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rpan fftom
Prico 5 Cent
Vol. iv. No. t2.v.
$1.25 Per Sack.
IJatavia dinned (IixkIh, Preserve, etc.
Fn-fh Planted Coffee.
Houston Steam Iiread receive J daily.
pozier Hakcry Cakes and Cracker.
Cnee!a Uiitcuita, L'nceda (iinjer Wayfer, Wc package.
llouble Crown Cheese on ice.
Johnnon Creamery Putter on ice.
Old Faehion 0en Kettle Molaes in gallon ami one
lialf gallon cane r cent and 3 cent r can.
Ike Ciwu-a in Tomato Sain-", Pickle, Ktc, 2 can 2.rc
Swift's Premium Ham un.l Hreakf.iet Paeon.
. tdi
LviTuor Savers' Conference in
tion at M. Louis
Prab.li 1 7 I .1.11 j li.Jur.a.
Boiihain. Tel.. Sept au-A very aeri
on. runaway occurred on South Center
tr-rt, near the mtiiprww, and aa a re
mit JueTurman. from near ilr, wa
p-rhp. fatally injured.
llMlgM la Ma' Tf laL
New York. Sept 0. Adipatcb from
Puerto Plata ay. Caroere baa reaignaU
tiia place in the cabinet to itand trial for
the aMiuatiouof lrc-idnt Haurcaux
Elevra Mate Are ltepreeetea! at tbf
Meeting-(ieiermir Sajrr. IJerled
( tiairma enl Precat Hi.
View, aa (be tuetlun.
'bed" i- our rnvialty. Kvery article guaranteed
pleae. If not a ciiHtuiner j:ive uh atrial.
I 'A
i -a
St Looi. Sept 20. Train, biongbt
In a Dumtirr of governor, and attorney
gen-rab thia inorning who came
her. on tha invitation of Governor
Kavcra of Texe. to hold a conference
for the diaruwlon of the trnt question.
and to taka .neb action aa may be
deemed neceary. Tha indicationa are
that at leant nin state will be repre
sented at the conference. Governor
il Attornev General ren. of
Michigan, were among the 6rt arrival.
Governor Pingree eaid he did not cow"
prepared to any much, but rather liten
rid learn, for everyone knew where h
atixid on the truet iuet.tion. He "aid ha
did not U lieve in tdiiporixing with the
evil, and declared that trout, should he
wiped out unconditionally.
Among the other arrival were Attor
tt. ll.n.rl Tjrli.r of Indiana. Gov.
... , .......... . eiauoraia uorier preparauoue ui u
IVnton McMillin of Teoneaaee. Attorney ,hroUrh forDliJ,ble then
heretofore Mived. lbtiay the t)raiott
tkmj Are lUulf la lle(la rihtl.
AlmaM mf MuaMal.
Lcjndon. Sept. . Cireat Britian'a
telationa with Tha Trauavaal remain
anrhaiiKed, aud ao far ai tba former la
concerned, tlte aitnation will not likely
take on a new phaae nntil after Friday'a
cabinet council Whether the Doera
will he content to wait .ven that Ions;
before endini; the auapenae with boatil
itiea apieara open to a great deal of
doubt The aecond lition of the Morn
ing I'oet routaina a dinpatch from I'iet
nwaritzburK, Natal, aayinir
' The aituation waa never known to
be (traver. Tha IJoera will only await
tw Jay train on the veldt before be-k-iuuiriK
h'jetiliiioa. They are deter
a i ne. I on war and ronudrr that they
enn eipert nothing rlH aftT the lnat
di. patch and are preparing" to face the
The coreeponilent then denrribee the
d. txila and uti the B- r have made j
elatiorate border preparation" which ap-
One Never Gets Over!
;i:ci:r.s asp cnyyi i: j:oasti:i:s.
-a f
(ietieral Nolan of Montana, (jjvernor
Tboiuaa of Clornhv (iovernor Shaw j-r KuU offipfPI Pretoria deviaed a
and E. It lirown of l .wa an 1 tonicre- 0jlI1(inej pUnf action which.he ad.la.
