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If You
Close Your Eyes!
To iutliiy. the whole world is full uf Ilargain. Hut if you
know gooJ good when yvi see them ami know their real
value you will find lliat for real bargain you will always find
them here. Other may throw out attractive leader to catch
the unwary in the expectation of making up the los on other
mien, hut you will find no Mich method in thi stole. We
keep everything in the way f the U-i-t tlroceriea.
And goods of like etandard character. We have jti-t reciv.d
a fresh shipment of Hulk P..rk. We have Chilli lVpper and
other ingredient to make Chili. We i.ceive fn-h sd.ipUM'l.t
of Fruit diiilv. We ul-o have a nice line ..f evaporated fruit.
Call ami -o f..r yotireelve or ring up 'ph-me lot'..
Your to
men. aud that Dry an txprrne-1
eatiafaction with th enaction of Allen.
Oorernor I'oynUr ga out a itatemanl
fur publication, ID which h lay t the
- I appointment waa wad in rpoua to
Thfl Currency In hale in the IIoum .w"h" VT7
J of th ittU. which ahn aooordd with
.'rogrrv-illij Lively. hi own predilection in tb matter.
Mm Mar Us llal.
ClcVUfiiY T YIPIIT faahioKton. Dec 14. -8crtary
OLlOlU.! A I iliUIll og bat derided to anticipate Jano-
, ery lntru on United Slate bond
iiWtamliuK Tki inter! amount to
Tbc Ilea Fall to Adjwarn for the about t- vio.oooo and will be paid at
Ha.hlartoa Xraarial i:ierrle eoot without rebate
a Object lea f Mr. I'ayae.
Shert Senate Srluu.
Affray al Merrill.
Morrillton. Ark , Dc U A abootinir
affray tk place her between two
I young men ol tbii cit It aeaina that
TVaabingUm. Dec 14. Tba currency l a Cbarl ( raven, a wall known young
debate in tb bona laated f rutn 11 o'clock , bonne man. waa on bia way todinuar
jeatarday uiorniug until 10 M at ni((tit,
wttb a rca of thru bour for dinner
Tba praaaura for tiuia to tpaak cmtin-
ba paated tlie FlUbeury bout. wbr
upon tba porch wa aitting Charle
Matlingly, a young man who bad bean
foitar eialer of
J. Chancy Kemole.
YHrr. pbi.iv fry
1 . . paying attention to a
net. aauioator ma ii.euiu.ri u.r. Cr,,, tUm objection of Crav.n
uiaka contribution to tba literalur or nt j,,,, woriU pltMl.l J.
tbo occatiun Much-of It. howtver. lww.n ,m ,wo .j nilol were drawn.
I aeeinatobeforhomecoiituuiption Thar Craven ah.siting prut, grazing tli right
I ba been vary littla croasbnng thu far rhaaw of Matlingly. who returnad tba
1 and no aicitinir or ilrainatio incident I Bra lloth mu never hnnhed until
I Ho fr a knowti. 12
Damrata. .lKht Ib-ir wer. eiupty. and the raault . JK atal.Ie delicacy.
II. AT. C. Time ;rl. "rjau
NmlhlKinn l No I 12 -' I ro
..iitbboiiinl No2 4 OS p in
NortlilH.un.l So .t I I'1 a m
fouihlMiun l No 4 .! HI a m
. . ti. N. Time TmIiU, Untrue
ir m'M',
No. 1 leave
So. .1 a,ve
ai hoI'mi
i, 2 Iravr
4 lav-a
HKiwik Ma o aaroMo.
No. M. Ieav- H- arne. 3 10 p. m.
from New York ; two from Peimaylvania
and una each from Maryland and Mata
achuwtta, will vote for tba bill.
Tba npnaker before the receea wera
Meaera Kowler of New Jnraey, Lacy
I of Iowa, Cuehmau of WaahinKbjn Hani-
i iltou of Michigan aud Hurton of Ohio.
1 Itepublican for tha bill; and Meaer
i ilrundiK" of Arkanaa. Wbeeler of
Kentucky, lieutoD of Mieaouri. loi of
MimiiMippi. 1'iarce of Tenneeae. Silxer
of New York. Cowherd of Miwioun,
I Otey of Virginia, liainee of TenueMee,
i Ivmx rata, an 1 Mr lu ll of Colorado.
