile an hour waa maia
taiotil on vanouatK-caaioua.
With its heat and duct and dearth of edibles ia now a boat to
bexxme a memory and Mother Earth in rereading before you
her ample harveet feaiit. Your table may now become aa ex
jionent of the wonderful facility with which science and art
can group nature treatiree. The Orent and the Occident
and every zone that bdt the globe have contributed their
choiccet production to the complement of our r-tock, and we
are ready to fill your orders with alacrity and skill.
Oat Meal Cracked Wheat
Swift' Premium Dreakfitat I! awn and Ham
Lice PoUtoea Sugar Ilouae Molueea
Maple Syrup JohiiHon's Butter
Co fl ee Tua Cocoa
Kit hange. Hotel Arrlvala.
Ltii S drt Aruhj and on,
'arru, Mexico; II L Heme, Waco;
K AKtin, City; Mr J Shapiru,
Madionvillu.A I ILirland, Kannua ,
'ity; W E Campbell, (ireenvllle; 1
Major Smith, Navanot-i; 0 L Steele, j
Nsva"t; J S Coil, llearne; J C;
Inlloman, Taylor; A I' Wileon. j
llotnton; J C Scott, Franklin; W
1 Kellcv, N.iV(iotn; J 11 Rrttain, I
oreicaria; II T lSueklev, Cini iu-1
nati; A A r arley, Ualtunore; 1 hat :
) (ioldinp, II 111-ton; K-gintld i
'ird, New York.
Italaaaat la anila.
! ra!laa. Sept 1H. -Oliver IL P. ft I
j tuont of New York will diarua the uenu
: at the Ik-iuocratio dollar dinner at t'.it
i ute fair h-re neit month. Mr. bvl
1 luoiit ia a millionaire. He I a Chicagt
platform Ivuiocrat, and declare wttt
I ujihaeia upon appropriate occaaion
that William J. ISryan of Nebraska it
the grnateat Ami-ru-an living. He it
' agitinat imprnalnou, and aa for trust.
and immenae wealth, he ia quoted at
: saying that he belUviil no man oniibl
; amaaa more ihanfl.lN) OOO in a lifetime
1 without robbing aomebodr.
j HalHald (oaurl.
j Williamaon. V. Va. Sept. 1 Kliat
natftnld, who on July 3. murdered II
E. Ktlt. waa found guilty of murder ii
the accimd degree. The jury reached
1 thia verdict afu-r deliberating mora
than ti hour. The aperial grand jury
baa returned IndiclmmU againat
. number of the Hatfield clan, two ol
i whom are cbanol with complicity ir
the murder of Kllia. They will be givei
a epeedy trial.
Mat With Fatal ArrMaab
Center, Tei . Sept IL Simon Mill
met with a fatal accident at Kate paw
mill at Short, five utile aouth of here.
He went nnder the aaw to clean oat tht
awduMt and by anmeniean ffot againal
the aaw, which cut the back of hia bead
to the brain aud cnt him Iietween '
almuldera through ttie bai ktmtie length
wiae into the Innga. He lived only
few iniliiit.n.
Kaalaa Kurr.ad.rad.
Anderson'a Conr;ntratel Sou pa Franco-American Soups
Deviled Crab Shrimp and Lobnter
Herring Trie Corned Beef Veal Loaf
Cabbage Corn Tomato?! French l'eaa Mnibroom
Sour, Sweet and Dill I'icklen Mangoes Olivet
Variety of Sauces and Condiment!
Salmon Sardines Chipped Beef
Libby it McNeill's Canned Meat
Pears Nectarines Apple Jams Preserves
Cheese Collee
P. & W. Quinine 50
Cents per Bottle at
Read's Drug Store.
F.1 Paen. Tex , Sept IS John Koeton. J
under indictment at Coleman. Ter, foi j
complicity in the holdup "there of Iht Mj
Santa re racitic ami the alleeil mil Mel i
of the tireiiiuii baa been surrendered by
the Mexican government and will bt
taken to Coleman for trial
At I have not written any thing
to the paper in some time, I will
endeaveor t givo you a few dots.