Wo Buy
And Pay tho
TWO HAKKKTS-Onc in City Market Huild
H. Mike's Store.
URYAN. : : : : TliXAS.
i& -
Merchant Tailor,
Keep U pHl MoiL f tllC Hl. IlIlttCll
ami Doim-Mi; (i"o.U for Suit or Pant.
Kcpuiiing iml ilcaninjj done at rcMna-
1 tie price..
Patronize our Nome Tailor and keep money
at home. I guarantee Fit and Finish.
smc te-sraJS. ovarw
1 "
New Feed Store!
Welmveon hi.n-l now c...hI ColtX, HAY, line SKKD OATS.
we will deliver t any part of tlie city.
Sanger.Old Stand. Mepl.one 52.
man lUiley of Tela.
At 11 u'eloek Attorney (teneral Crow
of Miiuri, railed to order tha auti
tnint eouf-renee. onifinated by Oov.
Kayer of Tela tiovernor Sayera waa
Hlianiliioiilv elnn permanent chair
man and PauI IJ M.H.re. private aecra-
tary of tioveriior Stephen of Mionri,
waa rhiMen wco U-t of the conference.
, Governor Say.-r read hi addreaa aet
I tili forth hia virv on the iiietion of
triml It vu fre. ly applaudeL lie
I eiud the motive of caliiux tha conven
tion u ti indnea cuivrt atnonic the
irovertior and atUirney jrenerala iu an
effort to npiire thia evil whieh ha.1
t..M.n. iuntir in firiifMirtiotltt. atl I
which threaten diatrou cone
qiiemv. Money i plentiful In iiue
aet'tion but i can-.! ly the ruorinou
eipj-tiiliture made tiy the government
on mrount of tin- wur. ti.iveniirSayer
eipreiuuHl the opinion that the present
pr.Tity would imt Ion aurvue
tha aelUeineut of our foreign difli
Cilltie. Next to the war Itmdf. the
wuinli-rful revolution which haaiHrure.
in luiiuiie. lifa i i'ulcult'cl to aroiie
the praveet aniiety of a tlmuithtful
wind In the pnt ciiarter century we
have hearl much al.iit trutand note
of alarm have repeatedly lnn e.niinle.1
DuriiK the paet two year, that which
waa but a ti;elow ou the horizon ha
tHMiiineadark and porteiitioii cloud
and on every hand are heard warning
of imminent danger, ahoiild they no
lotiKer pa unheede.1. Every combina
tion and atMM'iation of magnitude in
tin country are nnder tha icaiaa of a
trut and almoit without eiception
owe their eitab-nce to governmental
trrautof privile(ce.exniption and power
The fact that tmt ahnoet uuivenally
owe their life to the creative power of
public authority make it tba impera
tive duty of the Kurernmetit to protect
the iieopl airnitit the abua or mune
of it opportuuitie. to the detriment of
the irencral welfare.
(Jovernor Stephen, followed Sayera in
hich he told what bad been done in
Miiwotirt to tik'ht tha tnint
The rolh all nhowed theae atatea ree
reentel: MichiKitn. Minxmri. Tele.
Arkanait. Tennewea. Iowa, Colorado,
Indiana. Montana, Miaeiaeippi. Vab
inrftoa Attorney (ietieral Smith of Teiaa,
made a motion which vraa carried, pro.
vidlliK for tha .election of Committee
on order of bualnea. and relntioiia, and
tba committee were appointed
t'aalrael A a. read.
Wahinntou. Sept VO. -The navy de
partment ha directed that the VUge
and YanktoU le, completed at thel'ert-
mouth navyyard by ct. 17. a they are
needed for Mirvey work almut Cuba and
l'orti Kico and will lie thu elf-loved
all winter. The nuvy departmem ha
awardi-d the contract for building the
rorUmouth dock to John Pierce of New
York, for !.nD.n..
The UuhI IMtlile.il.