Pc.nili-t, ayaiiiat it.
j The home adopted a reaolutmn for a
! holiday rn from Wedueaday. I)ac
! W, to Jan. li
.Mr Hirhardaon. the minority leader,
' aakad that tha hoiow adjourn over
today to givn the tiiciiibera an op
... ...,i ,,,i.i ...tl, hi have portunity to participate iu the Wa.h-
. i .i .. notion memorial eien ie, nu
llleoluan I "I III" mr uuu
' t. ... il.u i.il,fitff iMA.tfir ftTilHfte'l
, mi t lew " .- j -.
' "" , , , i , taring (ii-orga Wa'liuigtoii if alive, he
A hear li, e o i.il Hate and evi v ' "...
lion, lie IU ll.e Miihli. rv iinr. at Mr, thought, would m In favor or tlm tioiiaH
I?. M. l'roi tore. ilen S , proceeding with tha trabnactioii ol it
I 1 f.e I'aiid 'Va are prni ticini leularlv buiinet
an I giuiv roiiiidi-ralile attention to . Mr Mooily of Maa buaett akel
' ! rlir.Ua lima c nnauiinoua coiiwnt that a coiiiliilttie of
Ju-t i.rniP'l a freed ahi ptneiil of eat- five ineinU-r m apiinted from the
,ii g tpniet and oiangi-a-wry line. Jii". houae to join a coiimiittew of three from
,l;.Vt a. m 1 l a'ei.c A Co. 11 the aenate to lie preaent at the unveil-
4 ..Up. in. I'.) a, !'"). a"'1 I"'1"1 f" nre , f ,!. ttu of Daniel
now on a! i ttie l.arae: .-lore, eee WeUter. preaanted to tha city of aah
price., .'! per cent cheper than elee- lDllUia ny stileon Hut. htn.
here. Mr Hailey ked why the rillee thoiild
Mr. V.. Altenbnrger and eon, Krneit ,0llpended to do honor to an illutri
. I ("i iu
M ofi a in
o. Ill, arrive, at llearne
ll. XT. I!. Time llle lleroe ,e.u-r.lay naming fr lialvrat.n. , Americau w be the houae had iut
"" all.-r a loo-t l.iraaeiit viait to ber i t.f,laMli ,, ,1,. honor Lideorira Waabinir-
ll ? p '" da uhter Mr.. I.. H M. ndo.a. ton. tho criiUnary of wh death wa
I arrivne
.1 arrm-
Mi-a Matlie TaU.r retun.ed home ym-ti-r
We Idiii; pr.-e.-n1 Wile.ii Jei.kina
liriigt... l-
Mi-e Murie M.etr.il it v;a.lmg in
If you haw a nn!k
Ke 1. li-.
I. J. Ilol.igaii aa vir.il. r to H.e
. it v )ee'ef'Uy.
piii.k Mount ernon I'ure !. a' the
k'r eo d at
f.tpoailaoli .loMIM. o'l
M. ,.. I; f 1 l ill the . i ' V hloikn g
A few n.orf .lata lll n I I ho nine to be made the occion of memorial
Iwuth lentnry. Ihinau who awear ierri lie otije.-u-a
i. If liHa an opportunity to not oi. y lorn
wa ttu- II.-.U wouii'U lor Mattingly. I
oue in tli.' i l.e k, one in the neck, and I
one in lli right aide Craven wm iin-
hurt. 1 .it t narrowly iiilfd loaiug hit
life by a ball that pierced hi bat
killed br an I .aglaa.
Ht. lma. Ih i: 14 Harry C. lloyer.
28 year old. a awitchuiau for the Ter
minal lUtlroad anciittiou, wa run
over an 1 inatautly killed by a iriU-h
engine while ewitching car iu tha Frit-
co yard" The n.-. ideiit fmcurred while
ha wm attempting to r-tep upon the
footlird of the awitrb engine while It
wa moving toward him Hit foot
flipped and he fell to tha ground under
the wheel of the ebglua lMoru ba
could regain bia feet the wheel paaaed
over hi ne k and bead, aevariiig it from
tb body
larger llh flead llalllf.
