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Vol. IV. 2STo. ari4.
l-rico 5 Cent n
$1.25 Per Sack.
I'.aUvia Canned 1'hkkIh, Preserves, tic
Freh lUmeted Cff-jc.
Houston Steam Bread received daily.
Doiier Hakery Cakea aud Crackers.
Uneed l;icuiU, lieda (iinjer Wayfer, K)c a kage.
Double Crown Cheese on ice.
Johnson Creamery Luttcr on ice.
(U1 Fashion Open Kettle Mola-ses in gallon anl one
mlf gallon cans cent and .'!." cent t can.
Lake Ciscoe in Tomuto Sauce, Pickles, Ktc, 2 can
Swift Premium Ham and llr- akf int I'.i.con.
The "lie-t" i ottr njx'eially. Kvery nrtide guarantied
please. If not a ruftoiinT give uh a trial.
Ho-woll Brothers
:i:ry.i:s ash vnfrr.i: l;.sTV.l:s.
Wo Buy
And Pay the
TWO HARKI-TS-Onc in City Market Build
inland one next door to John
II. Mike's Store.
URYAN. : : : : TliXAS.
Kt c a pKnl Hock of the llit Imported
iiinl l)onu'Mic (JooiU for Suitt r l'lint.
Kc:iiiiiiK iind cleaning ilnne at rcaona
Ide prices..
Patronize our Home
at home. I guarantee Pit and Finish.
JttS - Ta
New Feed Store!
We Imvn on l.aml now Kii.n1 CORN, HAY, line SKKD DATS,
COTTON SK1CD MKALmid lll'M.S ml WllKAT 15UAX thut
we will deliver to anv purl of the city.
KatiKer Old Stund. rele,i!.on 52.
'4 1
. r4
;,i'i in i-j ifca'aill'if,ital iJ
Merchant Tailor, ;
Tailor and keep money
Council of JlinMcr iNt'dc to
Lik-rate the i"rioncr.
Te Keep Dona Demunstratien Iliryln
Will Hp Sent ahrouil When the
I'artlnn l Promulgated -Lx
riteiiicnl at Unities
Pari, Sept 19. -Captain Alfred Drey
fu convicted by cotirtuiartial on a
cbarg of trraauu, with extenuating cir
cumstance, ba Urea pardoned by the
council ot ministeia.
Tub pardon wiil Uk- e!!ect m
da). lr)tu has rcliniiiiihe.l bin ap
peal for a revision of tho judgment of
the rDiirtninrtiaL
It is said Dreyfn will lie wut abroad
before tlm promulgation of pardon, iu
order to avoid deuiotintratiuiia
When tin" newsUiy ran with the tirt
edition containing a statement that the
caliini-t had decided to pardon lrevf ua,
the ncwaiiaissr sol I ouickly. but there
wan no ruU fur them uhiii tlm pirti f
lim ItmlYur'l.T". Th" who Umtrlit
r Kat ilowu in front of the cute
aii'l r-u'l the nni..iun-iri-fit without
ooiuiiiriit. tv-ry mm ix i le.l it and
Dim ilrcuion met With bo nijltion.
Th-re in much r- inark here on thw
trauKo coiiiii'lriit of the death of
K huriT-K.-rtocr. the lirnt chin'ion of
lireyfua, iiikI to whuiu Ureyfuv virtual
ly owea hn freelnui. oil the very day
the cabinet diK-olwl to arditi the (iria
oiwr. ( aiiMl l.irit.mral Bl Keee
Kwim, S .t. 'U.-The newt that the
council of iiiiiiit-r decoled la pardon
I fkpu.fliM Wa. ru-al ul li..r.a With inlfriM
lrey(ui i etilt a priaouer
i a.mplun uf lr.yfn. Itl.
ParM.S-pt. 19 -M S. hurf r Ktner.
1 foriu- r vii vprmideut of the arnate aud
cb.iiiipiuu of Irej f ii". i il. ad
hg.il In I ha Hlrlk.rt.
ChattiiiiiMiga. Sept. )'J A epecial
I from I U vt' iti. Tt iiti ..iy.ome unknown
partii n eet tire to tbn property of the
I l)aytou Coal and Iron company at 1
'Odia k un iii'iriiinir. Iniriiuiir ilowu
thu mwerhoii, coal Imiiki'm and other
, proH-ny. it 14 ftiiiiat'cl llin n !
I l j.ooo; jUt the ilainnk'" I' creater to
the mine. fr tin y are llo.li'd wilh
water, llie pump, having liwn deatroyed.
The miner thrrn hare Iwpii on a eirike
for wtnn time, which in yet tltioettled.
and the company ha a theory that it
a the Work of aoiue of the ntriki'i.
Ktlil.arr wl Mar4.r.
C.Cey villi.. K . S.pt. 19 -TlieUaly
of a man waa found lurnl ahoiit i
inchc doep in a cornfield near lrwey.l.