Chatli(iii"iK'ii. pt -The Crown
rottoiniiiU. at H ilton, ()., nt theHini'i il
Medina of t. kholili'r theriMlechireil a
dividend f !i: per cut. H mt vnt in
.tuck and 10 jer cnt in cli Tin
beat the w.rld' record in cottoiimul
divldeiida The coinp'iiiy will at once
build Ullotliel ftlM.noO cottotiiiilll at
pulton Lat year the company declar
ed a dividend of i: t r cent
include, the neizinK of Majuba, I Jim (-
Keck. New Caetle and Natal the mo
ment the ultimatum arrive.
CoutiuuitiK. the correnpondent erti
that PortuKlee official at Iliaance
Oarcia arretel aotne Il-r offlciaU on
the charge of cntrnctiin a laairer in
I'ortuKU- territoty.
The uitlander.' council aa the reault
of the meetinir held in Iietrimritr-
burf( aud Johanneaburg decided to ad
dre a cominnnication to the liritinb
hi(th coaiuit-wioiier. Sir Alfred Milner,
nrKi'iK the imperial Koverwuient to
break off lieKotiatioii with The Trame
vaal 1 he reawm for tin. action are
The habit of eating, no matter the ppan of life, and
to its best to keep conditions riht; iU best to ine
the foods that give greatest comfort and pleasuro,
that are pure ami healthful. Keeping always the
best, and pu.-ing it Jong al economical prices, U
what attract-' good buyers towards this stop; nrd
is the ba.-is of our excellent and growing trade.
ladlaa M.a.a..t Idlcal.d.
Chattam.a. Sept W .-From OJO to
tJiKW peple, :uiO uf whom weru veWran.
from Ohio. InJiaua and Illinoi. attend
ed the dedication of the Indiana monu
ment and marker at Chickauanga
park. General IL V. lioynton. presi
dent of the Chickamauea-CbattanooKa
itir.t tlm were diatre. tirevailiii: may , park commiuion, receive.! the mono.
wenti- aud marker iu behalf of the aec-
retary of war.
Kan. lifnlmfit Conapaay fall.
Wichita, Sept. 2D. -The Davidson In-
Teetment o inpany of tin city baa fail
r,l owiim Ii I'.'.oii'j. A receiver waa sued
f ir by Arthur C. Sewall, caudiilaUi for
vice trcident on the Hryan ticket in
I!, on hit lialiility a itocLholder.
CbamU rlain p. nt the dav at tha c.l.e ; hawali owneotP-.-w worm
niul ofih-e. He l.a.krd completely worn j naJer tha Kauaa law wa liable lor
out br anxietr. ou'''8 that amount
A dipatch frrm l"rtn.i aay. at a
uii'UnK of Ilirian there a Corp waa J
entliiiiticallr formed l help the i
i).iera in cae of war.
Secretary of State Reitx i quoted a
Ti. in ca of war alien, could re- i
main In The Tran.raal provided they j
compel me uiuamier V arrepi any
oompmmie offered, and that loyal Brit
lh iilije-t are iMHXjtninir th'iitenud
an I icreat unreet eiitel aiming the na
tive. It "hould he txirna in mini, how
ever, that Pietrimaritxbtirjt ha Wn the
Menraof alarmut. and the .Morning
piwt dipat' he are inclined to be en
MtioaaL S.Tetarv of State for the Cobmie
See Hudson Si Nail, Kal Ksto'tf
Agents Oliice I je-stnirs Over
Jno. M. iAwreuce k t'o.'s
Ilrowb.d Whll. Ilalbleg.
Lockbart. Te., Sept 20. -The 9-year-old
n of Web.ter Witte, a farmer li
ing four mile, north of town, while in a
tank bathing wa. Jrowno L
guaranteed K'""' bebavir. Tha pres
ence of trani;e Free State ofih-er at
Pretoria i confirmed. Nuinerou. field
corneta are at the border capital
M.j Craat taajaikcatlaa.
Cap Town. Sept. ?. The arret of
Boel official by the Portnn a i. likely
to create aerioua complication A bund
of wouien are preparing apeace apjwal
to (jtiaen Victoria
HrHUh Troop. Arrlaa.