Atrlnoii. Ka. D"C 14 -W II
Rioth. who M-cured from the Ki
cbani?" National bank of Atchiaon on a
worthle-. draft, and who wa arretd
in Milwaukee, pleaded guilty and wa
teiiteii.ed to four yeara in the peniten
tiary llootb it lit year old. well t- III
cated and u a aoiitheruer. ' IVx.th ' i
believ.-d to h an auined name, a he
went ill. ler the tiauie. of llemiuway at
Mllvtnukee. '
l.elerrlag Ih Law. j
lloiiham. Tel.. Dec. 14 - Tinted Staiei
niar.l.A.. Hre rigidly enr.ir.'itig ti.t game
law ..f the Indian Territory by arret
ing and oiiitiM-ating the teauia and tire
arm of all partie who are caught tre
paaing Two huntera from thia coun
ty were for. e.J to walk home, a iitat.ce
of .Vi mile, their team tieing taken
from theiu Thoe arr-.trd are carried
to I'arir. Te , and Ardmore. 1 T , for
Following Edibles Approved liv Connoisseurs 3
Ajax and I'reiuiutu Ham and Ilreakfaat Ilacon.
Ajax Ham Saueage.
Full Cream Cheexe.
Sweet, .Sour. Dill aud ManRo ricklea in hulk.
A freeh tupply of Iiozier'a Cra. ker.
Cake and Clie.fe Straw the Utter an eMieciall v ial-
! All thu ingredient for fruit cakex, freed and of the j
. Iilk;liet gM.le. rj
,iapie .vrup.
Open K.-ttlo I.ouieiana Syrup.
Cape Cod Cranherric-.. i ;j
ip AnderMin'n Mince Meat.
j Iu fact our rtock i complete in the Staple and Fancy Line. J.J
pen.i, nring or piione your want l. u and you will gain the j .J
f;j lexm philosopher of old sought cont.-ntment.
Jno. M. Lawrence
t '
Kernole's Stable !
r I 1 1, a .'I' .nn e
l.poe.ll HI e.ilo.iii.
sinoke M.tropo:
1 1 A ' I
I ... 1.. . 1
i.ti-i a lie leal, im i iei a ur. i .
Chnatian . leiice e. rvi. .-a ewry Sun
day at :i p iu , and Wedn. e lay evening
ineetuiga a it p. m , at the reeoleii. e ol
Mr-. W. II. l;ii "le. All re . or.ila.
II.Vlli d.
Ma'er in Dunn D.ily boli-rel tie
ineiii ii y il iii"ii;i. Wt-iiiiigtoii yeet. r.
dav hy lU nig a ll .g at half inaet :.t ti e
( .r ca e. e.e ,,,n,e of M'. mi l Ml- J.diii luiy' hi"
1! .il.lile.
We are - ho. 1 1 1, i 'he let lest .ll pl.iy
..f IUer a", I i n - n-t I ' I" h il.m i
en r I. ought I the rily . r g ..lig lnt,
ill add in it. y.nir -. . -lion . Wi r"li
Jellklll- I r i llg o. 1-
1 he ie.irge Tuc'er
Tberun. at . o'clock, the houae r-
Cee I Until H o'll.N'k.
At tha night aea:on the feature waa a
rhara.'teriitio wM'h by Mr I.mney of
North Curolina. the only Itepulilican
who Voted for the Trller r.'w.lutlon III
the l iftv fifth r.ntrr"". in eplanati..n
of hi' hauge of p.itioii in favor of the
gold tan. bird Th gold Un. lard had
etood the t. .t ..f ri4-rieu.'e he cl.iline.
an I proven It-elf tl.e I le.il t:m Urd
l l.e other H'nk.-i wer.- M.'.r Kote
in- f ii'h.it,.i KleUrg of Tea.
Kuey ( Virginia I '..i,ey of Mi-xmri
Z.'ii. r . f In n. ma. Kit. hen of North Car
olina and Henry of Tea all I leinm-ratt
an I .ik'..u.-t III" I i.l
At In :" the bona ad : .nri'ed utitil 1 1
thia I'l. rniii
iwiiu'f'i the Viiiiingt"li ineiiioruil
i a e i a.-rv. . - heM at M .nut eriioii to lay
op In tin- dl-tri. I court at And" te ll
(hi. k and the Vel.ue cloirge t ll.e
dihtiict court of Ham c "inty whi'li
the bill WA- Well High il.-erted when
the lioii.e met at I I o. lo. kto muiii
the debate oil the cnrr. iii y bill.