People have iilmoet got their
rop all gathered and hauleil
away, nil except their cotton and
they will foon have it out.
There wax ( reaching at the
church lust second Sunday by Uev.
A. M. Stewnrt; aluu sinking at Mr.
Wash Henderson, in the evening.
There i a great deal of sickness
in thi- community lit this writing,
but we ltow it will not continue.
Among tin. sick ones are Grandma
llearn, Mrs. Kbh Lloyd aud two
of Mr. M. Kiifter' children, and
we are hoping to see their recovery.
We are having some very hot
and dry weather.
There 1ms not been any singing
at Kurten; for a time we hope it
will not be long before it will start
Wo are worry to learn of Mr.
John Payne's death and extend
our simpathy to the the bereaved
ones. Mr. Piivno was a nice and
an excellent young man, and was
thought well of by everybody that
knew him. Keen ClipM'r.
Ulll.d by m Tailor.
ChicK' ). Sept H A the result of (
diapute over. auit of clothe. Martii
WalK'ieu. a oiKikkeeper, wa killed am'
Theodore Walgren aud (teorge Clark
lightly wounded by Frtd Kiaher.
tailor. 1'iaher uard a knife and claimi
be a-ted in elfdf fenae.
ra el fromlae lad.
Bryan, Texas.
Office over Jam Drag Store,
deuce plioce 131.
New Wrk. S-pt K The plant ol
the American Fisheries company at
Promised Land. It I., waa deatroyed by
fire Light building in all were burned
together with a large quantity of val
uable machinery Tho hie will exceed
Milwaukee i likely to get the IKmo
cratio National convention to 1 held
next summer.
Three hotel burned Sunday at Ham
mer Station, N. Y., causing a loe 01
The Milburn Wagon work at Toledo,
O.. ha eecured a large order for wagont
to be ahipped to The Transvaal
The Hungarian novelist, Maunit
Jokai, now 7.1 year obi, wa married
at Hilda Pest to the Hungarian actreet
Arbabella (iroaanagy, a girl of 1H.
Harvey nailer gave his wif rough or
rata and then split her head open witb
an at in I tonne county, Weat irginia.
The adolw houae of Manuel Cordova.
at Moro, N. M , collapeed. killing him
elf. hi wife aud six children.
Th trust conference, called by (lor.
Saver of Texas, will meet at St Louii
on Wednesday.
J. K. Uatchmiin. a negro Pullman por
ter, ia in jail at F.l Paso, Tex., for a'
aultlng a conductor.
Charle A. PilUbnry. the famoui Min
neapoli miller, i dead.
The long drouth in north Texas I I
thing of tho past.
Kather than Iks arrested for aaiaulting
a uagro, Jiui KapaUky, a Uoliiuiau
farmer near Waco, Tex., took bis own
Choice Seeds!
When you want eeed to plant, you want the pure article.
We keep them in etock and you can depend Uon them at all
times. You taKi no chances of Johnson grass ceed when you
get your grain Ironi us. We have in dock and to arrive the
Shifted fflust Iproof ats.
Wheat, Pij'e, Parley and all kinds email grain. We are head
quarters for Alfalfa and IJermuda Seed, Havens Food, dead
phot for chicken cholera and the finest condition powder for
all kinds of Mock. We handle the SING TOY CHINESE
CHICKEN POWDEi: which will dectroy Lice, Fleas and
Mites on chickens. We are also headquarters for BAGGING
AND TIES, and pay the highest market price for cotton seed.
We deliver Cotton Seed Hulls to any part of the city from one
hundred ounds up. Social inducements to the country
people for hulls. Come and eee Ui.
C. K. MOOKE, Bryan, Texns.
Kandy Kitchen
llEKWICK DAY Oysters
Served in any tylc.
The finest....
Candies, Fresh Fruits,
Phono 202.

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