DurUn. Natal. Sept M
batallinnof the Manchester re(fiuient
arrive.! here on the .teatuer th and
immediately proceeded to PieU-rmarlU-burn.
Crowd, were preaent and cheered
the troop, who responded.
I. . & N. Kxcnralon.
To Cincinnati National Con
vention ChriAtian church, October
115 20; ticket on aleOctoU-r 10-11,
limit October 2:1; one fare for round
To Austin I'nited Daughter
of the Confederacy, Octola-r 18-lil.
Tickets on ale (VtoUr 17th and
train arriving in Ati.-tin morning
The fir.tiof the 1Mb: limit OctoUr 21t.
Very low rate.
Any agent can give full particu
lar. I. J. Price, (J. P. A T. A.
Palestine, Texa.
KAliM 1"j0 an i on the II. A T. i .
railroad I t tcen Ilryan aud nuiLi-v,
in tit Thonipaon creek nei2hiorhv 1,
kno ,i a the Jeiee Taylor pla. Wen
DWKLLIXG New five-nwim hon-a
and Iota, near praded at hool building
the Mra. Mary Moorinf place.
DWKi 1.1 NO Five-room bonre on
lot and a hall of ground in emtcrn pan
o town. Water work; well ol eplendid
aater. A bargain.
Dwelling and 2 acre of land In we -em
part of city, for aale exceedingly
If you have any real eetate a ee'l
that you are willing to part aith al
price that will make it laleable, place it
in our band and we will find yon a
rtewl at Ik. (l.a.ral !t.
(luthrie. O. T . Sept !fl -The Hatch
iueon and Southern railway ha been
having mncb trouble in Kay connty
over the riht of way for their new ev
tanaioa In eevernl place, the survey
or. were driven off with ahotgnna At
one place a grave wa. found dog, with
a warning that auy railway man com
ing on the farm would occupy it Al
though the officer, aay they have allow
ed tha farmer the full value of their
land, they have apialed to the court
The feeling i. to bitter that an attempt
waa made to aiutliiat (ioneral Mana
ger Walker of Hiitchiimon, a bullet be
ing tired through the window of hi car
and iniHuinR hi head but a few inche.
Clly Mar.Ua! Arra.1.4.
j Santa IV. Sept 2. -A aeii.ation wa
canned here !v the arn .t of City Mar-
' dial Thoina P. tiahh the chaw of
! giving nwav intoxicating liquor with
' out a heeii For two Sunday nulooii
1 an.l .t.,r.. have liecll tlifhtlv clowd by
ordi.r of tha court. It I alleged that 1
! Uahle wn bitterly opK.H.l to the order.
1 and to nhow Inn ileliunce to tlm court
1 had the band pre a concert Sunday
I afternoon at the brewery and freely di-
Ktravtil or Ktoleu.
One bay mare mule about n or 7 years
old, about 14 liandibigli, hi. a lump on
left .boulder. A reaard will be paid
for information to recovery of animal.
d2VS4S A. D. McConnii-o.
When in need of anything in (iroi erieH. We w ill give you
our peronal attention, and gtmraiitco ratinfaction. Our facili
ties for handling the city buinea arc coinidcte.
i trihiited liiimir. reiilting in drnnkeii-
r.miir I'oUaned hf vink. I nt,tn Judy,, McFie thereupon ordered
Odin. lll.. pt 2. - - Tae family of the district attorney to draw tip an in
Stanley llaw. lv, coiieiting of Mr Haw- dlctinent which wa paaaed by the
ley, In wife and three children, were grand Jury, now in aeMion, and a war
poiaoned by drinking milk, which had raut wet immediately iaaued for the
jen put in a tin bucket while warm ! manual . arrat
.nd cled up tight Nona of the family 1
tie aerioualr kk
Herring lv'".' catcli,
Cream and I'.ritk
At SI per fink. Preyed Mackerel nnJ
Kreeli S.unr Kraut, Kvnporatcd Avy
Wenl-oell llllt Proof hlt ".0 icnlK a l'U-li-1 Ca.-h.
and Millet for chicken feed. Alfalfa Hay.
D. MIKE, JR, & CO.
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