I'.v iiiiaiiiinoiM i-.tiviii a lull
p.isied to eitetid the time f'.r eiauiiiia
tioii of nioiithlr a.- viun'a by bureau
and ..fli'-er of the war department
Co of Tetltiei'ee, who Wil the rallk
I, and with friend
A Jay from Jayeulle" at ll.e opera ,-iv. i,. a in Febniry.
houee Sainrdav night. (',,. J . C. Kdm .n ! . f ll.e A. and M
l.a;i K'ibe'a Char.ee g.e.'le, the bet (J;,.ge ill led lire tint ewnil'g al 'J i i
n.ade. al l'.ii. bai.an Urol. I'l ,,Yi,k t the Al ell AiadeuiV. All
Tl .l.ov.a...l gi-l are.e. ly for the pat,-,, and their f, lei. I, w ho .leei.e to Ing member of the l,,.ik,.,g aud cur-
11 , ' , , ,, . . teii. r . oiniiiittee ,,f the Ut cotigreaa.
fun and firework to begin. et 1. ...e i-ordi.oy ,init.-l. , ,u rurrfllcy
Mr. S. J. Ham ol liaiinavi'le. i vieit- J dm It. M.ke i aipplying t'ltkejt ,
lug her i.irent,tr.ii I Mr. M. farker. lir tl.e liolli'lay l y the hundred lo
Ifyoua.e looking f.r a pieity kid diataiit .i..t H-baa an order Inun
l.odror .lr..-eed doll we have ll.ern, llennuiolil lor 2: and one from l...k,-
villi and see tlietii.
lirug C.
lld rreaih Uoe raid.
Wankegan. III. D-c. It -Mr. E a
Wei... of Lake I'oreat. ba received a
i be. k for f 17 I'l a her aharc of a claim
nearly loo rear old. During the war i
of IT. the Ktell. n aeie-l a ship owned
tiv her grandfather the late Miear)ahuh '
U,u . of l:n-tol K 1 At lael the I
l liited Mate rolle.-led tb cluiill from
the I'leii.'.i "vellim -lit. an 1 ba dl-'
tribute.! it am.iiig a- heir, no ludiiig
Mra Well
Wil.nn Jetikina Charli a for ll'"!, in addition to uu -
i I oil mnal'er order from varum point..
., rw irp t.. m ra pm en we T T "T Tf ' TI "?v TUTT:1
'.:2. i---- - -
More New Attractions! ;j
1 1
J.i.l ii.el.i"l for 111. ieroli in lrll IIollllll.V lfl.
Our .).'' la On l'.'-l In tl.e . ilr f ir dlaylaylnii
Yet it a bv no mean adequate fur ebiming our entire line
.lining our opening. Thereb.re ate placing in et.x k for
your iii.iecii .ii many new, bandeome and pietty present at
faet a e remove the good we have sold. Hundred of ciia
tomer hare viaile.l our toro and few haw tell without mnk.
ing purcliaw. for fear tlmlilelav would deprive tnetn of the
beautiful preeeiil tney aunnreo.
You will find the etock bully broken, and the Mh will be on.
t '.mm now and make your selection and e will KKSKUVK
TH KM 011 0C.
Wilson-Jenkins Drug Co.
'1 . ,, - in. I -Tl 1 1 "! '"I' I
111 ...!.
W'Hahitigtoii. Dec 14 Vedne.Ur'
eesaioiiol the einite ri li-ulned only
few miliiltea Some routine lniinea
wa transacted, luit Is'yoii I tlm Intro
du. tl mi of bill, iiothini; of .'oiiseiuene
waa ai i'oliip'i-hed
A reaolntii.il otTered br Mr McMillan
of Mi.htgiiu railing uts'ii the r-i retary
of war for information .1. to how many
day the St. Mary 1 anal wa blin ked
during the pat ei4.ui of navigation
and re.iieting hi opinion a to the .!
elrability ol ruiiatru. tiiig additional ca
I14I. wa adopted
Al Ih start of yeater.Ur'a ea.lon ol
the senate. Mr. (iallmgernf New Hamp
thire. presented a bill 'ox the codifica
tion of the leiiamn law. Il it pr.)Kised
th.it tht commute cotiit of juris.
aud member of tht Of aud Army of tb
At VI 40 the neiial went Into tiecu
tirt aeshm and at 1 '.'5 p. 111. adjourned.