T . W inl!e aoiithwent of here. It had
vidrntly t vn there antne time, f .r it
waa mi badly decoiniaiaed that tdetitllt
caMon Was lliipM.it!. A Mow had
ls-. ii at t r i ii k on the head with an ai. or
oine othrr ili-n'lly wra;sin. The alTair
ta a myatr-ry, lor uo one ha been iiiim
lni m (he neiKhlairliiHxL The b xly wa
given deceut burial
Kill.it In. M'raa( Maa.
Center. Ala.. N-pL 19 - Henry Martin
hot and inxtantly killed Jauie lu-ol
near h'-r.i. l laud lUeil, eon of the ilea I
nun. luarrnsl Martin daughter Friday
and Martin ha been luititiug the youni;
man. and it I upSNteil be killed the
ol I man ly mistake, a they were Rood
friend. The aheritT with a poeae u in
puriiit of Martin.
4 b..lar W ago) Wata ttaraaal.
Cheater. !ll..SepU 19 -The Poiuoraki
Wk'oii work a, liH-atMd near the river
bank, wa destroyed by lire together
with the reiden of the proprietor.
Jiavph Poniorakt The lire wa ttarteil
by the eiploaion of gasoline (love.
The Ins on bull ling and stock I alvnt
t'.rnoo. on which there i an inaurauc of
Ills laailiilua I'rararlaus.
Orange. Te . S.pt. 19 Oeorge Il.ir
riaon, lo-uic artiet, who wa engage 1
upon a new 'drop curtain at tlieo r.i
bouse fell 'JO feit. striking the II. air
with hi iiead, from which ho sustained
wound that (ips'd up two and a half
inches of his acalp. IIn is still alive,
but is in a precarious condition.
..risrsr Oil :ri lil.nt.
Nacog lochia, Tex , S'pt. IK A siti
Oils kiT stelie "ii Hi'Cldi'llt Ki'lirred ij
unlea ra-t ot hen- I'.'rrv Puttoii. n col
ored larini'r. lo-l his dwelling hoiiai- and
Contents. His wife was hadlv Imtin-d
alld lll.iy die. !-iie ttii d to tellll It I'll! II
lllg lamp nil I the oil exploded.
Ni-lrit I i.nrol li.ail.
Marlill. Tel., S pt. III. A in -ro IT ol
18 years old was found dead on the r.nl
road track a short distance south of the
passenger ilemt. lie was a stranger
It is thiuik'ht by some that his death war
Dot caused by the train, but thai foul
play bad been dealt him.
A tarrtt.r Maltha.!.
Sherman, Tex . S-pt. VJ. - On Ihe An
Henry place, six mili-seast of Is-nison,'
It Ki-iier, a farmer, wa fearfully n:
perhHi fatally atabhed. A complaint
we liM against a negro charged wit b
au mult to uiur'ltT. No arrmt baa
been made.
I.MMib.r llMrBd.
Lowville. N. Y .Seot. 19.-Theo. Baa
ahc'i aawmill and 10 acre of lumbal
burn- d here: Ion tr.OW.
It Wblp4 lor Km.Om( Ir ifc.
Ohio r.nlleailarjr M 1'i.li.ml.tM.
Coliuabna, O.. KL 19 -Uc. U. F.
B Ilnward. who hat taunht coll "tu
dentt the principle of Iokic and wbo ba
iniaiU'reU tu lar(t and faahionabla con
KreKttium in aaveral place, waa coin-pelk-1
to bend over a boi wbile a luity
f uaid vigoroaaly applied a hickory pad
Ale at the Ohio penitentiary.
Howard wa returned Huuday to the
penitentiary from which be eecaped
Kept. 1.', lie waa raptured at
Uurtou, ilicli., where be w a paitorot
the 1'4'I,iik rooKregation of that villaKe.
Uowm 1 had little to aay when bruuKht
v. o. r a now xna
Into the priMiu murt. 'I'Um paator of
the Dow abepherdle llix k in Uliuoil
and Michigan waa taken into thu ante
room wh-r be made to liend over
a bench while a hickory paddle in the
band of a atout Kard waa laid on hi
anatomy In a maimer not calculated to
inspire pulpit oratory. Howard lot all
of the good time be bad gained, about
4"0 day, anil wa taken to the idle
boil to await aiitniiii'iit to one of the
contractu He will be given one of the
bardeitt taek in the prison.
Oa 1'oroua Klllatl aad Maa lnjar.it bf
Meridian. Mis., Kpt. 19 -A disas
trous and fatal beadon collision o-.-ciu-ed
on the Mobile aud Ohio railroad l
twisjn Iiuderdale aud Lkhait on
what is known a the aigzag curve in
which there wa ouo man killed aud 1
tune injured.
1'lovd Miiuu, a negro from Shmulak,
Misa , waa found mangled in the dehri
of a tan car with bia bead split in
The injured are:
K P. Maiden, engineer, right leg
pruned and bruised.
Itiii k Alvnrei, inn lucUir, back wrench
ed and hurt internally.