The Ptttigrew resolution aaking foi
information at to whether tht flag of
tb Puillppiu republic ever had been
tainted by the American forest in the
I'bilippiuea came up la the tenalt
Today. Mr. Chandler movd to lay tht
reaolutiuo on the table. Mr. 1'tttlgrtw
called for the ayet and nayt on the mo
tion lay on tht table Tht rot resulted
In 41 aye and '.'u naya
llleeuel.sli. I ilura.
Miinila. ! 1 A d-lii. hineiit of
Ci.l re 1 . avalry. iindsr Lieutenant Ar- ;
lu ll .-aptnred !ia. iiabt... a inoniitiii
etr 'tigl '.ld. where the Ut inaurrection '
ended Willi the aretretv A Urge
ipiantity of munition of war w. re se
rine I
MiVT Hat. 'bidder' battalion of the
Twi.tv fouitii infantry 1 making slow
pr..gres up Apparri ailer. The vil
lager are giving the . olorrd tr.s.pt ban- ,
tpist and hallievery where.
Kalllaea Wa Murdered.
Teiarkana. Trx ,Iec. 14 -The young 1
man. William Sullivan, of ( iaineville. '
who km found dead in bi te.l.and who
waa at first thought to havo died of
heart failure. I found now to have been
murdered. A loser investigation made
in the autopay baa reveatet the fact
that Sulliviia shull wa cruthed and
the blow wa struck with a piece of
blunt irun
Kipiipped for the Uoliiliiv with new rij;s( new horses, and
everything tiret-clas in the livery line. We have fix new
horses nnd six drain! new hupgiea, heide our former
equipment of nrri.tge, eurreye, dugie and driving horoes
eijual to any in Hryan. We anwer order promptly at any
dour day or night, and give the; best service for theatre,
bail-, etc Special attention given to harnes and huggy
washing at '- cent each. Respectfully .
J. 0. Kernole.
Petaler All' aellaal.
Linooln, Deo. 11 Governor FoynUi
rafuaet to oxiflrui the repert that Win
J. Hryan lnfluenrtd the appointiatnt ol
AUen to the vacaat aenatorthip. Th
(ovtrnor made bia itatamtnt In a
guarded manner, bat h laid that ht
heard from Mr. Hryan tince the appoint-
llarl' I'lurallir. !
R.aton, Dec. 1 1 - Uevi.ed return '
fr "iu all the ward and preeint in the
city show that Thoina X Hart, the 1
Hepulili.-ati candidate for mayor, wa
el.-, ted by a plurality of .'iis. hi total
vote being 4" tl. while that of thai
Deiiiocralic nominee, (.eneral I. A. Col- !
lina was : .-a I The rut wa the 1
laigest ever cast at a uiiincipal election, j
r'naeral tervlre titer V Irllin.
( artainado, Wmli . Dec. 14 - Funeral
aervicea over 2H victim of th mine ac
cldeut wer held Tuesday. Develop
ment during the day proved that a mill-
er't pip had been re.hinible for the
duaster. A corncob pip n'l a bag con
taining tobacco wer found where tb
inluer't corps wa discovered
lieardal aUara I rrUe.
New York. Dec li-Iiuia A. Hour
daiu. who wa arrested Nor. '.'0. waa
tenUnced to on year in th penitenti
ary, tlourdain ii taid by tht police to
bare figured in rariout lottery and
"quick monty niaklag echeaittat fw
Orleans, Toptka, KaaiCtty and other
Imlir'l Mirla Daalb.
ludianapo.ia Deo. U. Frank II
Bmith, formtrly prnprittur of a promi
nent priatfnghou htre. wa found dy
ing in hit reeai tad tipirtd a ftw heart
afterward. The body wu much dlt
colortd. and tktre were (teat btotchea
npea hla ikia. bat no mark of violence.
TIIK (illOCKUY Kiwineee of J. W.
Knglish, we are now through taking
etock wide oen and ready for lupine
Our stock of Fancy lirocerie in Second
to none in the city, Isiiight dy one of the
oldest and most euc.-essful grocery men
in town. We are prepared to incit any
and all competition, ijuality of ji'Hio'a
The ladies are cordially invited to call
and examine our clock and see fir them
selves that we can fUjiply your want.
All order delivered free in the city
(live in a trial on your next month's
dill and you will know where to do your
business in 1 .tX.
'Phone 114.

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