W. 1 lUiley, engineer, bruised from
John Johnson, colored, fireman, seri
ously iujured internally
Jauies Hwan. colored, tireman. Internal
A. D. Kimbroiigb, front brakeman,
boulder hurt and neck rot.
Philip Malotie. colored, employe of
work train, bruised and hurt internally.
Mitchell Simpson, colored, employ
on work train, iujured internally.
Negro tramp from Maoou. Mi., leg
broken and seriously hurt, probably
Engineer Ilaiden on engine 101 over
looked bia order and did not wait at
LsM'kbart for No. 31. but went down
Lockbart grado at a terrible ipeed and
met the train on the ui viu line on the
ligiag cnrve'in a cut When the two!
engine were about ten car length
part the reflection from the headlight
warned the engineer that a collision
wa inevitable. They juuid jmt iu
time to save their liven.
The wreck waa one of the mit diaa
troii that has incurred on Ihe Mubile
and Ohio for year. Siveral car were
torn into kindling wisxl and one eugiue
was converted into scrap iron.
The injured were brought to Meridian
for medical treiiluif . I
f ase al Itrlurla.
Victoria, Tmj., Spt. 19 Monday
aflcrtnain after investigation it wa
found that llun ry Hull, a young uiau
who had la-nn to Meiico and just re
turned, wa a victim of smallpox. Flag
were placed on the premise and the
place I well guanled.
I.ala iar r..allla.
Ornenville, Tel., Kept. IV. Judge
Wood little child that bad the email
i died. That leaves onlr two caae
One Never
The habit of eating, no matter the cjan of life, and
no its host to keep conditions right; its best to use
the foods that give greatest comfort and pleasure,
that are pure and healthful. Keeping always the
Le.it, and passing it along at economical prices, is
what attracts good buyers towards this store and
is the Imms of our excellent and growing trade.
in the detenttin camp in the country.
There are no ca-oe in the city, nor io far
aa known, in the county.
A I'aaa fi.ar Ixaloa.
IVnton, Tei , Sept 19 A caae of
mall pot baa developed in the aooth
eaatern part of the city in the peraon of
Mr It. 1L I'-radforl Irtcautionary
wuaure have been taken.
Itecalrea III ( uiuuilMlua.
Euui. Tex.. Sejit. 19. K. H. FUher
of this city, has received hi commis
sion from President McKinley a ceusua
uperviaor for the sixth district of
Teia. He will estaldiih hi head
quarter at Funis and divide the seven
counties of the district in subdivision
and appoint alamt 150 assistant.
Cellar lloae llruk.a.
Uoliham. Tex., Srpt 19. Jame H.
Crawford of thi city was aarioutly in
jured at Honey (trove. Mr. Crawford
attempted to get off Texaa and Pacillo
paawnger train while it waa in motion
aud fell, breaking bi collartUue.
I. U. iV X. ICxciiraloua.
To Cincinnati National Con.
vention Christian church, Octoher
13 2l; ticket on cale OctoU-r 10-11,
limit October 2:1; one fare for round
To Austin I'liited Daughters
of the Confederacy, OctoU-r 1 8-11.
Ticket on tale OctoUr 17th and
train arriving in Austin morning
of the lMh; limit Octolier 21st.
Very low rat-a.
Any agent tan give full particu
lars, D. J. Price, !. V. A T. A.
Palestine, Texas.
8lrii)el or (Stolen.
One bay mare mule about n or 7 years
old, about 14 hands high, baa a lump on
left shoulder. A reward will be paid
for information to recovery ol animal,
J2'a54S A. D. McConnico.
When in need of anything in
our personal attention, itml
tics for hiuulliiig the city hueincH are t otnj'lctc.
Atjl per sick. I'rcs-iMl Muckcrel and lie
Krc-h Saner Kraut, Kvuporiited Apples,
( lieee.
We iil-o -ell Kttht Proof O.its ?,) cent- a hu-hcl c.i-li. Wheat
and Millet for chicken fee. I, All'.ilfa H.iv.
Gets Over!
See HiiiUini &, Nail, Ihal Esl.-ito
A-reiits, Olliee rptaimOver
Jim. M. Lawrence L Co.'s
FARM lot) acres on lb H. A T't . '
raiiroml between i'.ryan and iieorhii V,
in the Thompson creek neighlKirh
known ai the Jerae Taylor place. ell
I)W KI.I.IXU New fivu.roiim hi use
and lots, near graded school buildii
the Mrs. Mary Mooring place.
DWELLING Five-room bou on
lot and a ball of ground in eaatern art
of town. Water corks; well ol spiel. 'J.
water, A bargain.
Dwelling and 2 acres of land In w- u
em part of city, for sal exceed Ugly
II you have any real estate to it'
that you are willing to part with i a
price that will make It saleable, plai- it
in our band and we will And you
We uill -t
latisfaetion. Our
rin' 1 M'") ciitih,
Cre.iiii iiinl llru l;
JR, & CO.

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